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13 February 2015 @ 12:08 am
Skandl! [08]  

Title: Skandl! (Chapter 08)

Pairing(s): TaengSic, side!YulTi

Rating/Genre: PG-13 + Language; AU Idol Romance

Warning(s): Some sexual themes.

Disclaimer: I don't own Soshi. I don't own anyone, in fact. All Fiction.

Author's Notes: Happy Friday the 13th!! I survived Day One of my OBSESSION with ‘Unpretty Rapstar’ omggggggg help.

Eight: Taeyeon


For once, Kim Taeyeon found no excitement in returning to Korea. No love for her own bed and her pear beers. Her smokers’ rooftop. Recognizable words. Anything home-like needled tension into her blood like heroin.

Staying in another country fed her fantasy of escapism. She committed to entertaining and only entertaining. Performances dominated this world, along with cushy stylist chairs, yo-yo itineraries, Rumor screams in indecipherable dialects, painkillers, confetti, and shivering in Sunny’s hotel bed.

Not perfect, but not Korea.

Taeyeon rolled over to the sound of a hiccuping lighter. She studied her friend’s hand muscles pulsate, thumb flicking fruitlessly.

“You gotta light?”

She winced, not aware she’d been so obviously watching. Taeyeon nodded to a jacket balled up on a deep red loveseat. “In one of those pockets.”

Sunny shrugged into a pair of boxers and dragged her feet across the fine carpet. “Thanks, Tae.”

Whenever Skandl went abroad, Sunny managed to snag her own suite. The separate space allowed the silver-haired artist undisturbed privacy to smoke, write music, and partake in...company. Knowing that she currently held the last role made Taeyeon itchy. An uncommon physiological response for her discomfort.

“It’s past two.”

Taeyeon bunched the sheets at her bare chest. “Need meditation time?”

Sunny stretched, pushing a window open before sighing a hazy stream of white.

They’d slept together every day or so since the first night she crawled into Sunny’s king-sized bed. The sex was pretty good; as gratifying as women who got down to business instead of all the lippy foreplay. Weird how kissing--besides an occasional “let me taste myself” duel of tongues--had been swiped from the to-do table. Fans had to pay for their lips to meet. “Tonight was cool.”

“Yeah,” Sunny snorted smoke out both nostrils. “Cool. Real cool.”

Taeyeon took mental inventory of her items strewn across the floor. Getting dressed would make her more comfortable. Especially now that Sunny had her back to her, lean upper body dressed in the warm breeze.



Sunny waved off a gnat, cursing through gritted teeth. “For how long will we be doing this?”

Taeyeon kept her voice neutral. Sharing a bed beat lonesome brooding and Sunny’s nipples were a nice color, and… “Am I not good?”

“Good at what?”

She spoke moreso to the luxury covers creased within her tight fists. “Pleasuring you.”

“Oh, Tae,” Sunny dipped her head laughing, gentle back muscles flexing. “I came, didn’t I?”

“You did.”

“There’s your answer. Now for my question--how long?”

“Should I set time constraints? Adhere to your schedule?”

Sunny’s dark eyes snapped onto Taeyeon’s. “The fuck is your problem?”

“What’s yours?”

“We’re best friends; tell me the truth. Will this stop the minute our plane touches Incheon?”

“And why would it?”

“Don’t play dumb.” Sunny took another drag and released the smoky trail into the wind. “You’re quiet.”

Taeyeon scratched the side of her head with a shoulder. “Because you’re acting shady as hell.”

“No, I mean when we’re fucking. I want more giggling, talking, sexy labored breathing. Your moans are even muted. Am I not pleasing you?”

Dissatisfied with her shoulder, she dug her painted nails into her scalp. “Sunny, you’re damn masterful. I can still feel your tongue inside me.” She colored and relayed her eyes to the covers. “I have a lot on my mind.”

Sunny tutted aloud. “I wish you’d fess up.”

“To what?”

“I hate, hate awkwardness, Tae. Can’t we preserve our friendship and go back to normal?”

Sunny made sense, but the idea disappointed Taeyeon. Sliding her curves against softness, rolling thighs into heady moisture...sex was a freeing experience. Sunny’s fingers drained tension from her body, gave her a temporary high that didn’t need a lighter. She loved swaddling herself--Kim Taeyeon of Skandl--in raw, penetrating relief. “Sleeping with you slows the world down.”

“Sorry to break it to ya; you’re not equipped for flings.”

“The hell I’m not.”

“Honeybadger sneers don’t work on me,” the other woman scoffed. She spun the red lighter between her pointer and middle fingers. “Besides, if you’re all about meaningless sex, you wouldn’t be so mean to Minah.”

If Taeyeon could change one significant detail about their SEA tour, it’d be performing alongside Dirty Laundry, Minah’s four-girl group. They opened each concert with three very risqué performances from their rush-job album and came back for fanservicing Skandl’s last couple of songs. Minah’s first words, rasped into Taeyeon’s ear before a sea of fans were: “I’m not a trainee anymore. Reward my good behavior.” Taeyeon attempted to bypass any interactions with her--going as far as flirting with other members of Dirty Laundry--and Minah steadily weaseled a way into her arms.

Mean to Minah?!” Taeyeon’s anger resurrected her voice. “Minah would destroy us.”

“You and Yul are paranoid. She’s fine.”

“You slept with her, didn’t you?”

Sunny stood up straight, pissed face in full gear. “And if I did?”

“We’d be doomed.”

“Hello--Kim Taeyeon. You’ve stuck your tongue into three of my orifices. Ya think keeping it in the family will prevent a clusterfuck from storming over our careers?”

Two orifices.”

“Teach your wandering tongue how to count, ass-licker.”

Taeyeon really wanted to laugh. Sunny’s challenging eyes were willing her to break, but she had to nip this in the already-growing bud. “Big Mouth means big trouble.”

“Minah’s useful.”


“She just is.”

“Fuck this,” Taeyeon flung herself off the bed, scooping wrinkled clothes into her arms. “Don’t want to sleep with me anymore? I get it. Find Minah to satisfy your needs.”

“You know you’re in the wrong.”

“Please teach me, all-knowing one,” she quipped. Her tanktop crumpled over her breasts backwards. She made no move to correct it.

“You’re trying to make this about the sex by acting jealous.” Sunny re-fastened the window, choking the breeze. “This isn’t about Minah at all.”

“It is, though.”

“Tae,” Sunny swayed her hips as she walked. Her pointer finger hooked under Taeyeon’s chin. “Believe me when I say you’re not cut out for the casual life because you do everything with a purpose. This is no exception. Sneaking into bed with me can’t be your crutch forever.”

She shook her head from Sunny’s grasp, stepping into her jeans. “Maybe this is about you.”

“Can’t lie. It was nice seeing what’s hidden in those teeny pants.” The same finger curled into the ‘V’ of unzipped denim. “I’m not opposed to playtime in the future. Just don’t make a habit of it.”

Taeyeon mulled the offer in her head, weighing the benefits. “Yul and I are having the whole breakfast menu delivered to our room tomorrow. If you’re awake, you should take the ten-second trip.”

“What’s on the schedule that afternoon?” She tugged at the jeans, eyes mischievous.

“A signing at five.”

“I’ll wake up late.” Her thumb grazed the fabric of Taeyeon’s underwear. “Save me something?”

“Like...like what?”

“Something hot.”

“Why are you suddenly sexy again?”

“Testing you.”

Taeyeon pulled her hips away, away from those tempting fingertips. “Classic Sunny move. It’s messed up to tease your best friend.”

“Precisely. And I’ll always be your best friend. Even when she’s done with you.”

Sand-colored hair and a star-studded smile flashed like headlights in that a corner of Taeyeon’s mind. The part reserved for neglecting unwanted thoughts. “Where should I put your key copy?”

Sunny slowly blinked. Head cocked to the side, x-ray peering into that unwanted headspace. “Keep it. In case you need it.”

She blushed as she slipped the hotel card into the pocket holding her phone. “You don’t want breakfast, do you?”

“Nope. Have a safe walk down the hall.”


For the ten-second travel, Taeyeon did her breathing exercises. Sunny’s allusions to Jessica--a woman she’d seen more on her computer than in-person--snapped the world off its axis. Wrecked her equilibrium so flagrantly that the sheer recollection of their exchanges, embraces, flirting stuck her in the heart of Korea.

Her sense of escape was ruined and she had a bright-eyed little pop star to blame.

“Mm. The eggs are good.”

“Lemmie try.”

Yuri steered a hefty forkful into Taeyeon’s mouth. She watched the older girl chew, hungry for approval. “And?”

“Damn, you’re right. Hit me.”

“This place has the best Eggs Benedict. Its sauce is super tangy.” Yuri carefully spooned two poached eggs from their fancy spread onto her friend’s plate. “Talked to Fany last night,” she added in the same breath.

Taeyeon arched her eyebrows at the ends, praying for Tiffany Hwang’s ass to grow as tremendous as her mouth. She told Yuri too much.

“She says Jessica’s been depressed lately. Know anything?”

A grapefruit held her distracted gaze. Taeyeon plopped the half-sphere on a plate and claimed a spoon. “Am I an expert in her irregular chemical balance?”

“You should be. She’s totally wet for you.”

From the misguided dig of her spoon, a sharp shot of juice stung her directly in the eye. “Shit, Yul. Have some decorum at our goddamned table!”

“Does Jess affect you that much? Ask her out!”


“Your breakfast jizzed in your eye, Tae. Even fruit’s getting more action than you.”

“I…” Taeyeon sucked in air to restrain one of many idiotic reveals floating in her head. “...am perfectly content. I don’t need some Lucky Sixer to get my rocks off.”

“Then, who does?”

She had to change the subject. “Is that all?”

“Apparently, she didn’t do well on Heechul and his butt pirate boyfriend’s show.”

Taeyeon knew. She’d viewed Jessica’s episode cuts online. Her mouth covered a hefty scoop of citrus, eyes bored.

Yuri stabbed a strawberry slice with her knife. “Word on the airwaves says your girl has an unfriendly demeanor.”

“Proper word is bitchfaced.” She held up her utensil for pause, noting the other woman’s victorious grin, “and she’s not my girl.”

“Sure she isn’t.”

Taeyeon ignored the sarcastic remark and stuffed her mouth. She’d need the strength for the next day when she lost her appetite. Concert days always shrunk her stomach. Though, the buttered toast would taste a lot better if troubled eyes weren’t scoping her every move. “What, Yul?”

“I feel in the dark lately.”

The gulp went down dryly. “You shouldn’t.”

“Sunny’s been mad cryptic and you go to bed so early. It’s like you’re not even in your room.”

“I get sleepy.”

“Are you calling Jess?”

“I told you--no.”

“Why else would you disappear into your room for so long?”

Because she wasn’t in her room. “Am I your second girlfriend? Fine. We’ll play a game or drink or something after the fansign, you big baby.”

“It’s a date. But, why are you so pissy?”

“I’m not pissy.”

Yuri exhaled, combing through her black hair with a fork. A very gross habit. “Jessica’s depressed and you’re depressed. Doesn’t take a genius to--”

“I’m not depressed!”

“Is it ‘cause Minah’s been hassling you?”

Last night’s conversation flooded back to her head. A vein at Taeyeon’s temple throbbed. “Drop it.”

“I’ll ask Sunny when she wakes up.”

“Sunny doesn’t know how I feel.”

“How do you feel?”

“Hungry, damnit!” Taeyeon slapped a dish off the edge of the table, splattering preserves and a flute of mimosa onto a wall. “So, shut your fuckin’ mouth! I’m not pissy or depressed about Big Mouth Minah or--” She crammed a hunk of pancake into her mouth, spitting crumbs. “...anybahdy. Drahp if fer fock’s shake.”

Yuri’s drawn-out eyeroll inspired Taeyeon to create a bigger mess; she held in the impulse. Decorating the suite with more food would incriminate the hell out of her. She could look upset, not defensive.

To her relief, Yuri gave up. It sucked to tiptoe around her groupmate--it put Skandl’s loyalty in question, after all--but, she couldn’t think of a better solution.

Taeyeon never felt more in her element than when she took the stage. She and her team transformed into queens. Not of a mere sold-out concert--of the world. Puissant, grandiose adrenaline powered through her organs. Times like these, when she and her Skandl-mates gave each other that knowing glance--that “we’re killin’ it” smirk, Taeyeon couldn’t have been more thrilled. Every step Yuri nailed with superhuman ease and badass pose Sunny pulled for the perfect shot ballooned Taeyeon’s hubris-loaded head.

Awesome. They were awesome.

Something about that night elevated their awesomeness to new heights. Not even Dirty Laundry re-appearing to sing along with their last crowd-pleasers damaged her mood. That is, until Minah found Taeyeon’s cheerful streak a prime opportunity to kick up the fanservice.

“Your hair’s out of place.” Minah’s gratuitous fingers wiggled through the woman’s fringe, doing the complete opposite of fixing it.

Taeyeon stepped away to ruffle it herself. Cameras were everywhere; a precarious setting to tell Minah to fuck off.

“You’re so cranky. I wanna eat you up!”

“Yeah, thanks.”

Minah appeared at her ear to giggle, “Or would you rather eat me?”

Startled, Taeyeon scanned Minah throwing her head back in a guttural chuckle. Was she joking, or… “Ha. Funny.”

“Come with me!”

Minah pushed a protesting Taeyeon by the elbows, leading them to the end of the catwalk with her nose nuzzled into the side of her face. Her dots of smeary sweat made Taeyeon bristle. Big Mouth hadn’t done anything overly outlandish; her instincts only begged her to fling the girl into their rabid crowd to literally be eaten alive.

She tried to wave at the Rumors stabbing their ruby red lightsticks in the air with Skandl pride, yet Minah hadn’t released her arms.

“You mind? Go cozy up to someone else.”

“Playing hard-to-get is brutal,” Minah sniveled. “Spin me around!”

Taeyeon stiffly smiled. “Not interested.”

“Want me to spin you?”

Taeyeon’s eyes beckoned for rescue; however, Yuri was absorbed in rose-to-pretty-Rumor-patrol. “Spin Hyuna.”

“Quit fighting me, sexy bitch!”

Extra rowdy tonight. And her cheeks sheened pinker compared to previous shows. “What are you on?”

Minah’s glassy eyes sparkled. She ground her smile into Taeyeon’s hair, hissing, “Pills. I’m on a lot of pills.”

Oh, god.

Girls were practically orgasming from their skinship. Taeyeon fastened a grip onto Minah’s shoulder and asked, “Why the hell would you do that?”

“Live a little! Everyone’s having a blast. Hyuna, Hyeri, Sojin...we...we’re all--” She flapped her arms in the air roller coaster-style and let gravity land them onto the shorter girl. “--high. We’re fried as fuck.”

What could be confused as an earnest eyesmile was simply eyes of a very, very hocked up woman. “Big--um, Minah. Take it easy.”

“Taee, courting you is so damn tedious.”

“I can’t even--”

“That’s why we want you. Because you’re a challenge.”

Taeyeon winced at the unbalanced weight pushing down on her shoulders. Beyond Minah’s annoying efforts to troll her, the girl hit a few targets.

When did she become such a stick in the mud? A year ago, Skandl took the same foolish risks. Then, hounded celebrities’ dating business flooded tabloids and contaminated the media’s pool of interest. The three of them were forced to lie about so much shit, they no longer brought their stupid antics out in the open. She missed that.

Now, their risks bordered on career-breaking. Without proof, drug rumors could be forgotten--but dating? Dating women?

Taeyeon let Minah tow her to the other end of the runway. Ever since Im Yoona blabbed her scheming ass on Heechul’s show, Narsha received louder and louder demands to sell Taeyeon/Loco--or TaCo, as the nitwit division of K-Pop fandom invented.

A delicate balance. It quenched the public’s thirst for scandal blood without alienating customers who’d rather not support idols (allegedly) getting dicked.

Ah, to enjoy pseudo-carefree idol life like Dirty Laundry again. When Skandl’s hazardous behavior was a group exercise. Now, all its members skulked around on their own endeavors. To the point of keeping secrets--

The lights dimmed. Show was almost over.

“Tae, let me spin you around!”

She stumbled into the present as Minah painfully whipped two arms around her neck. With a strength she didn’t know she possessed, Taeyeon shoved the girl. Minah grunted and tripped backwards until someone caught her at the last second. Taeyeon swore she heard some of the audience gasp in relief.

Sunny’s eyes said it all: “Way to ass out for the cameras.” And she didn’t hide it.

She shrugged a half-sorry, leaving Sunny to leap onto Minah’s back for their own spectacle.

Taeyeon might as well had been home. Buried beneath her hotel bed sheets, hills of pillow clouding her head, and listening to Yuri lose her shit over Tiffany evidently making Earth’s funniest joke. Her adjacent room practically shook from their tomfoolery. How this pair survived three years-worth of phone chat puzzled the singer.

She flipped Sunny’s card key between her fingers, naming possible subjects.

“The weather.”


“Good kimchi.”


“Uh, internet memes.”

She switched the card to her other hand.


Nah, music talk wouldn’t happen. Yuri wasn’t the type. She left her career in practice rooms, recording studios, and arenas.

Yuri’s hoarse-from-hilarity voice bulldozed the wall. “St-stop! You’re slayin’ me, darling!!”

Darling? Ew.

A thudthudthud followed. Onomatopoeia for Yuri’s tendency to bang her body parts whenever laughter took control. Her friend’s knack for overexerting her glee would usually put a smirk to Taeyeon’s lips. Instead, Taeyeon wedged on the closest pair of sneakers and slipped out her room.

That sound brought memories of a certain non-sexual diversion.

On a certain night.

And a kiss with a certain someone.

She couldn’t lose. Yuri lost the game a long time ago and Taeyeon was not willing to fall that easily. Crossing Korean borders should have distanced her from livelihood-threatening distractions. Even if ‘certain someone’ did that wrist thing which placed chills up and down her arms when her mind drifted.

Sunny could suck on her wrist, too. She could ask.

The locking mechanism on Sunny’s door blinked green after a short wave of the card. Yes, a simple gesture and she could abandon her stress.

However, her breath of respite lumped behind her teeth when a force re-locked the latch. Taeyeon’s pupils accused the inanimate door just before her friend opened it wide enough to fit her small frame.

“Tae, I thought we were taking a break.”

She grinned, shamefaced. “These beds were built for two. Can I come in?”

“No.” Sunny stretched her eyes. “You cannot.”

Oh. “Company?” Taeyeon glanced down the hall of their private floor, too embarrassed to match Sunny’s pity. “So soon, huh?”

“Don’t give me that attitude. My sexual prowess is unforgettable, huh?”

“I wanted to talk,” Taeyeon lied.

“Buddy,” Sunny stroked Taeyeon’s cheek with a soft palm. “The day after tomorrow will be our last show and we’ll board a plane home. You should talk to her or fuck her or….whatever will get you out of this phase.”

Taeyeon jerked, officially turned-off. “Get over yourself, Sunkyu.”

“The Kim Taeyeon I know isn’t a needy bitch. She tells the world to fuck itself.”

“I’ll start by telling you to fuck yourself.”

“Oh, I won’t be the only one.”

Quips that used to impress her suddenly stung like hell. “Jesus, can’t we chat?”

“About what?”

“Internet memes!” Taeyeon flailed her arms and Sunny frowned, moving further into the room. “I don’t know. I thought I meant more than whoever’s in there.”

“You do. And for your sake and my mental health, give this a break.”

“Is it Minah?”

Sunny snorted as if she asked why the sky was blue. “Get a life. Your own life. Night.”

The longer Taeyeon stood with her nose to the door, registering what level of anger deemed itself appropriate for the occasion, the heavier her heart sank.

Her own life.

“Take advantage. Like your groupmates.”

Ignoring Narsha’s ghostly words and the desire to vagblock Sunny’s sexy night, Taeyeon trudged to her suite. Her groupmates had their own lives, exclusively. What happened to doing everything together in transparency, able to express their insecurities without judgement? They were a team, damnit!

“Forget about our date?”

‘Date’ reminded Taeyeon of a weird, sassy blonde who’d be free to chat about the weather, good kimchi, memes, and music over coffee.

But, it wasn’t Jessica kicked back on the couch sipping a beer.

“Oh, shit. Sorry, Yul. I heard you on the phone with Tiffany and--”

“Do you have something to tell me, ma’am?”

Heat instantly burned the tips of her ears. Never reveal first. “About?”

“Sit down, Tae.” Yuri’s voice was light, though Taeyeon knew the drill. An angry Yuri waited for no one. “I bought beer.”

Taeyeon snatched a chilled bottle from a six-pack, fake-snuggling into the sofa. “Drinks and card games it is?”

“Only drinks. I’m sick of games.”

She popped the lid onto the edge of the table. “Kay.”


“You poisonin’ me, Yul?”

“Nah. That’s the coward’s way out.”

“Hardcore.” Taeyeon sipped, partially convinced.

“So, Tae,” Yuri rested her elbows upon her knees, angled to face the shorter woman. “According to Fany, Jess has become a robot. She’s professional through daily schedules and mopes the moment she steps into their bedroom.”

Taeyeon wanted to correct her: robots didn’t have emotions. She swilled at her poison. “I know nothing about that.”

“She wouldn’t have any idea about you and Sunny?”

Busted. “How could she?”

“Telling her that you’re sleeping around sounds like a patented Kim Taeyeon maneuver, to be frank.”

“I haven’t spoken to her since...” Did she and Tiffany know about their backstage encounter? “...I didn’t hurt her feelings.”

“Have you texted her?”

“I’m busy!”

“Busy with Sunny--Sunny! What the hell, Tae!?”

Taeyeon blushed. It sounded ridiculous out loud. “It’s over.”

Yuri arched forward--arms folded, unimpressed.

“Seriously. D-don’t believe me? Check her room right now. She has--”

“Let’s have a decent conversation. You and me.”

Late night chit-chats quickly lost their appeal. “Yul, I’m the same Taeyeon.”

“The Taeyeon I love wouldn’t jeopardize Skandl’s dynamic. She’d--”

“I’ma have to stop you there. Dating our biggest competitor reeks of impending doom.”

Yuri’s lips thawed into a smile. A sympathetic one. “This is about Jessica.”

“Can everyone shut up about her?”

“Your pride’s making you an emotional cripple.”

“Isn’t there a drug for that?”

“Evading my mighty Kwon wisdom.” Yuri uncapped second beer, replacing her friend’s empty bottle. Taeyeon hadn’t noticed herself chugging down as the discussion progressed. “Safe space. I swear on my parents’ graves I won’t blab to Fany.”

“Your parents are alive.”


She eyed the amber liquid, watching carbonated bubbles dissolve into themselves. Opening up to Yuri would satiate her nostalgia. Although, that’d been when Sunny and Yuri were the fuck-ups, not her. And based on Yuri’s comfy position, she wouldn’t lift her ass without some clearance. Taeyeon swallowed a sufficient amount of liquid courage to ask, “How did you and Tiffany meet?”

Yuri’s black eyebrows betrayed her shock. “Oh, hmm…” In nanoseconds, her temperament warmed into her regular, approachable self. Girly and grinning. “Recording for our first mini album. We had that chubby producer who whistled when he spoke and only did business at his penthouse. You and Sunny were laying down some harmonies in a booth, so I hung out in his fancy den. A manager showed up with a few Lucky girls: Jinnie, Seohyun, and of course, Tiffany Hwang.” Yuri chuckled at the memory. “Fany’s hair was this unfortunate orangey color--totally a botched dye job. And once she saw me, she threw her hood on and loudly swore. It was so precious coming out of her--” She switched on an American valley girl accent. “‘Gawd damniiiit!’

“I’m surprised she left the dorm.”

“Right?! Fany’s a visual perfectionist. They sat on the couch across from me--their legs crossed in sync. And they were dressed alike...Lucky cloneship. Anywho, I couldn’t take my eyes off her, Tae. That producer dude propped taxidermied eagles onto every wall and Fany still had my undivided attention. I couldn’t introduce myself decently; I mean, you can’t mack on a woman that beautiful. So, I stared like a moron.”

Taeyeon liked seeing her friend happy. And, astonishingly, she wasn’t rolling her eyes. “How did she react?”

“Badly,” Yuri snickered, “She assumed I was silently mocking what hair stuck out her hoodie. No, only mindlessly gaping. They left to sign some paperwork in another room by the time you were done.”

She groaned internally, aware of her would-be attitude if they had bumped paths that night.

“After our first music show win months later, Fany pulled me aside and told me I’d been staring again. Her hair was perfect and I had no excuse.”

“Cut to you fingering her in the closet.”

“Nah. I made a snarky comment about her dress to save face. For some reason, she tapped the tip of my nose and asked for my number.”

“She asked you?

The taller woman improved her posture, voice cracking. “I-I was at a loss of words, Tae. Don’t tell Sunny.”

Taeyeon bit in a smirk. That story had been cuter than she expected. She’d pictured a dramatic, daring narrative--not meek Kwon Yuri lucking out. “How do you reconcile dating her, though? It jeopardizes all of us. Including your Lucky Sixers.”

“I try not to worry about it.”

“God, that answer blows.”

“Have you ever approached someone who steals your gravitational pull? Like a planet and you’re one of her moons?”

Taeyeon shrugged. The best reply she could muster.

“We’re going more than three years strong and Fany’s only given me joy. Works for me.”

“Interesting.” Taeyeon thought to lie on her bed to review this information in peace, but Yuri’s pleading eyes drew her in. She didn’t want to be alone, either. “Card game?”

Holding nothing back in a cheer, Yuri tripped over her own feet to fetch a deck from her bedroom. Old-time goofy, overexcited Yul.

Clearing the table for a night of tipsy play, Taeyeon relaxed. Skandl hadn’t lost its spark yet; they just grew up a little.

[A/N]One of these will happen next chapter:

a. TaengSic meet again.
b. Tiffany hits someone with her car.
c. Jinnie crushes your dreams and Jessica’s, too.
d. Instead of a chapter, I’ll post a video of myself beatboxing to “Shake Dat Brass (Breast)” ((IT’S NOT THIS ONE.))

Dis sexy bish..

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I was just thinking about Skandl and decided to stop by and check your page tonight after watching Ambro's new MV. I'm so glad I checked! YAY update!

Skandl's bond really is deep. Sunny stepping up and cutting off "hookup time" and encouraging Tae to go for something deeper than casual hookups shows a lot of her heart. And Yuri's chat, too.

Here are some other scenes/things that I really enjoyed reading.
Sunny is immune to the honey badger sneer.
Minah and her group are high on stage.
“TaCo” couple name.
The backstory of how Tiffany and Yuri met and started dating.

Thank you for the update. I look forward to seeing where the story goes next!

P.S. I'm watching "Unpretty Rapstar" too! It's funny, and Jessi's attitude and rap skilzzzz are so ratchet (not sure if I like the sass or fear it, but it's fun to watch nonetheless) ! Also, happy early Valentine's day!

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Skandl bond is very sweet to write. Especially YulTae's. It's easy to picture them being that tight. ^^ And then there's Sunny who's closer on other levels, but keeps her own privacy, too. Idk. It's natural to write.

LOL TaCo couple name. I grin every time. And the thought of our fave idols being high on stage is....hahahahaha

Yeyyy! Please hold on--I have a lot in store~~

PS: OMG REALLY??? I NEED MORE AFTER EVERY VIEWING. I laaaaaaaaahhvvvvv Jessi. Cheetah, Kisum, and Jidam, too, but something about Jessi is... <3333 Probably cuz she reminds me of girls I know irl. Very American. haha Never thought another Jessica would weasel her way into my heartttt~~~~~~

THANK YOU. Hope your V-Day was wonderfulllll :)))
(Anonymous) on February 13th, 2015 07:08 am (UTC)
checkinyourbra: seohyun04checkinyourbra on February 15th, 2015 08:21 pm (UTC)
I hope you know that I now see you as "MINI SATAN'S MINION". Okay? I hope that's fine by you. x]

I DID UPDATE. SEE? I DIDN'T DISAPPEAR ON YOU. Sunny did many things this chappie, huh? And you approve!! I love seeing how readers react to her and Taeyeon's relationship.


DON'T COME FOR MEEEEEEEEEEEE. Unless it's for a sweet hug. :333

Gurrrl What'd you do to get stalkerz. >_> I enjoy Anon you anyways hahahah. YOU KNOW WHAT THREAD. #wonthelp

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kimchi90kimchi90 on February 13th, 2015 01:44 pm (UTC)
i'm for option b if the one tiffany's hitting with her car is jinnie ;)
i don't want jinnie to crush mine or sica's dreams.
checkinyourbra: jessica03checkinyourbra on February 15th, 2015 08:16 pm (UTC)
LOL. I wouldn't expect any less from my Kimchibi. xDDD

None of us would want that....../evil author giggle.

I la- la- la- love youregreted on February 13th, 2015 01:55 pm (UTC)
shake that breast...

i almost wish that was the one...

checkinyourbra: hyoyeoncheckinyourbra on February 15th, 2015 08:17 pm (UTC)
Beatboxing Shake Dat Breast?? hahahahhaha ummmmm.......idk about all that.

Thanks for the consideration, though. :33
(Anonymous) on February 13th, 2015 02:55 pm (UTC)
New anon :)
YulTi's story is fluffier than what I had in mind...I sort of expected them to hit it off real quick and just start flirting with each other and sending mating signals to one another but this one is better lol

“Have you ever approached someone who steals your gravitational pull? Like a planet and you’re one of her moons?”


If you wrote this chapter a few months earlier when we were picking our yearbook quotes, I'm pretty sure this would've been mine. Though I'm not really sure how to credit you on that lmao since putting "a quote from fanfic writer, checkinyourbra" isn't the smartest idea.

Anyways...thanks for the great update :))
checkinyourbra: tiffany03checkinyourbra on February 16th, 2015 12:01 am (UTC)
Re: New anon :)
Everyone deserves some fluff--included that sexy couple. They're pwetty fluffy. :33

Y-you love my quote??? *glassy eyes* :0000


Hahha that'd be something to see in yearbook! I'm honored anyway. *bows*

Thank youuuuu, New Anon. I really appreciate the love. ^^
wiildestdreamswiildestdreams on February 13th, 2015 06:22 pm (UTC)
i'll come back for a better reply after i collect my gay feelings but



i have returned after recovering from all of those gay dandyu feelings. SUNNY IS SUCH A GOOD FRIEND. her methods are a little... unconventional, but she's trying to steer taeyeon in the right direction. and she /did/ put a stop to it before anything got too serious. so props to sunny for being the babe.

and yuri will always be the babest. dreamy sighs.

patiently waits for taeyeon to swallow her ego and pride and call jessica. those two are so dense in such a lovable way. painfully proud and a lil insufferable (in the best way possible) but their characterizations are so unique and just plain awesome.

still holding out for tiffany hitting someone with her car. now thats something i'd pay to see.

AS ALWAYS incredible chapter. things around here just get better and better. patiently awaits the next chapter to flail over tbh. AMAZING

& happy valentine's day! bc there's some smut coming your way courtesy of yours truly!

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checkinyourbra: taeyeon02checkinyourbra on February 16th, 2015 12:11 am (UTC)
Andddd you're back with all the gay feels. *rainbows glitter cannons go off*

Another Pro-Dandyu-sex reader!! If there's one thing about Skandl or their friendships...there's some unconventional aspects. But, love deep down for all three <33 /barfmushyI'msorry. Sunny clearly knows a lot about our ~conflicted Tae bb.

Yuri IS the babest. On the same bandwagon witcha.

a lil insufferable (in the best way possible)--Completely agree! But, gotta frustrate readers a bit before I give them what I they want...maybe. muahahahahaha

Again, thank you for loving their characterization. :3333


My Valentine's Day was very sweet. Thanks for the smut!! I shall comment later~~
하류cateyes330 on February 14th, 2015 12:34 am (UTC)
OMG I posted my comment and accidentally deleted it!!! FUCK, it was long too!!! =( Hold on, let me write you a new one. T__T

Edited at 2015-02-14 12:34 am (UTC)
checkinyourbracheckinyourbra on February 14th, 2015 12:38 am (UTC)
No, no! Wait! I'll message you, bb.
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rndvlrn on February 15th, 2015 05:54 am (UTC)
Wow what happened here I only missed two updates the last time I checked. D: Taeyeon and Sunny?!

It just got more complicated. It's not healthy what they're doing. I don't think just friends is enough eventually one of them is going to want more than that, and it will get messy and hurtful. They probably care for each other, which is why what they're or were doing is not a good idea.

I think that Taeyeon is really the one who's jeopardizing Scandl not Minah or Sunny. Does she feels something for Sunny? But I think she feels the guilt for using Sunny more than whatever else she have with Sunny. But I don't understand if she is guilty of it then why keep doing that.
I don't know who hurt her that she is like this. It's fucked up.

Awww I loveeeee a fluffy Yulti story. It's so like Tiffany to take the first step. I really like the dynamic TaeRi have :D

" How this pair survived three years-worth of phone chat puzzled the singer."

I love this line. I have my doubt about Yult initially, but I think this is great. It's not all about sex that makes a good relationship. You know it doesn't last if it solely depends on that. It's great and beautiful how strong their feelings for each other are to last that long being so apart. Distance relationship is hard, man :|
checkinyourbra: taeyeon04checkinyourbra on February 16th, 2015 12:29 am (UTC)
Re: Wait...what??
THIS FIC MOVES QUICKLY. Stay Tuned for Chapter 10, where Jessica and Taeyeon have their first of five children!

Ahhh, you're on the "dis ain't right" boat for SunYeon. Which is equally valid. Like, even Sunny could tell. Sex does complicate situations, after all.

I think that Taeyeon is really the one who's jeopardizing Scandl not Minah or Sunny.--This made me raise my eyebrows. I LOVE IT. Like, I can't reveal more. But comments like this really make me reflect on future chapters and spin around in my chair like "weeeeeeEeeeEEeeeeee"

Fany totes would do the hitting on. ;) And I love the TaeRi dynamic, too. ^^

Yey! That line struck a chord!! :3 I agree, tho. Sex can't be their foundation. YulTi's more than that~

I feel you on the distance relationships...

Thanks for the fantastic comment, love! :D
xsunray: Sunnyxsunray on March 1st, 2015 08:33 am (UTC)

I knew it! I freaking knew it! You wouldn't treat Sunny too kindly. I mean that scene was kind, coming from you.

Back to Sunny and Taeyeon's talk. Ah how very heavy, probably the first time I felt that from this fic. It's good, the mood is totally on point and everything Sunny says too. The crutch thing is ouch. Both on Taeyeon's end as well as Sunny. Idk idk. SUNNY WHAT DO YOU TRULY FEEL? Urg, take that back, don't think I wanna know. My heart D: butthenshe'steasingtaeyeonagain. Sunny you confuse me. okay.

Oof. And Yul knows. Aside, YulTi hahaha omg. Cuteeee. Visual perfectionist part had me grinning and I could actually see Tiffany doing that tapping the tip of Yuri's nose thing. Me likey, it was a good break from that Sunyeon gah-ness.

I like how you ended the chapter, about them growing instead of declining. Nice touch bb~
checkinyourbra: sunny01checkinyourbra on March 5th, 2015 04:56 am (UTC)


H-heavy?? :oo I'll take that as a compliment. I like evoking new feelings for you. I believe another reader mentioning Skandl's interactions as more 'dark'. That's nice to note! Sunny's feelings aren't clear. NOT EVEN TO ME. ((kidding.)) I'm here to confuse you.

Taeyeon really thought she'd maneuver this around Yul. Pssssh. hahaa

YulTi. :333 I can picture the nose tappy thing, too. Presh. They're a breath of fresh air between the madness.

^^ Yeeeyyy. I like how it ended, too.

Thanksssssssssssssssss, Raybans!
yuukistar22yuukistar22 on July 6th, 2015 07:00 am (UTC)

I have MISSED reading this so much :o had to re-read the previous chapters to get back into the grove of the story and amgg its just as good - no better - than the first time yassss

"I can still feel your tongue inside me.” Ah Taeyeon, ever the modest one. Altho I'm very partial to a spot of SunTae action, I dun like this sneaky sneaky little act Tae has got going on, it's like they're friends with benefits AND IF MY GIRL JESSICA FINDS OUT THEN D: THE DRAMA

...I have a really bad craving for eggs now....what have you done? *gasps*

“Your breakfast jizzed in your eye, Tae. Even fruit’s getting more action than you.”
I didn't think I could love Yuri anymore than I already do....and then this happened

Amg big mouth Minah is like a cougar (if she were older obvs) like chill, put ya crey hormones on a leash

How GREAT would it be to play drunken cards *cough* strip poker *cough* with soshi? D:

Chapter is awesomesauce as usual <3 sorry I disappeared off the face of the earth but good news I AM BACK BISHES

checkinyourbra: yuri02checkinyourbra on July 12th, 2015 05:42 pm (UTC)

Heehhehehe I'm so giddy when folks reread any of my stories. Takes so much effort just...;__; THANK YOU FOR LOVING THIS. And now, deets should be fresh? I find myself having to skim over old parts, wondering how I got to the current point. hahah

You know Taeyeon can't keep those feelings to herself. ;))) Errrghhh yeaaahhh. Sneaky SunTae sexing it up behind Yuri (and Jessica's!) back. Ohhhhh YUM DRAMA. You'll love it.

EGGS BENEDICT IS MY JAM. Non-egg related, I'm going on a udon/curry date with the gf toniiiight. <33333 So, that's what I'm craving rn.

HAHHAHAHA Yuri's sassiness is delicious. like udon and curry. omg I'm so hungry

Ohhhhh gurl. As if you wouldn't be Minah-levels of thirst if given a chance. ;)))

SEE??? Right after you tell my Minah bb to chill her hormones, you fantasize about Soshi strip poker. I KNOW YOU SO WELL.

Thank youuuuu and WELCOME BAAAACK. ♥♥♥♥
sataengsminion: pic#125231677sataengsminion on October 1st, 2015 05:17 am (UTC)
Why are my comments so embarassing?


I'm not gonna comment anymore. :((

Sunny, why? ;(

checkinyourbra: krystal01checkinyourbra on October 1st, 2015 05:20 am (UTC)
THEY'RE NOT. I was actually clicking through them while listening to the songs you recommended to me. :333 *I giggle and think of you whenever I hear your Baconator sing*

I'm enjoying it thoroughly~~
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