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Filling in the Blanks [One-Shot]

Title: Filling in the Blanks [One-Shot]

Pairing(s): SeoSic

Rating/Genre: PG-13+ language, AU Party Fluff

Disclaimer: I don't own Soshi. I don't own anyone, in fact. All Fiction.

Chap. Summary: Seohyun wakes up to an unplanned New Year’s surprise.

Author's Notes: I apologize for taking so long to post this. Started with the same pairing, but as a completely different story that I scrapped on New Year’s. Not to mention the dating news that punched me in my squishy feels. Hope it’s coherent; it’s 7am and I forgot the meaning of sleep. Happy New Year! <3

That party was wild. Wild, wild, wild. Word of the night.

“Omigod, let’s do something wild!”

“Wild times ahead!”

“Seohyun--fix your hair like this. It’ll be totally wild!”

“Wear this! It’ll be so wild, right?!”

Tiffany had the worst ideas. And vocabulary.

New Year’s Eve had been wild all right. So damn wild that she passed out from an unholy mix of whiskey, rum, soju, and Red Bull. When she came to, she sluggishly swiped her phone for the time--

8:02am. She wildly fell asleep in this strange place.

Seohyun stepped over haggard bodies scattered across the kitchen floor. Her cheek, which was planted onto the linoleum for hours, retained a bumpy, decorative imprint. She rubbed at it with the back of her hand, imagining herself as the classiest broad in town. Tight red dress, fishnets, and a devil horn headband. Theme? Sexy sinners.

God, Tiffany and her ideas.

The spacious house appeared so different with light cascading through the blinds. Half-dead party zombies stirred at the slivers of sun, groaning from hangovers and whatever questionable substances they’d been consuming. Too early. Nobody had time for sunshine.

Including Seohyun. She paced around the littered kitchen island about eight or eighteen times before she remembered why she peeled herself off the floor in the first place.


Seohyun didn’t get hangovers. She simply stayed drunk until the effects faded away. Hence, her final orbit around the island after uttering her thirst.

The fridge found her hand eventually. With every ounce of strength, she yanked the door open to peruse its contents.

Beer. Beer. Beer. Wine coolers. Water!

Pure, unscathed H2O.

She unscrewed the top and threw her head back, guzzling the liquid down her parched throat.


Arrrghhhhbwaaaahhhh FUCK DAMNIT!!”

It wasn’t water. Some wise guy filled a perfectly sound Perrier bottle with tequila. Scorchingly bitter solution dribbled down her chin and neck. Seohyun gagged, tripping and coughing in pure disgust.

A frat guy at her feet let his presence be known with an acute grunt. She pushed his drooling face from her standing space, suddenly realizing that she had on a single heel.

Shit, those weren’t even hers.

“Ughhhh, damn t-teh…” She swung her arm, realizing that it felt mighty light.

“Noooo! Where the hell is my purse?”

She recovered her iPhone from its home in her bra and punched a vulgar text message to her friend. Half curse words. Half pruse purse purée, Fany Fany purse!!1!

No more wild nights. Abstinence from now on.

Do convents take agnostics?


The nickname stopped Seohyun in her drowsy tracks.

“Seohyunnie. Why are you up? I’m chilly.”

“Huh-whuh?” Seohyun twisted her upper body in unnatural ways, keeping her feet sown in place. Frat guy sleepily stroked her leg. She kicked him away.

Her gaze honed in on a woman sitting on her knees, gently resting her head on the wall. Sorta familiar, but that didn’t explain why she knew her by such a friendly term.

“You left me.”

As her legs led her forward, the chick’s smile grew. A very toothy, unbridled grin.

“Seohyunnie. Were you going to sneak off? Tsk tsk, hon.”

Seohyun bent down to her level, hand smoothing onto the wall for leverage. “I beg your pardon?”

She snatched the not-water from her loose grip. “Stop hogging it!”

“Wait, don’t--”

The woman gulped a mouthful, unfazed. “Ahh. Thanks, Seohyunnie.”

“Oh..You're welcome.”

“Why so proper, babe?”


Smirking, she reached up to cup the back of Seohyun’s neck. In one fluid motion, she brought her in for a sloppy, alcohol-flavored kiss. Her tongue slid in seamlessly. It lapped the curve of her throat before tangling into an unsuspecting tongue. Paralyzed, Seohyun waited out the next twenty seconds of a particularly wet--yet pleasant--liplock.

“Mm.” The woman released herself from the kiss, sliding her thumb and pointer around her shiny pink lips.

Cold air from a cracked window blew onto Seohyun’s moist face. She shuddered. This lady knew her name, attempted to suck the skin from her face, and commenced to eye her possessively.

What the hell happened last night?

“Sooyeon, remember?”


“You called me Jessica all night. I liked it. You said I was your little American Poptart.”

That did ring a bell. “Sooyeon?”

“No, no! Keep calling me Jessica. The fantasy’s a turn on.”

Jessica, where’s…”

“Mmm. I can’t help kissing you, Seohyunnie.” Jessica leaned forward to press their mouths together once more.

Seohyun didn’t know if the alcohol ruled her body, but all this doting raised her temperature significantly. Cheeks ablaze, she unfastened their lips to give her a thorough inspection.

Foxy, piercing eyes. Long, brown hair fell in thick pools upon her shoulders. She smelled exotic, like strawberries, hairspray, and sweat. On any sober day, the thought of even breathing the same air as this hot slice of human would send her into panic attack. Her heart hiccuped. Thinking about panic attacks started to give her a panic attack.

Jessica tutted, dragging her knuckles over wetness at the corners of Seohyun’s lips. “No more pick up lines? Or those sexy eyes you gave me?”


“That’s okay. I still like you.”

“Whuh...” She cleared her throat and tried again. “Where’s Tiffany?”

“Your cute friend dressed as a seductive priest?”

That costume made so much more sense when they were drinking. “That one.”

“Last I saw of her was at the beach.”


“Our DD treated us to a ride. We spent a couple hours walking the shore.”

That’d explain the sand in her hair.

She giggled, looking down. “You held my hand the entire time.”

Seohyun’s stomach turned. Long walks on the beach, holding this mysterious hot girl’s hand...wait a goddamned second. “Did we kiss?”

“Fuck,” she sighed, cheeks coloring. “Did we ever. At the party, in the car to and from the beach, here in the kitchen…And your hands. So naughty and touchy.”

Seohyun slumped onto the same wall. Her head hit with a firm thud. “T-Tiffany didn’t…”

Tiffany didn’t know about her love of the ladies. She constantly failed to find the right time to bring up the topic.

What a way to come out.

“Did Tiffany seem confused at all?”

“Of course not. Our wedding was her idea.”

If Seohyun could die from shock, she would. “Th-the what?!”

“Our shotgun wedding.” Jessica covered her mouth as she snickered. A few bodies stirred at the echoing noise. “God, what’d they put in your drink?”

Gay truth serum, apparently. “This is...such a…”

“Check your hand, Seohyunnie.”

Her pupils shot down to her balled fist. There, on its ring finger, was a diamond ring drawn in Sharpie. Jessica placed her hand on the fist, revealing a matching adornment.

“We had a blast. Even got a ridiculous marriage license.”

Jessica dug into her purse, retrieving a neatly folded sheet of cardstock. Seohyun’s eyebrows wriggled along with her lips as she read the fake document aloud.

‘I, Im Motherfucking Yoona, queen of this house and the very universe, have the honor to join this lesbitch with this other lesbitch in holy mat...matree-moany.’

“Yoona’s hilar.”

“Bitch should learn how to spell matrimony.” She went on, squinting through the fog of her lingering intoxication. “‘Seo Juhyun, princess of books, bitches, and twerking--the fuck?--and Jung Sooyeon aka Poptart Jessica, goddess of Korea, guitar, and all things Beyoncé.’ play guitar?”

“I do.”

“That’s cool.”

“Thank you, Seohyunnie.”

‘I unite these lesbitches for love and justice and in the name of the Moon, I will punish you!’

Was this Yoona chick on drugs?

“On the bottom.” Jessica rested her head on Seohyun’s shoulder as she pointed at the crayon-worthy signatures. “Tiffany signed it as a witness.”

“This is such an elaborate joke.”

Jessica snorted, refolding the paper. “The best kinds are.”

Seohyun noted how delicately she handled the sheet, pinched fingertips running along the creases.

“Are you sure Tiffany wasn’t upset? I should have told her sooner.”

“You should give her more credit.”

“I guess.”

“Do you regret it?”

Seohyun scoffed. “Can’t regret what I don’t remember.”

“Fair enough.”

A beat passed before Seohyun asked something naggling at the forefront of her thoughts. “We didn’ anything…”

“Beyond groping and making out? Almost. You looked way too gone, so I put us to bed.”

Seohyun’s eyes creased in amusement. “On the kitchen floor?”

“You slept like a baby.” Jessica pooched her lips teasingly.

“A drunk, roofied baby.”

“You weren’t roofied.”

A sharp vibration buzzed against Seohyun’s chest. She snatched the phone from her bra to view the response from Tiffany:

+Mrning, newlywed lesbitch~~ OMMG woke up n Yoonaz bed. Tell u stry later. WILD! ps: i hav ur purse. pss: luv u timez a million.

Seohyun hummed, nodding. “I wish I had the nerve to come out and do crazy things while sober.”

“Make a resolution.”

“Oh, please. Nobody abides by that crap.”

Jessica’s immediate silence made Seohyun backpedal in a burst of anxiety. “Oh, shit. I’m sorry. That was rude.”

“Don’t worry.” Jessica sat upright, rubbing at her temple. “You should go. Yoona’s bedroom is upstairs. Second room to your left.”

“Will you be okay?”


The struggle to stand reminded Seohyun of her missing shoe. She cursed to herself, feeling the weight of last night’s drinks make gravity extra effective. Plopping back onto the kitchen floor with Jessica-Sooyeon-Wife lady teased her mind. “See you later?”

“You really don’t remember me, huh?”

Seohyun knocked the open tequila bottle over with her single step. Jessica didn’t react to the mess, staring dead into her eyes. “I can’t remember much of anything, Jessica. Sorry.”

“Not last night. Before. You’ve met me before.”


“Through Tiffany. We’ve crossed paths a couple times.”

“I would’ve remembered you.”

Jessica shook her head, sighing. “We have more in common than you think. Normally, I’m the reserved, quiet type. Seohyunnie, you come off so busy and together. I never got the chance to know you until you approached me last night.”

Seohyun couldn’t find the right words. “You? M-me?”

“I took advantage of the situation. You were drunk. I was kissed me and I couldn’t hold back. I'm sorry.”

Nothing processed at the pace she needed. Coming out, meeting Jessica, getting faux-married by a conceited Im Yoona. All a blur. An awesome blur that refused to come alive in her memories. “Don’t be sorry. You gave me the night of my life. Wish I could remember it.”

“Can I tell you a secret?”


“Resolutions can be achieved. I promised myself that I’d loosen up and find a girlfriend.” Her lovely fingers restlessly twiddled together. “Didn’t get a girlfriend, but a wife for a night was a nice substitute. Thanks.”

“That’s what we lesbitches are for.”

That earned a laugh. Jessica hugged her knees, paying no mind to her skirt riding up. Seohyun blushed and glanced at her feet. She toed out the useless red heel.

“I don’t mean to keep you here. Just thought I’d come clean.”

A new year. Already starting off with a layer of mystery.

Either she could run upstairs and listen to Tiffany rehash her wildly gay antics leading up to midnight. Or, she could sit her drunk ass down and build new memories.

Easy choice.

“So,” she started, crouching to be eye-level with a surprised Jessica. “what are your plans for today?”

“Probably another nap. It’s still early.”

“A kitchen floor nap? My favorite.”

“Join me?”

Seohyun settled her back against the wall, stretching her legs out. She caught a glimpse at Jessica drinking in the view. This gave her enough confidence to hook an arm around the girl’s small frame and hold her close.

“Happy New Year, Jessica,” she murmured into her cool cheek.

“Likewise, Seohyunnie.”

A slight nudge guided them into a steady kiss. Slow enough to savor those pink lips and that exotic scent. Every touch of soft pressure declared an unspoken resolution.

And this time, she’d remember everything.
Tags: au, fic, jessica, one!shot, pg-13, seohyun, seosic, snsd
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