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07 January 2015 @ 12:38 am
Skandl! [02]  

Title: Skandl! [Chapter 02]

Pairing(s): TaengSic, side!YulTi

Rating/Genre: PG-13 + language; AU Idol Romance

Warning(s): None.

Disclaimer: I don't own Soshi. I don't own anyone, in fact. All Fiction.

Author's Notes: REELING from the Legend of Korra finale ((I’m little late, BUT I CAUGHT UP)) omggg. Don’t wanna spoil tho, so…...I’m in a good mood. hehe

Two: Taeyeon


Five years.

For five years, Lucky Six had been at the forefront of the charts, sweeping competition with a wave of their diamond-encrusted wrists.

Three years ago, Lim Theatrics put out its first successful K-pop group. Skandl.

Taeyeon often contemplated their potential had Lucky Six never mucked up the equation. If their peak would have been fully actualized. “Love Cut Open” easily reaped all kill status and yet--

“Taeyeon, what would you say?”

Veering from the internal, she faced a grinning panel of imbecile hosts. The chunkiest of the three--a shiny middle-aged man wearing a pea green vest--waggled his intent eyebrows.

“What would I say to what?”

The studio audience, along with the panel, vibrated with laughter. Taeyeon blinked over to the members at her left. Sunny blinked back, appearing just as unamused. Yuri, on the other hand, vigorously clapped like a circus seal.

“What would you say if Chris Hemsworth asked you out?” the shiny guy repeated, shooting a smarmy glance to his equally unappealing male co-host.

Taeyeon bluffed no intrigue. “Which is...is that Thor...or Spiderman?”

More laughs erupted. It pissed Taeyeon off.

“He plays Thor,” clarified the only woman on the panel, some has-been actress from the early 2000s. “Blonde, tall, piercing blue eyes, very muscular.”


I’d tell him to fuck off, she wanted to reply, momentarily wondering if Bae Jinnie’s baby-daddy resembled Thor. “Um...I don’t know. He’s not my type.”

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!” went the panel in unison.

The woman spoke again. “Not into blondes?”

Taeyeon smirked, blonde actresses circulating through her imaginary to-do list. “Oh, I’m certainly into blondes. Hair color is a non-issue.”

“Blue eyes creep Tae out,” Sunny supplied, sending the crowd and panel into another frenzy.

No, it was hazel eyes she hated.

“Tell us,” started the middle man, a gaunt fellow who starred in the highest-budget dramas, “What is your ideal type?”

She flipped a toxic eye roll and the skinny man’s smile wavered. He couldn’t have been too shocked about that reaction; that’s what Skandl was known for interviews--off-the-cuff comments and occasional rudeness. A perk as far as Taeyeon was concerned.

He turned, pointing a card in another direction. “Yuri, describe your ideal type.”

“Hmmm, my ideal type,” Yuri drawled, demurely poking a rosy pout. Gaunt actor and Mr. Shiny blushed at her cooperative reaction.

Talk show Kwon Yuri jibed much better in televised sessions than Sunny and Taeyeon. She smiled shyly, waved unshed tears from her eyes as she laughed, and even did a bit of aegyo to rile up the fans. Made Taeyeon picture Yuri in a more bubbly, manufactured group. Like Lucky Six.

Taeyeon's mind replayed news that’d reached her right before the show’s filming. It made her jaw clench with rage.

“Cleanliness. A trim body. Confident sense of style.” All ears hung on every word twirling from Yuri’s lips. “A heartbreaking smile...and I prefer dark eyes, too.”

Vague description of Tiffany Hwang, if any avid shipper fan would pay attention.


Yuri hummed, nodding. “Yes, I’d date a--someone Korean.”

“Would you date me?” the big, shiny dude joked.

“Nooo! You’re too old!” Snickers followed accordingly.

Has-been actress interjected. “You’re describing a very perfect man. What if you find a potential lover and he’s shorter than you?”

The men turned red as if height was the funniest concept imaginable. “Nice one!”

“I have nothing against dating shorter,” Yuri firmly responded, fingers interlocked. “Personality matters more than whether or not sh-someone is taller than me. I tend to dominate in relationships either way.”

Taeyeon kept her eyebrows static at Yuri’s near slip-ups. Like a pro, she attached the domination part as a diversion.

Yuri at tapings like these was the complete opposite of her stoic, unfeeling on-stage persona. Behind the scenes, her personality fit somewhere in the center. Super chill, positive through the hard times. Her “silent womanizer” headcanon among the fans couldn’t have been more preposterous, either. Tiffany’d bound Yuri in cupid’s chokehold since debut.

Taeyeon wished to be as badass as her concert act. As her members put it: she was a brat whose bad attitude fortunately translated into something cool. Instead of chasing ladies on the regular, she scrutinized Skandl’s performances for improvement every night and pestered Narsha about biased website articles. Chronic perfectionism.

“Sex Kitten” described Sunny impeccably. Beyond that, she wrote and co-wrote all their songs, held positions in music composition, and gained the most features in other singers' tracks. Sunny also coached LTE trainees in vocals.

Hyeri, for instance, sounded amazingly consistent during their tryst on comeback night.

Comeback night. Four months ago.

Taeyeon should have known her pleasant rest wouldn’t last long. Weeks approaching the new year, her paranoia returned. It was the day Elite Entertainment somewhat-explained Lucky Six’s postponement to “situate the group through very trying times.” Where this would maintain others’ peace of mind, it freaked Taeyeon out. ‘Situate’ and ‘postponement’ didn’t mean ‘end’. She’d only enjoy Skandl’s lead position when Elite’s CEO released a press announcement confirming disbandment.

“Back to you, Taeyeon,” 2000s actress said, mocking a scowl. “No blue eyes. No blondes. What do you like?”

If this old bitch listened, she’d notice Taeyeon mention that hair color didn’t hold any weight. Her mouth opened to say so when she felt a light touch at her knee. Sunny.

Sunny must have rehashed her type while she zoned out. Probably the same bullshit as the other billion times they’d been asked this asinine question.

Closing her eyes for a tic, Taeyeon gave her response in the most honest voice possible. “I like someone who knows what they want. Articulate. Charismatic. Driven. Someone whose quirks are attractive and sexy.”

The three hosts blinked dumbly.

“Okay, but what do you want him to look like?”

Taeyeon’s face fell into what Narsha called, her ‘honey badger sneer’.

“Tae told me dreadlocks were neat,” Yuri chipped in, bringing humor back into the stuffy air with practiced ease.

“Dreadlocks!?” Actor guy wheezed alongside his roaring co-hosts. “Who has dreads? Bob Marley? Is that your type?”

“Bob Marley died in the 80s,” Taeyeon deadpanned.

Mr. Shiny wiped both his eyes with squarish fingertips. “Taeyeon, you must understand. You’re one of Korea’s most desired idols. Won’t throw these young admirers a bone by describing your perfect match?”

“Loco!” blurted a high-pitched voice in the crowd.

Panelists went crazy yet again. Taeyeon hadn't laughed once for this entire shitshow.

“Ah yes,” shiny guy continued, “WINtertainment’s Loco recently named you his ideal type.”

A well-devised plan cooked up by their respective companies. Narsha gave her the lowdown months in advance.

“He called you ‘poised’ and ‘spunky.’”

Like a cocker spaniel. Taeyeon forced on a smile. “I heard.”

“Has any idol caught your eye? Ideal idol type, shall I say?”

Taeyeon fluttered bedroom eyes at the active camera, teasingly slinking an arm around her shorter bandmate. “Lee Sunkyu.”

Tagging along for the farce, Sunny broke out a cloying squeal. Crowds whooped and hollered. They snuffed up fanservice as indiscriminately as cocaine addicts.

“Sorry to say, but you can’t marry your members,” has-been actress replied hesitantly, revealing her homophobia.

Taeyeon leaned onto the table. “You don’t know that.” She gestured toward her own face, making eyes with the panelists, the actress specifically. "My ideal type has very feminine features. Pretty eyes and kissable lips. They have to smell sweet at all times and keep me guessing. Like Sunkyu.”

The audience enjoyed the answer. The panel, however, shifted in their chairs uncomfortably.

“Well,” shiny guy said, an annoying smile slugging across his face, “I’m sure Loco would wear makeup and put his hair in dreads to impress you.”

Relieved, the other two hosts sputtered uneasy laughs and avoided Taeyeon for the rest of the segment.

“Where’s the fire?” Sunny called after Taeyeon hurrying off the set.

“Elite put out a report concerning Lucky Six,” hissed Taeyeon, picking up her pace.

“Why doesn’t Yul just tell you?”

Taeyeon glared past Sunny’s shoulder at the musician bowing and properly dismissing herself from the film crew. “Tiffany’s keeping it top secret. Yul’s too loyal--should have found a way to weasel it out of her woman.”

“You can’t leave, Tae.”

“Watch me.”

Yuri trotted over, television smile dissolving. “Why are we whispering?”

“I overheard that Lucky Six has good news.” Taeyeon crossed her arms, tone accusing.

“I know nothing.”


“Not enough.”

Sunny twisted to face the taller girl. “Which isn’t nothing.”

“Fany made me promise!”

Taeyeon held her voice low, threatening. “We’re your best friends.”

“She’s--” Yuri bowed to a cameraman scooting past the walkway. “She’s my everything.”

“And you call yourself the dominating half,” Taeyeon scoffed, tearing down the hall. The other two trailed her 6-inch heels.

“Seriously,” Sunny pressed, “You can’t go yet.”

“Why the hell not?”

Yuri sighed, folding her arms. “Two-hour fansign. Rumors are lined around the block.”

Rumors: the official title of Skandl’s fans.

“Then, fucking tell me what’s happening to Lucky Six so I won’t be a bitch to them.”

“Tae,” Yuri placed a hand on her small shoulder. “what little I know will turn you into a mega-bitch for the rest of the night.”

“Don’t touch me, your traitor.” She shook out Yuri’s grip, stomping back to the stage.

The brunette slammed the van door behind her, rousing the person waiting in the backseat. Narsha pushed stylish glasses up her small nose, expression unreadable.

Taeyeon had never been so bummed about being the leader of the group. After the damned fansign, Yuri and Sunny were sent home as some stocky guy representing a teeny bopper magazine with a clipboard full of uninteresting questions snatched her up for a ‘lead singer’ interview. By the end of the his final bullet point, Taeyeon’s mood soured to aggressively bleak. She recalled bringing up starving children, serial killers, and the sham of popular publications.

“I fucking hate bows,” she grunted, snatching the red ribbon from her hair. Their stylist’s sullen apology was the only thing that kept her rooted before the mirror. “Fucking bows. Fuck this fucking hairstyle. I’m shaving my fucking head.”

“Do that and I’ll find the crummiest wig as a replacement,” Narsha droned, unaffected. Years of exposure to fussy star types made the thirty-something woman immune to Taeyeon’s tirades.

“I’m so damn tired. God, strike me dead.”

Narsha motioned for the driver to get going, acknowledging her client with a nod. “Are you done?”

“No. That squarish shiny fucking douchebag got on my last nerve. Do you know what he had the gall to ask me after the show? If I was having my monthly. Who the fuck does he think he is and no, bitch, I can have opinions that aren’t peppy as fuck without bleeding.”

Despite treading on the younger side for a seasoned manager, Narsha had been raised in a well-to-do family, exposed to the very best schools and early opportunities to the entertainment industry. So, her management always preserved a personal, relatable flair. “I worked with him for a comedy special once. He was an assclown then, he’s an assclown now. Assclowns tend to get their own shows--granted, if they’re men.”

“Can’t they ask us legitimate questions?”

“Seldom. Doesn’t matter how renowned Skandl becomes, media, hosts, and a majority of the horny population want to calculate their chances of boning you.”

“I hate that.”

“They produce the money, sweetheart. Assclowns and horny Rumors bring revenue.”

Taeyeon covered her face with cold palms, soothing her throbbing eyes. So many flood lights and flashing cameras.

Narsha scooted closer, swiping at her tablet. “Ready for the big news?”

“Oh my god, I forgot!” She sat up, suddenly awake. “How bad is it?”

“You better be glad you’re sitting down.”

Taeyeon chanced a single forlorn whimper. When Narsha’s eyes reflected what she could only assume was compassion, she read the headline.

Lucky Six WILL be back: Changes for the Best Unveiled

She threw her nose to the window, stuffing balled fists into her leather jacket pockets. “Impossible. Will Jinnie’s fucking baby sing backup?”

“Read the article.”

“Read it to me?” Taeyeon requested in a tiny voice. Narsha scoffed, but she knew she’d do it. Narsha served as a mother of sorts. Both parents, actually.

“I’ll give you the the important bits. Ahem--While Bae Jinnie is out for ‘undisclosed reasons…

Taeyeon snorted bitterly.

Lucky Six will not be downgrading to Lucky Five anytime soon. They’ve been rebranding and reworking their latest album--adding in five more songs to build the anticipated mini up to a full album. Why? Because they’re excited to show off a new face. That’s right--Lucky Six will be adding a new member. It may take cherished Charms--Lucky Six’s devoted followers--time to adjust. For that, Asia’s favorite girls are very grateful.

Taeyeon’s ground her teeth, waiting for more.

Surprised? Well, hold onto your hats for this: They’re not only replacing a member; they’re replacing Bae Jinnie's position. Lucky Six will reappear in grand comeback majesty with a brand new leader. Netizens are already a-twitter with predictions.

“They can’t do that! Does that even work?!”

Narsha read on. “All eyes will be on Jessica Jung, Elite Entertainment’s secret weapon. Straight out of training, she’s ready to take the reins as lead vocalist.

“That’s ludicrous. Failure in the making.”

The manager frowned at her screen, suspiciously engrossed.

“Narsha, c’mon. This can’t work.”

“I have inside information for you, baby girl. A friend of a colleague sent me a recent picture of this Jessica Jung. She has the face of a leader, at least.”

Goliath revived.

With a face lift.

“You really believe those Lucky Charms or whatever the fuck they call themselves will tolerate this lady?”

“It’s hard to predict. This is unprecedented for such a huge group.”

Their van parked in front of the dorm building. A bodyguard was already shuffling over, prepared to escort Taeyeon to the suite. “This is stupid. You can’t replace a member of their caliber, especially the lead singer of all people.”

“Would you like to see Jessica’s picture?”

“Fuck that! Fuck her--” Taeyeon kicked open the van door, nearly clocking her escort. “Fuck everything.”

“Don’t forget--tonight you have--”

The door closed out further dialogue.


Taeyeon sped ahead of her chubby bodyguard once the elevator dinged open. She traipsed to the doorway, doing her breathing exercises. Even the building itself felt suffocating and it only got worst as she approached the front door.

The man offered to use his keys on the lock. Taeyeon gifted him the honey badger sneer and rooted into her own pockets.

“Go guard somebody else,” she muttered under her breath.

She didn’t want his keys.

Or the trash in that article.

Or to see Jessica Jung’s plastic asshole face.

She’d be glad if she never saw another Lucky Six member as long as she lived.

Alas, the door creaked open.

Revealing Tiffany Hwang of Lucky Six.


Stupefied with fury, Taeyeon gently shut the front door. No need to frazzle personnel.

Lucky Six.

A Lucky Six member standing there. In the middle of the living room. Of her home.

Tiffany bowed weakly. “Hey.”



“Hell fucking no!” Taeyeon tore off her jacket, slapping it to the floor. “No! No! No! Nooooooo!”

Having a tantrum didn’t bring fear and she jumped in place anyway. “NO! Get the hell out my house!”

“T-Taeyeon!” Yuri stumbled from a bathroom, zipping up her pants. “Took you forever to get back.”

Tiffany and Yuri had been dating for three years. Three years. In these years, Taeyeon never saw the Sixer in their dorm.

Leave it to Yuri to start on the worst possible day. “Where’s Sunny? Is she okay with this?”

Before Yuri replied, Taeyeon barged into Sunny’s room. Empty, though she’d left interesting items sitting at the foot of her bed. Taeyeon snatched up two of them and returned to the living room.

Yuri’s agitated eyes darted back and forth. “You gonna tell on me or what? Of course Sunny knows. She’s fine with it.”

I’m not fine with it.”

“No shit.”

Insani-Tae,” she enunciated, pulling her girlfriend under her wing. “This is Fany. Say hi to the nice lady.”

“We’ve met before…” Tiffany murmured, trying on a smile.

Taeyeon didn’t return it. “Leave.”

Yuri’s other hand dropped tiredly to her side. “Stop being a jerk.”

“I’m a jerk when I’m pissed. Sue me.”

She leaned closer to her guest. “I apologize for her behavior.”

The two women, both taller, looked down on her with sympathetic, condescending eyes. Taeyeon seethed even hotter.

“Tell me, Tiffany,” Taeyeon uttered, receiving a leery squint from Yuri.

Tiffany stepped forward. “Yes?”

“If I held this here--” Taeyeon whipped a lighter from behind her back, flicking it right at her face. “would your nose melt off?”

As Taeyeon’s ass hit the welcome mat, she realized she underestimated Yuri’s strength. Thrown out by force to cool off.

“Come back when you decide to act like an adult.”

The front door’s deadbolt noisily locked from inside.

The lighter burned the end of the joint Taeyeon stole from Sunny’s room. At least her insides would be warm. She drew it in, holding smoke tightly in her chest before streaming heat into the chilly air.

Seoul’s evening skyline would’ve calm her if she hadn’t suffered such a shitty day. Only highlights: Sunny’s marijuana and scoring the secluded building roof. There, she usually held smoke breaks to blow out tension.

She cursed at the wind. Yuri could have at least let her grab a jacket. What if she got sick? Then, she couldn’t sing. Taeyeon took another drag to dispel the panic.

When the only metal door screeched open, she hid behind a concrete fixture, a breath from stamping out the joint. The voice, however, made her stop.


In lieu of another temper, she stepped from the wall. “You found me. Am I allowed inside?”

“I came to talk to you.”

“Fan-fucking-tastic.” Taeyeon made a seat on the cold flooring. She’d probably spend the night on that roof.

“If I get closer, will you push me off the side of the building?”

She waved off the ridiculous worry. Seconds later, Tiffany settled next to her, a little too comfortably. Taeyeon inched away.

“Mind if I tell you something?”

“I have a feeling you’ll tell me either way.”

“Yuri wanted us to leave early. I made her stick around.”

Taeyeon cringed. “You make her do things? Jesus.”

Tiffany had a healthy chuckle; it reverberated through the hollow metal area. “Relationships are all about balance. Yul has particular powers over me and vice versa.”

“I believe one of your powers involves Yuri lying to her coworkers and friends.”

“I told her we had a new member. That’s it.”

“It’s big news to me.”

“Can I tell you a secret?”

Taeyeon jerked her head, eyes severe. “Fuck no.”

Tiffany giggled, eyes crinkling into cutesy anime arcs. It was too much for Taeyeon, so she averted her gaze to her sneakers. “Please? Only you would understand.”

Without warning, slender fingers reached at Taeyeon’s face and she shuffled to create space, only for the concrete wall to block her in. A second giggle rattled her senses as Tiffany plucked the spliff from her lips. Speechlessly, she watched the singer take a long pull, eyes closing.

“Ugh, that’s good,” Tiffany rasped from deep in her throat. She pouted her lips and blew a perfect smoke circle into Taeyeon’s face.

She shook her head, glad for the shadows masking her blush. “That was pretty cool.”

“Worth one secret?”

“Fine...if you must.”

Tiffany helped herself to another puff, handing it off to Taeyeon’s outstretched hand. “I’m fucking mad, Taeyeon.”

There was rose lipstick on the joint. She placed her lips on it anyway. “Mad?”

“No. Fucking mad. At management. Our company. At fucking Jinnie. May she burn in hell.”

Taeyeon’s teeth bared in her first real smile of the day. “Why?”

“I don’t know why society’s so hung up on age. Jinnie being a mere half-year older than me automatically gave her leadership position.”


“Then, Jinnie sabotages herself and the group. I comforted the girls, told them the news, dealt with execs talking down on us like we’re bottom feeders...I was so ready to take the reins. I deserve to lead. Me.”

Taeyeon passed the joint. Tiffany needed it.

“I knew you’d understand because you hold Skandl together. People never appreciate alpha types like you and me, Taeyeon.”

She searched Tiffany’s profile, feeling bad about the lighter joke. She had a nice nose. It’d be a shame to singe it on purpose.

“You know, Jinnie never really took care of us. She’d babble some uninspired peptalk and call it a success. Count on ol’ Fany to whip everybody into shape.”

“Jinnie has a demon spawn to raise.”

Tiffany grinned broadly. “True. You’d think I’d come out on top. I’m a backseat leader yet again...to a new girl. It’s damn insulting.”

“This is your secret?”

“Mmhm. Don’t tell Yul. She’s been sick with worry. I can see it drawn on her face.”

Taeyeon chewed her bottom lip. “Yeah.”

“I need her at her finest for the premiere of your next single. She tends to miss notes when she’s low on sleep.”

“You’re um,” Taeyeon’s pupils reunited with her red sneakers as Tiffany boldly faced her. “cooler than I thought you’d be. I see why Yul keeps you around.”

She nearly choked when those damn fingers hooked around her chin, pulling her close. Fluffy ends of a stylish coat brushed her chin. “We’re not the vapid plastics you make us out to be, Taeyeon.” Tiffany brought the joint to the other girl’s face. Taeyeon grasped it between her teeth, staring straight into Tiffany’s eyes.

Severing her trance-like state, she gave Taeyeon’s cheeks a squeeze. “Taeyeon?”


“Are you lonely?”

The question hit her colder than nightly gusts or anything on a clipboard. “Whuh, why?”

“The way you’re looking at me. Like you’re dying to kiss your bandmate’s girlfriend.”

Ashamed, Taeyeon yanked her head from the light touch.

“Are you lonely, Taeyeon?”

She didn’t know why she’d confide in Yuri’s woman. Attraction? Mutual respect? Whatever the reason, she mumbled, “Can I tell you a secret?”


“Yes. I am.”

Yuri wrapped both girls in her warm arms the moment they stepped into the dorm. “They live!”

“She’s not so bad,” Tiffany teased, throwing her a smirk.

Taeyeon wiggled her shoulders. “Tiffany’s okay, I guess.”

“You have a guest, Tae.”

She perked at Yuri’s statement, following eyelines to the couch. There sat Narsha, who wouldn’t qualify as a guest. Though, the person next to her would.

“Miss Hwang,” Narsha pressed on a cordial smile. “your ride’s waiting for you downstairs. We have private matters to attend.”

“Oh. Um, thank you.” Tiffany bowed.

Yuri reached at the door handle. “I’ll walk you down.”

“Don’t be seen,” Narsha advised, voice ominous.

“We won’t.”

The male rising from the sofa towered over Narsha. His hair was pulled into a slick black ponytail. His outfit matched--black jean jacket, black Air Jordans, black skinny pants that sagged mid-thigh.


“Pleased to meet you at last,” he greeted, trudging forward.

Taeyeon kept her eyes on Narsha as she shook the large hand. Continued designs from an arm covered in tattoos dotted his wrist and and pointer finger like a long, decorative skin disease.

“Don’t give me those pleading eyes,” Narsha sighed, boredly retrieving a phone from her purse. “I told you this date would happen.”

Staged dates. Lim Theatrics’ bright idea. Known to be the “most authentic” of the Korean music companies, deep down, LTE was as fraudulent as the others.

Significant scandals for Skandl only occurred on their company’s watch. Nothing too crazy. Like a group full of lesbians. The sham relationship’s ball set in motion when Loco had to name Taeyeon as his ideal type two weeks ago.

Loco worked under the label of WINtertainment, a company that produced mostly R&B singers and rappers. He regularly collaborated with Chickasaurus, Taeyang, Miyro, and Rap Monster.

“Jinho will drop you two off.”

“Are you going to stay mums the whole date?” the guy asked, scuffing the heels of his Jordans onto the sidewalk.

Taeyeon shuddered from his musky cologne. “This isn’t a real date.”

“You’re right.”

Their only instructions were “walk next to each other in a scarcely populated area until our pap team is satisfied”. She hoped those hounds had already gotten their damned photos.

“It needs to be warm again. Can’t stand the cold, man.”

Loco spoke with a strong accent. Raised in the Bronx, New York, he was not only convincing as a rapper, but legit. Real tattoos, real swagger in his gait, real gangster background. A couple teardrops dotted under his eye. How many people did he kill?

“Tae--may I call you Tae?”


“Damn. Okay.” His deep laugh filled the air. “I go by Eddy to my friends. Eddy Moon.”

“I’m not your friend.”

His chuckle annoyed her. He obviously enjoyed this hoax.

They rounded a corner to an area more private. A park. Loco nabbed the opportunity to make further conversation, to Taeyeon’s chagrin.


Taeyeon.” She’d learned her lesson with Minah. Only Yuri, Sunny, and Narsha could her Tae. Tiffany, maybe.

“Taeyeon, you remind me of my cousin.”

“It’s the hair.”

“Yep.” More snickers. “Exactly like her. Same attitude and all that. Uncanny.”

“Stop trying to get to know me. It’s embarrassing.”

“Loco doesn’t get embarrassed.”

“Referring to oneself in third person’s pretty damn embarrassing.”

“My little cousin,” he went on, swinging his arms, “is my heart, you know? I think about her a lot. She lives in the States. Doesn’t speak a lick of Korean.”


“Y’all could be friends. Her name’s Kayla. She’s gay like you, too.”

Taeyeon paused in step. Loco’s small eyes creased, pleased.

“I mean, you two look nothing alike. She plays basketball for her college team. Real tall. Taller than me, in fact. But your attitude,” He pointed to nothing in particular. “makes me miss her. I’ll be 30 next year, Tae. I’ll treat you like a little cousin if it’d make this more bearable.”

“How can I trust you?”

“You can’t, I ‘spose. Gotta take a leap of faith, as they say…”

She grunted.

“I’m not into you or anything. Manager told me to state ‘Kim Taeyeon’ as my ideal type, so I did. Helps everybody. It’s better than forcing you to actually date outside your attraction level.”

Taeyeon eyed him warily. “You’re not into me in the slightest?”

“I don’t pick up girls by comparing them to my gay relatives.”

She stifled a laugh. “Good point.”

“If we’re comfortable ‘round each other, then it won’t be awkward.”

They walked wordlessly for a few minutes. Advantages of a fake boyfriend numbered themselves in Taeyeon’s busy mind.

“My ideal type--” he voiced, breaking the quiet, “Im Yoona.”

Of course it’d be a Lucky Six chick. They seemed to consume undue time as of late. “Gasp.”

“She’s got the whole package. Put in a good word for me?”

“If you did your research, you’d know I don’t speak with Lucky Sixers.”

“But, Tiffany Hwang was in your living room…”

Taeyeon rolled her eyes at their lack of tact. “Ah, so she was.” In her idol lifetime, she’d probably directed a grand total of twenty words towards Im Yoona in the flesh. A third of those being ‘bitch’, most likely. In irritatingly flawless idol-esque fashion, Yoona simply pushed on some constipated smile and excused herself from the vicinity. “I don’t talk to Yoona.”

“Too bad. Do you have a celebrity crush?”

“Jesus, not another ideal type question. I can barely stand them on-screen.”

“My mistake.” The loudest ringer ever echoed from his jacket. Answering, he ‘yupped’ through notes on their dating shoot and several thank yous for cooperation. “Cameras gone,” Loco affirmed, pocketing the phone.

“Let’s head back to the van.”

He thumped her in the arm. “Gettin’ rid of Loco already?”

“You said it yourself. Not exactly my type.”

“How ‘bout we finish this trail and turn around the block?”

“Works for me.”

When they reached the dim edge of the park, something caught Taeyeon’s eye. A brick building stood across the street, its facing wall sporting six large feminine cutouts.

“God, I’m so sick of them.”

Loco backtracked, taking a stance next to Taeyeon on the asphalt. “Lucky Six getting on your nerves?”

“They’re an infection. I hate it.”

“Anything I can do to cheer you up?”

“Like what?”

Loco peered over to the busier street. His eyebrows shot up when he locked on a particular sign. “Gimmie two minutes. Can you manage?”

“Yeah, but what---”

The rapped took off like a leggy, swooping silhouette.

She sighed, realizing boys were weird.

More than five minutes later, Loco showed up, a fishy smile gracing his lips. He nodded over to a dark area near the street that housed the wall art. “I hear you’re a bit of menace.”

Taeyeon pursed her lips, watching his hand patting onto dark denim. “What are you up to?”

He part one side of his jacket, displaying a white can of spray paint. “Do you want a scandal?” he quoted, eyebrows pointed as black steeples.

It’d be covered up for the newest member in due time. Why not?

For the next twenty minutes, Loco held her by the legs, guiding Taeyeon as she defaced the ad. A huge penis on Seohyun’s face and crotch. Lightning striking Yoona with ‘FAKE’ sprayed along the length of her body. Swollen boobs and crazy pubic hair for Sooyoung. A messy question mark covering Hyoyeon. A tame mustache for Tiffany.

Last but not least--Bae Jinnie. She exhausted the rest of the can for a giant pregnant belly holding a litter of devil-horned puppies.

“Shit. You’re ruthless.” Loco laughed, taking in Taeyeon’s handiwork.

“You’re not so bad yourself, Loco.”


“I’ll stick with Loco.”

“Hey,” His voice turned dark, almost ominous. Taeyeon clutched the spray can to her chest like a teddy. “I see you as family from this day out. Family means a lot to me.”


“Tae. If you need anything--legal or,” He motioned a tatted hand to the graffitied property. “...not. I’m your guy.”

Taeyeon kicked at the grass peeking through concrete cracks, tone dubious. “Not?”

“Call me by my name--Eddy--and your wish is my command.”

“What, are you some sort of genie?”

“I’m not magic.”

“So, a hitman?” A nervous squeak cemented in her throat when he didn’t smile.

Loco took the can from Taeyeon and tossed it to the street, completely ignoring the trashcan nearby. “I do what I have to for family.”

“Um, cool.”

“I’m on your side, little cuz.”

[A/N for those asking~~]

Psst. We meet Jessica next chapter. :333 xoxo

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checkinyourbra: taeyeon02checkinyourbra on January 7th, 2015 05:42 am (UTC)
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(Anonymous) on January 7th, 2015 07:14 am (UTC)
This is so fresh. I've read one or two AU rocker-Taeng but this one is my fav. She's just so raw here but still innately Taeyeon. She's all about the passion, and fk the bs that comes with being an idol. And really, what's a Taeyeon without perfectionism?? I can picture this Taeng irl behind closed doors. Maybe less vulgar, but still a badass.

I love the group names. They're genius. The fanclub names are awesome too. I'm really looking forward to reading this and seeing where it goes. It's been a while since I was this intrigued. Most of the good writers have either stopped writing or left the fandom. So seeing this is really nice. Thanks writer-nim!
checkinyourbra: taeyeon04checkinyourbra on January 11th, 2015 07:07 pm (UTC)
FRESH, YES. *flips on shades*

Out of curiosity, I read one Taeng AU rocker fic after I posted my first chapter. Thank goodness I didn't catch crazy parallels. xD You get it! Tae's extremely passionate--only interacting with others works her nerves haha. Oooh you see similarities to irl!Taeyeon? That'd be nice to know. :oo

Coming up with names is so fun for me!!! yaaaaayyyy

Writing and reading fanfiction is such a pleasure; I hope more writers put out stuff soon. I'm thirsty!

Thank you, Anon, for reading. :3333
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I still lub you, fellow pervinator~
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kimchi90kimchi90 on January 7th, 2015 12:23 pm (UTC)
Alpha Tiffanyyyyyyyyyy <3
i read that rooftop scene twice because i liked it so much lol
checkinyourbra: tiffany03checkinyourbra on January 11th, 2015 06:39 pm (UTC)
HA! I should of know. Alpha-Fany is totally kimchibi's type, yes??

Awwwwwww hehehe that makes me smile. Thank youuuuu ♥♥
(Anonymous) on January 7th, 2015 04:16 pm (UTC)
WHERE'S MY BACK PAT?! I SO DESERVE IT!!!! how could you bb...how could you??


Tae is a little bitch
Tiff could charm my pants off
Loco I'd like to have this dude around me... #nohetero tho

wait, I dont get how blowing smokes in one's face would be seen as cool, I'd cough then flip mah shiz

Rex bb

checkinyourbra: tiffany01checkinyourbra on January 11th, 2015 06:44 pm (UTC)
A back pat?? How 'bout a hug? :33 Because that's more comfy AND I DON'T WANNA TELL YOU YOU'RE RIGHT. hehehe /pats back; stank face

LOL I enjoy you laying out your feelings for me. Fany and Loco seem to do well in general~ And #nohetero, indeed. You like him--you just don't like, like him.

You cannot understand the mind of Skandl's Kim Taeyeon. She's....yeah.

하류cateyes330 on January 7th, 2015 09:39 pm (UTC)
hahaha did I mention how Taeyeon is a real bitch in your story? I'm pretty sure I did lol This girl needs to chill down. But I guess I would be super annoyed too when people ask me about my ideal type (appearance wise) when I care more about the internal qualities more or if I'm gay and they expect me to give the expected answer.

And Yuri is so sweet! I really like how she protects Tiffany like she is her everything. I have to say, what Taeyeon did was funny and clever, but so mean at the same time hahaha Poor Tiffany lol but I guess she forgave Taeyeon for calling her plastic hahaha So are Skandl members plastic free then? haha

Gosh, I hope Jessica can deal with all of this hate. Taeyeon will probably hate her guts too just for being new and the leader of Lucky Six. =( I'm excited to see how this plays out. Skandl's company should start staging gay relationships. hahaha Then Yulti can be real. <3

Thanks for writing such a long chapter. You're awesome! =D
checkinyourbra: jessica04checkinyourbra on January 11th, 2015 06:57 pm (UTC)
Hahhaha I should tally the 'Taeyeon'z a biyotchhhh' segment of Skandl's readership. It amuses me to no end. I'm glad you're still seeing where she's coming from, obnoxious or not. ;D

Are Skandl members plastic free?? Ahhhhh, not gonna touch that. Up to interpretation. Either works for me. All we know is that Taeyeon feels obliged to point it out on others. Yuri to the rescuuuuuee~

If Tae's too much for Jessica, I'll have y'all to defend her. hahaha

Staging gay relationships? Interesting. Wonder if society's ready for that.

boxxsaltzboxxsaltz on January 8th, 2015 05:24 am (UTC)
Stop teasing, bug. I finished this chapter and was like, "wait....that's it?" C'mon. Come. On.

I've already told you this but you've done a great job with this world. LIke I'm seriously zapped into it when I start reading. I don't think about the el world since there is one with the girls as idols because you've painted an alternate and believable one with your own Checksie flare. Keep it up.

WINtertainment was my thing in this update. idk why. Chickasarus and WINtertainment.

Darn you making me fall under the spell that is Tiffany. Her scene with Taeyeon was probably my favourite in this. And you talk about me with my random women and you bring in sexy, pot smoking TIffany and I got little weak. Another fav scene was the variety show one in the beginning because damn how dumb are those questions irl? Like serious. Ya nailed it.

Cousin Eddy and Narsha have my approval....unless you have something sneaky up your sleeve with Loco el loco hitman. *narrows eyes* I'm watching you.

I'll sit back ad wait for your ninja update again. I need more of your words to gobble up.

Until then.

Boxxy out!

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checkinyourbra: taeyeon02checkinyourbra on January 11th, 2015 07:25 pm (UTC)
T-teasing? Who, me?? :")

This Checksie idol world takes a lot of double-checking (heh) to build up, but I'm happy it's effective so far. IMMERSE THYSELF, FAIR BOXX.

I think you have a thing for ratchet!companies. Not that I don't blame you.

Irl smoking weed is such a hot visual. *___* RANDOM SIDE LADIES ARE SO INTRIGUING. Relate with me!111!!! Ngl, I'd be putty for this Tiffany. Or the real one. Or--wait, where am I? Ehehehehe writing about the variety hosts giving Tae grief was so fun.

>_> To quote Juelz Santana: "Don't watch me, watch TV."

One ninja update coming up! Thanks for blessing my page with your boxxiness, love~

*ruffles hair*
wiildestdreamswiildestdreams on January 8th, 2015 03:55 pm (UTC)

yuri is seriously the babest and how could anyone not like sunny? don't get me started on taeyeon, because your characterization is so different from what people usually stick her with and let me just say that it's completely amazing and w o w. and fany is such a cutie. bless this fic.
checkinyourbra: taeyeon03checkinyourbra on January 11th, 2015 06:49 pm (UTC)
MAY I SCREAM WITH YOU??? /desperate need to be loud

"the babest"--this is very accurate. Yuri's a babe. ♥ And ikr? Sunny deserves some love, especially since she quiet looks after Tae and her 'tude. I'm no Taeyeon fic expert, but that really makes me happy. If impulsive, cranky Kim Taeyeon resonates with you, that works for me. ^^ Fany IS cute--too much attractiveness in that YulTi couple.

Bless you for coming back. Thank you, bb~
wenkeywenkey on January 9th, 2015 01:16 am (UTC)
The fact my name is Kayla shocked me when I read my name in there all of a sudden. And I'm pretty gay too!

Surprisingly, I really like Loco here. He's very endearing and genuine.
checkinyourbra: taeyeon01checkinyourbra on January 11th, 2015 06:50 pm (UTC)
NOW I HAVE NAME TO ATTACH TO YOU. HI, KAYLA!!!! *waves* AND you're gay? SCORE. Two hundred points for us. :DDD

Loco's a sweeties. :3 Glad gay ladies like 'em.

Thank youuuu, Kaylaaaa~~~
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rndvlrn on January 9th, 2015 03:14 am (UTC)
[[“If I held this here--” Taeyeon whipped a lighter from behind her back, flicking it right at her face. “would your nose melt off?”]] ---- Oh my f-- that fucking shade! I almost spit out my tea! ROFL! Taeyeon is kind of a bitch and I love it.

[[They snuffed up fanservice as indiscriminately as cocaine addicts.]]---/dead

[["Taeyeon smirked, blonde actresses circulating through her imaginary to-do list. “Oh, I’m certainly into blondes. Hair color is a non-issue.”---]]----LMFAO this bish!!!!

[[" I tend to dominate in relationships either way.”]]----HAHA I'm pretty sure Tiffany woulda whoop her ass any time of the day. I must say Yuri handled that ideal types question hella well.


Just in this update alone you introduced/have so many others characters kind of reminded me of the LTH author. I like it but I hope there won't be too many other plot lines I don't think I can keep up with the names!!! I know you have already promised to not promise that you'll not destroy ship please dear God I hope there is no cheating/back-stabbing/any other way LA destroy ships techniques (haha). I'm too fucking dramatic for that.
So far it's awesome I'm looking forward to more & keep working on many more “Fan-fucking-tastic.” shades. It's life!

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checkinyourbra: jessica02checkinyourbra on January 11th, 2015 07:15 pm (UTC)

I live to make people spit out their beverages. Hope your tea wasn't too hot~

Yuri handled it well. No-one would notice those little stumbles~ And I agree about the ass-whoopin' thing. Yuri knows that Fany runs dis ish.

I love seeing favorite lines. :)))

It's idol-land, so this is most I've ever had to worry about 'extra characters', but it's necessary for the story to work. Ahh, the plot lines will stick to the main characters. I don't introduce certain characters for nothing. B)

So you know me as LA...hmmm. ;) LOL my rep of destroying ships. Hmmm. *giggles*

Thank you, bb~~~~
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checkinyourbra: taeyeon03checkinyourbra on April 9th, 2015 12:59 am (UTC)
Swweeeeeeeeettttt!!! I hope you're going out and having crazy fun in addition to occasional fic-reading sessions. (and um, are you writing, too, cuz....)

I AIN'T MAD AT CHA. *hugglesssss*

kim taeyeon is the person i wish i was whenever people ask about the kind of boys i'm into. --HA!!! This made me grin. If only we all could just say, "I WANT MY BOY LIKE A GIRL.....MINUS THE BOY PART."

Ahhhh thanks. I'm always wondering if I'm making things too harsh or slack and then I remember...this is my little universe. I'll do whatever keeps the story congealed. ;D I just remembered that y'all didn't see Jessica up close until Chapter three! So patient. :33

hehehe that's the general consensus of Taeyeon at this part. Entertaining, but slappable. She's SO pampered. Glad you caught onto that.

Ramble away!!! The rooftop scene was enough to show that Taeyeon's not 100% out of her mind. hahahaah

Thank youuuuuuuuuuuu ^^
the_bluebeariesthe_bluebearies on January 13th, 2015 05:40 pm (UTC)
reading this chapter made me realise I enjoyed reading your stories so much! I love everything in this chapter, the humor, OMG! awesome punch lines and so many quotes that I can't seem to choose a favorite line. xD

I LOVE THE TAENY SCENE! 2 of them bonding while cussing and swearing at lucky six's ex leader. very lovely scene and conversation. Yuri must be glad to see TY beginning to accept Tiffany. :)

I HAVE HIGH HOPES for this story, can't wait for Jessica's entrance!!!


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checkinyourbra: taenycheckinyourbra on January 15th, 2015 09:42 am (UTC)
YAAAAAAAAAYYY~~ That's such a compliment, bb. Ahhhhhh

I KNEW YOU WOULD. Tiffany's effin' charming, no? Awww I like that you think about Yuri through all this. :')

I hope I deliver. :ooo

ps: ♥♥♥ you're too sweettttttt //blushes madly
I la- la- la- love you: jessicregreted on January 26th, 2015 07:27 am (UTC)
this is such a treat for me cos OBVS i just started to day but it's like bingeing.

taeyeon is so childish and i love the shit out of it
2nd are you gonna murder someone, are you hinting at an actual hit. OMG drama and suspense, please say yes.
also loco... loco, cocoa i don't like him.

hasta la fucking vista
i'm so ready for jessica you hav eNOE idea

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checkinyourbra: jessica05checkinyourbra on January 31st, 2015 06:16 am (UTC)
BINGE AWAY! I missed seeing you pop up. ^^

Hehehehe you love that childishness? HUZZAH.

Heh....a murder....from me?? Hehe. ♥ BUT THIS ISN'T GONNA TURN INTO A MURDER MYSTERY, GURL.

:oooo You no like Loco?? haha cool, cool. I can tell you don't trust 'em. ;D

Laterrrrrsssssssss. You'll see more Jessica. Definitely. ^^
(Anonymous) on February 9th, 2015 01:45 am (UTC)
Man, this story keeps becoming more intriguing and engaging with every chapter. Tiffany/Taeyeon and Loco/Taeyeon bonding was great. Also, the "honey badger sneer" -- and the way that the story nails the behind the scenes workings of the entertainment industry -- so awesome.

Heading to the next chapter right now. Thank you again for writing this. I am thoroughly enjoying it.
checkinyourbra: taeyeon01checkinyourbra on February 11th, 2015 07:17 am (UTC)
Re: YAAAAAAAAS !! (02)
I'm here to engage, love! Call this our engagement ♥...wait.

Our grumpy little Taeyeon can bond when she lets that guard down a bit. ;D

This almost makes me want to go through my pictures for a irl Tae pic close to the honeybadger sneer. I'm sure there's at least one that matches the image in my head.

Ohhhh does it nail those scenes to you?? Thank you. Seriously, I'm fudging this as I go. I'd research more, but that's too much work. hahaha

Again, thank youuuu!!
sataengsminion: pic#125231679sataengsminion on September 30th, 2015 06:29 am (UTC)

Asshole Taeng. Bless you, mini sataeng.

Taeyeon and Loco are bros, get that straight, La! >:(((((

Jinnie bish <_< Heh.
checkinyourbra: jessica04checkinyourbra on October 11th, 2015 07:42 pm (UTC)
Taeyeon spreading her Sataeng ~love all around. I actually started rereading Skandl!, too (I cringe sometimes ughhh) and I really enjoyed Tae being so grouchy. Presh angel.

Just like Jinnie, your favorite.


PS: Taeyeon and Loco are totally lesbros. hahaha