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12 January 2015 @ 12:06 am
Skandl! [03]  

Title: Skandl! (Chapter 03)

Pairing(s): TaengSic, side!YulTi

Rating/Genre: PG-13 + language; AU Idol Romance

Warning(s): Nada.

Disclaimer: I don't own Soshi. I don't own anyone, in fact. All Fiction.
Author's Notes: Look! Jessica exists!

Three: Jessica


Girl groups were hell.

The blonde collapsed onto her bed, every known muscle twitching with fatigue. She spent the majority of her “free” time exercising at an Elite-ordained gym. If not there, she practiced her dance steps at private studios. After routines seared themselves into her cranium, voice control lessons stepped up as a required contender.

She grimaced, rotating a tender shoulder. One would assume countless body sculpting, leg-pretzeling steps, and a worn throat would prioritize her stress.

In actuality, circumstances outside her quests for self-improvement catered enough hellishness. Physical pain may hurt on the surface; girl-on-girl cattiness cut deep.

Jessica Jung was an outsider. An intruder of a happy family. The evil stepsister.

Sounds of the girls cheerfully buzzing around the common room brought longing to her small, beaten-down frame.

Soon, she’d hear them laugh through dinner, wish each other goodnight, and clamber into their two bathrooms. Lucky Six nights regularly ended in some grooming-related incident--Hyoyeon seemed to be involved in the majority. The wild card of a woman left her flaxen hairballs in any sink, counting the kitchen sink. Jessica grinned at the messy habit; she’d find a place to love them if they’d accept her into their circle.

The vetted five members of Lucky Six’s interactions had warmed compared to her first week moving into the dorm. Attitudes evolved from animosity to indifference and now...Jessica rolled onto her chest. Curiosity? Sly comments and a stranger’s over-politeness died off for the most part. The youngest two, Yoona and Seohyun, invited her to breakfast sometimes. Tiny gestures stood out tremendously since groupmates conveniently “forgot” to include her in non-career-based outings.

What sucked the most? Jessica was expected to smile no matter what. Their company planned to really milk her image once the Six came out with their newest single. For that--and, obviously, replacing their beloved Bae Jinnie--she’d earned the passive-aggressive side of the stick. Leftover seat in the van. Last choice of complimentary snacks. No pats on the back at a successful high note nor a shred of constructive criticism.

Jessica had big stilettos to fill. To that day, Bae Jinnie’s ghost domineered an everlasting presence in the household. If she heard another “Jinnie did…” or “Soojin always…” comment in relation to her, she’d….do nothing.

Only remind herself to smile.

Besides, it’d be five to one. Those ladies were sisters and she desperately craved to be welcomed.

Her hand felt for a vibrating phone atop her bedside table.

“JiWook, I’m hungry,” she whined into the receiver. Jessica hated having a manager as her confidante when Soojung, her sister, cut off from society to drill in statistics and Bach recordings. He couldn’t truly open up or give unbiased advice--a reluctant vessel for her troubles.

“The girls usually order out on Thursday nights.”

“Want dinner? I’ll meet you somewhere.”

JiWook sighed. He did that often. “It’s time you take more steps towards befriending your groupmates.”

“Why should I? There’s more of them. It’s too damn intimidating.”


“Sorry.” She drew invisible designs on her pillowcase with a pinky. “Dinner with me? I’ll pay.”

“You’re on your own tonight, Miss Jung.”

“Why can’t you call me Jessica?”

“It’s inappropriate. I’m setting clear boundaries.”

Jessica hated his unending professionalism. She needed a friend. “Fine. I’ll starve.”

“Give it another shot. You’re the leader, remember? Prove your worth.”

More like a fish out of water thrown into a high-pressure skillet. Jessica twined her sandy hair in frustration. “Stop calling me a leader. I’m not a fuck--”

Language, Miss Jung.”

“I’m not a self-important, god complex type. I just...go with the flow.”

“Flow on into the kitchen to claim your space as a rightful member of Lucky Six.”

Jessica snorted, rolling her eyes. “Your inspirational speeches suck.”

“Goodnight, Miss Jung.”

The phone thumped onto the comforter. Starve, she will.

Another solo activity: betting on who would win each squabble. The walls failed to conceal loud-mouth bickering and inevitable disputes. Apparently, that’s what kept Lucky Six sane: the ability to speak their minds.

So far, Sooyoung’s voice overshadowed the lowly suggestion made by whom Jessica’s guess was Seohyun. The youngest managed to keep her tone level no matter how peeved. From the back and forth, Sooyoung’s choice of restaurant served the best tempura. Seohyun’s choice--Jessica strained her ears--delivered a greater array of dishes.

Her stomach growled. Tempura sounded delightful. Hopefully, Sooyoung would win.

The front door to the dorm clicked open right when Jessica noticed a missing person. Tiffany was home.

“Fany!” twenty-something children cheered.

Tiffany’s volume matched Sooyoung’s. “Seohyunnie, why the long face? Sooyoung bullying you again?”

“I’m not a bully!” the tallest spouted defensively.

Contrasting voices merged into a rising cacophony of food-based opinions. Jessica stuffed a pillow to her ear. Thank goodness most of them honored specific bedtimes or she’d never sleep.

Speaking of sleep, she feigned it once the bedroom door opened.

Sharing a room with Tiffany Hwang reminded Jessica of having social butterfly roommates in her early trainee years. Tiffany wasted no day--either leaving in a flurry, designer bag in hand, or coming home late, humming to herself drunkenly, though she rarely smelled of alcohol. Boyfriend behavior, Jessica concluded.


She stirred, hoping to look authentically groggy.

“Hey, Jessica. Have you eaten?”

“Mm, no,” Jessica murmured into the pillow, eyes shut.

“God, you’re not anorexic or anything, are you?”

Jessica frowned. How crass. “No, only tired.”

Something hard hit her in the hip. Tiffany’s knee. “Tired’s a crappy excuse. We’re all tired. Get your ass out there and pick from the menu.”

Be it Tiffany’s sudden desire to include her or the authoritative timbre, Jessica sat up all the same. “Okay. Thank you.”

“No-one needs you passing out at practice tomorrow. Eating time is bonding time, so stop being a priss and bond with us.”

Jessica wanted to argue, but she was too exhausted.

The common area fell silent once Tiffany emerged from the bedroom, dressed comfortably in slippers and Betty Boop pajamas, pulling Jessica by the wrist.

“You have a minute and a half to choose,” Tiffany ordered, shoving a paper pamphlet into Jessica’s chest.

Sweet potato tempura caught her eye immediately. She looked up helplessly, worrying on who to tell.

Tiffany read her thoughts. “Write on the whiteboard,” she said, holding a marked-up panel in the air.

Jessica quickly jotted down the tempura with a side of sashimi and started to hand it back.

“To Sooyoung,” Tiffany lounged on an end of their large sectional couch. “Her restaurant choice; her order. It’s one of our sacred Lucky rules.”

To Tiffany’s left, Yoona and Hyoyeon stroked the speckled fur of Miso, the group’s monster-sized cat. He stretched across Hyoyeon’s lap, green eyes judging. Sooyoung sat at the other end of the sofa, entering orders on the laptop resting upon her long, tan legs.

Seohyun came from the dining area holding a glass of wine. “You can sit next to me, Jessica.”

The blonde nodded, grateful for another friendly face.

The tall girl shooed Tiffany into an upright position and motioned for Jessica to take place between herself and Yoona. Miso sprinted from Hyoyeon’s lap at the intrusion. Jessica blushed at the disappointment plain on their faces.

“How was your day?” Seohyun asked softly, hands prim and properly folded in her lap.

Jessica couldn’t block out the additional six eyes watching her mouth hinge open. “Busy. Mostly abdominal work. Did some dance practice. Skyped with my parents.”

Seohyun’s voice rose, regarding the woman on the laptop. “Soo slept all day.”

Yoona and Tiffany giggled. Jessica bit out a smile, trying to catch eye contact with Sooyoung. “Sleep is good.”

“Don’t encourage her. She should aim for productive schedules like yours.”

Sooyoung responded, unsmiling. “I know all our routines, Juhyun. She needs to play catch up.”

Awkward silence washed over the living room. The lanky girl hunched intently into her computer. Miso stared at Jessica from a distance, sharing sentiments.

“That’s it!” Tiffany snapped, causing a few members to jump, “Jessica’s here to stay whether some of us like it or not.”

Jessica didn’t know how to read that.

“Remember our first night together in the dorm, girls? During that transition from competitors to team members?”

“I hardly slept. I thought one of you would chop my ponytail off,” Yoona drawled, eyes hazy with recollection.

“Right! Can you imagine how Jessica feels?”

“I wouldn’t cut your hair,” Yoona assured through her famously broad grin. Jessica covered her pink cheeks and glanced the other way.

“I made us play a game that night. The round-robin where we named one favorite superficial quality, something embarrassing, and a secret.”

Seohyun clapped. “That’d be fun for nostalgia's sake!”

“Aren’t you nosy ladies interested in Jessica Jung? Maybe her secret will be juicy.”

Yoona settled deeper into the couch, thumbs twiddling. “A good time-killer until our food gets here.”

If it gets here,” Hyoyeon mumbled under her breath. In protest, Sooyoung made a show of typing slower.

The game moved clockwise--Seohyun first and ending on Jessica each round. Revealing their favorite physical attributes: Tiffany prided in her smile, Seohyun lauded her brain (everybody groaned), and Hyoyeon kicked her toned legs with fluid fitness. Jessica timidly brought up her eyes, immediately regretting it when four of them gravitated to her face, giving the pair thorough inspection.

Most embarrassing moment produced the best laughs. Sooyoung had three--all absurdly entertaining. Tiffany disclosed a masturbation story so vividly that Seohyun begged for her to stop midway. Yoona’s memory of a dog peeing in her suitcase had the room cringing. Jessica colored bright red and revealed that as a fan, Im Yoona was her bias, so she had the hardest time sitting close to her. The group “aww’ed” as Yoona pinched her cheek playfully.

The secret bit turned out to be the hardest since they knew too much about each other to cook up anything worthy. Therefore, they amended the question to Jessica only.

She knew off the top of her head what to say. Whether her potential friends would accept it was a whole other animal. “I do have a secret.”

“Do tell,” Yoona’d grown comfy since the bias answer, leaning onto Jessica’s lap.

A pillow solidly slammed the girl in the ear. Compliments of Hyoyeon. “Move, Yoong. The back of your head isn’t that cute, for fuck’s sake.”

After consoling dramatic Yoona whimpers, Jessica exhaled all inhibitions. This was important. “Only immediate family and friends know...that I’m gay.”

She couldn’t readily determine what their blank faces meant.

Yoona appeared more intrigued than offended. “Like, eating pussy gay?”

Jessica choked out an uncomfortable giggle. “Y-yes. I’m a lesbian.”


“You and Tiffany can swap notes,” Sooyoung laughed, pointing at the dark-haired woman whose face hadn’t reacted yet. “She’s dating a girl.”

The doorbell rang, sending hungry idols scrambling to their feet.

“C’mon, Jessica,” Seohyun gripped at her hand. “Hyo has a habit of lick-claiming everyone’s dessert.”

“Too late!” Hyoyeon announced, violating a row of mochi.

Jessica followed, though Tiffany’s daze remained an enigma. She’d ask about those thoughts later.

Lucky Six round-robin yielded two facts: the girls were hilarious as they were stunning and Tiffany Hwang happened to be the true leader. If she hadn’t thawed in attitude, the rest wouldn’t have made more effort.

“Don’t take anything Sooyoungie or Hyo say personally,” Tiffany snorted, quaffing straight from a champagne bottle. “That’s why they share a room--so they can be insensitive idiots to each other.”

Jessica shallowly sipped her red wine. “Okay.”

“We were oil and water in the beginning. Then, I got used to their tone and went with it.”

The after-dinner party moved to their respective rooms. Judging by the stillness shadowing the dorm--Seohyun and Yoona their neighbors; Hyoyeon and Sooyoung’s room at the end of the hall--they were the only two awake at that hour.

Jessica fretted enough finally ask, “How long have you been with your girlfriend?”

“Three years,” Tiffany mused, patting an empty spot on her bed. Jessica sat on the corner, tucking her legs beneath herself. “She’s the most conscientious, beautiful person I’ve ever met.”

“I have the worst gaydar. Never would have pegged you.”

She wiped away a bubbly mustache. “Nobody guesses me. You, however...”

“Am I--” Jessica’s gulp went down the wrong pipe. “Am I obvious?”

“Only to me. The way you leered at Yoongie…”

“Stop! I’m just starstruck.” As excited as it was to work at Elite--the creators of the biggest acts in K-Pop--the company had a system set up to prevent pre-debut rookies and trainees from fraternizing with established acts. Therefore, Jessica haggled for concert tickets and fan chanted like all the other Charms.

“Good. Yoona’s my sidekick.”


Tiffany folded an orange Ugly Doll under her chin. “Aren’t you going to ask my girlfriend’s name?”

The blonde grinned, giving in to the woman’s immaturity. “Who is your girlfriend?”

“She’s famous, too,” Dark eyebrows bounced suggestively.

“Really? An idol?”

Tiffany nodded, cheeks rosy. “From a popular group. No nugus for me.”

“I’d know of her, then?”

“If you’re familiar with Yuri of Skandl, yes.”

Jessica’s wine dribbled down her chin in fangirlish excitement. “Shut up! You and her? Together?!”

“Three years.”

“I thought the gay act was…an act.

“Between the members, it is.”

“Shit, I had no idea.”

“Jessica, she’s so right for me.” Tiffany fell onto her side, empty bottle and stuffed toy clutched to her bosom. “Yuri’s as romantic as the first day we went out. She’s faithful and gentle and ugh, I trust her a hundred percent. Two hundred percent. And the sex--”

“Oh my god, tell me about the sex,” Jessica gasped, landing on her elbows to scarf all details.

“If Juhyun let me finish my story, you would have known I was masturbating for Yul by webcam. It ended...loudly.”


“We go on dates as frequently as possible. They all end in a car or a hotel on special occasions. That’s when she does me like a wild animal.”

Two top-dollar female idols dating--each other?! Jessica could hardly prevent herself from screaming. “And when you say wild, you mean…?”

Tiffany’s lips stretched into a grin. “She ties me into submission and bites me so hard that my makeup artists hate her.”

“Fuck, I’m so jealous.”

You’re single?”

“I’ve been mainly focused on joining a group and,” Jessica twirled her empty glass. “now I’m here.”

Tiffany read the air for a second, obviously coming up with her next question. “How much do you like Skandl?”

“One of my all-time faves. I have all their albums. ”

“Would you be up to meeting Taeyeon? I have a feeling I’ll be spending more time at their dorm.”

Jessica’s broke into a sweat. “I-I don’t...is she even?”

“No pressure,” Tiffany emphasized, “I’m not trying to hook you two up or anything...though, if I may confess,” She busied at her phone, maximizing an ad of Kim Taeyeon in a plain white tee and thousand-dollar headphones. “You two would look hella cute together.”

She swatted the phone away as Tiffany held the image beside Jessica’s face. “Relationships are risky a-and I’m debuting soon.”

“Who cares? Yul was in the same boat.”

Jessica buried her face into a blanket. “What are we talking about? I don’t even know if she’d like me. I’ll probably come off like some dorky Rumor.”

“You’re too attractive for that to happen.”

“Doesn’t she hate our group?”

“She won’t hate you. Believe me. Taeyeon’s no match for our charm.”

“How do you know?”

Tiffany set an alarm for 8 a.m.--a few hours away. “Don’t tell her I told you, but she’s a lonely little urchin. It’s fucking pitiful.”

“Oh,” Jessica rested a cheek in her palm. “That’s surprising.”

“I’m going to catch some z’s. You should, too. JiWook has confirmation notes about our comeback.”

In two days, the official announcement of their comeback and multiple teasers would hit the airwaves. Jessica slid from the bed, blood racing tracks around her heart. “It’s sneaking up on us.”

“Yep. Don’t fuck up.”

Jessica flipped the light switch before shuffling into her covers. “Goodnight, Tiffany.”

Tiffany’s phone blinked on. A late night text to Yuri, undoubtedly. The woman’s bedsheets rustled as she plugged the device into its charger. “Night, secret weapon.

Any warm, fuzzy feelings from earlier hardened into pure panic. Would a single blunder demolish her chances of of acceptance? Not only from her groupmates, but the media--Charms--Asia--the world?

The world was waiting.

Vigilant of failure.

Seeking solace, she unlocked her tablet, hiding it beneath her thick blanket. Jessica lacked the strength to rummage through her belongings for ear buds, so watching a movie wouldn’t work. She could muck around on Tumblr; it had a tendency to hold her attention.

Jessica scrolled past assorted blog subjects--sweets, kittens, American movie trailers, more sweets, illustrations, Korean Entertainment, Taeyeon…

The tip of her pointer finger acquired a life of its own.

Kim Taeyeon.

Months ago, the lead singer of Skandl was light years away. Galaxies out of reach. Untouchable.

Tonight, those spacious boundaries shrank to her backyard.

Frightening, yet exhilarating.

Props to obsessed fans who archived endless idol photos on social media. Taeyeon shopping in Bangkok. Taeyeon in lavender. Taeyeon kissing a boa constrictor. Taeyeon snubbing paparazzi. Taeyeon sauntering through an airport in baggy sweats. More, more, more Kim Taeyeon.

“We could be friends,” she breathed in her softest voice, absorbing every curve of her body. That sharp glint in her eyes. Her wicked concentration face.

Blazing hot.

One previously overlooked observation struck Jessica in an uneasy way. Through dozens of high quality images gliding up her screen, only a handful showed Taeyeon actually...cheerful? The majority of her smiles were more half-smirks than anything else.

She pondered what it’d take to make Kim Taeyeon unreservedly smile.

By sunrise, Jessica knew they should be more than friends.

Lucky Six’s Comeback performance night.

The whirlwind of weeks building to this point blew Jessica in any direction possible. Outrage cascaded from the change of face. Media buzzed for the same thing. Charms declared dedication for the “new” Lucky Six. Others failed to show up. Or worse, clammed up whenever Jessica’s face appeared on the music show’s monitor.

Her least favorite trend? Anti-Jessica buttons. They littered the crowd like bright red measles.

Thankfully, their latest music video and song shut down the charts. Very encouraging.

Promising news items and enthusiastic reports provided confidence to go on. She needed it because it’d become harder to rock the ‘smile mask’.

Her members--friends--gave Jessica the biggest boost. Cooperative practice sessions and chats over calorie-counted meals kept her sane. Every now and then, she’d accompany the YulTi couple on stress-relieving excursions in the middle of the night. They’d wake up the next morning listless and hungover, though it was worth it.

She had yet to cross paths with Taeyeon.

“We’ve done this routine thousands of times,” Seohyun reassured, both her hands squeezing Jessica’s shoulders. “You’ll justify yourself.”

Jessica pressed on a weak smile, meeting her eyes in a makeup station’s mirror. The younger woman looked amazing. Her long, black hair was pinned into waves to accentuate their retro-West 1940s theme. Seohyun presented a classic, timeless type of beauty. She wanted to say so; her lips wouldn’t budge.

Yoona’s weasel-y fingers prodded her sides and she spat out an unexpected cackle. “Sica! Stop worrying or I’ll fake a seizure onstage. I swear to god I will!”

Sooyoung slipped her head into the station, patting her hairdo. “Listen to the freak. She’s not bluffing.”

“I swear to Krishna I’ll go full vibrator mode and spoil the comeback!” Yoona shamelessly hollered as she exited the dressing room.

“If Yoona spoils the show, I’m killing everyone.” Hyoyeon didn’t smile while she said it, but Jessica detected the harmless humor embedded in her tone.

Tiffany idled, leaving the two of them alone. The stylish concept fit her roommate to a T. She could have walked right out of a black-and-white pin-up magazine.

They stood there, unspeaking. Watching one another through the reflection.

Full lips barely brushed Jessica’s ear as she hissed, “Don’t fuck up.”

Jessica sucked in a heavy breath and closed her eyes.

When they fluttered open, she was standing before a vintage microphone. Her girls held their heads down, sealing their places.

Flood lights burst onto the platform. Golden rays echoing her hair wrapped around the silver microphone stand.

The band came to life. A heavy triple clang of a cymbal marked their cues to sing.

Any trepidation dissolved instantly.



So, I believe the updates for Skandl! will happen every 5-7 days. :))

Btw, does anyone else miss Taeyeon’s creeptastic instagram posts? Like, the ones of her in a dark room, ready to give her scrolling fans heart attacks? Return to us, trollish Sataeng. hahaha

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Lol unexpected but cute haha
checkinyourbra: jessica04checkinyourbra on January 15th, 2015 09:44 am (UTC)
I like unexpected!! I want this to continue happening.

In the good way, of course. :P

Thank you, bb :))))
(Anonymous) on January 12th, 2015 08:12 am (UTC)
shit. I might be in heaven.
I haven't been this giddy for a fic since Practicing Lesbians. Go figure. Btw I was the PL ANON from your ask. YOONA. JESUS, LA. YOONA. I swear the way you write Yoona in all your stories are great but this one might be my favorite. "I swear to Krishna I'll go full vibrator mode and spoil the comeback." UGH. And of course Jess would be a complete fan girl for Yoona. Oh dear god. I know you said weekly updates but damn I hope it's more frequent than that. Didn't know you'd make Jessica a lesbian from the start but ugh love that she's not keeping it hidden and having random feelings for girls and realizing she's gay for Taeyeon later on.
checkinyourbra: yoonsic02checkinyourbra on January 15th, 2015 10:08 am (UTC)
♪ ♪ Baby, you're all that I waaant, when you're lying here in my arms. I'm findin' it hard to believeee we're in heaven~~ ♪ ♪

HIIIIIIIII PL ANON. Practicing Lesbians always keeps a special place in my heart. :') Oh, gurl. You know I gotta make my Yoongie an entertaining widdle weirdo. That swear to Krishna line....thank you for loving it. I thought of it in the shower, if that interests you.

Who COULDN'T fangirl Yoona? >:(( #biased

Idt I can go more frequently, but some chapters get on the longer side. I try to put a lot into each chappie.

I love that Jessica's not hiding all secret gay. I wasn't here for that for this fic. Jessica comes out as gay and we move to the next scene!!


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checkinyourbracheckinyourbra on January 15th, 2015 09:44 am (UTC)
*warms spot with a rainbow blanket*
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Honestly screw this kpop world we currently have right now, I'LL TAKE THIS ONE ANY DAY
checkinyourbra: yuri02checkinyourbra on January 15th, 2015 09:45 am (UTC)
Maybe you heard it from where you live, but I CACKLED SO MUCH at this. Can you imagine?? Thank youuuuuuuuuuu
(Anonymous) on January 12th, 2015 01:47 pm (UTC)
checkinyourbra: sunny01checkinyourbra on January 15th, 2015 09:46 am (UTC)
Spazzing?? YUUUUS, PLEASE.

하류cateyes330 on January 12th, 2015 04:16 pm (UTC)
OMG OMG OMG Jessica is finally here!!! YAY!!! Hahahaha I like her character so much already. She's adorable and she fangirls. Wow seriously, if one day I somehow become an overage Kpop idol, I would ask Taeyeon AND Jessica to go out with me (Yes, both because I'm greedy that way) :D hahaha lol the only reason why I would ever give the kpop idol job a consideration.

HAHAHA holy Tiffany is great! I love her character. She is a true leader like how Jessica describes her to be. And she needs to reveal more about the awesome sex had with Yuri. Totally made my day. I still can't really believe you included Yulti, they're my next fav couple hahaha

And then we have Taeyeon, man I hope she doesn't hate the shy Jessica. Maybe she won't since Jessica is too hot to resist. :3

An update once a week is a blessing lol I can't ask for more. So thank you very much!

P.s. Staging gay relationships would happen in the next 200 years if ever at all (at least in Korea). Sad but that's how it is. =(
checkinyourbra: jessica04checkinyourbra on January 15th, 2015 10:18 am (UTC)
JESSICA'S REAL. :ooooo Gurrrlll, I don't hate you for that. TAKE ADVANTAGE. Where can I sign up for this? My Korean speaking is bad, but whatever. I have playback. GIMME GIMME.

We learn a lot about Tiffany and her personality along the way....I have their sex scene in my head. Hmmmmmm will I share? haha Well, didn't you luck out? TaengSic + YulTi for youuuuu ^^

Taeyeon is a squish bish. Wonder how she'll meet Jessica...

Thank youuuuu. Once a week is doable. :33

PS. :'((((((((((((
(Anonymous) on January 12th, 2015 10:28 pm (UTC)
I swear Jessie J is living the wildest fangirl dreams and she's so stinking cute and lovely. I'd have thought you'd write her as another head bitch and the fic would just turn into an endless catfight (tho that'd be interesting too). And of course you'd insert dem Yoonsic moments, as expected of CANOE'S MAIN ROWER!!!!

Tiffany, Tiffany, oh Tiffany....what a freaking charmer!! That confidence is so sexy ugh. She should stop being so freaking charming cus I can't afford anymore panties as they keep melting off me. Lol no, who am I kidding....TIFFANY, CHARM MY PANTS OFF BB HSDFOUSAHFLASHFSHFLDS YISSSHHHHHHHHHH

I'm looking forward to the tension at Taengsic's first meeting...oh yeaaaahhh

p.s Chickasaurus :'(((((

checkinyourbra: taeyeon03checkinyourbra on January 15th, 2015 09:59 am (UTC)
Jessie J??? hahaha Only seeing this, I just *KNEW* who wrote this comment. Isn't she a cutieeee?? And mmmhmmm I'm sure people expected her to be another bitchy type. NOPE. FLIPPED IT. FANGIRL. (IA. That scenario would be cool, too. But good lord that clash with Fany)

YOONSIC CANOE ALL DAY. Row, row, row into all heartssss~~

Is she Bette Porter-charming? :P She'd charm all our panties/pants/skirts/shoes/socks/earrings off, tbh. This thirsty dino tho. Just read this panty-less. #yourewelcome

Who said TaengSic's gonna meet? :00 heh.

ps: They're somewhere secretly hating Skandl for always beating them out. LOL

Thank you, Ancient bb ♥ ♥

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rndvlrn on January 13th, 2015 12:38 am (UTC)
To the fanfic authors who still update regularly. YOU'RE THE REAL MVP.

LOL. By backward I mean reading chapter 2 before 1. I'm not THAT special. That reputation of yours is very real. It hurts.

“Language.” "Miss Jung” “It’s inappropriate. I’m setting clear boundaries.” “Goodnight, Miss Jung.”—OMG, WHO THE FUCK IS THIS GUY?! WHO TALKS LIKE THIS ANYMORE?! HAHA.

"I just...go with the flow” —Taeyeon and Jessica's personality clash in 3..2..I can see it coming! I don't know maybe I'm wrong because so far all Taeyeon does is being lucky 6 hater lol. But she is very ambitious and a career-driven woman. She takes it seriously, while Jessica seems lay back

“Fany!” twenty-something children cheered. — If I see Tiffany I would come running and do the same.
"Boyfriend behavior, Jessica concluded." — Gurl, Pls. You couldn't be more wrong.
"monster-sized cat"— Yes! I mean seriously 9 girls and not one cat? Are kidding me.
“Soo slept all day.” — This is Seohyun being as bitchy as she can get. HAHA
“Like, eating pussy gay?”—ROFL I DIED
"No nugus for me.”—LMFAO
"Sica! Stop worrying or I’ll fake a seizure onstage"— What else is Yoona good at faking >.> omg lol Jk.

LA, bringin' Yoonsic back!!!!!!!!!!!! I won't be tempted and ship them in this. I won't fall for it. Noooooo!! / TT__TT

FANSERVICES AS DESCRIBED BY TAESIC: (How I know they're meant for each other)
Jessica: “I thought the gay act was…an act.” Taeyeon: They snuffed up fanservice as indiscriminately as cocaine addicts


Oh my God, I need a moment. That section needs it own chapter! PLEASE /PRAY SOOFANY. YODELE. IN SOOFANY I TRUST. /PRAYCIRCLE
Yulti is seriously so perfect for each other. Look at them being so goddamn in love and all. Urge!

AWESOME CHAPTER, LA!!!! THIS IS FREAKING SCANDAL---OUS! The entire chapter. I can't believe Jessica is THAT frank and just come out like that.

Tiffany is a freaking sweetheart. I love how consistence you're with her character so far. She is definitely ambitious but definitely not a devil. She makes the group come to accepting term with the new member is a damn leader like gesture. She obviously care for the well-being of her group. She's no devil. I definitely didn't expect that seeing how she complained to Jessica I didn't think that she do that.
checkinyourbra: yuri02checkinyourbra on January 15th, 2015 10:28 am (UTC)

Hahaha I knew what you meant, bb. ^^ FEAR MAH REP. *SeoSexy in devil horns image goes here*

Their manager is so uptight haahhahaa. Yes, I wonder if Jessica's attitude will clash or compliment with Taeyeon's. /taps chin

OMG re-living my fic through my quotes. I'm like, "did I write this???"

Oop I see that Yoona comments, are you talking orgasms, bbs? heheheehe


FANSERVICES AS DESCRIBED BY TAESIC: (How I know they're meant for each other) ---Heh. Good call. I like this.

Tiffany's DRUNK IN LAHHHhHHHHHhhvvvEee with her Yuri. It IS a perfect relationship rn, tbqh. USING THE NAME OF SOOFANY FOR YULTI SMUT...may be fruitful. Who knowsssss??


"I'm gay." BAM. IT'S OUT ALREADY. And Tiffany has her layers. Thank you for seeing this as consistent. :33

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the_bluebeariesthe_bluebearies on January 14th, 2015 01:37 pm (UTC)
awwww look at the girls bonding with jessica, she dropped the bomb pretty fast, i wasn't expecting her to come out to them that quickly. jessica the fan girl, hahahahha!!! can't wait for her to finally meet kim taeyeon the great.

“If Yoona spoils the show, I’m killing everyone.” -- HAHAHAHHA i love hyoyeon.
checkinyourbra: hyoyeoncheckinyourbra on January 15th, 2015 09:49 am (UTC)
I like writing this growing OT6 bond ((clings to fiction for dear life)) and mmmhmmm none of this sneaking around, secretly gaying stuff here. Idk how often this is done, but I'm here for that.


hehehehehe writing for Lucky Six is such a treat. ^^

Thanksssss, bluebearies bb~
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I just came across this story (through reading Linger) and OMG - I am thanking god that this story is now in my life! Haha. It's so good! And your writing style is fantastic.
Yulti and Taengsic? I approve ;).

checkinyourbra: yuri02checkinyourbra on January 20th, 2015 08:52 am (UTC)

Hahahahah awwwww bb. Well, thank you planet bb for indirectly steering you over here. :D I really hope you'll dig the entire story and thank youuuu for being so sweet. twiddles fingers

I'm happy you approve. ;)

Don't be a stranger~~~
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Seriously. Loving, loving, loving this! The Lucky Six bonding scenes are great. Also, the small detail of Hyo and Yoona holding Miso in their lap and petting him while they all judged Jessica reminded me of that scene in "The Godfather" -- so awesome.

As always, thank you for writing. On to chapter 4.
checkinyourbra: jessica05checkinyourbra on February 11th, 2015 07:19 am (UTC)
Great! I was a little nervous for my Jessica bb since everyone was used to Taeyeon's very distinct POV.


sataengsminion: pic#125231677sataengsminion on September 30th, 2015 07:01 am (UTC)
Did i ever tell you how much i love Yoona? Baby girl is just perfect. IM CRY.


Jinnie bish <_< Heh.
checkinyourbra: sunny02checkinyourbra on October 11th, 2015 07:44 pm (UTC)


Awwwwwwww newbie Jessica. :))) Before the drama really descended. <3333

Jinnie. Heh. Your favorite.

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