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13 September 2013 @ 01:12 am
Who Gets the Girl? [on-going]  
Title: Who Gets the Girl? [Chapter 29]

Players: Sunny, Jessica, Hyoyeon, Mentions of Tiffany, Taeyeon, Yoona, and Yuri

Pairing(s): Sunsica, Hyosun

Rating: R

Genre: AU, Rom-Com Drama-Llama.

Warning(s): I pulverize ships, apparently.

Disclaimer: I don't own Soshi. I don't own anyone, in fact. All Fiction.

Chap. Summary: Sunny's emotionally unprepared for her second date with Jessica.

Author's Notes: I mean NONE of the French food slander, okay? I LOVE FRENCH FOOD.

29- Sunny

“What’s with these photographs?”

“Um...” Sunny squinted at the caption and shrugged. “I think this guy’s showing a visual diary of his late mother’s life? I don’t know. Tiffany’s into these stories way more than me.”

Jessica skimmed over a few prints of a very wrinkly old woman. “Thanks, by the way.”

“For what?” Sunny straightened the high-res image of a dandelion.

“Offering this job. Tiffany really loves it.”

A smirk. “Yeah, she does. She joined us not a moment too soon."


While working alongside the spunky American, Sunny discovered three things about herself:

1. I'm an asshole.

Maybe not in the overt, people-repelling way. More like the “keep-up-with-me-or-I’m-bored manner.”

2. I don't suck up well.

Tiffany displayed truckloads more patience with bombastic folk that called themselves artists and collectors. The second some Prada-clad upper middle class type went on about “the lifelong struggle finding new concepts,” she was ready to start stabbing anyone nearby with an X-Acto knife.

Unlike Taeyeon, Sunny separated money-making from her personal artwork. It felt less...corrupt.

3. I crave companionship.

The most embarrassing of the three. No matter how much she picked on her wounded, lovelorn bestie, she envied her bond with Tiffany. For years, a series of hookups satisfied her independent nature. Sex and go. Simple.

Unfortunately, the random dalliances over the last couple weeks no longer did the trick. By morning, her mind would wander to a certain loudmouth clubber or a prissy media planner...


“Look at me.”

Averted eyes roamed to the next photo. More dandelions. “Huh?”

Strong perfume invaded her senses when two soft hands firmly angled her face. Jessica smiled, patting a cheek. “You’ve been avoiding me all night.”

Her face burned. “No, I haven’t.”

“Lie if you want,” she said, not moving, “but I’ve known you long enough. Normally you pay me too much attention. Tonight, you’ve barely given me a glance.”

Sunny felt a layer of perspiration developing on her neck. Like I can ignore your seductive pink grin. “I’m looking at you now.”

The pink grin stretched. “Good. I like this more.”

Fingers drifted up the curve of her face, slipping into colorful locks. Sunny tensed at the gentle touch and how Jessica watched her own hands’ current actions. She has a hold on me and it’s not fair. Jessica loves to play with me like this.

“How’ve you been, Sunshine-y?”

Second time she’s used that cutesy nickname this evening. “Busy with the exhibition. Work. Drinking.”

“How’s that?”

“How’s Yoona?”

Jessica’s lips melded into a light line; she continued to massage her scalp. “Ugh. You, too?”

“I’ve heard things. Around.”

You left me that night for her...

“Tiffany has a big mouth.”

They never got a definite text answer on her single status. “Did anything...I mean, are you two...?”

Jessica's frown deepened as Sunny lingered on her last syllable. “Are we together? Is that what you’re asking?”

She nodded, barely suppressing a sigh as fingernails scratched at the back of her cranium. I have no idea what’s keeping me together anymore. I’ll be putty in her clutches in no time.

The blonde changed the subject. “I liked your hair the other way. When it was styled for our dinner.”

“I prefer it like this.”

“Too fluffy.”

“The right amount of fluff.”

“You know what'd be sexy?” She lifted strands by the ends. Dark eyes darted back and forth, measuring. “If you grew out your hair. That’d be really hot.”

Sunny rolled her eyes. “Do you know what’d be sexy? If you got implants. Really big ones.” She held her palms out in front of her chest, ghosting a new size several cups larger. “That’d be really, really hot.”

Jessica burst out laughing. She slapped the hovering hands away, leaving one of her own to intertwine with Sunny’s fingers. “I’ve always liked that about you. You’re really funny. And bitchy.”

“Yeah, well...P-Princess, y-you uh...” Oh, so I can make out with her against a counter, but my mouth stops working from simple flirting? Goddamnit, me.

“Very articulate.”

“It’s a gift, really.”

A length of silence followed. Sunny’s eyes danced around the floor as Jessica stood there, casually rocking their connected hands back and forth. She’s being extra sweet today. With her skinny, cold, fingers. She brought her other hand over to warm them up, rubbing vigorously.

“Gotta put life back into these dead appendages.”

Sunny sensed eyes boring into the side of her face as she continued to stroke her fingers.



“I’m not with Yoona.”

“I gathered.”

Another pause.

“There.” She patted the hand, feeling her cheeks still aflame. “You no longer remind me of a cadaver.”

“Are you mad at me, too? You know...for the Seohyun thing.”

Sunny’s smile faltered. The memory of Jessica earnestly checking out her friend etched deeply imprinted in her mind. She internally cringed. I was right there. Available. Even offered to walk her to the curb...


Never in a million years had I thought anything suspicious about Seohyun leaving early. I wonder if they planned that. She shook her head. No, Seohyun and I are friends again. It’s all in the past.

“Sunny, I--”

“Shit happens. It’s fine. Seohyun and I are talking again. Highest priority.”

Warmed, bony fingers tightened their grasp. “Do you still like me?”

Such a question pissed her off. “Damnit, Jessica. Of course I do. I’ve liked you since I first saw you at Taeyeon’s place. I mean, c’mon...no pants. You tempted me without even trying. You’re so fucking beautiful. So, you take advantage of--”

The monologue was interjected by the buzzing from her dress pocket. She snatched the cell phone out to ignore the interruption when she read ‘Hyo~’ across the screen. Great. Someone else to finish annihilating what little bit of heart I have left. Her thumb hovered over the red cancel button.

“You should get that,” Jessica mumbled, pulling her hand away.

Without a second thought, she turned her back to the woman to answer.

“Hello? Sunny?” Hyoyeon’s voice echoed after a pause.


“Hey, hot stuff. Long time, no talk.”

“I wonder whose fault that is.”

“Damn, woman... I deserved that. How long has it been? A couple weeks?”


A sigh. “I want to see you.”

Sunny heart skipped an unexpected beat. “Right now?”

“Yeah. Want me to come over?”

“You can’t. I’m out.”

“...on a date?”


“Fuck. Well, I can’t let that happen again.”

“Too late. It already is. We may even have loud, hair-pulling sex afterwards.”

“Don’t do this to me. Remember when you ignored my texts? I put everything out there..”

“We can talk tomorrow. That work?”

“Don’t take her home with you, Sunny. I’m warning you.”

“The hell is that supposed to mean?! I’ll do whatever I want.”

“And I do whatever I want.”

At that, Sunny heard a click followed by silence. She checked the screen. That bitch hung up on me! She got the last word AND hung up on me!

Jessica wore a blank expression when she went to face her. Sunny furrowed her eyebrows, wondering how much the blonde collected from the conversation.

“Hair-pulling, huh?”

Sunny pocketed the phone, laughing wryly. “Disregard that. Just speaking out of anger.”

“Good. Because I don’t like my hair pulled.”

“Your loss. It’s the best.”

The blonde wrinkled her nose with disagreement. A final glance at the old woman and she took to the stairs, not even troubling herself to check over her shoulder. She knows I’ll follow her regardless.

Their footsteps echoed throughout the vast, dimly lit space of the main floor.

“Where’d Taeyeon and Tiffany run off to?”

Sunny smirked, pacing idly. “To have sex in the elevator.”

A nod. “Of course they are. Taeyeon’s not bored with her yet?”

“Tiffany doesn’t give her a chance to be bored.”

“Hm. Must be nice.”

The purple-haired one couldn’t shake her nerves from the talk with Hyoyeon. Why is she being possessive and decisive now? What about these two weeks apart made her call me out of the blue? I couldn’t even hear any ‘Let’s get naked’ hints in her tone. She sounded sincere. And unhappy.

Her mind raced back to that Thursday night at the club. A solemn face. Those rosy cheeks. The weak smile as she approached me in the DJ booth. Deep, passionate kisses. Hands-down the most attractive side of Hyo. Her real side.

I wonder if that’s what she tries to hide with the bravado and sex obsession. Or, maybe it was a fluke of the moment. A new trick in her bag of schemes to bang in my car.

When she blinked back to the present, her gaze settled on a small-scale drawing posted to a pillar. A quaint scene of a woman sitting on the shore. A faceless woman. Her long, yellow locks the only shock of color in the picture. Hyoyeon.

Or, it could be Jessica?

No, definitely Hyo. But, why?

Sunny eyeballed the price tag. Sheesh, so expensive. What am I doing? I could draw this shit myself.

She backed up and squared her eyes. How would I feel about another person purchasing this drawing of Hyo, though? It’s well-executed. Maybe worth the price.

“Ogling blondes, are we?” a teasing voice giggled.

Sunny whipped her head to the other girl’s probing face. How long have I been zoning out?

Jessica crossed her arms and focused her attention on the sketch. “Pretty. I think this is my favorite piece.”

“You like it, too? I find it mesmerizing. Don’t know why.”

“Because I’m in it.” She winked.

“Oh, that’s you, huh?”

“Why else would you look at it for so long?”

Her eyes scanned the price once more. I deserve to splurge every now and then. “I’m thinking about buying it.”

“If you had a girlfriend...” Jessica stopped momentarily to absorb Sunny’s puzzled face. “If you had a girlfriend, would you expect her to buy it for you?’

A shrug. “No. I do things for myself.”

“You don’t like to be spoiled?”


“Interesting.” She tapped her bottom lip a few times with a pointy index finger. “So, if I bought that for you, it’d be a faux pas?”

“You’re not my girlfriend.”

“Do you want me to be?”

It happened. The moment her subconscious never even attempted to depict in a dream because the concept was so far-fetched. Jessica Jung is asking me to be her girlfriend. Jessica Jung. Asking me out. In an art gallery. At night. This is NOT a test. “W-wha....I...why?”

“Why not?”

“Sh-shouldn’t we go on...I don’t know...more dates?”

“We’re on our second date. Is that not enough?”

“This is so sudden, I...” Why aren’t I saying hell yes?! My mouth should be all over her right now. Her nervous eyes went back to drawn Hyoyeon, waiting for answers.

The raspy Hyo voice in her read replied, “I’m warning you.”

What did she mean by that? An empty threat, no doubt.


That nickname again. Jessica half-smiled, eyes expectant.

Come on, say something. Say anything. “W-wanna come back to my place tonight?”

She quirked an eyebrow. “Is this some sort of trial run?”

“Something like that.” A clammy, hesitant hand found a place on Jessica’s bare shoulder. “I need to see if you’ll reconsider the hair-pulling thing.”


Rain started to fall as soon as the two left for Sunny’s apartment. She clinched onto the steering wheel with both hands, obeying every sign, refusing to turn on the radio, and painstakingly maintaining the speed limit. Normally, the woman loved driving at night, no matter how awful the weather. But this night was different. Last thing I want is for us to crash to our deaths before I actually see Jessica naked.

Hope Jessica doesn’t think I drive like a grandma. She yanked her eyes away from the windshield to monitor her date. The blonde appeared unfazed by the outside conditions. Her head leaned against the window, perfect sandy hair clinging to the glass. She stared intently at her phone with a blank--or bored--expression.

“The rain’s going down pretty hard.” Sunny winced at her banal subject matter. “You sure that Tiffany and Taeyeon are okay?”

“Mm.” Jessica recrossed her legs, getting more comfortable. “They’ll be okay. It’s not like Tiffany hasn’t driven my car before.”


The pitter-pattering of raindrops and revving windshield wipes engulfed the immediate lull. Jessica didn’t raise her eyes from the screen. Sunny partially released the wheel to retrieve a re-chilled hand from Jessica’s lap. She lifted the fingers to her face to tenderly kiss her knuckles.

Jessica’s mouth split into a toothy smile. She laced their fingers together and cast her eyes back down to the phone.

Sunny caved in to her curiosity. “Whatcha lookin’ at?”

“The best restaurants for couples in Seoul,” she read from an article header.

“Anything good?”

“Yes. A new French restaurant’s getting impressive reviews.”

Paris Baguette?” Sunny teased, moving their hands to rest between the seats.

“Um, no,” Jessica scoffed. “It’s not a chain. It’s supposed to be authentic. Menus in French and all that.”

“Can you read French?”

“No, but it doesn’t matter. I wanna go. I can make a reservation for next week. We’re going to dress up super nice and enjoy ourselves. You like French food, right?”

“You mean snails and those tiny sandwiches? Cheese?”

“Much more than that. These pictures are exciting...” She sighed. "It'll be fun.”

Sunny snorted. “Will a snooty waiter with a curled mustache and Pepé le Pew accent be serving us? Sounds hilarious.”

“Funny,” Jessica replied, completely unamused.

“I-I’m sorry. Yeah. We can go.” My wallet’s crying already. “Besides, if I’m not a fan of the main course, I can always pig out on croissants. I mean, who doesn’t love croissants?”

Jessica snatched her hand away so abruptly that Sunny yelped with surprise. “If you’re not interested, say so. I can choose something less snooty.”

Holy effin' shit.Nooooo! I wanna go, Jessica. Just playing around.”

God. My wavering backbone. So glad Taeyeon’s not here to witness this.


Sunny broke the silence after an awkward pause in the parking lot. She switched off her beams and the sat in the dark, listening to the rain and wind pick up.

“Didn’t mean to offend you about the restaurant.”

Jessica’s silhouette shrugged. “It’s whatever.”

She leaned closer, placing a palm onto the passenger’s seat. “I can make it up to you.”

The dark form met her halfway.

Her shoulders relaxed as fruity lips brushed against her own. The grip on the seat tightened when slender fingers grasped the back of her neck, deepening the kiss. This makes that terrifying display of attitude worth it. Silky lips. Sweet smell. Expert tongue. Her other arm bent back to instinctively press the ‘unlock all doors’ button. Now for the sex. Nothing can make this night--


Jessica let out a high-pitched scream and Sunny clutched at her arm. Something forcefully slammed the front of the car. It slightly shook at the impact.

“The fuck was that!?!”

“Sunny--is this a bad neighborhood? We could always--”


“Holy shit!”

“Do something!”

Survival mode on autopilot, Sunny frantically flipped on the high beams. Whoever was standing there rushed away from the brightness.

“What the fuck was--”

The next forty seconds went by in a blur. Jessica’s door swung open. She screamed in several octaves, swatting at the stranger with her purse. Sunny swore like the filthiest sailor alive as she groped for any blunt object in the darkness of the car. The person was dripping wet, so every move they made flung a shocking burst of rainwater. Jessica kneed the fighting figure in the stomach. The person shrunk with pain and Sunny could tell that they were much smaller than she feared. A female...The groaning woman jumped forward, unbuckling Jessica’s seat belt. Sunny snagged a glass bottle from the backseat and aimed. The figure retreated. That is, until she got a hold of Jessica’s bare leg and hauled her screeching out the door. Jessica landed onto the pavement, clawing to get to her feet. Mystery attacker slammed her down again with a soaking wet sneaker and dove into the car. The shutting door narrowly missed Jessica’s head. She locked it once the angry blonde pounded on the window.

“HYOYEON! YOU FUCKER.” Jessica howled, breathing fire.

“Don’t stand out in the rain too long, beautiful. You’ll catch a cold.” Hyoyeon cackled, sticking her tongue out.

“Hyo, what in the actual fuck?!” Sunny spat, collecting her wits.

“I warned you.” She winked over her shoulder and returned to Jessica screaming.

“My car’s back there.” She pointed in the distance. “You better ask Yuri to let you in. Shouldn’t witches melt in the rain?”

Loud clunking drummed against the car as Jessica tested a back door.

“Nice try! Neither of Sunny’s back doors open from the outside. I guess you don’t spend enough time in her car, huh!?”

With a final pound to Hyoyeon’s window, Jessica defeatedly clicked off to the lit up car across the way. A stunned, gaping Sunny couldn’t move a muscle throughout the whole ordeal. D-did that just happen?

Good god, Jessica’s going to hate me.

It took several attempts for Hyoyeon to recover from her raucous laughter. She held onto her side, shooting one more glance out the window. Sunny knew she should have been more outraged about what just went down, but...Shit. This deranged woman flew from the shadows, tussled with Jessica, and literally threw her to the pavement.

It was rude. It was crazy.

It was bad ass.

Hyoyeon snickered, shaky hands rearranging drenched locks behind her ears. “I’m not sorry you had to see that.”

I can’t excuse that erratic behavior outright or she’ll never shut up about it. “So, is this what we’re doing now? Physically assaulting people?”

Hyoyeon hooted haughtily, wiping at a round eye with her knuckles. Smeared eyeliner gave her the countenance of a raccoon. A thieving nocturnal animal, out to rob me of a girlfriend.

“You can’t talk. I recall a certain purple-haired minx threatening one Seo Juhyun. The hospital was mentioned, if I recall correctly.”

Sunny’s facial muscles strained to prevent a smile. “I didn’t actually put my hands on her.”

“I do whatever I want. Left my house right after our talk on the phone. I forced Yuri to wait with me in the parking lot until we saw your car. I was serious about what I said.”

“Where do we stand now? It’s not like we’ve properly spoken for weeks.”

Hyoyeon popped open the glove department, knowledgeable of the ever-growing stash of leftover fast food napkins. “I had to think, okay? I’m not used to this love thing.”

Still using the ‘L’ word, are we? Sunny concentrated on the rain-soaked woman recklessly rubbing papery tissue across her face and neck. She has no remorse for throwing Jessica out into the rain. Makes short, defensive excuses about not answering my calls. Plus, she’s probably ruining my upholstery.

Sunny plucked a clinging piece of the cheap fibers from the corner of Hyoyeon’s eye. The tip of her nose. An eyebrow. Her bottom lip. The blonde froze at the act, eyes locking onto the other girl’s unreadable features. “Are you mad at me, Sunny?”

Her hand lingered at its last location, grazing a thumb across the softness of her lip. “Would you care if I was?”

It trembled at her touch. Sunny’s eyes stretched at the tender reaction.

“I do care, Sunny. I go about things pretty fucked-up, huh?”

“You’re a fucked-up kinda person.”

“Thank you.”

She revealed her first genuine smile of the night. “You take that as a compliment?”

“Because I know you. I’ve read the books piled up next to your bed.”

Sunny squinted an eye.

“Okay, I didn’t read them. I read the spines, though. You didn’t decide to live in a shoebox apartment, pursue painting, and hit on girls like me at the bar for security. Sure, Jessica has the prim, proper Barbie performance going on, but how long will that last? Barbie is a fantasy girl and the only person good enough for Barbie is another Barbie. Or Ken, but who the fuck cares about him? He can’t even get an erection.”

A snort. The hand moved from Hyoyeon’s face to the space behind her neck. She leaned closer.

“Look at us, Sunny,” she breathed, pausing to brandish a huge grin. “We’re not Barbies. Or princesses. We’re just...”

Sunny drew in her bottom lip.

“I don’t know. We’re just us. I guess. I should try reading beyond the covers of your books. My romantic talk is stunted.”

She shook her head and closed in for the kiss. The blonde hummed, atypically keeping the pecks light, wavering. Sunny murmured against the fluffy lips, smiling. “We’re loud. Irreverent.” Another kiss. “Future alcoholics who party on weekdays. I’m messy and you have no filter. We swear frequently. Check out women unabashedly. Opinionated. Hate to apologize. And we’d rather eat junk with a lukewarm beer than even walk into a French restaurant.”

“Fuck French food.”

“These are some of the worse qualities two people could attain.”

“Mmhm.” Hyoyeon applied more pressure to the kiss, reaching a hand over to caress her knee. Water ran in small streams between Sunny’s fingers as she squeezed at long, sodden hair.

“Which...” Sunny broke away from the heated embrace. “which is why we get each other. I get you, Hyo.”

“Tell me you love me.”

“Make me.”

She clamped her hands on either side of Sunny’s face and pulled her over for their tongues to tangle together. They took turns roughly biting protruding lips, eyes shut tight in passion and uncharacteristic shyness.

Hot breath hit Hyoyeon’s ear as Sunny spoke.

“I love you, you fucked-up person.”

Hyoyeon’s breath hitched in a chuckle that sounded suspiciously like a premature sob. Sunny kissed the ear and bid her to spend the night.

They were running in the rain, hand-in-hand, when Sunny heard the sound.


A text from Jessica. +Thanks for coming after me, u bitch. Save your stupid hair pull-y sex for someone that’s interested.

+Good idea. I will.

Next Chapter:  Yuri!

Congrats on re-acquiring your ovaries, Sunkyu.

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HYOSUN DANCE PARTY!!! *breaks out the techno*

A favorite chapter comment!?! Thankssss bb. XDDD Just curious~~What was your previous fave?

Hahaha SUNNY DELIVERED. Thanks, bb. :3

Hahaha she lurked in the shadows and got all Batman on Jessica. I, too, found it hilarious. So over-the-top, but I think it fits Hyoyeon's personality. Being snarky and perfectly imperfect with Hyo sounds like a sweet deal to me.

Ahhhh bb!!! Thank YOUUUUU for Inspire. LOVEEE.
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ARASO! I'm suuuuper busy right now. Had to pack and get my shit together since I'm moving to the university dorms in about 6 hours (I really should be sleeping right now) BUT I thought I would make time for you bb because I had to get my WGTG fill one way or another and I couldn't wait. Also, I apologise if this comment sucks, I'm working with about 40% of my brain seeing as the rest of it is stressing the fuck out.

Right, let's do this.

Oh god Jessica is one smooth son of a bitch, and then there's Hyoyeon: "“Hey, hot stuff. Long time, no talk.” They're like polar opposites I swear.


When Hyoyeon hung up on Sunny, I imagined Sunny to ghetto on her ass. Like
snapping her fingers, being all "Oh no she did NOT just hang up on me."

Well Hyoyeon sure is persistent. I like that in a woman. And to go up against Jessica...girl got balls I'll give her that.

"Shouldn't witches melt in the rain?” I gave Hyoyeon an "Oh snap!", I felt like she deserved it. That shit was gold.

*chanting* HYOSUN. HYOSUN. HYOSUN. They're the most perfect dysfunctional couple ever. I hope to god that ship doesn't sink or I may have recollect all my feels by sitting in a dark corner and mumbling incoherently until I feel better....or until I run out of cocktails...but come on, like that would ever happen. *glances over to the 1 of 2 suitcases full entirely of alcohol*

I'm glad Sunny got her ovaries back. Mine are still healing after the Galaxy Supernova situation.

I'm gonna sound like a broken record here but I loved this as I always do. A little part of me dies whenever you update a new chapter because I know the end is nigh *creys uncontrollably*

I will try my super hardest to keep on track with WGTG while i begin my uni shenanigans but this may mean I'll be a little later spotting :(


Byesies~ <3

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You made time for me while busy doing college-y things. :') BB YOU DA BEST. ♥ Don't stress out too much, tho. Everything should be fineee. :3

Hahaha great job pointing out their contrast in approach XD. Polar opposites, indeed.


Ikr!? Took alotta courage to battle it out against Jess. She took the "battling" part literally, though. XD

Will your chants serve you well or will I litrally THROW the iceberg at the couple!? Omg. Is there a safe couple yet!? We shall see...GURL. SHARE THAT ALCOHOL.

"I'm glad Sunny got her ovaries back. Mine are still healing after the Galaxy Supernova situation. "---Same. D:

The end is nigh....IDK HOW TO FEEL ANYMORE. AND I KEEP YELLING AT YOU. hahaaha It's all good, bb. Do what you gotta do. I always love your comments. :3

Ily2, bb. Byeee~~~
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HA! You're not too late, bb. Only a couple of hours after I posted. :D <3

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whyyyyyyyparachuterawr on September 13th, 2013 08:25 am (UTC)
whoot whoot! I don't support violence but yeah what Hyo did. That was pretty hot.

I love my Jeshika but she's getting crappier each chapter so that's a no and I think that she's just too frustrated so she goes around and crave attention from people. Heh. Deep me.

Ah, I'm so proud of Sunny. You go gurlll

Till the next chapter bb! :)
checkinyourbra: sunny01checkinyourbra on September 14th, 2013 04:55 pm (UTC)
Hahaha I'm a pacifist myself, but fictional violence like this is a-okay in my book. Noone got hurt hurt. Hehe I guess Jeshka got hurt of the butt, but you know...

Very deep of you, bb. XD Jessica's harem of women is unraveling, indeed. Poor bb doesn't know where or who to grasp.

Sunnyyyy <3

(Anonymous) on September 13th, 2013 09:59 am (UTC)
Aglghgg yaaaas! So essited~

Tomorrow when I comment on this I will probably be hungover and wishing for death but that's okay. :3
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okay, so if the IP didn't give this away, then this was me - a very tipsy me, but still me nonetheless. after sleeping on and off for the entire day i finally read this and i repeat: yaaaaas! so essited~

you know how way~ back when i was all like, "nuuu, i'm torn between sunsic and yoonsic," well i have realised that although sunsic (obvs) have a big piece of my heart, i really really like your hyosic, so this chapter made me super happy. omf hyo's slightly fucking terrifying with the whole imma-get-what's-mine-and-dump-you-on-da-street business, but whatevs, it seems to have had positive repercussions so all good.

aaaand, it leads us nicely into the next chapter featuring YULSIC and omg, i can totally see you having next chapter be a huge game changer for absolutely everything and i'm back to doing that nervous and excited back and forth hooha. what are you doingggg?

but yes, back to the hyosun: i absolutely adore relationships which are full of insults as compliments and stubborn banter, so at the end of this chapter i was pretty much having to hold back an audible "awwww." is this the end?? is this sunny's endgame? it feels like it could be but with WGTG i just don't know.

SUNNY AND JESSICA THO. there was a ~feeling in the first half of the chapter (pre-hyoyeon), of things feeling almost forced. which made me be all like, maaaybe i won't root for sunsic, and i'm sorry but when hyoyeon totally dumped jessica's ass out on the wet pavement and sunny didn't even go after her i felt bad but i mean, jessica you left sunny high and dry that one time, so really what did you expect?

okay, i think i'm gonna go eat some gross hangover food right now, because my head hurts and i'm never drinking again (btw ihu for your lack of hangovers rn, grrr). but yayayayay thanks and bye!

(p.s. that gif is melting my heart ;;)
(no subject) - checkinyourbra on September 14th, 2013 05:10 pm (UTC) (Expand)
the_bluebeariesthe_bluebearies on September 13th, 2013 11:01 am (UTC)
“Tiffany doesn’t give her a chance to be bored.”

--> this line left a super duper deep impression. I like it.

so... sunny's with hyo now? wtf was she doing with jessica then? like I mentioned before, this is too much for my brain. HAHAHAHHAHAAH!!!

I'm looking forward to reading how you gonna tie up all the loose ends and wrap things up.
great chapter once again, next up, yuri oh yuri, can't wait to see what's she up to. hahahaha!!!
checkinyourbra: yuri01checkinyourbra on September 14th, 2013 05:17 pm (UTC)
"--> this line left a super duper deep impression. I like it."--Oh. You weren't supposed to see that line. hehe

Oh no!! More hysterical brain explosions! I try to explain this one.

Sunny has a huge heart, but also (unlike many in WGTG) values her brain. That crush on Jessica's been going on for a long time, so it's pretty common for some feelings to linger even after she got ditched. Then, there's Hyo. She liked her, too, but if the person's not answering calls, the best course of action was to go back to option one. The available option at the time. Idk I hope that makes sense. I can't have your head exploding all the time. :DDD

Ughhhh loose ends! Loose ends!! I'll try my best to tie them up, bb. LOL Yuri. We shall see how these two weeks have treated her...

Thanks for reading~~ *hugs*
snitchseeker_1 on September 13th, 2013 02:53 pm (UTC)
Gah, I really love Sunsic, but jfc, Jessica's just frustrating me throughout this entire thing >
checkinyourbra: jessica01checkinyourbra on September 14th, 2013 04:32 pm (UTC)
LOL omg this comment made me lol so much. Not because I enjoy reader frustration but I love legit reactions. I can't imagine having that car scene with someone I liked. Ughhhhh how awk.

Thanks for reading, bb!! :D
dyestaindyestain on September 13th, 2013 03:04 pm (UTC)

Thank you for the sassy Jessica but woooow was she overshadowed by Hyo here.

I was a bit worried that she hadn't contacted Sunny for so long, but I guess some people just need (way) more time to work out their feelings and come up with a plan of attack. Literally. Hyoyeon literally fought for Sunny and fucking won! What a champion. (As cute as Sunny and Jessica can be, Sunny and Hyo just seem to click).

It's going to be interesting to see if the Sunny/Jessica fallout affects any of their other relationships with mutual friends. And what's gonna go down with Yuri and Jessica? Fingers crossed that Yuri has gotten all the stupid out of her system.

Flawless chapter <3 I had hoped to write a longer comment but life has been biting me in the arse lately so had to make it quick!
checkinyourbra: hyoyeoncheckinyourbra on September 14th, 2013 05:21 pm (UTC)

Hyo swooped in and claimed this chapter, Sunny, Jessica's pride, my laptop, my house, my bank account, the world, etc.

Two weeks, tho. Hyo took TWO WEEKS to think. No wonder Sunny looked elsewhere LOL. Hyoyeon's cray tactics worked in this instance! 'Clicking' is VERY important. ^^

Awwww I like how you worry about friend interactions. :3 We shall see.

"Fingers crossed that Yuri has gotten all the stupid out of her system."--Cross your toes, too.

Flawless?! :00 Thanks, doll. This comment was amazing. No worries~


Edited at 2013-09-14 05:22 pm (UTC)
astrantiapetalsastrantiapetals on September 13th, 2013 08:45 pm (UTC)
Read this yesterday, but came back so I could comment properly.

Yaay! Sunny finally grew a backbone! I've felt like sica had been kind of taking advantage of the fact that sunny is so infatuated with her; didn't like how that relationship was progressing. Now i'm wondering if Sica is going to go back to Yoona or Seohyun...you already know who I hope it'll be =)) thanks for the update!
checkinyourbra: hyoyeoncheckinyourbra on September 14th, 2013 05:34 pm (UTC)
You're back!! Hiiiii!!!

Backbones are very helpful in our species. XD Yeah, that relationship wasn't looking the most healthy, was it? Glad Hyoyeon/Sunny shut it down.

Lollll I know your preference, bb~~~

Thank youuuuu for reading/comment!! :DDD
Breezymsbreezy12 on September 14th, 2013 06:24 pm (UTC)
Haha. HyoSun tho lol
checkinyourbra: sunny01checkinyourbra on September 14th, 2013 06:37 pm (UTC)
Hehe. Your brevity tho loll

♥ :3
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(no subject) - checkinyourbra on September 14th, 2013 07:39 pm (UTC) (Expand)
sle3piesle3pie on September 15th, 2013 03:57 am (UTC)
I would have expected Jessica to want to go back to her place more.. but then you wouldn't have Hyo waiting to pounce.
Sunny seems a little confused about what she wanted.. but since Hyo stepped up, and had the guts to fight for what she wanted, Hyosun seem likely.. at least for now.
Yuri's chapter next.. will be interesting to see how Jessica reacts after being dragged out and abandoned.. and left with Yuri.. I'm still hoping for a Yoonsic ending somehow.
Thanks for the update.. and I don't think I'll date any of them.. don't think I can handle that much drama.
checkinyourbracheckinyourbra on September 16th, 2013 05:02 am (UTC)
BB HAI!!! *hugs*

Hehe maybe Jessica and Sunny felt like Jessica's apartment was jinxed thanks to the last incident XD

Yes, Sunny and her love confusion~~ It must be nice to have Hyo to jump in and make the decision easier. LIKELY!? NOTHING'S LIKELY :P

I'm sure Jessica will have lots to say. haha

LOL I was wondering who would take the step in choosing "none." You seem allergic to drama (for yourself), so that makes tons of sense. XD

Thank youuuuu~~~ :DDD
bluecod on September 16th, 2013 10:44 am (UTC)
Jessica's so flirty!! Girl is hot and takes advantage of it...

It's interesting though, that the last time we saw any SunSica was from Sunny's POV so it's hard to tell if Jessica had much solid interest from their first date. I don't think she did, but then maybe her hormones saw dressed up Sunny and reconsidered? Is that what happened?

Jessica's 'desperation' though is almost pitiful right now, first she flirts with Yuri, then she kisses Taeyeon, and now she's trying to latch on to Sunny! Did Yoona not want anything to do with Jessica after they went into the room last time (when Jessi was delivering croissants)? Maybe that'll explain the brokenhearted drinking binge from "2 weeks ago".

Now Jessica's going to run off with Yuri... hmm didn't see that one coming; but Yuri's as much of a blase wastrel as Taeyeon! Oh Lord, the more I read, the more forever alone Jess seems possible.

I liked the way you resolved the HyoSunSic triangle, what with HyoSun being more suited to each other, while Sunny couldn't really be herself with Jessica.

PS. omg Hyo is crazy! Womanhandling ftw!
checkinyourbra: jessica01checkinyourbra on September 17th, 2013 04:44 am (UTC)
You're back with your amazing accented comments!! :D <3

Jessica's sexy and she knows it--therefore, she had to be taken down a few notches by the end of the chapters. XD...she's still hot tho.

Interesting of you to point that out. That was actually a conscious decision. For chapters like these, I try to show events from the best POV and in both cases--that's Sunny. We've heard Jess make a few offhand remarks about Sunny that showed enough of her feelings while Sunny had more internal struggle. Possibly hormones. Maybe lonely? Who knows? Only Jessica's character and the evil!author

Poor, poor Sica. She's almost back to her pity status from earlier in the fic. :( Hmmmm. Wonder what's goin' on with Yoona.....

LOL BLASE WASTREL. heheheheheheheh

"Oh Lord, the more I read, the more forever alone Jess seems possible."--*CREYS*

Thank youuu. Look! Resolution! I feel like I'm sitting in a pile of loose ends, wrangling them together. haha Hyo's certainly cray cray. In the best way. ;D

Thanks for coming backkk~~~ :D I really enjoy your input!!
 a.C.planet_ac on September 18th, 2013 02:01 am (UTC)
I laughed out loud at Pepe le Pew! Brings to mind childhood memories of sitting in front of the telly watching cartoons...

Ah I'm happy HyoSun finally got together. I hardly think Jessica's the right one for her. And again lol at the Barbie reference! So many hilarious moments. Can just imagine the whole scenario.

Wait. Jessica's left with Yuri?!? I CAN''T WAIT FOR THE NEXT EPISODE!!!

Thank you, you made my day! <333
checkinyourbra: sunny01checkinyourbra on September 18th, 2013 06:14 am (UTC)
Yesssss. Loved me some Pepe le Pew and his sexual harassing ways. <3

She and Jessica just didn't feel right, huh? Well, Hyoyeon fixed that situation anyway. XD Barbies and cartoons! Childhood everywhere!!! :D

Glad you found it funny, bb. That makes me smileeee. :3

Omg you and that Yulsic heart haha. Welp, the newest chapter's posted. Read whenever you get ze time. ^^

Thank youuuuuuu XDDD