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13 October 2013 @ 01:58 am
Who Gets the Girl? [on-going]  

Title: Who Gets the Girl? [Chapter 35]

Players: Jessica, Taeyeon, Yoona, Tiffany, and everyone else lol

Pairing(s): Yoonsic? and/or Taeny?

Rating: PG-13 + language

Genre: AU, Rom-Com Drama-Llama.

Warning(s): None.

Disclaimer: I don't own Soshi. I don't own anyone, in fact. All Fiction.

Chap. Summary: Will Jessica have a happy ending?

Author's Notes: One more left, but this is the end, folks. :D Thanks for all your support and awesome input. Smartest/Wittiest readers EVER. Don’t shy away from saying hi. I like to know who’s been lurking. Anons are welcome! ^^

35- Jessica

Awwwwww yeeeeah! Werk dat body fo’ me Jeshka!” Hyoyeon beckoned over the blasting dubstep, yanking at a wrist.

Jessica's drink sloshed around messily as the other blonde plopped onto her lap and writhed her ass drunk-seductively, garnering a chorus of “Ooohhhhhh!!!”s from the party-goers.

One hand covered her laugh as the other set the cup on a black coffee table. Whatever, I’ll humor her. She played along, slapping at a thigh a few times.

Hyoyeon waved her arms in the air. “Yesssshhh. I knew you wanted me.”

“All along, my annoyance for you’s simply been burning, passionate desire,” Jessica whispered into her ear. She didn’t fail to notice the woman instantly blush.

Seal-like claps proceeded a loud cackle. “You’re guuuuud.”

“I am. Now, get off. You’re gross and sweaty.”

And you threw me to the pavement last week. I haven't forgotten.

Hyoyeon refused, reaching for Jessica’s cup instead. “Whatcha drinkin’? I’ll get you more.”

“Aren’t you a punctual host? I’ll take more water, please.”

“Water!? Laaaaame.

“I thought I’d shake things up and be a designated driver tonight.”

“Turning over a new leaf?”

If ‘turning over a leaf’ means getting so drunk a few days ago that the very scent of alcohol makes me queasy then, yes. “You could say that.”

Hyoyeon bumbled to her feet. “More boring juice it is! I’ll find you a bottle.”

“I’ll only drink it if it’s unopened!” Jessica called after the woman galloping to the kitchen.

She barely took in a fresh breath of air before Tiffany threw herself across her lap next.

“I’m soooo high on life,” she squealed, wrapping her arms around Jessica’s neck. “Having fun?”

The strobe lights of Hyoyeon’s tricked-out pad flashed across Tiffany’s face, illuminating her massive grin. Jessica nodded. “I am. Glad you stayed?”

“Are you glad I stayed?” She poked Jessica on the forehead.

“Who else can I depend on to endlessly interrupt my life?”

By the time Tiffany sailed into her apartment Wednesday night, complaining about the awful Taeyeon makeout session, Jessica was way too drunk to care. The original plan was to drown her feelings in wine and spend the rest of the night in drunk reflection. Turned into Tiffany wailing about daddy issues and eventually holding her hair over the toilet. Fun times.

“Off your ass, Hwang,” Sunny ordered, rocking to the music. “This is a night of celebration.”

“Oh, is it?” Jessica scoffed, raising her eyebrows at the giant ‘Parental Disappointment Party’ banner hanging from the living room ceiling of the townhouse.

“We’re celebrating our independence, Jessi!” Tiffany leaned up to press a sticky kiss to Jessica’s cheek. “Embrace it!”

Riiight, independence. You’re still allowed to live off your legacy money, bitch.

“Find something to celebrate, Princess!” Sunny called over her shoulder as Tiffany strung her along to the dance floor.

She smirked, watching her internet buddy of four years whip her hair back and forth with the same crowd she'd known in real life. Glad you feel like you belong.

Jessica got up from the chair, entertaining the thought of more women falling into her lap. Or just one particular woman.

She wandered to the kitchen, less-than-surprised that Hyoyeon was sampling drinks from several glasses rather than bringing her a water.

“Try this one,” Sooyoung offered, pouring a lime green concoction into a martini glass. “It’s my latest creation.”

Jessica shook her head. “I’m staying dry tonight.”

“I could make you a virgin.”

Hyoyeon snorted, snatching the drink. “Trust me. Nothing can make Jeshka a virgin.”

She flew out the kitchen before Jessica could get a hold of her.

“Does she get more irritating after she warms up to you?”

“It gets worse,” Gabe replied, exiting the pantry. “I've known her for years and she still calls me ‘The man,’ ‘Dude,’ ‘Penis-peddler,’ and ‘You.' Sometimes I wonder if she forgets my name.”

“You get used to it,” Sooyoung added with a shrug.

Jessica nodded, extracting a half-frozen bottle from a cooler. She felt the tree-like couple’s eyes on her, but when she looked up, they averted their gaze. “Can I help you?”

Gabe pulled at his long eyelashes distractingly. “Oh, nothing.”

“Someone’s knees are healing,” said Sooyoung, subject-changer extraordinaire.

God, they’re such a nosy couple. I wonder if this is some weird sex thing. “Yeah, I’ve been doing everything under the sun to heal this goddamn burn.” She grazed fingertips over pinkish skin. “Gave me the initiative to wear shorts tonight.”

“I appreciate this initiative,” Gabe replied a little too quickly.

Sooyoung sucked her teeth and gestured to the fridge. “Go make yourself useful and prepare the Jello shots.”

"Right away, m'lady."

The taller girl’s voice softened the second he turned his back. “Are you okay?”

Jessica sipped at her bottle. “Nope, but I’ll keep this stupid smile on my face so Tiffany won't dote on me all night.”

“When’s the last time you talked to...her?”

Her. We don’t even need to use names. “Monday.”

“You’re not my girlfriend,” she said. Fuck, it still hurts.

Sooyoung bit her bottom lip and nodded. “Wow. And it’s Saturday. Almost a whole week of cold shoulder?”


“She’ll come around.”


Jessica spun on the heel of her shiny flats and returned to the crazily-lit living room. Tiffany and Sunny were still on the dancefloor with the addition of Hyoyeon--swinging her hips and groping at lady parts. Eek...not engaging in that threesome.

Speaking of threesome... She checked the couch where Yuri sat between Seohyun and Tiffany’s nutjob of a boss, Boa. They’d been traveling like a herd of horny cows all night. Yuri, of all people, seemed to be the leader of the small pack. Seohyun ran a single finger through her hair, whispering something Jessica could only assume to be, “Let’s poison Boa and run off together.” Boa, with her hand placed firmly on Yuri’s leg, couldn’t have been less worried about the youngest girl.

She wondered if Yuri, with that huge thoughtless grin, even picked up on their passive aggressive competition.

Yuri. Running into Tiffany at the opportune time for a pity make out. I was at home, vulnerable and available, and Yuri stuck her dumb pointy nose into that, too.

She chanced a glance back at her boogieing friend. I envy Tiffany. Though, I’ll never tell her that. She bounces back so easily. Just a few days ago, mentioning Sunny or Hyo would send her into a loud-mouth rant. Now, she’s smooshed between them like lesbo sandwich filling. Wish I could get over shit like that...

“I see you watchin’!” Hyoyeon yelled, making space behind Tiffany. “Hop on in! Or your could get behind me!”

I’ve experienced enough of your ass for the rest of the year, thank you very much. “Give me a sec. I need to make a call outside.”

Jessica took a deep breath of the night air once she slammed the glass door behind her. Her fingers tightened around the water bottle as she leaned against the building. I need a pull myself together.

Stop this, Jessica Jung. Your friends are happy and the night is young.

You’re not a weeping drunk mess.

You’re just...jaded.

She closed her eyes. I wonder what she’s doing right now. Avoiding parties where our friends are smooshed together and couple-y, that’s for sure.

“Bailing early?” a voice asked in the distance.

Jessica’s eyelids snapped open, peering around the backyard.

“Up here.”

Slanting her vision upwards, she spotted her. Taeyeon sat contently on a heavy branch, sketchbook propped onto her lap.

Of course Taeyeon’s in a tree. “What are you doing up there?”


She’s avoiding the party, too. “Can I join you?”

“If you know the secret password.”

Jessica pawed around the tree, finding the sketchy line of wooden planks leading to the higher branches. Half-way up, she noticed a missing step--its only remnant two jagged nails poking from the trunk.

“Give me a lift?” Jessica huffed, holding out her hand.


“Give me a fucking lift.”

“Access granted!”

She hated creepy crawlies and the bark scraped against her bare legs, yet she had to admit--the view was nice. Being above it all felt...soothing.

Scooting closer, she glimpsed over Taeyeon's shoulder. “Tiffany?”

Only Tiffany,” the girl grumbled, etching on a page with a shrinking stick of charcoal.

“Is it a present for her?”

A pout. “It’s therapy for me.”

“Why the hell are you upset now? She stayed, didn’t she?”

“Yeah, but she’s still all about her ‘space.' I don’t even know if she wants to get back together.”

Jessica paused, taking in her grumpy little bestie’s furrowed face. She turned to look down at her dangling feet, knocking her flats together to shake off excess dirt. “You're missing the Disappointment Party. Hyo mentioned ‘Drunk Twister.’ I bet it'll end up an orgy.”

She side-glanced at Taeyeon, surprised when she didn’t even smirk.

Taeyeonie~~” She poked her in the cheek. “I mentioned orgies. You’re supposed to laugh like an immature little boy.”

“Not in the mood for orgies.”

“I didn’t ask you to be in one.”

Silence. Jessica sighed and swung her legs.

“It’s...” Taeyeon flipped a page. Jessica waited. “It’s awkward being in there. A lot of...history, ya know?”

“I get it. You’ve been involved with at least three of those weirdos.”


Jessica had never been so thankful for Tiffany until she met that flake of a hippie Boa. Upon meeting, the lunatic cupped her face with both hands, claiming that she harbored unaligned vibrations and required a “higher-level being’s” skin-to-skin contact as a remedy. She whacked the hands away, threatened a restraining order, and overtly judged Taeyeon for the next hour.

“Your exes are an assorted bag of dum dums, sorry to say.”

I’m the dum dum.”

“No argument here.”

Taeyeon’s hand kept moving, gliding with proficiency against the paper. Straight face deep in concentration. I forget that this creature’s considered a paid artist nowadays.

“Jessica," She blew charcoal dust from the book seam. "Are you in love?”

The unexpected question sent her heart tumbling to the bottom of her stomach. She strained out an answer from the back of her throat. “I--ah...w-why?”

“When do you know?”

Re-gaining her bearings, Jessica looked up at the sky. The city was too bright to see most of the stars, but she spotted a few. “There’s no set time. For me, at least. It’s whenever. Whenever she comes around. And gives you a smile meant only for you."

Taeyeon didn't speak, so she kept going.

"Then...then she gets right to work because she’s busy, busy, busy and you do whatever you can to break her pattern. Rattle things a bit. That’s when she blushes or does something dorky and you feel something. Sometimes it’s physical. A tingle or butterflies--whatever. So, you laugh it off and can’t help but grin because she’s so damn beautiful. God, she’s so beautiful.”

“That’s specific as fuck.”

“You’re a dumbass.”

Taeyeon snorted, scratching her face with the back of her hand. She left a black streak across her nose. Jessica didn’t care to mention it. “How do you tell somebody you love them?”

“You just...” She shrugged a shoulder. “tell them, I guess.”

“That doesn’t work for me. I tried telling Tiffany, but it feels too cliché. I wish there were stronger words.”

“You’re a creative. Find a way to show her.” She pointed. “How about your sketchbook? Has she seen these drawings yet?”

“Hell no. That’s...I can’t. I’m too tortured.”

“God, Taeyeon. Stop whining. You have it lucky. She’s here. Literally right here. She stayed in Korea to make you feel shitty. That’s true love.”

“Sounds problematic.”

You know what’s problematic? The crazy fucking painting of a spider that Tiffany refuses to hide. Why couldn’t you have painted nice things, like flowers? “The only thing holding you back is your stubbornness. I can’t be your scapegoat this time.”

“You’re right.”

“I know that. Want me to go get her for you?” She craned her neck to see the closest step wasn’t within leg distance. “How do you get off this tree?”

“Uh...I don’t know. That’s half the reason why I’ve been up here for hours.”

Goddamnit, Taeyeon.


They both raised their heads when the patio door slid open fifteen minutes later. Meant to be.

Jessica waved at the person. “Tiffany! Up here!”

Tiffany held a hand over her eyes as she searched the tree. “Why are you up there?”

“We're stuck! Get help.”

Tiffany’s huge smile showed no signs of assistance. “Jessi and Taeyeon sitting in a tree,” she sang in English. “K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Jessica rolled her eyes. “No, more like S-C-A-R...R...E-D?”

At once, Tiffany and Taeyeon burst out laughing.

“Omigod, Jess. I think your English is regressing.”

Taeyeon snickered. “Nice spelling. That extra ‘R’ really seals the deal.”

“God. It was a tiny mistake.”

“Damn, Jessica. You’re dumb as hell.”

“Shut up!”

“Stupid, stupid Jessica.”

Her voice lowered. “Are you gonna tell her or not?”

“Where'd she go?”

“Girls!” Tiffany waved her arm from a plank. “Help me up!”

We’re going to be up here all night.


Sitting between two idiots competing to stay silent for half an hour grated Jessica’s nerves.

Maybe Hyo will show up next and she’ll give us a ladder. She swiped at her touch screen. They must be having the time of their lives because nobody’s answering their damn phones!

She tried dialing Seohyun when an alert caught her attention.

A text.

The name across the screen made her choke on air. Yoona.

Oh my god. What does...what could?


Jessica’s eyebrows wrinkled. Sneakers? Has she gone mad? Or maybe she sent a text meant for someone else.

Somehow, she couldn’t let it go.

“Sneakers, sneakers,” she mumbled to herself, eyeing the lone text as if it’d unveil life's mysteries. A quick drag of the thumb revealed a text that she sent days ago. +What’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen me wear?

Eek. My embarrassing, lovelorn message that I...wait.


“She thinks I’m cute in sneakers!” Jessica exclaimed, shaking Taeyeon's wimpy shoulder.

“Huh? You own sneakers?”

“Shut up.” She misspelled every word a couple times before finishing a coherent reply. +I’ll wear sneakers for u someday. If u want.

The quick response had her heart racing. +I’d like that.

+I could wear them for you now.

+Idk...your gold flats are pretty cute, too.

Oh my god. She’s...is she?

+Where r u?

+Inside the house. Find me.

Find her. She wants me to find her. Like, actively go see her. In the flesh.

“I have to get off this fucking tree!”

Tiffany scanned the ground. “How? It’s so tall.”

Shit. “I have to get off of here somehow...MOVE!” Jessica carefully climbed over Tiffany’s lap. Hugging the trunk for leverage, she inched the toe of her shoe at a notch next to the jagged nails. “D-do I have it?”

“Yeah. Give it a shot.”

She slowly slid down the bark surface, clawing to stay secure. However, once she had to let go, the notch tore and she went sliding to the ground with a solid thump.

“Jessii!! Are you okay!?” Tiffany’s voice echoed.

Taeyeon was already laughing. “Are you dead?”

Jessica rolled to her side. “Fuck you! I could have broken my back.”

“And she calls us idiots. Jessica just fell from a tree.”

Tiffany giggled. “That was kind of stupid.”

“Don’t jump from trees, dumbass!”

Jessica, pride more hurt than her body, patted the dirt from her jean shorts and headed for the house.

Take advantage of your time up there, girls.

I’m coming, Yoona.


Gabe, strewn over the chair laughing hysterically, spun the Twister dial. "Yuri, left hand-blue."

The dark-haired woman stalled, making direct eye contact with Jessica.

An awkward lull followed until Hyoyeon, in all her glory, screamed, "BITCH--left hand on blue! You're practically dry humping Boa!"

Laughter returned and Yuri, indeed, got back to the game.

Perhaps that uncouth club promoter and I can be friends after all.

Sooyoung, curled in a cringeworthy position under Sunny, gave a knowing smile and nodded towards the stairwell. “Told you she’d come around.”

Jessica smiled and stepped over the chaos. The bouts of screaming did nothing to calm her spasmodic insides.

Those stairs. They lead me to...my fate?

God, I’m being so dramatic.

She climbed the flight, heart drumming harder and harder with every step. These are steps towards something good. Someone that I’ve wanted all along.

Her feet mounted the top step. That’s why I’m so nervous. She’s what I want.

Rejected by Tiffany. Unsuccessful settling with Taeyeon. Incompatible with Sunny. Strictly sexual with Seohyun. Stomped by Hyoyeon. Straight-blocked by Sooyoung. Rivaled by Yuri.

These last few weeks have been one big showcase of my stupid fucking fail of a love life.

Jessica stalled in the dark hallway. A faint stream of light reflected further down the way.

Someone’s in that room. Hyo’s rec room--if I recall from her show-offy tour of the house earlier.

Hyo shows off everything--especially how flippin’ happy she is with Sunny.

Last Saturday, that bitch bragged 'Blah blah blah I’m in love. Blah, Sunny gets me. She’s awesome ‘cause she gets me.'”

I want to be happy, too. Who’ll get me?

“Yoona?” She pushed the door open.

The woman spun around, long chestnut hair sweeping across her face. She awkwardly fumbled with a glass in one hand and fiddled with the end of her skirt with the other, eyes meeting hers for only a second. “Hi, Jessica.”

Those two words could have ended her. She worked out a smile. “Did you get thirsty waiting for me?”

Yoona grinned, biting at the straw. “Sooyoung made mudslides. She said it’ll loosen me up.”

“Cute.” She held up her hands and did spirit fingers. “I found you!”

“You did. Took you long enough.”

“Took you long enough to show up at this party. I wasn’t having fun.”

The taller woman took a sip, eyebrows directed to the door.

Smirking, Jessica kicked it shut. “What have you been up to lately?”

“Work. Sleep. Overtime work.”

Exchanging sentences after days of uncertainty gave her the courage to saunter over and plop her butt onto a pool table. “Why do you work so hard? Trying to make the rest of us look bad?”

Yoona swayed in her stance. “It’s a distraction. From you.”


“Sorry I shut you out. I tend to do that when I’m scared.”

“I-I scare you?”

The warm, brown eyes glued to hers before blinking down to her frosty beverage. “You’re pretty fucking terrifying, Jessica. You make me do things like snap at interns and skip workdays and become a monster at flower shops.”

A giggle. “Am I a bad influence?”

“Sorta.” Yoona bit her bottom lip, eyes teasing. “So, I wrapped my head around it. Came up with every excuse--It’s a phase. I miss Yuri too much. She’s too attractive to resist. I require time to heal.--Any excuse necessary to rationalize why I can’t stop thinking about you.”

“And?” Jessica whispered, eyes zeroing in on the straw tickling her bottom lip.

Yoona approached her, placing the glass on the table. So close. She’s so close. Her hands rested on either side of Jessica, fingertips scratching at the fuzzy green surface.

Dilated pupils drifted from her bare legs, up to her heaving chest, darted around her neck, and hovered at her face. As if she couldn’t decide where to look.

Jessica felt lightheaded. On the verge of exploding in any given second. She prepared to make some smart aleck remark, but her brain blanked. The way Yoona’s eyes drank her in sucked every bit of defense mechanism-ed wit from her mouth.

Say something, Yoona. Please. Or I’ll die like this.

You’re killing me.

Her grip on the pool table’s wood grain edge made her knuckles ache. Every fibre of her being told her to pull the woman on top of her and make claim. She didn’t. She restrained herself.


“Yoona.” I sound so hoarse.

“I’m still scared.”

“Don’t be.”

Then, Yoona went in for the kiss. Jessica sighed into her mouth once their lips brushed. Finally, damnit. Finally. She could finally breathe. Every memory of their first real kiss: Yoona’s exquisite face hovering above her with that broad toothy smile. The vanilla scented locks tickling her face before she leaned up to capture her lips. It all came to the forefront of her mind.

It wasn’t a few flirty pecks over a bar counter or a drunken tongue-fest on the sidewalk. Definitely not a chemistry-less makeout in an old car. All those kisses meant nothing. This was everything.

Yoona parted from the liplock to take in some air. However, Jessica was having none of that. Her hands redirected to the back of her head to pull her in for more. The pads of her fingers busied themselves through her hair. They soon found her earlobes gave them a pinch. Those cute ears jutting from her head. Why does she do this to me?

Amused, Yoona smirked into the kiss, moving to comfortably rest between her legs. Her long fingers danced along the seam of her shorts and down her thighs, treading lightly around her pink knees. The in-tune consideration had the blonde pulling her in closer to glide her tongue across her top lip.

Mmm,” Jessica hummed, stopping to suck in the softness. “Chocolate.”


“Chocolate kisses are so much better than salty ones.”



They panted heavily, noses brushing and eye contact open, heart-stopping. More memories flooded back with every heavy breath. Long, slender legs tangling into mine. And abs. Oh god. I want run my tongue over those sculpted abs and count her ribs with my lips.

Yoona pulled away from Jessica’s warmth to shed her top. She leaned back in to lay a soft kiss.

“I’m sweating,” she explained.

“So am I. You’re so hot, Yoongie.” She internally cheered when the girl didn’t correct the nickname.

“It’s not just that. I sweat when I’m panicking.”

“About what?”

“Can I...” Yoona kissed her cheek, snorting to herself. “Jessica...”

The blonde shivered. “Yes, Yoongie?”

“Can I call you special now?”

Tiffany’s prospect of leaving didn’t make her cry. Taeyeon’s mopey face and sweet words didn’t move her. Yet, there she was, in the yellow glow of Hyoyeon’s recreational room, breaking from a simple statement. “I love you, too.”

There, I said it out loud. Seems mighty strong to me.

Jessica didn’t register the weight of her confession until Yoona’s eyes widened. She licked the tip of her nose, bringing the girl out of her trance. “Yoongie, breathe.

“You love me, Jessica?”

“Can’t you tell?”

Yoona’s quiet ‘I’m too shy to say yes’ smile reappeared, to Jessica’s glee. “I thought we’d--I don’t know--date for at least a few weeks before we make such sweeping statement. Relationships are--”

Jessica kissed her to shut up. That’s why you have me from now on, Yoongie. I bring the unexpected. “I’ll say it again. I love you, Im Yoona.”

“I love you, too, Jessica Jung.”

“You promise?”

Yoona’s thumb and pointer trailed delicately under one of Jessica’s eyes, rubbing out a stray tear. “I knew before I cared to admit.”

Jessica glided her hands along Yoona’s slender sides, palming familiar, goose-prickled skin. “That makes me happy.”

“You’re so gorgeous when you cry.”

Only when I cry?”

She quirked an eyebrow. “No need to fish for compliments, Jessica.”

“Someone's sassy.”

“You have no idea. I can be a bitch, too.”

All this buildup. All that stress. “Oh my god, you’re so worth it,” she thought out loud.

Yoona's smile stretched wider, taking Jessica’s hand from her hip to loosely intertwine with her own. They played with each others’ fingers for a few minutes, snickering like they shared some unspoken secret. Such timid, virginal actions made things new, exciting.

“When can I take you out?”

Jessica slid further onto the table, not able to process that adorable question without blushing. “W-whenever. Are you opposed to French food?”

“Never. I’ve been craving it lately.”

“Who ate the croissants anyway?”

“Gabe and Sooyoung.”


She grinned at Yoona sputtering out a chuckle. The last few weeks of utter nonsense seemed almost...tolerable. Funny, even.

“Yoongie.” I’m in love with that nickname. “Mind if I stay at your place tonight?”

“I doubt I can sleep without you.”

“Who said anything about sleep?”

Yoona brought Jessica’s hand to her lips, nibbling at a fingertip. “Silly me.”

“There’s so many things I haven’t done to you yet.”

They giggled as Yoona climbed on top on her, settling firmly on her lap. “Can some of them happen on this pool table?”

Jessica sat up to hungrily suck at her neck. “Mmm. Let’s not waste any time, then.”

“Don’t worry, Sica.” Yoona smiled at the new nickname and stroked her hair, twisting flaxen strands around her ring finger. “We have all the time in the world. You’re mine, after all.”

Only yours, or I’ll go fucking crazy. You get me?”

“Yes, Sica. I got you.”


Wow. I’ve been consistently happy since this weekend.

Jessica pressed the ‘5’ button, humming a cheerful tune as the elevator doors shut. She blinked at her metallic reflection on the shiny wall, barely recognizing her cheerful countenance. Smiling on my own accord. I look out of my mind.

In a good way, of course.

“Sica, why so smiley?” Yoona purred, swinging their hands.

She threw her a wink. “I’m happy.”

“So am I.” Yoona beamed and tapped her chin with a pointer finger. “Your happy face could use some work. I’d believe you’d have a basement full of baby doll heads if I didn’t know you.”

“I don’t smile this often. My cheeks hurt.”

Yoona pecked her on the temple. “Awww, my cute kitten.”

Her baby-doll hoarding smile grew bigger.

The door pinged open and they stepped onto the fifth floor.

“What time is the dinner?”


Yoongie,” she pulled her in for a kiss, leaning against the door to 5L. “we have plenty of time for a quickie.”

“Lies. All our quickies are longies.”

“But this is our first time at my place as a couple. We should celebrate in bed.”

It’d been ages since she experienced the inevitable shack-up-and-bang-like-bunnies stage of a relationship and the first time she hasn’t been annoyed with a person’s constant presence. Completely out of her typical character, she refused to go home, even during the workweek.. Yoona, Yoona, work, more Yoona. A flawless sequence--minus the work part.

“We’ve already cancelled on Sooyoung and Gabe twice. They’re going to think we’re shut-in sex addicts.”

“We still show up at the office.”

“And we do it there, too.”


Yoona ran a fingertip along the sliver of stomach showing under the t-shirt Jessica was wearing. “I can’t help it--I get a peculiar pleasure out of seeing you in my clothes.”

“Told ya we should should combine wardrobes.” She unlocked the door and twisted the knob. “So anyway, about that quick--EeeeAhhh shit!

Tiffany and Taeyeon jerked up at the intrusion, bodies only partially covered by a few blankets. Déjà vu.

“What the hell!?!” Jessica screamed, flinging her purse to the floor. “On my couch? Again!? God fucking damnit!”

There goes my happy streak.

They hustled to throw on random articles of clothing. Tiffany yanked on a shirt; Taeyeon struggled to push her head through a pair of shorts. When that effort deemed unsuccessful, she hugged the blanket over her chest.

Yoona’s grip tightened, preventing her from stomping over and start snatching at hair. “Kitten, is this a common occurrence?’

“I banned these bitches from having sex in my apartment.”

“But, but Jessiiii,” Tiffany whined. “Taey and I made up!”

Ohhhhh, I couldn’t tell. Get off my couch.”

The two, cherry-faced and grumbling, gathered their scattered clothes and slinked off to the bathroom.

A muffled giggle caught Jessica’s immediate attention. Her head snapped over to view Yoona, shoving her knuckles into her lips, trying not to burst out laughing.

“Something funny?”

“Damn, Sica. I thought you were going to pop a blood vessel.”

Fighting the urge to satisfy her with a smile, Jessica turned to the open door and pointed at the only person walking by.

“Hey, you! Guy.”

A dude--basic-looking with a few acne scars on his chin--stopped in his tracks. “Who, me?”

“Do you need a couch?”

“I don’t...but my mother on the second floor could use a new one.”

“Great. Come pick one up in the morning. It’s free.”

“Really? Th-” She slammed the door.

Yoona’s eyes bulged. “Sica, that’s gross.”

“Like I care.”

The idiots shuffled out the bathroom quietly, fully clothed with big puppydog eyes. Jessica crossed her arms, waiting on a dumb explanation.

“It kinda sorta just happened, Jessi.” There it is.

“Go make up at Sunny’s house.”

Taeyeon groaned. “There’s too many people in there. We’re practically on top of each other.”

“You were on top of each other anyway!”

“What’s the big deal?” Tiffany whimpered. “It’s still the weekend.”

“Are you out of your mind?! It’s Thursday!”

Really?” She huddled closer to Taeyeon. “Babe, we haven’t had food or water for days. How are we alive?”

Yoona spoke before Jessica went into a “I’ll kill you” rant. “We’re having dinner at a nice restaurant soon. You're invited.”

Their cheesy grins had Jessica’s eyes rolling out of her head.

“And Sica can add the couch expenses to your rent.”

A long pause.

Yoona face stiffened. “You do pay rent, right?”

Taeyeon kicked at the lavender cat pillow on the floor. “About that...”

“Oh my god! You go into her apartment without permission, do it on her furniture, and you don’t even compensate your fair share?! Have you no shame?”

“Well, as an artist, I--”

“No wonder she’s so hard on you two! You don’t even pay the--” She turned to Jessica. “You’re a saint.

She blushed at her girlfriend’s sincere words. “I know!”

Back to the slackers. “Taeyeon. You’re paying for dinner tonight.”

“I am!?

“Yes. Thanks in advance!”

“You can’t tell me what to do!”

Yoona shrugged. “I just did!”

“You’re new! You don’t know me!”

“Fuck that! I know enough!”

“But Taey, you have that check from Boa,” Tiffany loudly whispered.

“Shut up, babe!”

“Might as well address a new check to Sica! I’m calculating your debt!”

“Like hell you will, financial gangster!”

“You haven’t seen hell yet! Where’s that check!?”

With an amazed expression, Jessica watched her brand new girlfriend lay down the law to her best friends with a fervor only comparable to her own. At that moment, she appreciated the strange humans that dominated her existence. Surrounded by love. Dysfunctional, habitually frustrating love. But, love nonetheless.

At last, someone gave her vocal chords a break from screaming sense into thick heads.

She was actually excited about a friendly dinner party.

And her cheeks would get used to all the smiling.

Life was good.


For once, life is perfect.

[Epilogue Spoiler!]
Epilogue: Yoona!

Omg so cute. Ride off into the sunset, bb. :3

Seriously. Thanks for reading this, y'all.
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Any comment that starts with "LORD CHILD" is an insta-fave.

Yes. I did it. I REALLY LIKE HAPPY ENDINGS, OKAY!? Plus breaking up the idiots felt so WRONG. lolll

YAAAAYYY cheek kisses :3

b'awwwwwww I luv you, too, my lovely regreted. :D Your frank, hilarious commentary never failed to amuse me along the journey (remember when you ranked them by stupidity? that was amazing).

A massive void?! OH NOS. gotta admit; it's going to be hard not stressing about a new chapter every few days. siiiigh, widdle lesbian harem is all grown up. :')

KEEP CHEEZIN. Thanks for always reading!!! ♥ ♥ ♥
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[omg, will you think i have too much free time to actually come up with this chapter count? xD]

oh no... my fishy lips cutie TY only has 3 chapters... *sobs* but since she's in most of Fany's POV, i guess thats okay (?) haha.


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“Give me a fucking lift.”“Access granted!”
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i'm confused.

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you were right, the end is bitter sweet. i am gonna suffer from withdrawal symptoms.
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Herro, bb!!! :D

Let's see...idk if I was clear enough. Sawry >.< It's 35 chapters + the epilogue that I just count as the 36th chapter. :) Ahhh, I see with the character count. Yeah, after the first nine where they all got a single chapter, I started progressing the story through the "best set of eyes" for the event. It was a fun method! Plus, I some of the characters' stories needed a view from the outside.

LOL it's all good, bb. I had the chapters counted out by character, too! Sunny and Taeyeon were really introspective peeps, so they didn't require as many chapters, I suppose. Though, I feel like we saw enough of them through other people, y/y? Fishy-face Taeyeon is ultra fun when other characters are pointing out her weirdness.

Taengsic friendship was one of my faves. Their interactions wrote themselves, really. A lot of snark, but you can tell they cared about one another. <3 Tiffany would join them in the tree, right? I love their goofiness.

Hehe the sneakers text makes me smile. :3 Glad you found it cute. >.<

Idr maybe I described them as rabbits? No matter--THEY HAVE A LOT OF SEX. And they seem to get caught easily. Oh, them. haha Yes, yes, bb. You can finally sail the huge flag on the WGTG Taeny ship. They're safe. :D

Ahhh don't be confused! From Yoona's POV, she still considered Taeyeon a roommate of Jessica (since she wasn't aware of all the nonsense that happened between them.) Even then, Taeyeon--whether she lives with Sunny or not--was still in Sica's house getting it on regardless. Yoona was yelling at Tiffany, too, but Taeyeon was much more vocal/defensive because...well...she's Taeyeon.

Finally, Jessica gets her protector! She needed on, tbh. This is one way that I'm VERY much like Yoona. Idk if it's just the whole "expensive apartment thing" in New York, but my first question in situations like that is always, "So how much are they paying in rent?" because the cost of living is so high! So, even for those couple weeks that Taeyeon was bumming on Jessica's couch, the fact that compensation floated above most of their heads is funny to me.

Omg I wrote so much. Sorryyyyy haha

Oh nos! More withdrawals! I'll try to keep writing, bb! THANK YOUUUUU ♥♥

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YAY!! Yoonsic FTW. Jessica get's her girl!
And Tae get's hers.
But NOOOO... just the epilogue left.. any future plans to continue in this universe?
Thanks for updating, and finally giving Jessica the happiness she deserves, after all that drama, its nice to see that everyone ends up happy.. though Yuri and Seohyun's life is still quite messy.. but there's still the epilogue left..
checkinyourbra: yoona02checkinyourbra on October 14th, 2013 05:37 pm (UTC)
It happened! Yoonsic happened~~~~

At last, Jessica is--dare I say it--HAPPY!!!! :DDDD

Awww yep. Only epilogue left and WGTG is over. Um....I'm still debating about writing anymore in this universe. I may just put it to bed.

Seohyun and Yuri's lives are Works In Progress. Sometimes life just works that way...but hopefully there will be some finality in the epilogue. :D

THANKSSSSSSSSSS, SLE3PIEEEEE!!! ((the one who came up with the character chart idea--STILL BRILL))

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aka. SPOTSPOTSPOT i just - i. ugh.
checkinyourbra: jessica02checkinyourbra on October 14th, 2013 05:38 pm (UTC)

I'm still drowning in feels. HALP.

Hehehe I'm so excited about your reaction. Until later~~

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HAHAHHAA You caught the "under the sun" part I sneaked in there!! ~Good Eye~

Taeny, my silly Taeny. I think they FINALLY caught Jessica slipping and excited called her out after Jessica's called them stupid/idiots the entire story! hahaa. All in fun. I have a few funny scenarios playing in my head about their tree escape. I'll leave it to the reader to come up with their own. ^^

JESSICA'S HAPPY!!!! *dances*
YOONA'S HAPPY!!!! *raises the roof*
THE FRENCH ARE HAPPY!!!! *eats a crêpe*

Happy ending, y/y? I'm smiling along with you. :3

Flawless? >.< Arrrrrgggghhh so much to live up to! I'm happy this was my first fic, though. A great challenge. >:D I'm happy that you enjoyed it, Kid. ((YOU KEEP WRITING, TOO. Your fluff gives me life))

Thank youuuuuuuuuu ♥♥♥
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I hope you ate a delicious young lady treat!! XDDD
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JajajajajXD i mean poor jessi... everybody thinks she's hot but no one really tried hard enough
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Well she was scared but not anymore... good!!!!!!

She can get the girl no body else....

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Finally, right? As if I didn't put the reader Jessica through enough hurdles!

"i mean poor jessi... everybody thinks she's hot but no one really tried hard enough
To get her... bad girls"---hahaha awwwwww your observations are always so nifty/adorable. And I do the jajajaja laugh in my head every time!!

Fear not, Yoongie! Jessica's here! :')

"And next is she who talks!!!..."--INDEED.

Hahaha awwwww did my idiot couple not suit your fancy? it's all good. You've been very cordial about it. :')

How can I NOT reply to your comments! You're extra special, missy!!

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I've seen this coming and I wanna cry (because I don't ship either YoonSic or TaeNy, I want YoonYul so much although I think YuRi doesn't deserve someone like YoonA lol). BUT Idk, your story made them "bearable" to follow (shippers don't stone me, please).

Also, Jessica falling from a tree. I need that in real life (with fancams and all)! And what the hell, just burn that couch, girl! Hahaha!

Soooo, I'm looking forward to the next one with SeoRi (although sadly, I don't ship them too *sobs*). Thanks! :)
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LOL awwww don't cry those shipper tears, bb. So happy that I could make them bearable enough to continue reading, though. That's a huge accomplishment for me!

(I always fear the shipper stones. You're fine.)

A fancam of Jessica falling from a tree?!!? ahhahaaahha I'd die laughing as long as she's not hurt XDDD
I contemplated actually burning the couch, but that sounds like a lot of work on Jessica's part. XD

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haven't had a chance to properly read and digest 34 and 35 but all my feels!!!! boa is so fucking awesome and weird. taenyyyy!!! yoonsic!!!!!! sneakers!!!! french food!!!! i hope i can come back and edit this nonsensically short comment. but please forgive me if i don't D: i feel like i'm gonna ugly sob during the epilogue!! T___T
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Omgggg, R2D2 bb. I hope you get to properly read/digest them soon!! D: GLAD YOU READ ENOUGH TO HAVE FEELS, THOUGH. yeeeeeeeeeyyyyy!!

BoA IS awesome. I have a writer's crush on her. :(

YES. All those things happened!! Awww I really hope you can revisit this comment. If not, that's cool, too.

Ugly sobbing?! Ahhhhhh *creys and hugs*

Thankssssssssssss, bb. :D ♥♥♥
anathema_switchanathema_switch on October 14th, 2013 05:23 am (UTC)
Wow it's been a hell of a journey, 35/36 chapters!
I didn't realize until this chapter but I missed Taenysic dumassery. Yoona seems like she'll be a good addition to them lol. I'm glad my unconditional Jessi love paid off because for a while there she was a mess. Thank you for writing this!

+ lmao @Boa I think she fits her character well.
Sorry you probably got this three times in your inbox ㅠㅠ.

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Omg it's you with my favorite Seohyun gif userpic!!!! >.<

Such a journey, right? The endind is bittersweet for me, but I'll be proud not to leave an abandoned fic to loom around the fandom. haha

"I missed Taenysic dumassery."--You know what? So did I. WGTG started with Taenysic dumbassery and that's how it ended. :') Yoona will fit in just fine. I mean, she's ALREADY yelling at Taeny. That's a start. XD

Unconditional love for WGTG Jessi ALWAYS pays off, bb. Thanks for sticking up for her. :')

+BoA is perfection. I'll miss her randomness..even if it lasted only a couple chapters haha.

Haha no worries, girl. Tis all good.

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