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08 May 2015 @ 12:02 am
Skandl! [19]  

Title: Skandl! (Chapter 19)

Pairing(s): TaengSic, side!YulTi

Rating/Genre: PG-13 + language; AU Idol Romance

Warning(s): Road Work Ahead.

Disclaimer: I don't own Soshi. I don't own anyone, in fact. All Fiction.

Author's Notes: GREAT. Now I’m addicted to Fluttering Feelings and Tamen De Gushi. I won’t lose to you, Writing Distractions #580495645 and #580495646!!!!

Hope to hear from you soon; this chapter was a doozy to edit/rewrite. ^^;;

Nineteen: Jessica


In the Lucky Six household, when crappy circumstances rained, they poured. Stormed, torrented, monsooned.

Sooyoung pulled a shoulder muscle and infamously blurted Yoona’s “Fatty” nickname for unsmiling netizens. Hyoyeon and her publically official/unofficial boyfriend’s heated argument was filmed by several tech-equipped eyewitnesses. Yoona and Seohyun were on Day Two of some unresolved yet assumably stupid feud. Yuri’s accident ruptured what little hope they had in Tiffany going back to normal. And on top of feeling responsible for these lady creatures fumbling in her universe, Jessica had to be reminded of Taeyeon and Loco’s ‘confirmed’ relationship on every Korean website’s sidebar. In short, they were delivering the opposite of stability to a vigilant team of managers.

The World Tour was still in the works, thankfully. It had to be, for it’d become everyone’s mantra--world tour, world tour, goddamned world tour. Lucky Six thirsted for that experience as strongly as Hyoyeon thirsted for authentic European pub life.

Pre-Lesbian Rumor-gate, Jessica’s roommate epitomized noisiness. Tiffany aced at bubblegum popping. She whistled while crackling cover-to-cover through magazines. Conversations with her slaphappy family went the speakerphone route. Heaven forbid she contracted a cold--grave-raising sniffs, snorts, and “I’m dying!” hysterics abounded. Unsubtle phone sex. These instances came to a full stop, leaving Jessica in an ominously speechless room, ignoring the breathing corpse.

When cameras and stage lights dimmed, Tiffany kept her trap sealed shut. And it drove Jessica crazier than any moist gum smacking.

Complicating matters, she resented this woman. Diming out her own groupmate as insurance topped Jessica’s list of unforgivable Lucky acts. But, damnit, they shared the same living quarters. Routine enhanced their environment and around that hour, Tiffany should have been corralling the girls for dinner. It was her night to cook.

“Order out,” Tiffany muttered, concealed by an eye mask she’d worn all day, “Sooyoungie can decide.”

Jessica balked. Her patience wore thin and her girlfriend’s seeds of “let her wallow” advice started to take root. “Yul’s safe, Fany.”

“Says Taeyeon.

It’d been two weeks since they received that mortifying text about Yuri in the emergency room. Taeyeon provided the only means of communication due to suffocating parents’ “unplugged regimen”: no phones, no internet. Techy/Media detox for 100% relaxation. The longest the three-year couple spent away from each other. “Tae’s given nothing but the truth.”

“She hates me.”

“She should.”

“Tell Soo to order.” Tiffany flipped to her chest. Conversation over.


In the living room, Yoona and Seohyun sat on opposite ends of the wall-length sectional couch, faces contorted for a sulking contest. Jessica covered her grin. These women couldn’t be intimidating if it’d save a burning rainforest. At first she passed by, intent on seeking Sooyoung before their dorm resorted to cannibalism.

However, a cloying itch of obligation surfaced and she settled at Yoona’s side, vining her into a hug. “Yoongie, what’s up?”


Jessica glimpsed over her shoulder, catching Seohyun staring. They didn’t even know how to fight properly--still inseparable. “Juhyun, are you okay?”

The youngest clicked two knitting needles into a finished sock. “I’d be tremendous if she accepted my apology.”

“Yoona?” Jessica pieced four strands of black hair behind the girl’s ear. “Seohyun wants to apologize for….” She waggled her eyebrows, at a total loss.

“Nobody here respects me,” Yoona remarked, lanky body stiff as a rock.

“You’re exaggerating.”

“Do you remember what Hyo cooked for dinner last night?”

The delicious recollection drove a growl from Jessica’s stomach. God, she was so hungry. “Mmmm, yes. Beef ribs--”

“RIBS! Fuckin’ ribs and only ribs!” Yoona’s shoulders shook. “Ribs from a steer which--call me naive--is a flippin’ goddamned animal!

Eek. “Yoongie, I didn’t--”

“Everyone treats my lacto-ovo vegetarianism as a joke! H-how’d Hyoyeon like if I made her eat off the floor or if I injected pine nuts into Juhyun’s pudding and--what the hell is Sooyoung allergic to? Fat? What if I drizzled fat over her cornflakes?”

Oh, to have innocuous fights again. Jessica rose to scoop Seohyun into her own embrace. “Want to tell me what happened two days ago?”

Seohyun unhooked her needles, balling a tuft of yarn for the next sock. “I used corn oil.”

“Hm.” The honey brunette eyed Yoona from the distance. “She used corn oil.”

“There’s more!”

Flinching at Yoona’s volume, Seohyun altered her statement. “I used corn oil...that’d been previously used. It’s cost efficient and convenient, so...”

Jessica sighed. Of course. “What’d been fried in there first?”

“Pork cutlets!” Yoona answered for her. “I can afford to throw out tainted oil as an act of decency. Can you?”

“I can,” Seohyun grumbled, knitting miles-a-minute, “It slipped my mind and for the fiftieth time, I’m sorry.”

“You fed me that gyoza! I was retching all night!”

“I’m sorry, Yoong.”

Examining the shudder of a jaw, Jessica went on the defensive. “I understand why you’re angry; though, Seohyun’s apology feels real. And you know she’d never stir up conflict on purpose.”

Yoona flicked frays of her vintage jeans. “Evs.”

“Be reasonable, Yoongie. Don’t take your frustrations with all of us on one person. That’s not fair.”

“Hyo even forgot to make me a substitute dinner.”

“Babe,” Jessica held out her free arm, waving dancing fingers for Yoona to squeeze into a quiet hug, gaze unfocused. “I’ll talk to Hyo. Actually, I’ll commence my first Lucky meeting for a thorough discussion about respect. Would that help?”

Yoona nodded and pushed her nose into Jessica’s ear. Impish yet again. “Yep.”

“Anything you want to tell Seohyunnie?”

“Sorry for being a sensitive vag,” Yoona murmured, stuck in a crooked smirk.

Seohyun reached around Jessica to paw the other girl’s face. “I should have called Sica! You yield to her like a puppy!”

“I do not!”

The oldest shimmied from between them, proud, yet ultimately starving. “Cute. It breaks my heart when Lucky girls are fighting.”

“Like you and Fany?”

Jessica regarded Yoona, tactfully guiding every facial muscle. “We’re...okay.”

“Yeah right. You hate each other.”

“Hate’s too strong a word,” Seohyun corrected. “Honestly, you two haven’t been on good terms in weeks.”

Just when she considered herself a capable leader, her cover was blown. “Misunderstandings. Big ones.”

“Are you two fucking?”

Yoona!” Jessica and Seohyun croaked, steps away from their eyeballs littering the floor.

The black-haired woman couldn’t have looked more nonplussed. “Fany’s smokin’; Sica’s a Ten. They’re gay. They sleep together--”

“In separate beds!” Jessica included, not knowing whether to wave off a blush or throw her friend overboard. “Rework your theory, hun.”

Seohyun lobbed a thumb at her roommate. “That one’s adamant about it. Vocally fantasizing, forcing me to wager on sexual positions, spending hours with her ear cupped onto the wall--”

“Fuckin’ liar!” Yoona slapped both hands to Seohyun’s mouth in guilty horror. “She’s lying. I’ve never--”

“The point is--” she muttered, escaping from spindly fingers, “Lucky Six holds no grudges, no matter the circumstances. Lose the egos and be friends again.”

If only they knew. “We’ll talk.”

“Do more than that. Or, I’ll tell JiWook and he’ll mediate.”

Yoona was still suffering. “Snitch monster, god.”

“I really don’t care. We’ll be touring overseas next year, curtailing stress and new challenges while crushed into tight, essential contact. As leader, it’s your duty to keep us a united team. From the inside--something no manager can access.”

Jessica’s observant groupmates knew. Like, why wouldn’t they? And JiWook was the very last person to deliberate lesbian drama. “Why do you think I can fix this?”

“Who says I do?” Seohyun flexed on a challenging smile, swiping away long, chestnut hair. “You’re not a diffident churchmouse anymore. We’re sisters.”

“Sisters don’t screw around. Well, some do. I saw this incest docu--”

“Yoong, your tangents!” Hopeful eyes accentuated Seohyun’s next question. “Are you our Lucky Six leader or not?”

The golden glove was thrown. Jessica bit her lip, wondering how the hell she’d switched mindsets so easily. Or, she hadn’t been as anti-Tiffany as she thought. Taeyeon acquired that role because her group’s fate didn’t ride on Lucky Six’s daily interactions. But, even she reached some strange reconciliation with Bae Jinnie, of all people. “Are you sure you don’t want leader duty?”

“Nobody listens to her,” Yoona explained, laughing off a glare. “I mean, you do. That’s it.”

“I anticipate the meeting about respect,” Seohyun affirmed. Knitting needles bobbed back into motion.

Moments later, Jessica barged into the messiest of the three rooms, scaring its inhabitants--Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, Miso, and Hyoyeon’s boyfriend--half to death.

Hyoyeon rushed to dismiss the prohibited guest. “He w-was just leaving!” Chucking a polo to a rather colorful guy--turquoise undercut, empty hipster rims, neck tattoo of a dolphin--the blonde’d never appeared more shaken.

“Hyo…” Jessica paused, taking another stare at the cartoon sea creature, and continued. “No troubles; I wouldn’t report you. Soo, you’re in charge of dinner.”

Sooyoung gestured to her shoulder sling. “Fany’s turn.”

“I know that,” she groaned. “Order enough for four--um--” She nodded to the dude clumsily stumbling around the cat. “-five. Order for five. Tiffany and I will be out.”

Sparing no other orders, Jessica left to rouse her roommate.


“That’s her brother’s car. There.” Tiffany pointed to a bright red Ferrari. Its scalloped bumper smiled at them in a fractured curve.

Jessica peered at the inviting yellow windows of the Kwon home, an hour or so out of the city. “Are you positive?”

“Yes.” An extra dash of pep sparked Tiffany’s lips. “Hyuk-jun shows off his ‘baby’ in every other Picpockette post. You’d think he’d fix that dent, but he says it gives it character.”

“You haven’t gotten in touch with him?”

“We formally met once, so it’d be awkward as hell.”

The mention of social media put its own impression on her mood. Following incoherent directions (“turn here, no the other here”) Jessica’s disposition worsened as Tiffany’s posture improved and vocal confidence was restored.

Nerves warned Jessica not to prompt Taeyeon on their nightly mission. And as expected, her text screen filled to the brim with expletives. This went against her family’s wishes, directives by their watchful management, and common decency, her girlfriend claimed, forging the most exhaustive manifesto on Tiffany’s deception. She dethroned Bae Soojin’s place in her hate rankings.

She couldn’t blame Taeyeon. In fact, Jessica needed to analyze that side of reality, accumulating in her growing culture of trust issues. Tiffany schemed behind their backs and her potential treachery had yet to be extinguished from the books.

“Jesus, I’m scared,” Tiffany confided, pulling her shirt hem inches away from modesty’s standard. “Yul’s family knows about me...not who I am.”

Jessica exhaled, relating to this piece of anxiety. She couldn’t imagine approaching Taeyeon’s conservative parents--nevermind visiting without notice. “I’m sure they’ll love you.”

“Will they?”

Startled at the tectonic crumble of her question, Jessica put her guard down. Let herself park into watery eyes that could scream lies in frequencies too low to identify. Jessica’s girlfriend had every right to dislike Tiffany--even hate her. Though, as this industry made clear, the whole of Lucky Six mattered more than their beef. It outweighed any dispute--solvable as reusing tainted oil or humungous enough to slash friendships and careers into golden shreds. Jessica sucked it up and became a leader. “There’s only one way to find out.”

Tiffany looped onto Jessica’s arm when the car doors slammed behind them. This closeness infuriated every touching cell. Despite feuding consciences, Jessica tried on her fake smile. And judging by the real creases of the responding woman’s eyes, it passed with flying colors.

The doorbell chimed twice before someone answered. A comely, sun-bronzed guy with a patchy mustache and Yuri’s grin welcomed them, bowing low enough to eat dirt. “Dad called me get the door and I said, ‘Two women to see me?. Something must be amiss.’”

They giggled, confounded by the family resemblance.

Hyuk-jun winked like Yuri, too. “We convene again, Tiffany,” he murmured softly, mindful of ears nearby. “I’d be a fool to turn down an appearance by my little sister’s girlfr--” He recognized Jessica and paled. “Unless you’re both her girlfriends?!”

Tiffany lightly batted his head. “Hell no.”

Yuri’s brother shrunk away, ruffling the touch from his cropped hair. “I-uh-tryin’ to be open-minded. Monogamy's so humdrum mainstream and we commoners are...yep. Please, take a seat inside.”

The neat apple hadn’t fallen far from the tree. Complete immaculance besides titled couch pillows (that Hyuk-jun corrected immediately) greeted Jessica and Tiffany once they tipped off their flats in the walkway. Tiffany squealed at Yuri’s Air Jordans orderly arranged at the end of the shoe line.

“I’ll get you some tea--erm, you’re allowed to drink tea, right?”

They nodded; though, Jessica knew what her groupmate wouldn’t ask. “And Yul?”

“Oh!” Hyuk-jun spun at breakneck speed. “I’ll get Yuri. Then, tea.”

“Thanks,” Tiffany whispered, giving the other woman’s hand a kiss. “I’m nervous.”

“Mmhm.” If she really wanted to thank Jessica, she’d leave this betrayal nonsense behind and let life take its own course. In that case, she’d will herself to reciprocate.

“She’s doing chick stuff,” Hyuk-jun announced as he returned to the room holding a tray and no cups. “Putting on a bra or something.”

“That won’t be necessary,” Tiffany blurted, turning all three of their faces into tomatoes.

The Kwon guy tangled into his own legs for the kitchen. “I’m gonna--uh, hot water. For this--” He noisily disappeared.

Yuri breezed into the living room soon after, pink sweatpants and holey band tee taking nothing from her billion-dollar smile. “Ladies, you’re here. Fany--”

And a tic later, Jessica became spectator to a Yulti makeout session.

Memories. Of simpler times.

She bashfully chaperoned as the groping commenced, sounding a, “Psst!” when a middle-aged woman and man filed down the stairs.

“Mom, Dad,” Yuri announced, roughly brushing lip gloss off her chin, “I have visitors. That’s my friend Jessica and this,” she softened with a blush, “is Tiffany.”

Yuri’s father’s eyebrows rose with faint understanding; her mother’s face colored with something else. Something familiar. And jarring.

“I LOVE LUCKY SIX!” Mrs. Kwon exclaimed, patting her permed hair like a teenager on her first date. “Yuri, why didn’t you tell me they were coming? Our home is a mess!”

“Um…” Jessica peeked to either side of this lie. “It’s nice to--”

“Tea, Yuri! Where’s the tea?”

“Here, it’s here!” Hyuk-jun whistled for Yuri to move out the way as he lowered a platter of full cups and assorted teas. “I don’t even know what you’d like.” He brushed several containers. “Oolong, green, black, red--ah, you want cream and sugar--is sugar in your diet?”

“Sugar’s fine, dummy. They won’t break,” the younger sister scoffed, snatching two tea bags from a box and dipping them into water. To others, it’d come off as quite brusque; Jessica could tell Yuri not-so-randomly chose Tiffany’s favorite white blend.

Mrs. Kwon sharply frowned at her offspring, commencing to grabbing Tiffany and Jessica by the hand. “I’m your biggest fan!”

Tiffany’s grin could have ripped through the skin. “A-are you?”

“She likes you more than my group,” Yuri laughed, piling sideways onto a loveseat.

The woman shooed her daughter to sit properly. “How could I not? I watched Lucky Six grow up from the day of their debut!”

“Mom, you literally watched me grow up.”

“Cry me a river, Yuri.”

Despite the fake-dimpled pout on the Skandl member’s face, a difference was clear. Yuri re-gained her lost weight. Eyes shone brighter. Smile more relaxed. Skin smoother. Completely refreshed, shoving playfully with her brother and relaying stingless remarks while her mom went on and on about her album collection.

“--and Jinnie. What happened to Bae Jinnie? Tell me she’ll be alright?”

Jessica, Yuri, and Tiffany exchanged controlled expressions until Tiffany broke the silence, grinning and chirping, “We’re right as rain behind the scenes!”

Her mother expended a lung-worth of air into a sigh. “Thank god! The very thought of you girls fighting just--” Mr. Kwon handed her a napkin from the platter. “It breaks my heart. Get along forever, babies! Your bond keeps us Charms strong.”

Oh, jeez.

Jessica’s false smile soon shaped into a real one when the emotional woman wrapped Tiffany into her momma-arms, begging her to never leave. Tiffany’s dumbfounded blush was priceless.

“This is the best birthday present a woman could ask for! Thank you, Yuri!”

Yuri floundered, matching her brother’s fish-like lip movements. “S-sure, Mom.”

“It was my idea,” Hyuk-jun added.

“Yuri and Hyuk usually get me the dullest birthday presents. A crotchet set, diamond earrings, a day at the spa...yadda, yadda...drab. Then, this--you two?! In my home? And a day earlier to catch me by surprise! Phenomenal!”

“Happy early Birthday,” Jessica said, joining the threeway hug as Tiffany hadn’t parted from Mrs. Kwon.

Two hours passed of Yuri, Mr. Kwon, and Hyuk-jun begrudgingly mounting the steps to the rec room, bringing Lucky Six mementos for the mother to recall a story. Jessica enjoyed this; however, it was pitch black outside and Yuri and Tiffany hadn’t gotten any private time. So, she dragged a deep breath, stood up, and offered a hand to Mrs. Kwon. “Would you like to learn a Lucky dance?”

The woman’s round face gaped, Yuri-ish nose glowing red. “Astro-Energy!? It’s the best!”

“Astro-Energy!, it is!” Jessica gritted, memories of The Giant pinching her limbs. “Fany and Yul have to discuss….part two of your birthday present.”

“Nothing can beat this!”

She shrugged. “They’ll try! Let’s check out that rec room while I teach you, Mr. Kwon, and Hyuk-jun some moves.”

“Yes!” Before following Jessica’s duckling trail to the first step, Mrs. Kwon pressed a firm kiss to Tiffany’s forehead. “Vist any time. Our doors are open whenever you miss your family, sweet girl.”

“Oh-okay,” Tiffany stuttered, close to tears.

“You’ve always been my favorite. Yuri’s, too.”

With an enigmatic wink, the mother led them up the staircase. As Jessica waved a, “goodbye, dignity” to the remaining girls, Tiffany lipped a silent “thank you”.

“Truthfully, how awful were they?” Yuri pocketed both hands in her sweats, leaning onto Jessica’s car.

“They were...fair. Your mom made your father and Hyuk-jun sit down halfway through,” Jessica mused, cracking a grin.

Tiffany hooked her arms around Yuri’s neck. “She opened your doors to me. I can come by any time I want.”

“My mom loves you more than me.” Yuri dabbed their foreheads together. “We’re in trouble, aren’t we?”

“When will you be back in Seoul?”

“When I feel better, I guess.”

Jessica eyed her head-to-toe. Decidedly, Yuri seemed healthier than ever. “Admit it--you like being taken care of by your mommy.”

“Better food, more space, my old instruments, my big bro,” She spoke into Tiffany’s hair, sighing. “I could stay here, really.”

“Don’t talk like that,” Tiffany snapped, giving her flat stomach a whack.

Yuri poked a lip out. “I dunno...the classy strip club down the street needs a dayshift dancer.”

“Shut up.”

“C’mon, babe,” Out grew a short, wry type of smile. An unfamiliar one. “What am I but a glorified stripper? I perform for a paying audience. I titillate, I’m basically naked on-stage…”


“Am I better than a stripper? Are you?”

“Darling,” Tiffany flung her eyes at Jessica, acknowledging this as a private matter. “You’re making me uncomfortable.”

“Am I? Answer me.”

The shorter woman groaned. “Yes, damnit! You are!”


“I’m done with this, Yul.”

“Sorry,” Yuri gathered Tiffany into her arms, singing apologies like a hymn. “Shhh, I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Fany.”

“It’s late,” Jessica’s mumbled. That’s all she could get out: It’s late.

“Tell Tae I’ll be back next week.”

She casted Yuri merely a hint of eye contact. Things felt off. “She’ll be glad.”

“I wish you could leave Fany with me.”

Jessica almost considered it. “No, we have English recordings in the morning.”

“Fany told me about the world tour! Congrats! Too bad I didn’t celebrate with you girls…”

“It’s fine.”

“I’ll make up for it,” she breathed moreso to her girlfriend, “when...life settles.”

Did Yuri know Tiffany’s plans? About the pictures? The cold threats shoved in Taeyeon’s face? Jessica studied the couple a hair more, then snatched her door open. The sudden movement set them to slowly kiss farewell, using the car as leverage. And Jessica sat there, asking herself if playing the selfless card was worth it.

“You’re a godsend,” Tiffany declared, hugging her seatbelt as they departed the Kwons’ driveway, “Yul’s glowing, oh my god, I can’t wait to have her all to myself again.”

Jessica snapped on a turn signal. “She does look happy.”

“She’s getting more sun, too. Could you tell? They have a tennis court in the backyard.”


“Her mom totally supports us. Like, did you hear what she said?”

“I was there.”

“I feel rejuvenated! How will I sleep tonight? Ugh, I love her so much.”

“Hot damn.”

That last comment gained her attention. “Has Taeyeon rubbed off on you?”

Jessica bit her lip, hating the way Tiffany said her name--like some sort of disease. “I didn’t bring you here just for you; it’s to help the group.”

Tiffany steadied her tone. “And I appreciate that…”

“I did something for you, so do something for me.”


“Trash those pictures. All of them.”

When quiet replied, Jessica repeated herself, “All of them, Fany.”

“I haven’t sent any--”

“I don’t care! I want them gone. Please.” Tears she’d been lugging all day trickled down the space beneath her nose. “We’re friends, aren’t we?”


Jessica pushed on the gas, weaving past a few sedans. “Then act like one! This is driving me insane.”

“You or Taeyeon?”

“Does it fucking matter?”

“Uh huh,” Tiffany huffed, grunting as they accelerated. “I can tell when you’re speaking for yourself and when it’s Taeyeon bitching through you.”

“It’s me!” She severed a hand from the steering wheel. “God, it’s me talking to you.”

“You’re near me 24/7. I’ve been harmless.”

“Delete the photos, Fany.”

“Don’t you trust me?”

Frigid, Jessica sped around a Mazda.

“Talk to me.”

The nerve. The fucking nerve of this woman.

“Jess, slow down!”

Stupid trust.

The grim ka-thunk sound of impact paired with Jessica slamming the breaks sent them flying forward. Tires screeched from every direction. Burned rubber’s toxic scent clogged her nostrils. Red brake lights glared fiery eyes.

She didn’t hit her head; although, the jerk rearranged her insides. Questions flashed in seconds.

Are we hit? Was it my fault?

Is Tiffany okay?

Where were the damn airbags?

A winded voice resonated. “It...wasn’t us.”

Jessica finally blinked through the haze, viewing a moderately severe accident not three cars ahead.

They loudly heaved oxygen, possibilities of the worst case scenario tainting the air. Jessica glanced down--seeing, feeling her fingers laced into Tiffany’s. She met the other woman’s wide eyes, watching her tremble. Who grabbed whose hand wasn’t certain. It didn’t matter. They needed each other for Lucky Six to work.

“We gotta get out of here before someone sees us.”

Traffic proceeded; a long line of mergers rounded the wreckage. Jessica tapped the pedal gingerly, hand still stringed to the other member.

“Yul wants to buy her own house.”

The brunette licked her lips, nodding. “That’s a big step.”

“Or a condo. Overlooking the city. She’d give me a key.”

“Would you move out?”

“I can’t live with her, Jessica,” Tiffany stressed, slapping fingers into her hair. “What would people think of two unmarried women making a home together?”

“So, that’s a no.”

“Please trust me with those photos.”

“How can I? That’s absurd.”

“They give me control, Jess. It may not make sense to you, but knowing I could send them out, destroying something else before it destroys me...it’s therapeutic.”

“You’re right. It doesn’t make sense.”

That something she’d destroy would be Taeyeon’s career. Their relationship. Her highest source of happiness--over armies of beautiful fans and clubs and songs and limelight, charity, famous buddies, influence...everything.

Imagining spikes drilling into the space between her fingers, she untied them from Tiffany’s grasp. Wanting, craving more than anything to hold Taeyeon instead.

Jessica flung her handful of papers into the empty recording booth, on the third day of Lucky’s English album-a-thon. It coincided with an unsmiling “discussion” involving her sister and accidentally losing herself in a Taeyeon/Loco forum. The relationship was bullshit, yet the media did a crackerjack job at selling that filth.

She’d grown tired of the humiliation. JiWook, in one of his moods, threw his weight around more than usual--overpowering producers, barking commands like a headmaster, using members’ compliance as a weapon against others.

Admittedly, Jessica was off her game that morning. She awoke jaded, in no condition to re-sing the planet’s peppiest hooks for hours on end. JiWook nagged too harshly, she groaned a curse word or five, and soon she was put on a timeout. But, not after hearing directives for Tiffany to record some of Jessica’s lines until she adjusted her attitude.


She couldn’t predict their fractured friendship’s future. All she knew was to make a show of the lifted tension to the girls. It didn’t hurt to have roommate conversations again, either.

Jessica’s concentration was shot. The argument with Soojung--concerning Taeyeon--left a chalky taste in her mouth. It coated her cumbersome tongue and smothered her pitch control.

Soojung never hid her disdain for the idol entertainment business. The 20-year-old supported Jessica out of unconditional love and nothing else. So, her rude-ass commentary on the “TaCo situation”--going as far as implying they looked comfy around each other struck the last match to Jessica’s bone dry limits. In the longest tear-streaked rant she’d ever pushed upon a family member, she made it crystal clear: Taeyeon was hers.

And she missed her Moody bear. Picpockette and Skype couldn’t appeased either half of the couple. Last time she’d seen her girlfriend in the flesh, she was tucked cutely within Jessica’s comforters. Where she belonged.

The honey brunette buckled onto a bench, lifting a discarded sheet as an afterthought. Elite expected her to happily sing tunes of pathetic guy crushes and fairytale love stories. Revolting, false advertisement.

Thinking back on Taeyeon, she closed her eyes. What she wouldn’t do to track her fingers through her fading red fringe or drag the ball of her lip ring across her front teeth. And her voice--her rich, passionate tone made specifically for pronouncing “Jessica” and singing her ass off. She’d kill to hear her live again. Singing “Lithograph”...or better...that “love:murder” song. Now, those were lyrics meant to turn heads.

Giving little mind to one of the least favorite names shining in her contact list, Jessica’s sent off a message. Incomplete details on why formed as she waited for a reply.

She had to see her.

Sunny’s hideout in Hongdae was nestled in a hispter-y café/clothing store hybrid. Decked out in Taeyeon’s black beanie, sunglasses, and a wraparound scarf, Jessica located her desired checkpoint--ChoA, an employee close to bursting from her popover blouse. Immediately identifying Jessica (despite her concealment efforts) and the capped woman thumbing through a rack of suede belts, the busty sales associate brought them to a curtained-off space behind the register counter.

“Sign my bra?” ChoA hissed as they passed the threshold. Sparing no shame, she tugged her top four snaps, spilling out more boobage.

“Um-um,” Jessica felt a Sharpie forced into her hand.

Yoona, three purchased belts buckled around her neck, jumped at the racy opportunity. “Just my autograph or a message?”

“Make that cup out to my darling Way,” she giggled.

“That your girlfriend?” Yoona asked, marking the fabric with eager finesse.

“My twin sister.”

“Hot! How kinky is the--”

“JESS-I-CAAA JUNG-UH,” Jessica enunciated at top volume to chokehold the invasive question.

With both bra cups inked to riches, ChoA bowed a perfect 90 degree angle and rebuttoned her blouse. “Another curtain’s in the back. Sunny’s there.”

“Thank you.”

Yoona stuck her marker into the clerk’s cleavage. “My pleasure, Hot Tits. Kiss your sis for me.”

Jessica pulled the neck belts like a leash, wondering when she’d opened Pandora’s box to Yoona’s sexual aberrations. She made quite the sidekick, volunteering to break the monotony by escorting her to this meeting.

A cloud of smoke watered her eyes once the thick mauve curtains parted. Seated alone, legs kicked up on a table consumed by paper stacks and empty coffee cups, Sunny wasn’t one for formalities. She simply said, “Close that.”

As Yoona fumbled to the order, Jessica raised a filmy espresso shot cup. “Anti-sleep, huh?”

“Pro-coffee.” Sunny slurped from a hefty mug. “Tae’s not here.”

“I’m not here to see Tae.”

“Well, you’re wasting your time.”

“You don’t speak English!”

Stealing both women’s attention, Yoona scowled at a page-long block of lyrics.

“What?” Sunny lowered her Converses to the floor.

“Since when have you written in English?”

“I practice.”

“I bet this shit makes no sense.”

Recovering from shock, Jessica remembered these girls had interacted back in trainee days. She’d asked about Taeyeon. Never the other ex-Elite recruit.

Sunny argued with slight hesitance, facially more amused than offended. “Leave the real music to the pros.”

“Sica’s American. And Fany. I bet your English is child’s play compared to theirs.”

When Sunny raised an eyebrow at Jessica, she ran to the rescue. “Yoongie, you’re abnormally hyper today.”

“Sunny would let me read her poetry books--until we were split into A and B.”

“True,” the Skandl member relented, “Don’t tell Tae. She thought she was special.”

Glowing green, Jessica changed subjects. “Are you full of inspiration or caffeine?”

“I spawn enough material for a legion of girl groups. I write hits.”

“Give me a hit,” Yoona whined, sniffing a glass bong, lip quirked in fascination.

“Yoongie.” Jessica deflated into a wicker chair. “You don’t even smoke.”

“This junk smells janky.”

Sunny chuckled. “And here I thought you were stuck up after all these years.”


“Me?! You’re senile.”

“Coulda fooled me…”

Leery of Lee Sunkyu’s greasy, slinking gaze, Jessica heightened her tone. She meant business. “I’m not here to see Tae. But, this does involve her.”

Sunny folded her Kafka novel over a pen to save her place. “I’m listening.”

“You’re not the only one.”

Picking up on Jessica’s hint, she held her empty mug upside down. “I’m thirsty again. Mind grabbing us some coffee, Yoona? ChoA gives 100% discounts to sexy customers.”

“Does my shirt read ‘waitress’ to you?”

Sunny tore off a notebook sheet’s corner and scribbled a note. Smirking, she slid it around the mess to Jessica’s side. In chicken scratch cursive to thwart Yoona’s basic knowledge of the English alphabet, it read:

Your friend’s sassy & pretty hot. I’m on the prowl.

Oh, hell no.

Jessica frowned to call Sunny’s bluff. When the Casanova brushed her bangs into an instantly stylish array across her long eyelashes, the brunette blanched.

Yoona snatched the paper. “What’s this say? The anticipation is stabbin’ me!”

Jessica routinely helped her get through English words and pronunciation, but even Yoona would crack this code eventually. Reclaiming the note in a lucky grab, she smashed it into a dirty cup. “A latte, Yoongie? With soy.”

“For you, yes.” Yoona grappled at the curtains, pausing to say, “I’m cutting off Sunny’s java supply. Her pee’s gonna be disgusting.”

They snorted at the weirdo, watching her sashay away.

“I’m not shitting you.” Sunny fanned herself. “She’s deadly in a button-up.”

“I forbid that union.”

“Wouldn’t work for me against you and Tae.” And there, the setting grew serious. “What do you want?”

“Why don’t you like me?”

“Frankly, Tae hasn’t been the same since you came on the scene.”

“That’s not bad.”

“For you, probably not.”

“Tae makes me happy.”

“Womp womp womp love.” Sunny churned slender hands at each word. “Eternity, commitment, wicked oral--”


“I blame your tongue for her downfall.”

Jessica struggled through a blush, not prepared for Taeyeon to presumably brag on their sex life. “Would it be awkward for me to ask a favor?”

“You don’t know me at all, do you?” Sunny coyly posed a shoulder beneath her chin. “I hate awkwardness.”

“I won’t make it awkward.”

“Clock’s tickin’ Sixer.”

“Teach me ‘love:murder’.”

As expected, a grim distrust darkened the other woman’s features. “How do you even know about it?”

“Please, Sunny.” Her fingers tapped the antsy seconds until Yoona’s return. “I need it.”


If Tiffany could have insurance, so could she. Only, the knightly route went in a different direction.

“I don’t know yet. I need you to trust me.”

I can't even decipher the overall feel of this chapter. So, here's Yoongie on a bike.

Current Mood: moodymoody
Current Music: BIGBANG- Loser
the_bluebeariesthe_bluebearies on May 8th, 2015 04:16 am (UTC)
gif of Yoona on a bike, hahahaha cute <3

ps: jinnie isn't in this chapter right? I'd hate to pull my hair and feel the need to strangle someone while reading.. hahahahahAHAHAHAHAHHA
checkinyourbra: yoonsic02checkinyourbra on May 14th, 2015 02:02 am (UTC)
There srsly should be a series of Yoona on various vehicles, boats, clouds, women, etc. It's be amazing. She's so presh. :333

PS. Oh gawd I summoned your hysterical/maniacal laugh.....*fears for my life*

Hehe congrats on top spot, btw~
(Anonymous) on May 8th, 2015 05:16 am (UTC)
"If she really wanted to thank Jessica, she’d leave this betrayal nonsense behind and let life take its own course. In that case, she’d will herself to reciprocate." My thoughts exactly.

I don't really know how jessica would be using love:murder but it seems like this'll also put a strain on taengsic as well when taeyeon finds out...they may love each other but taesun's friendship runs deep...

(Anonymous) on May 8th, 2015 05:59 am (UTC)
also jessica with yoong and seo are cute :))
(no subject) - checkinyourbra on May 14th, 2015 02:11 am (UTC) (Expand)
wiildestdreamswiildestdreams on May 8th, 2015 06:22 am (UTC)
i've seriously been slacking in the comment department as of late, but you know me. you post a chapter and i run all the way here to see what fun stuff you've left us for the week! so without further ado -- GAY STUFF.

yoona & seohyun : honestly the CUTEST bit that i wasn't expecting at all. little yoongie is such a cutie? a dirty kinky cutie, but a cutie nonetheless! and i have to say that seohyun apologizing 15 times is definitely the most seohyun thing in the world. i think that the little bit of fluff (some people might not consider it fluff given that they were arguing after all, but i do) and the bits of comedic dialogue really even out some of the heavier themes. it's neither too comedic or too angsty -- there's a balance that isn't easily achieved. usually a fic has one or the other -- an abundance of one theme -- but you've managed to keep a pretty even balance between the more lighthearted aspects and the heavy hitting ones.

jessica & tiffany & yuri: have i ever mentioned how much i love jessica? seriously, her character is almost like a sour patch kid. a little tart and a little tangy on the outside, but if you manage to hang on long enough to get through that layer, she's a giant ball of sweet mush. (okay, maybe a little chewy too -- come on, the girl has guts and balls and doesn't really take kindly to being pushed around.) i love that jessica took tiffany to see yuri, because it really does say a lot about where jessica's loyalties lie. even if tiffany isn't loyal to her, there's a part of her that's still very loyal to tiffany. it's an interesting dynamic that you've done an incredible job showcasing.

I CANNOT BELIEVE MRS. KWON IS A CHARM. no wait, i totally can. same, mrs. kwon. i'm right here with you.

i'm really curious to know if yuri does know about tiffany's plans. does she have any idea what tiffany was thinking about doing? was she in on the entire thing? was this more a 50/50 plan? SO MANY QUESTIONS. if, on the chance that yuri did know, i wonder what her motive would be. would she sacrifice her members like tiffany would? are yuri and tiffany more similar than they seemed at first glance?

i'm not surprised tiffany didn't cave to jessica. in a way, tiffany sounded very... dare i say it... jinnie-ish. "don't you trust me?" is such a loaded question. but it does make sense that tiffany does like the control of it all, but i'm totally team jessica on this one. TIFFANY, Y U BE LIKE THAT? but i am curious to know if those pictures ever make their grand entrance. i'm sure time will tell!

as always, LA, i have no idea how you do it. most writers either give up (me!) or the quality declines as the story goes on. but you've managed to write such an incredible story and never see a dip in quality. just when you think it can't get any better, it does. and you definitely deserve the biggest pat on the back for that. i can't wait to see where this goes. HOW MANY CHAPTERS LEFT?

this wiildlesbian is rooting for this fic!
checkinyourbra: tiffany03checkinyourbra on May 14th, 2015 02:30 am (UTC)

Heheheheh KIDDINGGG. :DDDD I'm flattered to keep you runnin' with my widdle (monster) story on LJ. :33 ONTO THE GAY STUFF.

Ooh and you broke it down by subject!! Woohoooo~

Yoongie&Seo: Unexpected cuteness?? Yuuuussss. *pumps fist* I don't hear that one often! 'Dirty Kinky Cutie' matches Yoongie so well. I don't think anyone really knew what was really going on in her head....and now they do!! And hehe Seolady with the apologies. >.< Thank youuuu for the balance comment. Like, I always worry about tipping the tension scale. I'm not a naturally 'heavy' writer, so my brain auto-adds bits like this. So readers (and I) won't be exhausted after every chapter.

Jess&Fany&Yul: :OOO SOUR PATCH KID JESSICA. *hugsssss* Bb's growin' up to be chewier and chewier. :') GET DEM GUTS, BOO!!

even if tiffany isn't loyal to her, there's a part of her that's still very loyal to tiffany--This means a lot. Shows the difference in how all three of them approach their problems. I'm happy that dynamic came off clearly!

MRS. KWON THE CHARM. You two should rock out and compare merchandise.

Omggggg all those questions regarding Yuri. Ummmm ummm.....*malfunctions*

//replaced with surrogate LA

Not surprised about Tiffany not caving? Good, good!! So, Fany's consistent. Yul's overdose/drugging deal may have been a distraction blessing in disguise..And OOHHHHH SNAP. THE DREADED JINNIE COMPARISON. So much trust talk and not enough action, Miss Hwang!! >:(

Heh. Dem pictures.

Trust me, this trek through the Skandl! world is tiresome. But, I like writing and especially writing for y'all. :))) The fandom fic well is drying up, but I want to contribute something. ^^ ((pweaseeee finish your color fic ;(((( )) So, a thousand thank yous. No, A MILLION.


I have wiild lesbian support! Now I can sleep at night. :DD

Until next time, love~

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bbiruflowerbeer on May 8th, 2015 07:04 am (UTC)
I bet Yoona totally ships in-story Jungcest.
She's such a riot this chapter; precocious child, cycle your way into my heart.

It feels like a long time since Taeyeon last showed up.
What have you been doing Tae, stop strummin' your love sick uke and start being proactive like Jess. She's doing so much this chapt, pity the whole Tiffany thing didn't work out cuz power complex Tiff.

"knowing I could send them out, destroying something else before it destroys me...it’s therapeutic.”
^ Woman's got some serious issues right there.

(((Any chance of Fluttering Feels and TaMenDeGuShi inspiring you to write another high school/college AU fic?)))
checkinyourbra: jessica04checkinyourbra on May 14th, 2015 02:36 am (UTC)

Ohhhhhhmg you're right. I'd bet money Skandl!Yoongie would be all about Jungcest. Give her a fic or hte right fancam and she's hooked.

Yoongie, Yoongie cycling into readers' hearts~

Does it?? :oo *uses psychic writer powers* Taeyeon's hiding out. In her jammies. Being emo. Or sleeping. She's probably sleeping. While her honey is out there taking on shizz. Tsk.

Hahahha Fany be cray!! xD

(((Oooooooooohhh it's been a while since I wrote one of those, huh? Hmmm. If the right inspiration swims into my head, YES to a college AU. I get so many feels from both. ♥)))

THANK YOUUU for dropping by~~~
(Anonymous) on May 8th, 2015 03:23 pm (UTC)
I'm backkkk
Heyyy I haven't been leaving comments for a few chapters now lol sorry 'bout that but I just can't not leave one after knowing that you also read Fluttering Feelings and Their Story!!! I love those! I'm starting to feel like 10% of the reason I was born is to read girl x girl stories hahaha

Anyways back to the story...Tension in the Lucky Six dorm :( good thing the maknaes are in good terms again lol Yoona is such a puppy towards Jessica (your Yoonsic shipper self is showing)

"Fany’s smokin’; Sica’s a Ten. They’re gay." WHERE. IS. THE. LIE.

I'm also anticipating the meeting about respect lmao

Awwww Sica is so nice for bring Fany to Yul's house and giving them time to themselves

" Tiffany squealed at Yuri’s Air Jordans orderly arranged at the end of the shoe line." This sentence is nothing special but I found it so friggin adorable <3333333 MOAR YULTI CUTENESS

Mrs. Kwon is a Charm!!! Good for you Fany hahaha you won't have to deal with a bitchy mother-in-law.
That whole scene made me realize some stuff.
Mrs. Kwon = OT9 Sones
Bae Soojin = Jessica
Yuri, Fany, Sica = OT8
Haaaaaaaaaaaa not so good memories are starting to come back and making me miss someone :((

"Yul’s glowing, oh my god, I can’t wait to have her all to myself again." SHE'S SO IN LOVE LOL

Totally liking Yoona's positive outlook on sex recently ROFL! "My pleasure, Hot Tits. Kiss your sis for me."

Thank for the update!


checkinyourbra: yuri02checkinyourbra on May 14th, 2015 02:47 am (UTC)
Re: I'm backkkk
Well, thank Krishna for my manhwa/manhua love because it brought you back!! Yeeeeyyy!!

I'm starting to feel like 10% of the reason I was born is to read girl x girl stories hahaha--Ya know what? Ain't nothin' wrong with that. hahhaa

Even when there's tension in the Lucky home, it's still not as thick as Skandl's....unless you count JeTi then, forget everything I've said!! muahHAHAhahaa.

MY YOONSIC SHIPPER SELF IS LOUD AND PROUD. //replaces all instances of 'Taeyeon' with Yoona like a loon
pftttthahahahah. Nah, this fic was made for TaengSic in particular. But, I thirst for my OTP. SO, I SUBJECT Y'ALL TO MY PAINS.


Ahhhh I'm seeing a mixed group of "boooo YulTi" and "Awwww YulTi" throughout my comments...*nods and giggles*

Omgggg I've been afraid of those comparisons. Especially since this story was planned wayyyy before Sicagate. >.<

Bae Soojin = Jessica--......[HOW I FEEL ABOUT THIS]

Noooo don't bring up dem memories!!! *feeds you snacks/fic*

SHE'S SO IN LOVE LOL --HAHAHAH gurl I like you. You're feelin' YulTi so much. :33

Yoongie's Sex-Positive!! It's the only way to be~~

Thanks for gracing my page, NSNA (NASA) :DD
(Anonymous) on May 8th, 2015 06:23 pm (UTC)
It's been a Rexie-less comment sections for awhile, so...Rexie's back back back, back again...she is back back back tell a friend!!!! B-)

Gosh Yoong is such a crazy lesbian wild child!!! something must've caused her hormones to fluctuates (having two hot ghei members would do that to you tbh). What's with the eavesdropping and....HOT TITS!!!! GOOOORRRLLLLL lucky she's Yoona otherwise she gon have a living daylight slapped outta her!!

I'm starting a petition for the Kwons to adopt me, Imma make an awesome noona/unnie for the Kwon kids #justsayin


mmmm is Love Murder gonna be Skandl's next single and Jess need it for retaliation?

btw....YULTI SECKSHI TIME PLISH....kthxbye

Much love
Kwon's oldest
checkinyourbra: yoona02checkinyourbra on May 14th, 2015 02:57 am (UTC)
My goodness, this chapter is bringin' back so many old faces. SUPER OLD FOR YOU. BECAUSE YOU'RE A DINOSAUR.

GUESS WHO'S BACK. GUESS WHO'S BACK. GUESS WHO'S BACK. GUESS WHO'S BACK. .....SEXAY REXAAAAYYYY. *but leave that tail outside. Looks sketch*

You have a point there. Those attractive lesbians made her hormones come alive!! She be eavesdropping, hoping to hear some sexy stuff and.......

lucky she's Yoona otherwise she gon have a living daylight slapped outta her!! --HAHAHAHHA I LAUGHED SO HARD AT THIS. You sound like a parent.

Aren't the Kwons perfect. Ugh, I'm writing dat wishful thinking. Don't we gay ladies wish~~

*takes all the pictures of your pose* WERRRRRKKKKKKK

Ha. These love:murder questions. *shrug*

AND THEN YOU ASK FOR YULTI SMUT. I mean, if you didn't, I wouldn't believe this is you.

₩ Love,
Jessica's Mistress
yuukistar22yuukistar22 on May 8th, 2015 10:52 pm (UTC)
checkinyourbracheckinyourbra on May 14th, 2015 02:03 am (UTC)

mrlazyputajordanstory on May 8th, 2015 11:21 pm (UTC)
sup! been M.I.A cuz life but i've been reading!

ok recap on last few chaps that got to me:

i loved that spitfire/ping-pong convo between jeti ugh jeti chemistry is on FIRE even when they're not on good terms. i'm actually...pleased that jinnie and tae are positive competitors, though i can't help but feel a lil hesitant? idk im a terrible grudge holder person. and fml, tae is so gone for jess ;~; THEY'RE GONE FOR EACH OTHER i love that they fell in love with each other around the same time. how fucking adorable. also, i love L6's initial reaction when they found out about a world tour (and it's a legit world tour!! not an asian-only world tour!!). shots for all! early in the morning! the best way imo!

yuri hospitalized freaked me out and i thought that her being hospitalized would actually bring tiffany to erase the pics but NOPE i do not sympathize her at all, after what jess has done for her in this chapter. fuck that. omg i feel like the moment it's going to bite tiff in the ass is going to be probably my fave part next to taengsic reuniting. idec. bitch is insane af. along with this chap, i love yoona. she's something else, eccentric, hyper young woman. sexually frustrated maybe? lmfao yoonhyun are so adorable cute lil maknaes. i'm very pleased jess is stepping up to be a leader tho i don't want her to doubt herself. i loved her more this chap. ugh this all goes back to tiffany honestly...i want to kno how yuri will find out and how she'll react. will she ever find out? will sunny find out too? omg jfas;ldkfaj; call me an evil bitch I JUST CAN'T WAIT FOR IT TO CRUMBLE. bahaha it's gonna be messy as fuck.

ilast part of the ep got me raising my brows bc "love:murder" seems like a rly good song for skandl, and jessica's asking sunny to teach her...is sunny willing to teach her just like that? esp when sunny's very hesitant towards jessica. i feel like at one point ik jess' intent for wanting to know "love:murder" but at the same time i don't. you always leave me like this and i'm glad. keep me on my toes. tbh ur updates are one of the things that makes me look forward to each week. i didn't want to read this chap so soon but i couldn't resist!

funny you mentioned fluttering feelings. i just made an edit for it a few days ago. http://mrlazyputa.tumblr.com/post/118280373708/feelings-are-like-that-if-you-simply-lie-down now, i don't make all my edits the same style, but i got the idea when i finished the first two chaps (i'm trash i literally make everything a taengsic au its RIDICULOUS) and it just clicked when no-rae got a bobcut i was like...i have to do this. i need to do it.

and jw, will this be as long as "who gets the girl"? i haven't read the fic, tho i saw the abridged vers with the picture maps (got me lol-ing).
checkinyourbracheckinyourbra on May 8th, 2015 11:34 pm (UTC)
I'll be back to to address the rest of your lovely comment but....OMG.

You may not believe this, but seeing your edit pushed me to read Fluttering Feelings. :000 I was always curious, but wanted to wait it out so I wouldn't be tortured (I didn't wait; I'm tortured for the next installment). Then, someone posted THIS EDIT on a forum and I asked for a link. :OO

DESTINY. Like a fanfic. hahaha ♥♥♥

[Length of fic spoilerrrr]
When it comes to fic length....the chapters for Skandl! are muuuuuuch longer in general than WGTG. So, it's already more words (Skandl! is easily 110k+). As for number of chapters, not as many as WGTG.

I'll be back~

Edited at 2015-05-08 11:36 pm (UTC)
(no subject) - jordanstory on May 11th, 2015 10:36 pm (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - checkinyourbra on May 14th, 2015 03:31 am (UTC) (Expand)
razor_funkyduderazor_funkydude on May 9th, 2015 01:05 am (UTC)
trust issue... so hard... looks like Jessica is throwing caution in the wind by giving trust to Tiffany.

glad that Yuri has recovered and lol at her Mom fangirling. so cute! :)

Jessica is so stressed with all that is happening and I do hope things would be ok soon for them.

A dolphin tattoo? 0_0

Thanks for the update!!! ^_^
checkinyourbra: jessica03checkinyourbra on May 14th, 2015 03:00 am (UTC)
Who can we trust??? WHO CAN WE TRUST???

Trusting in Tiffany is truly risky business. Let's hope she's making the right choices..

Hehehe isn't Yul's family adorable?? Writing that part made me at ease between the JeTi tension.

Awwwwww. I hope Jessica's less stressed, too. Can't be good for her health. :((

YEP. A cartoon dolphin. I see it in my head SO clearly, too! hahaha

Thanks for commenting, bb. ♥
sarasmile321sarasmile321 on May 9th, 2015 03:08 am (UTC)
Omg I think I am right there with Jessica because Fany started driving me crazy a couple paragraphs in lol

“Are you two fucking?”
“Yoona!” LMAO!! That would be too funny

Omg Yoona is killing me in this chapter haha!

“Putting on a bra or something.”
“That won’t be necessary,” bahahaha!!

I find Yuris brother really funny actually lol
Oh and her mom is just awesome! I love that she is their biggest fan XD

Omfg I totally thought Sica and Tiff were gonna freaking die! Well I knew you wouldn't kill them off cause that would suck balls.. The whole time I was reading that though I was wondering if they would get in an accident but then you just had Yuri's accident so I didn't know if you would have another one so soon haha

Okay Tiff what if you start freaking PMS'ing and then decide to send those photos out? Hmm I think somehow the photos will get out whether it's Tiffany that releases them or someone else.

Oh man I totally missed Tae in this chapter but I loved the Sica and Sunny moments, I was wondering if secrets would be spilled or not lol
checkinyourbra: tiffany02checkinyourbra on May 14th, 2015 03:09 am (UTC)
Daanggg a couple paragraphs in!! Hahahaha oh gawd. Highly effective!

And then, I drop gloriously precocious Im Yoona into your frustrated lap. See? She'll make everything better. So will the Kwon family. :DD They're pretty flawless.

HA. I can't imagine making that bra comment to a girlfriend's brother. Bb and her non-filtered talk.

OMGGG bb. If I killed off Skandl's Jessica and Tiffany characters, I wouldn't live to apologize. But, I'm glad I made you a bit anxious. Hehe. And you're right--I wouldn't do two car-related accidents in a row....OR WOULD I??? *adds a car accident to the next chapter*

Okay Tiff what if you start freaking PMS'ing and then decide to send those photos out?---HAHAHHA Can you imagine bb Fany having cramps, dragging herself out of bed, and sending the photos out of pure spite? Jk. That's just silly~

Another person to miss Taeyeon. :00 She'll be back! SunSica...no secrets, only shade.

Thank youuuuuuuu for reading. Your feels are very entertaining, I must say. :DD
I la- la- la- love youregreted on May 9th, 2015 04:53 am (UTC)
1 yoona is PERFECT. 2 tipp's obnoxious 3 jess' inner amazon is starting to surface And 4.... please give me some REAL yoonsic.... I swear this is too much of a tease.
checkinyourbra: yoona01checkinyourbra on May 14th, 2015 03:13 am (UTC)
1. #TRUTH 2. hahahahahhaahaaa 3. She's a budding WARRIOR. 4. You liiiike the teasing. Who knows what I'll write after I recover from this fic?? 5. ♥♥ youuuu
(Anonymous) on May 10th, 2015 08:49 am (UTC)
I loveee Yuri's cynical remarks about being a glorified stripper..... Such a good deducment about the whole know industry haha
checkinyourbra: yuri02checkinyourbra on May 14th, 2015 03:33 am (UTC)
Ahhhh, you like that cynicism, eh? Thanks for catching it. It reveals a bit about Yul's character.

And you agree with her! Welp. xDD
(Anonymous) on May 11th, 2015 01:12 am (UTC)
YAAAS (19)!!!
I died. All there is to say.

Lol but really, though. You know I love the Yulti. Seeing Tiff officially meet the parents AND get Mom and Dad's approval and LOVE -- isn’t that every girl’s fantasy? Just to be accepted by the family of someone you love (especially when they're family is like their rock)? Or maybe that’s just me. But damn, so happy Tiff got this moment.

Uh-oh, trouble in paradise. Yul’s sick of the biz, but Tiff is still deep in it. I’m sensing this is gonna cause a lot of tension later on -- especially if YulStallion buys that house and wants Tiffany to share it with her. GD key sharing again. That’s one of the small things I freaking adore when relationships go well and then it my heart breaks when it ends (EG: F*cking Jinnie had to give back her key after the fallout with the Sixers -- Damn, did I just accidentally stumble across foreshadowing for Yulti? Whyyyyyyyyyyyy???)

Another point: I love that Jess is the new rookie who got thrust into this crazy mess. She’s handled it well and it seems like she’s one of the main influences that makes everyone around her change (hopefully for the better?). I mean she went to Yul’s house as emotional support for Tiff and gives her alone time with her recently hospitalized Yulstallion despite the fact that Tiff is still insecure and controlling AF and has that blackmail photo of Taengsic. Jess helps settle the Yoonhyun argument. She's in the process of handling the F*cking Jinnie mess. AAAAAAND she’s helping Moody Bear grow and trust. What a BAMF. You go Jessica Jung. Four for you, Jessica Jung. (This might change with whatever plot twist/reveal comes up next, but for right now -- she’s supergirl).

OMG that almost car crash! I’m just like “lawd, don’t let this be a repeat of Yul (and Grey’s)” My fangirl heart can’t take multiple hospitalizations back-to-back.

Is there some Yoona/Sunny brewing here? Is Yoong going to switch teams? I approve!! Make it happen, Bra ;P! Also, loved this line in the scene: “Does my shirt read ‘waitress’ to you?” Lol! And Sunny on the prowl. So fun to read.

Thank you for the update. Really looking forward to the next, especially to find out what Jess uses “Love:Murder” for.
checkinyourbra: yoonsic01checkinyourbra on May 14th, 2015 03:53 am (UTC)
Re: YAAAS (19)!!!
Don't dieeee. I need youuuuuuu.

YESSS IT'S EVERY GIRL'S FANTASY. That's why I wrote it in this fic. BECAUSE IT'S SO. FAR. AWAY. *sobs in corner* And in true YulTi lovin' form, you're happy for Tiffany's moment. :') B'awww.

Trouble in paradise is right. And we're not even talkin' betrayal. YulTi are viewing the industry through different lens and...will it affect anything? Hm. KEY SHARING RETURNS. You came to your conclusion with so many feels (bringing up the plague that is Bae Jinnie!!!) that I have nothing to contribute hahahaha. Just.....keep reading?? LOL.

It's good that Jessica's a rookie, eh? She's not so deep in the murky muck of her environment that she can think a little clearer. And she's stoking change! Our widdle Jess!! *hugssss* OH DAMN. When I see her accomplishments in a list, I'm like :OOOO. ((I love that you still call Yuri Yulstallion hehehe)) Makes me stand back and wonder what Taeyeon's doing. People have been askin' about her...FOUR FOR YOU, JESSICA JUNG. (Oh. You think I'm hiding more beneath my sleeve? hehe)

“lawd, don’t let this be a repeat of Yul (and Grey’s)” ---hahahhahaa I won't put y'all through that again....I don't think.

Oh, so you go against Jessica's wishes by supporting YoonSun!??! bahahah We'll see what this Bra can do for ya, babes.

Thank youuuuuuuu for reading and sharing your thoughts. Can't wait to see what you have to say next. :DD
sataengsminionsataengsminion on May 14th, 2015 04:11 am (UTC)
I see all the GAAAYY in Yoona. Pls hook her up with BB Jung.

Speaking of which, when will bb jung make her official apperance? I need more of Soojung in my life.


On a nore serious note (not really), I'm curious as to why Jessica wants love:murder. What's she cooking up now. I have theories.

My theories are always shit. :/

Yaaaaaaassss I commented in time. (: sorry it took so long bb.

Why can't I use that butt guy from skype on here tho. >:((

checkinyourbra: yoonsic01checkinyourbra on May 14th, 2015 04:34 am (UTC)
Re: YOONG BB PLS ;___;
MINION BB. OmGGG. I have a ~soothing collagen face mask on rn and your comment had me CRACKING UP. Now I gotta reshape it....>.> The directions (in Korean, but evs) tell me to lie down while I have it on, but #aintnobodygottimefordat

LOL everyone loves bb Jung so much. Bb girl's not even a big character but...HER AURA.

YOONSIC?!??! WHERE????? IDEK WHAT YOU'RE GOIN ON ABOUT. Of course you like it.

Ahhh, your curiosity has been piqued for something other than puzzling. Ah, interesting.

My theories are always shit. :/ --Cackles again; squishes mask.

Awwwww it's all good, bb. You gave room for someone else to get #topspot. hahaha AND I got see your lulzy feedback. Brill.

....I can picture than emoji now.......;((((((
Re: YOONG BB PLS ;___; - sataengsminion on May 14th, 2015 05:35 am (UTC) (Expand)
Re: YOONG BB PLS ;___; - checkinyourbra on May 20th, 2015 06:23 am (UTC) (Expand)
jzmasterofalljzmasterofall on May 16th, 2015 02:44 am (UTC)
!!! I'm getting whiplash from flailing my limbs so much
I look at all these comments that are rooting for Yoona/another ghei smokin' lady, and while I would also enjoy those pairings, I'm kind of maybe hardcore rooting for Yoona/Seohyun (cough cough, the OTP feelz will NOT BE CONTAINED). But for reals, Yoona and Seohyun. Such presh, such cute, this is so something they would fight about in this manner, even in real life. Also YAS YAS YOUR OT3 IS ALSO YOONSICSEO YASSSS I AM NOT ALONEEEEEEEE

Can I just say that this chapter is just giving me Yoona feels all over the place? That bike gif, me still recovering Yoona's hilarious dubbed voice in her Chinese TV drama debut, I'm just such Yoona trash rn

Yulti is so in loveeee. Taengsic is so in loveeeeee. Yoona is so in kinky stuffffff. (I'm with you Sunny, girl is deadly in anything, clothes or not...)

Something that stood out to me here is just Jessica's... protectiveness? You really made her loyalty/bond (I see that shade at fan's obsessions with a group's bond... <_<) or whatever it is she feels toward the people that she considers important in her life shine through. In essence I am still floundering in feels so this comment literally makes no sense. Oh wells, there's no rest for the gayyyyy (whether in reading girlxgirl fanfic or smexy smexy parents-are-in-the-house makeouts).
checkinyourbra: yoona02checkinyourbra on May 20th, 2015 06:30 am (UTC)
Re: !!! I'm getting whiplash from flailing my limbs so much
BB HI. I hope you got something for that whiplash. xDDD

YES to popping up for the Yoona-fied chapter!!!! :DDDD One of my faves to write!! She's so refreshing and silly; I let my id go crazy with her. xDD

And it's stirring up OTP feels??? Bless. I mean, won't reveal any more than that, but I'm all for getting the feels out and btw....I'm so happy you dropped byyyyy!! I had no idea you read this. :3333


Hehehehehhe her Chinese dub. <3333 Yoongie's everywhere slayin' our hearts. Yoona trash is pretty much gold. So, you're golden~

Yulti is so in loveeee. Taengsic is so in loveeeeee. Yoona is so in kinky stuffffff.--Well, dayum. You just summarized the story. :PPP Hahahah but really.......Yoona's deadly in general. You ain't lyin'.

(I see that shade at fan's obsessions with a group's bond... ) -- >.>;; W-was that shade? I'll say I'm being tongue-and-cheek there. heh.

But, yes. Glad you picked up on Jessica's protectiveness. She's finally out of her shy shell, ready to stand up for anyone she cares for..FLOUNDER AWAY, BB. :DDDD


Thank youuuuuu for commenting, love~

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