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19 January 2015 @ 12:05 am
Skandl! [04]  

Title: Skandl! (Chapter 04)

Pairing(s): TaengSic, side!YulTi

Rating/Genre: PG-13 + language; AU Idol Romance

Warning(s): Nein.

Disclaimer: I don't own Soshi. I don't own anyone, in fact. All Fiction.

Author's Notes: So many Anons last time! HellooOooooo Anons, Regssss, and lurkers. :333 *offers rainbow cupcakes*

Four: Taeyeon


Evading Lucky Six’s most recent single while keeping up with their comeback news was a hassle, yet possible. From the articles and forums, Taeyeon found out about its oldies vibe that “maintained an infectious, poppy value at its core,” whatever that meant. The release of their album, lo and behold, was projected to do everything their albums usually accomplished. In short--it’d dominate.

An hour earlier, Taeyeon surveyed the music show audience from backstage.

Groups of squishy, overly smiley girls tucked “Charms 4 Life” and “We Support Lucky Six Always” banners safely in their laps, ready to scream their pubescent heads off at the very mention of the group. She’d read articles concerning an Anti-Jessica Jung league sporting red buttons to symbolically express their opinion. As expected, the media blew that out of proportion. She counted no more than a dozen audience members bold enough to make the statement. If she missed any, Lucky gold balloons blocked their view. A shame.

Stone-faced, Skandl streamed the live show’s progression from Narsha’s iPad. They’d managed to sever a piece of safe space amongst the busy surroundings. That way, they could voice their own critical comments without drawing too much attention. Tonight’s highlights were Lucky Six, Lucky Six, Lucky Six.

Taeyeon felt physically ill every time the name spilled from the MCs’ mouths. Granted, they weren’t the most energetic that week--some sleepy, poufy-haired boy bander resembling an alpaca and a girl from a Lucky Six copycat who couldn’t enunciate to save her life. At least the hosts sucked on such a “momentous” occasion.

Act after sub-par act ate through their patience. When breaks between a commercial and performance occurred, a goofy montage of the Lucky Six members graced the screen in graphic-y, wide-eyed absurdity. Jessica Jung in motion, not a blurry or glossed over picture for Taeyeon’s scrutiny.

“Pretty,” Yuri commented.

Sunny and Narsha agreed, taking turns glimpsing in Taeyeon’s direction.

The girl stood on the sidelines of their little viewing party with her arms folded. “Yeah, if you’re into…” She bobbed dismissive shoulders. “...that. Her kind.”

“Pretty girls?”

“Well, sure she’s pretty, Yul. I mean, what girl in this damn music show isn’t pretty is the real question. God.”

“Are we really arguing prettiness now?”

Reason #23219147 why Taeyeon steered clear of Elite-produced girls. They were equipped for cutesy mind control.

“Y-you’d think a bitch had never seen legs or, or a nice smile without getting anime-eyed. Isn’t this what Lucky Six does?” Taeyeon’s voice cracked, but she kept on as if it didn’t happen. “But, no. You’re right; I’m wrong. She’s obviously hot enough to point out after watching previous chicks make love to the camera in complete fucking silence!”

They gaped, mutely absorbing her rant.

“Nobody called her hot,” Yuri teased, looking to Narsha for a snicker.

“Love is in the air.”

Taeyeon slumped into her chair, seething. “No, Sunny. Not even funny.”

“Kim Taeyeon’s in love. Alert the press.” Sunny chum-punched her buddy in the arm.

Another promotional cut interrupted Taeyeon’s retort. Lucky Six owned the center, fashioned as pin-up girls--a mixture of corsets, short dresses, and sharp makeup--surrounded by a boy group from Elite as well. Fifteen members who called themselves…Fifteen. More irritating than the gimmicky name was the way they addressed themselves. In addition to stage monikers, each dumbass guy assigned himself a number. Three, as told by the nametag on his bright pink lapel, made uncreative banter about Lucky Six’s beauty.

“You’re too kind, Sehun,” Yoona clearly recited, “We’ll be cheering you fellas on for your comeback in two weeks.”

“Two weeks!” all twenty-one of them screamed at the camera.

A dude who looked more like a lesbian stretched his manhwa eyes, mouth pressed into the mic. “How many weeks?”

“Two weeks!” they screamed even louder.

Sooyoung wrinkled her brow. “Why are we here tonight, though?”

“Yes, why?” Guy Five questioned.

“For our new song, ‘Rotate the Love Train’,” Tiffany squealed for the audience. Yuri sighed lovingly, bouncing with glee at the senseless song title. “Will you watch us, everybody? Pwetty pweeeeease?”

Twenty-one faces on the iPad contorted into alarmingly rehearsed aegyo. Everyone who wasn’t Yuri held their stomachs.

Lesbian Guy--Number Six--had the worst acting of the bunch. “When will this happen? I need to know!”

“Ten minutes!” the girls hollered at the viewers.

“How many minutes?” Sunny derpily asked with one of the Fifteen members, seeing where this nonsense was heading.

“Ten minutes!” the whole group answered, resuming their baby faces.

“Lord, that was painful,” Narsha muttered while she rubbed her temples to the beat of a fruit juice commercial. “Did a grade schooler write that script?”

Sunny dropped her head onto her arms. “A grade schooler would do a better job.”

“A cat walking across a keyboard would do a better job.”

Taeyeon smirked as the other girls burst out laughing. History behind Narsha’s position had a savior-like undertone and she appreciated the end result every day. Especially from seeing other managers wrangle their clients like cattle--unfeeling, unrelatable. Narsha helped keep her afloat; no doubt about it.

As the minutes passed, Taeyeon tapped the tip of her boot onto a leg of her chair. Tappa-tap-tappa-tappa-tappa--the melody of their newest single to be performed as the anchor finale of the music show.

“Tae,” Sunny hissed, placing a hand on her knee. She’d been doing that lately. “Holy shit, your nervous habits are going to send me to a padded room.”

Taeyeon gawked, letting the statement sink in. “You’re nervous, too, Sunny?”

“Of course I’m nervous. We’re all damn nervous.”

“I--didn’t even…” She crossed her legs obediently.

“You’re not the only one who worries, woman.”

Yuri nodded. “Ditto. We all want to kick ass.”

Narsha drummed her fingertips on the surface of the small table, gaining their attention. “Sort that out later, ladies. They’re on.”

A pre-recorded clip played on the iPad. A safe, bubbly number where they pranced around in Girl Scout uniforms doing kitty gestures. Typical Lucky Six move--lipsyncing through a saccharine track before presenting their “real” performance. They looked ridiculous.

“They look so yummy!” Yuri screeched, practically drooling on the tablet. “And Fany’s hair! Didn’t realize how long it’s gotten.”

“That’s what hair does. It grows.” Taeyeon knew her commentary was needless. She shrugged off Yuri’s damning glare.

“Fany’s a sexy woman dressed like a scout. No problems detected,” Sunny told their friend, voice calming. “And check it, Tae. Jessica’s wearing red. Your favorite color.”

Taeyeon endured twenty seconds of the performance until her eyes drifted down to her phone. She wasn’t interested in fluff; bring on the real deal. “I couldn’t care less what Jessica’s wearing.”

“What about what Jessica’s not wearing?”

Eyes cold, she didn’t reciprocate Sunny’s greasy grin. “Cut it out.”

“Your cheeks reveal your feelings, Pinky.”

“Fuck your mother.”

“Would you if her name was Jess--”

“Girls, hush,” Narsha interjected, typing notes as she observed Lucky Six intently. “The public loves this infantile cornball crap. Take it seriously.”

Heeding her stern words, they watched the rest in silence.

Right after the stupid song entitled “Girly” faded, Live footage appeared. Back to real time. The real deal.

“Bigger budget. That miser at Elite actually woke up,” Narsha grumbled when the band sprung to life. Foreign men and one female drummer received close ups before the six women began to sing. They all held long, silver microphones, caressing the shininess and giving the viewer sexy eyes as the characteristically spastic camera made its rounds.

It started fairly slow with a level of jauntiness. When the music picked up speed, they lost the mics and melded into dance formation.

Unlike “Girly”, to Taeyeon’s immediate displeasure, the song was….not bad. Didn’t carry too much bubblegum, yet retained its energy in a smooth, classic manner. That was the tagline for Lucky’s comeback: Bringing Class Back to the Country.

Taeyeon couldn’t help but take it personally.

The table’s overall loss of snark brought a surge of fear. They felt the same; this song had already cemented itself in the top spot for the last few days--hovering above Skandl’s headlining song of the night, “Technicolor”, and Chickasaurus’ “Britches Be Tippin’.” Cruel fate showed its ass once again--pitting the three groups against each other to predictable results.

She snapped out of her haze when Jessica tore through her solo with zero difficulty. Light and airy, her voice wasn’t as strong as Jinnie’s--and definitely not Taeyeon’s. However, her stage presence made up for it.

“Goddamn,” Narsha breathed, shaking her head.

Yuri nodded into her palm. “They’re doing very well.”

“Too well. Jessica Jung, specifically. She’s performing for her career, essentially. Otherwise, she won’t be accepted by their fanbase.”

“Look at her, though,” Sunny gestured to a shot of Jessica harmonizing. “Wouldn’t hurt to bend her over a chair, am I right?”

Taeyeon sneered in response. Sunny was pissing her off with this raunchy sense of humor. Interestingly, that dirty comment molded her thoughts anyway.

Sex appeal.

Whether she said it aloud or not, Taeyeon knew Lucky Six had boatloads of it. Prissy, undeniable, unattainable sex appeal that never seemed like too much. Even as they shimmied around the stage in modified pin-up girl attire, a layer of refinement held it together.

“Technicolor” was one of Skandl’s more mellow tracks with a rockish overlay. It’d be difficult to keep the hype going from Lucky Six’s sexy show of cleavage and s-curves to a breakup song where all the members remained standing for the its duration.

She deemed it crucial to upstage Lucky Six tonight. They had to live up to their name: Skandl.

That’s when Taeyeon remembered. They had a truncated performance of “Love Cut Open” right before transitioning to “Technicolor”. She rose from her chair, leaving question marks over her groupmates’ heads as she ran out the room.

“Your disappearing act continues?” Yuri questioned, disturbing Taeyeon’s conversation with a nodding stagehand.

Taeyeon bowed him her leave, pulling Yuri by the sleeve of her dress shirt. A tight-fitting black collared blouse accentuated by the reddest of skinny ties. Ladies would be swooning tonight. “Last minute changes.”

“Oh yeah?” Yuri motioned Sunny over to join their talk. “Like what?”

“Well,” Taeyeon’s voice dropped to a conspiring volume. “I was going to keep it a--”

“Fany!” Yuri cooed, brightened eyes dancing past the shorter girls.

Sunny’s gaze followed. She folded her arms with an air of discomfort. From that gesture, Taeyeon caught on--Tiffany wasn’t alone. She turned around to face the train of Lucky Six members marching through the passageway. Fany led the train, sliding flirty fingers along Yuri’s arm as she strolled along. Yoona and Seohyun hurried after her. Robotically polite bows per usual. Taeyeon didn’t bother to bow back. Sooyoung attempted a half-assed wave and Sunny tightened her lips into a dull smile. Hyoyeon trotted by, dodging any semblance of forced pleasantries. Taeyeon mentally thanked her. Intersecting paths with Korea’s most beloved group managed to turn everyone into pressed automations.

Yuri fiddled with her silk tie while she watched the backsides of the pretty troop round a corner. “H-how much--”

“Fifteen minutes,” Taeyeon answered, predicting Yuri’s hormonal need to ravish her girlfriend.

The tallest girl’s boots echoed down the hall. She’d make it in time to their set, ruddy-cheeked and satisfied. Where they secretly made out, Taeyeon shuddered to think.

“Only five,” Sunny warily mused.


Sunny twisted a white strand of her bangs. Her unfocused stare had Taeyeon’s eye spasm in distress. She snapped her fingers. “Talk to me, babe. Five?”

“Tae, you know awkwardness kills me, right?”

She quirked an amused lip. “Yeah. So?”


For reasons unknown, the voice alone sent chills down her spine. Curious chills.

Then, she was hit by a brick wall. A figurative one made of warm sunshine hair, small pink lips, and a body that could stop traffic. Or Taeyeon.

Jessica Jung.

“Hi back.”

Once their gazes connected, Jessica's eyes widened, too. As if she felt the wall. Her lips parted into a 'o' as she pronounced an unexpected, "Whoa."

The single syllable sucked Taeyeon's heart to her throat. "W-whoa?"

"You're Kim Taeyeon." She punctuated the latter half of her name with a mysteriously alluring lip curl.

Large, alert eyes. Softly angular jawline. Petitely curved nose. That cunning smirk.

Narsha told no lies. She had the face of a star.

"And you are?" It came out rude, but Taeyeon couldn’t reveal prior knowledge of Jessica. Too pathetic.

"Jessica Jung. Of Lucky Six."


"Wandering the halls alone?"

Sunny would stealthily abandon her at a moment like this. "I know where I'm going."

"Your dress," Jessica whirled dainty hands in the air, vulpine eyes scanning Taeyeon's form. "Everything, really is..."

Taeyeon’s jaw hung low until the girl trailed off, breaking her concentration. "What about it?"

“You’re underwhelming.”

She floundered for a suitable reply. Was ‘fuck you’ too simple?

“I’m kidding!” The blonde pressed both sets of fingers into her cheeks, apparently mystified herself. “Why did I--I don’t know why I said that. What I meant was...you have an excellent stylist."

Okay, this bitch was daft. "I know."

Jessica clasped her hands, eyebrows raised expectantly. Anticipating a compliment in return, perhaps.

Taeyeon wondered which of her sins were heinous enough to suddenly have Sixers fall onto her head like coconuts. No more kind words to Elite girls. Especially foolish ones. "Jessica, you said?"

"You'll know my name soon. Believe me."

There it was. That smug fucking attitude she expected. Taeyeon squared her stance, teeth clenched. "Your sixth of the group doesn't make a difference. All the same to me."

When Jessica's grin faded to a vague smile, Taeyeon considered her remark a bit misguided. Though, why else would this gorgeous competitor approach her out of the blue? This reeked of ulterior motives.

"Are we done here?" No pretty face or tantalizing figure would waver her resolve. Lucky Six’s spell had to break.

Jessica stepped away first, sparing a moment to add, "Sorry. Do well out there."

"I intend to."

Hectic background noise flowed back to her ears. Above it all, Taeyeon listened to Jessica's retreating heels echo into the distance. She’d learned her lesson. Passed with flying colors.

Until her only falter.

When she peered over her shoulder to check out Jessica's ass.

Sunny hooked an arm around Taeyeon’s neck, pecking her on the cheek. “Have a profound discussion?”

“Never took you as an abandoner, Sunkyu.”

“I told you I hate awkwardness.”

“How’d you know it’d be awkward?”

Sunny relayed her stare to their upcoming stage, dimly lit as the MCs struggled through cue cards. “From the look in her eye. Call me crazy, but I could tell her sights weren’t set on meeting me.”



“Crazy. I’m calling you crazy.”

“What’s crazy is she bats for our team.”

Taeyeon faced Sunny, squinting. “Yeah, okay. Korea’s Favorite Six is riddled with rug munchers. Sounds legit.”

“I know women, Tae. When your back was turned, that lesbo was scamming on your goodies. Which, I must say, are exceptionally well-preserved in that dress.”

Dark hair veiled over her blush as she flipped her head to the side. Lee Sunkyu and her slick words. “Where’s Yul anyway?”

“Heh-here!” Yuri huffed, sliding next to the duo. One hand hurriedly refastened her tie while the other fished a stick of gum from her pocket.

“Oh, god. You didn’t.

“Didn’t what?”

Sunny and Taeyeon’s eyes accused Yuri’s chin--furiously jutting up and down as she smacked on cinnamon.

“Fifteen minutes? Really?”

Yuri’s face contorted into pure cockiness. “We have this quickie business down to a science.”

Taeyeon cursed, casting her glare back to the stage. Irresponsible, that Kwon Yuri. Anyone could have walked in on her eating Tiffany out and they’d be absolutely ruined. That went for Sunny, too. Throwing out the excuse “they wouldn’t jeopardize their own careers” to reason away bringing home Big Mouth Minah and her fellow trainee friend, of all people.

Thus explaining why I’m like this, her innermost thoughts deduced. She alone held the last shreds of self control in Skandl.

It got tiring, though.

If she knew how to let loose without sacrificing her music, she would.

Chants from the Rumors gave Taeyeon energy. Amongst garishly tinted floor lights and leftover nerves regarding Lucky Six, she needed it like oxygen. More than oxygen, at times.

She and Sunny fell into impeccable step. As expected, since the shortened version of “Love Cut Open” omitted their most taxing twirls and footwork. Yuri lucked out; no dancing required on her part. Playing instruments--she professed to mastering at least eight--put the tallest member into her happy place. Eyes closed, back arched, stroking passionately at her guitar.

And Taeyeon sung. More intensely than necessary, actually. The minor strain at the back of her throat felt amazingly natural as she bellowed into the round mic nestled onto the side of her face. She yielded her most dedicated voice, dark eyes speaking to the camera. “Come at me,” they dared, “I’m who to beat.”

An audible cue blaring from Yuri’s guitar prompted the girls into the final segment until they moved on to their next song. Taeyeon took a deep breath.

A spin here and there, grasping and gliding into limber arms. Sunny’s face had converted into ‘on-air seduction’. Hopefully, her expression would not fail her for the following moment--

Taeyeon bent Sunny over. Their noses brushed.

Though, unlike usual performances, the lights didn’t shut off. All according to Taeyeon’s spur-of-the-moment creative decision to close in and press their lips together. Mental flashes of censors’ murderous scowls, Sunny’s stunned lips kissing back, and a certain blonde’s lovely eyes hit her like a tidal wave. The lights shut off, then.

Taeyeon snatched the mic from her face, proud that her own little scandal paid off, judging by the roar of the fans. Her friend had no time to whisper “what the f--” before they rushed to their places--Taeyeon at the forefront, Yuri at her right, Sunny on keyboard--to perform “Technicolor”.

The last unwavering notes reverberated from the speakers. She lived off this attention: jeers, earnest screams, chants shrieked from the tops of zealous lungs. Kim Taeyeon’s heart pounded into her ears and breathing exercises could do nothing to slow its rate. As Yuri and Sunny bowed between waves, Taeyeon ripped her detachable microphone off its stand.

“Do you want a Scandal?!” she shouted into the device.

Loyal Rumors screamed rabidly in response.

If anybody could read minds, they’d know Taeyeon was challenging someone in particular.

“Not riding with your rowdy counterparts?” Narsha joked, backing out the driveway in her BMW.

Pumped and ready to get into a night’s worth of trouble, Sunny and Yuri hijacked the van and declared Jinho, their driver, a chauffeur of debauchery.

“Not tonight. Too much on my mind,” Taeyeon droned, thumbing at her touchpad.

She could feel Narsha glance her way. “Whatcha typing?”

“Notes.” Taeyeon grimaced, shaking her head. “‘Tech’s presentation could be a lot stronger. For approximately ten seconds, I couldn’t hear any sound from my headset. Those assholes are going to get a complaint from me personally. Yuri’s voice cracks at the chorus. I suggest forcing her into more classes. Sunny missed a few keys at the--”

“Tae,” Narsha sighed, stopping at a light. “I’m the manager, remember? I’ll take care of any mishaps. Per routine for live performances.”

“Sure, but don’t you think the hook could be stronger? Or, is that just me?”

“That’d be your anal retentiveness masquerading as perfectionism.”

“Fuck you.”

Narsha laughed at Taeyeon childishly crossing her arms in a sulk. “What stunts are Yul and Sunny pulling tonight?”

“Don’t know,” she lied.

“Jinho texted me. Says they’re headed to an underground rave in Incheon.”


“As long as they’re at the dorm by daylight, everything’s fine. You didn’t care to accompany them?”

Taeyeon lazed her head to pout out the window. “Why should I?”

“I went to many a rave in my day.”

“You’re not that old, Narsha.”

The manager went on, memories softening her pensive tone. “Dancing, laser shows, alcohol, repetitive music, low lighting...perfect stress relievers.”

“Ya know, most managers would be happy their idol has no social life.”

“I’m not most managers. When was the last time you got laid?”

Big Mouth Minah and the short-lived ride on her lap came to mind. Taeyeon swore under her breath. “Why is that important?”

“Have you chatted to any nice girls lately?”


No, not that weird bitch.

“That’s not my top priority.”

“Real talk?”

Narsha’s way of signalling off-the-record comments. Advice no typical manager would reveal to their clientele. Taeyeon shrugged, curiosity getting the better of her.

“Fame.” Narsha paused at the loaded word. The hum of the car swallowed the next minute. “It can last only so long. You’re a smart girl; you already know this.”

Taeyeon didn’t answer. The statement made her nauseous.

“When Skandl’s no longer relevant and you’re free to do whatever you please, you’ll need things of true value waiting for you. I’m not talking trophies or a list of intangible accolades. Keep hitting your goals, but set aside time for your friends. Have more laughs. Go on adventures. Find love.”

Tan fingers ruffled Taeyeon’s bangs. She sat still, savoring the parental gesture. “That stuff--love, laughs, whatever. It’ll be there when this is all done.”

“Yes and no.”


“You have access to venues from people’s fantasies. Take advantage. Like your groupmates.”

“I’m not…” Taeyeon recalled Lucky Six’s successful comeback. The way the first five stomped through the halls like they owned the world. “like Yul and Sunny.”

“Don’t take everything so seriously--that’s all I ask.”

“Mm.” Her hands itched to find the latest online reactions. They were bound to multiply at that time of night.

“I’m your manager. Here to protect you. I should be getting wrinkles by fact-checking skewed reviews while you make inconvenient demands and gallivant with reckless types to cause me grief. And it’ll take more than that little peck in ‘Love Cut Open’ to break me.”

Taeyeon growled, frustrated. “Raves don’t excite me.”

“Fine. Tell me when something--or someone--does. Alrighty?”


Narsha’s self-help lectures normally went through one ear and out the other. Blah blah, happiness wasn’t stardom. Blah, love.

However, that night, they struck Taeyeon at the core.

When Skandl’s no longer relevant…

Would that be soon?

An hour of research later, Taeyeon slapped her laptop shut. She grew bored at the back-and-forth comparisons of Skandl’s newest single to last year’s hits.

Take advantage. Like your groupmates.

Fuming at her lack of motivation, she popped open a beer. The first sip was nasty. It always tasted better with friends.

Lining up with her thoughts, her phone vibrated from the kitchen counter. Yuri.

“Tae, I’m sooooo wasted,” Yuri slurred into the receiver. That girl had a horrible gauge of her alcohol intake. “Chaeraptor and Rexikon from Chickasaurus are here. So is Jiaaaaaa. Hakyeon and Hyukkie failed at breakdancing, s--Oh shiiiiit! I’m turnt up! Am I using that ri--so many folks made it. It’s crazy.”

“Good times had by all?” Taeyeon asked, trying not to sound too jealous.

“Fuuuck yes. Oh, here’s Sunny.”

“Tae!” Sunny piped in immediately. “Wall-to-wall pussy here, oh my god.”

“Your favorite.”

“How’s the review hunt?”

“Very effective. One of us has to be.”

Sunny was too drunk to pick up the edge in her comment. “Minah’s been asking about you.”

“Taeyeonie sweetie pie, heyyy!” the familiarly grating voice blasted into the phone, “I forgive you! When are we gonna finish what we started, you sexy bitch?”

Taeyeon cringed, buttoning her lip.

Sunny got back on. “You hear that, Tae? She said--”

“I heard her.”

“When you’re done researching our competition, drop by.”

“Can’t. My findings are…” She gazed around the empty dorm. “too engrossing.”

“Hyoyeon and Fany showed up. They’re taking flaming shots as we speak. Lucky Sixers can throw down!”

That was the last straw. “I don’t give a flying fuck what they’re doing. If you'll excuse me, I’ll be calculating ways to destroy them.”

A long period of static and techno proceeded. Taeyeon squeezed her beer bottle with a rigid hand.

“What?” Sunny yelled over the music. “You say something?”

“Don’t get syphilis.”


“Bye, Sunny.”

Taeyeon almost missed their obnoxiousness when the room fell back into stifling silence.

“The fucking nerve of them. Hanging out with the enemy,” she muttered, shifting beneath her Egyptian Cotton bedsheets. She felt old for going to bed before 2 a.m.

Nothing better to do.

Except lie there, waiting for sleep. Plagued by Narsha’s most penetrating question:

Have you chatted to any nice girls lately?




Her eyes flickered open, staring through the half-empty beer bottle atop the nightstand. As much as she fought it, her mind brought her back to the conversation backstage.


She’d never experienced a ‘whoa’/blatant insult combo from anyone, let alone someone so weird.

So damn weird.

And cute.

Taeyeon hefted the edge of a thick blanket to cover her mouth. Hiding a smile from everybody in the room--namely, herself.

Fun fact? When I say 'Reason #23219147', the RGB (R: 232 G: 191 B: 47) makes a goldish color. B)

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And my rival has appeared for real, damn

Be back for proper response when I get the time! Love this~

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checkinyourbracheckinyourbra on January 24th, 2015 07:05 am (UTC)
Wellllllllllll why you were staking claim of Soojung last chapter, Jessica swooped in sooooo. IS TAEYEON YOURS? IS SHE????

LOLLL I'm happy that you're so aware of the dandyu fanservice. And yet....you eat it up. hehehehe

I'll be waiting~~~ I gotta get my heart broken by SoT when I get the chance. D;
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because of your comment, I actually decided to dedicate a space to Soojung only in my dp. I don't even have enough slots for soshi omg.



Taeyeon oh Taeyeon. Previous chapter's urchin really describes her perfectly. That was really such a master stroke :3 She's so sharp and pokes (lol) people to preserve this sense of self. It's really intriguing, her competitive streak, her obsessive distaste for LS which borders on crazy. I do think Tae is slightly nuts, not in the bad way, but her extreme side is almost uncontrollable. I like it, i really do. its... hawt. hehehe.

But i think it's surfacing here, the little urchin underneath all the spikes~ Especially that whole 'hot' jessica part and the checking out Jessi's ass urgkimtaeyeonyoumeanieilovedyou! scene.

OMG OMG OMG MOVING ON, DANDYU SCEN. okay control. I bet that will be some scandal eh? I believe some boobs groping would add on to the effect. :)

Taengsinksic's meeting hahaha oh gawd. Trust Jessica to offend Tae on the their first actual meeting. But fine, obviously that left an impression and now Taeyeon's love sick puppy gross. (cries in corner)

yes taeyeon needs pussy. go fuck jessica (wails)

awesome update~ ;)
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Answering this two-thousand-and-late cus we've been so swamped. ;___;

SOOJUNG SO PRETTY. howoldissheinthatpictho #youlikechilds


'Urchin' really resonated with you, huh?? :333 You're right, tho. That's how I see her, too. Prickly on the outside and SO vulnerable deep down. SHE DOES BORDER ON CRAZY. And you know why??? 'Cause her author/creator is cray. #trufacks

Taeyeon's hot slip-up. ((why does that sound so dirty? heh)) WHO WOULDN'T CHECK OUT JESSICA?? That's madness. youpoorconflictedbb

THIS DANDYU LOVE. I....will keep my comments to myself about this.

Hehe I HAD to make her insult Tae upon first meeting. Guess Taeyeon doesn't like it when the tables are turned, huh? ;) She's so sick puppy gross. (begone, you fickle lesbian)


Thankssssssssssss, lovey Rayface~~
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zomg checksie senpai you write such good word teach me senpai-nim how to words like you~~

Serious mode. I was in the crappiest mood when I woke up at 3am this morning and I thought to myself, "Checks's fic will def make me love life." So I read part 3 and 4 and when I reached the end I literally said out loud, "gdi this bug and her week updates!" This waiting is so lame. I see how you feel when you wait for me to update lol. Anyhow-

I fall in love with Tiffany a little more every time she pops up. I enjoyed Jessica's chapter with fitting in with the girls. I was sure you would drag it out a little longer with their aversion to her but this was good too. Jeti nightly bonding time was yummy. YulTi is so damn unf. TaengSic finally meeting was smirk worthy. I'm looking forward to their progression.

I love Narsha, Sunny and Yuri. I have side character diseases which means I always find myself invested in the ones I'm not learning about up front. Which is a good thing. Because all your characters are captivating enough to garner speculation and attention and this thirst for more.

I've said this once and I'll say it again, you are a triple threat queen. Humor, Story, and Smut. And you're not better in one, you're golden in all three. I have this sense of pride when I see people praising your work outside of LJ. Keep rising, my bug! *bows to the queen*

Hurry up and update, loser.

Ta-ta for now~

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checkinyourbra: jessica05checkinyourbra on January 24th, 2015 07:54 am (UTC)
I HAVE NOTHING TO TEACH YOU. You're MY Queen Boxxy. >:((((

Dang, a crappy mode, huh? I'm honored to help in any way, bb. I don't like you being upset. D: yeahhhhh, week at a time is feeling best, still. xD Especially when the chapters get trickier. YES, and this isn't even a fraction of waiting for a desired boxxsatlz update. //allthecreys

Tiffany's just your type, yes? Not a shocker. Ahhh yes, the aversion. Most of what I do has a purpose and you know me--I like moving things along. So, the whole ~dnw~ stage is gone (for the most part...) so things can progress. JeTi bonding is really fun to write--those two flow so naturally. Yassssss mah smexy YulTi. You're welcome.

My dummies TaengSic meeting. :3 I'll smirk, too.

I love side characters, too! These characters should be entertaining and relatable, including their friends/associates. ^^

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh these compliments. This...this fic isn't even doneeee. BTW. You said "Triple Threat". Lollll look forward to see that name again in my fic. QUIT READING MY MIND.

*I won't be your queen; I'll be your bug*

Thank youuuuuuuuu, boxx hat (idk)
하류cateyes330 on January 19th, 2015 07:47 am (UTC)
I take third spot!!!!


WOW Taeyeon is interested hahahaha that's not unexpected though cuz Sica is too hot to resist :3 But of course Tae being a bitch wasn't unexpected either hahahaha At least she didn't sound super mean or anything lol At this rate, she will jump at Jessica =D I'm excited hehe

I think Taeyeon is too bitter about being a longer, but doesn't want to show that she hates being a loner lol Complicated ><

And YES, share the sex scenes!!!! Oh please do lol especially Taengsic sex scenes. I think all of us will really appreciate it haha XD byunreaders here.

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checkinyourbra: jessica01checkinyourbra on January 24th, 2015 07:43 am (UTC)
Wahaaa!! Bless your third spot, TaengSic lover.

These girls are too dang hot and I'm not even gonna pretend otherwise, ya know?? OHHH gurl callin mah bb Tae a bitch! She's...um.....you're welcome to call her whatever, actually. Dis grumpy chick. Be excited!!!

Taeyeon's really stuck in her head. We'll learn more about her~~

THIRSTY FOR THE SEX. Hmmm. Wonder when I'll give it up (hehehehe see what I did there??) ;)))

Thankssssssss, bb. :D
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checkinyourbra: yuri02checkinyourbra on January 24th, 2015 07:06 am (UTC)
the_bluebeariesthe_bluebearies on January 19th, 2015 01:23 pm (UTC)
i want to read this but damnnnnnnnnn i am still at work.

brb later!
the_bluebeariesthe_bluebearies on January 20th, 2015 12:22 pm (UTC)
im back!

hahahhahahah i laughed so hard at your description of the "lesbian guy" hahahhahaha so funny, because its so apt! (i can't think of the word to use. something stronger than 'suitable'.. hm...)

and TY and jessica meet! hahahhah... were they checking each other out already? huhuhu~

awwww TY's reviewing their performance and going through what went wrong, what could be done for improvement, she's so hardworking! she's the leader of their group, right? taeyeonieeee is so adorable /swoons/

sunny and yuri know how to PARTY!!!!!!!!!! :) i wish they had dragged TY along.
checkinyourbra: taeyeon02checkinyourbra on January 24th, 2015 07:39 am (UTC)
Yes, you are!

Apt, suitable--whichever works for me. :DD LOLLL I'm happy you approve of the "lesbian man" use. I mean, it's true. Especially a lot of those ~artsy hairstyles. Total gay lady hairdos.

I mean, why *wouldn't* they check each other out? :PP Tis mutual~

Awwww you're into hardworking, cranky Tae? Of course you would! I find it presh, too. ^^

I WANT TO PARTY WITH SUNNY AND YURI. D: Taeyeon's too busy...being Taeyeon.

Thanksssss for gracing my page, bb. :3333
(Anonymous) on January 19th, 2015 09:57 pm (UTC)
Lo and behold....ONE OF THE STARS OF YOUR FIC HAS ARRIVED!!! Now where's my fireworks and red carpet??? tsk

Before I start with anything...BRITCHES BE TRIPPIN HAHAHAAHAHAHAHA YAS BB YAAAAAS!!!! Now I want duh lyrics okr?? AND I WAS AT A RAVE WITH YUL, SUN AND HYOFANY OOOH YEAAAAAAHHHH...Chaeraptor, now where mah home gurl at???

know what, I actually opened microsoft word just to copy paste the quotable lines LOL

"A dude who looked more like a lesbian stretched his manhwa eyes"

"Twenty-one faces on the iPad contorted into alarmingly rehearsed aegyo. Everyone who wasn’t Yuri held their stomachs." Legit laughed at these two hahahhah, the first one reminds me of the chorus in Somebody Told Me by The Killers haha.

“That’s what hair does. It grows." Sounds like something I'd say tbh

Awwwwwww little lonely urchin's also attracted to Jessie J, I can foresee denial-angry seckshi time ensues #shif-to-da-taaaaayyyyy and guurrrrrrl, Yulti's quickie made me smirk irl

Hope this will not be the last time I feature in the fic mueheheheehhe



p.s Attention DinoBabies (our fandom name) Don't forget to LEGALLY purchase our new single "Britches Be Trippin" on itunes or buy the physical album at your nearby music stores. Single will be available on the 25th of January...remember no illegal downloading or WE WILL CUT YOU...BAD!!
checkinyourbra: sunny01checkinyourbra on January 24th, 2015 08:00 am (UTC)
YOUR HEAD'S ALREADY BALLOONED. Whaaat am I gonna do with you, ol' Dino?? haha

I have one firecracker. Have at it.

It's Britches be Tippin and YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS THIS SONG IS HAWT FIYAH. ohhhh gawddd the pressure for lyrics. um um um WE'LL SEE. ;(((( OMG I LET REXIKON PARTY WITH COOL PPL. WHAT WAS I THINKING????

BB <3333333333333 You opening a word doc for lil' me. :33

That song comes up in my head, too!!!! You and that beautiful music taste. :thumbsup:...I can picture you making that hair comment. All bubble-burstin' and whatnot.

omggggg the lonely urchin comment again hahaah. YOU SHIFTY BISHES. DAYUM.



//illegally downloads single
(Anonymous) on January 20th, 2015 04:05 pm (UTC)
how cute is grouchy lil taeyeonie? haha
and jessica is weird, i love it.
checkinyourbra: taeyeon01checkinyourbra on January 24th, 2015 07:08 am (UTC)
I'm sure that's a rhetorical question. Ah well...SHE'S EXTREMELY CUTE AND EVEN GROUCHIER. :***

Weird can be good, y/y??

Thanks for commenting, love~~
yuukistar22yuukistar22 on January 20th, 2015 10:09 pm (UTC)
*sobs whilst cramming rainbow cupcakes in mouth*
checkinyourbracheckinyourbra on January 24th, 2015 07:08 am (UTC)
Hahahhaah you and Karou bb are neck and neck!!

Eat as many as you like, gay lady~~
yuukistar22yuukistar22 on March 31st, 2015 04:00 am (UTC)
I got diabetes from all the rainbow cakes, hence the delay *nods*

Ohhhhhh Tae lovestruck already? Well nobody would blame her~

"A dude who looked more like a lesbian..." < I laughed way too hard at this, holy macaroni

Jessicajessicajessicajessica is talking to Taeeeeeeeee *squeals* Yes dance my puppets, dance mahahaha

Wow 15minutes, Yuri is so pro, i should take notes...and dat cheeky little SunTae smooch, this makes one perv very grinny heh

“Wall-to-wall pussy here, oh my god.” < Please be my gay best friend, Sunny


Hooray for being a night owl~~ I'll be back, pervy perv perv <3
checkinyourbra: taeyeon02checkinyourbra on April 4th, 2015 05:40 am (UTC)
Diabetes delayed you? *cackles* How inconvenient!!

Taeyeon likes what she sees and she does NOT how to process it! Poor gay baby.

You liked the lesbian boy comment! I mean, it's not inaccurate heh.

Yes dance my puppets, dance mahahaha ---RIGHT!!! You just know they're totally into each other. Now, to just....nudge them--

TAKE NOTES FROM YULTI. I'd support instructional videos. oooooh you like the SunTae interaction, too? Hehe


SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK. Laterssss, bb~~
rndvlrn on January 21st, 2015 04:12 am (UTC)
As usual Yulti was making a good use of their in between stage time. It's smart, and Taeyeon...BE JEALOUS! I think it was very sweet of Yuri to be supper supportive of her gf's stage performance despite the lacks of approval from her teammates.

Now, I don't really know how much sisterhood Yuri have in her blood but I think I would get a little pissed at Taeyeon for her general 'I hate life/Lucky 6' attitude. I thought it was getting a tad bit ridiculous and incredibly childish.I think that this depiction (whether you intended it or that I'm reading way more than what it is) really projected the silliness and ridiculousness of how anti-fans can be. It makes me reflect a little because I'm sure every body have something they just unreasonably hates on. This is not to say that I think Taeyeon is an entirely selfish and petty character; although, she does have the worse attitude. I think her ambitions can be quite admirable like Tiffany.

I don't know if Jessica was being intentionally bitchy to Taeyeon or not but it was pretty hilarious. It's nice to see Taeyeon being speechless and weird-out by someone like that. I love a good love/hate relationship story :p

I was a little bit confused by this chapter. I will probably go back and re-read it, but for now I just want to leave a comment (as I have time to) & to show the love and support! I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate your updates! Writing and updating regularly...Regularly! It's a BIG deal in this business! Haha, Most importantly I hope you enjoy writing it as much as I (and I'm sure other readers) enjoyed reading it. :p

"Oop I see that Yoona comments, are you talking orgasms, bbs? heheheehe" -- You know what I mean ... ;) But you tell me!

"I'LL BRING YOONSIC IN WHENEVER I WANT. YOU CAN'T ESCAPE THIS." -- It's not that I want to escape it either ;) I think the gayer everyone gets in this story the happier it is...and quite literally.

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checkinyourbra: taeyeon04checkinyourbra on January 24th, 2015 08:11 am (UTC)
Re: Wooooooh
Everyone should be jellz of YulTi's hot relationship. I'M EVEN JEALOUS. //types angry scene

Yuri's very supportive. :3 Such contrast in the Skandl room~

Taeyeon's being ridic, bb. No doubt. At least, for the perspective rn. Her friends put up with it out of love and knowing her reasons...if she has any. :OO I didn't make the Taeyeon/Anti connection, but I love when others point these things out. It's so absurd to me when folks expend energy just to dislike someone they don't even know. Like....WHY???

Awww bitchy or...flaky?? Hehe, still...those sillies. And RIGHT? Not used to her being speechless. Jessica makes her listen.

Ahhh I hope the confusion wasn't unpleasant. I'll try harder to make things more coherent. AND YOU'RE A DOLL FOR THE SUPPORT. I'm determined to maintain this regularity, bb. To give y'all something tasty to look foward to each week. ^^


Seeing an Im Yoona orgasm would probably end me.....I'dstilllooktho.

THE GAYER, THE HAPPIER. YES. Yoonsiiiic <333
(Anonymous) on February 9th, 2015 02:46 am (UTC)
Damn!!! So good. I'm so glad I have the opportunity to binge read chapters right now -- I don't know if I'd be able to handle having to wait (--what will I do when I reach the latest update and actually have to wait for the next one???)

These are some of the moments/things I really enjoyed in this excellent chapter:

Taeyeon's line: "A cat walking across a keyboard would do a better job."
The mention of the "characteristically spastic camera" -- so true.
Chikasaurus "britches be tippin" and their idol names ““Chaeraptor and Rexikon” .
Yuri's stick of gum after the quickie and Taeyeon and Sunny just KNOWING what it means.
Narsha’s heat-to-heart with Taeyeon “When Skandl’s no longer relevant and you’re free to do whatever you please, you’ll need things of true value waiting for you. I’m not talking trophies or a list of intangible accolades. Keep hitting your goals, but set aside time for your friends. Have more laughs. Go on adventures. Find love.”
That last moment with Taeyeon reflecting on that "weird girl" and giving a small smile.

On to chapter 5!

checkinyourbra: yuri02checkinyourbra on February 11th, 2015 07:23 am (UTC)
Re: YAAAAAAAS!!! (04)
Read-bingeing is glorious, isn't it? Sorry I don't have too much for ready for ya. D; Once a week is my limit so faaarrrr.

LOL I HAD to mention that spastic camera. It's such a staple in the kpop world. Thinking up idol names and songs is a little perk for this story. I usually leave those details until editing so my end product is the freshest. DAT GUM. hehe

And Tae's hidden smile...:')

Ahhh you're almost caught up. :000
sataengsminion: pic#125231677sataengsminion on September 30th, 2015 07:29 am (UTC)
If i use "Woah" on Taeyeon, will she love too? Please say yes! :((

I was already a silent reader here. Shhh..

Jinnie bish <_< Heh. i'm going to continue tomorrow, im feeling very lightheaded and everything keep spnning. I'll be back after i get soke sleep

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checkinyourbra: seohyun03checkinyourbra on October 11th, 2015 07:45 pm (UTC)
You have to use "Whoa", insult her, and be Jessica.

Hmmm....I think you're missing something. >_>

Awwww before you came out of the silent closet~~~~

"soke sleep". Heh.