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Who Gets the Girl? [on-going]

Title: Who Gets the Girl? [Chapter 30]

Players: Yuri, Jessica, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Taeyeon, Tiffany, Seohyun, Mentions Yoona

Pairing(s): Yoonyul, Yulsic?, Featuring Yoonsic, Hyosun, and Taeny

Rating: R

Genre: AU, Rom-Com Drama-Llama.

Warning(s): I pulverize ships, apparently.

Disclaimer: I don't own Soshi. I don't own anyone, in fact. All Fiction.

Chap. Summary: A storm and a car give Yuri the chance to express herself more candidly.

Author's Notes: THE BIG 3-0!! Why did this chapter exhaust me? Yuri, your thought process fries my brain.

30- Yuri

Cool glass soothed Yuri’s temple as her face rested against the window of Hyoyeon’s car. Today’s been brutal.

Nine straight hours of passing out flyers while her best friend argued with various owners about champagne availability for the nearing venue. She’d never been on the other side of the awkward ‘Hey, take this wasteful piece of paper' exchange. Both embarrassing and very taxing on the nerves. I’m sure that I went a shade or two darker from standing out in the sun and a pint of blood lighter from endless papercuts.


The moment she entered Hyoyeon’s guest room--her temporary home--she passed out on the queen-sized bed. A well-deserved night of sleep after a crappy, crappy day.

She woke in a panic when Hyoyeon slapped her face a few severe times. Did I oversleep!?

Her initial thought was thwarted when she saw 2:33 am lit up on her nightstand in the pitch black room.

“Get up. Emergency shit.” Hyoyeon ordered, laying on a final, unnecessary smack.

Springing from the bed, she yanked on some sweats and her most comfortable black high top sneakers and sprinted to the living room. Her friend, keys in hand, beckoned her to follow. She remembered her heart beating so rapidly that it hurt. What could it be? Did something happen to Yoona?

Little did she know they were on a quest to dethrone Princess Jessica.

Yuri squeezed her eyes, brain reasoning why Yoona came to mind first.

An obvious answer.

It was inevitable to "accidentally bump into" her ex-fiance during the many brief trips to fetch stuff from the house. For the first few visits, Yoona would throw out generic pleasantries, shutting down all conversation. Hating the chilly energy, she'd collect her belongings and promptly left.

Nevertheless, the meetings didn't cease. Except for this grating day, she made sure to drop by every evening. Eggshell-laden chats evolved into pleasant home-cooked dinners before rushing off for another round of 'take this flyer'--compliments of Jeong-ho. Almost like old times. That’s the thing about long-term commitments--they don’t die easily.

She couldn’t help but feel bad for Yoona. Despite the cold nights alone, the living arrangement with Hyoyeon presented entertaining antics. Enriching, even. She sensed that Hyoyeon did it more for Yuri than herself. The blonde no longer left outings with lipstick stains or numbered napkins.

Yuri found herself dragged to rooftop parties, meeting beautiful people, and dancing 'til the sun rose. Finally, a taste of independence.

Nevertheless, knowing that Yoona spent most of her time at home sulking filled her with guilt. She missed her. Immensely.

The conflicting thoughts made her head throb. All she wanted was to go back to sleep. To temporarily forget all the drama with Yoona and Seohyun. And those stupid flyers. Hyo said that as time goes on, I’ll get more interesting duties. I’ll trust her judgement.

“Damnit! My phone died.”

She peered over to the still-scathing blonde, forearms propped upon the steering wheel, mashing her iPhone’s power button to no avail. Hyoyeon never explained what was to happen after Jessica got kicked out Sunny’s car.

Nevermind. Hyo’s judgement is questionable.


Her eyes quickly closed, feigning sleep.

Prince Yuwreeeeee,” Jessica sang, poking her in the ear.

She shrank from the intrusive finger. “What?”

“My phone died, Yuwree~yahh. Let me borrow yours.”


“I need to call my idiot friends for the millionth time. They sleep through everything.”

“What have you been doing with it all this time?”

“Are you my battery monitor now? Give me your phone!”

Yuri sneered, unmoving.


I’m not falling for that one again. “No. Walk home.”

“Hell no. This area is sketchy.”

“Hope you own a taser.”

Intruding hands groped at the pockets of her sweatpants. Yuri hiccuped out a squeal and shoved them away. “Boundaries, much!?”

“Give me your phone so I can call a cab. Then, you’ll get all the space you need.”

Yuri stretched, feeling the form of a cell phone under her right leg. “I’ll let you borrow it if you answer some questions.”

“One question.”





“All right. Fine. One.” She scratched the back of her head, frustrated. That scenario works out so much better on TV.

Jessica crossed her arms. “Let’s hear it. I don’t have all night.”

“You kinda do.” Yuri internally celebrated the clever retort, quitting shortly to evade another attack at her pants. She swiped back with more force. “Goddamnit! Stop that!”

“Ask me the question or I’ll start screaming!”

“I will! Geez. Give me time to think.”

“Absolutely not. I’ve heard about you and your thinking. Ask me the first question on your mind. You're already annoying me.”

Yuri frowned, fighting off the urge to argue. Let’s see...should I ask if she’s slept with Yoona? Or is that too obvious? Maybe if Yoona talks about me at work? Or even if she and Seohyun were serious... No. I should definitely ask about Yoona. She’s the most--

“DING DING DING!” Jessica rudely blurted, drumming the gear shift. “Question time, Einstein.”

So impatient. “Um okay. So...are--no, no. Have you...” She paused, fingers pulling her bangs from her brow. Her eyes lifted to make direct contact. “How long have you been sleeping with Yoona?”

Good job, brain. Not only does that answer the question at hand, but it’ll reveal the beginning of Yoona’s affair.

Jessica pursed her lips, blinking up in thought.

“Be honest.”

“Can you handle honesty?”

She gulped. “Y-yes.”

The curled smirk upon her lips made Yuri's stomach turn. “Are you sure?”

“Spit it out.”

“The morning after you broke up, Yoona gave me the two most intense, hot, mind-fuckingly-blowing orgasms I’ve ever experienced.”

Yuri bristled at the statement. She felt inclined to punch her in the face, but she was never one to hurt another woman. I’m not Hyo. She swallowed her “fuck you” and evenly answered, “Just that morning...”

“Just that morning. Nothing more. Nothing less.”

Don’t know if I’m elated or ashamed... “So, she didn’t cheat.”

Jessica rolled her eyes and picked at the paint on her pinky nail. “Nope. Yoona was completely loyal and devoted to you. Can I have the phone now?”

Staring out into space, Yuri blindly slipped the smartphone from beneath her thigh and tossed it to the other woman's lap. Yoona was devoted to me and I squandered it. I didn’t even get to have ACTUAL sex with Seohyun...

Why the hell am I here in the car with the woman who swooped in and took advantage of the opportunity? Lightning ripped through the sky, showing no sign of letting up soon.

Bony fingertips nudged her in the arm. “Yuwree~~. Type in your passcode.”

Yuri yawned as Jessica handed the device over. Once she viewed the screen, her eyes bulged. “Oh.”


“Oh...this isn’t my phone." She bent over in the seat, pawing at the floor for her own. “Hyo and I must’ve switched by accident.”

“God, you are impossible. Drive me home.”

“I’m too tired. Anyways, this is a stick shift. I wouldn’t know where to start.”

Jessica threw her head back and groaned miserably. “I’m stuck with you!?”

“The feeling’s mutual.”

Yuri’s temple reclaimed its position on the window. Maybe I can finally get some rest. And time to see how I can fix this mess.

Yuri was never one to dwell on sad times. Growing up, she learned to simply take her hits in stride. This didn’t stop her from waking up some mornings, eyes red from silently crying in her sleep. She freaked out in the beginning, mistaking it for pink eye. Until the next night when she woke up from a bad dream and wiped a fresh stream of tears from her cheek.

These days of our private dinners are so promising. I still manage to make her laugh and she even allowed a goodbye kiss for the last few nights. Huge progress. But...something’s off.

She mentally brought herself back to that fateful day. The day she got kicked out. Her eyes were so empty when she stared at me. Unfeeling. With Jessica clamped onto her arm like a demented parasite.

Right. Jessica. She scratched at her nose. “Do you wear this much perfume all the time?”

“Does it bother you?”

“No. It’s nice.”

“Good. Because you’d be shot out of luck either way.”

“Accept the compliment and move on.”


Yuri folded her balled fists into the end of her t-shirt. The weather outside made for a slightly drafty sleeping environment. Jessica’s only wearing that skimpy dress. “Hyo has a jacket in the backseat. You can wear it if you’re cold.”

“I think I will.” She could hear the shuffling of Jessica stretching to snatch the leather jacket. A sigh of relief alerted her of success. “Thanks. You know, you’re a bit of a flirt.”

Ugh. Not this again. I hear it from Hyo constantly as of late. “Stop. Just...stop.”

“It was a compliment, Prince Yuwree.”

“I don’t consider it one. Especially from the likes of you.”

Jessica spoke after a beat of silence. “What made you cheat on her?”

Yuri absorbed the question, earning an additional minute to think. “You’re familiar with Seohyun. She’s very attractive.”

“C’mon. That can’t be the whole reason.”

“Why are you asking me, then? We’re not friends.”

“I’m bored. You’re my only source of entertainment.”

“Can’t you see I’m tired?”

“Please, Yuwree~~

Yuri peeled her cheek from the glass as she sat up. Why should I tell her anything? That’s why I have Hyo. To discuss these sorts of things. I mean, she’s not the best person for such talks, but still...

“I know you want to say something. I can read it all over your dopey face.”

“I...” How much damage will I create by talking to her about this? Ah, fuck it. “I was trapped, okay? Her whipped little wife. Scratch that--whipped little husband. Like those old cartoons where the dad’s really goofy and has no control. That’s how I saw myself. A silly girlfriend. Just once I wanted to take the reins on something.”

“So you reined in Seohyun..”

“Not on purpose. She...treated me like I was super special. Seohyun's eye lit up when I came around like, ‘Wow, you’re really cool.’ Yoona treated me like her simple-minded partner. ‘Don’t buy that.’ ‘Use common sense.’ ‘Can’t you see that’s hot?’ ‘Propose to me...’”

“Ever hear of talking?

“Sounds so simple in hindsight. I guess I envied Hyo, too. She told all these awesome venue stories that I only dreamed of encoutering. The way Seohyun approached me...I felt like a rockstar.”

“Rockstars cheat on their girlfriends every day.”

Yuri whipped her head over to meet Jessica’s gaze. Her eyebrows furrowed. “You have no chance.”

Jessica smiled wryly and snuggled into the jacket. “That’s up for her to decide.”

“She’s not with you right now. You got turned down.”

The smirk wavered. “I’m aware.”

“Yoona may not want either of us. You’re as guilty as I am.”

“Oh, please.” She scoffed. “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Not only did you cheat on the one person who took care of you like the foolish little husband you are, you told her that you loved another woman. Bad, bad move, Vagina Prince.”

She’s right. Damnit, why did I do that? “Let her go.”

“No. I had a moment of insanity when I considered dating Sunny, but that was a temporary thing because..." Her face grew pensive, eyes fixed outside. "I’m fucking lonely. God, I hate it.”

Stay lonely.

You’re ruining the equation.

Jessica raced a heavy drop of rain stuck to the window with a fingertip. “I really like Yoona. More than like her...”

“Please.” Yuri held her hands in praying position beneath her lip. “Please stay out of it. Do this one thing for me.”

“Oh, I only do things for friends.” Jessica shuffled in her seat, facing away to get more comfortable. “And you said it yourself--we’re not friends.”

“C-can we be friends?”

“Goodnight, Yuri.”


A melodic knock vibrated into Yuri’s ear, snapping her out of the car-bound slumber. She woke up disoriented, blinking at the sun baking her through the windshield. Fingernails tapped again at the window from a very smiley Sunny. Light beamed behind her head, making the woman’s hair appear as a streaking, violet blur.

“Come on,” she lipped, waving exuberantly.

Yuri stretched her creaking body, only to thump an extended arm against something. Someone. Oh right. She’s still here. The woman, head and upper body wholly covered by Hyoyeon’s jacket, groaned and blindy swatted her away.

“Morning, sunshine,” Yuri mumbled, clearing the sheen of sweat from her forehead with the back of her wrist.


“We survived the night.”


“Without killing each other. Imagine that.”

“First regret.”

The tan girl pulled at the door handle. “Comin’ up?”

Black leather slid from her pink-tinged, pouty face. If I weren’t privy to her insanity, I’d find her normal and attractive right now.

Yuri twisted to crack her back. “I think I slept in a bad position all night.”

“My legs tingle.”

Eyebrows crinkled, she directed her attention to Jessica’s knees. Her red, RED knees. While exposed to the harsh rays, Jessica received a wicked sunburn to her upper legs.

Fuck me in the eye. What the hell!?” she shrieked, shuddering in pain when she lightly touched the tinted skin.

“Whoa. Do you tan that easily?”

“I don’t tan, dipshit. I burn. Fuuuuck.

Uh oh. We weren’t planning on her getting hurt for real. “Anything I can do?”

“Carry me to the apartment, Yuwree~yah.”

“That’d be a negative. My back hurts like hell.”

“I don’t weigh much.”

Yuri squinted at her up and down. “So you say.”

The jacket roughly flew to her face. “You bitch manatee! Carry me!”

“That’s not how you ask nicely for favors! I’m sure you’re a paperweight of a person, but my back is seriously killing me.”

“No, I’ll be seriously killing you.”

Sunny yanked Yuri’s door open and popped her head in. “Everything’s intact. Boo.” She quickly thumbed at her phone. Jessica and Yuri exchanged a bewildered glance.

“Excuse me?”

Her fluffy head sparked up. “Jess! Are you burnt?”

A finger pointed. “Yes, I’m burnt. All thanks to you!”

“I apologize. Can I make it up to you by giving you a lift?”

“I'd like a new dress, thank you very much. You can’t lift me anyway.”

“As a matter of fact, I’m super strong for my size. You missed out on that.” She playfully winked and ran around the car to open Jessica’s door. Yuri held in a bubbling guffaw as the purple girl failed to extract the cranky one without her screaming.

“Damnit, Sunny! Stay still.”

“Hop on my back, your majesty!”

Eventually, the motley trio successfully made the trip across the pavement, up the stairs, and to the apartment. Yuri limping, holding her hip. Sunny grunting at every step. And Jessica, complaining along the way, comically screeching in pain whenever Sunny accidentally (or not) knocked an arm against inflamed skin.

“Morning, everyone!” Sunny chirped as they entered the room.

Everyone? Sure enough, not only did the studio harbour a chipper Hyoyeon, bent over a group of glasses, but three other women stuffed into the studio. Taeyeon. Tiffany. Seohyun.

Let the awkward games begin.

“Well well. Look what the sexy beast dragged in,” Hyoyeon remarked, popping ice cubes from a plastic tray into a huge bowl. “You ladies made it just in time for morning margaritas.”

Yuri checked the clock on the wall. “It’s not even 10:30 am! You’re getting drunk now?!”

“‘Now’ is always the time to get drunk.”

Taeyeon whistled, pointing at Jessica. “Daaaamn. What happened there, lobster legs?”

Red in the blonde’s face soon matched her lobstery legs once everyone else joined in a bout of laughter. She squirmed while Sunny hunted for a uninhabited spot to place her.

“Wanna sit at the desk stool?” Sunny grunted, shifting the weight.

Jessica shook her head. “NO! Don’t sit me next to that damned snake. I want that chair. Taeyeon--Tiffany. Get up. I’m injured.”

The couple lounging in the most comfortable piece of furniture blinked lazily. Tiffany, wearing one of Taeyeon’s bright red caps, put a hand to Taeyeon’s fading bruise. “My baby’s injured, too.”

“Yeah,” Taeyeon whined, squeezing the waist of the girl draped across her lap, “don’t I deserve comfort?”

The high heels in Jessica’s clutches rattled with their shaking, angry owner. “You know, Taeyeon. Purple looks great on you. Want me to dot the other eye?”

Yuri’s eyebrows rose. “That was you?! Did you punch her or something?”

“We’re out the car, Yuwree. We no longer have to be nice to one another.”

Whoa whoa whoa!” Hyoyeon slapped a book several times against the edge of the desk, gaining everyone’s attention/annoyance. “Talk like that is prohibited.”

Jessica huffed out loud. “What!?

“As the girlfriend of the hottest chick in the room--love ya, girl--I shall lay down royal decree of this establishment.”

“She’s already making rules?” Yuri hissed to Sunny.

A shrug. “This is new for me, too. Just go with it.”

The noisy blonde continued. “I recall a popular saying--forgive and forget. My girl Yuri has gone through enough remorse, so it’s time to quit all the hate towards her. This--” Another book smack against the surface. “--is an anti-Yoona zone. Any Yoona sympathizers need to shut the everlovin’ fuck up. That means you, Westerners!”

Tiffany spat out some choice words in English. Jessica snickered in agreement. “Speak for yourself. I don’t have to hate Yoona.”

“She turned you down! Let it go! Accept the anti-Yoonaism. It’ll set you free.” She rolled up the paperback and brandished it in the lazy couple’s direction. “As for you two assholes, give the woman that chair. Jessica’s obviously suffering from some condition. I assume it’s a direct result of being on her knees too often.”

While they argued and rushed Taeyeon and Tiffany from their leisurely positions, Yuri took the opportunity to sneak a few words to Seohyun in the open kitchen space.

“Hey buddy,” she whispered, pulling the girl into a half-hug. The current situation still had its awkwardness, but seeing each other in class every other day made them deal with it. “I thought you didn’t drink.”

Seohyun emptied a third of the ice into a blender. “I don’t. Hyo insisted that I helped.”

“So...are you cool with her now?”

A sigh. “I guess. It’s hard to keep track on who I’m supposed to hate.”

“Yoona, apparently.” Yuri snorted. Taking note that Seohyun didn’t laugh with her, she clammed up. Why do I constantly bring up my ex to her? She obviously doesn’t approve. Seohyun’s definitely in camp anti-Yoona.

Sunny’s arms wrapped around Seohyun’s waist, giving it a pat. “I’ll take over from here.”

“Didn’t Hyo want me to finish this?”

“Don’t worry about it. You should take a load off. Yuri--doesn’t your back still hurt?”

The tan girl rubbed her side. “Yeah, now that you mention it...”

Her sentence cut short when aggressive hands drove her to the living area, firmly pushing her onto an old bean bag next to the chair. Hyoyeon clapped with accomplishment. “There you go. For you back.”

“Wouldn’t I need more support--”

Seohyun, dragged along by Sunny, smashed onto the same beanbag, quickly retracting the leg that fell across Yuri’s lap.

“Perfect,” Hyoyeon declared, shooting them a wink, “There sits Jessica, then Yuri, and Seohyun in the middle. For reasons.”

“Too soon,” Tiffany commented, building a seat of stacked hardcover textbooks.

Yuri kept her gaze to the floor. This close contact is really weird. Especially in front of our friends. Hard to pretend the setup they’re hinting at is natural.

Seohyun tapped her with a pointy elbow. “If your back’s aching, I could give you a massage some time.”

Bom chicka wow wowwwww,” Taeyeon crooned, egged on by Tiffany doing some strangely sexy rolling dance to the tune.

Seohyun face reddened. “Seriously?!”

No matter what unnecessary level of goofiness the duo added to the mood, Yuri couldn’t help but picture the outcome of Seohyun kneading her tense muscles. Alone. In my room. On the bed. Without a doubt, we’d be disrobing and at it like rabbits in no time. “Thanks. I’ll have to decline. I’m trying to behave myself.”

“Fair enough.” Seohyun wiggled in place as she retrieved an item from her skirt pocket. “Here. Take this.”

A roll of won? Am I being rewarded? “What’s this?”

Hyoyeon parted from a random Sunny makeout session to cackle to herself. She went back to preparing the margaritas. “Damnit, kid. Thanks for blowing our cover.”

The younger girl pouted. “I feel guilty for keeping it!”

What’s going on with these people?

Reading the expression on Yuri’s face, Tiffany explained. “Hyo made a wager before Sunny went out to wake you up in the car.”

“All in good fun!” Hyoyeon added, pouring the crushed lime beverage from the blender.

“She asked who would be up to betting...” The dark-haired girl meekly glanced up at the chair-dweller. “...that you and Jessica slept together.”

Jessica pounded a fist on the furniture’s arm. “In the car?! With her?!

“Hyo!” Yuri exclaimed to her bestie.

“Don’t get mad at me!” Hyoyeon tasted the drink. “I’m poorer thanks to your sudden burst of self-control.”

“Only Seohyun and I defended your honor, Jessi.”

“I didn’t defend anyone’s honor,” Seohyun deadpanned. “It just seemed unlikely.”

Wow. People still carry cash in 2013. You learn something new everyday. “Thank you...I think.”

“Where’s my share!?” Jessica held out her hand.

Tiffany frowned. “I won this fair and square!”

“As if you need the money. And you, Taeyeon? Broke hipsters making wagers on friends?”

A shrug. “Hyo put in my piece.”

“So you and Hyoyeon are friends now?”

“I’m indifferent. Besides, you two were flirting the whole time at the bar!”

Yuri closed her eyes, blocking out the squabbles and laughter. So, this is where I stand. I come off as an impulsive lady-chaser. All from one--or a few--mistakes. Everything that I contributed to the relationship destroyed. Will this legacy follow me for the rest of my life? Don’t I deserve some redemption? Her eyes abruptly opened when tentative fingers slipped through her own.

“You’re trembling,” Seohyun murmured, concerned.

She appreciated the gentle gesture. Even if it was a stupid bet, she and Tiffany were the only two who trusted that I wouldn’t fuck any pretty woman near me. Only Tiffany and Seohyun. Which means...


Her distinct voice brought a hush over the apartment. Taeyeon already seemed nervous. “‘Sup?”

“Am I a horrible person?”

She exchanged looks with Sunny and Seohyun. “Why you askin’ me?”

“You’ve known me longest and we dated once upon a time. We were friends before I met Yoona; so, your opinion means a lot.”

“You’re not horrible.”

“Say you were Yoona. What about the whole situation would be the dealbreaker? What’s the most unforgivable?”

“Hm. Well, you cheated. You brought the Seohyun over to your house. Then, you proposed under false pretenses. Those things were pretty assholic.” Taeyeon’s knuckles rubbed at her bruised eye. “But, I think the fact that you kept it a secret sucked the hardest. Hyo told me that she and Sooyoung were pushing you to admit your faults. I think it would have went better if she found out from you rather than on her own.”

“So, keeping a secret is unforgivable?”

“Maybe. Because a secret turns into a string of lies. You’ll always be watching what you do or say. Always covering yourself. Omitting information--giving only part of the story. Makes your girlfriend wonder what other things you’ve left out.”

“A secret can ruin four years of a relationship. Or--even potential years--in you and Tiffany’s case?”

Tiffany tilted her head expectantly. Taeyeon chewed at her bottom lip.

Jessica shifted soundlessly in the chair.

Seohyun squeezed her hand.

Hyoyeon and Sunny, mouths attached to Solo cups, watched curiously.

Yuri didn’t speak.

She waited.

Waited until her small voice uttered:

“Yes. A secret can undo anything.”

Next Chapter:  Hyoyeon!

Dat hair action tho. <3

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