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31 January 2015 @ 12:01 am
Skandl! [06]  

Title: Skandl! (Chapter 06)

Pairing(s): TaengSic, side!YulTi

Rating/Genre: Light R; AU Idol Romance

Warning(s): Sexual themes, language.

Disclaimer: I don't own Soshi. I don't own anyone, in fact. All Fiction.


Six: Taeyeon


Strumming taut strings beneath her thumb, Skandl’s Kim Taeyeon pondered why she’d obliterated three years of self-control in a matter of minutes.

Yuri and Sunny spread sacred pages throughout the cluttered living room, rubbing out clunky lyrics and shaking their heads at flat notes. On days like this--when makeup was extraneous and pajamas ruled supreme--they pushed their furniture to its own wall and let their instruments breathe. A therapeutic practice to get creative juices flowing.

Taeyeon loved her two bandmates. Really. Though, to be frank, she prided herself as the one who’d never let her loins threaten their job. Narrow victory against Big Mouth Minah aside, Taeyeon had a flawless record. Most post-debut dalliances she’d experienced brought no drama, minimal heartache, and zero distraction. In fact, she still bore the scar of a rather perturbed lover who didn’t take kindly to marking down song ideas pre-climax.

Focus beyond common sexual courtesy.

All out the window for a starlet smile and a sassy, intoxicating tongue.

Her thumb nail ran against the bottom string. She needed to entertain her fingers. If not, she’d be tinkering with her phone. And she’d consciously/unconsciously re-open a special text.

+I want to see you again. -J

Taeyeon received it when she rolled out of bed that morning. Her heels touched the floor and her phone chirped as if that’d been the cause. So….she plugged it into an outlet to charge. Constructively stalling.

Deep down, she knew it’d be from Jessica. It wasn’t like she hadn’t spent the night cursing tumultuous churning at the center of her chest. Likened to body eels or a blood mantis. Creatures who loathed sleep and peace of mind.

When she closed her eyes, she saw Jessica. When her pupils lost themselves in the blackness of the room, a cruel memory evoked prodding, trembling lips. Short nails biting into her forearm. The outline of a bra grazing her palm. Then, Taeyeon got horny and closed her eyes to restart the torture.

The blonde’s frightened bunny rabbit departure set the tone, right? Just a blissful lost of wits. Tallied as a heated, ephemeral moment.

Yet, Jessica fit her like a cashmere knit glove. Warm, supple, disarmingly pleasant against her skin. And that mouth of hers--made to be kissed; equipped to annoy the crap out of Taeyeon.

And this chick cranked out tidbits of her Elite past. Damnit.

Everything about her altered Taeyeon’s usual tactics and it was not okay. Especially when the Sixer sneaked behind her and stood between her legs. Who the hell did that? Jessica was different; that was for sure.


Taeyeon fell back into the present as Yuri squeezed onto the same recliner, smiling smugly. “Spill, girl. What happened last night?”


“You’re playing your ukulele.”

“So what?”

“You only touch that thing when you’re lovesick,” Sunny commented from her keyboard, replaying four notes. “It collects dust otherwise.”

“I’m not lovesick.”

“Last time you had an emo uke session…” Yuri tapped red fingertips at her chin. “Jia turned you down. Remember, Sunny?”

Sunny fingered a few select switches, nodding profusely. “You’d think you had a chance or somethin’. I warned you, Tae. Straight as an arrow.”

“To hell with both of you.”

“Is that why you didn’t go to the rave? Jia?”

She tossed the ukulele to the floor to make a point. “Can we stop talking about her? It happened last year.”

“Minah asks about you often. You know her group’s going on the Southeast Asia tour with us, right?”

Taeyeon struggled to sit up straight, peering suspiciously at her friend. “What about P.A.G.A.N.?”

Sunny shrugged. “Scheduling conflicts. So, Dirty Laundry’s replacing them. Their promos will be over soon.”

Dirty Laundry--among Lim Theatrics’ hypersexual new lineup. Minah actually debuted.

What a pain. Palling around with Hakyeon, Taekwoon, and the rest of boy band P.A.G.A.N. appealed to her more than dodging Big Mouth’s desperate advances. “That sucks.”

“Amen” Yuri agreed, tone brimming with concern, “Big Mouth Minah is Big Mouth Minah for a reason.”

“Minah’s a good kid. Cute, too. Besides, Tae shouldn’t be so picky since she’s obviously coping with last night’s rejection.”

Taeyeon’s jaw dropped. “Why would you…”

“That’s your heartbreak ukulele. We’re not stupid.” Yuri stroked her friend’s head, earning a groan. “Jessica’s a looker; I’ll give you that.”

“I--” Taeyeon cut her honesty short. “What’d she tell you?”

“You mean, what didn’t she tell us. Jess texted Fany a while after you two stormed out, saying she called a car and left. When Fany showed up at their dorm this morning, she was gone.”

“Interesting,” Sunny sighed, “I could’ve sworn the bitch was checking you out hardcore. My mistake.”

“You should have heard them, Sunny.” Yuri screeched her best cat impression. “Reeeeeeeeaaarrrrrr hsssssssssss from the get-go.”

Taeyeon got to her feet, tip-toeing around scattered sheets. “As if you could hear us over your monkey sex.”

“You fell for that!?” Yuri snorted. Sunny scoffed shortly after.

“Am I missing something?”

“We weren’t having sex, Tae. You and Jessica were arguing so much that we jumped on the bed as a diversion.”

“But--all the bumping…”

“Fake. Geez, we aren’t sex addicts.”

Sunny scratched into her binder, not looking up. “As a sex addict myself, I’m inclined to agree. If you hear constant bumping from Yul’s room, Fany’s stabbing her to death.”

“Coulda fooled me.” On an impulse, Taeyeon reached for the ukulele. She stopped at Yuri’s knowing eyebrow raise. “Refusing to see eye-to-eye with a Lucky Sixer hardly constitutes bringing up my dating record. I’m content...like this.”

“Good ol’ Lone Ranger putting her group before her libido,” Yuri mused, “If an afterlife exists, there will be thousands of scantily-clad angels waiting for you. The kinkiest ones clad in dominatrix gear.”

Taeyeon’s throat dried at the image of Jessica cracking a whip. Her mussed mane slapped her in the cheeks as she shook her head of these dirty thoughts. “Any new material?”

Sunny nodded at her binder hanging onto the edge of the keyboard. “Three songs.”

“Shit, you’re on a roll.” Battered sheets of all types--wide-ruled, college ruled, colored computer paper, backs of takeout flyers, even sticky notes--rotated through the silver rings until the latest entries revealed themselves. Written on coffee-stained bond paper in Sunny’s lavishly slanted script, lay three blocks of lyrics.

“First two need work,” mumbled their lyricist. “The third one’s my favorite by far.”

Yuri’s chin rested on Taeyeon’s shoulder while they skipped over the two selections to read a chunk of text’s title: love:murder. Sunny usually named her prized creations.

“Should we be worried?” Yuri snorted, wrapping her arms around the short leader’s waist--initiating YulTae-level affection. “Is there a rotting trainee corpse under your bed?”

“Keep reading, smartass.”

“Who,” Taeyeon wondered aloud, “who’s this about?”

Sunny swished a mouthful of water thoughtfully before answering. “Who’s it not about? Idol dating life is pretty much this standard.”

Yuri lifted her head, smile brighter than stage lights. “I love it.”

“Narsha does, too. Alas, it’s too hot-button of an issue--even for us. So, I’ll keep it in the binder vault. Nobody’s gonna butcher this into some sterile ballad.”

The song had major potential, Taeyeon couldn’t deny. No matter how much the subject itself made her uncomfortable. “Sing some.”

“Right now?”

“If it sounds as cool as it’s playing in my head, maybe we can figure something out.”

The tune to a Skandl song rang from Yuri’s room, slicing into the conversation. Narsha’s ringtone. Yuri pulled away, galloping towards the music. “I’m expecting an MC gig next month.”

Sunny uncovered a stack of self-written music sheets, sighing at her messy penmanship. “You’ll get it. The public loves you.”

“I hope! Start without me!”

Something about the silence--save for Sunny’s adamant page-flipping--brought Taeyeon’s discomfort into the forefront yet again. She lipped the “love:murder” lyrics to herself, ready to memorize.

“She didn’t turn you down, did she?”

Taeyeon’s thumb and pointer tightened onto the dog-eared edge of the paper. “Huh?”

“Jessica. She likes you back.”

Sunny’s gaze weighed just as heavy as the phone-shaped anvil in her jeans pocket. “What makes you think that?”

“Your unwillingness to talk about it. When Jia rejected your mixtape--”

“Not this again.”

“You pitched a fit and strummed these spastic, angry melodies on your uke. Well, as angry as a ukulele can sound.”

“And this time, Tae Whisperer?”

Sunny held a highlighter cap between her teeth, yanking the marker free. Taeyeon watched her circle squiggles and underline blots. “Sounds calmer.”

“I don’t even like her.”


“What do you mean, who?

“Say her name, Tae. Seems like you go out of your way to do so.”

“That’s dumb.”

“Say it. Just once.”

Taeyeon bit her lip, ashamed. Why the hell couldn’t she utter that Lucky Sixer’s name? She’d beat box Yoona, Yoona, Sooyoung, Hyo, Hyo, Hyo, Seo all day, any day. However, Jessica… “You gonna play the song or what?”


“I have nothing to prove to you.”

Challenge twisting Sunny’s lips into its signature grin, she grazed arched fingers along the keyboard, making it sing. Taeyeon studied her graceful hands as they swept through the notes. For those seconds, taking in the wordless harmony, she could concentrate.

That is, until Sunny voiced a snippet.

“So I’m like ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh, stay out of my mind…”

Their eyes met.

“Ooh ooh ooh ooh ohh, in my back seat like…”

Taeyeon waited for Sunny’s face to expose something, anything.

“Mm mmm mmm mmm, fucked up my timeline…”

A distraction.

“You’re planting bombs like, b-bombs like…

From Jessica.

“...it’s love:murder.”

And before Taeyeon could react, Sunny’s lips were pressed against her own. A quick kiss, but a kiss nonetheless. Similar to the one on stage--the one which earned her group a small fine and a slap on the wrist for decency violations.

For showbiz, they were daring, taboo. Scandalous. So, what did it mean in the middle of their home?

“What was that for?”

“I’ve known you for the longest, girl. I know...what you’ve been through.”

Taeyeon flattened the painful memories with a pound to the keyboard stand. It quaked as she growled a low, “I don’t need a pity fuck.”

“Oh, really? ‘Cause I think you do.”

“I got the MC spooooot!” Yuri sang, moonwalking from her room and shutting down further discussion. “Did I miss any magic?”

Sunny aimed her fingertips above the keys. “Magic’s not the word for it.”

“How’s this?” Yuri struggled through a moderately long sentence in Tagalog, peeking over her workbook for feedback.

“Stupid,” Taeyeon deadpanned.

“Well, fuck you, too.”

Taeyeon snickered, emptying the carton of chow mein into her mouth. She slurped the sticky sauce from the end of a chopstick and pointed with it. “Please the crowd. Say ‘I’m happy to be here’ in your choppy rendition of the language, then make the fangirls cream their pants.”

Yuri closed the booklet around her face. A sign of defeat. For every tour outside of Korea, Yuri tried to learn more than the standard greeting in the local tongue. She failed at this consistently. “I’m never going to be bilingual at this rate.”

“Music’s its own language.”


“Fine. Let’s hear that line again.”

The taller girl perked up, reciting the words again in a lighter cadence.

“Still sucks. You sound Italian.”

Italian?! God damnit!” Yuri slapped the paperback shut. “Sunny said the same thing yesterday. How is this possible?”

Sunny’d been smart enough to escape that night’s “Southeast Asia Tour Prep”. Dubstep rattled from the space beneath the silver-haired woman’’s bedroom door in obvious celebration.

“It’s not even a good Italian accent.”

“Terribad freakin’ tutor,” she whined, straightening the threads on Taeyeon’s rug. “Guess I’ll buy a bouquet for the Rumors and throw roses to the prettiest ones.”

“Your classic move.”

“Speaking of prettiest one…” In no time, Yuri headed to the doorway, relaying a call to her girlfriend.

Taeyeon gestured for her to close the door. “Laters.”


Alone. After a day of self-inflicted distractions, Taeyeon’s mind swam back to Jessica’s text. Giving in, she selected the unanswered message with the tip of her pinky.

+I want to see you again. -J

Yep. Said the same thing as it did that morning.

She kicked a path through the island of flash cards and discarded takeout containers to dive onto her rumpled sheets. A staring contest commenced: Taeyeon vs. The Dreaded Text. How could six innocuous words and a single initial put her through so much distress?

Determined to test herself, she thumbed in the date of Lucky Six’s last music show performance of “Girly”. Doing so should have been as natural as breathing. She never hesitated to scrutinize their winky, sugary acts before Jessica. It’d be silly to change her methods of competition-checking at this rate.

Four minutes of bashing every infinitesimal piece of fluff would’ve done her good. Showed the 26-year-old, glaring through her thick angel bangs, that she hadn’t lost the ability for harsh critique. “I’m not hopeless,” she mumbled into the cotton duvet.

Kim Taeyeon was wrong.

Tiffany’s hair had indeed gotten pretty long. Her eyesmile didn’t coax out an unbridled groan. The poodle skirt and heels kind of...worked together. Nice, even. For those into grown women costumed as ‘40s American teenagers.

The four strange Lucky Sixers drew blanks in Taeyeon’s eyes. This relieved her until the camera panned to Jessica Jung.

Bad idea.

Bad, bad fucking idea.

She had mind to shut her phone off. Or close out of her Youtube app, at least. But, it was too late. Jessica locked eyes with the camera and delivered a honeyed smile so sweet, Taeyeon paused to regain her bearings.

Jessica’s eyes glimmered when she sang. Hell, her entire face lit up. Yet, she retained a demure air, matching her smooth motions as her skirt swished in a baby blue haze. Her hair gleamed just as silky as it felt the previous night. Taeyeon could almost smell it.

When she was supposed to judge pitch, Taeyeon concentrated on Jessica’s lips. When she was to check for stumbles, her eyes traced the curves of Jessica’s legs. When she wouldn’t waste a chance to tease excessive hand gestures, she wondered about the softness of her palms or the length of her fingers.

This viewing session was a bust.

Something about this Jung trap--apart from physical attributes--ensnared Taeyeon. Clutched at her weakness for talent and hardheadedness.

Before long, Taeyeon’s search ended up on some pervert’s compilation of Jessica’s body rolls from Lucky’s “Rotate the Love Train” music video. Three hours of sensuous black and white movement on a fluid loop. He or she even added a seedy house track for effect.

She reached the eighteen-minute mark--while her right hand reached the drawstring of her sweats.

“God, what am I doing?” Taeyeon murmured, licking her dry lips. They tasted like shame.

With the smartphone’s music cut off, she noticed a faint hum from the wall behind her head. The hum of Yuri’s low, husky laugh. Taeyeon’d more or less learned to block out her dormmate’s after-hours lovebird calls. Although, as she lay there, gravely aware that she’d nearly masturbated to Jessica-shaped pixels upon a 7-inch screen, another emotion swept through her veins: rage.

Elite Entertainment achieved mental terrorism that’d turned ⅔ of Skandl into infatuated zombies. She’d have no more of this “growing soft” business.

Once she pulled at a dresser handle, elbow raised to chuck that phone into its temporary prison, an alert sent a jolt from her fingers down to her spine. Dreading what she already knew, she read the incoming text.

Are you awake? -J

“Yeah,” Taeyeon whispered.

The device landed onto a stack of underwear. Taeyeon waited for the glowing screen to dim, then go black. Lucky Six could not--would not take over their lives. They had too much at stake. Narsha’s words of wanning stardom echoed in her head as she slammed the drawer shut.

“Goodnight, Jessica.”

Despite days of elusive sleep, Taeyeon put on her big girl pants and belted the lyrics to “Technicolor” with purpose, needing this final promotional performance to end on an uplifting note.

Sunny missed no keys. Yuri became one with her guitar. They left nothing on the stage. Taeyeon would dare to declare a Skandl victory for the night. Yeah, online voting and fan-determined bullshit had a part of the winning total, so LTE pulled out all the stops to keep their faces in the public eye. They’d been neck-and-neck with Fifteen for the music show’s award count--both trailing the group-she’d-rather-not-name. This would be the one to push Skandl to second place.

She floated amongst the throng of performers, indulging in pointless nods of encouragement. Truthfully, Taeyeon recognized merely a handful of these airbrushed wannabes. All she wanted was to accept the trophy, gloat through a half-assed encore, and get the hell out before she saw--


Ah, those eyes. Like second nature, she’d sensed them several times until she stacked the nerve to meet them from across the animated stage.

Idols chattered and pushed from every angle, but she knew they were for her.

“Comin’ for drinks after this?” Taekwoon whispered, momentarily throwing her off balance.

Taeyeon “yepped” halfheartedly and hurried the man to join his members. Her eyes laid target once again. Jessica just finished giggling to Tiffany, casting a flirty gaze her way. She smirked. Without thinking, Taeyeon smirked back.

Somebody next to Jessica caught her eye, too. A Fifteen guy. He tugged his sharp jaw in her direction, grinning with practiced charm. Taeyeon threw a disinterested wave at the poor soul. Barking up the wrong tree, kiddo.

“There you are,” Yuri laughed, her toned arm hooking Taeyeon through the flood of people. “C’mon. It’s time for them to announce the winner.”

As they lined up on either side of the MCs, a wave of nausea settled in the pit of her stomach. Things felt off. She clung to Yuri’s arm, letting cameras snap hungrily at their skinship.

“Pussy pussy pussy fucker bitch,” Taeyeon hissed into Yuri’s ear with faux intimacy.

Completely amused, Yuri played along. “Dildo vagina pussyface, cunt number one?”

“Dildo strapped in and ready for liftoff?”

“All strapped in.”

“Roger that.”

Sunny interrupted their insane laughter to point out the results.

And Taeyeon’s instinct didn’t lie.

Lucky Six defeated Skandl. Again.

Music shows never meant the most to Kim Taeyeon; nevertheless, this was insane. They indisputably conquered that night and still fell short in the damn popularity contest.

A blizzard of paper squares poured from the ceiling while the instrumental of “Rotate the Love Train” blared at an obnoxious volume. Taeyeon’s girls quietly ushered her backstage.

“This program’s a joke,” Sunny yawned, draping an arm around Taeyeon’s shoulders. “I’m gonna grab Hakyeon and the others. Barbeque and soju later, kay?”

Taeyeon shrugged, watching Lucky Six goof around through the half-assed encore Skandl deserved. Some of the bitches couldn’t even sing. How did she let herself get so distracted? For the competition, no less.

“...give you some space,” Yuri offered as she faded into the halls, pulling Sunny along.

A sinking feeling of sabotage replaced the nausea.

Why not? Taeyeon had no proof of Tiffany playing foul, yet Jessica’d accomplished her own damage: she threw her guard off.

Was she to believe a clever, beautiful woman who enjoyed the sexual company of other women would appear in Taeyeon’s life for them to live happily ever after? Did she seem that gullible? Rival companies thought of creative ways to throw Skandl off its game; however, this one took the cake. Affairs of the heart were a low blow.

“You looked hot up there,” a deep voice--neither Taekwoon’s nor Hakyeon’s nor any member of P.A.G.A.N.’s--crooned a little too closely to her ear.

Taeyeon raised her eyebrows, not up for responding.

“Are you doing anything after this?”


“Take a ride with me instead.”

What the hell kind of pheromones was she emitting lately? “You’re a fetus.”

He snorted, adjusting the green cap reading ‘12’ upon light brown tufts of hair. “Playing hard to get.”

“Fuck off.”

“Bad mood. I understand.” An unwelcome swat to Taeyeon’s ass jarred her too much to immediately react. The bastard laughed, dashing to his crowd of overpaid pretty boys for protection from a potentially violent pursuit.

Taeyeon scowled and let him get away. In the idol industry, too many entitled men obliged themselves on female stars. As if they owned not even their bodies.

God, she hated this life sometimes.

By then, most of the singers were eager for drinks, food, and shenanigans. Taeyeon wilted, remembering her promise to her friends--barbeque and soju. She’d rather cocoon herself in bed and sleep off the disappointment.

Lucky Six left the stage, anyways. Unless she wished to glare at custodians, her sulking session would have to continue after the festivities.

Festivities for what, even? It wasn’t like their groups won.

Taeyeon detoured past Skandl’s dressing room. Maybe if she walked off some tension, she wouldn’t shade the night with her raincloud mood.


Backstage, where false eyelashes peeled off, coiffed hair got stuffed into beanies, and teenage heartthrobs expended excess energy by wrestling topless, nobody intimidated Taeyeon. They’d been stripped down, ready to drink their weight in alcohol and forget 6am schedules. Some would find their intoxication in less-than-legal forms. Several overate. Others didn’t eat at all. Taeyeon stood out amongst the celebrities shedding their layers. The one person in full makeup and stage attire.

Further and further she paced through the maze of teenagers and cubicles, shoulders hunched, fists jammed into her dark pants. Her brain busied itself in overdrive, so her legs worked on autopilot. Halting her at a door that, had she been paying attention, would have been avoided altogether.

Relieved to see only Im Yoona and Seohyun gathering their bags, she spun in place to head the other way. A gentle touch froze Taeyeon mid-stride.

“Taeyeon, hi,” said the familiar tone.

“Hi back.”

“This way.”

Strung along by a simple gaze, Taeyeon followed the blonde down another hallway to an abandoned storage room. The door creaked closed as she sealed them inside.

She took the liberty to observe dressed-down Jessica. Very stylish and simple in a pastel v-neck, jeans, and oxfords. Jessica tied her light hair into a ponytail as Taeyeon’s stare dropped to the tips of her own boots.

“You’re ignoring me.”

Taeyeon appreciated her straightforwardness. “Busy prepping for the tour.”

“When is it?”

“In three days.”

Jessica stepped forward, making Taeyeon acknowledge soft eyes bearing a only hint of accusation. “Sorry for running off last week.”

“What, that?” She rested a shoulder onto a shelf, legs crossed nonchalantly. “I’d already forgotten.”

“I find that hard to believe.”


“You said you wanted me.”

Taeyeon rubbed at her burning cheeks with a forearm. “Caught up in the moment.”

“So, you don’t want me anymore?”

“Uh,” Taeyeon swallowed heavily. “I didn’t say that.”

Jessica mirrored the girl’s position, wrapping pale arms around herself. “We could do something before you leave. Go out for coffee or tea or…” She giggled at her candor. “Whatever, really. Drinks. Maybe dinner.”

Taeyeon examined every movement, every nervous glance Jessica threw to the tiled floor. “Rain check, alright? The tour’s two weeks-long and I’ll be swamped until we return to Korea.”

“Fair enough. Then, you make the date.”

“I’d rather not.” Because I know I’ll be counting the days, her inner sap wanted to add.

“You’re very confusing, you know that?”

Jessica’s gums showed when she snickered. Taeyeon’s eyes shot to the ceiling, dodging head-on cute overload.

“Tae…” The blonde hesitated, probably awaiting backlash to the nickname use. Her lips looked extra kissable. Matte with a thin coat of nude lip balm. “Ask me out.”

Taeyeon’s turn to laugh. “I’ll think about it.”

She would. Constantly.

Jessica curled stray hairs behind her ear, smile sparkling. In lieu of verbal persuasion, she leaned in, luring Taeyeon in to close the gap.

And those lips were even softer than she remembered. Careful yet earnest. Timid yet sensual. Taeyeon sighed a breath of relief, parting her lips to delve a little deeper. She consciously kept her tongue pinned down, knowing if another French kiss ensued, she’d be screwed. There was no other word for it.

Hostility about the unrightful loss dissipated with the strength to keep her hands to herself. She had to feel her again. To drift away into the pleasure of lean curves and gentle caresses along her waist. So, Taeyeon touched, tenderly kneading into Jessica through the thin fabric. Mindful not to paw at her like a raving asshole. Light, flesh-raising strokes.

“You feel nice.”

“So do you.”

High off the here, now, Taeyeon timidly laced their fingers together. The high-end thread count of her Egyptian Cotton had nothing on the sheer comfort of Jessica’s skin.

“I-I think you’re sweet.”

The words breathed into the corner of her mouth, punctuated by a short swipe of the tongue, brought Taeyeon back to reality.

“Nobody thinks that.”

“I do.”

“You shouldn’t.”

“I know.” Jessica hummed amusement in the back of her throat. “But I do.”

“How do you know I’m not using you?”

“Are you?”

Taeyeon bit her lip, allowing the most hurtful replies to flow through her mind and wondering why the hell this was her default. To hurt Jessica. “Would you be surprised if I said yes?”

“Honestly, I would.”

“You’re naïve.”

“Date me and I’ll decide for myself.”

She kissed Jessica harder, hungry to scrape her teeth across her jaw or taste her neck. She judged against it, grinning. “You’re stubborn, too.”

Color flowed to Jessica’s cheeks and she lifted their joined hands to graze her chin. “I have to go, Tae.”

Taeyeon’s smirk twitched. “Same. There’s some alcohol-pork-whatever dinner I’m being forced to attend.”

“Will I be on your mind?”

She replied in a shrug, though it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out. “If someone brings you up, which I doubt.”

“Meanie.” Jessica tilted their hands, exposing the white skin of Taeyeon’s wrist. Closing her eyes, she circled the skin with the tip of her tongue before latching on for a languid suck. Pink lips massaged the sensitive tendons, shooting titillating signals to every synapse--mainly the ones regulating below her belt. A teasing nibble later and she untied their fingers, smiling wickedly.

Taeyeon gaped like a starved wolf. Lolling tongue and all.

“Text me some time, Tae.”

Leaving the woman inoperable, Jessica scurried from the room, shooting a stage wink over her shoulder.

Thus ensued Night #2 of Taeyeon half-listening to the rumbles of Yuri’s smitten conversation as she preoccupied herself to mental and Internet images of Jessica Jung.

Indeed, Jessica did dominate her mind for the entirety of her friends’ drunken mealtime. Friends and groupmates alike took turns breaking Taeyeon out of her daze--going so far as gifting her the biggest cuts of meat and choice of dessert. They assumed her quietness stemmed from the music show loss--which it should have been. What other human would whip Skandl into shape?

Taeyeon was screwed. She could feel it.

The kiss in the back room aroused an embarrassing amount of fantasies. Fueled by parts of a whole lot of sexy. An easily removable shirt. Exposed neck. The arc of her back. Sighs lost in her throat. Fresh skin. That tongue. That pliant, fucking brilliant tongue.

Wet wasn’t wet enough of a word.

Her hand made its way into her briefs and she assaulted slick heat. Two fingers circled a swollen, needy point, cramming into her opening out of pure impatience seconds later. Doing herself, doing what she could, doing anything to cure the ache.

An ache that wouldn’t subside. For it was one of those nights when Kim Taeyeon yearned to have a woman’s head between her legs, not this DIY-orgasm bullshit. The cruelest nights of Skandl’s ‘Lone Ranger’. She slid her fingers to an outstretched leg, sobbing at her pathetic state.

Where’d all her pride gone?

Jessica apparently leached it from Taeyeon’s red-tinged wrist.

The same wrist that thudded weakly against the woodgrain of a bedroom door.

It opened, where Sunny stood, sporting only a scarlet demi bra and leggings. Sunny usually dressed lightly when lazing around the dorm, but this get-up turned Taeyeon’s eyes to saucers.

“Redeeming an offer, Tae?”

Taeyeon grew ten times more anxious. She twisted an unwashed finger into the hem of her tanktop. “Yeah.”

Sunny bobbed her head, watching the finger’s twitchy motions. Her voice switched to sultry, a tone Taeyeon previously heard in jest. “Tell me what you want and I’ll let you in.”

“To forget.”

“I can help.”

“Am I a bitch? I’m using you, Sunny.”

She stepped from the doorway, nodding at the unkempt bed taking space like a silk elephant in the room. “That’s what friends are for.”

I’M NO SONGWRITER, Y’ALL. I actually had more ~fake music~ sketched out, but this story took precedence and...there ya go. Btw, I wrote out that “Southeast Asia tour” monthsssss ago and I’m happy to hear it’s sorta happening irl.

Hope y'alls week was less asfjdljfdsfdlfj than mine. :***

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i casually pulled up soshipops a little bit ago (okay, when do i ever pull up soshipops 'casually' bUT that's beside the point) and let's just say i was hella excited to see an update

WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN WITH THIS. byuntaeyeon perving on videos of jessica (honestly my favorite part), ~~language master yuri (the babest babe tbh), sunny being sunny, jessica being so flawless, AND I EVEN GOT SOME DANDYU??? this fic is just too much and i'm in too deep

it's so original and taeyeon's characterization especially has me both amused and a little sad -- it's the perfect combination of sass, but also leaves me wondering what she's been through and where things are going to go from here. (quite honestly one of the most unique taeyeon characterization's i've ever seen. after having to suffer through so many that were one dimensional and pretty flat, this is such a breath of fresh hair that leaves me patiently -- more like impatiently -- waiting for the next update)

& i'm proud to say that the finale of colors will be happening shortly IF I COULD JUST GET MY SHIT TOGETHER. but don't be surprised if there's another taengsic surprise coming from me eventually -- hopefully if i don't fuck anything up, i'll link it on SGSD by valentines.

checkinyourbra: taeyeon02checkinyourbra on February 6th, 2015 06:36 am (UTC)

Secondly: Your...fic.....bb.....the last part..........prease. D;

Your favorite part is Tae perving out?? Bahahha bless. AND YES. "The babest" totally fics Yuri. She's just soo.....SQUISHY. AND DANDYU FOR YOU. Glad it didn't turn you off.

My brain is all topsy turvy rn. Wrangling Taeyeon, Jessica, and rest of my character's brains inside my brain while MY JOB IS BEING CRAY CRAY BUSY has me a little loopy. Sleep, what art thou?? Hehe, but I'm glad you feel like I'm doing a good job. I'm so flattered and humbled by what you said...I want to get an optimal recharge so I can finish this story to my best ability. Calling anything of mine original touches my heart. ;A;


Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :DDDD
xsunray: Taeyeonxsunray on January 31st, 2015 06:21 am (UTC)
MY TOP SPAWT BAWLS screw work and all those adult obligations!

>:( taeyeon please comfort me :(
checkinyourbra: taenycheckinyourbra on January 31st, 2015 10:38 am (UTC)
(Anonymous) on January 31st, 2015 07:29 am (UTC)
Is sunny really that good of a friend? As in, do such friends exist without any hidden feelings?

Lol at yulti "jumping on the bed" and yultae when they were doing fanservice was gold.
Mm taeyeon would probably need to deal with her bitterness if/when taengsic actually happens. Poor conflicted taeyeon.
checkinyourbra: taeyeon03checkinyourbra on February 6th, 2015 06:21 am (UTC)
Oooooh asking some hard questions there, Anon. ;)))

I'd say I don't know the answers, but.....*evil face*

YulTi had to change the conversation somehow! Hahaha And I loved writing YulTae fanservice. Those two together is <33 :33

"Poor, conflicted Taeyeon."--RIGHT?!? Bb's all over the place.

Thanksssss for reading, smart Anon~~
I la- la- la- love youregreted on January 31st, 2015 05:38 pm (UTC)
I shouldnt have read this at work...
checkinyourbra: jessica01checkinyourbra on February 6th, 2015 05:38 am (UTC)
Hehe. I'll consider this a job well done.

*nods to self*
(Anonymous) on February 1st, 2015 03:35 am (UTC)
checkinyourbra: sunny01checkinyourbra on February 6th, 2015 05:39 am (UTC)

*beat boxes to the tune in my head*
(Anonymous) on February 1st, 2015 06:59 am (UTC)
I mean just look at the way she makes tae crazy about her. Omg brilliant ! 😍
checkinyourbra: jessica05checkinyourbra on February 6th, 2015 05:46 am (UTC)
REALLY??? TRULY?? B'awwww :'))

Tae's not used to someone else making her crazy, huh??

razor_funkyduderazor_funkydude on February 1st, 2015 09:49 pm (UTC)
Taeyeon got it really baddddd for Jessica... oh lalala...

“If an afterlife exists, there will be thousands of scantily-clad angels waiting for you. The kinkiest ones clad in dominatrix gear.” - lol nice heaven for Taeyeon.

hmm... SunTae. I do hope this fling would not be a cause of something between them.

Jessica really know how to do the love game. :)

Thanks for the update! ^_^
checkinyourbra: taeyeon03checkinyourbra on February 6th, 2015 06:46 am (UTC)
Taeyeon tries to fight it....but we know the eventual outcome (OR DO WE???). But yeeah. She's got it back for Miss Jung.

I WANT TO GO TO THIS HEAVEN....NOT YET. EVENTUALLY......idek what I'm saying. Ignore me. ahhaha

SunTae has so many possibilities~~

Jessica really does. ;) Let's see if it plays in her favor.

Thank youuuu, bb, for dropping by. :3333
(Anonymous) on February 9th, 2015 03:52 am (UTC)
As always, SO GOOD!!

These are some of the moments/things that I really, really enjoyed:
Great line: "It wasn’t like she hadn’t spent the night cursing tumultuous churning at the center of her chest. Likened to body eels or a blood mantis. Creatures who loathed sleep and peace of mind.”
Taeyeon only playing “emo ukulele” when she’s lovesick or her mixtape has been denied.
Band names: Dirty Laundry and PAGAN.
The reveal of what the “background” noise really was last chapter.
SKANDL just really having each other’s backs.
Yuri and Taeyeon’s dirty conversation with each other on stage before the winner is announced.
Great line. “The high-end thread count of her Egyptian Cotton had nothing on the sheer comfort of Jessica’s skin” -- and just the emotional charge of that scene in general.
That ending -- UGH!!

I'm scared to go on to the next chapter because I know that once I finish it, I'll have to wait for the next update, but onward I shall go. :)
checkinyourbra: jessica03checkinyourbra on February 11th, 2015 07:31 am (UTC)
I want to be good for youuu. D;

I love when readers point out their favorite lines/parts. Unconsciously and sometimes purposefully, I'll adjust my upcoming chapter after reading comments. You know, to add in fun tidbits. ^_^

Body Eels! A blood mantis!

Omgggggggg YOU MENTIONED HER MIXTAPE. <333 Like, the fact that gay Tae had we widdle mixtape denied to so adorable to me.

I want Dirty Laundry to be real. AND I WANT THIS DIRTY TALK THING TO BE REAL. C'mon irl Soshi-don't let me down. xDD

TaengSic in the backroom. Thank youuuuu for enjoying that. One of my favorite scenes to write!!

I hope that's a good UGH!! hahaha

I'm scared FOR YOU, bb. It was fun re-living these chappies with you. ;((
xsunray: Taeyeonxsunray on March 1st, 2015 05:51 am (UTC)

btw, such apt Tae's fingers dp for this post. Ahem.


They should kiss more often. They should. But I don't know if I was expecting Taeyeon to actually redeem the offer. Like somehow I actually felt she wouldn't, like she said, use Sunny that way. But I guess Jessica does strange and powerful things to a person. She does that to me too. And her sister does it all the time

Petition for an outtake of the frisky activities in bed for dandyu. I believe I'd get lots of signatures :3

Coming back to Taengsic. Or rather, Taeyeon first. The whole heartbreak ukulele scene is such a gem, and the entire irony of how ukulele is supposed to sound happy in general. Ah, I loved that scene, plus the comparison with Tae's other fails makes this thing with Jessica different... special?. BUT KIM TAEYEON. TOSSING AN INSTRUMENT TO THE FLOOR ISN'T ALLOWED. GONNA SLAP YOUR WRIST EVEN IF I FIND YOU HAWT AND FUCKABLE AND I SO WANNA LOVE YOU.

Tae's is smitten by LS *sniggers*. And I can actually snigger because they fit so well together, so sensual and so delicious. It overpowered my Taeyeon fangirl side, good for you LA bb. >___>

JESSICA JESSICA JESSICA. OMG JESSICA. *overheats and explodes*

WHY IS JESSICA SO SO SO URRRRG. I feel like Taeyeon there, I need a moment. That wrist part oh that wrist part. Such genius. And the way their exchange had just a subtle barb (okay taeyeon actually) was nice to read. Does Tae have something with the whole idea of 'using people though'. Something in her past? Hmmm.


Thanks for the fab chapter~ Onwards!
checkinyourbra: taeyeon04checkinyourbra on March 5th, 2015 04:43 am (UTC)

Taeyeon's smexy fingers. *drools*

LAP UP THE DANDYU/SUNYEON, RAYFACE. DO IT. Taeyeon honestly doesn't know what the heck she wants to do at this point. She know who she wants to do, however.. There you go mentioning Soojung. Dat love.

Will you write this outtake for me??

Only Skandl!Tae would take a perfectly cheerful ukulele and make it all about her and her feels. And the fact that Jessica actually reciprocated means....??? AHHAHAH GET 'ER, BB. TAE'S BEING SUCH A BRAT. TOSSING HER INSTRUMENTS ALL WILLY NILLY. It probably costed more than my apartment.

Look at you relating with Taeyeon. :3333

HOT JESSICA. Idek how I didn't make Taeyeon just drop dead. Wrist stuff is so sexy to me; I'm proud you agree. Like, mmmmm. Taeyeon must keep some barbs in there-she IS a prickly lil urchin.

Does Tae have something with the whole idea of 'using people though'. Something in her past? Hmmm.--I've been forgetting to reward you gay cookies!!! Four for you, Ray Coco!!


Thankssssssssss bb :DDD
yuukistar22yuukistar22 on March 31st, 2015 05:42 am (UTC)
I can totally envision Taeyeon's wemo ukulele sessions irl and the rest of soshi just banging their heads against a wall, waiting for it to stop XD

TAEYEON YOU LITTLE SHIT STOP IGNORING JESSICA----she's such a lovestruck little pudding face <3 They're so polar opposites, but that works so well for some reason, like a pair of sassy octopuses...god what is with my comparisons today? Their characters fit so well, i can just envision their hardships (and the other sexy sexy stuff heh) and it makes it seem like I'm reading from Taeyeon's or Jessica's diary. YOUR WRITING SPEAKS TO MEEEEEEEE, TEACH ME SENSEI

DANDYU?! OH BOY OH BOY *grabs popcorn and 3D glasses*

Amazeballs as always~~ Until next time *flies off into the rainbow*
checkinyourbra: jessica05checkinyourbra on April 4th, 2015 05:47 am (UTC)
WEMO. HAHHAHAHA that describes her so perfectly. Tae's trying so hard~

Don't you tell Taeyeon what to do! She's too busy being difficult. xDD Omgggg lovestruck pudding face. *squawks out pure emotion*

They seem to be polar opposites rn. Let's see how you feel after they get to know one another~~

Ohhhhh that diary bit made me smile. :)) I want this story to be as personable as possible. I...IDK WHAT TO TEACH. GRAAAWWWWW.

*takes a handful of popcorn* Let's do dis.

Thank youuuuuu *waves*
sataengsminion: pic#125231681sataengsminion on October 1st, 2015 04:13 am (UTC)
I'll have you know that i took care of that kid who messed with Taeng backstage. >:)

Throw me in a storage room with both Taeyeon and Jessica alshashjajsjsjsk DED.

Dandyu tho. That's hot. Ngl. But taengsic bbs. Im cry.

checkinyourbra: sunny01checkinyourbra on October 11th, 2015 07:48 pm (UTC)
<.< .....Are you loco? Or one of his friends?

Hahahah the storage room scene. Would you join in or just watch like a creep???

I found the Dandyu scene hot, too. Don't cry. There's enough Tae for both of them. Kinda.


Edited at 2015-10-11 07:49 pm (UTC)
sle3piesle3pie on June 10th, 2017 06:41 am (UTC)
Looks like I'll be reading some Sunyeon/Dandyu, I'm loving the Tanegsic attraction though. Hoping to read more from Jessica's POV. I caught up on WDTFS last night, main characters just remind me of Taenysic.
checkinyourbra: taeyeon03checkinyourbra on June 11th, 2017 07:20 am (UTC)
It's hard to separate the WDTFS characters from TaeNySic, isn't it!?! Nice job catching up! Sumin=♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Some Dandyu, some TaengSic. More to comeeeee