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22 July 2014 @ 12:01 am
Fluffypaws [One-Shot]  

Title: Fluffypaws [One-Shot]

Pairing(s): YoonSic

Rating/Genre: PG-13 + language; Mindless Fluff

Disclaimer: I don't own Soshi. I don't own anyone, in fact. All Fiction.

Chap. Summary: Yoona and Jessica raise a kitty together. :3

Author's Notes: HAPPY YOONSIC DAYYYYY!!! Talk about major whiplash from the JeTi I just posted. Oh well….DOUBLE UPDATE. <3 I wrote this on and off in a day, so please be forgiving. ^^ Y’all know I had to show the OTP love.


Date Four with Im Yoona was a success.

And it was about time.

The first date was Krystal’s idea. A “coming out present for my dearest Jessica Jung”, her younger sister called it. Little did the clueless heterosexual know the best present for coming out was to simply treat her normally. Alas, Krystal went above and beyond to cross Jessica’s comfort levels.

According to the matchmaker/busybody, this Yoona chick was a year younger than Jessica, quite charming, Krystal’s planking buddy at the gym, and most importantly-- “into vajayjay”. A game of twenty questions later, she found out Yoona herself came out to her family recently. Two mid-twenties baby-gays in the world and Krystal already had them married with multiracial babies in her head.

Both having the spirit animals of timid woodland creatures, Jessica and Yoona took things slowly on account of “not being well-versed in the gay”.

Date One and Two reached unfathomable heights of uncomfortable: lulls in conversation, accidental elbow grazing, arguing over bill payment, and an endless bounty of asinine giggles. On the third, Jessica even screamed when she thought Yoona bent in for a kiss. The girl froze in shock, pointing down at her untied shoelace. Awkward wasn’t strong enough of a word.

Though, through the misery, they kept seeing each other. Call Jessica shallow, but Yoona was too attractive to forget. Had some god of potential lovers offered an à la carte checklist of ideal qualities, Im Yoona possessed them all.

Thank the stars for that shallowness. By the fourth outing, they caught their stride.

“What’d you think about the drummer?” Yoona asked in a hasty laugh, fumbling through her purse for keys.

The live show--an all-girl punk band--really impressed Jessica. Not her usual go-to music. “Killed it on the the drums. The headbob thing she did was pretty funny. And all those faces she made.” She shook her head, amused. “Why?”

“Do you think she’s gay? I noticed her eyeing you and wondered..”

“Oh, did you?” They stalled at Yoona’s front step, swaying from the summer wind.

“I don’t blame her. You’re a doll.”

Jessica played with the ends of her hair to mask a grin. “You’re not bad yourself.”

“Thanks.” Yoona spun a ringlet of keys on her pointer. “Hey, Jess…”

“Hey, Yoong.”

“Would you pee yourself if I went for a goodnight kiss?”

Jessica mentally slapped her past self for unparalleled stupidity. “My bladder’s under control.”


“Yeah, cool.”

The taller woman continued spinning metal as she leaned closer. “Ready?”

Yoona’s lips were a pale pink and very inviting. Jessica blushed. “Yes.”

“I’m going to kiss you now. Don’t scream.”

Jessica’s eyes closed right as the velvety plushness met hers. Two shot pecks at first, testing the waters. When the blonde didn’t shrink away, the contact pressed harder.

Sparks didn’t go off. A better feeling coursed through her bones--like a bubble bath or a downy comforter. Perfect. Fireworks scared her anyway.

Yoona smiled into their short kisses and Jessica joined her. They’d been silly for being so nervous, as if going out with a girl meant putting on a show of fortitude. Acting naturally--Jessica chanced a soft grip around Yoona’s neck--made the dating process much more enjoyable. Dinner, a show, tender kisses at the door…

“Want to come inside?”

Jessica dipped her head a bit, meeting Yoona’s gaze. “What?”

“Oh shit, no!” Yoona straightened her stance, putting a fist to her forehead. “Bad timing. I wanted to ask you in before we kissed.”


“Damnit! No, I--shit! To hang out; to--fuck. No, not fuck, fuck but....spend more time together. Platonically. ”

Jessica hadn’t seen this swearing, blubbering half of Yoona yet. Cute. “Calm your tits, sailor. I’m up for talking.”


“Do you want me to change my mind?”

Shaking her head bashfully, Yoona unlocked the front door and held it out for her date. “Awesome. I have something special to show you.”

“Are you trying to sound perverted? What is it?”

The door slammed shut.

“My pussy.”

Before Jessica put her three days of Taekwondo lessons to task, a furry presence glided along her leg. She looked down and, indeed, a pussycat’s amber eyes regarded her warmly. “I didn’t know you owned a cat!”

Yoona bent to flick a couple fingers at its tail. “Neither did I. I got home from work last week and she was sitting on my welcome mat in a cardboard box.”

“Like in the movies.”

“Exactly like the movies,” Yoona agreed. “You’re not allergic, right?”

“Nope.” Jessica ran a thumb through the short black hairs around her ear and trailed it around the orangey fur at the bottom of her round face. The cat purred brazenly, flipping her head almost upside-down to egg on the petting. “She’s gorgeous. Does she have a name?”

“She’s obviously not a wild one, but the person left no tags.”

“What do you call her?”

Yoona blushed, swatting the tail again. “Miss Fluffypaws.”

“Yoong, you softie!” Jessica giggled and quietly appraised the girl. A dirty mouth as well as a squishy heart. She never thought about it, but it was quickly becoming her favorite combination.

“Check out her feet. She has seven little white toes on one front paw and six on the other. Google says she’s ‘polydactyl’.”

“And ‘Fluffypaws’ is the best option?”

“Can you come up with anything better?”

Jessica scratched along its multicolored back, trying to make sense of the tan-on-black markings. Familiar, if only she could put her finger on it.

“Does this require deep thought?”

“Shh.” Jessica pressed two fingers of her other hand onto Yoona’s lips. They smiled shyly, averting their eyes. That is, until the image named itself in her head. “Chanel!”

Lips still held closed by narrow fingers, Yoona expressed bemusement with dark brown eyes.

“The tan fur on her back is a dead ringer for the Chanel logo. You have a designer cat on your hands, Yoona.”

Yoona puckered, scaring Jessica’s embarrassed fingers away from her mouth. She snickered and stole a quick kiss to her cheek. “Is that okay?”

“Mmhmm.” The blonde reciprocated, placing her lips onto Yoona’s dimpled chin. “She’s purring; I think she likes the name, too.”

“Miss Chanel Fluffypaws. Has a classy ring to it.”

“You’re not going to let that goofy name go, are you?”

“She answers to it!” Yoona turned back to the cat, nudging her tiny nose. “Isn’t that right, Miss Fluffs?”

On cue, the animal began purring. Jessica whined in defeat.

“Hey Jessica, no worries.” Yoona put one hand to Miss Fluff’s head and pinched at Jessica’s ear. “You two have the same Scottish Fold ears. You’re kindred spirits.”

She waved the hand away, subtly aiming a breeze to her face. She’d been blushing all night. “Do you even know anything about caring for a cat?”

“No. Do you?”

“I’m never around pets. Unless you count my coworker Tiffany’s little mess of a dog. It’s gross and yaps at everything.”

“Chanel Fluffypaws is so easygoing. I don’t know if I’m doing anything right because she’s happy 24/7.”

“She’s grateful you rescued her. I would be.”

Yoona met Jessica’s eyes and smirked. “Oh yeah?”

“Without a doubt.”

“Are you free tomorrow?”

They hadn’t made back-to-back plans before. Jessica shrugged off her excitement. “If I say, ‘No, Yoona, I have no plans on a perfectly good Saturday.’, will you consider me uncool?”

“A little.” Miss Fluffypaws meowed in agreement.

“I’ll risk it. What are you up to?”

“So far, I’ve only gotten the essentials--vaccination, holistic cat food, comfy bed, a bank-breaking self-cleaning litter box…”


“...but, the toys are I got her are a no-go. Mind meeting me at the pet supply store nearby to snag some new ones? Then, we could come back here, see what doesn’t bore her, and I’ll make you lunch.”

Nothing ever sounded more excellent. “I’d make time for that.”


Yoona headed to the front as Jessica bid Miss Fluff goodbye through a well-received chin rub. It lasted longer than she anticipated, enlivened by the deep, rolling purrs. “Thanks,” she whispered to the blissful creature, “for getting me a fifth date.”

Miss Chanel Fluffypaws rolled onto her namebrand back, willing the praise to reach a very fluffy tummy. Jessica gladly gave into her whims.

“Gee, I wish you’d pet me like that,” Yoona snarked with a pout as Jessica finally crossed the door’s threshold.

“Jealous of a cat, are we?”

“My belly’s not furry, but just as nice to touch.”

A smiling Jessica Jung balanced on her tiptoes, joining their lips in a farewell kiss. She parted her lips this time, giving Yoona a taste of deeper connection and pulled back. “That’s something the cat will never have.”

“May I have another?”

“Goodnight, Yoong.”

“Another, pretty please?”

That cheeky Im smile was dangerous; it’d probably get more than a kiss out of her. She allowed Yoona to tug her closer by a belt loop and eagerly claim her probing lips. The liplock sealed budding confidence with even a lingering nibble to warm flesh. Yoona brushed the bite indention with her bottom lip. “I’m getting good at this gay stuff, huh?”

Jessica collected her bearings, smiling despite herself. “Ugh, you. Goodnight, Yoong.”

“Night, Sica.”

“Do you think we bought enough?”

Jessica hurried behind the brunette, hauling one of two paper bags stuffed with goodies. “Chanel’s bound to like something.”

“Shit--I think I found it.”

She stopped short at Yoona staring daggers into the side of her couch. Stepping around for a better view, she gasped. An arm of the furniture had been reduced to shredded fabric upholstery foam. As if they needed more evident of the perpetrator, black and tan flecks clung to the scene of the crime in a hairy disarray.

Yoona fell backward onto a cushion, downtrodden. Her huge bag lay forgotten on the floor. “I spent an entire check on this sofa.”

“That sucks.”

“Where is that damn cat?”

Comically oblivious, Miss Fluffypaws sauntered into the room, sensing no hostility whatsoever. With a throaty ‘mrow’, she stretched sleepily and sat on Yoona’s toes. Jessica hid her amusement behind her bag.

Yoona rubbed her temples. “How does one punish a cat?”

The sales associate at the pet place probably recited the Brainiacs’ Guide to Cat Care as they shopped, though their attention was stolen by the motorized Minnie Mouse toys. “Um, hiss at it?”

Taking the half-assed suggestion seriously, Yoona hunched over and hsssssssssssssed square into Miss Fluff’s face. The animal silently bolted from the room.

“Did it work?”

Jessica shrugged a shoulder. “If she knows what she did.”

“Ah, right. I should have typed up a formal complaint.”

Yoona didn’t stay angry for long--a good sign. “Look on the bright side; we have one of these.” She slid a 32-inch scratching post from the paper container, settling it next to the ruined couch.

“Lucky us.”

“It’s lucky in hindsight.”


Jessica raised an eyebrow at Yoona’s queerly-bent smile and sat next to her. “Mind letting me in on your joke?”

The woman hesitated, then replied, “It’s not a joke, per se.”

“Let’s hear it.”

“We’ve been using a lot of ‘we’s and ‘us’s. It’s…different.”

Jessica touched her lips as if they burned. “I didn’t mean to hint at anything…”

“Are you Chanel’s other mommy, Sica?”

“I’m too young to be a mother.”

“You’re twenty-five.”

“Too young. I’d rather be the cool aunt who buys her overpriced gifts from hipster boutiques.”

Yoona snaked an arm around Jessica’s shoulder, gaining a giggle from the blonde. “She’s going to have a ton of questions about seeing her aunt and mommy making out.”

“We’ll settle that in therapy.”

“I’ll foot the bill.”

“Good call.”

Yoona slipped backwards onto the seat and Jessica tumbled onto her chest. They giggled through their sheets of hair, grazing and combing strands from each others’ faces with tingly curiosity. Jessica lowered her head, brushing a tentative peck upon the other girl’s lips. Yoona responded cautiously, fully aware of their current position. “Too much?”

Rather than voice it, Jessica showed her feelings through a slow kiss. Deeper and warmer than the night before. She took in Yoona’s sweet breath--only a whisper of peppermint. As their lips and bodies and feelings fell into sync, a delicate set of fingers explored her lower back. Months ago, she’d flee from her own skin. Yet now, with Yoona beneath her, it was more than welcome.

“Lunchtime?” Jessica murmured in a daze, sorting out these new desires.

Yoona blinked like she couldn’t recall the meaning of the word. “Hm?”

“Food? Familiar with it?”

“After this.”

A tongue glided past Jessica’s teeth, painting the roof of her mouth. Slightly startled but completely in control, she pushed the tongue out with her own. The slippery muscle made a second try, feeling into the space past her bottom lip. Jessica twirled hers around it twice, then shoved it out. Yoona moaned weakly from the sexy game. Jessica held a whimper in with an audible gulp.

“Lunchtime, Yoong?”

“Sure thing.”

As Yoona set up their meal--frozen pizza, her specialty--Jessica hunted the house for Miss Chanel Fluffypaws. She spotted the tan and black ball of sorrow nestled under bed. Reaching for it would be stupid, she assumed. Getting scratched by a cat was bad on its own, no need to add in a polydactyl seven-clawed swipe into the mix. In a stroke of genius, she loaded the Minnie Mouse with batteries and let its whirring dashes across floorboard do the luring.

“That’s my girl!” Yoona cheered from her spying position, lifting a proud hand of congrats.

Jessica clapped at it loudly. She wouldn’t wipe the smile off her face for the world.

Weeks went by, mostly a balance of work-Yoona-Chanel-Yoona-sleep-repeat. The person that she’d previously see every couple weeks became a constant. In fact, she failed to recall how to spend more than a day away from Yoona.

Inside jokes multiplied. Intimate stories were exchanged. Kisses ran longer and they sneaked in some touching, too. Officially an item. Her sister claimed 100% responsibility.

Jessica pressed ‘enter’ on her final proposal of the day. That Monday had been brutal. All she wanted was something carbonated, a purring designer pet upon her lap, and Yoona, of course. She rearranged that list in her head, mentally flipping the order. Her phone buzzed and she scooped it up, hoping for only one person.

1 New Picture Message from:

The merger nickname made her grin every time.

She spun in her office chair, waiting impatiently for the image to load. When the pixels filled her screen, she woke a snoring Tiffany in the adjacent cubicle. She couldn’t help it; she had to squeal.

Working as a freelance graphic artist, Yoona had more freedom to send random messages to Jessica throughout the day, usually during her downtime.

Miss Fluffypaws, amber eyes glowing, dominated the foreground of the photo. She slumped lazily, legs sprawled and front paws forward, overcoming the computer keyboard and possibly any projects for its owner. In the background, an unsuspecting Yoona pooched her lips, more than likely cooing for Chanel to cheese it up for the camera. The accompanying text read: A certain cutie sez, ‘I love mew!’ xoxoxo

Jessica’s heart skipped a beat. She figured this is how a proud parent felt by a macaroni plate sculpture, but less cliché.

+Only one? Because I see two cuties in this pic.

A minute later, a reply sounded her phone: +Ignore that beast in the background >:(

+That beast has a nice pair of lips. ;)

+Beast sez rawrawrahhhhh. I thnk it means thankyou.

+Does the Beast love me, too?

She chewed on her thumbnail as she waited for the reply. Seemed like a cheap way to bring up love, but a girl gets curious. The smartphone vibrated after five minutes passed. Jessica freed a breath she’d been holding as she read:

+Only if the Beauty loves her back.

“Hey Jess, have you seen my--”

“Hold on, Tiffany!” Jessica barked, jamming her thumbs to the screen.

+I do.

For the next stretch of time, she propped a chin upon her palm, swooning as her co-worker proceeded to show off her latest “photoshoot”--several gigabytes of her disgusting Maltese with its wonky eye and diamond brooch collar, posed in a silk bed of roses.

Thank goodness Jessica was a cat person.

The Wednesday that followed marked one of the worst nights she’d experienced since they started dating. Yoona’s special ringer ripped her from her sleep. Usually, after-hours calls were encouraged, but Jessica had a bad feeling instantly.

Her girlfriend was frantic when she answered. “Sica. Did I wake you?”

“Yoong, what’s wrong?”

“Cha--” She sniffled loudly into the receiver. “Chanel’s missing. I got home from a late-night rush project and she was in none of her hiding places. Then, I noticed the back door slightly ajar and--oh my god, she could be anywhere!”

Jessica was already shouldering on a button-up blouse. “I’ll be over there in ten.”

“But, I’m twenty minutes away.”

Jessica made it to Yoona’s house ten minutes later. She could dwell on safety and speed limits some other time; she had to get to Yoona. Dashing through the front door, she scoped the living room area. Every piece of furniture had been moved or flipped over similarly to a crime scene. She burst into the bedroom, immediately taken back by Yoona’s distraught state. Sitting at the end of her bed, sobbing into her hands.

“We’ll find her,” Jessica assured the woman, putting her lips to her scalp. “Okay? She couldn’t have gone too far.”

“I need that cat, Sica.”

“And that’s what you’ll get. Yoong--”

“If it wasn’t for her, you wouldn’t have given me a chance.”

Jessica shook her head, voice nestled in Yoona’s hair. “Not true. I like you for you, Yoona.”

“But, she brought us together.”

“That’d be Krystal.”

“Krystal’s not lost.”

Jessica tilted Yoona’s chin to make face, smiling through her tears. “My sister’s been lost for years and it ain’t physical. Let’s go find Miss Chanel Fluffypaws.”

“Why does our cat have so many damn names?”

They laughed. “She’ll have to answer to one of them.”

Shining her phone’s flashlight into the darkness, Jessica rooted around the fenced-in backyards. Yelling aloud, though tempting, was out of the question at that ungodly hour. She hissed a nickname at every tree and bush that crossed her path. Her phone chimed.

+Anything yet?

+No. Keep going.

They’d split up, taking survey of the two closest streets. It covered more real estate and didn’t make as big of a scene. Nobody wished for a nosy or frightened do-gooder to alert neighborhood watch. That’d just make matters more tedious.

As she beamed a light into a short tree, she contemplated on what Yoona said. About giving her a change. Yeah, the kiss was nice and would have secured another date. Though, after that, knowing their tendency to fall back on shyness, would they have made such progress without Miss Fluffypaws to inadvertently serve as common ground?

Jessica shuddered at the alternate outcome.

She had to find that cat.

+I’m done on my side. Heading over to u now.

The blonde had only one backyard left. Her eyes fell closed, silently pleading for a productive search. When her eyelids parted, her measly night vision honed in on a dark groove along the patio of a brick building. It may have been anything, but she hustled towards the dark hole with every hope she could muster.

It proved fruitful. Jessica heard a recognizable ‘mrow’ once she reached the wooden set up. She lay flat onto her stomach, struggling to aim the light into the awkward space. An amber eye caught her attention and she cursed in relief.

“Miss Chanel?”

The animal shifted forward, obviously timid. Like her mommies, Jessica thought.

“Miss Chanel Fluffypaws?

A throaty meow sounded and she rolled her eyes at the cat’s nominal preference.

+Yoongie babe, I found her!

After sending the text, she couldn’t wait any longer. Jessica pinched her eyes shut and slid an arm into the darkness. She felt no blood or earthworms, yet that was half her troubles--getting scratched would hurt like hell. She’d suffer through a session in hell for Yoona, though. Without a doubt.

In her fear, Miss Fluffy backed further into the crevice. Jessica, not privy to its deepness, pushed further until her shoulder hit the edge of the patio. Luckily, the cat backed itself into solid earth.

“There we go, Fluffypaws. It’s only me, your cooler mother.” She stroked at her furry back where the Chanel logo would be. Feeling a cramp in her arm, she palmed the roundness of her sides, secured a firm hold, and fished her out without complaint.

Yoona was short of breath by the time she found Jessica sitting against a tree trunk, scratching behind her flatly folded ears.

“You’re a gem. Both of you,” the taller woman wheezed, plopping to the grass. “How is she?”

Jessica’s eyebrows lowered with worry. “She needs a vet. Something’s not right.”

“Avast, where be mah booty!?” Yoona growled in her worst pirate imitation. “An’ mah pot o’ treasure?”

“That’s a leprechaun, Yoong.”

“I get those two mixed up. They’re both fictional, right?”

“Pirates are not fictional. Stop trolling me and stop trolling the cat.”

Yoona waved a chubby cat body back and forth while she blinked boredly behind her kitty-fashioned eyepatch. “That’s Captain Chanel Fluffypaws to ya, sweetcheeks!”


“The sweetest of cheeks. Let’s see dat bootyyyy!”

“She’s going to hate you when that eyepatch is gone.”

Sick of the torment, Miss Fluff clamored from Yoona’s loose grip, sprinting wobbily across the room--not unlike a drunk, surly pirate.

“Correction, Sica,” she managed through a rather large laugh at their pet’s expense, “Captain Fluffypaws probably hates me already.”

“She has good reason.”

“Worth it.”

Jessica rested her head onto Yoona’s lap, aimlessly pulling at the frayed ends of a couch they never had the heart/effort to repair. “Remember when you went full creeper and told me you’d show your pussy?”

Yoona clucked her tongue against her teeth. “How about when you had gay panic and confused my shoe-tying for a kissing attempt?”

“You always bring that up!”

“It’s relevant!”

“Ugh, you.” Jessica covered her eyes with the other hand. “For the record, I really did want to kiss you. Day one, in fact.”

“You wanted me from the get-go. Hot damn!”

“Don’t get cocky. You didn’t have the moves to make it happen.”

“What about my moves last night?”

Even with her sight obstructed, she knew Yoona was waggling her eyebrows like the biggest douche in town. “You were there, Yoong. I’m sure you could hear me.”

Me? Hell, the neighbors could hear you.”

“I take it all back. Krystal shouldn’t have signed up for your gym.”

“You’d be single and Chanel-less.”

“Not necessarily.”

Yoona slid the fingers from Jessica’s face, topping the tip of her nose with a sweet kiss. “That’s what scares me. You belong here with me and my pirate cat.”

She grazed her favorite dimpled chin with the pad of her thumb. “That’s more like it.”

“And for the record,” Jessica guided Yoona’s mouth to hers, just to relish in the texture. Yoona parted her mouth to finish. “For the record, I did try to kiss you on the third date. You screamed, I died a little, and lo and behold--my Vans were conveniently untied.”

“You, you--” Jessica sprang to her feet to point an accusing finger. “YOU.”

Yoona slipped around her, hands up in surrender. “This will be funny in hindsight right?”

“You have two seconds to run.”

And so the once timid, woodland creatures threw all their inhibitions aside to sprint through their territory in a half love-half anger race. Jessica had never pictured this for herself. Her own family, equipped with a sharp-tongue girlfriend and a one-eyed cat.

Krystal was right.

Coming out did deserve a reward.


[Author&apos;s Note #1]A/N: Remember fluff? LOL. Hope this wasn’t too….cringey for y’all. It’s needed to balance out the JeTi fic, I promise. Happy 7/22!! *dances in my flawfree canoe*

[Author&apos;s Note #2]Another A/N: Thought you’d like to see my inspiration for the kitty. :3 Credz to whomever Google linked from Tumblr. AND AND AND I don't hate Prince. Teasing Tiffany's dog just seemed like a fun thing to do~
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xsunray: YoonSicxsunray on July 22nd, 2014 04:59 am (UTC)


Ahem. before I explode with fluff and love for Yoonsic again, I'd like to remind you that I prompted you with Sunsica and animals. BUT I DON'T CARE, IT'S YOONSIC AND A CUTIE KITTY. MISS FLUFFYPAWS (YES I LIKE FLUFFYPAWS MORE TOO) I LOVE YOU. okay shall start to spazz now~

I don't even know where to begin, you're really so good at this.. this... this writing thing. I'm glad I exist in the same world as you!

Shy Yoonsic melted me, they are soooo adorably tentative and all the little banters. I will 5ever enjoy all the banters you write <3 Their relationship curve is glorious, flufflypaws really did spice things up for them eh. And the Scottish Fold ears reference *spazzes over SIca's ears*

Yoona's unwitting pervy talks were so cute, I can totally imagine Yoong behaving that way. TEEEHEEEHEEE. What should I do? I love so so many parts of this I can't really pick out anyyyy. I'd probably read it again soon <3

P.S: Noooo. Why is little Soojung hetero? I demand that she's gay, especially since Jessica says that she's lost in the non-physical sense. my rainbow heart is chasing after bbjung~

Edited at 2014-07-22 12:03 pm (UTC)
checkinyourbra: jessica03checkinyourbra on July 28th, 2014 03:31 am (UTC)
INSERTOMGGURL.GIF Hehehhehee bbbbbbb always so swwwwwweeeettt ♥♥

So, the fluff wasn't too much? No death by diabetes??

THERE YOU GO WITH YOUR DEMANDS. I would say, "there's plenty of time for a cute SunSica fluff", but you have a habit of keeping record of my promises. >_>;;

Making them both timid was...different, to say that least. Not too different, but I'm used to having at least one sexually confident lady in the mix. Writing this dynamic was refreshing. ((Even if I was rushing back and forth between fics all day. Omg how did this get finished??))

Fluffypaws brought on the spice, didn't she? They needed the ball to roll somehow....SICA'S EARS ARE SO PERF. Krystal's ears have the kitty fold, too, don't they?? :33

"Unwitting pervy talks" is so aptly used for Yoongie's character here. *nods and hands over a sprinkled gay cookie* Read it again when you're feeling YoonSic/Fluff deprived~~

PS: MAKING DEMANDS? Gurrrrrl I outta toss in a hunky boyfriend of hers just to bother you.

...hehe kidding. I'll say she's closeted gay and making out with ladies on the low. That better? ^^

Thanksssss for reading~~
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checkinyourbra: yoonsic02checkinyourbra on July 28th, 2014 03:21 am (UTC)
Yet again, the Fluff Kween bestows blessings upon my page.

LET YOUR HEART BE FILLED WITH YOONSIC PERFECTION. ♥ *pats a spot for you in the canoe*

Aren't the the preshest woodland creatures? I need an irl pic of Yoongie wearing Vans, btw. *swoons* Gahhh thank youuuu, bb. Dialogue's always one of my favorites. So is the ADORABLENESS of Jessica's ears. I mean, they're SO CUTE <333

Hehe purrrfect. Kitty pun. :333

Thanks for reading, kiddo~~
exp_ithetaexp_itheta on July 22nd, 2014 05:36 am (UTC)
OMG DOUBLE UPDATE YASSSSS THANK YOU SPAHT! *burrows under first and second spot blankets*
checkinyourbra: yoonsic01checkinyourbra on July 28th, 2014 03:17 am (UTC)
*tickles you for being so cute*

And gurrrrrrlll I'm prolly gonna update again tomorrow. I'M PILING THESE UPDATES UPON YOUR HEAD. YOU ARE NOW MY SHELF.

grimmwieldgrimmwield on July 24th, 2014 03:11 am (UTC)
"Two mid-twenties baby-gays in the world and Krystal already had them married with multiracial babies in her head." HAHAHA i love this line.

Really fluffy and really cute story, I really like it :)

Thanks for this!
checkinyourbra: yoona03checkinyourbra on July 28th, 2014 03:16 am (UTC)
Hehehehehe that line makes me chuckle, too. >:333

Fluffy and cute?? Mission accomplished!! *break dances*

Thank youuuu for dropping by, bb. ^^
I la- la- la- love youregreted on July 24th, 2014 06:26 am (UTC)
Spot til im back from vacay... but hells yeah 722 is my day! Yoonsic and my birth all on one glorious day♡♡♡♡

This fic amazing. I cant wait to read it again.
checkinyourbra: yoonsic01checkinyourbra on July 28th, 2014 03:14 am (UTC)
Lucky you having a birthday on YoonSic Day. Meant to be~~~

Happy Belated B-day, btw. I hope you lived it up!!! And thank youuuuuuu. The second read should be even better. ;DDD

(Anonymous) on July 24th, 2014 04:06 pm (UTC)
I really love it :)
checkinyourbra: yoonsic02checkinyourbra on July 28th, 2014 03:13 am (UTC)
Really!?! Awwww, thank you very much, Anon. <3
(Anonymous) on August 2nd, 2014 05:10 pm (UTC)
Lemme grace your comment section once again….

first of all, that [s]pussy[/s]kitty name….I keep on imagining Miss Chanel Fluffypaws as a fabulous kitty with red feather boa around her neck and being carried in a posh leather LV bag *GASP! yes a LV*…..that or as a vogue dancer

scoot over cus I feel like joining you in your canoe….Yoonsic is saaaah adorbs in this! Two timid bbs reunited by a fab kitty, can't get anymore ghey than that! *not well-versed in the gay my ass!*. Well…while in the topic, ya wanna see my ass?? *shiftaaaaaay* And before you put your three days of whatever martial arts lessons to task muehehehe…it's the animal ass, a donkey and by my donkey, I mean my Eeyore. If your pussy can do it, my ass can do it too! *im so smooth…yep*

The image of Yoong hissing a cat on its face is so preshus and that pirate/leprechaun part made me lol hard! you and your lines once again :D


last question, can i see Yoong's pussy? ok? no? mmmm…this is awks…bais

Awes fluff, bb


p.s cats be havin sexy times in my neighborhood, why must they all be so loud? tsk
checkinyourbra: yoonsic02checkinyourbra on August 16th, 2014 07:40 pm (UTC)
Consider my page GRACED. :DDD I've been missing your prehistoric wit lately. :(((

OMG YES. The most faaaaaaaabuuuuu of kitties. Yaaaaaassss. *z-snap* A vogue-dancing kitty. <3333

There's always room in the YoonSic canoe!! I'll just balance myself on your shoulders. xD Yeeeyyyy for gayness and cats!! (Omg ikr. Someone was just being humble)

Well…while in the topic, ya wanna see my ass?? --Gurrrrllll. >_> You best be glad I find Eeyore adorable. Look at you trying to put on the Yoona moves. xDDD Yep. Just as awk.

Gaaahhh you and your mushy taste is making me super mushy. I'm glad you can appreciate the fluffy lines. <333 I WANT THAT CAT, TOO. DD:

<_< heh. :shiftaaaaaaaayyyy: THANKS FOR THE LOVELY COMMENT, YOU PERVY DINOBOO. PS: We have mad cats in our neighborhood, too, but I never hear them sexin'. (Un)Lucky you. xDDD

Edited at 2014-08-16 07:40 pm (UTC)
whyyyyyyyparachuterawr on August 7th, 2014 07:55 am (UTC)
“I’m going to kiss you now. Don’t scream.” - only Yoona can pull of these lines without having threats shouted back at her. Idk what I'm saying but I know I'm late at commenting on this piece and I'm sowy.

YoonSic be your amazing OTP with how fluffy you make them in your fics and that's just so lovely.

checkinyourbra: yoona03checkinyourbra on August 16th, 2014 07:42 pm (UTC)
YUS. *Only* Yoona, honestly. She gets away with murder in my fics, I declare. xDD Don't be sorry!! I'm replying y'alls amazing comments super late this time around. Life is soooo...lifey. >_> And KCON!!!

I can't help but make my ship fluffy, bb!!! I just see/think about them and all my dorky giggly happiness comes out. It's automatic. >.<

Thankssss, love~~
jorgenzenjorgenzen on September 27th, 2014 04:27 am (UTC)
omgawwwd, why didn't I read this sooner. yoonsic is love. and you simply have the best writings of them. (because of them i got hooked to wgtg tbh) this fandom needs more of them. and i'm moving towards them a little. :o

anyway, i love the chanel cat. the dynamic relationship. the funny but great dialogue between two contrasting characters. i loved the bits where the name changes of the cat and the easy-going personality of Yoona's. So refreshing.

Relationship goals.
checkinyourbra: yoonsic01checkinyourbra on October 8th, 2014 03:00 pm (UTC)
Hayyyyy gurl. :3333

Just gotta say, seeing you pop up made me smile so hard. Can't wait to get the rest of your fic all up into my noggin. Buuuut when fic feels better for me, I'll grace your page with my feedback. <33

Gahhhhh YoonSic is perfect in my eyes. *__* I'm so happy to give you feels and YES there needs to be more of them out there~~

Yayyyy refreshing!! Thanksssss, bb. You're the best. :**
sataengsminion: pic#124684095sataengsminion on July 16th, 2015 08:13 am (UTC)
Two mid-twenties baby-gays



checkinyourbra: yoonsic01checkinyourbra on July 25th, 2015 04:12 am (UTC)

dotzuck11 on March 10th, 2019 03:39 pm (UTC)
Ok, actually I was a new reader to your fanfic. You may check my first comment at the greener grass part 9, and guess what? I finished that fic at march 10 2018, and today is exactly a year after that! Lol that happened really by accident. Honestly, I will have exams for the next 2 weeks, and I wonder why I do visit your page before exams instead of study, just like the last year!😂
Btw, you kill me twice with your writing😭 yoonsic, why are they soooo smooth and dirt talking at the same time:' I like the way you characterize them! I can imagine that yoong and that sica and that pirate cat too lol. Speechless, I really am. And I'm glad you wrote this story, saving my life for the exams haha.
But, can I ask you something? Please write more yoonsic fic😭 I beg you I beg you I beg you I beg you I beg you I beg you I beg you l!! I love your writing style, just remind me of my favorite author, but she closed her page and disbanded:( I'm happy I can find your page tonight, and I wish you will never close it, please don't:(
And the last, I love you for your yoonsic stories! and the other stories too tbh. Keep writing:))
checkinyourbra: yoonsic01checkinyourbra on April 3rd, 2019 04:12 am (UTC)
WOW a year anniversary comment! Beautiful! :DDD

Hahahaha you know what? I've heard people read my stories during or right before their exams many a time. I guess I have that procrastination draw. ;D At least it saved your life!

Oh man, I will have to reread this myself. It's been so long and I recall being in such a fluffy mood for this one.

OH NO. BEGGING. A weakness. D: Ummmmm ummmmmmmm I really can't tell what I'll do in the future. >.<;;;;;;; But thank you for reading. And I plan to keep on writing. ^^ <333333