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20 May 2013 @ 10:46 pm
Who Gets the Girl? [03]  

Title: Who Gets the Girl? [Chapter 03]

Pairing(s): Yoonyul

Players: Yuri, Hyoyeon, Seohyun, and Yoona

Rating: PG-13, for now.

Genre: AU, Rom-Com drama llama

Warning(s): Things may get sexy in future chapters.

Disclaimer: I don't own Soshi. I don't own anyone, in fact. All Fiction.

Chap. Summary: Meanwhile on the other side of town, Yuri fails to get her sh*t together.

Author's Notes: Thanks so much for the feedback, beautiful people! Don't let the sudden change of scenery throw you off. Things will come together.

03- Yuri

Even when the apartment was immaculately spotless, Kwon Yuri had a hard time finding anything. This time, she misplaced her sketchbook. She contemplated the simple act of dropping the dough for an iPad, but she felt guilty enough using so much of her parents’ and girlfriend’s money to go back to school for her master’s degree in graphic design. She never thought of herself as more than an average student, but this program seemed like the best boost to help her stand out in such a competitive field.

“Babe!” she called out habitually, instantly remembering that her girlfriend left to go grocery shopping an hour ago.

I doodled the coolest little logo in that book. It has to be somewhere.

She emptied her messenger bag onto their bed and rifled through papers, receipts, candy wrappers...

“Why do I have so much junk?” she whispered to herself, dragging her hand through her hair. A nervous gesture.

The professor already thinks I’m a flake. I can’t walk into class with no sketchbook.

She chuckled, recalling her previous drawing session.

It was the night before, after her girlfriend reprimanded her for neglecting to fold the clothes left untouched in the hamper next to the bed. Yuri grinned at the recollection. She had snatched the book out of her hands and threatened to clobber her with it if she didn’t get some household chores done.

So, it has to be with her stuff. In two brisk steps, Yuri ended up in the tidier side of the bedroom.

“Riiiight...here!” She pulled the top drawer of her lady’s desk.

Her eyes bulged. There her sketchbook lay, in all its leather-bound glory. However, it was placed in a trap. A trap consisting of insanely happy, beautiful women clad in pristine silks and pearls. Several glossy stacks of bridal magazines. Her newfound book became an afterthought as she thumbed through the selection.

When the hell did she collect all of these?!

These less-than-subtle gestures had become a regular thing. From asking hypothetical “How would I look in a white dress?” questions to her eagerness to check out jewelry stores. She even managed to sneak in engagement comments while in social group settings. Their friends thought it was funny, but it freaked Yuri out.

Committing to one person for the rest of her life. Scary. Granted, they’d been living together for two years. We're practically married, so why actually tie the knot? It’s not like it changes anything.

She slammed the drawer shut and stood straight up. She rubbed at her gooseprickled arms and violently combed her fingers through her hair. Is she going to be this way until I cave?

Yuri dropped her arms to her sides, defeated.

“Oh, Yoona,” she sighed, scooping the junk back into her messenger back.

Yuri couldn’t deny her feelings for Yoona. Tall, slim body, clever personality, movie star looks... All the things she could ask for and more. Yet, there she stood, raking those fingers through long raven hair, trying to remember why she checked Yoona’s desk in the first place. She whipped out the phone from her back pocket and speed dialed her best friend, Hyoyeon. Her bestie had no expertise in serious relationships, though having a comforting word or at least a distraction would suffice.

She drummed her fingers against her thigh as the ringing went on, eventually reaching her voice mail. She attempted the call twice more to the same result.

Of all the times for her to be unavailable. Conversely, Hyoyeon had a habit of putting in her opinion at the most inopportune times.

Yuri jammed the phone back into its original spot and snatched her bag off the bed. Grumpily, she made her way out the door. Maybe receiving a condescending critique from the professor will take my mind off lifelong relationships.

The subway exit led her directly to the front of the school. For once, she'd be on time for class. That caused her mood to pick up. As her high tops lightly tapped up the marble steps to the entrance, she felt her butt vibrate.

If I quickly rant about this wedding biz, I’ll still arrive to class on time.

“Hyoyeon, where were you?!” No time for pleasantries.

“Hey gurl. I was busy.” Hyoyeon sounded either exhausted or high.

“Doing what?”

“Doing whom, you mean.” A giggle in the background.

“Hyo! Are you in the middle of something...?”

Hyoyeon’s distinctive blurt of a laugh echoed through the receiver. “I was kidding. I had a little too much at an event last night. Just woke up.”

“So, you’re alone.”

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

“I thought I heard...” Yuri shook her head. “Nevermind. Hyo, Yoona wants to get married. To me.”

“Duh. She mentions it every chance she gets.”

“Yeah, but...she can’t be serious. We’ve been together for--”

“Four years,” Hyoyeon finished.

“It’s been that long? Geez.”

“Tell me about it. She sucks the life right out of ya.” Hyoyeon and Yoona never hit it off, unfortunately. Whenever a social gathering forced them to speak to one another, the outing turned into the passive-aggressive Olympics.

“That’s not fair. She’s a great girlfriend.”

“Then, what’s keeping you from taking the next step?”

She thumped her heel on the edge of the top step. “I...don’t know.”

“I do.”

Yuri grumbled aloud. She knew where this was going. “Not this again.”

“You’ve been dating Yoona since you came out. She’s your first girlfriend.”

“Uh huh.”

Her voice turned serious. “Listen. It’s not healthy to settle down with your first girlfriend.”

“I’m sure this is scientifically proven.”

“It should be!”

“I love Yoona. Really. It’s the title and eternity thing that freaks me out. Forever is a long time.”

“If she’s more serious about it than you, I say break it off.”

Her heart jumped at even the prospect of that. “You know I can’t do that.”

“You can do whatever you want. It’s not like you’re married or anything.”

That pulled a little twitch from the corner of Yuri’s lips. Hyoyeon managed to bad-mouth her girlfriend while still getting a smile out of her. Such a bittersweet result. However, the “Hyoyeon Way” usually worked like that.

“Are you out?”

Yuri switched phone hands. “Yep. I’m at school.”

“On a Saturday!?”

“Make-up class. In fact, it starts in--”

She pulled the phone away to glance at the screen. DAMNIT, I’m late. Where did the time go?! She bolted, phone still attached to her ear.

“I’m laaaate,” the dark-haired woman whined, clutching the bouncing bag to her side as she ran down the long hallway.

“What else is new?” Hyoyeon replied matter-of-factly.

Yuri stopped short of the windowed door and peered inside. Damn, the prof is already addressing the class. Now I’ll look even more obvious when I walk in. “What do I do?”

“You’re 25 years old, Kwon Yuri. The professor can’t yell at you like a child. Just waltz on in and take a seat. Don’t make it look like a big deal. You’re always late, anyway. This should be expected by now.”

Yuri nodded, eyes still on the glass. “Cool. Talk to you later.”

She exhaled a nervous breath.

You’re a grown, independent woman. This isn’t grade school. You can’t be afraid of your teachers any more. She turned the knob and it stopped short.

“Wha--” She applied more pressure to the turn.

Locked. What a dick!

A gaunt older gentlemen in a gray button-down let her in.“Glad you could join us, Ms. Kwon.” Prof. Park stated evenly, cold stare and all.

All her grown, independent attitude left completely. She bowed profusely. “Sorry, I would have been on time. But my--”

“Yes, I saw you on the phone before class started. Please take a seat.”

Yuri, in apologetic mode, bowed again and set her eyes downcast as she slithered into the first empty seat in her path. She breathed easier when he continued his lecture. Professor Park fancied this as a “traditional design” class. No computers. That way, she couldn't hide behind a monitor. The desks were arranged in rows; very grade school-like. No wonder she turned into a kid when she walked in.

She kept her eyes forward attentively until the professor requested to see their sketches from the night before.

“At least I got this one right,” Yuri mumbled as she unlatched her bag, groping through the mess of papers. It started as a mild sifting until she realized that her bag had been really light the whole time. She did find her sketchbook, but...No, never. I’m not dumb enough to physically hold my book only to leave it home.

Her search became more frantic as she unzipped every compartment of her bag. An unfruitful search. Exasperated, she darted her eyes around, observing everyone else chatting and sharing their progress. Prof. Park wasn’t wasting any time as he made a way through the aisles. Maybe if I just grabbed a paper and...I don’t have enough time to recreate a whole night’s worth of work. And my awesome logo...that she miraculously could no longer remember.

“Left it at home?”

Yuri nearly jumped out of her skin. She quickly turned to see a classmate leaning forward from the desk to her right.

“Yeah,” Yuri sighed, refastening her bag.

“Bad day?”

“So far, so bad.” She chuckled sardonically.

“If it makes you feel any better, he’s not checking for content. He just wants to see if you did it.”

What’s this girl’s name again? Starts with a J. Or maybe an S. One of the younger students. “That helps a little, but I don’t even have a--”

The girl quickly slipped an open sketchbook onto her desk right as Prof. made his next round.

She froze in her seat. He stopped mid-stride to crane his neck over her shoulder. She listened to her heart beat into her ears while the man eyeballed the page. Finally, he continued his perusing elsewhere.

“Looking good, Ms. Kwon. Much neater than your normal preliminary work,” he called over his shoulder as he kept moving. He couldn’t tell this wasn’t mine? This guy’s a joke.

“Th-thank you, sir.”

She waited for him to skim pages of a few more students before returning to the girl. “I really should thank you, uh...”


Yuri nodded. “Right! Of course. It’s you, Sooyeon.”

“No, Seohyun.”

Yuri felt her face get hot and she continued her nod slowly. “Did I not say that?”

“I think I know my name.” Seohyun wore a straight face, but the trace of humor and her voice gave Yuri a reason to stop simmering in embarrassment.

“I’m Yuri.”

“I know who you are, Kwon Yuri. We had a course together last semester.”

Oh geez. “You’re lying.”

Seohyun shook her head, brushing brown bangs from her eyes.

“S-sorry. Today’s been so...” She glanced down, trying to find words. Her eyes locked on the sketchbook. “Wow. These are way better than anything I drew last night.”

Seohyun replied with a faint smile. Because she knows it’s true.

Yuri flipped to the next page, noting the consistent quality. “I should use your homework more often.”

“Don’t say that. Drafting’s my forte, but your typography excels in character.”

Her page-turning hand stopped abruptly. So, this woman even remembers my work and I couldn’t even get her name correct eight seconds after she said it? “No kidding?”

“That’d be rude if I was.” A smile.

What a sweet smile. And great teeth. I should say something nice about her design skills to make up for looking so stupid. “Seohyun?”

Seohyun, who was already back to sketching, blinked wide-eyed at her. “Yes?”

“I’m so grateful for you helping me out. You have great teeth.”

What the hell? “I mean skills. You have great skills. Not that I don’t like your teeth. Your teeth are cool, too.”

The girl at the end of the compliment jumble looked completely amused. “Thank you. If you want, you can use that sketchbook today. It’s only half full.”

“Will do.”

Yuri took out a pencil, still red in the face. Shutting up served as her best course of action.

Next Chapter: Hyoyeon!

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Dee: sica-stachedree_kazza on May 21st, 2013 06:10 am (UTC)
what a way to introduce the ever so panicky Kwon Yuri XD
and the laid-back Kim Hyoyeon, she's so amusing >.<
and fudge, I thought Yuri used to be some kind of player and that's why she's afraid of marriage, but the truth is she's only got one girlfriend so far. And 4 years. Wow. No wonder Yoona is desperate :P

ah, is it SeoRi drama that I can sense in the air? Because Seo seems like a stalker to me ;3
checkinyourbra: seohyun02checkinyourbra on May 21st, 2013 06:41 am (UTC)
Hyoyeon's character is really fun. She's the chill balance for Yuri's flakiness.

Can you imagine someone that looks like Yuri having only a single girlfriend? Yoona's holding on hard. haha

Do you sense a disturbance in the air? Hmmm.

Yoon Hyunmsgrimreaper16 on May 21st, 2013 07:29 am (UTC)
hah dude this is awesome. Like, I don't know the pairings! TaengSic? JeTi? or TaeNy???
But then, there's YoonYul. A hint of SeoRi? or is YoonHyun going to magically happen? Well, anythings possible.
Are the two split settings going to collide? it's okay, you don't have to answer my question. I'm just venting SIGH.
Oh YoonHyo don't get along? I like their distinct personalities. Really jumps out at ya.
Lol frazzled Yuri is hilarious.
checkinyourbracheckinyourbra on May 21st, 2013 12:25 pm (UTC)
Hehehe I like keeping the developing couples a surprise. The story wouldn't "work" if I didn't imo.

VENT AWAY, BB. I like your questions.

Some personalities are definitely more fun to write than others.

evilsirenessevilsireness on May 21st, 2013 09:50 am (UTC)
lurker! lol maybe it's you who recommended your fic haha..
anyway, Yuri is such a clutz XD.. I'm soo looking forward to see how seori friendship develops and on the same time yoonyul relationship progress.

gahh this fic is so good, I mean seriously..
checkinyourbra: yuri01checkinyourbra on May 21st, 2013 12:21 pm (UTC)
Haha nope! Wasn't me~~ I really appreciate the presh anon who recommended the fic, though. I was touched. :') I contemplated becoming a reg, but idk.

Clutz!Yuri is all over the place. We'll see how it goesss.

Thanks sooo much for keeping up!!
razor_funkyduderazor_funkydude on May 21st, 2013 11:35 pm (UTC)
oh... I'm liking your fic... :) very refreshing!!!!

looking forward to your next update!
checkinyourbracheckinyourbra on May 22nd, 2013 03:18 am (UTC)
Yay! Glad to hear you enjoy it!! :3

See ya at the next update. ^^
dashelots: jessicadashelots on May 23rd, 2013 11:52 pm (UTC)
ah, I only just saw this!

I really like that the two 'groups' seem to be entirely disconnected from each other, and it'll be interesting to see if you have them meet at some point over the course of the fic.

I usually find Yuri kind of hard to read in fics but the way you've characterized her feels so real. i really enjoyed it!

Oh and, the "you have really nice teeth" was brilliant.

looking forward to more! :D
checkinyourbra: yuri01checkinyourbra on May 24th, 2013 01:12 am (UTC)
It's youuuu!!! :) Hii!

Glad you liked reading about the "other half" of the story. I was afraid that it'd turn people off. I put heart into this story! Haha

Flake!Yuri is a fun writing excercise. I want my characters to be relatable and amusing, ultimately.

Thanks for commenting, bb. ^^
8moons2stars8moons2stars on June 16th, 2017 01:48 pm (UTC)
Oh my gosh...Seohyun/Yuri? Yu...hyun? Seori? I've never even thought of pairing them up HAHAHAHAHA. But it's honestly cute...? Damn, I can't wait to see if they WILL end up together. :D
checkinyourbra: yuri01checkinyourbra on June 17th, 2017 05:36 am (UTC)
Ha! Just giving something y'all didn't know you wanted.......or not. Keep readingggggg cus it gets crazier. :33