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04 July 2014 @ 12:30 am
A Ghost in Mind [Part One]  
Title: A Ghost in Mind [1/6]

Pairing(s): JeTi

Rating/Genre: PG-13, for now; AU Angsty Romance

Warning(s): Mild death talk.

Disclaimer: I don't own Soshi. I don't own anyone, in fact. All Fiction.

Chap. Summary: Tiffany Hwang’s returned to her hometown and nothing’s making sense.

Author's Notes: Hey lovelies!! Did the dating news kill y’all? Haha. So, I’m trying my hand at some angst (oh, gawd) with (gasp!) JeTi. I started this story back in April after getting some uh, bad news. I hope all the italicized “she”s and “her”s don’t confuse anyone too much. Make sure your tool for reading includes my formatting or it’s gonna make no sense. D:< Oh, and this is a rated story, soooo yeahhh...

Part One: Tiffany


Here she lay.

Thumps of Tiffany Hwang’s heart had her inside ear under arrest for the past five minutes. As the open casket’s detailed exterior became more and more discernible (steel lining, polished woodgrain, pristinely white lining), self-assuring mantras seeped from her lips. Anything to keep the woman from tearing through the short queue of mourners, cursing to the vaulted church ceilings.


No, dead.

Society had a funny way of using terms like “gone” and “passed on” to describe the deceased. Simply dressy, evasive terms. She was dead. Dead.

A body adorned in a decadent dress and a blanket of all things--as if the corpse got chilly in this state. She could no longer feel cold. She couldn’t snuggle up to the unused fleece. She was dead and that head-on collision made damn well sure of it.

Tiffany latched her rattling fingers onto the side of the coffin, further inspecting. The silk plushness surrounding her peaceful face gave the guise of an angel. Tiffany scoffed. Where the hell were so-called angels when the texting teenager decided their lap was a more suitable place to focus their attention? Where was her celestial guardian when said driver walked away from the accident unscathed? Was there no justice in this universe? The fuzzy line between sorrow and chest-constricting anger turned completely gray.

Tiffany hated it. This. Death.

The parlour did a remarkable job on her makeup. Not a bruise in sight. If Tiffany were naïve, she’d expect her to spring up in prankster fashion, eyes shining and guffawing like, “You thought I was dead? Me? Nothing can kill me, Fany!”

Tiffany’s nickname mentally spoken in her old friend’s voice tipped the hot streams down her cheeks. Holy shit. Something did kill her. Something swept the light from her and it’d never come back. She lied.

Then, the anger redirected itself inward. Tiffany failed. How could years of attached-at-the-hip closeness fade from normalcy? She should have called her more often. Traded personal life stories no matter how much it stung with bitchy karma’s poison.

Their history together had been beautiful, intense. Giggles from childhood bedrooms, stealth journeys into R-rated films, adolescent acne meltdowns, hands held under restaurant tables, tentative kisses, hushed confessions, intimately disrobing for the first time.

A bulldozer named Geography crushed that relationship like her Hyundai.

Tiffany remembered begging her to join along, years ago. “Get a Visa! Go to the States with me!” How couldn’t Tiffany return to her natural country and attend her parents’ alma mater? After years of living in Korea, her family transitioned back to the American life for Tiffany and her brother’s college careers. That’d been the deal.

She hadn’t been a part of that deal. Attending Princeton University with Tiffany had no more appeal than leaving her small town for Seoul. She applied for a degree in a rural area instead.

Maybe the split in their relationship happened on Tiffany’s volition, too. She’d been so hurt by the rejection--as if it’d been a personal attack. Geography and a little thing called hubris severed their ties year one of college.

Alas, Tiffany loved her.

Nine years later, there she was--standing before her ex-love tasting the salt from her tears. That train of thought seemed so stupid in hindsight. Their bond could have conquered the distance. But, it couldn’t defeat Tiffany’s overbearing pride. For even when she returned to Asia, getting a promotional job in Korea’s capital, she failed to ring her.

“That was dumb,” Tiffany whimpered, hoping only the corpse would hear. “It’s my fault.”

She, of course, didn’t answer.

“Love your hair. You said you’d never dye it. Bitch.”

Tiffany’s hand stopped short of touching the downy mane. Too much. She no longer belonged to her--living or not. It hurt.

Even her mother’s look of shock upon her arrival burnt Tiffany at the core. She’d been her second daughter since the age of nine and somewhere down the line, that evaporated, too. She’d been too ashamed to mention her highrise apartment in Seoul. So, Tiffany merely hugged the mother, trying to ask forgiveness through physical contact. She kissed the aged woman on the forehead and mumbled condolences. Whether her mother took it for the death of her 27-year-old daughter or something deeper, Tiffany didn’t know.

Seeing her for the last time had a strangely therapeutic effect, though. She’d been plagued by it for all this time. The least Tiffany could do was pay her respects and be grateful for these sacred moments.

Tiffany searched her chest for breathing. None.

Just as she built up the nerve to stroke that soft, dyed hair, another being materialized at her right. It may have been another nameless funeral attendant throwing a cursory bow or silent prayer. Somehow, this one’s presence made Tiffany halt her hand once more. She glanced down, noting the proximity of the intruder’s thin fingers gripping the casket edge--only centimeters from her own. She stepped to the left to send an overt signal of annoyance.

The woman appeared too distraught to notice. Through her dark veil (that already got an internal eye roll from Tiffany--drama queen wearing her mourning on her sleeve), her face was bright pink with moisture. She quaked at her shoulders, leaving no hesitance to place a hand over her lifeless ones. Tiffany scolded herself for not taking that bold gesture.

Veiled woman had a very high voice, scratchy with wear. While she murmured unintelligible statements to her body, sirena blue fingernails contrasted sharply against her pallid skin. Tiffany considered it a strange color for a funeral.

And Tiffany waited. This troubled woman had to leave eventually. Such sniveling put a damper on her remaining statements.

She didn’t budge. Soon, Tiffany figured that this lady was waiting for her to leave instead.

They’d reached an impasse.

Who was this lady? Tiffany digested her slender frame--accentuated by the black dress, long, strawberry blonde hair, a dainty face of someone her age, shadowed, pained eyes…

Dear, god.

Tiffany’s eyebrow arched as she glared back at her resting friend. The veiled woman’s tears were special tears, too heavy for even the closest of cousins or workmates.

This woman loved her.

Had she left a string of broken hearts in her wake? The deceased’s almost mockingly serene face unfurled no truths.

“Holy shit, did...did you--”

A heavy hand landing upon Tiffany’s shoulder broke the line of churning accusations. She whipped her head over to see Lee Sungmin. Her husband. They’d been newlyweds--only a year into the marriage--when she died in the car crash. His grin was strained.

“The ceremony will start soon, Miss Hwang.”

The proper title stirred unease at the pit of her stomach. Hinting for her to go sit in the pews, no doubt. “Okay.”

“Others would like a better view.”

Like for a concert? A baseball game? Tiffany nodded and backed off, creating immediate space for the veiled woman to claim her spot.

So much for making up lost time.

As expected, the funeral went on at a crawling pace. Most of the time, Tiffany read and re-read the color-print leaflet. Post-college, Tiffany discovered, she lived a humble life. Delved into social work, volunteered in shelters three times a week. A veritable saint, according to the flimsy sheet of accolades.

The friend she knew drank hard, danced harder, and cursed brazenly into bed sheets when she came. That’s who Tiffany chose to remember. Reckless, eighteen-year-old purveyor of mischief and a good time. Not the Dalai Lama's understudy.

She had a hard time ignoring the pew located closest to the podium where the priest bellowed in a dreadfully dull voice. There sat her parents, siblings, grandparents, random cousins, Sungmin, and the veiled woman at the very end. Tiffany already disliked the bitch.

Following back-to-back heartrendering eulogies--Mother talked about tricking her into wearing Sunday school dresses; brother told a story of their favorite fishing trip; a cousin played a multimedia project on a projector--the priest introduced the next speaker.

“And now, a poem by Jessica Jung, her dearest friend.”

She couldn’t decide what enraged her more: the title of “dearest friend” to the veiled woman who peeled from her seat, the knowledge that nobody asked Tiffany to give any final words, or the fact that this Jessica woman was a poet. A goddamned poet. Did they exist anymore?

Jessica could have been reciting ‘The Cat in the Hat’ for all Tiffany cared. She blocked it out. Her Louboutins pinched her toes. She wanted to go.

Tiffany didn’t give the blonde woman at the podium a single glance until a choked sound echoed through the microphone.

“My apologies,” Jessica gasped, clutching a necklace charm to her chest. “I’m very broken. We were more than best friends. She meant the world to me. I’m sure you all felt the same.”

The young executive searched the crowded churchgoers, wondering if anyone else was squirming in their seat. Jessica Jung was clearly in love with the girl in the coffin.

Breaking into another sob, the woman fell into Sungmin’s arms and he ushered her back to the pews.

Tiffany could put on a spectacle, too. If she’d been involved in the funeral. The heavy weight of outrage hurt more than her shoes.

In the blink of an eye, Tiffany found herself punching holes into the grass with her heel, peering at the rows of cars filling the parking lot to the brim. The procession would start soon. Her friend, her first lover, would be in the ground soon.

Tiffany couldn’t do it.

She couldn’t bear to watch those men lower her long-time best friend into the ground. Worms were down there. And dirt. Too much dirt. She hated dirt with a passion; it was one of the traits Tiffany found most adorable.

Tiffany spotted her mother amongst the throng of people. The short, pudgy woman was clutching Sungmin’s hand when Tiffany made her way over.

“Sorry for interrupting,” she croaked, chancing a panicked look at the empty plot. “I have to dip out. Last minute emergency in the city.”

The mother smiled, bringing Tiffany in for a tender hug, as if she detected her fragility. “You’ve grown into a successful young lady. I knew you would.”

Tiffany’s eyes poured out a new batch of warm moisture. “I’m sorry.” She felt like she’d said that word all day, even when she hadn’t.

“Don’t be sorry, Fany. You weren’t driving the other car.”

Tiffany shook her head into her mother’s cushiony shoulder. “For everything. I’m sorry.”

Sungmin stood nearby, warily watching. She felt uncomfortable under his scrutiny.

“You were like another daughter to me, Fany.”

Were? The word stung. “I’ll see you soon, okay?”

Her mother sent emails to select women attending the funeral, announcing a brunch where they’d recall memories and give support. It’d happen in a week. Tiffany stayed on the fence about it; she feared that in the throes of emotion, she’d reveal her true feelings. That wouldn’t go well.

“I’ll see you when I see you,” the older woman answered, wrinkled eyes dim, “Don’t be a stranger.”

“I won’t.”

Tiffany broke from the motherly embrace, unwittingly matching eyes with Sungmin. He remained rooted in the grass. Not a hint of a potential hug. Tiffany had no idea where she found this guy, but she wasn’t a fan. She nodded an acknowledgement and he pricked on a thin smile.

As Tiffany drove off, leaving the funeral home to shrink into the distance, she damned the lot of them. To hell with their strange behavior. To hell with that teenager who killed her. To hell with Sungmin. To hell with Jessica Jung, the goddamned poet.

The simple thought of Jessica spending happy times with her until the day of the untimely death brought fire to Tiffany’s soul.

She had to attend that get together.

Seven days later, Tiffany received the same exact expression of sheer surprise when her mother opened the front door of her home.

Tiffany frowned, handing over a dish of rice krispie treats. “Did I get the wrong day?” She knew the answer was ‘no’; their ample country yard was littered with unfamiliar vehicles.

“No, honey. You’re right on time. Please, get comfortable.”

Two girls, not much younger than Tiffany when she’d met her best friend, dashed around her to the porch, barking orders to each other.

“I’m the mom and you’re the dad.”

“I don’t want to be the dad! You do it. You’re taller!”

“I can’t be the dad because I have on a dress!”

The mother closed the door on them as Tiffany smiled to herself, fond memories swelling her brain.

As nicely as the women seated in the living room greeted her, she felt like the odd one out immediately. An outsider with an unsavory history. Tiffany slid onto a wooden chair beside the door. Long day ahead, for sure.

No Jessica Jung in sight.

They made small talk for the next few minutes, ultimately interrupted by Sungmin traipsing through the room. He bowed accordingly, stiffening in posture when he reached Tiffany. “Miss Hwang. You’ve made it.”

This was getting old. “Yes, I made it. We were best friends for years. She must have mentioned me once or twice.”

“More than that.”

The shortness of the sentence brought Tiffany to silence. As the ladies chattered, she and Sungmin exchanged hard gazes.

“I’ll be going now.” His face brightened just in time to address rest of the room. “You ladies have fun. Keep the gossip at a maximum.”

The older women tittered at the man, waving him out the door.

Tiffany shifted in the creaking chair. Sungmin hated her. The women of the room, save her mother out of hospitality, seldom included her in the conversations. It’d be a shame to duck out early again. Isn’t that what they’d expect?

She missed her.

Before long, she wandered from the living room, legs taking her down the hall, to the room to the left. Her room. Tiffany peeked inside, pushing further into the bedroom after she realized that the coast was clear.

It looked much smaller than she remembered. Vaguely familiar, though. Many of the surroundings changed--different posters on the walls, a paint job, an intriguing saxophone propped onto the closet door. Still, she sensed her all over.

Tiffany grazed the timeworn vanity with light fingers, nostrils picking up the faint smell of foundation and fragrances of uncapped perfume bottles. The space apparently doubled as her post-college storage facility. Stacks of cleanly labeled boxes took up a quarter of the space. Not keen on climbing a cardboard mountain, Tiffany fell flat onto the bed. It smelled like her.

She grinned. Junior and senior year of high school, as she recalled, consisted of endless ploys for them to end up in bed. It’d been a tricky task between college searches and test prep. She sacrificed a few passing grades just to steal away to her house, where she’d tug off Tiffany’s pajama bottoms with insatiable haste. The danger in her eyes never failed to leave Tiffany excited and yearning for her touch. Seemed like eons ago.

“Knock knock.”

Like a teen up to no good, Tiffany hurried to sit up, smoothing her dark hair.

It was Jessica. The woman hovered in the doorway, eyeing the room as if something would be out of place. “I finished preparing brunch. You must be hungry.”

A poet and a cook? Of course. “Not especially.”

“Me neither.” Uninvited, Jessica sauntered to the mattress and plopped down. “I haven’t eaten much in days.”

Tiffany hummed. She wanted to know nothing and everything about Jessica. The confusion gave her a headache.

“Hope I didn’t come off as rude at the funeral,” Jessica continued, holding out a hand. “I’m Jessica.”

She shook it with a limp grip. “Tiffany Hwang.”

“I know.” Her lips pinned into a wry smirk. “I heard all about you...when she was alive.”

Tiffany couldn’t explain why that made her nervous. “Yeah?”


“Good things, I assume?”

Jessica snorted at a joke only she knew, lashes cast downward. “She called you unforgettable.”

Tiffany paused at Jessica’s pensive tone, blinking up at an old picture taped to the corner of the vanity. A faded photo of Tiffany and her during middle school, hugging each other and beaming at the camera. Maybe she’d take it home, if her mom permitted. “Who are you?”

Jessica’s eyes were stapled to her knees. “A friend.”

Dearest friend, according to the funeral.”

“Yes. We were very close. She…” Jessica trailed off to wipe at her cheek.

“She what?”

Jessica rushed to the door and clicked it shut with conviction. Tiffany raised her eyebrows at the sudden action, ready to grab a trophy as protection in case this girl was a headcase.

“I’ve been dying to meet you.”


“To see what I’ve always had to live up to.”

Nothing made sense anymore. “Can somebody here please let me in on the secret?”

“You’re Tiffany Hwang. Her true love.”

Tiffany’s lips stilled.

What to say to such a declaration?

“I’ve been secretly hating you for years. Except then, you were this unattainable entity. And now, you’re right here.”

“You gonna off me?”

“I want to talk.”

“We’re talking now.”

“Privately. Away from--” She nodded to the door. “Please.”


“After brunch. I’ll offer you a ride home if you don’t want to take another car.”

“I live in Seoul.”

“So do I. But I--” The blonde fiddled with her nails. Sirena blue. “I have another home nearby, too. We can talk there.”

“You’re rich.”

“Is that a yes?”

Tiffany got to her feet, breezing past the blonde to turn the door knob. “Hope you have a guest room. I don’t sleep on couches.”

[Author&apos;s Note]A/N: Hope this makes sense. See? I didn’t stop writing. :3 I'm not naming names, but I wonder if any of you have a mental picture of the deceased friend/lover.
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exp_ithetaexp_itheta on July 4th, 2014 04:44 am (UTC)
omg hi you're still writing! and an ongoing too! 8) a spot, here i plant~

First of all, I'm so glad you're so still writing! It feels like ages since I've read a fic from you That little LJ alert in my inbox was a very pleasant surprise.

But even more surprising is the fic itself. It was apparent right from the opening lines that the mood is very different--darker, more somber--compared to your previous work. I think it's great that you're changing things up. Very excited to find out how the rest of the fic will turn out.

I really like how you managed to get TIffany's history with her across in this chapter. It was very natural, and captured the emotional essence of their relationship without giving away too much detail.

I'm interested to see what kind of character Jessica will be in this fic. Her introduction...was interesting. I think my first impression of her was not so differentTiffany's when I read about the veil and the nails and the poetry. xD She sounds like quite the oddball, hehe.

A nitpick: The italicized 'her's and 'she's were slightly distracting--I felt that they were disrupting the flow of the sentences. After the first paragraph or so, it was quite clear who the 'her's and 'she's refer to, so italicizing all the way till the end wasn't quite necessary, I think.


Can't wait to see where you're going with this. Thank you for sharing this piece. Hope to see more soon~!

(P.S. Apologies to ray below for stealing Le Tawp Spawt--I got too excited when I saw LA's new fic, hehehe.)

/edit: oh, oh, i forgot to include my speculation on who she might be. i'm think maybe yuri, taeyeon, or yoona... yoonyul because of the prankster references. yoona > yuri, because i can't imagine yuri being that wild/confident (and also, strangely, sungmin); but yuri > yoona because of the part about dyeing her hair. taeyeon because of the perfume and the mother.

Edited at 2014-07-05 01:47 am (UTC)
checkinyourbra: taeyeon03checkinyourbra on July 11th, 2014 06:13 am (UTC)

Yes, I'm stil alive as a person and writer. :33 It's nice to know LJ's helping you keep up with me. I never picture my own name popping up in the updates. hahaha

Oh yeah, it's certainly a change, gurl. WHY IS ANGST SO....angsty?? Like, I have to be in a chill/more somber mood to write cuz if I'm my regular LA asfkdfdjfdHAHAHAHOMG self, well...it affects how it comes out. >_>

Good to hearrr about Tiffany. I'm not a big ~descriptive writer, so that means a lot.

Oddball?!!? ahhaha I'm cackling. It's fun to see you and Tiffany with the same impressions. We shall learn more about Jessica next chapter ((which is posted; apologies for not replying sooner, bb)).

Omg the formatting stress of getting the she to work. I agree about the flow, but also think the automatic light coloring of italic font (it's part of my LJ layout) makes it even more noticeable. So, I went back and made the "she"s and "her"s the same dark grey as the rest of the paragraphs and kept the default light for normal italic words. *vomits html*


hehehehe speculationsss. <3

Thanks for reading, bbbbbb~~

Edited at 2014-07-11 06:13 am (UTC)
xsunray: TIffanyxsunray on July 4th, 2014 07:11 am (UTC)



Heart wrenching in a subtle way and I'm feeling all the conflicting emotions that Tiff felt. The confrontation of death with this little bit of disbelief still in it. Maybe I shouldn't call it disbelief. More like she didn't want her to be dead. Tiffany's own regrets and anger, surfacing when in face of a dead body, omg this is so real. Ack. And of course that animosity towards Jessica. The emotions were portrayed so well.

I nearly cried at the fifth paragraph and at a few other spots, but I'm a strong kid! I shall not cry! (sobs)

Jessica snorted at a joke only she knew, lashes cast downward. “She called you unforgettable.” --- one of the lines that almost had me tearing, because I feel Jessica heartbreak from this. It seemed nothing much, but the emotions in this was intense. I love it!


Edited at 2014-07-04 08:00 am (UTC)
checkinyourbra: jessica01checkinyourbra on July 11th, 2014 06:17 am (UTC)
Second's still good!!! I mean...unless it's in a two-player competition. >_>

>_< bbbbbb I'm happy you enjoy itttt.

Yeah, I get what you mean. There's this...layer of "what" with the whole situation. Tiffany's angry and sad and frustrated and...yeah. All the feelings.

Did you almost cry? REALLY? YOU'RE SHO SENSITIVE. *squishes cheeks*

Awwww. Yey @ the quote. It's interesting how differently you and the TOP SPOTTER view Jessica. I like it.

ARE YOU DONE CACKLING YET?? Thanks for the Skype talk, btw. I needed that. :333

Edited at 2014-07-11 06:30 am (UTC)
whyyyyyyyparachuterawr on July 4th, 2014 10:34 am (UTC)


Kay, sober thoughts away.


Second, okay. Different genre than the rest of your fics so I am very very very excited to spend my time on reading this.

Third, the way you portray each character is just ugh. BEAUTIFUL. Despite the death content and whatnot.

Also these lines,

“I’ve been dying to meet you.”


“To see what I’ve always had to live up to.”

GAHHHHHHH. I might have had my share with these lines. Jeez. That hit home. So bad.

Fourth, lol everyone has like a different theory on who’s her and LOL LEMME JOIN THEM I THINK ITS TAEYEON because. Okay, lezbereal, only TaeNySic can pull of angsty fics.

Fifth, lovee youuuuuuuu keep on #slayin #hehe

Edited at 2014-07-05 12:22 pm (UTC)
checkinyourbra: jessica01checkinyourbra on July 11th, 2014 06:25 am (UTC)
It's youuuu. *twirls around in a sensual writer's dance*

My comeback?!?! W000hoooooo!! Have...have I been gone that long?? D; I HAVEN'T GIVEN UP YET. SOSHI'S STILL RELEVANT, SO HERE I AM.

Ohhh girl. This is quite different. Must...fight......goofy tendencies. I suppose you're up for some tasty angst? Well, I'll try my best to supply. Angst and sex. That's what I'll provide.

B'awwwwwww thank youuuu. I hope you'll be able to relate to each character along the way. These feelings are tangled, that's for sure.

OooOoooo makes me curious about your personal life, bb. Sounds intense. :OO Only TaeNySic, huh? I like your confidence, bb. :D

#I #heart #parachuterawr #hehe
yuukistar22yuukistar22 on July 4th, 2014 12:49 pm (UTC)

LIFE HAS BEEN BUSY BUT BUT BUT I PLAN TO GET ON THE WRITING/READING ROAD THIS WEEKEND SO I SHALL READ THIS AND EVERYTHING ELSE I'VE BEEN MEANING TO READ SOOOON (I've had your previous update tabbed for weeks, im so ashamed of myself for not reading it yet. Please punish me .___.)


GAH THIS WHOLE BUNDLE OF GREATNESS TUGGED ON MY HEART STRINGS ;-; God Tiffany is such a hard ass come the end, suits her perfectly ;D

The identity of the ~mystery~ deceased/lover was at the forefront of my mind throughout the entirety of this fic, but I'm not brave enough to guess who she is XD

You always leave me wanting more, such a damn tease ;D Anyway, this was perfecto, just like I predicted *runs off to read your other masterpieces* Chow for now bb <3

Edited at 2014-07-07 06:38 pm (UTC)
checkinyourbracheckinyourbra on July 11th, 2014 06:37 am (UTC)
CHAPTERED FIC COMIN' RIGHT HERE FOR YA. It's not a ton of chapters, but it should do the trick. :33

DON'T APOLOGIZE FOR HAVING A LIFE. I've been quite busy myself (omggg work and money and KCON planning!!!). I would be happy to see a new piece from you soon, tho. I miss your smutty stories. >:D

Awwww @ the pulling of your pervy heart strings. Hardass fits Tiffany Hwang so well. <3

Oh really? I wonder if you'll be wondering about identity in the upcoming chapters~ Awww you can be brave orrrr you can be that person all, "I KNEW IT" in hindsight when I reveal ((or IF, because I'm evil)).

I get called a tease so much. >:D wellll, the newest part is up. So, have at it!

Thanks for reading/being so sweet. Laterssss~~
kotegawa87kotegawa87 on July 4th, 2014 03:47 pm (UTC)
Omg... you're back... i think i'm going to cry...
I've been missing you a lot... really..
And this fic... started just ... incredibly
I assumed that "she" and "her" is sunny....

But... :]
I love the 2ny ane sunsic too

Aaahhh and jessica... she wants to know who's this tiffany is... thia person she probably had to fight for so long...
Aaahhh I have no idea how to express all the ideas that are in my mind. ..
Aaahhhhh....... \o\ (this is ne running XD)

Aaaahhh so awesome. ..
I hope you update soon...
I'll be waiting!!!!!!!

And I repeat. .. I miss you!!!!!!!
checkinyourbra: tiffany02checkinyourbra on July 11th, 2014 06:39 am (UTC)
Guess who's back. Back again. Check is back! Tell a friend!!! :DDD

Oh! Bb don't cry. I'm right here!!! *squeeeeeeeeeezzzzeee* You know I missed you and your /o/ running around and adorable sound effects. :)))

Well, look at you guessing who "she" is from the get-go. :D We'll seeee.

You're expressing yourself just fine. I can feel your excitement through your words. It's awesome. YOU'RE AWESOME. And I'll keep writing, bb.

jorgenzenjorgenzen on July 17th, 2014 12:26 pm (UTC)
oh checkie, i see the word death, i'm thinking all sorts of angst coming on here. :p excitedddd & bracing myself. jeti ey? :D i'll be back
checkinyourbra: seohyun04checkinyourbra on July 18th, 2014 11:51 pm (UTC)
A little death and you return to me, jorgee? Works for me. ;D

BRACE YOURSELF, BB. I await your return...even if it takes...FOREVER. *chains self to LJ*
jorgenzenjorgenzen on October 14th, 2014 05:22 pm (UTC)
oh my goodness. my comment was back in july and it is only now i've got around to leave a solid comment. i feel unworthy and undeserving and guilty. please forgive me.

I've read all in one go. But I'm going to leave a comment on each chapter because ... I've been told it made a certain someone smile so much. :p

To be honest, I was kind of confused on who was she. They were all in italics so I got the hint because well, I've used it before on people, not naming people just so to keep them a secret. I thought. Tiffany was the one dead. And I was already thinking how will you pan this out if Tiffany's dead. I was so relieved when it wasn't so. Hahaha Because I couldn't handle the separation that they will have.. or something like that. ._.

I am loving this cold bish Tiffany. I am loving poet Jessica. My curiosity definitely piqued. (By the way, beware of adhauishdauh-like comments in the next chapters)
checkinyourbra: tiffany02checkinyourbra on November 1st, 2014 01:56 am (UTC)
BB!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hugsssss* I LOVED YOUR COMMENTS. Now, I can properly answer them. Yaaaaaaasss

Heheheh I didn't mind. You got around to reading it, which makes me happy. :33 IT DOES MAKE ME SMILE SO MUCH. IT DOES. <3

I understand about the "what if Tiffany is dead" thing. The separation would make me kinda sad. And yep! The italics are meant to add in some ~mystery in the beginning. When I first wrote it, it was to paint a picture of the deceased loved one without naming names. Then, it changed. loll

Cold bish Tiffany and loving poet Jessica! I'm ready for these comments. *runs to next page*
I la- la- la- love youregreted on July 18th, 2014 07:10 am (UTC)
Youve stirred up a lot of my feelings that I...
I can't even think straight.

This is good though... you know.
checkinyourbra: jessica01checkinyourbra on July 18th, 2014 11:55 pm (UTC)
Ooooh. I hope I didn't stir up too much. >.<

Thinking straight it overrated anyways--think GAY. ♥♥

Thanks, bb. I missed you. ^^
I la- la- la- love youregreted on July 19th, 2014 03:50 am (UTC)
it was too much but, that's just... some people died that's all, and i wasn't close with them but you know, it's bothered me a lot more than i expected. and a couple of years ago my childhood best friend killed herself, jeez why am i writing all of this?
the beginning when tiffany's there in the viewing. hooooo it was like torrents of emotions took that very moment to surface and resurface.

but yes thinking straight i was too overrated.

and holy hell i've missed you and your words. jeez i love tiffany's sass, diverting her guilt and her misdirected anger. loved it!!!!

bye now. see you again.
checkinyourbra: tiffany03checkinyourbra on August 1st, 2014 05:42 am (UTC)
I would have bet all the money in my pocket (I have no pockets) that I answered this....BBBBB *hugs*

Sorry if it was too much. And it's weirding me out because...I was in a very similar situation concerning the friend that killed herself. It's...yeah. Omg. We both need hugs.

Hope this doesn't bring too many ~torrents of emotion, bb. I don't want to hurt you.

I've missed YOUR words, too. :DDD

Thank youuuuuu
sle3piesle3pie on January 1st, 2015 06:27 am (UTC)

Hello & Happy new year!!
I'm finally getting around to reading this multi-shot.. And it feels like you killed off Taeyeon (I know you fight name her, but it feels like you're describing her) before the story started, though it's kind of why I haven't gotten around to finishing this chapter till now.

I'm curious about her relationships, both with her husband Sungmin, and dearest friend, Jessica. Though I am looking forward to the development between Jeti.

Thanks for continuing to write, sorry for the delay in getting around to this, and I'm looking forward to your next story!!

checkinyourbra: tiffany03checkinyourbra on January 2nd, 2015 08:04 am (UTC)
Happy New Year, gurl~~~

Ayyyyyyy Welcome to my Angsty!Fic. :DDD Please get comfortable.

Heheheh already making a guess on who it is? I wonder if you're correct. >:))) Awwwwwww so cute and sensitive, bb. I can understand if that's a turn-off at first.

You'll definitely learn more about her relationships, interactions as the chapters move along. Through both Tiffany and Jessica. ^^

No need to be sorry! I'm glad you're here. ♥
yoongsoshi: pic#128491978yoongsoshi on August 14th, 2018 06:25 pm (UTC)
Hi Checks!! Am I too late to join A Ghost in Mind party? :(
4 years late ;(

Honestly the she guided me to distinguish who is who 😊
At first, I thought you described Jessica as angel of death lololol bc you wrote her wearing black veil, aka angel of death dress code

The dead girl is....Taeyeon? bc TaeNy is famous for its bestfriend thingy
checkinyourbra: yoona02checkinyourbra on August 14th, 2018 09:29 pm (UTC)
You're not too late, yoongsoshi because I'm still here! Woooooo

Oh, wonderful. Didn't wanna knock the reader by the side of the head with anything less subtle. Good to know.💓

Hehe angel of death Jessica. This reminds me of another fic~~

Keep reading and you'll see if you guessed right ;))

Thank you, thank youuuuu for commenting! 🎇🎇