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02 January 2016 @ 12:02 am
Greener Grass [05]  

Title: Greener Grass [Part Five]

Pairing(s): YoonSic

Rating/Genre: PG-13 + Language; AU Healing Romance

Warning(s): Cyanide. :((

Disclaimer: I don't own Soshi. I don't own anyone, in fact. All Fiction.

Author's Notes: HAPPY 2016, EVERYONE!!! I hope y’all had a better New Year than I did…ugh drama. So, please forgive any oddball errors in this bish. BUT BUT BUT, JESSICA’S 'GRAVITY' COVER HAS BEEN LOOPING ALL DAY. BLESS HER VOICE.

Part Five:


Yoona hadn’t ever been so terrified of a door.

Well, not the door itself. The possibilities, heartbreak, and lies on the other side.

She knocked once and that’s all she needed. In a low creak, Hyelim’s home opened to her, culling her inside.

“It’s you.”

Shell-shocked upon entry, Yoona robotically accepted soft, undeterred arms looped at her neck. Completely ignorant to the proper alternate-version-of-extramarital-girlfriend formalities. “Yep. It’s me.”

Height-wise, Hyelim had at least a couple inches on Jessica. Shoulder-length hair, pronounced eyes, and an unusually quirked top lip that worked well on her. Very beautiful.

But, not Jessica.

Even as their hug melded into something more natural, Yoona made the comparison.

At this stage of the Im couple’s discontent, one couldn’t tell who was giving the silent treatment to whom. Mutual avoidance plagued their household for a week after their fight--besmirched by minimal conversation, one-parent limits per room, and glacial shoulders.

Now, another woman embraced Yoona.

“Honey,” Hyelim murmured into her neck, yet to withdraw, “you’re shorter than I pictured.”

Alter-Yoona and Hyelim exchanged many photos. Mostly of themselves. Occasionally of Haeun or pricey framework.

“Whoa, whoa. I’m taller than you.”

“Barely,” Hyelim fake-scoffed. Her voice thickened into molasses. “You’re gorgeous, hon. I’ve dreamt of this day.”

“Yeah, well...” Yoona detached from the smothering to kick off her shoes. She wore her chaebol’s mistress loafers--they’d become a staple in her everyday attire. “I brought muffins.”

Actually, Fany brought them. Yoona couldn’t hack this meeting on her own and Tiffany Hwang insisted on being her alibi for disappearing into a strange part of the city.

Under strict conditions. Opposed to any and everything cheating, Fany agreed only because an in-person breakup made it official, less ambiguous.

Ergo, Yoona, Haeun, Joonie, and the Things boarded Tiffany’s SUV that weekday morning. She dropped the children off at their respective schools before uncovering a paper bag of on-sale flaxseed cinnamon muffins.

Affair-ending muffins. ‘For hospitality’, Fany claimed.

Hyelim eagerly stole the bag. “Mmm. You baked them?”


“Did...um, who...” She swayed in her Brocatelle-patterned dress, brows crimping. Jessica in mind.

“My friend made them last night.”

Dumping Hyelim didn’t top her list of priorities so far. Yoona desired a non-selective listener, a tongue that won’t reprimand her for perpetuating Alter-Yoona’s shortcomings. It hurt to omit this from Tiffany.

Still, she prayed glass or cyanide didn’t conveniently make its way into the muffin batter.

Hyelim sighed relief. “Was it Fany?”

“Righty-o. She’s parked in a tow-away zone out there, so I don’t have long.”

Two hours. Tiffany set a Stormtrooper timer for two hours.

“I could drive you home.”

“That’s okay,” Yoona mumbled, blushing. Hyelim and Previous Yoona traded intimate notes for years--mood lighting, a couch-side table’s pretty setup, and the dress’ shortness weren’t subtle indicators of more. “Should we eat?”

Hyelim stared for a moment, grinning quickly after. “Yes! Coffee or tea?”

“Surprise me.”

So, giving what Yoona asked for, the woman pounced on her again. Nose brushing the other, bodies touching. “You worried me to bits. But, here we are, meeting for the first time.”

Yoona quivered into a smile. “Sorry.”

“Nothing’s ever felt so right.”

“Hye,” she tried in a nickname, “the muffins?”

“You must be hungry!” she laughed, trotting backwards to the kitchen in cute steps. “Sit anywhere while I reheat them. This’ll take a minute, tops.”

Yoona crashed onto the sofa, stifling a hard sigh. As expected, Hyelim was the sweetheartiest of sweethearts.

And the apartment spoke to her. Its interior wouldn’t win spreads in her mother’s magazines nor would the mismatched décor meet her wife’s strict standards. Though, Yoona quite liked the aged wallpaper, lineup of Wii games flanking the television, and a modestly square dining table for two.

Alter-Yoona probably appealed to this, too.

She drummed antsy fingers to her knee, warmer than she’d prefer. Tiffany raved nonsense about Yoona’s plain top looking ‘too fuck-me’ and peeled the sweater from her own back to cover the offense. Hopefully, her collar-tugging wouldn’t be misconstrued as arousal.

“Okay, here’s, coffee,” Hyelim poured a French vanilla brew into two cups. “for you, my darlin’. The oven will go off at--”

A rash of beeps finalized her point. She flailed in a semi-circle before tending to the noise, positively flustered.

Maybe Alternate Yoona should have met Hyelim. These first date jitters were heartbreaking. “D-do you need any help?”

“I got it, I got it.”

Hyelim allotted a muffin to each plate, uncapped a carton of creamer, then dove onto the couch.

“Where’s Kyuhyun at this hour?”

She draped Yoona’s arm over her shoulder, smitten. “He’s out on business until Monday.”


“I’ll have the apartment all to myself. Wanna come over tomorrow?”

Yoona crammed half a cyanide muffin into her mouth, attempting to appear less attractive. Oafish, if possible. “Can’t.”

“Jessica camps out at the office until late, if I’m not mistaken. I’d pick you up, bring you here or...” Hyelim’s spoon clinked loudly in her cup; her hands trembled. “a hotel. I’d pay so it won’t show up on your bank statement--ack, I’m getting ahead of myself and...and rambling.”

Said rambling triggered her conscience.

This was an affair. A bona fide affair.

Yoona coughed. “W-why haven’t we met until today?”

“You never asked.”


“We’ve...dabbled on the phone. On video, it’s almost like you’re here with me, touching me.”

Muffin and coffee churned in Yoona’s mouth like tar. Angry as she was about Jessica’s blatant disrespect, her mind reeled back to her dream body morphing to her father. The cheater. “Have I ever mentioned Jessica...wigging out?”

Hyelim snickered. “I distinctly recall her Highness epitomizing passive-aggression.” Her smile twitched when Yoona didn’t laugh along. “Why? Did she blow up at you?”


“That bitch! What’d she say?”

So, Yoona unpacked each step of the argument. Her excitement of belonging to Ctrl+Ex, an entitled Jessica barging in, the spitting, the cursing, the misunderstandings, the insidious comment about her infertility, the threat.

Hyelim proved herself an avid listener--no interruptions as she absorbed Yoona’s gestures, inflections. When she referred to ‘cobwebs in her womb’, the younger woman’s owl eyes hollowed in outrage.

Her empathy helped. Though Yoona lived in this infertile skin for mere weeks, that low blow shot a bullet’s worth of damage. As did the ‘kill you’ part, except not even her other self’s paramour comprehended its impact.

“Kick that bloodsucker to the curb, honey. Put her in her place.”

“I have...” Yoona paused as Hyelim tapped a cloth beneath her eyes. “No clue know what set her off. Jessica said sh-she knows, but how much? About you, or--”

“Of course she knows about me.”


“You called me, absolutely sure your wife connected the dots. We put our relationship on ice for...two weeks? When you saw life falling back into the status quo, you sent me flowers.”

Tensing her jaw, Yoona asked, “I just...ignore it?”

“It benefits us, really. You’re less paranoid and we don’t have to hide as much.”

“Like an open secret.”

“Rich people do this all the time; she can’t crack her flawless veneer to Daddykins.”

No wonder Alter-Yoona’s passwords were simple. If Jessica’s avoidance issues allowed it, why not seize the best of both worlds?

They were her parents. Plain and simple.

“Sic--” Yoona pinched a sugar cube into quarters. “Jessica’s not okay with this.”

“Who cares? Callous women get their just desserts.” Hyelim rubbed the length of her spine and Yoona hated that it felt so nice. To be wanted.

“Callous is bit strong...she’s....bearing a bunch of pent up rage.”

“And you aren’t?”

“I am. But, if we’d grow up...if-if we’d stop evading uncomfortable issue, Jessica and I could...”

Grow up.

Be honest with one another.

How could Yoona commit 100% when she had a girlfriend on speed dial?

“Where do you see us in a year, Hye? In five years?”

“You’ve asked this.”

“I’m asking again.”

“Ohh.” Hyelim’s dreamy eyes betrayed not a fleck of hesitation. “Our arrangement is fine.”

Fighting a frown, Yoona playfully squeezed her arm. “Be idealistic. Is that all you want from me?”

“I want you to leave her.”

“And Kyuhyun?”

“I’ll divorce him when you realize Jessica’s wrong for you.”

What constituted as wrong?

Im Sooyeon cleaved to a bourgeois lifestyle, lacked no sense of privilege, laid an undergrad’s workload on preschoolers, and sliced incisions with her insults. Conversely she weakened at the sight of ‘I suck’ cards, sanitized pool sticks, boasted a pouty awkward-streak, kissed their kids on the tops of their heads, and suppressed a talent for old lady hobbies.

Yes, the thought of Jessica blazed Yoona’s deepest emotions. Although, hearing an outside party--the other woman--impose judgement didn’t sit well. She’d come for pity and affection. Not a roasting session.

Hyelim dusted crumbs from her fingertips, smirking. “How’s Haeun? Still sharp as a tack, I bet.”

“The sharpest.”

“I got her a gift.” She held Yoona’s hand in place while she extracted a flat, wrapped item from under the sofa. “Since you said the griffin popup book was such a hit, I ordered others from the series. Wait ‘til she sees these mermaids.”

The griffin popup book. Skin burned like embers beneath Fany’s sweater. In Yoona’s favorite picture, evidence of a liaison was fucking posed onto Jessica’s lap.

“Don’t spend money on my little nerd. I’ll buy a copy myself.”

“Kyu doesn’t catch baby fever anymore, thank god.” Hyelim traced the seam of Yoona’s pockets. “I’d rather shop for your daughter.”

The bearded relationship. The envy of open lesbians’ lives. The frugal, cozy apartment.

Yoona gulped, wondering why this hadn’t crossed her mind earlier.

Hyelim and Kyuhyun paralleled Yoona’s past with Chanhwi. Sure, he didn’t gun her down. But, the similarities triggered flashbacks, carried images of her non-symbolic ‘dreams’--replays of her stomach gushing, ambulance lights, varying degrees of consciousness through the emergency suite. In those nightmares, pain wasn’t simulated. She suffered over and over until her alarm clock rang or a loved one called her name.

“Where’s Joonie’s present?”

Flippantly, Hyelim shrugged. “I don’t know what to buy for a boy like him.”

Toys,“ Yoona snapped. Its gravel caught them both wide-eyed. She untangled from Hyelim and paced the floor, flapping air beneath the wool sweater. “A three-year-old human loves toys. It’s not difficult.”

“What’s this temper?”

“I...I had a friend who stayed in a relationship with a man despite her orientation. It ended badly. Don’t let others dictate your joy, Hyelim. Or else it becomes something else.”

“Im Philosopher.”

“I’m not kidding! I’m fucking...” Yoona massaged her own throbbing eyes. “I’m fucking cheating on my wife.”

She could’ve inhabited this life for a day or a month or century and it wouldn’t ebb the guilt.

No more token pleasantries. No more coffee.

Time to set things straight.



Yoona,“ Hyelim stressed in her own grit, toe-to-toe once again. “I don’t regret falling for you.”


“I don’t! If-if you expect me to forget the afflicted woman on our Lonely forums who cried for a responsive ear, then you’re throwing away three of the best years of my life.”

“These can’t be.”

Hyelim pushed on a kiss--right at the corner of Yoona’s lips. “Jessica thinks she owns you. With a wave of her checkbook, she took your pride, your confidence, your spirit...your egg.”

Ugh, spirit. Jessica didn’t take that.

A gun, the Void, her selection did, literally.

And Alter-Yoona was a bitch for stringing this girl along. Did she have any intention to break the cycle?

Hyelim’s soft pecks traveled down her neck, where she breathed, “A woman’s made love to me only once, Yoona. I miss it every day. Every night.”

How sad.

She was practically hugged into her former self with Chanhwi.

If Yoona had replaced Alter-Yoona and diverged from the gunshot version, what’d that make of her now? If she picked the Void’s ‘End’ selection, would her soul have evaporated? Did Alter-Yoona’s?

“I’m--” Yoona remained planted to the floor, sniffling. “I’m ready...”

‘-to confront my wife. Alone.’

Yoona jerked from the kisses to say so. To thank her for lending her heart to someone so broken.

Hyelim spoke first. “Lemmie show you Giuseppe.”

Her hamster, as fate would have it, occupied a tubey, multicolored habitat in the bedroom. Nervous hairs tickled Yoona’s skin as she strode in. The air smelled vaguely of men’s cologne.

Yoona observed him squeaking away on a wheel. “Nocturnal guy’s still up.”

“Yep. “Hyelim snickered, rattling the water for his attention. “He’s training for a triathlon.”

This beady-eyed ball of white put a smile on Yoona’s face. “Cute.”

“Would you like to hold him?”

“Nah,” she mumbled, “he’s busy pumping iron.”

“Have you thought about buying a pet for the kids? Haeun’s a budding zoologist.”

“Their schedules won’t permit it.”

“Jessica’s doing.”


“I lied.” Hyelim angled to whom she viewed as a lover, pitch even. “Our arrangement wouldn’t be enough in the future. Meeting you...” Her fingers grazed Yoona’s chin. “Touching you, seeing your smile up close. My fantasies came true.”

“I’m glad I’m not disappointing.”

Hyelim’s smirk downgraded to a frown. “I wouldn’t consider our bond an affair. Honestly, I feel cheated when I think about you in her bed. You should be with me.”

Yoona’d preserved this long-distance relationship as a debt of sorts--hundreds of emails showed the most private snippets of Alter-Yoona’s mindset. As well as schedules, household customs, and invaluable history lessons. Hyelim served as a tutor; the interviewer of her own character map.

By seeking love elsewhere, she bolstered the one thing that irked Jessica to the bone because playing second banana was exhausting. It’d be a due change to relax more, to acknowledge Yoona’s point of view. Instead of yielding to Jessica the dominant ‘Mummy’-- bread-earner, child-bearer, fashionista, and executive who sipped coffee while scrolling the morning headlines.

On the far wall, the Gauguin print watched them. “I’m sorry you feel that way.”

“Giuseppe and I are a cute package, aren’t we, Yoona?”


“If you leave Jessica, you won’t be alone.” Hyelim’s eyes twinkled in the room’s shade. “You’ll have me and my hammy. Can’t offer a townhouse, private school, or stilettos, but we’d be happy.”

‘Private school’ jogged Yoona’s guilt for the worst. She wasn’t just cheating on Jessica; her kids were affected, too.

“I’d rather be happy with Jessica, Hye.”

Pronounced eyes stuttered. “Wh-what are you...?”

“I mean it.”

“Is that why you disappeared?”

Yoona’s two hours ran thin. “Yeah.”

“How can she satisfy you? She dangles her sexuality relentlessly. Neither of us have had sex in months!”

“She let me...” Yoona clenched a fist. “Jessica and I...”

Pink lips quivering, Hyelim slid her hand to Yoona’s shoulder. “You told me you wouldn’t.”

“We’ve been kissing, touching...”

“Is that all?”


“Cobwebs in your goddamned womb, Yoona! Remember?! She’s malicious.”

Yoona’s throat jumped in a whimper. Blinking hotness, she went on. She’d fudge the truth for the sake of bettering her future. She had to. “I um, went down on her.”

“You told me you wouldn’t,” Hyelim repeated, probably as devastated as Jessica since Joonie’s birth. “That was a mistake, Yoona. You and Jessica will fight again.”

“More than likely, we will.”

Divorce Kyuhyun, run away with Giuseppe, do therapy, join the circus--Hyelim’s options were endless. She deserved true love and not at the expense of another person.

Yoona inhaled.

“We’re over, Hyelim.”

Unsurprisingly, Alter-Yoona’s ex-girlfriend shoved her source of heartbreak out the door. She tripped into her shoes, dedicating a moment to release a week’s-worth of stress in a breath. Tasting hope, clarity.

And fear for the scarier adversary to come: Im Sooyeon.


Tiffany bothered for no saucy details once she mounted her leather passenger seat. The mother of three backed from her illegal parking spot, blasting 2pac through soccer mom speakers.

They hadn’t discussed the big fight yet, though Fany picked up enough to be eerily quiet. Yoona considered what Jessica may have told her on gym Tuesdays. It’d paint her as the villain, no doubt.

Especially now, as the SUV left a 3-year lover’s home in the dust.

“You took the whole two hours,” Tiffany murmured as she lowered the music’s volume.

A detached keyboard piece in the cupholder held Yoona’s eyes. Which of the Things were responsible, she wondered numbly. “Yeah.”

“You didn’t fuck, right?”

“Hm!?” She flushed, reciprocating the exact grim impression on her friend’s lips. “Jesus, Fany.”

“I’m just askin’. You’ve always been defiant about...her, so breakup sex’s not off the table.”

“We had no kind of sex.”

“You did cut the bitch loose?”

“She’s...” Hyelim wasn’t a bitch, really. Yoona sighed, hating this atmosphere. “Yes, I’m down to one woman. Cheers.”

“That’s not funny.”

“I know.”

“What’s she like?”

The brunette pulled the sweater over her head. Anxious, yet again. “Nice. Keeps her apartment neat, but not too neat. Has a heart for fluffy critters. And currently, she’s pissed.”

“I mean, you’ve led this girl on for years.”

Damn, if only it were that cut-and-dried. “Her bedroom smelled like her husband.”

“What were you doing in her bedroom?”

“Not fucking her.”

“Anything else?”

“Fany!” Yoona clenched the key piece in her fist, regarding the woman wearing a tank top and the frostiest glare conjurable. “This--she and I--are through.”

“You’ve said that shit before.”

“Woman, I’m not--”

“History repeats itself, Yoona! I’ll give you credit--this is the most promising progress yet and nothing better resurface next time you and Jessica go cold.”

Fucking history. Yoona was so done with history.

She hadn’t even lived it.

“There’s a pattern,” Tiffany continued, punching her turn signal. “You hurt Jessica with actions and she hurts you with words. Or, Jessica avoids you altogether and your words harm someone else.”

Yoona swallowed. “Fany...”

“I’m not getting into that today.”

“Fine. Whatever.”

As the ride proceeded, Yoona sulked, pressed into Tiffany’s window. Similarly to her rebirthday.

‘I’d rather be happy with Jessica’

Was that an honest statement or a frank comment for Hyelim to back off?

She’d cashed in on Hyelim’s fondness--how she aimed to please Yoona by warming muffins or racing to sit next to her or printing kisses--

Hoh shit.

Breathless in an instant, Yoona unflapped the overhead sun visor for a mirror. Sure enough, the lightest prints of pink stained a course from her lips down to her neck. Small wonder that Tiffany side-eyed her every fifteen seconds. She appeared fucking despicable. A shameless, no-good, unfaithful tramp.



The old-fashioned term cycled in her head as her forearms rubbed out the incriminating marks.

Tiffany parked on the side of the highway. Yoona watched her friend slip into her sweater, raise a brow, and ask, “Before I leave the city, is there anything else you gotta do?”


“I faked bird flu for this. Think.”

So, Yoona obeyed. Closing her eyes to focus. Shuddering when Tiffany crunched a napkin to her cheek, scratching Hyelim off like a bad itch.

Shame wouldn’t wipe clean so easily.

Neither would Alternate Yoona’s past. Especially when certain words and sights and people put her into a PTSD-like fever. And just as Tiffany flipped through twenty radio stations in dwindling patience, Yoona’s mind settled on something.

Or somewhere, to be specific.


“It’s off limits for renovations, but if you outpay my highest bidder, this place is all yours,” the squat landlady babbled, shuffling her slippers to the fourth floor of a rather familiar building.

Lady Yang, Yoona used to call her.

She strode at the 80-year-old’s side, encouraging full-faced conversation. Purely bewildered and eased a landslide of doubt when the miserly owner blinked no recognition to her tenant of nearly ten years.

Ten years in the other life, that is.

“What’s with the starin’, child? You sweet on me?”

Coloring, Yoona bowed in embarrassment. “N-no, ma’am.”

“Ya sure?” Lady Yang’s stiff, wilted fingers unlocked a door Yoona knew too well. It always needed a jiggle and a push to unjam. “My strange-as-hell granddaughter cut my hair too short on the sides. Makes me resemble one ‘a them...them...” She jiggled and pushed the knob as expected. “I’ma fix that.”

Yoona nodded. “Okay.”



“My hair. Doesn’t exemplify my feminine mystique.”

“It...suits you.”

“Your lying sucks. Las Vegas would eat you alive,” Lady Yang muttered, scuffing floorboard in her heavy step. “This here is your standard two-bedroom. Fair-sized, kitchen--”

“One and a half bath.”

“What? Speak up, girl.”

Yoona hugged her own chillbumped arms. “Nothing.”

“You mumble. You’re a mumbler.”

“My apologies, Lad--ma’am.

Lady Yang grumbled how she’d always grumble at adults under fifty, flipping every switch in their path. “One and a half bathrooms. Ample power outlets. Good ventilation.”

Brain in two universes, Yoona studied every nook and dent in the empty apartment. Doorside knicks hinted of Chanhwi’s clumsiness. Light scratches echoed the arrangement of antique furniture, random projects, a loveseat he won at a campus rally. Faded squares on the walls reflected locations of plaques, paintings, his most prized students’ framed writings.

Yoona ghosted fingertips to an unfaded spot in particular, where her playful poem about a carnivorous deer would’ve hung--had she existed here, in this timeline.

In his timeline. Chanhwi even emanated from the air.

She’d memorized the flat’s layout, its lighting, its water system that wouldn’t really be renovated if it’d save money.

And there, in the living room--

Where Lady Yang stood...

Yoona grazed perspiration and possibly a tear from her chin. “Why’d the last tenants move?”

The landlady glanced to the ceiling, withered hands clasped at her back. “An accident.”


“A domestic dispute.”

Heart galloping, throat drying, stomach rejecting coffee and pastry, Yoona tried, “What kind?”

“Full disclosure if you’re serious about buying.”

She had to know. “Yes, I’m--”

“There you are!”

Yoona and Lady Yang turned to Tiffany sauntering through, arms folded in a tizzy. “I wandered upstairs, got lost, and then I heard your voice from here and...what the hell is this place?”

Lady Yang advanced, top lip gnarled. “Get outta here, miscreant.”

“Miscreant?! I’m not off the streets, excuse you!”

Yoona rushed forth, recalling stories of Lady Yang’s quick temper and even quicker fists. “She’s no trouble; I can vouch.”

The old woman muttered, unsatisfied. “Are you lookin’ to live here, too, Lips?”

“That’d be correct, Wrinkles,” Tiffany countered, roping Yoona into a uncomfortably tight backhug. “We’re lesbian lovers.”

“Youuuuuuuu!” Lady Yang wagged her finger to Yoona’s nose. “I couldn’t give a rat’s ass what you do in private, but miscreants don’t sign leases. You may leave.”

Fany nibbled the bait. “I’m gonna leave you the bitchiest Yelp review, you decrepit Shar Pei.”

Damnit, Hwang.

“P-please,” Yoona plead, willing to grovel face-down, if necessary. “Fifteen more minutes.”

“Blame your loudmouthed friend.”

“Fifteen minutes and we’re as good as gone. Please, please, please.”

If memory served Yoona right, desperate, whiny young people repelled this lady without fail.

Slowly, warily, Yang headed to the door. “Ten minutes.”

When the landlady dipped out of sight, Tiffany kicked Yoona in the shin. “Where the fuck are we!?”

Yoona struggled to explain, finding nothing. “Nowhere.”

“Idly sitting in a car gives me cabin fever. So, I trail the sound of your guilt to this?” She vocally counted doors. “A two-bedroom for rent? Are you buying this for your girlfriend?”

“Fany, c’mon.”

“What’s your excuse for this apartment? Are you moving out?”

Yoona shook her head, eyes shut yet again. Devoid of reasonable replies. She’d merely given Tiffany directions, foolishly disregarding any normal person’s inevitable questions. “It’s not like that.”

“Are you living a double life? This is sus, Yoona. Too, too sketchy.”

Double life. Interesting way to phrase her situation. She rolled on her heels, eyeing a specific part of the floor. “I can’t say.”

“You said you weren’t feeling like yourself...” Tiffany took another cursory scan around. “How do you feel now?”

Yoona steadied her breathing, sweltering more than she would in any wool sweater. She felt...




Most importantly: not crazy.

Her life before wasn’t a lie. It’d been a tiny, whispering worry and meeting Hyelim brought memories of Chanhwi into doubt.

She knew this apartment and no other explanation could solve why.

Yoona died.

She died.

And Yoona dropped her head to a very puzzled friend’s shoulder, sobbing.


Thank youuuuuuu for being patient these last couple weeks. Knocking out that new chapter was…*wipes sweat*. Angst is tiring. ;(( ((but so, so fulfilling. heh.))

Hope to hear from y’all!! ^^

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sataengsminion: pic#125231677sataengsminion on January 2nd, 2016 05:13 am (UTC)

Fany nibbled the bait. “I’m gonna leave you the bitchiest Yelp review, you decrepit Shar Pei.”

GDI, HWANG! I love this bish. >;D

I am REALLY happy Hyelim is out of the picture, or is she? <.< Yoongsus can now focus on winning Jessica back. ♡♡♡♡ <-- using these now <.< Jessica needs to put in work, too. They both need to sit down and talk about their problems instead of throwing it at each other every single time. maybe some saxxx, too. That'll help. (sun) ♡

I really want to know what Jessica thinks about their relationship. Would be great to see from her perspective. Not that i want you to write more. <<;;

Will Yoona ever tell Jessica the truth about her, and how she died in an alternate universe? I feel she'd spill the beans to Tiff, but Jessica?

I'm cutting it here, bb gotta get ready



*inserts something about my comment being lame*

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checkinyourbra: sooyoung01checkinyourbra on January 9th, 2016 10:31 am (UTC)

Wishing Hyelim away quickly, are we? We'll see how kind I'll be to you.

"Yoongsus can now focus on winning Jessica back. ♡♡♡♡ <-- using these now <.< "--I love everything about this comment. Included those underused hearts.♡♡

Talking and saxxx?? I think I can arrange that...for a price. <<;;

Writing more?? D; But really, I hope you'll see more of Jessica's perspective. Especially in the next [redacted number] chapters. ^^

"Will Yoona ever tell Jessica the truth about her, and how she died in an alternate universe? I feel she'd spill the beans to Tiff, but Jessica?"--Good questions. Heh.


*inserts something about your comment being great anyways*
I la- la- la- love youregreted on January 2nd, 2016 05:36 am (UTC)
bless jessi's voice.
i;m super drink and i got a contact so maybe i'll be right back

i;m fucking pissed yoona's really doing this shit? hmm
fucking hyelim and her goddamned banter like you're shorter than i thought
bitch my fist is closer than you thought,

how can yoona do this to jessica
you're tearing my soul apart.

she's gonna break up, bitch she better,

also yoona lemme slap you a few times there's nothing 'sweetheart' about a mother effing homewrecker.

although... can you really blame a chick for thirsting after IM motherfucking yoon ah ahh ahhhhhhh!!!!!!

yess yess YES!!! dump her sorry ass

so i'm literally sobbing because the autoplay onf fucking youtube is literally jerking my tears because jessica and the fack that i've missed her voice so much, gosh braaaaaaaaaaaa why did you do this to me.
your yoona's making me sloppy this playlist is making me sloppy and i just want to be happy.

fucking tiffany is a bitch and i love it, yoona the fuckin twat deserves it evn if its mostly not her fault,
jessi's mean but damn yoonathe kids

Edited at 2016-01-02 06:16 am (UTC)
checkinyourbra: yoonsic02checkinyourbra on January 9th, 2016 06:22 am (UTC)
Re: bless jessi's voice.
BB. WHERE YOU ACTUALLY DRUNK WHILE COMMENTING. Because I read every update you put on this comment in a drunken voice and it was <33333

A+++ Entertainment. :DDD

"fucking hyelim and her goddamned banter like you're shorter than i thought
bitch my fist is closer than you thought,"

This is pretty much a realtime comment. Your feelings as they come out.

"can you really blame a chick for thirsting after IM motherfucking yoon ah ahh ahhhhhhh!!!!!!"--I sure can't. That girl is foooooiiiiineeeee.

Oh snappp I contributed to your sloppiness. xDDD if you didn't describe it so funny, maybe I could do more, but....BBBBBBBBBB HER VOICE IS ANGELIC. YOUTUBE AND I ARE CONSPIRING AGAINST YOU.

;__; Don't we all just wanna be happy?

"fucking tiffany is a bitch and i love it, yoona the fuckin twat deserves it evn if its mostly not her fault,
jessi's mean but damn yoonathe kids"

(Anonymous) on January 2nd, 2016 06:04 am (UTC)
Aaaaaaaaaaaah, I've said this before, but your chapters always leave me wanting more. I love the insight that has been given this chapter: that Jessica knows, that Tiffany knows, that alter-Yoona promised not to touch Jessica, that this is not the first time alter-Yoona's tried to leave Hyelim but she always ends up going back, Hyelim's life mirroring Yoona's previous life, Yoona's doubt and feelings about her previous life, that Yoona's previous life might have been a part of this universe as well. Super interesting, and I'm looking forward to seeing how this will all play into the story.
checkinyourbra: jessica06checkinyourbra on January 9th, 2016 06:17 am (UTC)
;______; Really? I hope I can maintain that momentum until the very end! I'd love to keep you around. :333

And WOW. You pretty much summarized the chapter. I have some things to say about the past life stuff, but you're a smartypants. I'll just wait it out and see what you say next. :DDD

I'll spray myself with Interest Juice so you'll NEVER LEAVE. MUAHAHAHAHHA

hehehe :**
하류: pic#125270867cateyes330 on January 2nd, 2016 06:20 am (UTC)
I'm back to fight for these worthless spots. Still fun to do it though. BRB!


So okay, where to start with this one of a kind break up. Well it's actually a clean break up I must say. Applause, applause. One thing I really like is how Yoona brought Tiffany along to be there for her, be her witness, be her ride, be her etc. Smart move!

Now to the things I'm frustrated with lol Yoomie, again, is a total dickbag! hahaha What the fuck was she thinking? She was totally stringing Hyelim along and DIDN'T care if Jessica knew. I guess that part really pissed me off. How could she not care? Okay maybe I'm just biased and jealous lol but if I'm married to Jessica Jung, the term women wouldn't even exist in my dictionary. There will only be one woman. I need to change her name to assyoom or dickyoom. Yoomie is way too cute for such an ass like her. Wow I sound like I hate Yoomie, lol I don't since she's Yoona and I love Yoona haha I just dislike the other her? Yoomie? her past? IDK anymore. Meh Although one thing I am surprised with is how they've never met in person. Good job Yoomie, one thing you kinda did right.

As for Hyelim, hmmm I guess I don't mind her although she sounds hella clingy and she's so unrealistic with the situation. Does she really think life is gonna be good if Yoona ditched her children and wife for her?lol yea... no.

Also if Jessica found out about how Hyelim bought Haeun books... shit will get ugly. Mothers don't like to share their children especially with the mistress hahaha This makes me remember of this one incident when I was around 4(?) There was this one time my mom got so pissed at a battery lantern I got one year for the Lunar New Year. So it turned out it came from this lady who I believe to be my father ex from who knows how long ago. Long story short, I never saw that thing's dismembered body again. Quite scary... LOL and I loved the lanterns back then, they were blingy and pretty and fun and were the cool kid's toys. You kinda needed one to fit in with all the other little Asian babies at yours or your family friend's dinner parties during the holiday. XD

So I was kinda sleepy when I was near the end. Here's what I got from the apartment scene. So it seems like the same people exist in this universe too? Like that Lady Yang? Lol I will read it over again. I wonder if Yoona tells Tiffany the truth, will she believe her? That will be an interesting situation.

Anyway, thanks for everything, Bra! I'm so back and ready for this!

Edited at 2016-01-02 07:34 pm (UTC)
checkinyourbra: jessica02checkinyourbra on January 9th, 2016 07:19 am (UTC)
These spots are made of the finest internet real estate, girl~


Definitely a smart movie bringing Fany along. You need your ride or die buddy for this kinda mess.

Hold on. Snorting at “dickbag”, further proving my immaturity. OH SNAP. And then you pull out da guns on Yoona. I’m with you. Once I’m in a relationship, my blinders on other relationships are up—a million times over if it’s JESSICA FREAKING JUNG ((or my gf :3333)). WHAT’S WRONG WITH AU YOONG??? >:((((

” I need to change her name to assyoom or dickyoom.”—BAHAHAHAH THIS MAKES ME THINK OF MUSHROOMS. Remember that Mushroom character Tae used to carry around??? xDD

Oh wow. Alter Yoomie did one thing (kinda) right in your book. :000

Hyelim definitely isn’t in the right headspace for this affair. I mean, she won’t even leave her own husband. To expect Yoona to walk away from her (hot!!) wife and (adorableeee) kids? Bish, pls.

OHHHHHHHH DAYUM. THAT STORY WAS THE BEE’S KNEES. It fits so well with the straight up OFFENSE to AU Yoona letting her children have a gift from the other woman. I’m with you on that one. IT IS G.R.I.M.Y. Ughhhh, gives me shudders.

Hehehh sleepy. Cute. So far, we know that residence has the same landlord and from what Yoona feels, Chanhwi as a tenant. Who know’s about more people~~~

Oooh the truth to Fany. That’d be interesting, indeed.

(Anonymous) on January 2nd, 2016 06:36 am (UTC)
wow! a relatively clean break-up! poor hyelim though :(

good on tiffany for still being hard on yoona !

and i love the (on-sale flaxseed cinnamon) Affair-ending muffins. lol
checkinyourbra: tiffany03checkinyourbra on January 9th, 2016 06:00 am (UTC)
A breakup so clean you can see yourself in it. ;DD

Sucks for Hyelim, tho. D:

Hahahaha with a friend like Fany, muffins can't go wrong. Thank goodness Yoong has her around.

Thanksssss for reading, babes. :333
astro24: pic#125702404astro24 on January 2nd, 2016 07:13 am (UTC)
Oh, I am so not ready for this. Hahahahaha will be back. *runs* >.<

Edit edit edit edit edit~~~

Warning: it's quite long and confusing. Hahahaha and not to mention silly.

Whew *wipes sweat* I read this twice because the first time I read it, my head was aching (but I did manage to finish the whole thing). Then I read it for the second time, it's a whole different story. Lol *promises not to read when head is aching* hahahaha after reading it, I thought my comment was gone, I thought I was hallucinating that I posted a comment here. Lol. Anywayyyyy!!!!! I'm starting to love Fany's character here! I'm so sorry Fany for laughing at you in my previous comments. Hahahahaha >.< *apologetic bow*

To be honest, I'm quite confused what's happening with the story. Hahahaha maybe I should read it for the third time??? >.< but!!! I'm happy with the progress Yoong's making. I really thought there would be more drama regarding the break up... I find it too good to be true... O_o will there be more drama between Yoong and Hyelim?! HAHAHAHAHAHA I'm fine whatever's gonna happen tho. Hahahaha

Actually, the part that got me really confused was when they went to Yoona's old apartment. Hahaha and it seemed that what happened there with the previous tenants was most probably the same as to what happened before Yoona died...? Did I get it right?? I feel silly asking this question. Hahahaha (I actually read this part of my comment many times because I got confused with what I wanna say. And the grammar. Lol) I'm still wondering why she wanted to go there. And buying the place?!! And why did she cryy :((( I think I know why but I'll just pretend I don't... Hehehehehe *offers Yoong a hot beverage* I think she still can't believe what's happening to her life right now. If it were me, I'd be super duper confused too. Hahahaha I'm the ultimate confused reader ever. HAHAHAHAHA I'm so sorry for being weird/silly/ perpetually confused. Hahahaha

Ahhh, so confusing. But good kind of confusing. Seriously, I need to read this again. And again. And again.... Hahahahaha I think I'm gonna faint trying to process everything. Lol *pulls out my fainting stuff* hahahaha

Is Jessica trying to cover up Yoong's affair from her parents or something....? Since I'm your ultimate confused reader, I'll just go ahead and ask. Lol ahh, if that's true then Sica must really really love Yoong then. Now I'm having second thoughts about posting this comment. Hahahahaha anyway, I'll just leave it here, just ignore it if you want. Hahahaha Is Yoong in good terms with Sica's parents....? Why do I have so many questions?!!! HAHAHAHAHA Again, I'm so sorry. Hahahaha

Ahh, Hyelim, I think she's a nice woman tho. I don't have a backup statement for this. Hahahaha I just feel like saying this. Hahaha I hope she'll find happiness in the future. D:

Joonieeeeee~~~~ can't people just love this kid instead of "bullying" him??? Ughhhh. Hahahaahaha okay, some unnecessary comment. Hahahaha moving on...

"‘Private school’ jogged Yoona’s guilt for the worst. She wasn’t just cheating on Jessica; her kids were affected, too."-- thank god she's able to realize this. Hahaha way to go Yoong! >.< hahahaha

I think this comment of mine is jumbled. Lol I'm so sorry this isn't as organized as my previous comments. Hahahaha

Good thing Fany got Yoona's back. At least she has a very supportive friend. T_T ily Fany-ah~~~~ but unfortunately my love for Taengoo is greater~~ HAHAHAHAHA oops, I got carried away. Hahaha

HYPE HYPE HYPE!!!!!! Will be waiting for the next update~~~ * goes back to previous chapters* lol

Was my comment too long...? Nothing's too long right.....? Right....? Hahahahaha Happy New Year~~~~
\(*o*)/ (≧∇≦)

Oh oh oh!!!! Why did I forget to comment about the link you shared?!!! Silly me!!! Ahhh, I miss singing Jessica. I miss Jessica. T_T *wipes tears* I was actually just staring at her the whole time the video was played. Lol I didn't even realize it was in English. Hahahahaha anyway, I hope we can see her sing more this year~~~

Edited at 2016-01-03 06:33 am (UTC)
checkinyourbra: taeyeon04checkinyourbra on January 9th, 2016 07:59 am (UTC)

Long, confusing, and silly? Count me in!!

BB. DON’T READ THIS WITH A HEADACHE. D: Biiiiig mistake. Hahhaa. Though, I must say some stories should get a second skim to remember what just freaking happened. xDD

” I thought I was hallucinating that I posted a comment here.”—Hahahah young Astro on dem drug$$$. hehehehe kidding

YOU *SHOULD* APOLOGIZE TO FANY….you can continue laughing at her. Girl is funny.

Hahahha y’all are so traumatized that you view any good progress with an air of suspicion. I’m doing well~~ As for confusion. I’ll tell ya if there’s any clarifying needed. I should know what’s going on after all….hopefully.

Heheh cutie. There’s no ‘right’ way to think about the apartment situation. Only inferences made by the reader as they learn with Yoona.

Things we do know:

-Yoona knows the place.
-She’s certain that Chanhwi lived here.
-The landlady’s the same one she remembers.
-There’s been an ‘accident’ here, too.

Everything else is speculation. ^^ Your grammar’s fine to me!

She’s not buying the place. The place was open for renovations and naturally she’d pretend that she’s interested in buying just so she can snoop around. And she’s crying because she remembers so much about this apartment. In her past life, she died in that very place. That’d stir a kind of PTSD. Imagine taking a war vet or an abuse victim to the place they’ve gotten injured. It’d illicit many things and crying would be one of them.

You’re perpetually confused, but very cute. <333

All your fainting gear! Don’t get too much or you’ll faint from carrying it. hahahahaha

Tbh, Jessica’s parents probably know little about her relationship. However, many gay people in relationships whose parents aren’t accepting (speaking from experience) would rather their family know nothing about their troubles. She’s been through too much drama for her dad to say, “told you so.” It’s safe to say neither Jessica nor Yoona are on good terms with Jessica’s parents.

Don’t be sorry. :DD

Yeah, it’d be nice for Hyelim to get her happily ever after~


Yaaaaayyy at Yoona connecting some dots. THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN.

Goooooorrrrrllllll randomly bringing Taeyeon up!! Hahahaha. Idk if you noticed, but I called the principal of Haeun’s school “Ms. Kim” in the first chapter. If you squint, you can find it. That’s Taeyeon. She’s a principal in this universe. hahahaha

Not too long at all!! It was a giggly ride. :3333


JESSICA’S BEAUTIFUL. HER VOICE IS BEAUTIFUL. AS LONG AS YOU ENJOYED THE VIDEO, I’M HAPPY. I hope for some many awesome things for my bb Sica. //makes sacrifices
(no subject) - astro24 on January 9th, 2016 04:01 pm (UTC) (Expand)
Maria: pic#125482624AllTooMe on January 2nd, 2016 09:40 am (UTC)
Hope you had great holidays and Happy New Year!
So this. The update. Oh my... Yoona. For a painful moment up there I thought she wouldn't be able to break it up with Hyelim, and I was scared. Poor "other woman" but I'm glad Yoong's strong enough. And we finally got sure that Jessica knows. And Tiffany does too... And lol Fany so disrespectful I love her.
And how Hyelim said she didn't know what to buy "for a boy like Joonie" and Yoona tensed up, I think that helped her finish it off. But she's tried to do so many times in the past and she always went back... No wonder Sica's that cold. But I so need them back together already.
I miss Sica... Her sassy side, her cold attitude. Bc I actually enjoy her giving the cold shoulder to Yoona when that's exactly what Yoona needs to love her more. To love her new life more. And that's what she's doing so it's fantastic. When Hyelim kept going about how bad Yoong's marriage is going, how she'd promised not to touch Jessica (omg she lied) and all that, there were only bad things related to Sica, but Yoona still chose her over Hyelim's comfortable offer, and that warmed me up all over.
And the fact that it was all real, that she'd lived there before and everything... Does that mean it was her previous life? But one doesn't just wake up when she's almost thirty with everything done... I'm still revolving around the fact that Sica's the angel. So what's with that? Mm...
Thank you for the update! I'd been looking forward to it! <3
And PS. Jessica's vocals in "Gravity" are the best thing that has happened in a long while. Such a blessing

Edited at 2016-01-02 09:41 am (UTC)
checkinyourbra: yoona03checkinyourbra on January 9th, 2016 07:35 am (UTC)
I had very happy holidays. New Year’s Eve was…..moving on. lol

I’m grinning. Already awaiting your emotions poured out for me. :333

OooOoooohhhhhh if Yoona didn’t break up with her…I only wonder. //acting like I didn’t write this

”Fany so disrespectful I love her.”—THE TRUEST OF STATEMENTS.

I agree about the Joonie comment being the last straw. She’d already dealt with knowing her past self was a jerk about his gender and now she hears it from the mistress?? Hell no.

”But she's tried to do so many times in the past and she always went back... No wonder Sica's that cold.”—Jeez. This is sad. ;__;

Bc I actually enjoy her giving the cold shoulder to Yoona when that's exactly what Yoona needs to love her more.—I love your thought process here. Seems like the silent treatment makes Yoona *think* more. It keeps her focused and kills complacency.

Yes, she totes lied about not touching Jessica. ;D


Angel Sooyeon brought up again. //does fairy princess dance around laptop

Thankyouthankyouthankyouuuuuuu for returning after that break. >.<

(Anonymous) on January 2nd, 2016 01:39 pm (UTC)
First and foremost, HAPPY 2016 checks!:D
Hope the drama didnt dampen the new year shine.

This chapter confirmed most of my musings from my previous comment and hahaha I am hardly smart, just good at making inferences. Forgive me but I may come off as crazy right after this sentence.*deep breath*

ALTERYOONG, THE VOID, SHE CHOSE QUIT RIGHT? Thats how Yoona even ended up in her cheating-cowardly-Joonie-despising-hamster-loving shoes after being shot by Prof GunChan and choosing New! Does this also explain why she doesnt have the ring cause it's with AlterYoong who at the moment is MissingInEverything? Oh wow wait, THIS MEANS ALTERYOONG IS DEAD IF SHE WAS IN THE VOID. Did LipsFany feed her expired shakes? I AM SO CONFUSED AND INTRIGUED.

Ok please ignore the above chunk of nonsense, I just needed to unload these thoughts off my brain to remain somewhat sane. I blame the sugar from the doughnut I just had. Anyway great chapter as usual, Tiffany should come with a warning sign and perhaps tape over her mouth but I kid; she's been a great support for Yoona. Thank you for this update:D
(Anonymous) on January 2nd, 2016 06:59 pm (UTC)
Forgot to mention that it's ShyAnon here. *waves back a tissue*
(no subject) - checkinyourbra on January 9th, 2016 09:29 am (UTC) (Expand)
expired shakes HAHAHAHA - (Anonymous) on January 5th, 2016 01:13 am (UTC) (Expand)
RE: expired shakes HAHAHAHA - (Anonymous) on January 5th, 2016 08:30 am (UTC) (Expand)
Re: expired shakes HAHAHAHA - checkinyourbra on January 9th, 2016 09:33 am (UTC) (Expand)
Re: expired shakes HAHAHAHA - checkinyourbra on January 9th, 2016 09:31 am (UTC) (Expand)
(Anonymous) on January 3rd, 2016 12:15 am (UTC)
interesting turn of events
The two Yoona's are basically the same person with same preferences and strengths, however there are still radical diffences such as different fears and I think it's those differences that will set things apart from alter Yoona's life.

Tiffany is such a good friend. Cheating has no excuse in my book so the fact that she knows and accommodates Yoona is doing a lot as a friend.

So all the people and places in this universe are basically the same as the other one? That makes me wonder who Jessica has been with in the other universe. In this one her marriage is a lie and her partner a cheating coward. She is not faultless but mostly I think she's just unlucky that she picked the wrong one to marry. Hope she's been happier in the other universe that I can't read about lol. Nevertheless, Yoona is here to rescue the marriage. I'm such an optimist lol.

btw it's stalking anon here and I can't believe I typed all this on the phone. Thanks for updating!
checkinyourbra: jessica05checkinyourbra on January 9th, 2016 08:07 am (UTC)
Re: interesting turn of events
Well damn:

”The two Yoona's are basically the same person with same preferences and strengths, however there are still radical differences such as different fears and I think it's those differences that will set things apart from alter Yoona's life.”—You’s a smart bish. :000

We go out of our way for friends. Yoona babysits Fany’s Trips and joins her band while Fany calls out sick for extramarital breakups. Plus, you know she’s nosy enough to love it.

”In this one [Jessica’s] marriage is a lie and her partner a cheating coward.”—I crey.

Exactly, though. The universes have differences. Not all of them are drastic, though. And awwwwww you care about Alternate Jessica out there. Let’s hope she’s happy. :333

Optimism! That’s the spirit!! //evil writer giggle

Stalking Anon!! Ace phone typing, buddy. Thanks for the awesome feedback. :DD
(Anonymous) on January 4th, 2016 06:13 am (UTC)
ohhhhh no.
so if yoona's dead (the one with chanhwi) then if the switch happens (i'm still doubting if this is a simple body switching life swapping event but idk), alter yoona will have no body to go back to???? kwon please don't tear my heart off. i don't want her to go back to that life but not having a life at all would be just cruel. i'm scared.

i am relieved tho that yoong finally broke it up with hyelim. probs a nice girl but affair is a no-no to me. jessi's not off the hook tho, if the real yoona is feeling like this for the past three years then there's some shit to work out in their marriage. they have to talk this out and stop putting it under the rug. (((why do i feel like this won't be the last of hyelim?? O_O also chanhwi????))) i am generally paranoid but maybe you're too good at making me paranoid. potato po tah toh.

lol i totally forgot about the lipstick marks. good thing madam hwang is there to the rescue. i never expressed it in the prev chaps but hwangfany's friendship is real bruh. i like that instead of choosing sides she helps both yoong and sica to work through their marriage. i wish she works on herself as well. :P

anyways, i literally have no idea what you're planning next. i have a few theories but i'm sure you'll surprise me; you have been since wgtg.

on top of this all happy new year kwon!!! i hear rayray is freaking out because she read it all in one sitting and i'm cackling just watching her meltdown on my twitter tl. i hope you have a great year.

jessica jung and gravity. my heart was never ready ; _____;
checkinyourbra: taeyeon03checkinyourbra on January 9th, 2016 08:31 am (UTC)
Re: ohhhhh no.
//reads your comment, scratching my chin until I get to the ‘kwon please don't tear my heart off’

D: Um, ummmmmm.

It’s you!! Anon who calls me Kwon!! *subject change successful*

Oh definitely. They have mad issues to work out and it’s going to involve communication and application. Falling into a rut isn’t the end-all, though their situation is damaging if it’s left untreated. Haaha I sound like I’m talking about a physical injury. xDD

Oooh you think we’ll hear more about Hyelim and Chan? //zips lip

”hwangfany's friendship is real bruh.”—WORD. She’s true blue~

Hahahahah I hope Fany works on herself, too. Gurlfran needs it. Her love life is a wreck—just behind the scenes.


Happy New Yeaaaaaarrrrrr, bb!!!


;_____; I wasn’t ready for Gravity, either, bb. She snatched my wig AND the rug from under me. Our Kween’s making music againnnnnn <333
(Anonymous) on January 4th, 2016 09:48 pm (UTC)
YAAS (05)!!
yaaaaaas!! First update of 2016!! Excitement!!!

Hyelim break up
Ngl, I wasn't sure if Yoong would be able to do it, but she did, and I'm glad she did. Hyelim's situation is really sad, but Yoong did right by letting her go and trying to give her life advice about being true to her happiness. Hye's similarities with Yoong's other life were heartbreaking. And little Giuseppe hammy :'(. My cuz just got a Russian Dwarf Hampton (she named it Glue lol XD).

Dang, and all those secrets revealed were CRAZY! I get why Sica went savage on Yoong. I also get that Alter-Yoong was hurting and wanted spiritual/emotional comfort from her affair with Hyelim, but damn, to just flaunt it in wifey's face bc she knows Sica won't do anything about it -- that's really horrible (that coloring book -- daaaaaamn). I hope Yoonsica really open up and talk about their hurt and make plans for a better future together.

Mama Hwang
Is always awesome. She's got Yoong's back despite her own marital history and helped wipe off the evidence. She sounds like the kind of friend you can rely on to help bury a body after offing someone XD. Haha plus she made break up muffins!! Then that detail about a Thing breaking off a keyboard key!! Serz, these boys XD. I bet Fany had to wrestle it from whoever had it.

Yoong vs The Void
I've been wondering about it for a while, but now I'm really curious. How does Yoong and Alter-Yoong's realities fit together and what happened to Alter-Yoong? Did she OD and die on the mall bench? I need to knowwwww, Bra!!!!! ;P

I really hope Yoong can fix this time line and stay in it with her new family (and not be sucked back into The Void after everything).

Thank you for the update! I can't wait for the next chapter! (Will we be spoiled with another update this week :DDDD???)

checkinyourbra: yoona02checkinyourbra on January 9th, 2016 08:42 am (UTC)
Re: YAAS (05)!!

Hyelim breakup:
I saw a few people wondering if Yoong would go through with the breakup. I mean, she’s been wishy washy, hasn’t she? Then, she becomes a champ!! With life advice! I’m sure she’d feel more guilty if she didn’t at least *try* to help Hyelim. Too many similarities. Sigh.


Flanting an affair is just….surprised Jessica hasn’t gone bananas earlier. It was ~meant~ to happen to poor Present Yoona. haha

”that's really horrible (that coloring book -- daaaaaamn)”—IKR?!?! SO AWFUL. IT MAKES ME SO ANGRY PICTURING THIS IRL.

Mama Hwang:
FANY IS TOOOOOTALLLLYYYYY THE BODY-BURYING KIND OF FRIEND. Only thing is—I think it’d be reversed. She’d be running to Yoona for some date gone wrong. xDDD

”Then that detail about a Thing breaking off a keyboard key!! Serz, these boys XD. I bet Fany had to wrestle it from whoever had it.”#BLESS YOU FOR NOTICING THIS DETAIL. THOSE TRIPS AND THEIR DESTRUCTION. HAHAHAHHA

Yoong vs. The Void

Omggggg I’m so nervous. This afterlife stuff is….tricky. Must tread carefully~

There IS a possibility of Yoona being sucked back into The Void, huh? Yikes. D:


Thank youuuu for readingggg :***
Re: YAAS (05)!! - (Anonymous) on January 10th, 2016 11:16 pm (UTC) (Expand)
yuukistar22yuukistar22 on January 4th, 2016 11:29 pm (UTC)
checkinyourbra: krystal01checkinyourbra on January 9th, 2016 05:58 am (UTC)
(no subject) - yuukistar22 on August 25th, 2016 12:23 am (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - checkinyourbra on April 15th, 2017 02:30 am (UTC) (Expand)
(Anonymous) on January 5th, 2016 01:50 am (UTC)
ho yeah!!!
omg omg omg oh ma gahhhhh!

your reply in chap 4, hah.. *bieber's voice* "what do you mean~?" twins?! w-what? like two different people who resembles one another but in this case, they aren't aware of each others existence kinda twins? alterYoona and yoona? i....am lost. hahaha.



the old yoona did exist. her old house, the details in the house that she knew intimately, her landlord. all of that representing that she was once existed in the very same world do exist up to now.

omg. again. OH MAH GAHHH!

oh no, yoona, *hugs* that was such a heart crushing thing to have discovered(and read for me). Being in the very same place where she was killed, that realisation that she was dead just POM struck her the moment she saw the evidence of her old life with her own eyes. ever since she got resurrected into alteryoona's life,she was so preoccupied with it that she didn't have time to dwell on her own life(except for that horrible nightmare after the savage fight) . poor girl.

question time!

1. are yoona's parents still alive?
SHhhhhhht, she wouldn't, would she? she won't go and find(or stalk) her parents just to see if she's not crazy or anything right? to prove that she's no longer alive,or if she survived the gunshot. or something. hmm hmm.

2. chanwhi!!(i..forgot how to spell his name. with or without that H? hahaha)
would yoona go research on the newspapers for the very same date that she passed away to see any reports of her death? if the guy got caught or nah. or if he also killed himself after that( hish. bad guy! you BAD GUY!! *flips a car* )

what if she's tucked away in one of the hospital...in deep coma? DUN DUN!! wheee *everyone go cray~* hahahahaha. but that scene where her last breath was with jessica beside her would make this complicated..

THEY MET UP! and atta girl~ yoona didn't disappoint~ hehehehe. she broke it up..and got extra kisses too~ hahahahaha. yoona win! lol

i like how very subtly protective yoona was of her family. trying to separate the two things from one another, not like what alter yoona did. yoona didn't want hyelim to have a part of her children's life, no gifts, nothing.

“Don’t spend money on my little nerd. I’ll buy a copy myself.” THIS ONE.

“A three-year-old human loves toys. It’s not difficult.” and this one too! she's straightening it out that she adores Joonie as well.

i was like.. "awwwwww~ you're a hero~ please continue protecting your babies like this~ me rraiikee!" hahaha

and that note of finality in this “I’d rather be happy with Jessica, Hye.” and “We’re over, Hyelim.”.

i shouted woohoo when i read that. hahaha.

Tiffany is officially a badass hot mama in this chapter. HAHAHAHA. she's THE friend that everyone needs.

no judgement ,just want good things for her friends. *standing novation* the perfect wing woman. lol

oh yes, yoona. now how to make it up with Im sooyeon and the little Ims. hahaha.

thanks Bra~ i enjoyed this chapter. *hugs*

checkinyourbracheckinyourbra on January 5th, 2016 06:52 am (UTC)
Re: ho yeah!!!

No no I wasn't hinting at anything, just made a kinda off-topic comment about separated-at-birth twins to explain how some personalities are intrinsic. DDD:


I'll be back to answer more later. Just had to clear that up~
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star mouth resuscitation
I would've side eye Yoona too! Sure she didn't fucc her but Hye is good at leaving star mouth traces lol try harder next time Yoong! ;)
checkinyourbra: yoona02checkinyourbra on January 9th, 2016 07:37 am (UTC)
Re: star mouth resuscitation


Yoongie's gotta watch dem star mouth prints. >.<

Thank youuuu for dropping by with the googly eyes~

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razor_funkyduderazor_funkydude on January 7th, 2016 02:37 pm (UTC)
to come back to that place it must have been painful... to realize that all that was really real and this was her second chance have knocked the wind out of her...

I think Hyelim would have been a great gf if things were not complicated. Someone that Yoona would marry if she have not met Jessica. It was for the best that she break up with her so she could start to mend things right.

Tiffany is such a loyal friend of the two. Tiffany FTW!!! :)

I really like how Yoona now gives equal attention to her kids.

Thanks for the update! ^_^

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checkinyourbra: seohyun04checkinyourbra on January 9th, 2016 08:48 am (UTC)
It certainly knocked the wind out of Yoona. So traumatizing. D;

Yep. Even as I wrote the chapter, I acknowledged that Hyelim’s pretty dang cute. She needs to learn how to address gender noncomforming children, but I’m sure she’s open. And it’s interesting to wonder about Yoona’s choices had Jessica not become her wife.

Ah well, time for Yoona to (try to) mend this life she’s handed!!!


”I really like how Yoona now gives equal attention to her kids.”—It’s nice, isn’t it? She’s improving. ^^

Bbbbbbb have a great new year and THANK YOUUU again for always dropping by~~