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Who Gets the Girl? [04]

Title: Who Gets the Girl? [Chapter 04]

Players: Hyoyeon, Sunny, Jessica

Pairing(s): Hyosun, casually

Rating: R, I think.

Genre: AU, Rom-Com drama llama

Warning(s): Girls are kissing each other. Things may get sexier in future chapters.

Disclaimer: I don't own Soshi. I don't own anyone, in fact. All Fiction.

Chap. Summary: When basking in the sexy afterglow gets too quiet, Hyoyeon and Sunny make conversation.

Author's Notes: For all you Taenysic purists: Taeyeon’s chapter is next.

04- Hyoyeon

A pair of fair hands lightly pushed Hyoyeon’s blonde locks from her face. She closed her eyes and smiled, enjoying the light petting.

This is what Saturday is all about: waking up late after a night of partying without the slightest hangover. Fingertips drew circles on both her cheeks and her grin grew wider.

“What are you thinking about?” asked a voice hovering above her face.

“Last night,” Hyoyeon murmured, shifting her weight to accommodate the body on top of her.

“Mm. That was pretty fun, right?”

“The best. You’re improving.”

A hand firmly slapped her on the forehead. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Ow!!---It means what you think it means.”

“Well, you should work on yourself. I keep forgetting you’re such a screamer.”

Hyoyeon cracked an eye open. “Nuh uh.”

The girl gave a knowing smirk and buried her face into the crook of Hyoyeon’s neck. They lay there in silence, listening to each others’ breathing. For many reasons, their lack of talking spoke volumes more than usual quips to one another. A very pregnant quiet.

Silence like this bothered Hyoyeon. She inhaled deeply, glazed eyes darting around Sunny’s messy studio. Her flat was tiny, but always warm and and comfortable. Framed prints and photos of friends peppered the striped walls. Piles of old fiction-filled notebooks sat atop her dressers, while necessities like her alarm clock and cell phone were scattered across the hardwood floor. She spotted the sparkly blue dress she shed the previous night slumped halfway into the plastic trash can next to the bed. Discarded in the throes of drunken passion.

“Don’t you want to move one of these days?” Hyoyeon breathed out, drumming her fingers on the small of Sunny’s back.

“Not really. Why?”

“You told me you’ve lived here for years. It’s teeny.”

“The rent is cheap.”

“Because there’s no space.”

Sunny lifted her head to examine Hyoyeon’s critical gaze. She tossed her fluffy pink bangs from her eyelashes. “It’s enough space for me. And us on mornings like this.”

“Don’t you get claustrophobic?”

“Never. I don’t see why this is such a big deal for you.”

Hyoyeon sighed. She could hear a defensive tone bubbling up. It’s best not to say anymore, or she’ll get all grumpy.

“You got a problem with my apartment, Hyo?”

Here we go. “No. I think that you can afford better, that’s all.”

Better implies that there’s something wrong with my current situation.”

“Your job pays well. Why don’t you...aim higher?”

Sunny narrowed her eyes. “Are you asking me to move in with you?”

Hyoyeon’s eyes stretched from her skull. “Hell no.

“Then, shut up.”

Her hand stilled in reply to Sunny’s serious tone. “It was a suggestion.”

“I’m wise with my funds. Just because I land an okay-paying job doesn’t give me license to start throwing money around.”

“But you can af--”

“I can afford more than you because I save. Like an adult. The landlord’s always been easy to talk to and I haven’t had any major problems here.”

“Excuse me for the simple question.”

Sunny rolled over, landing on her back. She bunched the covers over her chest and shimmied away from Hyoyeon’s warmth.

She already missed Sunny’s slight weight. She shifted after her and attempted to throw an arm around her waist.

Ah ah ah.” Sunny swatted the hand away. “I think it’s time for you to go.”

Are you kidding me?! “C’mon, what’s your deal?”

“Having you in bed reminds me how cramped it is in here.” She turned onto her side, facing away from the perplexed blonde.

Hyoyeon gawked at her back, watching Sunny’s spine poke in and out while she got more comfortable. “Do you really want me to leave?”

She shrugged. “We had our fun.”

Ouch. “Okay. I see how it is.” She lifted herself and slung toned legs over the side of the creaking bed. She stretched her arms over her head and elicited another high-pitched screech.

“You should get a new bed frame, too,” Hyoyeon added, “This one creaks too much.”

“I don’t care about the creaking. It’s not like I can hear it over you.”

Hyoyeon looked her way. “I’m not a screamer.”

Sunny shook with laughter. “Ask my neighbors. They’ll vouch for me.”

The blonde fussed to herself as she stood up to snatch her heels from the floor. She forgot how sore she was from last night’s activities. “This is why we can’t be a regular thing.”

Sunny turned around at this statement. “Why’s that?”

Hyoyeon’s face split with a toothy grin. “You’d have me in a wheelchair from all the sex.”

A reciprocating smile parted Sunny’s full lips. “I recall someone saying they liked it rough.”

“Tequila’s one helluva drink.”

“No lie.”

After stuffing her dress into her purse, Hyoyeon plucked her bra from the desk lamp and clipped it on. She could feel Sunny’s eyes on her as she searched for her panties. She never considered herself the vulnerable, shy girl-type, but having that gaze rake over her body gave her goosebumps. She’d never give Sunny the pleasure of knowing this, though.

“Looking for these?”

Sunny fished through the covers, recovering a lime green pair. They almost glowed in the dim room. Even when the sun shone outside, Sunny kept heavy curtains over her two modest windows. It felt like time stood still when she visited.

“Cool. Toss them over.”

Sunny quirked an eyebrow. “Come and get ‘em.”

The tease. “I thought you wanted me to go.”

“I changed my mind.”

Hyoyeon dove head-first onto the mattress, bringing out a shrill yelp from her lover. She bent over, brushing their noses before sucking Sunny’s lips into hers. Without missing a beat, the cotton candy-haired girl pulled her down to deepen the heavy kiss.

That’s what Hyoyeon loved about Sunny. Even when she pissed her off, she quickly got over it. One of the few people on this tiny planet that could handle her attitude.


At first, she didn’t trust her offer of casual sex. Hyoyeon didn’t want drama and the possibility of an overly-attached girlfriend situation. She happened upon her at a bar of the many clubs she promoted. Sunny quickly ducked in for a quick after-work shot, sporting simple blue jeans with her long, dark hair (at the time) in a ponytail. However, the catlike prowess and wicked smile remained the same.

Hyoyeon had just broken up with a DJ after a three-month relationship. A relationship that started out as “casual encounters” that soon turned into him wanting to buy her a Valentine’s Day present. Then, he began tossing around the word “girlfriend.” Weeks later, after a quickie in his car, he confessed his love in a gross, slurred whisper against her ear. She still cringed at how sweaty his face felt against hers. She broke it off via text. People who declare love so soon are damn fools. Being in your mid-twenties meant enjoying what life had to offer, not playing house with the first person that makes that three-word confession.

Sunny didn’t carry herself the way other girls did. Her comments came off rude, she openly looked down her shirt while they talked, and she drank like a fish. Perfect girl material. Hyoyeon remembered explaining that people didn’t really want a casual sex partner. They just said that to trap somebody into a downward spiral of feelings. Sunny found this hilarious and put her number in Hyoyeon’s phone anyway.


It’d been several months and Sunny still hadn’t developed the sad head-over-heels look that her ex sported so easily. Such a comforting thing. Her own private lover without Yuri’s long-term relationship shilling or Yoona’s judgement. The only person who knew about their arrangement was her other best friend, Sooyoung. Yet, Sooyoung’s been a bartender for years, so she became a pro at taking in all of Hyoyeon’s frustrations and embarrassing stories without batting an eyelash. Also, the free booze significantly contributed to keeping her as a companion.

Hyoyeon planted kisses down her creamy neck, shuddering at how Sunny’s short nails nails dug into her scalp as she clutched and pulled her hair. She loved having her hair pulled and Sunny discovered that on their first night together. Such a champ.

Breaths hitched and cool, exposed skin rubbed against the latter’s warm body. Hyoyeon loved the bliss of having absolutely nothing to do. But this. But her. That almost sounds romantic. She shook the thought from her head and continued down the valley between her breasts when a hum emanated from the sheets.

“Mmm. Is it toy time?” Hyoyeon murmured against soft flesh.

“Hm? N-no...that’s...” Sunny sucked in air when Hyoyeon bit her too hard. “That hurt!”

“Not sorry.” Hyoyeon laughed, still nibbling.

“Can you see my phone?”

“Um, no. I’m a little preoccupied right now.” She kissed a trail to her belly button.

Sunny shivered again, enjoying the treatment. Yet, Hyoyeon could feel her shifting to blindly paw at her phone.

“Could that wait?”

“It might be...ah--ahn emergency.” Sunny raised her heavy eyelids to check her screen.

“I have a fire that I need you to put out.”

“Oh god, that was so--” Her eyes popped fully-open when she processed what she read. She immediately sat up and leaned to the side, effectively shoving Hyoyeon’s face into the mattress.

“Damn, Sunny what’s going on?!”

Sunny ignored her and answered the phone, her voice almost convincingly clear. “Hello? Jessica?”

Hyoyeon lifted her head, plucking a stray thread from her tongue.

“Yes. Mmmhmm. No, nothing happening on my end.”

“I think I’m currently happening on your end,” Hyoyeon mumbled, sitting up. Sunny waved at her to keep quiet.

“Babysitting? Who? I--you know I hate kids.” A overly giddy laugh. Hyoyeon cocked an eyebrow.

“Oh? She’s our age. But who? Yeah. Yes, I have a late shift on Monday, but who is--?”

Interruptions are such a turn-off. Hyoyeon danced two fingers along the curves of Sunny’s hip.

Sunny threw her a quick smile, yet the conversation on the phone seemed to take most of her attention. “Wait, so Taeyeon is incapable of this? She’s...what!? Are you shitting me?! Ugh, that girl is useless sometimes. She needs a job. Like now.

A pause. Hyoyeon looked around for her underwear again.

“I guess I could hang with her a bit. So, she’s American? Korean. Oh, both? Okay. That’s fine. As long as I can understand her.” She listened to the other person on the line and immediately answered with that same giggle.

“Monday morning it is. We’ll find something to do.”

Another pause.

“Cool. No problem. Yes...yes I know how appreciative you are. No, you don’t have to make it up to me. I like helping you.”

Well, this side of Sunny is different. By then, Hyoyeon found her underwear and commenced to rummage through Sunny’s dresser for pants and a t-shirt.

No, you!” She let out an obnoxiously girly cackle. “Oh, stop. I told you, you don’t owe me anything. Okay, dinner. Maybe.

Hyoyeon pulled a gray tank over her head, listening keenly to Sunny’s half of the exchange.

“You have a full house to deal with. I understand.”

Hyoyeon tightened black sweatpants to her waist and picked up her phone so she wouldn’t look too obviously interested in Sunny’s new tone. Normally, they’d have their fun and part ways. She never had to actually see Sunny interact with other people save Sooyoung or some random guy asking for a dance.

“Yeah, such a pain. She’s like a kid, really. And so sulky. Thanks for having me in mind. Okay...yes. Yes.” Another laugh. “Of course I will., you! Bye.”

When the conversation ended, she witnessed Sunny staring at the phone screen until, presumably, the Jessica person hung up. Hyoyeon practically felt invisible. Sunny grinned to herself, hugging her knees to her chin like a teenager in love.

“Never saw this side of you.”

Hyoyeon’s face fell when Sunny jumped at the sound of her voice. She truly forgot about me standing here.

“Oh? Yeah. That’s Jessica. A friend.”

“Only a friend?”

“Yeah. She’s....” Sunny waved her hands crazily in the air. “...really funny.”

“Oh”. Hyoyeon nodded, pretending that her phone presented information just as interesting. “You sound weird when you talk to her.”

Sunny’s eyebrows crinkled. “No I don’t.”

“Yeah, you do. When you talked to her you were all--” She flipped her hair and gave her best airy laugh impression. “No, youuuu!”

“You’re stupid. And why do you care?”

Hyoyeon shrugged. “I don’t.”

“Then, shut up.”

Hyoyeon sighed and slipped her heels on. Next time, we should hook up while I’m wearing sneakers. She clacked over to Sunny and bent for a kiss. Sunny closed her eyes and pressed their lips together, which made her feel a little bit more special.

No, I shouldn’t care about feelings. I like the arrangement we have right now. No need to jeopardize it by adding jealousy to the mix...because I’m NOT jealous.

Next Chapter: Taeyeon!

Tags: au, fic, hyoyeon, r-rated, snsd, whogetsthegirl
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