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27 November 2015 @ 12:02 am
Greener Grass [01]  

Title: Greener Grass [Part One]

Pairing(s): YoonSic

Rating/Genre: PG-13 + Language; AU Healing Romance

Warning(s): Some death talk, but nothing crazy. Don’t let that deter you~

Disclaimer: I don't own Soshi. I don't own anyone, in fact. All Fiction.

Author's Notes: HELLO, BI+CHES. I’M BACK. Y’all still read fanfiction, right? Thought I’d return to my roots and put out a YoonSic fic. It’s a short ongoing, so please stick around. ;D As expected, there will be a novel-length A/N at the end. Be sure to tell me what you think!!

Part One:


Im Yoona believed in no miracles.

Nor rebirth.

Until the bullet hit her.

Blood seeped, stained, spread crimson through her hoodie like cherries. Her mother’s cherry syrup, to be more specific. Yoona drowned her waffles in that gunk when she lived with her parents. It rapidly lost its appeal.

Her brow beaded. Gnawing pain battered her lungs.

As calloused, once-reliable hands pressed to the wound with a men's t-shirt, hope dwindled. Yoona’s eyes slipped closed. She heard crying.

Sirens, burnt rubber.

Gruff directives.


Yoona came to in a weak jolt. Unsure when to let life’s thread snap, when to publish the final draft of her twenty-eight-year existence. Her focus drifted skyward. Where eyes she inexplicably trusted greeted hers. Eyes of an angel--a mythical being realized.

Her logic lost its fight.

As did her body.

The angel stroked her jaw, softer than a first kiss. And Yoona died.


Then, Yoona lived.

Frightened as a babe evicted from the womb, Im Yoona groped at her clothed form in primal urgency. Blindly, fervently.

Knees, nose, breasts, teeth. She felt whole again. Warm.

She felt present.


Out her parched mouth, the single word tumbled dully, loaded. Into air teeming with activity. Yoona's eyelids protested, suspended in a state of panic and physical restriction.


From a limbo cloaked in blackness--not her typical interpretation of the deep, endless neutral. Minuscule particles of red, blue, green merged in a rhythm, creating a kinetic, fuzzy environment. Akin to an analog television screen.

And the type.

Above loomed yellow, blocky text reminiscent of old video games Chanhwi locked in storage. Type, reading: 'GAME OVER'. Underneath it, 'New', 'Quit', and 'Retry' hovered; a white arrow blinked to their left.

Yoona self-described as a pantser. She’d spent her life reacting, fleeing rather than fight. Usually to the dismay of her family. But, in this separate realm, she floated for what could've been minutes or weeks or centuries. Dwelling, meditating. Was this limbo, dream, coma, netherworld real?

Say she remained in the weightless Void for eternity, screaming choice after choice with no results. Stripped of agency, taunted until the east met the west. Until she woke up to a hospital’s sterile walls. Or heaven, paradise, purgatory, hell, nothing--



That voice slowed her fluttering pulse. Mutely, she willed the candy-toned speaker to say more.

“Why are you crying?”

In a crossfade, Yoona's sight was fully recovered. Her jeans, the burnished surface of a bench--in startlingly high definition. Fingers tinier than her own dabbed her cheek.

Concerned eyes stared at Yoona. They were on the wide side, umbrellaed by softly curved skin and long lashes.

A child.

“Wheh--” Yoona's throat had been reduced to sawdust. “Where's...”

She trailed off, recognizing neon-headered storefronts, escalators, sale signs in glass, deliberately placed plants, aimless consumers toting their plastic-wrapped spoils. Telltale qualities of a mall.

No stretchers, spilled tissue, veering vehicles. No Chanhwi...

Was this the 'New' her vision had in mind?

“Yoomie, my tummy's rumbling,” the girl no older than five whined, tapping her Baby-G watch like a pint-sized adult. “Mummy won't be pleased.”

Mummy? Yoona planted both heels onto speckled tile. Glossy, leather-lined loafers dressed her feet. Such pricey footwear exceeded Yoona’s previous budget. They suited her, oddly enough. In a chaebol’s mistress sort of way.

She wasn't a completely different human--same long brunette hair, voice still a tad lower than her father preferred. And this kid (sister? cousin? friend?) expected someone to pacify her hunger.

Bewildered and curious alike, Yoona chose to play along.

As her mind drifted to her own upbringing, the girl tucked a plastic bag handle into Yoona's dangling hand and grinned teeny white teeth. “Carry it for me, please?”

Was Yoona reborn as a nanny? “Your arms work, kid.”

In true diva realness, said kid raised offended fingers to the air. Probably mimicking ‘Mummy’. “We were good all day. Just like you asked!”

“Who the hell--”

An appalled gasp cut her off. Little Diva palmed her mouth as if Yoona committed mass murder, eyes threatening to disengage from their sockets. “You swore!”

“I did not!” Yoona argued, reddening. “'Hell' isn't--”

She gasped a second time. Loud enough to turn a security guard’s head. “You swore again! Mummy says 'no cursing'.”

“Oh yeah?”


Where was this absent ‘Mummy’? Abandoning a princess in her affluently-crested sweater vest, fuzzy blue leggings, and Mary Janes--shoes Yoona herself rocked in elementary school.

A nudge at Yoona's knee resolved her delayed (“We?”) question. Another girl, smaller in Pucca-studded pigtails, propped a sporting goods bag onto her head. “Than' you, Yoomie.”

“Nope.” Yoona strode forward before two kiddies became twenty. “'Yoomie' or whoever isn't your bellhop.”

“Um, Yoomie?”

She staggered, regarding both unmoving children. “What?”

Little Diva pointed in the opposite direction. “Food court's that way.”

Embarrassing. Though, as Yoona regained her land legs, welcoming the creak of solid bones adjusting to gravity and the reassuring pitter-patter of small feet keeping up, she wished for a life less disappointing than the last.

Crowds, crowds at every turn.


Yoona wasn't ready of a glut of them. Nonetheless, these well-dressed fledglings needed food and an innate, peculiar part of her couldn't refuse.

“Either of you have money?”

The kids giggled, incredulous. “Yoomie's so silly!”

That cloying nickname again. “Okay...where's Daddy?”

Giggles exploded into monkey-hopping laughter. Silly! Silly Yoomie!

Evidently, her confusion delighted them.

“Well, have fun starving,” Yoona grumbled, patting her jean pocket out of habit. To find--a phone case! The folio kind with a textured foldout of wallet sleeves. She thumbed the topmost credit card.

Correct name. A custom Mondrian backdrop. Certainly matched her personality. “Pick whatever you want.”

Her audience eyed the brightly lit choices, clutching their bags. They looked nervous; scared even.

“Mummy says we're not allowed to eat junk,” Little Diva muttered.

The youngest nodded in pouty accordance. “Choles’erol.”

Yoona fell to a knee. Something--gravity, unnamed affection--inclined her to twist at a short pigtail of black hair.

So, she reached. Only for the girl to flinch, crunching corners of her bag within a fierce hug.

Yoona’s heart sank. “Mummy's not here right now, is she?”

“No, Yoomie.”

“Cholesterol won't hurt you. If it tries, I'll jab it right in the gut. Like this.” She pretended to sock the girl's sweater-clad belly, earning a yelp. A cute yelp; it warmed Yoona’s cheeks.

“Punch my cholesterol, too!” the older sibling squealed, unveiling a pale tummy beneath her vest.

“Begone!” Yoona touched balled knuckles to her bellybutton. The girl laughed so hard, neighboring shoppers chuckled over their cartons. She recalled a pleasant childhood memory, hoping it'd be effective on her companions. “Tell me what you wanna get in the next three seconds. Countdown in three...two...one...”

“CHICKEN NUGGETS!” twinned voices rushed at hell-raising volume.

Blushing when the smiling eaters winced, Yoona grabbed a hand in each of hers and led them to a line.


Yoona didn't eat. Instead, she inspected every item in her wallet. More cards for the bank, insurance, and credit than she'd ever owned. 70,000 won in cash. Two withered sticks of gum. Her iPhone, which wouldn't open without the right passcode.

At least it supplied the date--a week after that fateful day. She slammed the case shut, half-listening to a five-year-old’s IMAX-scale imagination go wild.

Through casual interaction, Yoona learned their names. Haeun, the older of the two, had a finely-tuned motormouth. She drenched a fry in enough ketchup for a hundred potatoes, recalling a mermaid’s tail in pristinely crystal diction.

Joonie (as stitched on her sweater) spoke less. She took turns feeding herself and the disturbingly dingy Batman plushie pulled from her Rilakkuma backpack. This one intrigued Yoona. With her play-scraped pants, bushbaby eyes, and bashful nature. Under the table, Joonie’s swinging sneakers flashed electric blue lights.

“Is Batman famished from a night of vigilantism?” Yoona asked, stealing a fry.

Shrugging, Joonie let her full mouth hinge loose.

“Famished means hungry, Joonie!” Haeun bounced in her seat for praise. “Right, Yoomie?”

A natural smile curled Yoona’s lips. “Twenty points for Team Haeun. You're very smart.”

“Thank you!” Her wispy brows creased as she examined the woman head to toe. “Yoomie, your legs are long like a giraffe’s. I want long legs when I'm as old as you.”

Yoona snickered. “Is that so?”

“My friend Mijee said every lady on TV shows leg because it's sexy. I'd be sexy like Yoomie!”

“Oh, god.” Yoona muzzled an encouraging laugh. “What do you think sexy means?”

Face growing pink, Haeun waffled in her explanation. “It's like...when you're famous and, and people give you compliments and money. Everyone just, uh, throws their eyeballs at you.”

“Ha. Fair enough.”

“Mummy's sexy! Yoomie's sexy! I want to be sexy!” Haeun slapped her flat chest. “With boobies!”

“Simmer down,” Yoona touched a pointer to her lips and gave Joonie another try. “Do you want to be sexy, too?”

Joonie waved her toy. “I wanna be Ba’man!”

“So, you're anti-evil?”

“Yeah. I'ma fight crime. An' have a undergroun' cave for my stuff.”


“An' an' an',” she continued, rocking the mall's cheap plastic chair, “I'd fly!”

Haeun scoffed with a sassy finger. “Batman doesn't fly!”

“Mine does!” Joonie cranked to eject the nasty stuffed superhero across the table.

Yoona shut that down quickly. “Where would you fly, Joonie?”


“Go on.”

A stiff pause later, the glow behind her eyes dimmed. “I’d go away.”

“Anywhere specific?” Yoona pressed, rubbing the goosebumps tickling her forearms. Sensing something awry.

“I dunno,” Joonie concluded. “Where I wouldn’ cause trouble. Or make Yoomie mad.”

“Since when...” Respecting the girls' sullen mood shift, Yoona left that in her pocket for later. Then, wondered how she knew they'd have a 'later' together. “Haeun, do you like Batman?”

Haeun’s whipped side-to-side, swishing shiny bangs. “I hate Batman.”

“Why's that?”

“Because,” She dipped two fingers into the ketchup and spread them across her lips. Dimple to deep, adorable dimple. “I am the Joker!”

Awesome kids. No wonder their pictures were on her phone's lock screen.

How long had Yoona been their nanny? Sister or cousin options worked as well--she and Joonie shared a striking resemblance. Inwardly turned knees, expressive eyes. Plagued by the same dark, pointed eyebrows until tweezers changed her life. Something inherent drew her to Joonie.

Not to say she and Haeun lacked a connection. The girl reminded Yoona of herself as a child. Bold, imaginative, eager to impress, noisy. A lover of words.

In the Void, she contemplated the meaning of 'New'. She avoided, ignored, ran away from her problems in a topsy-turvy past. Ditching innocent children would be--

Like an antelope in the savannah, Yoona sprung upwards. Straight-spined, at stark concentration. Eyes piercing a man outside the glass-framed exit. Her stomach plummeted.


“Yoomie?” Haeun's voice sounded far away.

“Watch Joonie,” Yoona hastily instructed, slapping soles across the court's mosaic flooring.

Fuck you, she'd scream.

Fuck you for killing me.

You loved me.

And it wasn’t mutual.

Elbowing the heavy door in her wake, Yoona's rage wrapped steel wool around her tongue, into crevices between her teeth. Choking, all she could muster was a feeble, “You're here.”

The gentleman turned, whistling a cloud of smoke. From cigarettes of a brand Chanhwi bought. Stylishly cropped hair, weathered crinkles at his eyes, the trim body from a routine of tennis and sugarless teas--similar to her old mate. But, not close enough.

“I beg your pardon?” Not-Chanhwi asked in a voice clueless, too scarred by a smoker's life.

“I'm...I thought...” Yoona's hand lowered. Memories wove back in a wave of hot blood, spattered cotton... “Don't mind me.”

He crushed his discarded butt with a heel. “Lost?”


In several ways.

“You're young,” he observed aloud, equally entranced by the reflections bouncing off Yoona's shoes. “It'd be a crime to figure everything out too soon.”

If only this person understood. While suspended by a stretcher, blinking past melted mascara, carted into the ambulance...she accepted it. Death.

“I know nothing about myself.”

He nodded. “Then, learn.”

Returning a polite smile, Yoona watched streams of cars pass, questioning every facet of her sanity. Challenging her perceptions of time, strength, god, humanity, reincarnation until her silent counterpart stubbed out another cigarette.

“You'll be fine?”

Yoona flinched at the hand cupping her shoulder, waking her from a mental storm. Wind chilled her neck; she'd been sweating. Out of manners alone, she didn’t shrug him off. “I don't know.”

“You will.”

Believing a random defined naïve. Foolish as a babe.

Yet, as someone reborn, it made sense. So, Yoona swallowed a tongue free of obstacles and agreed. “Okay.”

Soon after, Yoona's brain caught up with her feelings and the slipped sense of responsibility for supervisor-less children.

She reprimanded herself. This new life could be a trial. Yoona could fail.

Thankfully, the ground didn't disintegrate. Kinetic darkness didn't return. Her half-sprints decreased once she spotted Haeun and Joonie safely sword-fighting with their straws.

Three boys--dressed in identical navy blue uniforms and high socks--raced laps around their table. They shoved, blew moist raspberries, and dipped around Yoona's legs before she claimed a seat. One muttered a "sorry" when he clumsily scuffed her shoe. Yoona nodded him to carry on in the commotion. Because another newcomer was infinitely more interesting.

A woman who she assumed to be 'Mummy' leaned forward in her chair, wiping Haeun's face with a dry tissue. She looked jaded; yet beautiful nonetheless. Thick raven hair clipped into a bun, defined cheekbones, and red lipstick. A couple years Yoona’s senior--couldn’t be more than thirty. Fitted in leggings, boots, and a crisp blazer that didn’t suit her posture.

Yoona's feelers went up. Didn't match her 'Mummy' vision.

"Have an emergency, Yoona?"


"Hm. My therapist called this morning."

Yoona folded her fingers onto her lap. She'd only seen nannies operate on sitcoms; how formal could she speak? "Is that right?"

She bared her teeth, unsmiling. "Had to cancel our next appointment. Wanna know why?"


"He's getting married." Her dark eyes flicked wayward for a humorless snort. "My post-divorce shrink is getting married. How's that irony for you?"

Ah, a divorcée. "That sucks."

"I mean, why am I surprised? He's a handsome, well-rounded man with a strong jaw and no bald spot. Tall, muscular, sensitive, a great listener--did I mention he's handsome?"

"You did."

"I crushed on someone paid to talk to me." She'd scrubbed Haeun's lips raw at this point. The girl winced out of reach, begging for mercy. "Am I pathetic for being sweet on my therapist?"

As if Yoona would tell the truth. "Nope."

"Should I hire a new one?"


"I'm hopeless," she sighed, dangling a chewed piece of gum between her distressed lips.

Very cute. Yoona was just as gay in this lifetime. "You're not hopeless."

"I've been thinking about what you said last week."

Yoona tried on her most sincere eye stretch. "Mind refreshing my memory?"

"About online dating," the mother answered.

"Oh, right, right." Yoona crossed an ankle over her knee and feigned nonchalance. "It's convenient, affordable..."

"For losers."

Giggling, Yoona waved a hand. "Au contraire. It'd be easier to weed out the pedophiles."

"Yuck. I swear, bar lights act as some sort of cloaking device for uglies."

"Post your picture and genetics' darlings will fall into your lap."

"You flatter me, Im."

She and her employer seemed plenty casual. Almost like friends, Yoona reckoned. She'd probably been caring for the quiet table children since diapers.

Those rowdy triplets annoying the entire food court? No. They lacked the magnetism, the instinctual pull that made Yoona smooth fingers through Haeun's inky hair or zip Dingy Batman into Joonie's backpack.

Taking the extra step in her new job, Yoona disposed of their trash and wrestled the youngest into her coat. Joonie jellified into a floppy mass, intent to be difficult. Ergo, not as difficult as another triplet ramming into her side. Fearing a tattletale's sharp ear, Yoona kept her cursing internal.

Gender and age differences aside, those boys and these girls weren't raised by the same people.

Yoona slyly inspected each boy. Scrawny, puckish; boasting heads of dense, shaggy hair. Curved noses. Dead ringers for the lax parent reapplying her lipstick. And their eyebrows--Yoona couldn't help but stare--thick to the point of touching in the middle.

Unibrows. Terrors with literal unibrows.

"Missssss Fany," Haeun hissed, wagging her thin striped scarf. "Have you met my pet snake?"

Ms. Fany? Not 'Mummy'. Yoona's instincts were spot on.

Sure enough, the woman in question clacked her compact shut to shrink away in dramatic appeal. "My god! Aren't you afraid?!"

"No, I'm not scared! Our principal, Ms. Kim, brought a snake into class and everybody screamed except me!"

"Cool," Yoona breathed, proud beyond reason. "I love snakes, too."

The girl's tiny teeth reappeared. "I know that, silly Yoomie! You taught me how to hold a snake!"

Yoona's smile quavered.

She wished could remember.

"Time to round these brats up." Fany laughed, rapping Yoona in the hip. And, in expert precision, she plucked two boys by the ear, painfully cutting their mayhem short. "Where do you get all this energy!? Hm? Not from me and I swear to almighty not from your father!"

"Maaaaaa," they bleated in unison.

"You, you!" She kicked a heel at her third son. "Lead us to the parking lot!"

"Ow! Yeah--ow! Yes, ma'am!" he griped, swiping the air.

All patrons within a hundred feet sighed relief, more than likely. Fany wrangled her hellions into a cohesive line, more in control than one would assume. So, without looking, Yoona held her hands out. And when Haeun and Joonie latched on in quiet, automatic accord, Yoona's smile returned.


Fany, or Tiffany Hwang as read on her beaded keychain, talked a lot. Mostly about her ex-husband who she not-so-affectionately referred to as That Man.

'That Man thinks he's so hot.' 'That Man takes more pictures of his car than his sons.' That Man totally found a floozy to bang.' 'That Man sexually peaked when he was twenty-one.'

Yoona squirmed in the front seat of Fany's remarkably tidy SUV, fretting young ears. Fortunately, the kids were too wrapped up in horseplay, books, and oversized headphones to absorb any adult dialogue.

"That Man, I swear," Tiffany wiggled her fingers over the heated vent. "Did I tell you Thing One lost a tooth at football practice?"

Thing One, Thing Two, Thing Three. Dr. Seuss-inspired nicknames for the Terror Triplets.

Yoona shook her head. As much as she'd love to delve head-first into this cesspool of gossip, she needed to know her place. Tiffany's Things were friends with the mysterious 'Mummy’’s children. So, she had to mind her tongue as the nanny.

Meanwhile, Yoona warded off question upon question. Where did she live? Was her family intact? And where were they? Did Chanhwi exist and would he know her? Why did she get this second chance? How much do nannies even get paid?

"That Man answered, 'It's a baby tooth. No biggie.' Yes, it's a biggie--Thing One looks like a bumpkin! He lost so much blood, too."


Yoona's guts churned. Too much blood. The bullet.

He shot her.

Stinking of beer and disdain, Chanhwi yelled at and her and--


Yoona knew that wasn't a gun. Nor anything dangerous.

She swiftly clapped her hands over her ears, anyways, shivering.

"Now, his kneepads are--hey. You good?"

Fany squeezed her arm. Yoona fought not to recoil as her mind's gears cranked into proper rotation. Reason, ever the savior, identified the sound, the sudden jolt: only a pothole. Tiffany sped over a pothole and it shook the vehicle. No harm, no pain.

Yoona forced on a tight smile. Anything to keep the other woman from noticing the sheen on her neck or the twitch in her limbs. "Yeah. Didn't sleep well last night."

"Ah, life of a busy woman," Tiffany drawled. "I haven't indulged in a full night's rest since the Things visited That Man. Take a power nap when you get home; I live off them."


Where was home?

For Tiffany Hwang's gang, 'home' was in the outskirts of the city. Masterfully-designed townhouses beamed row after colorful row, separated by clean-cut lawns. All adorned with impeccable shrubs or flowerbeds. Varied in each yard; eerily cohesive overall.

The school uniforms and detailing of the SUV should've tipped Yoona off. These people were rich. In a gated community unlike her artsy, bare bones lifestyle with Chanhwi. In a past that...was no longer hers.

"You left your keys in my fruit bowl, by the way," Tiffany called out as she unbuckled Joonie from a yellow car seat. "Not like we actually keep fruit in there."

Haeun and Joonie's family lived next door to Tiffany's. The three-story home's varnished wood panels gleamed in subtle harmony with its concrete sections, interrupted by two huge windows on the upper floors. Bushes of a reddish plants she'd never seen lined the sidewalk and carefully planned stepping stones led her from the driveway. Yoona stalked the neighboring property like a wary predator. Judging, envying.

"Open up, Yoomie," Haeun whimpered, dancing in her Mary Janes. "I have to tinkle!"

She renewed life's contract to be ordered around by children? Children privileged to perfectly combed grass and top-of-the-line scooters propped onto the porch. Friends of unibrowed brats kicking grooves into the dirt with their Italian-brand shoes.

Yoona turned her front pockets inside out for effect. "You heard Miss Fany. No keys."

"Have you downed a flask?" Tiffany laughed low in her throat, flipping through a few envelopes. Probably all checks. "Your spare's in the nine."


"Really, are you drunk?" Tiffany teased, "You should share."

Yoona played along, whirling a finger at her temple. "Vodka for lunch. My memory goes kaput."

"Naughty bit--" Tiffany clamped her mouth. Haeun put every adult on self-censor, apparently. "Naughty female dog. When will we go drinking again? I've been meaning to check out that new bar closeby."

"The keys, Fany?"

"Wobbly nine. On your door."

Yoona glanced at the porch. Assuredly, a bronze number '19' adorned a post as well as the door. "Ah, thanks."

"Given our situations, it's a blessing we're not plastered 24/7."

Snagging her bottom lip with her teeth, Yoona chose against prying. Even if it involved herself.


One could pick the interior straight from the home goods magazines Yoona's mother used to order. Narrow, yet deep. Geometric wall fixtures echoed the paneling outside. Past the living room lay a dining room and a stainless steel kitchen. A dark wooden staircase. Plush furniture she could already feel.

Her joints ached. A wink on the couch wouldn't hurt.

"Read this to me, please," Haeun requested, wagging a book still bearing its price sticker.

Her little fingers were wet and Yoona gawked as she reclined. It took until her teens to wash her hands after every bathroom break. And here this kindergartener stood, squeaky clean as can be. Astounding. 'Mummy' must be a tyrant.

Drowsy, Yoona tried to unfuzz the first page's text. "Where's Joonie?"

"In the rec room."

A recreational room, too? Damn these richies. "Tell your sister to bring a toy down here. Where I can keep an eye on her."

When silence met Yoona, she peeked over the book. Haeun's face glowed bright red, clean fingers pinning in her giggles.

"Yoomie, you're silly!"

Jesus, that name. "What'd I say this time?"

"This book," Haeun pointed to the cover illustration, on a childlike tangent, "is about dinosaurs. My favorite are stegosauruses because they're purple."

"They weren't purple."

"In this book, they are."

"But, they weren't actually purple, kid."

"What color were dinosaurs when you were little?"

Touché, tiny smartass.

She knocked her head back in a sleepy chortle. That invited Haeun to the couch, shimmying under the book to rest her head onto Yoona's chest.

The strange feeling from the mall returned. The one that stuck Yoona to the children's sides (other than that one mishap) and sensed Tiffany Hwang wasn't 'Mummy' before Haeun confirmed it.

Yoona adored kids. Some of Chanhwi's friends would bring their toddlers around and Yoona entertained herself by just watching them. Seeing these defenseless beings stumble through her world, fascinated by everything.

'They look so soft', she'd think to herself, 'I bet they smell like baby powder'. Yet, those would stay thoughts because sniffing another person's children defined creepy.

Haeun was more solid than a toddler. Didn't smell like powder. Moreso like artificial berries and the city. Which--Yoona sneaked a meek inhale--suited her just fine. And when Joonie came thumping down the stairs, dragging a metal xylophone, she colored herself relieved. Searching for her would mean breaking from this tender moment.

"Yoomie, read," Haeun mumbled into her shirt, sounding as tired as Yoona.

Page One blurred into mush. Yoona's eyelids weighed anvils, Haeun's rhythmic heartbeat soothed her muscles, and nothing on this earth could stop her from nodding off.


"Yoomie, Mummy's here!"


Yoona massaged her temples, expecting the darkness. The voices seemed so far off.

Somewhere outside, a car door shut.

"Put that away, Joonie!"

"No! It's my xylo!"

"But, Mummy..."


Oh, shit. The 'Mummy'. Disoriented but a hell of a lot more alert, Yoona bounded from the couch.

Napping on the job. Sucky babysitter struck again. She pat her shirt of wrinkles, instantly nervous. Anxious to see this 'Mummy'. The woman who miraculously trained her kids to sit still and wash their hands.

And when the door opened, Yoona's eyes rounded.

What had she predicted? An imposing matriarch. With beige stockings and starchy culottes hiked up to her bosom. Someone domineering, ruler straight in posture, afflicted with perma-frown and a bad perm.

Not this. Not the woman Yoona's age woman hopping sideways out her high heels as Haeun and Joonie attacked her. Not the woman who grinned like the sun and returned their hugs before setting her handbag on a table.

Her professional skirt suit and aura matched their income's motif, though. Impeccable makeup, long hair resembling baked caramel. She looked expensive. Like fine china in her late grandparents' cabinet--the kind at the top that no-one could ever use for food. Or glass figurines. Untouchable.

And she was petite. In stature, lips, nose, fingers. Chanhwi often called Yoona's legs celery stalks--so, 'Mummy' would have...chopped celery? Her mind started to blank because as tiny as 'Mummy' appeared, her presence swallowed the room whole.

"Mummy, is this mine?" Haeun wrenched a half-empty aloe water from the woman's hand.

"Haeun, find your manners."

Yoona blushed. 'Mummy''s voice was petite, too. Polished and silvery.

"May I please have this?" Her daughter amended, shaking the bottle's contents. "Please, please?"

She ran a manicured thumb over the drink's label, nodding. "Share with Joonie. Don't spill."

Yoona scouted the living room for busy work. Itching to thaw from her awkward popsicle position. But, resistance deemed itself futile. As Haeun would phrase it, Yoona threw her eyeballs at her sexy boss.


Alarms, whistles, sirens, wolf howls, any form of racket quarreled in Yoona's head. Her throat dried. Lips parted, speaking with her consent. Answering a quiet, "Sooyeon."

Yoona's fingers flew to her lips.

Who the fuck was Sooyeon? Where'd that name come from?

Sooyeon hummed in stride, once again crouching to meet the kids' eyes. "Did Yoomie take you to the mall?"

"Yes!" Haeun spun a hand into her Mummy's hair. "We shopped with Miss Fany and the Things. And later, Yoomie fell asleep on the bench! Silly!"

The contempt in Sooyeon's glare ran a river down Yoona's spine. Shit.

Fortunately, her daughter's mouth stole her attention. "My new shoes are glittery and purple, Mummy!"

"I thought you liked pink."

"Pink's for babies! I like purple now."

Like a stegosaurus. Yoona swayed, smiling.

"Joon bug," Sooyeon kissed the smaller kid's pointed brow. "New cleats?"

Unspeaking, Joonie nodded yes, nosily sucking on the drink. It dribbled from the corners of her lips, drenching the loop of her collar. Sooyeon gripped the end of her shirt so nothing stained the rug.

"I need--"

"Right!" Yoona broke from her spell to sprint into the kitchen. She committed a second to hating their level of wealth now that she saw it up close. Then, her nanny duties sent her to a roll of paper towels.

As Yoona hurried to dry Joonie's cheeks, Sooyeon was already rummaging through their shoe boxes. She scrutinized each purchase and gestured for Haeun to take a seat on the couch. Once the shoes slipped on comfortably, Sooyeon checked the tightness several times. Anally determining that they didn't pinch Haeun's toes.

Yoona gulped. She woke up after those shoes were bought. Hopefully, fate would err on her side. An angry Sooyeon could raise hell, she wagered.

"Yoong, take off Joonie's shirt."

That nickname. Yoona approved.

Obediently, she stripped the kid half-bare and pushed her into Sooyeon's direction. Joonie put up a brief struggle, whining about being cold. Nonetheless, Inspection #2 initiated for Joonie's yellow cleats.

And they passed.

Whew. Winded, Yoona landed in a chair as lush as the couch. She could fall asleep again.

"You did well."

Yoona stirred at the smooth, petite voice. "Oh. Er, thanks Soo-, um. Miss. Thank you, miss."

Sooyeon tilted her head. The faintest smirk touched her pink lips. "Miss, huh?"

"Uh, yeah." She now sweated for different reasons. The pure manifestation of MILF slinked forward, slight hips swinging to the drum in Yoona's chest. "Miss."

What disloyal fate would place her as a closeted nanny?

A terrible life on a different spectrum.

"Don't call me that. Makes me feel old."

"Sorry. Sooyeon, then."

"Mm? Sooyeon, too?" She brushed the tip of her nose to Yoona's. "Why are you so innocent-eyed today?"

Yoona breathed in her fragrance, partially hypnotized as she pinched the arms of the chair. She'd pinch herself if Sooyeon wasn't so close. Did she really mack on the nanny in front of her own children? How evil.

Softly, those wicked lips met hers. Combined with the brush of fingers, stroking the curve of her jaw. And Yoona's heart skipped.

She'd remember that touch in any state.

Her angel.

Sooyeon was her angel.

Yoona closed her eyes. Expecting to die again. For this dream to end.

Until her angel spoke. Breath light, tinged with sweetness. "I'll make dinner. If you're not swamped, you could give our messy child a bath, Yoomie."

Then, Yoona's heart did a lot more than jump.

She knew it.

Deep down, she knew their connection ran thicker than a job.

But, this?

"Yoomie," Haeun collected her dinosaur book and pressed it under her lip. "Read to me after Joonie's bath?"

"After dinner," Sooyeon corrected, rustling Haeun's hair before padding to the kitchen.

Joonie rolled to the floor, kicking. "I wan' Mummy to gimme a bath. Mummyyy!"

Mummy. Yoomie.

Mummy and Yoomie.

They weren't just family. They were Yoona's family.

When the afterlife offers 'New'...

It means it.


[A/N for those who like to read]Hellooooooo, LJ fam!!

I really thought I wouldn’t drop another ongoing this year after Skandl! and here I am, breaking promises to myself. Ah, well. I love writing and we were due another YoonSic, yes? ^^

As you’ve read, I’m trying some new themes out. I can count on my hand the number of fics with kids I’ve read. Meaning, I’m just like wooohooooo let’s see how it goes while spinning in my chair and sipping wine. The kids aren’t the basis of the fic, though they do serve as part of the story. Its rating will range from PG-13 to NC-17 for its fluff, language, angst, and sexytimes.

What’s ‘Healing Romance’ mean? Sometimes, you gotta get through the bad to access the good. Anddd that’s how ‘What Does the Fox Say’ was described and I loved it so much that I APPROPRIATED IT LIKE A BOSS. I’m still Team Sumin/Sungji, tho.

Shoutout to a certain Dino. Because I seem to ALWAYS mention dinosaurs in my stories.

Don’t be a stranger!


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jailedsataengjailedsataeng on November 27th, 2015 05:04 am (UTC)

sataengsminion: pic#125231677sataengsminion on November 28th, 2015 03:12 am (UTC)
^ ignore that bish. Heh

Its gonna sound so different compared to our skype chat earlier.

BUUUUUT...I AM IN LOOOVEEEEE! even with the children hehe. Its really intriguing, what exactly happened to Yoona? One minute she's dead, and now she's married (?) to a hot wife (ugh, Sooyeon, step on me) and she has cute little boogers. REALLY DYING OF ALL THE CUTENESS. //hearto hearto


Haeun, smart little shit. I love her already. Look at me, already loving the children. THEY'RE NOT AS BAD :DDDD

Ok, back to the whole Yoona probs. I need to know what happened. Its only been one chapter and you've already got me thirsting. I like the Yoonsic, that kiss gave me such kokoro feels. #notmytop #butlahvs

#justiceforkrystae I'm sorry, you know the drill, bb. Short, weird, and crazy. But always delivered. //hearto hearto

Heh. (._. )

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(no subject) - checkinyourbra on December 2nd, 2015 09:25 am (UTC) (Expand)
(Anonymous) on November 27th, 2015 07:25 am (UTC)
Yes! You're back! With YoonSic! :)

When I started reading this, I thought that it wasn't like the usual fics you write. Started seeing some of your usual fluffiness as I kept reading though.

"Mm? Sooyeon, too?" She brushed the tip of her nose to Yoona's. "Why are you so innocent-eyed today?"

Dude, at this part, I immediately realized "OH SHIT. SHE'S NOT THEIR NANNY." I'm proud I realized that before it was revealed.

As Haeun would phrase it, Yoona threw her eyeballs at her sexy boss.

This part made me laugh.

I'm looking forward to finding out more about Yoona's backstory, both in her previous life and her current one.

Also, the premise of this story reminds me of those cheesy "I woke up in someone else's body and I'm married to a hottie!?!?!?" fanfics. But actually good and done well.

Looking forward to the next update! :)
checkinyourbra: yoona02checkinyourbra on December 2nd, 2015 09:35 am (UTC)
YoonSic up in huuuuuurrrr~

Ah yes. Some things are different than usual, but I can't lose parts of myself, surely. :333

HAHAHAHAHAH YOU FIGURED OUT EARLY. GO YOU. //looks frantically around room for something to gift you/offers a $20 off coupon for aerie

Haeun's eyeball line made an impression. Yuuusss. :333

Hahahahaha I can see that. It's a pretty interesting way to write. To make the character lost in their environment and all that jazz.

Thank youuuuuuuu, bb, for showing love. :DD

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boxxsaltzboxxsaltz on November 27th, 2015 07:49 am (UTC)
I didn't think I'd be able to read this until after the weekend but I found a bit of time to devour and HUNNY! I've been waiting for this and ohhhhh I am so intrigued? This is a new theme for you and you've got a nice handle on it. I'm very intrigued by these kids and oh I am in love with Tiffany already? I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy Yoonfany in this. You made Jessica all hot with her baked caramel hair. She appears for like .8 seconds and I'm like dayum woman. I feel we're in for something deep here. And dat undertone of angst? Don't think I can't sense it. Something wicked this way come.

A fave bit: "Chanhwi often called Yoona's legs celery stalks--so, 'Mummy' would have...chopped celery?" hehehehe chopped celery and celery legs. idk but I was amused. I also really liked the baked caramel line. And many other tiny little metaphors and la la la. As always your fic has sparked some inspiration in me. Yum.

Waiting for next update.

Toodles Checksiepants~~

Edited at 2015-11-29 02:35 am (UTC)
checkinyourbra: tiffany02checkinyourbra on December 2nd, 2015 09:47 am (UTC)
BOXXY GRACES MY PAGE. I'll save you some Fun Dip. ;DD

Yessss, I was totally shocked when you updated your spot so quickly. :OO I usually fall off your reading radar (sings like Readinggg Rainbowwwww) until the whole story is posted. BE INTRIGUED, BB. AND IN THE MEANTIME, KEEP WRITING ME FIC. I need the last part of D@ He1$t. //slap vein

Of course you love Fany. >_> Your crush on her knows no bounds.

Ayyyyy hot baked caramel Jessica. ;DDDD

"And dat undertone of angst? Don't think I can't sense it. Something wicked this way come. --Are your angst senses tingling, Spiderboxx? Hrrmmm.

hehehehehe BE INSPIRED. :333 Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu, babes.
wiildestdreamswiildestdreams on November 27th, 2015 09:55 am (UTC)
This spot is mine ;) Which I will be back to fill as soon as I read this...
checkinyourbracheckinyourbra on December 2nd, 2015 09:43 am (UTC)
//body rolls

Take as long as you want, bb. ^^
yuukistar22yuukistar22 on November 27th, 2015 12:15 pm (UTC)
IS IT MY BIRTHDAY BECAUSE THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER....on a side note, I must park in my spawt yas
checkinyourbra: seohyun04checkinyourbra on December 2nd, 2015 09:41 am (UTC)

Your spot can stay nice and warm (and gay) right hereeeeee. Laters~

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astro24: pic#125473631astro24 on November 27th, 2015 02:09 pm (UTC)
OMG YOU'RE BACK??? *faints* hahahahahahahaha will be back for a proper comment. Lol
checkinyourbra: sooyoung02checkinyourbra on December 2nd, 2015 09:18 am (UTC)
DON'T FAINT, BB. hahaahahahahahaha

(no subject) - astro24 on December 11th, 2015 07:36 pm (UTC) (Expand)
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(no subject) - astro24 on December 16th, 2015 12:58 am (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - checkinyourbra on December 18th, 2015 01:51 am (UTC) (Expand)
(Anonymous) on November 27th, 2015 04:44 pm (UTC)
A yoonsic shipper dying of happiness here. So glad to see you writing another yoonsic story. The best thanksgiving gift. Thank you! btw I've never left a msg here before. I came from AF if you're wondering and have been stalking you on LJ lol.

This story is very refreshing! The plot kind of gives a clue on Yoona being not just a nanny on the part where it says that Joonie is like a little version of Yoona. It's cute. I don't particularly like kids but I imagine a little Yoona must be cute.

Looking forward to reading what happens next! Will Jessica find out her Yoong has changed inside? Also I can't help but wonder, what happened to the original Yoona in this new world? Since the Yoona that died in old world takes over and all...
checkinyourbra: jessica06checkinyourbra on December 2nd, 2015 09:40 am (UTC)

Awwwwww. It's all part of the holiday package, bb. YoonSic for youuuuuu. <333 And a first message, too!?!!? WAAAAAHH YAAAAYYYYYYY

I don't mind your stalking, bb. ;)))

"I don't particularly like kids but I imagine a little Yoona must be cute."--This made me grin. So happy you're still putting up with my fic. Kids are much more manageable when they fictional, right?? hahaha

Ah yes. The 'new world' questions. We shall see...

vertigo94: pic#124795285vertigo94 on November 27th, 2015 06:00 pm (UTC)
Omgosh Yoonsic! I will be back later :3 excited though ~~^^
vertigo94vertigo94 on November 30th, 2015 11:13 pm (UTC)
So Yoonsic.. To be honest I haven’t really read a lot of yoonsic fics, not that there is a particular reason for it. I was very excited however when I got the email that you updated something to your LJ, look at me reading this and not SKANDL lol. I’m awful, please forgive me.

Let’s talk about this new story though :D It’s certainly a very interesting start with the whole dying/being reborn thing, a lot of questions are being raised of course (ones that I cannot wait to find out. Who was Yoona in her previous life, what made Chanhwi shoot her, in what way was she fleeing, what did she do exactly to earn the dismay of her family (besides having a lower voice, akin to a more masculine touch maybe)? Ah yes, lots of questions.

That nickname though, Yoomie xD

Wow Mondriaan, such Dutch, much style (get it, cuz of De Stijl? Gosh I am so lame). My point though was that it’s good to have a glimpse that there are at least some similarities between Yoona and Yoomie. Is it bad that I laugh at Mummy too because it just reminds me too much of a walking Egyptian Mummy.

The kids are very amusing, and it’s lovely that they have their own personalities. Haeun explanation of sexy is absolute gold haha. And their pictures are on Yoomie’s phone screen, that’s cute :)

Terrors with literal unibrows. Omg, amazing. Made me laugh more than it should I guess, I thought it was so amusing. That whole scene though, is it called a scene in writing (?), was surrealistically hilarious. Not that it wasn’t realistic but it just, with the whole reborn theme, Yoona finding herself Yoomie, and talking about online dating with a woman who was crushing on her divorce therapist. Yoona was really thrown into this new reality, with terrors with unibrows, and it’s just so colourful and lovely, and so, so funny. The best part maybe however was when Fany rounded the kids up, like O M G, kicking her heel, the comment about all the energy, just.. simply hilarious.

I wonder who That Man is now xD Also The Things, this is so good lololol.

These people were rich. In a gated community unlike her artsy, bare bones lifestyle with Chanhwi. Ah artsy, explains the Mondriaan.

Haeun and Yoona’s convo over dinosaurs xD

I guess Chanhwi was older than Yoona? Having friends with toddlers (not that that means much), and also the description of the other man she thought was Chanhwi, he observed Yoona was young, so he was probably older? Interesting..

Oooh Sica :D She sounds hot whaha, but it is Sica of course. Wow, Sooyeon seems really controlling, checking the label of the drink, not wanting them to eat junk food, checking Yoomie’s shoes picks.. That’s yeah, a lot. Eee Yoona and Sica though, kissss. Sica is Yoona’s angel? Funny, since before Yoona realised that (if its true) she thought an angry Sooyeon could raise hell.. Well, Lucifer was an angel once too.

There is some fishy stuff going on however, the mention of Sooyeon’s controlling behaviour at first by the kids. The kids looking nervous; scared even when presented with the opportunity to defy their mother. Joonie flinching away from Yoomie, mentioning Yoomie’s anger, and she also didn’t want to be bathed by Yoomie. Tiffany’s alcholol mention and; Given our situations, it's a blessing we're not plastered 24/7. Sica’s interaction with Yoona, her glare with contempt, her comment about not being swamped.. It seems like Yoona is the stay at home mom? Or is unemployed maybe. Sica seems all business.

This story.. So interesting already, and a lot of fun too. I cannot wait for a new chapter, but please take your time and everything, no need to feel pressured or something. Thank you for sharing another story with us ~ I love it already :)
(no subject) - vertigo94 on December 1st, 2015 09:34 am (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - checkinyourbra on December 2nd, 2015 10:43 am (UTC) (Expand)
(Anonymous) on November 27th, 2015 07:48 pm (UTC)
YAAAS (01)!
YAY! NGL, I was thinking about your fics this week and was like “Hmmm, Skandl first posted in January, so a new piece won’t be out until sometime in 2016, right?” WRONG! What a great surprise :D!

I love this concept, all the characters, and the way the chapter built up to the reveal of Yoong’s new family/life. So nice (NGL, I read it 3 times because I wanted to catch more of the small details, hints, Bra humor, and just because your writing is SO FREAKING NICE)!

There’s so many questions and mysteries with Yoong’s new life.
Like why is Joonie semi-afraid of Yoong when she reaches to touch her Pucca pigtails? What’s going on with OldYoong and Sica? Domestic bliss on the surface, but there’s something more going on via the subtle small details like the Sica “death glare”, Haeun hinting that Mummy doesn’t like when they play with toys in the living room, Joonie’s lines about “flying away”, and Joonie begging for Mummy to be the one to give her a bath not Yoomie, etc. I can’t wait to read more and find out.
Also, the nicknames for the moms and all the domestic bliss/Mom moments are SO FREAKING CUUUUUUUUUTE.

The Hwangs (minus “that man”) are amazing. ‘Nough said.
Tiff would be that mom that would nickname her sons “Things” and let them run crazy until it’s “go time” then she lays down Mom-Law and gets them in line. Lol Mama Hwang’s got it down. Also, I DIED when she first called them “Things”, that line about unibrows, “That Man” conversation, and then that small detail about how the Terror Triplets were making grooves in the perfect lawn with their fancy shoes XD. OMG, these kids. Even though it made me laugh, the writing is so nuanced with its little hints about what makes Tiff and OldYoong want to day drink and go to therapy… it makes me REALLY want to know them and their families.

In terms of Tiff’s divorce, any chance she’s going to take Yoong up on the online dating offer and end up running into one of the other Soshi? Side pairing: Yulti or Taeny, perhaps, ;P??? Serz tho, if/when she ends up dating again, the person best be able to handle, care for, and, most importantly, love the Terror Triplets XD.

Thank you for the new story, Bra. I’m really, really looking forward to the next update . What’s the update schedule looking like, btw? No rush at all. Just curious. Thank you again! So excited you’re back :D!
(Anonymous) on November 27th, 2015 08:56 pm (UTC)
Re: YAAAS (01)!
You know what? Thinking about it more, "that man" actually is probably a relative cool, pretty decent, complicated guy who should be included in the "amazing Hwangs" moniker from my last comment.

I mean, he'd most likely have to be in order to marry Tiff, help build a well-to-do-relatively-stable family and home, and be a father figure to the Terror Triplets. It also seems like he still wants to be a part of their lives rather than run away, cut ties, and dump everything on Tiff.... Maybe their relationship was one of 2 people who had a crazy-hot-passionate-romance, but somehow fell out of love over time, and couldn't fix it.
EG: Gloria from Modern Family and her ex-husband, Javier... there's a story she tells about how she and Javier were so passionate in their romance that they always either fought or made love... and one time, they fell out out of a second story window doing both. I think? But yeah, that's how I picture "that man" and Tiff's dynamic XD.

IDK. I know I'm WAY over-thinking it and delving way to far into fangirl headcrack because it's the first chapter and this is just side-character stuff, but it's fun to thinking about... Thanks for that, Bra. :)

So, in conclusion, I amend my previous comment to include "that man" in the "amazing Hwangs" title, but who knows if it'll stay that way once we get to learn more about the Hwangs in future chapters. XD

And I'll end this random fangirl thought here.

Re: YAAAS (01)! - checkinyourbra on December 2nd, 2015 10:19 am (UTC) (Expand)
Re: YAAAS (01)! - checkinyourbra on December 2nd, 2015 10:10 am (UTC) (Expand)
Re: YAAAS (01)! - (Anonymous) on December 2nd, 2015 11:20 pm (UTC) (Expand)
Re: YAAAS (01)! - checkinyourbra on December 3rd, 2015 02:22 am (UTC) (Expand)
I la- la- la- love youregreted on November 28th, 2015 02:47 am (UTC)
Yoona threw her eyeballs at her sexy boss
ayyyy you back!

KIDSSSSSSSSSs omg, i mean kids in fics are never as bad as kids irl unless you're talkin bout ms fany's kids because those seem like actual monsters, like i would straight up ask if you didn't have enough money for condoms when they were conceived, like get the fuck out my store with those beasts masquerading as human children.

so yoona's the domestic? is that so? and sooyeon's the bacon maker? seems like there's more going on here because of the scrutiny...and all the rules mummy has... but idk
this is chapter one and you're very very sneaky. too sneaky you like to hide some of the dots so we can't put things together until you want us to.

but yoonsic tho!1 yass grl yass! give me some good good good times with yoonsic okay? i need it, i want it, i crave it, you gotta give it to me.

Face growing pink, Haeun waffled in her explanation. “It's like...when you're famous and, and people give you compliments and money. Everyone just, uh, throws their eyeballs at you"

excuse me, please stop making me roll off my bed laughing.

okay take care! so pumped for this new ride with ya!


Edited at 2015-11-30 03:27 am (UTC)
checkinyourbra: yoonsic02checkinyourbra on December 2nd, 2015 09:16 am (UTC)
Re: Yoona threw her eyeballs at her sexy boss
LOLLLL Look at you making good use of those faces. EYEBALLSSSS. ALL THE EYEBALLS FOR OUR SICA.

Ayyyyyyyy I'm back!! Every time I type this, I want to dance. Or it could be because I'm listening to trap music...ANYWAYS. WHAT UP WHAT UP, BB???

HAHAHAHHAHA AND YOU ALREADY HAVE ME ROLLING. Well, since they're Triplets, it only took ONE lack of a condom and...well, you get these little monsters. :333

"like get the fuck out my store with those beasts masquerading as human children"--LOL I love how you're suddenly the fed-up store owner. hahahahah

Ah, yes. There's always more going on, isn't there~~

"too sneaky you like to hide some of the dots so we can't put things together until you want us to"--Shhhhh. Revealing my secrets. >_>

More YoonSic craving!! Guess this fic happened at a good time. :oo

hehehehe glad to make you roll laughing, too. ^^

I'm pumped, too!!! Latersssss~~
Maria: pic#125482624AllTooMe on November 28th, 2015 12:01 pm (UTC)
Thank you thank you thank you for being back with Yoonsic! Woah, I already love this! It had me so confused at the beginning, but then when she wasn't the mummy, it was obvious it was going to be Sica, even though I still don't know what's going on, which is why I'm really loooking forward to the next chapter. Your writing is amazing, as always! Thank you for writing, I'll be waiting to hear more of this story <3 Thank you for feeding my Yoonsic obsession
checkinyourbracheckinyourbra on December 2nd, 2015 08:37 am (UTC)
Heeeeyyy, don't you look familiar?? ;DDD


As long as the confusion isn't 'what-is-this-ho-writing-is-high' confusion, I'm fine. :DD I guess you're in the same boat as Yoona; clueless to EVERYTHING. The only one clued-in is the crazy lady spinning in her chair and cackling at 3:30 in the morning. psst: It's me.

It's so easy to obsess over this flawless pairing. CONTINUE. >:)))

Thank youuuu and I'll be seeing you on AFF, too. <33
(no subject) - AllTooMe on December 10th, 2015 06:08 pm (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - checkinyourbra on December 10th, 2015 10:18 pm (UTC) (Expand)
DjBoomCat(╯°□°)╯︵┻━┻djboomcat on November 28th, 2015 06:16 pm (UTC)
You're back!!!! I DESPERATELY NEEDED YoonSic in my life and here you are, giving me my air. I LOVE it so far, you've got me asking all sorts of questions to myself and im totally hooked.
checkinyourbra: yoonsic01checkinyourbra on December 2nd, 2015 08:29 am (UTC)
Re: Yayyy
This desperate need for YoonSic seems to be a trend. D: NEVER FEAR. I'LL TRY TO HELP.

*types ferociously*

Ahhh the love shown. Hope I don't disappoint!! hahahaha

Thank youuuuUUuuUuuu~~
rixythewraith: sooyoungrixythewraith on November 29th, 2015 01:26 am (UTC)
ooh wow oh wow oh WOW this is so great! I mean for one thing I'm totally hooked and will need to keep an eye on this as it updates but I love your charactersation (esp flustered-but-holding-it-together Fany)

The kids were also really well done, I find a lot of fic!kids to be impossibly wonderful and I just don't by it but you've clearly put the effort into developing actual personalities for Joonie and Haeun. Basically I love this and I need to go see if part 2 is up yet....
checkinyourbra: tiffany03checkinyourbra on December 2nd, 2015 08:27 am (UTC)
Wow wowowwowow HULLO. :333

Please stay hooked!! I have a few things under my sleeve for our characters.

"flustered-but-holding-it-together Fany"-- Bahahahaha she's trying her hardest, isn't she???

:') Omgggg thank you. As I mentioned in my A/N, I'm so out-the-loop for children in fics. Though, I've seen enough kids to know what works for me and what's just...annoying or boring. LOL So, maybe that'll be enough. ;DD

Part Two--expect it around the same time this week. :DD

(Anonymous) on November 29th, 2015 06:46 pm (UTC)

*high five* team Sumin/sungji allll the way~


i got excited over the revelation. LOL. Yoona woke up in a new life that is totally different than her old one.

what is thisss. its like..she's now living in a parallel world. haha

wait, when she was shot down, that angel was Sooyeon, does it mean that she knew her? doesn't seem like it though. because she would have called her sooyeon instead of angel..

unless, sooyeon in her old life has been watching her from far and saw yoona getting shot down and cried a river because of it.

...what if this is the future of yoona? she's living her life in the future as she's stuck in her coma.. OMG> THAT WOULD BE *ppshhhh mind blown*
checkinyourbra: yoona01checkinyourbra on December 2nd, 2015 08:23 am (UTC)

Goodness!!! THE LOVE. NOT WORTHY. //does seductive dance of thanks


Ooooooooh 'Sooyeon the Angel' theories already. I dig your style. ;DD Won't confirm anything yet, but the 'why's are always floating over Yoona's character's head.

BLOW MY MIND, TOO, BB. hehehehe

Thank youuuuuuuuu for dropping byyyy <333
razor_funkyduderazor_funkydude on November 30th, 2015 10:38 pm (UTC)
elo!!! you're back! It's like an early Christmas present for me! ^_^

I like your new plot it's different and fresh from the usual fanfic. I will be anticipating your updates. :)

hmm... so is Yoong really a nanny or a chaebol mistress? :P

Yoona threw her eyeballs at her sexy boss... lol... who could resist Jessica? No one...

so she was reincarnated I hope this new life of her she would enjoy. :)
checkinyourbra: jessica03checkinyourbra on December 2nd, 2015 08:18 am (UTC)
eLO ELOoOoOoo~~

Early Christmas!? ;____; You're the sweetest.

Yes, yes. I'd been wanting to use some of the more family-oriented elements in a fic and...idk...somehow I wrapped it within this life/death/life-after-death context and it just felt right. :)))

Seems like Yoong is more dressed for the mistress role. ;DD

RIGHT??? I don't know how we even have eyeballs irl. Jessica snatches them on the regular. haahaha

"so she was reincarnated I hope this new life of her she would enjoy. :)"-- Lovely way to think about it. Let's delve into her new life!!