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18 December 2015 @ 12:01 am
Greener Grass [04]  

Title: Greener Grass [Part Four]

Pairing(s): YoonSic

Rating/Genre: R; AU Healing Romance

Warning(s): Sexual themes, language.

Disclaimer: I don't own Soshi. I don't own anyone, in fact. All Fiction.

Author's Notes: Jessus Kryst, I must’ve edited this chapter over a dozen times. Here’s to getting it to a passable place. >.<

Part Four:


Fate bestowed a marvelous best friend.

The divorcée’s basement had been transformed into a warehouse fit for a band of restless suburbanites. Insulated walls, music-making software installed to a laptop, brand new microphones and sound system. Yoona whistled, testing the drum set risen on a short platform. Her trial ended with a soft ting to its cymbal. “Your ex-husband left this behind? This beats a blender by far.”

“If it involves manual labor, That Man’s MIA,” Tiffany said, stilling the metal with her fingertips. “Sweet setup, huh?”

“I’m stoked.”

“Speaking of stoking.” Ruby lips curled. “You and Jessica fueled your own fire last night. Onto a car, no less.”

Heat tingled below Yoona’s collar. “Nice show?”

“You’re defaming our stuffy neighborhood. Keep it up.”

“I’m on it.”

“That’s a good sign, yes?”

Yoona replied sincerely. “Yeah. An unpredictable, rocky sign. We have a lot of healing to do.”

“Healing,” Fany smacked her mouth, savoring the word. “That’s new. I like healing.”

“You look well-rested. Mr. Physical didn’t spend the night?”

“His kisses turned me off. On to the next.”

“No sparks?”

Tiffany’s dabbed the corners of her precise lipstick. “Boring conversations. Elmer Fudd laugh. Confused Amy Winehouse for Britney Spears. He’s a bloody buffoon.”

“Yet, you still played tonsil hockey with him.”

Awful tonsil hockey. I gagged. As in, I literally sprinted to my bathroom to heave.”

Yoona stretched, smile bending her puffy eyelids. This timeline slowly converted her into an early riser. “Any online potentials?”

“Can men like, prove they kiss well before we meet?” Tiffany whined as their mounting steps echoed in the underground acoustics. “They should practice on a pillow and post a video.”

“Is kissing you like kissing a pillow?”

“Are you hitting on me, Im?”

Yoona chuckled, accepting a thermos of earl grey from the kitchen. “Hwang, you couldn’t handle me.”

“You may be right,” Tiffany mused, blowing her own cup. “Watching you and Jessica dry hump was the steamiest thing that happened last night.”

The proud wife gestured cheers to that. Ideally, she’d leisurely sip tea and talk dirty until Fany left for work, but it’d be unfair to leave Jessica alone with Haeun, Joonie, and The Trips for too long. “I’ll drive your crumbsnatchers to school.”

“This is a vacation for me. Adopt them, please.”

“I’d die first,” Yoona called out, clicking the front door at her heels.

Thankfully, the joke didn’t sting.


Happening upon a three-boy brawl in her living room, Yoona long-legged over it. She’d check on her own offspring first. Then, spray those Things with a hose or whatever later.

She poked her head into Joonie’s room. “Morning!”

“Yoomiiieeee,” Haeun cheered, crushing chin-first into Yoona’s thigh. “My shoes, Yoomie! Look!”

A leg kicked out for Yoona’s perusal. “Ah, the sparkliest purple for my posh princess. You dress nicer than I do.”

“Silly Yoomie!”

How come she got that title? Yet, when she peeked over at Im Sooyeon who’d managed to style herself and their children into excellence, she settled for ‘silly’.

“Ooh, Sica. I’m humbled.”

The kids wouldn’t gather Yoona’s suggestive lilt. Jessica was no fool, though. In most of her outfit sans shirt, she finished running light product through Joonie’s hair. “Not half bad yourself.”

Haeun bounced in peppy circles. “Am I cute, Yoomie?”

Yoona spoke automatically, placing her tea on a dresser. “Cutest girl in the galaxy.”

“That’s Mummy!”

“Mummy’s not a girl; she’s a woman.”

“Yes! A girl is a girl until she pays rent.”

Yoona swapped faces with a smirking Mummy. “What are you teaching her?”

Jessica shrugged. “Only the truth.”

What a comfort for them to have similar anti-babytalk convictions. ‘Goo goo’ dumbed-down nonsense had a slot in Yoona’s pet peeve list.

A muffled bump brought their minds to the downstairs terrors. “Who wants cereal?”

“Me! Meeee!” Haeun leapt forward, awarded by Yoona swinging her like a pendulum. “Mini-Wheats, please!”

If there were any justice in this world, Jessica would let them try Trix or Lucky Charms. Now, those deserved the excitement.

“Your wish is my command.” Yoona found Joonie’s eyes. “Awesome hair, cutie. Unfrosted Mini-Wheats for you, too?”

He whorled into his other mother’s arms, scowling. “I like how Mummy cooks Min’Wheats.”

“Joon, chill out. I don’t cook cereal; it’s poured from a box.” Jessica made to stand, dragging her Velcro son in tow. She muttered as he trapped a hand under a bra strap. “Im Minjoon, I can’t lug you to work.”

Yoona’s self-pity filtered to resentment. Towards Alter-Yoona. “How’s he prefer his cereal?”

“Dry. A box of melon milk on the side.”

“Sounds easy. I could do that for you, Joonie.”

“Yoomie!” Haeun cut in, steadily wrapped at Yoona’s waist. “I eat my mine in a bowl with soy milk. That’s how adults eat them.”

“You’re ahead of your time.” She winked at Jessica. “Care to escort your brother and the Trips to the dining room? I’ll be there shortly.”

After one minute-long lecture to Joonie, the shorties filed downstairs hand-in-hand. Yoona traipsed to their master bedroom. Massaging above her eyebrows, dreading the long, winding road to her son’s heart. Combined with Haeun’s attention-seeking, it’d be safe to bet ‘Breakfast with Yoomie’ was out of the ordinary.

An additional pair of smooth hands cupped Yoona’s face. Thumbs replaced her own, rubbing counterclockwise. “Have a headache, Yoong?”

“A symptom of sex deprivation.”

“Oh my,” Jessica exaggerated in a breathy gasp. “Is there anything I can do?”

“You’re teasing.”

“I am.”

“Five minutes,” she growled, knuckles journeying up Jessica’s bare torso. “Shove your hand down my pants for five minutes and I swear it’ll be worth your while.”

Jessica moved forward. Nipping, chasing a wet stripe along Yoona’s pulse point, holding her wife to the pastel-tinted wall. “How much do you want it? How badly do you need me?”

Yoona moaned, “I’d perish without you.”

“What if I got on my knees? Would you like that, babe?”

Her imagination ran laps. In a shiver, she got wetter. “Shit.”

“Our kids are hungry.” Jessica pulled Yoona’s hand from her lacy breast, her hot perfumed skin. “Feed them.”

“Get on your knees and I’ll feed you.”

Jessica’s eyes were glassy. “Better than cold cereal?”

“Most important meal of the day.”

“Yoomie, Yoomiiiieee!” Haeun’s voice echoed from the corridor.

“You’re summoned,” Jessica cooed, biting her lip. “And I’m skipping breakfast.”


“Wait, Sica.”

The woman paused on her path to the closet, smirk yet to falter. “Mm?”

“What about me?”

She sauntered back. Dark eyes weighted, hips doing that sway Yoona daydreamed about. Into Yoona’s ear, Jessica’s slithered, “Suffer.”


Luckily, Fany’s unibrowed hellions had the first stop in Im Yoona’s carpool of youngins. Those Things couldn’t keep their grubby hands out of trouble--from spoon-flinging balled napkins at the breakfast table to blowing raspberries from the back seat. When she roll-stopped to an ivy-crusted school’s curb, they scuffled out in blazers and penny-loafers, dressed to torture the academic community.

Even juggling amidst honey-drizzled Mini-Wheats couldn’t hold their goldfish attention. Joonie and Haeun smiled, though. Which bettered her mood.

Then, Jessica descended from the stairs. Face masked behind sunglasses, robbing Yoona’s eyeballs in a blouse practically vacuum-sealed to her skin. In a pit stop, she kissed their children on the crowns of their heads, finger-combed Thing Two’s bowlcut into order, and fucking fled without so much as a sniff in her partner’s direction.

Nobody teased Yoona in her prior life.

She swung into a painted lot, scheming.


Joonie stayed fairly mute as she and his sister walked him to ‘Accelerated Pre-K’. Yoona gave her clumsy attempts--a joke here, an outdated cartoon reference there. He simply pouted and pulled from her hand when they reached his homeroom. She pitied herself until Haeun’s loudest outburst: “My Yoomie’s sexier than anyone’s else’s mom!”

Which wasn’t a lie, she confessed.

Apparently, Haeun painted a “fantabulous” dragon yesterday and she’d combust if her Yoomie missed it. Yoona hesitated; unbriefed on the parental dynamics here. Did they recognize Haeun’s family?

“Please, Yoomie!” she pleaded, as precious as her stubborn mother, “Mrs. Ban called me a Picasso!”

“In what style? Crystal Cubism, Surrealism? Trying your hand at anti-war murals?”

Haeun held her chin, faux-marinating the terms. “Yes. All that stuff.”

“My word!” Yoona gasped in pompous art patron fashion. Fingers to her chest. “I shan’t miss out on you revolutionizing the art world, shall I?”


Such a treat, that Haeun. Yoona skipped in jaunty step with her daughter. Driven to instill the finest memories while flying by schoolmates and their worn-out parents, giggling at their collective silliness.

Yoona browsed as the girl branched off to get her teacher. Cubbies, a spectrum of square floor mats, paper shape cutouts, kitchen sets with plastic foods, motivational posters, and storybooks galore. At twenty-eight, all she wanted was to shrink to kindergarteners’ size. So she could relive this period. This was a good period.

Haeun and a woman in too much khakis appeared once Yoona splashed a curious hand into their ‘discovery pond’. Cheeks warming, she dried her it on her jeans. “Sorry about that. Inquisitive mind.”

Mrs. Ban bowed too politely. “We meet again, Miss Im.”

Miss Im. Hmm. “Thought I’d pop in, check out Haeun’s masterpiece.”

“Fibbing isn’t good.” The teacher plastically smiled down at Haeun. “You told me your mother visited.”

“She is,” Haeun said, pointing. “Right there! Isn’t Yoomie pretty?”

Yoona flexed her damp fingers. She needed that buffalo again. “Technically, I’m considered her mother, too.”

“Biologically, that’s impossible.”

“I’m her legal guardian, then. Does that please you?”

Mrs. Ban’s panties were in an obvious twist. “How isn’t this confusing to the child?”

“Haeun’s a smart girl.”

The girl in question hopped in place. “I am smart! I know all the numbers in the world!”

“It’s not about being smart,” Mrs. Ban relayed to her frowning student, patronizing as fuck. “Guardian and a mother aren’t interchangeable. It’s for your safety.”

This khakis bitch triggered bad times. Yoona folded her arms. “I’m not here to get your vote. Only to support the next Picasso.”

“That’s me! I’m the next Picasso.” Haeun tucked her hand into Yoona’s, leading her to an art corner full of miniature easels.

Mrs. Ban followed closely. Terribly uncomfortable, terribly stiff. Yoona almost hissed something, being out of Haeun’s earshot. But, this freaking lady was in charge of her daughter’s grades and day-to-day wellbeing. Best to keep her remarks to herself.

Albeit, stooping to wrap her arms around Haeun didn’t count as a remark. The teacher grew even stiffer, which she hadn’t thought possible.

You painted this?” Yoona spritzed her voice in extra wonder. “With your own two hands?”

Haeun giggled, touching their cheeks--thus, melting Yoona’s heart. “No, a paintbrush!”

Really, her glitter blue dragon outshined this lot of lackluster blobs. Bias shmias. “See how you depicted its head with lighter strokes than its body? That implies space. As do your thicker trees in the foreground. You’re going to ace perspective.”

Faces still brushing, Haeun nodded. “What else, Yoomie?”

“I admire your medium for the sun. That’s a piece of construction paper, yeah? You’re dabbling into mixed media as a thinker outside the box. Keep that up. Never be satisfied with the status quo.”

“Um, Haeun,” Mrs. Ban, defender of status quo, intercepted. “Class is starting.”

“Can Yoomie stay?”

‘Fuck no’ dribbled from the teacher’s toothy smile. “I’m afraid not.”

Yoona couldn’t let go yet. “Haeun, I’ll buy a frame specially for your dragon and you know what I’m gonna do?”

Haeun shook her head. Speechless, for once.

“I’m gonna hang it in my study so I can admire it every day.”

“Like a gallery?”

“Your premiere showcase.”

“Wow, Yoomie. Mijee showed her dad her flower--he just ‘ooh’ed and took a picture.”

Yoona stood, patting her sweet hair. “Why settle for a photo when I can own the original?”

It didn’t matter whether Haeun understood every word. She spoke to her growing kid like an adult, giving feedback anyone would value. And out bloomed a smile that cratered her cute dimples.

“Haeun, your seat.”

Mrs. Ban wanted Yoona out as much as the woman needed to leave. Client notes awaited her at home, anyways. Along with her yet-to-be-written farewell to Hyelim.

Though, Haeun beckoned her with a curled finger.

Ducking down again, Yoona asked, “What’s up?”

“Thank you, Yoomie.”

Then, delicate as a petal, she kissed her mother on the cheek.

And a light flickered on.

A radiant, unexplored light.

One that reminded Yoona--this life wasn’t a play with no script. Actual children, actual relationships, actual consequences hinged on her every move.

Haeun loved her Yoomie.

Yoona skimmed fingers over the tingly spot on her skin. Carefully, as though she could wipe it off by accident.

Even minutes later, while steering off school premises, she grazed her cheek.

To make sure the tingles hadn’t faded.


She tried to message Hyelim over lunch.

Bitten gimmari suspended by chopsticks, Yoona read the lengthy scroll of unanswered messages from her other self’s paramour. She chewed, speculated, organized phrases in her head.

This was hard. Because Yoona had few feelings for this woman--one being ‘worry’ as the texts and emails turned frantic. Hyelim fell for Alter-Yoona, undoubtedly. Of course she’d assume the worst in her absence. An accident, ailment, discovery by Jessica, death...

What happened to the other Yoona’s soul?

Hyelim did lose her.

And Yoona lost her appetite. She couldn’t just drop the lover, but her heart wouldn’t bend in Hyelim’s favor.

Like with Chanhwi. Her first-year ‘Art of the Narrative’ professor knew she batted for the gay team after stumbling upon her sucking face with a curvy classmate. He confronted her about it and instead of showing the disgust that came so naturally for her parents--he accepted her. Took her under his wing.

And while freshman Yoona noticed his sidelong glances, they continued to hang out. The man knew how to have a good time. Not partying like a drunken chimp--learning, devising, discussing concepts she’d never challenged.

Their friendship rode on a swift, intense track. He placed a hand on her knee and asked for a kiss. She let him. Chanhwi made her comfortable; he mended her broken trust in adults, in men.

Before long, he offered a room in his house. Her parents’ hate for her sexual preference flowed to this friendship, too. It’d been a matter of time until they cut her off. He had steady income and Yoona blocked out her aversion to his affection, commitment, sex once they shared the same roof.

Her random hookups with girls dwindled. She convinced herself that a love of his brain would be enough to stomach his breath on her shoulder. The sound of his zipper descending. The weight of his firm build.

Grossed out, Yoona closed every tab on her screen. Hyelim brought her killer to mind. Not a good sign.

Thank the universe and a mysterious fate for her angel.

Angel Sooyeon delivered her from the bullet wound’s pain. The more Yoona recollected those holy eyes meeting hers as she bled, the further she spaced herself from her computer. Padding soft slippers into a hall, down the steps to her bedroom.

Yoona plucked a silk robe folded prettily on the bed, thrusting it to her face. She fancied Jessica’s perpetual scent. Light and fresh and feminine.

That morning came flooding back. Jessica played her expertly through slinky words and lean, deft lips blessing her neck. Now, those kisses set her aflame.

Chan never made her suffer like that. He couldn’t.

Yoona changed her trajectory. Deciding to rummage in her closet of possibilities in lieu of wasting brainpower on men or an empty draft file to Hyelim. Her past, Alter-Yoona’s past fucking sucked. She’d tackle them sooner or later.

But current, present, living Im Yoona arranged greater plans.


Jessica’s work building blended with any of the cloud-grazing mammoths running the financial district. Her father invested in this and neighboring structures, according to Alter-Yoona’s emails. Meaning Jessica had a leg-up in the industry, falling into a cushy position straight out of college. And she kicked ass. Delighting him and his partners as she climbed the ladder, carving her own niche within the brand. Jessica was resolute.

‘And I’m gonna make her so horny,’ Yoona thought, boarding a level of suits, heels, and more suits. Most of them chattering, others busying in their cubicles. An eye or two regarded her--probably to scam at her legs.

Yoona hooked a thumb into a pocket of her shorts--formal in material, eye-catching in (lack of) length--and waved attention to the receptionist.

“State your business,” she droned, closer to mannequin than human.

“I’m here to see Im Sooyeon.”


Jung,” Yoona corrected, remembering Jessica’s family name. “Jung Sooyeon.”

‘Seo Juhyun’ gleamed from her metal name plate. “Do you have an appointment?”


“Does she know you’re visiting?”

“Tell her it’s Yoona.” She grinned at Juhyun dialing a single digit. Jessica earned this status--to have a gatekeeper to her private office. Little factors like sexuality couldn’t interfere with her success.

Soon, Juhyun closed Jessica’s door at her back. Yoona patted the knob until its lock secured in a quiet click. “Good afternoon, boss lady.”

Jessica scoffed, glimpsing from a spread of papers. And as her eyes darkened, swallowing Yoona’s heels, miles of leg, tiny shorts, and tightly buttoned blouse, Yoona declared her victory early.

“What brings you here?”

“Oh, didn’t you know?” Yoona kept her gait paced, purposeful. Poring over her wife’s version of a study. Black-on-cream coordination, sweeping windows, meticulously mapped. She strode in an arc, ending her short tour behind the slated desk. “I’m your slutty new intern.”

The woman blushed, humming. “I don’t recall ticking the ‘slutty’ option.”

“Am I fired?”

“Dressed like that?” Jessica’s eyes flashed mischief. “I was startled when Juhyun rang me.”


“You haven’t visited in a year. You probably don’t recognize anything.”

Yoona masked her disappointment. “You like?”

“I do.”

“Is this paper?” She fluttered a sheet or two with playful hands, body deliberately arced. “Too hipster for the digital age?”

Jessica stared at Yoona’s fingers. “Paper still exists.”


“Would my intern fancy a drink?”


“I have wine.” Slowly, sensually, Jessica uncrossed her legs, departing for a table covered in bottles. “Rosé’s not my top pick, but our clients this morning swear by it.”

“Boozing me up on the first day, Ms. Jung?”

Jessica’s shoulders fell. “I beg Daddy to acknowledge our last name, okay?”

“No, it’s fine. I’m not offended.”

“We fought about it last month.”

Stupid Alter-Yoona. “Eat lunch yet?”

“Not yet,” she sighed, filling two glasses halfway. “I’m meeting the same clients at a sushi restaurant later.”

“Free food.”

“We pay for them, actually.”

Yoona plopped into Jessica’s leather seat. “Pandering sucks.”

“It gets the job done.” She held a flute of pale pink in each hand as she approached, eyebrow kinked. “Interns don’t belong in my chair.”

“Nobody’s stopping you from sitting down.”

Yoona could count the teeny creases on the sides of Jessica’s skirt--bend-lines made while throned in her boss lady chair. Plus, her blouse. Yoona envied the fabric adhering to her breasts.

Jessica handed her a wine. “You’re looking at me again.”

“Can’t I look at you?”

“You know what I mean,” she answered lowly, taking a sip. “You’re staring like I’m a piece of meat.”

“Filet mignon.”

Jessica giggled into her glass. “Scoundrel.”

Everything about how Jessica loomed over her, dressed to the nines, chipped at Yoona’s cool, seductive exterior. And when Jessica licked her lip of a stray drop, her pulse spiked. “This chair’s big enough for the two of us.”

“You locked the door, didn’t you?”

“Shall we finish what we started? Ready to get on your knees for me?”

“You’re dirty, Yoong.”

“You like?”

“I love.”

“Then,” Yoona unsnapped a blouse button. “be a peach,” Two more buttons, “and get your money’s worth out of me.”

“I work my employees hard.”

“Is that a promise?”

Resolve visually crumbling, Jessica swept through her glossy tresses. Getting it messier, sexier. “You’re my subordinate. Shouldn’t this be reversed?”

“I don’t know the rules.” She batted innocent eyes, spreading her legs slightly, “train me.”

Within seconds, Jessica’s fingers snarled into Yoona’s hair, gelling their lips into a hard kiss. A flustered Yoona gasped, totally not prepared. Losing the upper hand when nails dug into her scalp.

It was a sexy hurt. “S-Sica.”

“That’s Ms. Jung to you.”

Yoona groaned and scooped Jessica’s tongue into her own. Churning, spiraling in wet circles. Glazing the corners of their mouths. Hairs raised when the businesswoman broke away only to lick the moisture hungrily. Yoona’s mind projected this ravenous treatment to the mess in her shorts. What she’d planned as a ploy to get her lady frustrated flew out the window. She ached to be taken.

“May I ride your face, Ms. Jung?”

Jessica sprouted upright, thick lashes battling gravity. And a simple motion--twirling her hair into a makeshift ponytail to swing over a shoulder--quaked a moan from deep in Yoona’s gut.

That must be her habit before oral. Yoona hoped her body would survive the orgasm.

Jessica descended fluidly, elegant enough to teach lessons in reverse-seduction. “You’re too hot for your own good.”

“Shit,” Yoona croaked, relishing in the image, sensation of Jessica’s tongue bathing her left knee, then her right, an expanse of thigh, curving to the softness bordering her core. “I should drop by more often.”

“You should.” A manicured fingertip drew a line from the top button to where her clit would be. “Maybe I’ll test your self-restraint.”

She coiled at the light pressure. “Don’t.”

Donning an impossibly sensual smirk, Jessica showed mercy, undoing Yoona’s button and zip. She delved under her blouse, caressing her wife’s taut abs with tongue and teeth. The shorts glided inches along Yoona’s legs, bunching midway.

“Sica,” she whimpered as Jessica nuzzled her nose into lace panties. Breathing her scent, ghosting her open mouth in a lustful loss of wits. “Please.”

Jessica rose, holding a hand out. “They’re stuck.”

Once Yoona followed, she detoured to kiss Jessica as deeply as she knew how, lips traveled to her neck and its skin put her senses into overload. Softer than soft, cool against her tongue, prickled with chill bumps. Yoona took the lead, ignited by the dainty fingers fondling her ass.


The single word sprung Jessica onto the desk, shifting papers. Yoona sailed light fingers from the curve of her hips to the hem of her pencil skirt, wishing to maneuver between Jessica’s legs. To buck until she came.

Jessica kissed her ear, guiding Yoona’s hand into her skirt. Teasingly close to her heat. “Is this what you want?”

“Nope.” Fogged in lust, she collided with highly saturated lingerie. “I want this.”

“I can’t get sweaty.”

Yoona grinned into Jessica’s jawline. “You’re already grinding on my fingertips.”

“Because you’re hitting all the right spots.”

“There’s one spot I haven’t hit yet.”

Her high moan could’ve shattered windows, but Jessica slid off the furniture anyway. “I’m the boss. Get on my fucking desk.”

Who’d argue with that? Yoona tangled the tight shorts to the floor and scooted upward. Willing, open. All systems ready. “Yes, ma’am.”

“Lie down.”

White sheets crinkled on her back, edges prickling flushed skin. Jessica yanked her flush by the legs and Yoona nearly detonated. “Your mouth’s gonna send me into orbit, isn’t it?”

Beautiful hair adorned Yoona’s stomach--blocking the view, but god, she felt everything. Jessica biting bruises on a thigh, skimming lower to fleshier skin, supping excess moisture. Tasting her. Jessica’s was tasting her.

“How am I, Sica?”

Jessica either didn’t hear or was too wrapped up in the elastic framing her folds. She glided the hand that wasn’t holding a thigh to Yoona’s stomach, palming a stretch of skin, grazing teeth over sheer lace. Mouth suctioning, tongue free-forming, panting breaths tickling.

Then, she was gone.

Dazed, Yoona propped herself on an elbow. Jessica spoke into the phone she hardly registered ring, licking her lips intermittently as she overcompensated in an ultra even tone. Yoona heard the receptionist making an affirmative noise.

“My clients will be here in ten.”

Starkly returned to professional mode, Jessica tossed Yoona’s shorts to the desk and reapplied her lip gloss in a wall mirror.

On and off? That easily? “Jessica.”

The woman flinched, rolling her eyes. “Put on your clothes.”

She did as she was told, watching Jessica fluff her hair, flatten any temporary wrinkles, and uncap a tin of Altoids from her handbag. The sexy cheeks remained, only to be dusted off with a brush of matte powder.

“Sica.” Her dejected heart sank. “You were into it, right?”

“Are you joking?”

“Not at all.”

Jessica slipped her purse on to her arm, smiling tenderly. She advanced--posture perfect, pitch aligned--to nibble at Yoona’s ear. “As much I’d love to fuck you on the yearly budget, I have responsibilities.”

“Why won’t you give in to me?”

The smile curled. And summing up what Yoona hadn’t realized she feared, Jessica hissed, “You know why.”


“Take this,” Tiffany instructed, passing another one of her smoothies. Light orange and thick, hinting of pineapple. “Drink. It’ll repair your day.”

Hunched in her drum set seat, Yoona drank.

Nope. Day still blew.

‘You know why.’

Ominous chills raked her flesh. Not once had the emails contained a ‘Jessica’s on to us’ discussion, unless those were done verbally. How much could her wife know?

Jagged peel scraped the roof of her mouth. Yoona winced for other reasons--asking ‘how much could her wife know?’ reeked of sleaze. She’d sunken to slimeball level.

A reborn sheep in wolf’s history.

A coward, too. Every time her thumbs attempted to terminate Hyelim’s relations, she’d choke. Haunted by her father’s infidelity and Chanhwi’s gun.

Yoona’s past was unresolved.

Yet, here she sat, dwelling on solving her other self’s pitfalls.

Carrying this guilt, she’d employed her phone for other matters: canceling today’s insane afterschool schedule. Choosing instead to drive Haeun and Joonie to an arcade. Arcades granted respite during Yoona’s emo teenage years; maybe her children obtained her player skills.

In pinball. Not on women.

They were a little young for the setting, earning her chances to pose Haeun to weather-scratched steering wheels like a hero.

Joonie’s temperament softened since that morning; so, he let her hand him wooden ammunition for ski-ball. The boy found hurling them at full strength hilarious. Yoona went with it, becoming the hapless parent too thirsty to placate.

She avoided shooting and 8-bit games.

Later, Yoona pressed a long finger to her lips like she had the first day they met. Making them swear not to tell Mummy of their adventure. Haeun mimed a zip to the lip, Joonie wobbled a nod, distracted by the blinking lights of Dance Dance Revolution.

“Damnit,” Yoona cursed, judging the afternoon flashback.

She wouldn’t stop her affair. Told her kids to keep secrets from their mother. And Jessica stuck around, guilt-tripping her.

Enacting the life of her own parents.


She broke from her misery to regard Jinki, their clarinet-playing bandmate. He and the others were chill, thankfully. None seemed homophobic. If they were, Fany surely threatened them not to show it. “Yeah?”

“Round five?” He pursed his lips onto a shiny mouthpiece.

To get their feet wet, Fany’s crew of divorcées voted on cover songs. It involved fewer headaches than songwriting and everyone seemed eager to put mileage onto their instruments. Unanimously, they chose ‘Feel Good Inc.’ by The Gorillaz.

Yoona loved this--playing the drums. Probably because it was a pre-Chanhwi talent. She taught herself and it freed her from zoning into crucial memories. No violent images or present stresses flickered behind her eyelids as she, Jinki, Sooyoung, Minjun, Jung-shin, and Fany sought their rhythmic harmony.

That harmony ceased one instrument at a time. Yoona parted her lashes, listening to her lone drum echo through the silenced basement.

“Jessica!” Tiffany greeted in a swoop of arms, “Have you returned to break more indecency laws?”

Fany really enjoyed teasing them about that post-bar make out.

Coloring, Jessica twisted a finger into her hair. “May I steal Yoona?”

“She’s busy rockin’ out, whore! Could you hear us from upstairs? We sound fuckin’ raw and real.”

“‘Raw’ is a generous term.”

Yikes. Bitchy.

Yoona hopped from her platform. A single drumstick spun in her left hand as she whispered, “Everything okay?”

Jessica hardly lowered her voice; its eloquence clearly pronounced, “Why are you fooling around with these losers?”

“Sh-shit, Sica,” Yoona muttered, pupils grazing the perimeter for a few insulted expressions. “Don’t be a hater. We’re Ctrl+Ex. Like the keystroke? I thought of it myself.”

“‘Noise Pollution’ is more fitting.”

“I’m orderin’ steak!” Tiffany hollered, snatching the closest person--Choi Sooyoung, the guitarist--in her ass haul to the stairs. “Steak dinner, anyone? Let’s give Yoona and Jessica their privacy.”

Jessica responded without breaking Yoona’s eye contact. “The kids are in the den.”

“Noted. Thanks!”

Maybe her wife wised up to their arcade hooky. Didn’t excuse this rudeness. “Seriously, Jessica? We won’t get fame or glory from Fany’s band, but its priceless.”

“You’re surrounding yourself with lonely divorced people.”


Like ‘Married and Lonely’. Yoona held her tongue.

“Have you given up on our marriage?” Jessica narrowed hooded eyes--eyes accented by a rim of dew. “Are you forgetting my sacrifices? How I flew across the fucking world to add your surname to mine until Cali could sanction our marriage?”

Yoona stalled, unable to pare her sights from floor. “N-no. I haven’t forgotten.”

‘Cause she didn’t know.

“I fought tooth and nail for Haeun and Joonie to keep your name, too! So we could be a normal family.”

Normal. What a joke.

She and her parents had been ‘normal’, too. If that entailed hypocrisy and camouflaged deceit. Golden Globe-worthy acting for family photos. Hugs in public that amounted to squat.

“Sica, the only thing that’s mine in our relationship is my last name.”

Yoona meant financially. Authority dynamics. Say-so within their household.

However, Jessica’s features were painted with utter horror, offense. Chin dimpling, brows tensing as she stepped away.

“N-no!” Yoona pursued her, dropping the stick and clapping her fingers into caramel. Jessica whipped her head to the side. “I didn’t mean it like that. Haeun and Joonie are ours. Wh-what I’d been--”

“You punish me every day!”

“That’s not true!” Knuckles tightened; one hand fell to clench her wrist. “I’ve changed! I’m not the same fucking person!”

Jessica spat directly in her face. “Liar!”

Yoona gritted past the nasty, unexpected action. “I am different!”

“You’re soulless.” Jessica’s hand balled into Yoona’s collar. “Stop blaming me for the cobwebs in your useless fucking womb.”

Tears smeared her view of the shorter woman. “You know nothing about my soul.”

Savage. This was why Yoona cleaved to Hyelim.

She understood.

“An inconsiderate, soulless woman drops five children on me without preamble so she can jerk around with our pathetic neighbors.”

“Even Fany?”

“This band is a slap in our marriage’s face! I demand you to quit.”

Last straw right there. “Everyone can’t be born into power, Sica! With beauty and poise an-and Daddy to offer a career on a porcelain platter. Fuck your eggs and fuck your demands.”

“Mad at me? Fine. Don’t take it out on Minjoon! Throw out another joke about his co-ed team or sneer at his hair clips again and I swear I’ll--”

She flung Jessica’s wrist, too repulsed for skin-on-skin. “You’ll what?”

Yoona braced herself to hear: ‘I’ll leave’ or even ‘You’ll regret it’.

Not this.


“Make my baby boy cry again and I swear I’ll kill you.”

Her angel. Sooyeon the Angel wouldn’t...

Sooyeon provided mercy; stroked her face to allay the pain.

Or had she been Yoona’s Angel of Death?

“Where’s your ring, Yoona?”

Jessica the Human stomped her heels upstairs, sparing no moment for Yoona’s inevitable answer: “I don’t know.”

She was so sick of not knowing.


That night, Yoona got drunk in her study. She slept there, too.

Just to wake up at the crack of dawn, drenched in sweat. From the worst nightmare to date.

A repeat of the Chanhwi dream. Only he’d been replaced by Jessica aiming the metal death barrel. And when Yoona withered to the floor, her body morphed into her father’s.

Too petrified to tread the halls for a bathroom sink, Yoona quaffed the last of her wine. She sucked her teeth of the tart flavor. Her mind conjured how she’d sucked a similar taste from Jessica’s tongue hours earlier.

Fucking Jessica.

Her phone chimed in a new email message. Yoona double tapped, feeling Hyelim all over this.


So much has happened! My husband bought me a hamster. ^^ He (or she? I can’t tell) isn’t as awesome as the Gauguin print you sent a month ago. It’s hanging in our bedroom. hehe

Does your wife treat you more kindly? Tbh, I hope not. We’re in this boat together. Us two.

Where’ve you been? I miss you. I want to show you Giuseppe (that’s what I named my hamster. His eyes are pure and adorable like yours).

Are you laying low? Keep reading these messages ‘cus we both need them.


PS. I’ll wait for you.’

“Alter-me, you bitch,” Yoona breathed, drooped onto the cold wall. “Tangling this nice girl into your downward spiral. Buying her shit like a rich fuckin’ twat. I should end this right now.”

She didn’t.

Instead, she corresponded.


Thanks for waiting. We should meet.


...Anyone notice my ‘Galaxy Supernova’ ref? Heh.

How’s that angst, tho?? :**

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sataengsminion: pic#125078116sataengsminion on December 18th, 2015 05:02 am (UTC)
I'm sorry. not really

You're such a tease! I take it back, Jessica ain't a saint. She's Satan. Sataeng *hearteu eyes* Hey, if Jessica won't take that breakfast...i would << most important meal of the day >>

Precious dinosaur loving little twerp. I lahv Haeun. I love both of them, and here we thought i wasn't going to. I take it all back. ;___________; btw, i'm still waiting on that teacher's ssn number, babygay.

YOU'RE SUCH A TEASE!! GDI. HOLD ON, BEFORE WE GET INTO WHY YOU'RE SAVAGE...HAAAAY SEOHYUN, HAAAAAY GIRL ;) *skype gheibows* //clears throat ;______; NOT ONCE, BUT TWICE IN ONE CHAPTER. #justiceforsexdeprivedyoong #whenwillthedrimcometrue ---

On a more serious note, the "You know why" hit me right in the feels. Jessica must have been pretty hurt by Alter-Yoona. Like i mentioned before, she must know about the affair. Sticks by Yoona because she still loves her and for the sake of thier kids. But she's no saint. They are both hurting each other. I feel that if Alter-Yoona was still there, the relationship would have been over by now.

How many times has Alter-Yoona taken out her anger out on Joonie? It must have been plenty, to have the child traumatized. No one should treat a child like that. Jessica won't take any of it anymore. That threat completely destroyed Yoona. Poor girl. So i'm guessing this is how it all happens. one fight and Alter-Yoona runs to Hyelim. This is so complicated. This story makes my head hurt (in a good way) << don't be stressing over this. I lahv it, mmkaaay >>

Now if theres any mistakes or if something doesn't make sense.... oh well. >:DDDD

No, really, i'm sorry if it doesn't OTL


Edited at 2015-12-26 08:42 pm (UTC)
checkinyourbra: taeyeon02checkinyourbra on December 29th, 2015 07:12 pm (UTC)

NOWHERE IN THE STORY CAN I FIND, “Our author is a savage!” You must reread, bish.

<< I’m also not offering Yoona’s ‘breakfast’ to you…

”Jessica ain't a saint. She's Satan. Sataeng *hearteu eyes*”—Forever scouting for a TaengSic moment. heheheh




”Sticks by Yoona because she still loves her and for the sake of thier kids. But she's no saint. They are both hurting each other. I feel that if Alter-Yoona was still there, the relationship would have been over by now.”—After my silliness, I’m brought back to reality. This is good stuff, babes. Keep it goin’.

And I agree with your thoughts about how Alter-Yoona treated Joonie. Only so much until Jessica explodes on her. It’s about little (and larger) comments and actions that make her kid wary of Yoona’s presence.

JESSICA’S THREAT, THO. Like, seriously it’s the WORST thing to say to Yoona.

Yaaaayyy for your hurting head. I think. >>

EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE. you’re still not getting breakfast from Yoongie. back off

I la- la- la- love youregreted on December 18th, 2015 05:13 am (UTC)
gosh i've forgotten the last chapter, bee back soon.

FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! no way i'm... in the end you just... i mean



dear yoda! this is terrible. yoona is gonna be a rich fucking twat like og yoomie!!!


Edited at 2015-12-18 06:31 am (UTC)
checkinyourbra: Seotae01checkinyourbra on December 29th, 2015 06:59 pm (UTC)
Yesssss your beautiful comment on Chapter Three. <3333

HAHAHHAA awwwwwww



look kinda like a poem.

//beatnik snaps

DEAR YODA!!!!! Save us from another rich fucking twat!!

astro24: pic#125678896astro24 on December 18th, 2015 05:24 am (UTC)
Omg! *readies my fainting couch* hahahahahahahaha will be back. *giggles* XD

Um...... What just happened....? Apparently lots of things happened. Lol I don't even know where to start. Hahahahaha

"What happened to the other Yoona’s soul?"-- waaaaahhh, I've been asking this question to myself a lot. I wanted to ask but I forgot to include it in my previous comments lol. Hmmm.. I wonder what happened to her. Hahahaha

Awwww, Haeun is such a bright kid. >.< And it's so heart warming that Yoong appreciates her child's work. XD But I find Mrs Ban funny tho. I can feel her hate towards Yoong. Hahahaha I just wanna slap her and be like, *slap* stop the hate woman, Yoong is too adorable to be hated. Hahahahhahahaa I'm just kidding, no to violence. :O :O hahahaha

I almost fainted during the office room scene. Lol I was like, no, wait!!! Move the papers woman!!! Hahahaha so funny that I was still able to think about cleaning up first. Hahaha oh silly me. Hahaha XD

Hmm, I also wonder how much does Jessica knows about this affair (this question popped in my head while I was opening the door. Lol). :O and..... Why does she put up with it...? :O :O Is it for the sake of their children...? :O out of love...? :O lol all these :O smileys makes me laugh hahahaha anyway, did Jessica confronted alter Yoona about this before...? * exaggerated gasp* hahahaha Oh too many questions~ I'm loving this story even more!!!! *makes annoying cheering noises* hahaha I kinda feel bad for present Yoong because she has to clean up the mess that alter Yoona made. *sobs* hang in there Yoongie~~~

They're really serious about this band thing?? Hahahaha Why do I find this funny....??? Hahaha *please ignore this comment*

I actually got scared when they started arguing. :O I thought Jessica was going to slap her. XD I hope this meeting with the other woman will put an end to this messed up situation. And I wonder how will Yoona do it. Ahh, too much feels in one chapter. I think I went from happy to sad to scared. Hahahaha Can't wait for more!!!! XD see, I'm still hyped. Hahaha

I knew it!! It was Galaxy Supernova! Hahahaha nice. Hahaha Now I gotta calm myself down. I'll be waiting for the next update~~~ *o*

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checkinyourbra: taeyeon04checkinyourbra on December 29th, 2015 07:55 pm (UTC)
Astro bb! Your fainting couch/cushion came in handy sooner than you thought. xDDD

Ah, yes. Many things happened. Givin’ y’all something to think about over the holidays. >.>

The other Yoona’s soul. Well, it depends. Do you think souls life forever, or if they’re eventually sucked into the Void? Like, Yoona had the [End] option. That’d entail an end-all, yes? //scratches chin

^^^Look at me bringing stuff up from future chapters. hahah

Omgomgomgomg over holiday break, I was around a cousin’s five-year-old niece and asjf;dsfjldjfs SO CUTE. She’s super bright and had SO much to say—just like Haeun. bahahaha

Yoona’s doing what comes naturally and if it’s working on anyone, it’s def. working on her daughter. ^^ OMG MS. BAN. Such a biiiyaaaatcccchhh hahahah I think the scene of her vs. Yoona would be hilarious, too. Violence sucks, but I’d act like I didn’t notice if a fed up lesbian gave ‘er a teeny slappy slap.

WERE YOU WORRIED ABOUT THE PAPERS!?!?! ‘No, no those yearly budgets are important, YoonSic!!!’ HAHHAHAHA I was still aware of them~

I can’t answer your questions if I’m too busy cackling at the :O faces. bwahahahahhaa I loooooveeeee your cheering noises!!! Not annoying at all. :***


Awww you got scared, bb. D: //buys you another fainting cushion

A slap wouldn’t have been shocking. I made her spit in Yoona’s face, though, which is //shudder. hahaha Gross, but the thought of Jessica doing it is kind of hot despite the situation. <.< Don’t mind me.

Ahh those feelings, bb. STAY HYPED. YAAAAS

Wooooooo you got the Galaxy Supernova ref. //dances

Thank youuuuu for reading, bb. hehehehhe
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(no subject) - checkinyourbra on January 2nd, 2016 07:37 am (UTC) (Expand)
(Anonymous) on December 18th, 2015 05:41 am (UTC)
Holy fucking shit, you have no idea how many times I said that while reading this. That was a whirlwind of emotions, god damn. That was a fucking trip! Holy shit. Every chapter you write just makes me want more.
checkinyourbra: jessica03checkinyourbra on December 29th, 2015 06:50 pm (UTC)

THANK YOUUUUU, ANON, for you “holy fucking shit” feelings. It’s so to the point and just…*uncontrollably giggles* I’m so proud that you read my story. >.<

I’ll try to keep this trip rollin’ for ya~~~ ♡♡
(Anonymous) on December 18th, 2015 10:18 am (UTC)
wow, just wow. This chapter was like a rollercoaster ride & at the end omg?? Jessica no~
Tbh, at the "Make my baby boy cry again and I swear I’ll kill you", I was wondering if alter-yoong went to the world Yoona came from. LEGIT. It sounds so mindblowing but well I doubt so. Really wondering what happened to alter-yoong & how did this new life happen for Yoona as well.

The explosion of emotions by Jessica at the end of the chapter took me by surprise but honestly, I should have expected it.
Would be really awesome if we get to see Jessica's POV.

Idk if my sentences are even coherent (that is what this chapter did to me :S so please pardon me!)

checkinyourbra: yoona01checkinyourbra on December 29th, 2015 07:18 pm (UTC)
The end is the cherry on top of a roller coaster-y chapter~~~~

Welp, if Alter-Yoona went to the world Present Yoona came from, she’s either dead (which is an interesting thing to explore) or in bad shape. Possibly stuck in the Void-ish limbo. The mechanics of afterlife stuff may not get a ton of detail, but I do have a concept and some explanations. It’s a really tricky theme that can be left open to interpretation.

‘Explosion of emotions’ is right. Gaaaaahhhh it was fun writing that. hehe

“took me by surprise but honestly, I should have expected it."—Word.

This story’s solely from Yoona’s POV. We’ll just have to see through her eyes for this one~

Very coherent! No worries, love. ♡

Edited at 2015-12-29 07:19 pm (UTC)
(Anonymous) on December 18th, 2015 11:50 am (UTC)
jess finally lost her cool! happy for this development but also ;;____;;

and whenever i read about yoona putting off her breaking up with hyelim, i'm just laughing at how this is one of the worse things to procastinate even though the visit to jess's office is definitely the more appealing option.

yoona!!! finding THE ring should have been her first priority since discovering her lack of one! (though i myself kinda forgot about it too and have no idea how she would find it eiither lol)
checkinyourbra: yoona02checkinyourbra on December 29th, 2015 06:45 pm (UTC)
Jessica flipped her pretty wig, didn’t she?? :00 As you cry through the development. Awwwww.

Hahahaha it’s funny thinking about her procrastinating. It makes me imagine someone watching me in my everyday life and screaming, “DO IT ALREADY” for all my adult-y things. Quite funny/frustrating, indeed.

And I mean, Jessica’s such a lovely distraction~


WILL Yoong ever find it~

Thank youuuuu for reading, bb. Holidays are coming to a close and I’m ready to do some hardcore editing when I’m back in NYC. Yessssss~
yuukistar22yuukistar22 on December 18th, 2015 10:04 pm (UTC)
checkinyourbra: taeyeon01checkinyourbra on December 29th, 2015 06:39 pm (UTC)
:** hehehe
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(no subject) - checkinyourbra on April 15th, 2017 03:17 pm (UTC) (Expand)
(Anonymous) on December 19th, 2015 11:17 pm (UTC)
YAAAS (04)!!

Oh my goodness, Bra. Seriously, I read this on posting day and I couldn't even process my feelings enough to write anything. It went from hopeful to broken and took my heart with it. I just put my phone down and sat and stared into space a while before running off to read your Serendipity fic. Don't worry, this fangirl has read it though again and has her feels under control now. Thanks for that crazy, emotional roller coaster.

Yoonsic Fallout
Dude, I knew Sica and Yoong were going to hit some more rough patches, but daaaaamn. Silly me, fearing for Little Joonie's safety when it's Yoong I should be worried about. Rough words come up in arguments, but wow, "kill", is such a strong word -- plus her line about Yonng's infertility. Savage, indeed. NGL, I'm scared to find out if it was Sica finally losing her cool over the affair and this sudden change in who she still thinks is AlterYoong or if Sica really has been this abusive, controlling person all the time. I'm hoping that they'll be able to open up and really start to fix things because of this crazy blow out. Geez.

Freaking cute lines and Giuseppe the hamster. Fuuuuuuuu. NGL, because of your awesome writing and 3D characters, Hyelim seems like a really nice lady. Do I condone cheating? No way, but after getting a glimpse of Savica, I get why Alteryoong would turn to her. Le sigh. I'm still rooting for Yoong to break it off because, I dunno, it doesn't seem fair to Hyelim or Sica because neither really had AlterYoong no matter how much they thought/hoped they did and they definitely don't have her in Yoong now. Anyways, hopefully Yoong can end it well with Hyelim. P.S. Sica totally knows. (find that ring ASAP!)

Mama Hwang and the Things
They are hilarious and crazy. That scene where Yoong walked in her living to the Trips fighting and that line about "hosing them down" made me laugh! Lol and That Man left a sweet up behind for Tiff to use! Also, it's really comforting to see that AlterYoong had a best friend like Mama Hwang in all this crazy and that Yoong has someone who has her back.

Mrs. Ban Ugh, this close-minded teacher made me so angry. Not saying she can't have those opinions, but she shouldn't be pushing them on her students. Ugh.
On the brighter side, that Hauen/Yoong art moment warned my heart so much. I know I keep saying this, but I really hope Yoong fixes things, if not her and Sica, then at least for their kids.

Smexy Office Time!
Daaaaaaang, that was secksey! Of course, it took a sharp turn into heartbreak, but it was hawwwwt while it lasted.

I'll end this novel here. Thank you for the feels of an update! Please update again soon and mend my broken feels XD.

checkinyourbracheckinyourbra on December 31st, 2015 09:05 pm (UTC)
Re: YAAAS (04)!!
Did something happen? //scrolls up


Hahhaha oh gawd I killed your commenting process. xDD Thank goodness you could recover because I freaking love what follows here. And just…asjfld;fjsldfl for you to be so affected makes my heart go pitter patter. LOL Oh, Serendipity~

Yoonsic fallout
”NGL, I'm scared to find out if it was Sica finally losing her cool over the affair and this sudden change in who she still thinks is AlterYoong or if Sica really has been this abusive, controlling person all the time.”—I love that you consider this one. Those words are rough ones and in order to clear the air of their origins, these women are gonna have to talk.

Plus, from a writer’s standpoint: I thought, ‘What is the WORST thing she could say to Yoong?’ and I found it. Went from uh oh to D: real quick. hahaha…I mean… ;((

GIUSEPPE. Makes me wanna get a hamster and name him this. I was so proud of that name.


”it doesn't seem fair to Hyelim or Sica because neither really had AlterYoong no matter how much they thought/hoped they did and they definitely don't have her in Yoong now”—YOU’RE ON A ROLL. OMG. I’ve had my share of ‘villain-esque’ characters, but it’d be too easy to make Hye some basic Cruella side chick. Nah, Yoona would cheat with a nice chick.

Mama Hwang and the Things
HAHHAHA SPRAY THOSE KIDS. That Man seems to have a habit of collecting instruments. Tsk tsk. Really, idk where she’d be without Tiffany as a bestie.

THAT TEACHER. hahahahaha so bitchy that I loved it. Some people feel so entitled to just…yeah. She sucks.

Awwwww I warmed your heart. >.< ((then attempted to rip it out)) Kids are such a big part of her new life. Glad Yoona realizes this.

Smexy Office Time!
AYYYYYYYYYYYY I loved writing itttttt ;DDD

THANK YOUUUUU FOR THE NOVEL, MAH YAAAS BB. I’ll….try……to…..mend things. I got back into NYC yesterday and New Year’s is gonna be busy. BUT DON’T THINK I FORGOT ABOUT GG. That new chapter is written and I gotta edit like cah-razyyyyy >.<

Edited at 2015-12-31 09:06 pm (UTC)
Maria: pic#125482624AllTooMe on December 20th, 2015 11:33 am (UTC)
I'm crying. I swear, I'm crying. The angst is killing me omg
I was so flying in Heaven with all that flirting and teasing and it was so perfect and omg I was freaking out and then the argument happened and my heart broke... "I'll kill you" *freaks out and cries forever more* I was so NOT expecting that (my poor heart...) and now Yoong's meeting Hyelim out of despair? Omg what
Nonetheless, I think this chapter is my favourite one so far <3
I like how she's fixing her relationship with the kids, but my Yoonsic is broken no matter how Sica teases her... Idk whyyy... I'm not really sure if it is about Yoona cheating on Sica with Hyelim and Jessica finding out. Maybe there's some other thing that happened? And the greatest thing is that she's gotten so used to her new life, she's trying to fix everything Alter-Yoona messed up. I'm still worried about the reasons why Yoona cheated... And I /need/ to know what's the thing with Sica the Angel... But yeah, this chapter gave me so many feels and kind of like butterflies-in-the-stomach sensations... And I really enjoy Fany and her smart speech full of references (even though the Yoonsic-teasing-each-other speech wins in life <3)
I love love love love love this multi-shot <333 Thank you so much~ And Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you! Enjoy the holidays and as much as I'm rooting for a new update, don't worry, I have plenty of your works I can re-read lol and stuff I can do in the meanwhile! And I'm so excited you're giving this an extra chapter :D Happy holidays to my favourite fanfiction author
PS "Jessus Kryst" lmao

Edited at 2015-12-21 12:22 pm (UTC)
checkinyourbra: yoonsic02checkinyourbra on January 2nd, 2016 05:17 am (UTC)
CRYING. BBBBBBB D: //slyly collects a vile of your tears for science

Don’t let the angst kill you!! YOU HAVE SO MUCH TO LIVE FOR.

Omgggggg bb you’re freaking out after all that yummy teasing. >.< S-sorry???


Yoona’s trying her best to fix things with the kids. Oh, Alter-Yoong >.>…and as for YoonSic. All the teasing in the world can’t cover their problems, sadly. If only it could be that easy~

”And the greatest thing is that she's gotten so used to her new life, she's trying to fix everything Alter-Yoona messed up.”—Bb’s gotten soooo used to this life. ;____; It’d be a shame to lose it..

Ah, yes. Let’s not forget about our Angel Sooyeon~ bwahahah


Ahhhh thank youuuu. Sorry I couldn’t respond to your comment sooner. I loved every bit of it and now that the new year is underway, I can get back into routine. I HOPE YOUR CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR CELEBRATION WERE BEAAAAAUUUTIFUUUULLLLLL

>.< B’awwwww at you re-reading stuff. So sweet. asjfd;fjsf FAVOURITE. //faints

Onto the new chapter!!!

PS: hehehhehe ;D
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(no subject) - checkinyourbra on February 3rd, 2016 09:38 am (UTC) (Expand)
(Anonymous) on December 20th, 2015 01:36 pm (UTC)
OMG Yoona, what are you doing?!

OMG Jessica, what are you doing?!


checkinyourbra: yoonsic01checkinyourbra on December 29th, 2015 07:21 pm (UTC)

I'll answer your rhetorical questions:

Yoona: Sulking in her study.

Jessica: Pissed off, contemplating embroidery options.


//snaps as hard as I can

hehehehe thanks for readinggggggg :**

Edited at 2015-12-29 07:27 pm (UTC)
(Anonymous) on December 20th, 2015 07:36 pm (UTC)
Awesome chapter
So far every chapter has brought in new angles into the story and explains further about previous ones. I really dig it. I read this earlier via phone but thought this deserves a proper response, a time where I can site down in front of the computer and type, hence the late response.

I started imagining how Jessica manages to live with Yoona, keeping the marriage, or even touch her, if she loathes her that much. This is a love-hate relationship and it is something I've never experienced before. I imagine it's because Jessica loves Yoona so much that she refuses to let someone else have Yoona if she can't have her and would just end her life herself. If that makes sense.

I despise alter Yoona for not embracing LGBT. I mean what the hell is wrong with her? Why care so much about other people's thoughts? Joonie will grow up to be a beautiful and handsome man, because he has her genes. And even if he doesn't have her genes it shouldn't matter. She should be grateful. And the different incomes within the couple problem is so... I don't even know. I mean they're in their 8th year and she should have known before she married Jessica. And Jessica is just pathetic and hypocritical for thinking she's better than her divorced neighbors. At least they're willing to face their mistakes (hence the divorce) and not pretend like problems don't exist. Alright I'm not gonna go down that route of blaming faults lol even though I already did.

Seriously, LA, you should consider publishing this as a book. I would totally buy this and read on my kindle and be a better stalker who contributes to her stalkee lol. Plus I have always wanted to read a Yoonsic fic where they're married and going through phases of problems like every other couple. By far this is the best I've read. It is 3 dimensional, lively, resolute, and matches Yoona and Jessica's characters.

Happy holidays and be safe!! :)
checkinyourbra: jessica05checkinyourbra on January 2nd, 2016 05:28 am (UTC)
Re: Awesome chapter
:0000 OMG. You came back to comment?? AHdlsjfdlfsfd THANK YOU. It’s funny because I actually prefer to read fic on my phone and then comment via computer. Hehehe

This getting-cheated-on while married thing…yeah, can’t say I’ve gone through it. Though, I get it to an extent. On top of a love that may be there, there’s so much more at stake. There’s unions and a home and possibly children. Like, even if they split up, they can’t be completely severed. :00 Jessica’s definitely passionate about these feelings. Bold enough to threat Yoona, yet passive enough to ignore issues in the face. What you said made sense, bb. ^^

I despise alter Yoona for not embracing LGBT. I mean what the hell is wrong with her?—I’m so glad you’re being honest about it. It’s a very responsible feeling, honestly. Especially since she should know the feeling of nonacceptance.

”Joonie will grow up to be a beautiful and handsome man, because he has her genes. And even if he doesn't have her genes it shouldn't matter. She should be grateful.”—Bless. It’s funny that you mention both ’beautiful and handsome’. I address this later. :333

Jessica elevating herself about the divorced neighbors is grimy. No doubt about it.

Ahhhh a book??? Maybe one day. ;D Until then, enjoy my stuff for free! Y’all loving it is enough to keep me goin’. AND YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED A MARRIED YOONSIC FIC LIKE THIS?? Wooohoooo. Here ya go~~~ hahaha //sobs in happiness

Hope your holidays were awesome!! You stay safe, too. ♡♡
DjBoomCat(╯°□°)╯︵┻━┻: Taeyeondjboomcat on December 21st, 2015 06:42 am (UTC)
Wow oh wow
Three parts that really got to me.
1. The office scene
2. That fight
3. "Savage"

The beginning started off innocent enough, I never would have expected what happened later. Sica and her harsh words were practically a stab to the heart. And now Yoona's going to meet with "the other woman''. Ah man your gonna kill me with this cliff hanger but holidays are busy days. I for one am getting wasted as well. Happy holidays and Merry Christmas! :)

checkinyourbra: jessica06checkinyourbra on December 29th, 2015 07:26 pm (UTC)
Re: Wow oh wow
Ooooh, a list!! *claps in glee*

“The beginning started off innocent enough, I never would have expected what happened later.”—Tis what I do; put you in a false sense of security. Then, I RELEASE THE COBRAS.

’Aim at their hearts,’ the writer orders, pointing to a chart of readers’ vital organs. :333

Ooof. This is a bit of a cliffhanger. :00 Um um um hope your Christmas was veryyyyy merry a well!!!


(Anonymous) on December 21st, 2015 07:47 am (UTC)
My heart is ... My heart is oh my god
This is gonna be long~~
I don't know what to say honestly so forgive me if this becomes incomprehensible lol. I mean I know what I want to say but i don't know how to organize it ugh *clears throat* ANYWAY

Sooo I've been lurking for the past chapters and I've been rererererererereading (yes lots of re-s) and wow I LOVE YA. I've loved you ever since WGTG and I cannot believe I loved you even more because of this fic. Thank you for making this-- this is just beautiful *cries*

On their character:
Okay, about Yoona. Yoona, my poor Yoongie, now she needs to fix things alter-Yoona left, without knowing anything, barely, rather. I feel so sad for her... It's like she blindly deals with this universe fate brought her in and hopes it would work out. I hope it would work out as well I NEED YOONSIC GAHD PLS.

About Jessica, since I'm seeing things here as how Yoona sees them, I'm still partly clueless about her. So I'm going it judge her from what is given to me for now... Okay, I really think something happened before that made her obssessive-compulsive(?), and like she wants things her way. But that something, I don't know.

Both Yoona and Jessica wants the best for their family and I can see that but they're also the ones who's gonna destroy it, seriously. Yoona with Joonie, Jessica's superior thinking... I'm sorry but I'm mad at both of them??? Is that okay?? Because ugh. First off, idk what alter yoong has done to joonie that he's so distant from her but I'm guessing it must've been harsh to hurt little cutie joonie that bad. Secondly, jessica wyd gurl I was on your side because of alteryoona's cheating but now.. I'm imagining Jessica keeps on bringing up alteryoona's infertility or like how she's the one who should make decisions and that'd really suffocate me if I was in alteryoona's position.. They're a couple with a family and those decisions are to be made by the two of them. Now I'm sad.... They need to grow up tbh..

Then again cheating is a matter of choice. I understand alter yoong but it doesn't excuse her nuh uh not one bit. And c'mon yoongggg stop procrastinating about ending this! This hyelim tho.. We are still to meet her

And the kids!! Oh I love them their so squishy and cuddly and all beautiful things in the world. Haeun my cutiepie, I wonder why she's seeking so much attention, or maybe that's just the way she is... Smart, gifted girl. Know-it-all as well, but the parents can work on that. (Obviously got that trait from the mummy). I like how she's clingy and sweet or how she always asks for compliments. Minjoonie, joonie buggie, too precious, don't worry, new yoomie will make it up to you. Deep inside though he's still young I feel like joonie wants to feel love from yoomie but terrified as he feels rejected, poor joonie... Oh kids. I give them a virtual hug~

I like the progress.. It's good Jessica finally burst with emotions, yasss to dat angst. But not too much pleeeaasee? Abt if sica knows or not... Hm.. I think she has a clue..? Like she feels in her gut that there is someone else "lurking" BUT she chooses to NOT KNOW? Just like how she chooses to escape and not face her problems, example when she cut off Yoona's apology? Idkidkidk hahaha just my opinion bc that's what I'm getting from her. On the other hand, if she does know, WOW strong girl lol.

I also love it when Yoona asks "You like?" It makes me awww idek I just find it adorable (I bet Jessica finds it adorable, too. She's just good at masking her feelings and keeping it in). And what's with the rain checks? Why won't she let things go further? She's liking the new Yoona I can see it but something happened that she's put up her walls so high like that. What have you done, alteryoong??? Where's dat ringgg? And that "I'll kill you" tho... If only she's aware how new Yoona's sensitive about deathly topics..

Jessica needs to stop thinking she's better than everyone and consider other peoples feelings while Yoona needs to fix these stuff-- the issue with Joon bug, Hyelim, the freaking ring, the marriage, and I ain't forgetting abt chanhwi-- ASAP. And where is alter-Yoona?

OMG that was long... Haha. But that'd be my comment for the four chappies~ THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR THIS, REALLY. This otp, this au, everything. *hearts everywhere*
checkinyourbra: jessica05checkinyourbra on January 2nd, 2016 05:52 am (UTC)
Re: My heart is ... My heart is oh my god

Ooh you cleared your throat, so I know you mean business. Lemmie sit politely and read through this. :333

OMG! A WILD LOVE DECLARATION APPEARS! And you’ve been following since WGTG?? REALLY?? :OOOOOO <3333333333

Check out that sympathy for Yoongie. Isn’t her situation so….delicate?? haaha WISH THE BEST FOR HER. Bb learns more every day and she’s still in the dark for so much. Essentially having to catch up with 28 years of memories, which is pretty impossible~

”I NEED YOONSIC GAHD PLS.”—Hehehehhee :***

Jessica is a stickler, pretty much. For years, she’s been the alpha parent in the relationship, taking care of the kids and her life in the way she seemed most fit. We still get to learn about her through hints and conversation, though. So, who knows if something ‘happened’ or if it’s habits accumulating over time. :00

Hahahah you’re allowed to be mad at both of them!! xDD I agree with what you’re saying. Alter Yoona’s hurt Joonie enough to make that cutie draw away from her while Jessica is (I really like how you put it) suffocating Yoong with all this ‘power’ she possesses. It is sad.

”They need to grow up tbh..”—WOT. I say something like this in the next chapter. ARE YOU SPYING ON MY GOOGLE DOCS????

Yes, we meet Hyelim soon. Oh, Yoong~


”I wonder why she's seeking so much attention, or maybe that's just the way she is…”—Like anything else, it’s a mix of nature and nurture for her strong personality. hehe. I love that you agree with Yoona—the know-it-all thing is totally Jessica.

AWWWWWWWW YOUR WORDS ON JOONIE BUGGIE. I’m squealingggg. And I’m sure they appreciate your virtual hugs.

”yasss to dat angst. But not too much pleeeaasee?”—I’ll…see what I can do. <.<

Omgggg at your line about ‘choosing not to know’. AHHHH that’s such an awesome way to put it. :000

YOU LIKE THE ‘YOU LIKE’. YAAAAAAYYY It’s a running thing I keep between those two. New Yoona’s just trying to make sure Jessica’s okay…until things went kaboom. haha

(I bet Jessica finds it adorable, too. She's just good at masking her feelings and keeping it in)—I’M GOING TO CONFIRM THIS AS A YES. Jessica totally loves that.

The riiiiiiing. And the death topic. Yikes, Jessica. YIKES.

And questions. I-IDK BB. //frantically checks the files you’ve probably already read

I LOVED EVERYTHING. You have a wonderful, observant eye. ;DDD

*rolls in the hearts*

(Anonymous) on December 21st, 2015 08:26 am (UTC)
give it to me~! woooh!
gonna post here what I asked to you on your ask but I probably forgot it >,<

anyways why is Jess such a tease? why cant she give it to Yoong give it to Yoong

I like how Yoona is so onto doing the right things but still ended up on not doing it. She should've ended things with her affair (by her alter self) but if she does it the story would end faster right?, and I think I dont want this story to end that fast :3 I still want my Yoonsex hitting up and teasing each other.

annnd have a merry new year and happy Christmas. Spoil me/us much on your next update!

p.s: stupid captcha I'm a human too >:|
checkinyourbra: yoona03checkinyourbra on December 29th, 2015 06:56 pm (UTC)
Re: give it to me~! woooh!
I remember you from Ask!!! THANK YOUUUUUU FOR STOPPING BY. ‘Cause spoiling on my page would be so sucky. //hugssssss

”why is Jess such a tease? why cant she give it to Yoong”—Good question. Maybe Yoong hasn’t earned it yet~

Hahahahah at you mentioning the end of the story!! I love your logic. I mean, if Yoona did everything perfectly and Jessica responded appropriately every time, this would make a pretty boring story….or, it’d just be fluffy. Which wouldn’t be so bad. >.> Oops. Sorry. bwahhaa

You want Yoonsex? //checks document

Sure. If I feel like it~~~

Thank youuuuuuuu and I hope LOADS OF MAGIC for your New Year!!! Idk if next update will spoil you, but I’m definitely excited for what’s to come.

PS: LOL. I believe youuu—even when LJ doesn’t. hahahahaha
tiiifffyyy: pic#124280916tiiifffyyy on December 22nd, 2015 02:00 am (UTC)
That was just plain mean.... it's like 1 step forward 50 steps back.... HOW IS YOONSIC GONNA HEAL!? Fml and at the end with yoong's correspondence to hyelim.... god. I thought that was gonna be this chapter but NO! Only more things we dunno.

Soooooo with that little hot and steamy sesh in office~~ *wiggles eyebrows* SO CLOSE BUT SO FAR AWAY! Almosttttt she almost had it ittt and then-- damnnnn everytime jess plays with yoona like that i'm pretty wowed. You'd think yoona is on top in their relo seeing as its from her POV right? NOPE! you prove us wrong every single time... jess steering the wheel is actually really hot lol and the way she plays yoona, ooft. It's quite funny when yoona gets frustrated but the second last scene with their fight and all :O my muscles hurt from clenching so much!!! That was crazy! I was practically screaming for someone to acknowledge the elephant in the room!!

Just an FYI, i'm literally on the brink of death with each of your chapters. =.=

Have a merry christmas and a happy new year!! Hope you get turnt have a lovely holiday and enjoy yourself with booze family and frands. See you on the other side!
checkinyourbra: seohyun04checkinyourbra on December 29th, 2015 07:40 pm (UTC)
Plain mean?? W-who me or the story or… //sweats

“it's like 1 step forward 50 steps back”—Yikes. Feels that way, eh? //sweats more

STEAMY OFFICE SESH. BLOCKED BY ME. I’ll take responsibility!!! Oooh and it’s really interesting seeing readers’ opinions of this YoonSic’s sexual dynamic. I (of course) had to contemplate it myself, which is a fun part of the writing process. ;DD

“jess steering the wheel is actually really hot lol and the way she plays yoona, ooft”—AYYYYYYYYY :DDD

Oh gawd your muscles were clenching? I swear one of y’all is going to track me down to send a medical bill…

That elephant in the room is so ignore. ;(

“Just an FYI, i'm literally on the brink of death with each of your chapters. =.=“—HAHHAHAAHAHAHA I LOVE THIS. If this were a book, I’d add it to the review quote section.

The New Years coming uppppp. Maybe I won’t get too turnt, but tipsyness will definitely be a thing. Draaaaanksss. Enjoy your holidays, too, bb!!! Drink responsibly. :***