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11 May 2013 @ 04:58 pm
Who Gets the Girl? [01]  

Title: Who Gets the Girl? [Chapter 01]

Pairing(s): OT9 for now. I don't want to spoil anything.

Players: Jessica, Taeyeon, Tiffany

Rating: PG-13, for now.

Genre: AU, romance?, comedic drama-llama

Warning(s): Will eventually get to NC-17 territory. There's still some semblance of a plot, though.

Disclaimer: I don't own Soshi. I don't own anyone, in fact. All Fiction.

Summary: Jessica's online and real world lives will collide soon.
Author's Notes: This is my first ever fan fic, so be gentle >.< Also, it's clear that my writing's from a Western perspective. Sorry in advance. Apparently, being gay is very normal in their area. :)


2:32 pm. Just two more hours and she’ll be here.

She better not end up murdering me.

Jessica Jung dropped a neatly folded stack of comforters on her couch, topping it off with a lavender cat-shaped pillow. She collapsed next to the soft little mountain, causing her freshly blown-out hair to messily parachute against her shoulders.

She felt strange being fully-dressed inside her home on such a beautiful Saturday afternoon. The sun teasingly shimmered through the blinds, bidding her to come out and play.

Not yet. I have a guest to welcome.

She closed her eyes, thinking about the news she received two weeks ago.


Jessica had been on her laptop shopping for shoes when a familiar tune and pop-up interrupted her spree. Reflexively, she connected to the Skype call and was greeted by the big derpy smile of her best friend, Tiffany.

Best online friend, that is. Through a string of random circumstances, she managed to befriend this Cali girl who sometimes had the maturity of half their years, but the biggest heart. And biggest smile.

“Well you look sickeningly happy today,” Jessica droned, already resizing the window to fit neatly in the corner of her screen.

“Hiiiii, Jess!” Tiffany squealed. Jessica recoiled at her loudness. “You look...tired.”

She rubbed at a heavy eyelid. “Of course I look tired. I’m tired because I’ve been working all day. Not that you would know this feeling.”

Tiffany pouted, but gave a shrug. “I know.”

Tiffany Hwang and Jessica had a lot in common. Both good-looking, American-born, and could never own enough shoes. Jessica lived in her own South Korean apartment and worked at an ad agency for her spending money. Tiffany, on the other hand, came from a filthy rich family. Quite the spoiled chick. Never worked a day in her life.

Tiffany perked back up. “I have a surprise for you!”

Jessica grinned and raised a devilish eyebrow. “Is it boobs?”

WHAT?! NO.” Tiffany’s laughter burst through the speakers. “Guess again!”

“Don’t make me guess anymore.”

“Do you want a hint?”

“Sure.” Her eyes glazed over some neon orange heels.

“It involves me. And you.”

“In bed?”

Tiffany laughed harder as she shook her head. Jessica naturally flirted with cute girls, even if they were never-gonna-happens like Tiffany. Too far away, too much like her, and Tiffany’s obsession made it hard to think that way...

“Tell me. I’m curious.”

“Okay okay okay.” Tiffany bounced in place, not unlike a hyperactive toddler. “Close your eyes.”

“What? Dummy, just cover the camera.”

Immediately, a pale palm cupped the screen for half a minute. Jessica could hear some shuffling and paper crackling. The hand disappeared, leaving only a white, rectangular sheet of paper held up by Tiffany’s other hand. Jessica squinted, waiting for the camera to autofocus.

“Tiffany, I can’t tell what--”

The camera focused. She read the words “Korea” and “flight” and unscrambled her mind to gasp.

Tiffany’s smiley head popped back into frame.“Ta-daaa! Surprise, Jess! I’m going to visit you, like you always wanted!”

Jessica’s face had shock plastered all over it. She didn’t know whether to cheer or quickly snap the laptop shut.

“Jess! Get excited with me!” Tiffany urged, bouncing again.

What the fuck? How could she just spring this on me? Has she lost her mind?


When did she find the time to--oh,that’s right. She travels all around the world. France, Brazil, South Africa, Italy, Japan...why wouldn’t she find the time to hit up Korea? It’s not like she lacked the funds.


She finally blinked.“Y-you. Here?”

Tiffany’s face fell a bit. “Yeah. You said you’ll always have your doors open for whenever I visit.”

That’s over-the-internet talk, idiot. “This is so sudden, though.”

“It’s not sudden. I’ll be there in two weeks!”

Tiffany logic.

They spent the next three hours sorting out the details. It allowed Jessica to turn that initial shock into excitement. Life has been moving along at a boring pace, anyways. Maybe this will be the beginning of an adventure.

The short buzz of her phone snapped Jessica back to life. She scrambled to read her new alert.--just an innocuous email. She exhaled and settled into the couch cushion. Tiffany’s plane should be arriving soon. Then, she’ll be taking a taxi to my place.

Tiffany. The internet buddy of four years. Right here.

I really hope she doesn’t kill me.

For the past few years, they’d been so close that she felt like they knew each other in real life. But now that real life was actually happening, she remembered that psycho people out there would love to kill her, rob her home bare, and leave her discarded body under the floorboards. Or eat her. What if Tiffany eats her ALIVE? Chains her up and devours each part piece-by-bloody-piece? She began wringing her hands as she imagined more dire outcomes.

The loud knock at the front door nearly unhinged her. On wobbly legs, she silently made her way across the living room to gingerly blink an eye into the peep-hole. Her shoulders slackened in relief at the sight of a short girl (granted, about her height) poking an eye right back at her. She smiled to herself and clicked open the door.

“Ugh, you wouldn’t believe my day. Do you have any food?”

Entered Kim Taeyeon. Jessica’s flesh-and-blood bestie.

And Tiffany’s obsession.


It was Jessica’s fault, really. It started several months ago during Tiffany’s many “I should try dating girls like you do, Jessica” phases. Apparently, she’d been scrolling through Jessica’s Facebook pictures and stopped on a certain person.

“Who’s that?” Tiffany asked during a Skype session, linking her the photo.

“Oh, that’s Taeyeon. The friend I told you about. She’s cool people.”

“How come I’m just seeing her now?”

Jessica frowned. “Uh, I don’t know. Because it’s not important? She’s not a fan of social media, so all her picture tags are hard to find. Her Facebook is on high security.”

“She’s...really pretty.”

Jessica noticed the change in Tiffany’s tone and clicked back to the video window. “Why are you being weird?”

“I’m not being weird. You’re being weird for keeping your friends so private.”

“One. One friend private.”

“Why? Don’t you want your friends to know each other?”

Not many people brag about their online friends, genius. “I...never thought about it.”

Jessica watched Tiffany looking down at her screen, scrutinizing the picture. Her face was expressionless, which made the situation even stranger.

“Tiffany. Are you okay? You’re weirding me out.”

Tiffany didn’t respond. Eyes locked downward.

Oh great. Maybe she’s jealous. Jealous of my real friends that I can hug and visit within reasonable means. Or worse, she’s finally fallen for me. I am pretty hot.

“Is Taeyeon gay, too?”

Jessica snorted. “The gayest.”

“Do you think she’d be interested in me?”

If Jessica had been drinking a beverage, she’d comically spray it out her nostrils. “Wait, what?!”

“I can’t take my eyes off her. She’s so perfect.” She poked out her pouty lips and gave a dramatic sigh.

Jessica clicked the link again to review the photo. “Taeyeon? Her?

“She looks so...chill and cool. And look how tiny she is.”

“I’m tiny, too.”

“She’s tinier. And her eyes...”

“Her beady, pervy eyes?”

“They’re so soft and mysterious.”

That received a full-on eyeroll. “Alright, stop this. I feel nauseous.”

Tiffany looked up. “You didn’t answer my question!”


“Do you think that she’d be interested in me?”

Probably. You’re an attractive woman with great hair. “Nope. Not at all.”

“Jessiiiiii,” Tiffany whined, shimming in her computer chair.

“You’re being creepy.”

“Can I at least talk to her?”


“HELLZ NO” remained Jessica’s answer the next day. And the next day. And the next. And next and next and next until finally, she’d had enough.

“Will anything make you NOT bother me about Taeyeon?” Jessica huffed, tying her light brown hair into a ponytail.

Frustrated, Tiffany poked her bottom lip out and gave sad puppy dog eyes.

Jessica found it kinda cute, but furrowed her eyebrows in disgust. “I’m so sick of you bringing her up. It’s pathetic.”

“Show her my picture and ask if she thinks I’m cute.”

Jessica bristled. “Have some dignity, woman.”

“You’re not being fair.”

She twisted the strands of her ponytail as she thought. “Okay, let’s make a deal.”

And a deal they made. In exchange for the call, she’d show her a new picture of Taeyeon stolen from Facebook every day. It appeased Tiffany in a guilty pleasure sort of way and eventually stopped all the annoying questions. Swooning at photos was considered a direct violation of their agreement, so she never again had to hear about Taeyeon’s “soft, mysterious eyes.” Seemed like a harmless agreement. Taeyeon wouldn’t appreciate it, but whatevs.

The thunking sound of luggage interrupted Jessica’s recollection of their creeper behavior. It took her a second or so to process Taeyeon wheeling in a huge red suitcase with a duffel bag swung over her arm.

“Hey Princess, could you come down from your tower long enough to grab the other two bags out there?”

The hell?

“What’s happening?” Jessica eyeballed Taeyeon’s things like they carried the plague. Maybe they do.

“Didn’t you hear what I said? My bitch landlord kicked me out. So, here I am.” She punctuated her last sentence by dumping her duffel bag onto the couch.

Taeyeon noticed the blankets. “You expectin’ company?”

No. Oh, no.

“Taeyeon-ahhh.” Jessica’s voice was light and airy, but full of panic. “You can’t stay with me.”

Taeyeon settled a covered tank onto the kitchen counter. “Why not?”

“I already have company arriving.”

She shrugged. “The more the merrier.”

“No no nooo.” She placed her hands on the tank and shifted it over.

“Hey--” Taeyeon snapped, “be careful with Jessica.”

“Jessica?” Then, it registered. “NO. I’m not keeping a snake in my apartment!”

“Shhhh. You’ll wake her.” She gently pulled the tank out of her grip.

“C-can’t you stay with Sunny or Seohyun for a while?”

“No way. Sunny’s place is too small and I’m pretty sure Seohyun’s parents hate me.”

“This...isn’t happening.”

Taeyeon’s face softened. “Please, Jessica. Remember when I did the same for you?”

Jessica cringed, recalling that dark time. Her last apartment building had caught on fire. Even though no one was hurt and her stuff wasn’t ruined, she found herself practically homeless in Seoul until Taeyeon, a casual friend at the time, took her in. They’ve become close friends ever since.

“Fine, but keep that snake on your end. Over there.” She nodded to the other side of the living room next to the window.

Taeyeon beamed and claimed a desk in the corner.

“That snake will never go into my bedroom. Or the bathroom. Or the kitchen ever again.” She sprayed the counter with disinfectant for good measure.

“Fine.” She pulled off the cover to reveal a smallish speckled python.

Jessica shuddered and ushered in the rest of the bags.

Whew!” Taeyeon slumped onto the couch, ruining the blanket pile and bouncing the cat pillow to the floor. “I’m so hungry. What are you cooking for me?”

Before Jessica could shoot her a less-than-ladylike response, her phone’s ringer went off.


“Oh god.” Jessica rushed to pick it up from the coffee table. Taeyeon sat up, intrigued.

“I’m hereeeee!!!” Her voice boomed out. Jessica removed the phone from her ear by a few inches.

“Really? Here, here?”

“Yes!! I’m in the elevator now. 5L, right?”

“That’s the one.”

“Be there in five secs!”

She hung up and turned on her heel to Taeyeon.

“Is that your guest?” Taeyeon asked, thumping the cat pillow between her socked feet.

I have five seconds to collect myself.

Next Chapter: 02-Tiffany!

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checkinyourbra: taeyeon01checkinyourbra on August 27th, 2013 01:06 am (UTC)
HIII AGAIN. This is some dedication here. To put your brain in reverse like this. BUT I love that you did this. It's letting me re-visit early chapters. So presh and semi-innocent, my characters. :')

NOW. Onto your comment:

" I bet you love surprising your readers. You do it in such a good, gooood, but sometimes crueeel way ;_____________;" ---hehehe if I had a "reviews" page of WGTG, this would be on it.

Lulzy's my middle name! Okay, it's not but...you know....I'm glad you find my writing funny. XD

That's EXACTLY what Taeyeon's saying, I'm sure. XDDD Omigosh ikr letting internetz people into your home. THAT'S SOME TRUST RIGHT THERE. hehe

I LOVE Mad!Sica. Along with Evil!Sica and Bitch!Sica. Pretty much Jessica having a 'tude. Hehehe as far as I am in the story, it's funny seeing how Taey got a pass into her home from that guilt trip. Well played, bbTaey. XD

Staying at a friend's is always more funnnnn. :DDD Plus, we needed to get those three squished into the same living quarters for hilarity to ensue!! :D I, for one, would NOT give up the chance of being under the same roof as Jessica Jung. *sighs lovingly*

Oh, college. It's all good, bb. I'll be here ^^ Your replies are jawesome sauce, so YAAAAY