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15 May 2013 @ 11:50 pm
Who Gets the Girl? [02]  

Title: Who Gets the Girl? [Chapter 02]

Pairing(s): Possible Taeny? Jeti? Taengsic? OT9, y’all.

Players: Jessica, Taeyeon, Tiffany. More will come next chapter.

Rating: PG-13, for now.

Genre: AU, romance?, comedic drama-llama

Warning(s): Things may get sexy in future chapters.

Disclaimer: I don't own Soshi. I don't own anyone, in fact. All Fiction.

Chap. Summary: Tiffany’s gonna be living with two fine honeys in Korea.

Author's Notes: The feedback’s been so nice. ^^ I don’t have a beta writer, so I re-read my own chapters about a ka-jillion times before I decide to put it on LJ. Taeyeon's random IG pictures inspire me to post. :3


Tiffany removed her sunglasses and held out a compact mirror to adjust her bangs. She could feel the jetlag coming, but excitement won over. I’m finally in Korea to visit Jessica!

Jessica’s apartment building was modest in size, but really neat and modern. The walls were a light shade of teal and plants adorned every other corner. She got good vibes from this place, even if she was out of her element. She halted at 5L, turning to the random guy who was more than willing to help carry her heavier bags.

“Thank you,” she purred, shooting him a wink.

The guy, average with a patch of acne on his chin, blushed and smiled timidly. I have that effect. When he turned to leave, she knocked on the door. She thought she heard movement from inside the room, yet it took a full minute and another knocking to be welcomed.

Tiffany’s eyes stretched once the door swung open. Jessica was even more gorgeous in person, especially in her simple green dress. So lucky to know such a beauty!

Jessica looked a bit perturbed. Still, smiled right away.

“Tiffany,” she greeted in English, “You’re here.”

Tiffany immediately went in for a huge hug. The girl--now stumbling backwards--was only a tad shorter than her, so the big squeeze happened easily.

“I’m so happy to finally meet you!” she squeaked into her ear. She felt Jessica pat her back like an old friend would, causing her to squeeze tighter.

Jessica loosened her grip. “You’re going to suffocate me.”

Tiffany pulled away, hands still holding onto Jessica’s arms. “Not yet. I’m not sure how I’m going to do away with you.”

Jessica rolled her eyes. Just like she does on Skype! “Yeah, yeah.”

They lingered for a bit.

“Are you going to let me in?”

Jessica flitted her eyes around like she was actually pondering that question. “Okay. On short notice, I took in additional company. I hope you don’t mind.”

Tiffany’s smile faded. She was all for meeting new people, yet solely Jessica-Tiffany time would have been ideal for at least the first day. “Of course I don’t.”

More luggage,” Jessica grumbled, carting in a pink suitcase.

Tiffany frowned as she shifted the purse and duffle bag on her shoulder and stepped in.

The apartment appeared way more spacious that she imagined. Good sunlight exposure, a cute kitchen, closet space, a separate bedroom, and a nice-sized living room. A nice-sized living room with a person slumped into the couch. She squinted at them before Jessica quickly blocked her view.

“You should grab your other things while I find space for your suitcases.” Jessica said through a huge, stiff grin.

Jessica’s cute, but kind of strange.

She went out to get the last bags and heard, presumably Jessica, hissing to the couch dweller. This day’s already starting out interesting. When she returned, Jessica relocated to the area in front of the couch. The person, a female, hadn’t moved yet as she thumbed at her phone, hair masking her profile.

“Tiffany,” Jessica held an arm out. “this...is Taeyeon.”

She stopped breathing.

Taeyeon. The Taeyeon? The golden-haired cutie from that first Facebook picture that began an endless journey of getting to know her image-by-image?

Jessica said nothing more than “here you go, stalker” when sending the links, so Tiffany had to imagine her own fun facts. From the photos, she gathered that Taeyeon loved dying her hair, fitted caps, girly hair clips, and messing with her phone. In a third of the pictures, Taeyeon sat quietly in the sidelines entranced in the little device.

Every now and then, the images showed off Taeyeon’s fascination with dinosaurs. A tyrannosaurus necklace here, Yoshi socks there. A cool jean jacket with a pterodactyl etched on the back. Endearing in a childlike manner. At the same time, she came off very mature. Very over things. Probably just hipster mentality. Still, she seemed kinda sad.


Tiffany’s girl crushes were few and far between in her prospective-love history. Once, there was the really awesome Spanish teacher. Or a friend’s cool older sister. Though, she found herself too preoccupied with any "what’s-his-name" wrapped around her arm to entertain the very idea of pursuing a girl.

It took a post-break up drunken night with a friend for her to take a step in that direction. A very silly step, but one nonetheless. Through a fit of giggles and vodka, they posted a profile on a lesbian dating site, elaborating on her ideal body type (skinny with RLY HOT BOOBS!!!!!! BOOBZ ON FIRE!!!!!!LOLOL), dislikes (NO UGLIES. MuST be NICEBUT mstLY HAWT) and any other details that got the biggest laughs. Tiffany showed off her best-yet wasted-poses and seductively winked at the camera as her friend, tearing up from laughter, snapped away. Tiffany woke up the next morning with a hangover and an inbox full of replies.

That frightened her, she had to admit. She let the emails sit for two weeks. Yet, she couldn’t make herself delete them or pull the profile. When she finally clicked through the selection of basic women and skeezy men, she stopped at a short message from a pretty girl named Jessica: “Ur cute, but SO drunk. ;)

In a bout of fear, she carefully explained her heterosexuality. Jessica proved to be very understanding and for some reason, they kept messaging each other. From there, the friendship blossomed.


“Taeyeon. There’s a guest standing there.”

Sure enough, the girl looked up and Tiffany saw those eyes in the flesh. She was wearing a loose-fitting t-shirt and sweats, but still looked feminine. Her hair. So silky and light brown. Tousled artfully upon her head like post-coital bed hair. Sex hair. And her lips, they’re so--

Ahem.” Jessica sliced into her thoughts.

“Eh--Heh-lo. How are you doing todeh?” Taeyeon recited in questionable English.

Omigosh she’s talking to me. ME.

Jessica swatted at the sitting girl’s arm. “She speaks Korean, too, Taeyeon.”

“Oh.” Taeyeon nodded. Back to her native language. “Hello, then.”

Such a nice voice, too. “Hi.”

“How do you like Korea so far?”

“I’ve only been at the airport, although from what I’ve seen riding over here, I like it a lot.”

“Cool. I should show your around some time.” Another swat to her arm. “JESSICA. Jessica will show you around.”

Tiffany let out a nervous giggle. “Where should I...?”

Taeyeon stood up. “Oh right, your things. I’ll take those.” Jessica’s glare was not unnoticed. “Sorry for not helping at first. I was finishing a game that I couldn’t pause.”

She’s getting closer. Soooo cute. Oh my god, she’s holding her hand out. Do I put my hand on hers or--RIGHT--my bag. She heaved the duffel off and placed the strap onto her palm.

“Thank you, Taeyeon. You’re um...you're like, um...kind,” she babbled.

Oh my god. I sound so stupid.

Jessica directed her to the couch. “Please, take a seat.”

Tiffany stuck the other bag and her purse neatly next to the sofa and sat down. She was sure that Jessica started talking about their plans, but she couldn’t take her eyes off Taeyeon. So tiny and adorable. And has a nice walk. Such a great body beneath those bum clothes...

“Are you done?” Jessica groaned, arms crossed.

Tiffany glanced up, puzzled. She broke out a huge smile. “Sorry, Jessiiiii.”

“Uh huh. So, we can eat at this one restaurant about a mile from here. It’s a little pricey and totally worth it.”

“Jessica,” Taeyeon whined while closing the hall closet. “What about me? I’m starving.”

Jessica responded with a glare that spoke for itself.

“I don’t mind if she joins us!” Tiffany piped in.

Another eye roll. “Yeah, I bet you don’t. Taeyeon, we’ll bring you something back. I want to have an intimate talk with Tiffany. This is our first official meeting, if you haven’t forgotten.”

Taeyeon shifted from one foot to the other. “Right." Adorable.

“Let’s get out of here.” Jessica, already snagging a huge gold purse and sunglasses, headed to the front door.

“Okay.” Tiffany gripped the handle of her purse and followed.

“Bye, ladies,” Taeyeon mumbled as she awkwardly stood in the middle of the room. Tiffany took a mental note to buy something really delicious for her.

She barely got a wave out before Jessica dragged her away.

Next Chapter: 03-Yuri!

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kotegawa87kotegawa87 on May 17th, 2013 04:00 am (UTC)
It's so unfair....
Aaahhhhhh and short!!!

Poor jessi.... i mean tiffanu can't take her eyes away from tae...
AAahhhhh i really need jeti... like... really...

And yuri???
What's going to happend???...

Holy jesus....

THanks for the update !!!

You're jjang!
checkinyourbra: tiffany01checkinyourbra on May 17th, 2013 05:32 am (UTC)
I apologize for the length. It looked way longer on my Google doc, I promise!! XD

I LOVE your enthusiasm. It's cracking me up.

And you're very welcome. :D
Breezymsbreezy12 on May 17th, 2013 04:58 am (UTC)
Yes Yuri needs to come n make things str8
checkinyourbracheckinyourbra on May 17th, 2013 05:34 am (UTC)

Thanks so much for reading!! XD
pseudonymousnespseudonymousnes on May 17th, 2013 05:09 am (UTC)
Seems like jessica has got competition ^^
And it seems as though jessica is trying to stop tiffany from getting too close to taeyeon. .
Is there a particular reason for that? ^^ (if you get what I mean)

Hopefully taeyeon herself gets more interested in tiffany so "here comes trouble" for jessica ^^
I like jealous jessica => absolutely adorable
Can't wait for the next update!!
checkinyourbra: taenycheckinyourbra on May 17th, 2013 05:44 am (UTC)
Hereeee comes troubleeeee!!

Jessica has so many FEELINGS.

Hopefully Taeyeon will find interests other than food and her phone. :P

evilsirenessevilsireness on May 17th, 2013 01:39 pm (UTC)
hey there :)
this is such a good fic.. enjoyable so far.. I really like it that they are a bunch of gays in the story lol..
I also like taenysic dynamic so it's interesting to see how it will go in the future.

lets see what Yuri will bring to the table :)
checkinyourbra: tiffany02checkinyourbra on May 17th, 2013 01:58 pm (UTC)
Well hullo there!!

Happy to hear that you're enjoying it so far. I forget that it's so early in the story. I don't want to flake out on updates. :3

Yep. A bunch of gays. The way it should be.

Thanks for reading :D
dashelots: sunnydashelots on May 19th, 2013 08:23 am (UTC)
excited for part 3 and what roll you have planned for Yuri and the other girls.

the anecdote about how Tiffany and Jessica first started talking was hilarious, omg.

(: and once again, good job!
checkinyourbra: watermeloncheckinyourbra on May 19th, 2013 12:26 pm (UTC)
Hi bb!!

I've been scouring your page for new fluff...I hope you've been writing. :3

Haha I think asking for "Boobz on fire" is completely reasonable. XD

I always appreciate your comments. Thanks!
Dee: taengsic omodree_kazza on May 21st, 2013 04:17 am (UTC)
Jessica is so pitiable now when I know how JeTi first met ;D
she was tryna hit on the drunk girl on the lesbian dating site and befriend her for 4 years and have the girl crushing on her bestfriend. What a terrible life you have Jung I actually laughing xD
okay, but you're being so vague on the other possible pairing *cough*taengsic*cough*
checkinyourbracheckinyourbra on May 21st, 2013 05:39 am (UTC)
Hehehe I'm glad you're sympathizing with Jessica. Her love life seems rough. XD

And yay laughter! That makes me happy. :3

Isn't some vagueness part of the ~mystery and appeal~, or is that just me? Idk I feel like I shouldn't reveal couples yet and just let the story progress. It works strangely in this medium, but hopefully you'll enjoy it!

Thanks for the comment!!
bequynhbequynh on August 28th, 2013 07:36 pm (UTC)
Oooh, TaeTiSic are all jumbled up in one place now. Lul, I feel like the very fact is going to drive Sica senile.

I find Tiff’s observation of Tae interesting:
“Endearing in a childlike manner. At the same time, she came off very mature. Very over things. Probably just hipster mentality. Still, she seemed kinda sad.”
I wonder what that last part means. Maybe it was from being kicked out by the landlord?

Oh yes, one of my favorite things about this is that the histories between each of your characters are presented nicely. Simple too, doesn’t go into full details—but enough to make sense and I’m able to grasp into each of their traits. No gaps so things are more comprehensible.

"Yet, she found herself too preoccupied with any "what’s-his-name" wrapped around her arm to entertain the very idea of pursuing a girl.”
Hm, what? So Tiff shot for both ways?

“In a bout of fear, she carefully explained her heterosexuality.”
Ooookay, omg dooode, this is why I have to read this at least twice ahahahaha. I was assuming they were all ghey. Well except from what I can remember, that one person. I guess Tiff was just still sitting in the closet in the past. Oh, sweet denial. Look where you’ve finally came to, Fany, crushing all over gayTae. At least your tastes in females aren’t bad.

“Jessica proved to be very understanding and for some reason, they kept messaging each other. From there, the friendship started.”
Pft, course she’s understanding; she ghey too, bruh.

Tiff’s crush and Tae’s Engrish are sooo cute. Like, innocent puppy love cute. That was when until this:
“Her hair. So silky and light brown. Tousled artfully upon her head like post-coital bed hair. Sex hair. And her lips, they’re so--”

Ahahahahaha I can see you slowly beginning to destroy these girls’ innocence. Oh, wait… innocence? What does that word even mean in this fic? Hurdurr.

checkinyourbra: taenycheckinyourbra on September 1st, 2013 12:45 pm (UTC)
Re: Kekekeke
HA! I'm here to ((finally)) answer this super duper comment! *dances*

I already lol'd at the thought of Jessica going senile early due to TaeNy antics. XD

Hmmm. Tifffany's thoughts of Taeyeon looking a little sad could be a for a number of reasons. As you read, maybe it'll make more sense. There's a reason why she's so magnetic~~

Awwwww thanks for that. I used to worry that I didn't get into enough detail about past events, etc. My brain/hands just won't let me. :D

Hahaha yep. Tiffany had only (openly) been into guys until she met a certain Kim Taeyeon. :3 I agree that her tastes are pretty spot-on. Having Jessica to talk about it was definitely a plus.

YES. I must break the illusion of a "happy, fluffy fic" early. They're cute now, BUT THESE ARE SEXUAL BEINGS. No innocence. *thumbs up*