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24 October 2013 @ 01:06 am
New is Better [One-Shot]  

Title: New is Better [One-Shot]

Pairing(s): YoonYul

Rating/Genre: PG, AU Fluff

Disclaimer: I don't own Soshi. I don't own anyone, in fact. All Fiction.

Chap. Summary: A cute hairstylist can fix a broken heart.

Author's Notes: My entry for the YoonYul 3rd Fanfic Contest on Soshified (8/8/2013). Just a lil’ somethin’. Edit: At this point, I realized that I had no 'PG' tag until this post. LOL.


“Chop off my hair. All of it.”

A bleached, masterly-styled fauxhawk tilted upwards as its owner acknowledged the new arrival.

“Just chop it off, Sunny. I’m done with it.”

“Good evening, friend. It’s been forever! I missed seeing you, too!” Sunny smirked wryly.

Yuri sighed, fiddling with a wrapper in the counter candy dish. “Hi, Sunny. Good to see you again.”

“It’s been months.”

The taller girl scratched at the back of her ear. “I’ve been preoccupied with life.”





Sunny cracked open the appointment booklet. “Enough said. So, when can I pencil you in?”

“I need this hair chopped off now. Can you do it?”

“No can do. I have a dye job in five.”

“How about Sooyoung? She normally takes care of me.”

The girl bobbed her head to the music blaring from a single earbud, a manicured pinky running across the dated lines of the planner. “She’s out. Return date: to be determined.”

“You have no idea?”

“She’s run away to another land--wrapped in the arms of a dashing man for a torrid love affair.”

Yuri’s eyebrows crinkled, bewildered. “Please tell me that’s a joke.”

She slapped the book shut. “No joke. Our dear Sooyoung decided to pursue hot, hot passion at the busiest time of the season.”

The bustling interior of the hair salon didn’t go unnoticed. Even on slower days, walk-ins were discouraged. “So, what’s the wait time?”

Her prospects of a drastic hair change grew bleaker and bleaker as Sunny’s eyes roamed the setting. Ready to receive a less-than-satisfactory answer, she scanned the waiting area for an empty chair.

“Fany could squeeze you in forty-five minutes from now.”

“Tiffany, really?!” Yuri shuddered, images from the debacle forever known as “Perm-Gate” flying through her mind.

“Yes. Her shaky hands aren’t nearly as bad as--hey!” Sunny waved to the newest incomer.

Yuri only caught the end of a slender arm waving back before the person disappeared into the back room.

“That’s Sooyoung’s cousin. The new girl.” Sunny hissed, voice dripping with gossip. “She barely talks to anyone. Mainly keeps to herself. Half the staff doesn’t know how to approach her.”


“Apparently, she’s an ace with hair. I haven’t seen her in action yet. Tiffany says she’s good.”

And Tiffany’s opinion meant next to nothing. “Is she available?”

“Very. She’s having a hard time attracting customers with her...lack of engagement. Her station is at the end. You’ll know it by the mirror covered in obscure foreign band pictures.”

“Are you setting me up for Perm-Gate: Two?”

“Do you want your hair cut or not?”

Defeated, Yuri’s bottom lip stuck out in a pout. This change became even less predictable than originally imagined.

She threw a wave to the familiar hairstylists, making her way to the station farthest away. She plopped into the cushioned seat, spinning around a few times out of habit. With the heel of her sneaker, she skidded to a stop to view the new girl approaching.

Fuschia Ray-Bans covered half of an obviously disinterested visage. Shiny chestnut hair swept to the side of her head--nothing radical, but obviously healthy. A baggy T-shirt displaying the single word “WIN” in English tucked into floral patterned shorts adorned with a bulky canary yellow belt. She scuffed her loosely-tied boots against the floor, barely paying mind to the woman staring.

Not exactly what Yuri expected. She looked down at her own outfit. A simple button-down top and skinny jeans. The new girl looked in her early twenties--about her same age, but she felt the wrong side of forty in this one's presence.

She bowed in her seat. “Nice to meet you. I’m Kwon Yuri.”

No response. She intently thumbed away at her iPhone.

Perhaps she didn’t hear? “Sunny tells me you’re new. That’s exciting!”

The phone clacked against the counter of the station. Rather than replying to the warm words, the woman tinkered with her own hair in the mirror. Yuri watched her through its reflection.

“C-cool tattoo.”

She momentarily brushed the edge of an intricate dragon etched onto the skin of her neck with rounded fingertips. If not for that reaction, Yuri would have assumed her to be deaf.

Not deaf. Rude.

Anger bubbling, Yuri squeezed the arms of the salon chair, prepared to storm off and wait that frustrating forty-five minutes for a stylist with shaky hands. Then, the girl did it.

She removed the sunglasses.

Yuri almost choked on her spit. The rude hairstylist was stunning. Clean-cut features, bright eyes, and glossy pink lips down-turned in a blasé fashion.

The grip on the chair loosened against her now sweaty palms. She folded her arms to hide them, subtly wiping the moisture onto her shirt. “I want--um...I want...”

What did Yuri want?

Pretty eyes met hers through the mirror.

She hadn’t gotten this awkward around a beautiful woman since...her. The ex. The weight of the long ponytail suddenly became unbearable.

“I want my hair cut. Really short."

The stylist snatched a red barber’s cape and draped it over the sitting girl’s body, fastening the snap at her neck. Yuri’s skin tingled at the smallest touch.

“W-what’s your name?”

A skinny arm reached to pluck a business card from the station’s surface. Yuri freed a hand from under the sheer fabric.

Im Yoona,” Yuri read aloud. Gray type on black. Only her name, title and a single number. As she checked the back of the card for more details, Yoona unwrapped a lollipop from the front’s candy dish and popped it into her mouth.

Proficient hands effortlessly tugged dark hair free of its tie. She threw it onto the counter. Yuri shivered when the nimble fingers sifted through the thick strands, massaging her scalp. Her mind pictured hairy chests and her grandmother in a bikini to fight off the blush crawling across her cheeks.

“So,” she said, eyes closing on their own, “I’m sick of this hair. Reminds me of a chapter in my life that should stay closed forever. She--um--my ex loved long hair. I can’t help remembering her-uh, their hands playing with it constantly. The relationship is over. Time to move onto better things and shorter hair.” She snorted at her corny speech.

Yoona hadn’t spoken yet. She snagged the mid-section of Yuri’s hair in a tight fist and examined the hanging part.

“I need a fresh start, ya know? Plus, the upkeep is taxing. Can you imagine washing all of this? I spend half a paycheck on hair products alone.”

Still no reply.

Yuri huffed out an exasperated sigh.

“This is the part where you say stuff like, ‘Well, I have the best solution!’ and ‘Do tell, girl!’”

Yoona pursed her lips, dropping the wave of black hair. “You have split ends.”

Her face reddened. “That’s all you have to say?! It doesn’t matter anyways because it’s going to be gone within the next forty seconds. Now, cut my hair!”

A flash of steel scissors materialized out of thin air. Yuri almost leapt out her seat from the sudden appearance. In a sweeping flourish of snipping, long strands of dark hair pooled to the floor. She squeezed her eyes shut. Sharp clipping sounds filled her ears.

This is it. The beginning of a whole new life.

Her eyes flicked open. Temporarily blurred vision revealed...not so short hair. Her ends, now slightly curled from the method of cutting, went a bit past her shoulders. She couldn’t help but feel relieved. Then--just like that--the annoyance returned.

“I told you to cut my hair short. This isn’t short! I made it loud and clear that I want it all chopped off. Give me something daring! Can’t you see I’m having problems coping with this breakup!? Seriously, I requested the simplest--”

The spin of the chair cut her tirade short. Yuri now faced Yoona whose hands held onto both sides of the seat. A saucy grin played upon her lips.

“Why are you angry?”

In any other circumstance, that bold, throaty voice would have her swooning rather than fuming. “You’re not cooperating.”


“This hairstyle. This isn’t what I asked for.”

“I know. It’s better.”

Lithe, soft fingers formed around Yuri’s chin. She silently swallowed, allowing Yoona to tilt her head left to right. Cunning, flirtatious eyes inspected her face. She wondered if the stylist felt her skin burning to the touch.

“I...I’m...I am the paying customer, though. And the customer’s always right. Your opinion can’t trump that even if--”

A half-dissolved lollipop entered Yuri’s mouth. Automatically, her full lips held onto the white stick. Yoona smirked and patted her on the cheek.

“Trust me. This is better.”

Fears about germs or herpes took a backseat to the realization that THE SUPER CUTE GIRL SMILED RIGHT AT HER. And kinda-sorta kissed her...indirectly. There was no way that Yuri could lift herself from the chair with her insides spazzing and tongue flavored sugary lime.

“If you’re not too busy, some layers would be nice.”

Without a hitch, Yoona pinched at the ends of shortened strands to visualize the length. Yuri couldn’t help but marvel at her concentration.

And her killer genes.

“Where do you get your clothes? They suit you so well.”

The woman shrugged. “Around.”

“Do you have a knack for fashion or does somebody teach you?”


“Still talkative, I see.”

She mentally fist-pumped when the other girl’s lips spread into a toothy smirk.

Yuri wished that smile lasted longer.

“Whenever I go to the mall, I always shy away from the hip stuff,” she continued. “Guess I don’t have an eye for style. Anything remotely out of my comfort zone comes off so unusual.”

Again, the magic scissors emerged. Yuri watched her work through the mirror. Teeth bit onto her bottom lip. Keeping quiet would be the best thing to do, but Yoona made her nervous. And when Yuri was nervous, she rambled. And ramble, she did.

“Like, one time my friend Taeyeon made me try on these chunky black boots, saying they’re all the rage in Japan. I looked ridiculous.”

“What’s up with mom jeans? Is that a thing now?”

“Maybe it’s tonality. Because red lipstick comes off so chic on Tiffany and on me it’s awkward.”

“Oh man. Any dress that’s too short makes me feel too self conscious.”

All done.

“Huh?” Yuri blinked at her reflection. New fringe. No layers to her immediate vision.

Yoona unclipped the cape to shake off the excess hair. “All done,” she repeated.

The bangs were very professionally done. Framed her face perfectly. However, Yuri couldn’t stop the snarky comment spilling from her lips.

“Went rogue again?”

“You’re really bad at making these decisions.”

They exchanged a smile. Yuri’s heart drummed into her ears.

Once Yoona grabbed a broom to sweep around the chair, Yuri’s got to her feet. The part where she bids her farewell. Boo.

“Do you want to donate this hair?”

“Sure.” Yuri patted her back pocket for a leather-lined wallet. “I suppose you want a tip.”

“I like coffee more.”

“C-coffee?" she sputtered. "With me?


“Can I have your number?”

She nodded to the card peeking from Yuri’s jean pocket. “You already have it.”

Oh. Clever.”

They lingered. How was Yuri supposed to perform typical bodily functions like walking when all she wanted to do was whisk Im Yoona away to buy her all the caffeine in the world?

Yoona’s voice jarred her out of the paralysis.

“In case you were still curious...those black boots would probably be cuter on a shorter build. Don’t knock mom jeans ‘til you try ‘em. Um, I’m sure you look perfectly fine in red lipstick. Your comfort is the biggest priority, but being confident about dress length’s very sexy.”

Yuri lacked a witty retort to the unexpected flurry of answers. “I...I guess I’ll send you a text tomorrow?”


“Even better.”

Yuri didn’t mind the huge dopey grin plastered on her face as she left to pay at the front. Tiffany manned the desk, eyeing the taller girl curiously.

“I got a cut and bangs.” She barely recognized the cadence of her own words. So calm. Blissful. The complete opposite from her state of arrival.

“What’d you do?” Tiffany asked, ringing up the total. “I’ve never seen the new girl smile before.”

Yuri shrugged, handing over a credit card.

“By the way, you look amazing. Sunny told me about your hair issue. Is this the change you wanted?”

She twisted a few strands around her pointer, smile turning contemplative.

“Not exactly. It’s better.”
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I la- la- la- love youregreted on October 24th, 2013 07:13 am (UTC)
excited to see something from you! even if it's like not new its still new to me. i love your style. you write kind of sparingly but detailed and your pacing here was spot on. yea. fun fun yoonyul hehe, yuri's not so stupid here. that was refreshing. lol.
checkinyourbra: yoona02checkinyourbra on October 27th, 2013 06:32 am (UTC)
Hehe happy you liked my new-not-new story!

>.< I have a style? Thank you!! I'm still trying to get a sense of writing. Doing a one-shot was definitely a new experience haha. Glad this first attempt/exercise was well-paced. ^^

Yeah. Happy Yoonyul. It's weird considering...haha

Omg ikr!? Why isn't Yuri constantly confused here!? Where are my priorities!? :P

Thanks for commenting, bb. <3

Edited at 2013-10-27 06:33 am (UTC)