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16 January 2016 @ 12:03 am
Greener Grass [07]  

Title: Greener Grass [Part Seven]

Pairing(s): YoonSic

Rating/Genre: PG-13 + Language; AU Healing Romance

Warning(s): Watch what you eat.

Disclaimer: I don't own Soshi. I don't own anyone, in fact. All Fiction.

Author's Notes: ‘SUP EVERYONE. I shouldn't murder any readers this chapter. Heh. Do check the author’s note at the end. It’s important~~

Part Seven:


“Yoomie, where are we going?” Haeun asked from the car's backseat.

Forever-impressed by her daughter’s perceptiveness, Yoona turned down the radio’s pop music to reply, “You and Joonie have one schedule left. It wouldn’t hurt to go on a small foray to the pier instead.”

“The pier?! Can we feed the seagulls?”

“Do dirty seagulls need more food?”

Haeun could trademark her outraged gasp. “Seagulls can’t be dirty! They’re surrounded by water!”

Dirty ocean water.”

“They won’t get their dirt on me, Yoomie.”

“I’ll hold you to that,” Yoona chuckled, peeking to the rearview mirror. “Joonie! Do you mind ditching your speech tutor? I’ll buy you ice cream.”

Im Minjoon, neck and mouth bound amongst two thick scarves, wobbled a nod.

It sucked to literally bribe the youngest; though, this lifted Yoona’s spirits.

If she considered losing her parents hell, this weird, make-or-break period was ‘purgatory lite’. Jessica was highly unapproachable, not that Yoona had been in the greatest condition, mourning loved (and questionably-loved) ones in secrecy.

A couple weeks involved phasing Hyelim from every trace of her life--phone and Skype call histories, saved inspiration quotes, anything Gaugin from her collection. All eliminated.

Hyelim’s ‘you win’ goodbye to Jessica turned out to be genuine. No more mentions of rude phone calls.

The perk of hitting rock bottom: their marriage had nowhere to go but up.

So, barring Hershey-dotted gestures, Yoona went on a subtlety route when the dust started to clear. Casually flashing her recovered wedding ring whenever possible, filtering back into dinner and breakfast prep, and using her work laptop in alternate rooms.

Plus--to her cheeky delight--Yoona navigated their skinship for a change. Hesitantly, Jessica consented to kisses on the cheek, the back of her head. A nuzzle into her neck when boldness emerged.

Then, Yoona would retreat, certain her wife wasn’t as tough as she put on.

Did poisonous words and remnants of an affair haunt their home? Sure, but those had to be left behind for their overall wellbeing.

Baby steps. Their family required baby steps.


Yoona unwound in a restaurant’s metal outdoor seating, wholly entertained by Haeun and Joonie lobbing fries at greedy, squawking gulls. She’d reluctantly bought an extra fat order of fries exclusively for their dirty feathered friends, split them into two greasy bags, and sent her kids to an area within watching distance.

They loved it. In fact, they’d barely eaten in chair-rattling anticipation.

Joonie screamed through slightly loosened scarves--screeching higher than his sister whenever a bird hovered too closely. And Haeun’s pitchy, fervent laughter accentuated their chorus. Shouting their lungs dry, causing a Thing-like ruckus.

Yoona loved seeing them this way. So free. Gaining qualities not charted on a rubrik.

Slurping the rest of her milkshake, she mentally matched their characteristics:

Haeun throwing her pretty head back in a guffaw? Yoona.
Joonie sneering at the oil on his hands? Jessica.
Haeun valiantly guiding Joonie from bird droppings? Jessica.
Both children imitating the seagull ‘caw’s? Yoona.
Joonie chucking a handful of fries at the most aggressive of the flock? Hm....either of them.

This grounded her to earth. To the present.

Soon, Fany’s loud mouth grounded Yoona’s ear to her cell phone. Reuniting with the triplets energized her personality by a truckload.

Fry bags hollowed and salty hands sanitized by wipes (compliments of a specific cue-cleaner), Yoona ushered her tykes onwards while Tiffany gabbed about a hot new conquest.

“An orthodontist,” Fany purred in faux-eroticism. “Imagine when he sees me naked. Discount braces for the Trips--cha-ching!”

Maybe she’d meet a tweezer specialist, too. “No flaws?”

“One. He collects coins.”


Her harsh scoff shook the phone. “Currency must be spent! What self-respecting man stashes money in a damn display case?”

Tiffany was the ‘bestie’ she didn’t deserve. Disagreements and bouts of bitter honesty didn’t char their friendship. Nor did it create an awkward haze like when Chanhwi fell into a mood or drank too much bourbon.

He was gone. Her past life ‘protector’...gone forever.

Yoona’s stomach churned.

Several feet ahead, Haeun skipped her Mary Janes between every break in the wooden pier floor. Joonie copied, albeit badly. An athlete’s title didn’t save him from tripping in his lightup sneakers, struggling to compete.

He definitely caught that from his Mummy.

“His legs,” Tiffany groaned dramatically, “are fuckin’ meaty. Like lamb shank!”

“I prefer legs...shank-less.”

“Everyone can’t date an eighty-pound heiress, whore.”

“Sica’s not--” Incessant slapping at Yoona’s leg lowered her gaze to a tiny-toothed grin. “Yes, Haeun?”

“Ice cream! You owe us,” the girl protested. Joonie agreed, blinking round eyes.

“Did I?”

They whined in accord. “Yoomieeeee.”

“Playing hooky with the kids again?” Tiffany asked, cackling. “Jessica’s gonna hang you in a public square.”

Yoona snorted. “She won’t if you don’t tattle, Hwang.”

“Any pornish encounters coming up? I live for your sex life.”

“What a disappointing existence.”

“Jessica met me at the gym. And finally, finally we had in-depth discussion about your office tryst since you’re so stingy.”

Undoubtedly, her wife left out the unhappy ending. “Anything good?”

“Oh my god, she swore she would’ve come when your hands--”


“What?!” Yoona growled, instantly reeling it in when Joonie hid behind Haeun.

Haeun stuck to her guns. “Ice cream!”

“Find your manners.”

“Ice cream, pleeaassse.” She pointed to a multicolored truck nearby. “Right there! I know what I want!”

“Fine, right-o,” Yoona rooted in her bag, returning to the phone conversation. “Sica misses me in...that way? Should I tread carefully or ambush her spontaneously?”

Tiffany feigned repulsion. “TMI, lesbian.”

She smiled at the ice cream dude, letting Haeun pick a Jaws Bar from the truck picture menu. “Oh, please. Too much info isn’t a thing for you, nosy one.”

“Jessica says you’ve been checking her out like the old days. I hate seeing her insecure, so continue perving at her.”

Insecure? “How else should I--”

“Lemon, Yoomie!” Haeun poked Yoona’s knee in harsh intervals. “Buy Joonie a lemon pop!”

“What’d Ms. Ban tell us about your bossy streak?” she growled, officially sounding like her mother.

Her deceased mother.

Yoona received the cold packets and paid the clerk. It’d take time not to dwell on missing her parents’ funerals, their last words to her face, the judgement lacing their voices on occasional phone calls.

Bummed, she finished her chat with Fany. It’d go better in person, anyway.

“May I have my ice cream now?” Haeun asked inside the parked car, twisting her seatbelt. “It’s going to melt!”

“Not in this weather,” Yoona argued. Nevertheless, she passed the yellow and blue packets.

Snacktime suppled moments to collect her heart, to lean her chin on the steering wheel. Hellbent not to cry.

Were her parents’ personalities the same in this universe? Had fate repeated her father’s infidelity? Did they like Jessica? Had her alter self sent them pictures of Haeun and Joonie, boasting on how beautiful they turned out?

She felt conned. Powerless and out the loop.


Yoona’s head didn’t rise. No energy.

“Yoomie! Yoooomie, Yoomie!”

Fuck, if only should could cope in peace--

“Yoomie, help!”

That sprouted the mother to attention. Rotating in place, she craned her neck. “What?”

But, she saw the problem. Haeun’s cries warbled into gibberish as Yoona bolted out the her side, snatching a passenger’s door in a deafened spell.

Joonie’s face reddened darker than his usual winter blush. Blotches appeared before her eyes, decorating his inflamed cheeks and right eyelid. The less-swollen eye peeked up at her in terror. Not ‘Anti-Yoomie’ terror--the type that creased his brow into a wrinkled curve.

“Yoom--” he wheezed in a bare plea. Goo oozed from a corner of his puffy lips, soaking his scarves in a yellow pool.

“Joon, what the--” Yoona tore at the Alpaca material, brain leaping to the boa constrictor in Haeun’s room.

Her baby was suffocating. Or, or was he choking?

Then, she smelled it.

She swiped at his chin, and banishing danger on her own part, licked the sweetness from her pointer.


‘No bananas for her girly son’, she’d learned on her first night after the Void.

“Th-that asshole ice cream idiot motherfu--” Yoona cast the bitten treat to the parking lot and snatched its wrapper from Joonie’s sticky fingers. Even during this debacle, she reminded herself to apologize to Haeun as she blinked at the image of a banana--not a lemon--on the plastic.

Yoona was the true asshole. For not inspecting the ingredients like Jessica.


She dialed her immediately. Re-establishing Sooyeon’s angel status when she answered on the second ring.

“Sica,” Yoona sobbed, fear eclipsing her shame. “Joonie ate banana. He’s having a reaction.”

No snark. No lectures. No nagging. Jessica’s polished voice betrayed only a tinge of panic as she asked, “Where’s his backpack?”

“His-his--” Yoona groped on either side of his car seat. Her motherly instincts weren’t operating fast enough.

Haeun yelped in success and pitched the Rilakkuma backpack to Joonie’s lap. “Here, Yoomie! See?”

“Thank you, sweetheart,” Yoona grappled in his bag, not knowing what for until she found an Epi-Pen Jr. “What do I do now, Sica?”

“Breathe. And do as I say.”

Dreaded thoughts reminded her that without Jessica, Joonie would probably die. Yoona fought to ignore those. A quick exhale later--expelling gunshots, sirens, emergency unit beeps--she followed Jessica’s instructions exactly.

After administering the needle, she massaged Joonie’s thigh for the medicine. And while she whispered him soothing words, Jessica relayed the same treatment to Yoona.

His face eased into normalcy in good time. She kissed his cheeks, his temple, his ears, gratified to express affection she’d stored away for weeks. Besides a grunt or two, Joonie allowed it.

“Yoomie,” he whimpered.

“I’m right here, Joonie.” Yoona ruffled his long hair, fastened his fringe in an Eevee clip. “You’ll be okay.”

Jessica’s tone eventually cracked. As if she’d been holding in a dam of weakness. “Is our baby okay?”

“Much better.”

“I’m taking off work. Meet me at the hospital for followup.”

“Will do,” Yoona sighed, showered in relief. “I love you so much, Sica.”

“You said it first.”


“Y-you don’t...” The shifting of papers and static crackled in the receiver. “It’s uncommon.”

Yoona frowned to herself. “That changes now.”

“I love you, too.”

After pressing the phone to Joonie’s ear for a “Mummy”-filled dialogue, Yoona buckled up and headed to a hospital’s emergency unit.

Haeun’s blue lipped, non-stop chatter no longer bothered her. It consoled her. As did Joonie’s reflection in the rearview mirror and Jessica’s call echoing in her mind.

This must be real love, Yoona concluded.


“Okay, I’ll grab the next one!”

Yoona yawned, handing off a panda nonfiction for Haeun to trade in her bedroom for a book on...

“It’s a surprise,” her daughter said before climbing the stairs in nerd glee.

Eyes shut, she circled Jessica’s waist and mumbled, “Your turn.”

“How many have we read?” Jessica placed a water on the couch-side table. “Fourteen? Fifteen?”

“Sixteen, meaning it’s your turn.”

After a doctor’s visit, the Im family did something rare--they took it easy for the rest of the day.

Joonie sprawled an army of mismatched dolls on the living room floor and proceeded to engage in a weird rendition of cops-and-robbers/American Idol. Yoona lounged on the couch to spectate, pleasantly startled when Jessica shuffled between her legs.

Haeun initiated it. She bossed her mothers into close contact, hiked onto Mummy’s lap, and directed both pairs of adult eyes to her (stealthily replaced) griffin popup book. One story led to another, trapping two women hostage, rotating ‘reading aloud duty’.

Amazing kid, that Haeun.

“I’m thinking soup tonight, Yoong. Something easy on Joonie’s throat.”

“Mm,” Yoona purred, slated to agree to anything out of Jessica’s mouth. She expected a cool, uncomfortable silence when they arrived home, for Joonie’s situation could’ve turned for the worst. Due to her mistakes.

Thankfully, it didn’t. Feuding wore Yoona out.

Jessica probably agreed.

One hand traced the rivets in Jessica’s cardigan; the other danced up her yoga pants leg. Being so cozy, melting beneath Jessica’s weight in a backhug, smelling her shampoo, half-listening to Joonie’s sing-song play, she’d label this as heaven.

“Will you help?”

“Cook, clean, juggle...I do it all, Sica.”

Jessica spun partially to stare. Minutes passing, dark lashes flicking--as if she needed immense contemplation before pecking Yoona on the lips, lingering to brush their shy smiles.

It shocked Yoona, honestly. For dual reasons.

The obvious first: that the kiss even happened.

Secondly, she couldn’t recall ever witnessing this level of affection from her parents. Duly undaunted, Joonie screeched his plastic Batmobile to a pretend curb and Haeun frog leaped onto the couch. Maybe their children needed examples of affectionate, loving parents.

Or, maybe they were abnormal. Two mothers, gender-ambiguous upbringing, intense extracurriculars, instilled hand-washing, children who ran to books and toys instead of a gaming console.

A healthy abnormal.

“This one’s about tree frogs!” Haeun stuck the big, square book beneath her lips, looking way too ‘Jessica’. “The last one! I promise.”

Jessica parted the book, speech austere. “You said that ten books ago. Don’t use promises to manipulate others, Haeun.”

God, Yoona appreciated how she addressed their children.

“Yes, Mummy.” And before the reading commenced, Haeun halted her. “May I choose a bigger book, then?”

“Go ahead.”

The dimpled 5-year-old cheered, confiscating the thin paperback and padding upstairs. Yoona imagined her bringing the equivalent of an encyclopedia upon her return.

Yoona milked the extra time, whispering, “I apologize for the scare.”

“Haeun has a dance recital in a month,” Jessica replied in a clear sidestep, “Missing these classes hurt her.”

“I understand, but we really should--.”

“They deserve to be above the fray.”

“Okay.” Yoona had no energy to bicker. The visual of Joonie hicking for air, his swollen eyes calling her like a savior, trumped her own death and any gun in Chanhwi’s collection. She tried another route. “Isn’t this nice, though? Joonie and Haeun in their jammies, an evening to ourselves. Us snuggled on the couch. Me in these shorts...”

Jessica pinched Yoona’s knee, cheeks peaked in a grin. Shifting to hang her feet off the couch, the side of her head perched onto the taller woman’s shoulder. Voice soft, serious. “Our fourth intern’s a flake. Junsu’s being investigated for money laundering. Kim Hyoyeon’s working me like a dog per Daddy’s orders. Felt like the pinnacle of travesties, the worst kind of day.” Her fingers curled into Yoona’s. “Then, I heard you on the phone, absolutely petrified about our child and I dropped everything. I gained perspective.”

“Happens to the best of us.”

“Are you finished with her?”

Yoona started, disturbed by Jessica mentioning the affair again. “Done. I erased everything.”

“Not everything,” she whispered, touching their wedding bands. “History lacks a delete key.”

“Our new memories will drown out the bad. I promise.”

“Let’s...just be happy today.”

They shared a small smile until Haeun reappeared. Poor girl seemed breathless--indeed, this final book choice hinged on the cusp of life-altering. Her lip pursed in serious business as she announced, “Dinosaurs! I want Yoomie to read it!”

Purple stegosauruses. Orange raptors.

Yoona’s wide eyes teetered on tears. Neverminding her wife’s smug smirk as she transferred the thicker book into her hands, murmuring, “Your turn.”


The evening crawled at a relaxed, leisurely pace. Since the young ones were dressed for bed early, they earned time to disperse and do their own thing prior to sleepytime.

Yoona avoided her study entirely. The room itself wasn’t the harbinger of marriage drama, but it housed too many secretive deeds for her liking. Therefore, she brought her laptop into her and Jessica’s bedroom to review clients’ notes. While typing replies, calculating invoice totals, she grinned through her free entertainment: Jessica and Haeun’s English conversation echoing from the hall.

She finally comprehended the age-old sentiment of ‘I want better for my kids than myself’. Yoona’s English skills remained less-than-basic--all those conflicting rules and unnecessary letters turned her off. Yet, Haeun enunciated almost as fluently as her American-born mother. Yoona couldn’t be prouder; her talkative daughter had the capacity for a hundred languages.

There was something to these extra classes.

Soon, a secondary noise--thumping from the third floor--overruled the foreign chat. More accurately, thump-chiming by none other than Joonie’s ‘xylo’.

His name exited her lips on a whim. “Joon?”

The boy stopped in the center of the open doorway. Rather than speak, two fingers drew into his mouth.


“It’s just me, Joon bug.” She cringed; didn’t seem like she won the license to call him that. “Where ya headed?”

Joonie blinked left. To Haeun’s room or his own; it wasn’t apparent.

Yoona slid to laptop to her table and cautiously stepped out of bed. Approaching a target she merely wished to love. “Can Yoomie see your throat? Does it hurt?”

After a glance in the direction of Mummy’s voice, his jaw fell open.

“Come closer. I gotta see.”

He toed a bowlegged path to the woman, dragging the xylophone at his heels.

Yoona hadn’t an idea what to search for; so, she imitated Jessica, poking and prodding. His pink throat wasn’t tense or swollen. “All’s fine.”

“Than’ you, Yoomie.”

“You’re welcome.” She fidgeted like a bashful school girl bothering her crush. Timid, fumbling words. “W-wait. Your throat checks out, but what about your skin?”

Bushbaby eyes examined her, accusing her of insanity.

“Park your xylophone and follow me.”

It took half a minute. Though, Yoona’s muscles unflexed when Joonie tiptoed into the bathroom. She unveiled two padded stools beneath their huge vanity and clicked on lights that made him slap hands over his face.

“Do you want Mummy’s seat or mine?”

“Mummy,” he answered. No surprise.

Joonie swung his scrawny legs, peeping around the white-and-neutral design as Yoona soaked a washcloth in the sink. He wasn’t grumpy and disagreeable like their first bathroom engagement. Of course, he’d be pretty subdued after his allergy episode.

“You know what pores are, Joonie?”

He shook his head.

“They’re itty bitty openings on the skin. Everyone has them.”

“Nuh uh.”

She laughed, wringing the wet cloth. “Yours are tiny and unnoticeable. I’m jealous.” She raised it to his cheek. “May I?”

Pointy eyebrows stilled. “Mummy gave me a bath.”

“Mummy and I give our faces a second bath. Don’t you wanna be like us?”

“Mummy’s always clean.”

Wow. Jessica was their queen. “C’mon. You’ll like this.”

Warily, he permitted Yoona to stroke his face with warm, damp fibers.

Astounding, she thought, how his features mimicked hers. Jawline, eyes, brows, and lips. Not his nose, though. Didn’t make him any less precious. “I’m sorry for the ice cream accident, Joonie. I should’ve paid more attention.”

Joonie stared.

“I wouldn’t ever hurt you on purpose.” She tilted his chin up. “Okay? I love you.”

“Yoomie, you cried.”

“Because I was scared of losing you.”

His face contorted, doubtful. “I was there in the car.”

“Not...by...” She’d rather not segway into the death topic. Enough triggers for one day. “Your skin got mega irritated. This treatment will soothe it and you’ll smell nice.”

“Strawberry shor’cake?”

Yoona squirted a stream of toner onto a cotton sheet. “Better. Less artificial.”

“Mummy does this?” he asked, cheeks squishing as Yoona applied the fragrant solution.

“We both do. I have pretty skin, right?”



“I like lookin’ at you, Yoomie.”

Yoona couldn’t contain the smile morphing her lips. “Well, uh, you’re good-looking yourself. Very...”

She paused, head-wheels spinning.

“Beautiful or handsome? Which feels more honest?”

The three-year-old gaped. He hadn’t dealt with that sort of question--from her, at least. “Wha’?”

“Should I call you beautiful or handsome?”

He chewed his lip like Jessica. “Call me Joonie.”

“Whatever you say.”

Yoona burrowed in a drawer for hair accessories. A safe black band? A clip with a glass rose? Possibly this tiny bow?

Again, she offered a choice. “Your bangs are in the way. Which do you prefer?”

Joonie nudged a coy finger at the rose clip. “Is this one Mummy’s?”

“No, it’s mine. Wanna wear it?”

“Yes, please.”

“My mom loved roses, too,” Yoona said as she spread mild essence without sticking stray hairs. “Roses and home goods magazines and cherry syrup. Well, my dad and I loved it; she’d whip up a batch every month.”

“Cherries are yum.”

“I don’t know how to make her syrup, unfortunately...” If only Yoona listened to her mother, paid mind to her household lessons. Decidedly, she’d focus on what she could do for her son. “Like to try some eyeshadow?”

He shrank away. Probably convinced that his real mother had been abducted. “You said boys don’ wear makeups.”

“I made a mistake.”

Joonie scratched at his knee, waiting for a past-Yoomie’s ‘gotcha’ moment.

Which didn’t happen.

“Eyeshadow? Yes, no?”

“C-can I...” Joonie gulped, stress marking his every move, “have yellow an' pink an' orange?”

“Three?!” When all color drained from his face, she pinched his cheeks. Damn, even pretend exclaiming spooked the boy. “Tri-color eyeshadow coming right up! In yellow, pink, and orange! Maybe when you’re older, I’ll show you how to contour.”

And Joonie giggled.

What a rare, sweet sound.

Sweeter was his excitement when Yoona unveiled three palettes of glistening shades.

‘Eccentric’ suited Joonie as well as ‘eclectic’. A comfortable Im Minjoon sang to shades that satisfied him--short, melodious hums or whistles. Then, he’d tap the pigment with a fingertip as it were boiling hot and literally glare at it for fifteen seconds.

Delightfully strange--nothing to do with his gender.

He settled on tangerine typhoon, flamingo, and nixed yellow for a classic silver because he’d want that color Batarang. She accepted his logic, tapping a sponge applicator to his skin.

“Yoomie, wha’s ‘freak’ mean?”

The woman blended a wingtip through her shock. “Where’d you hear that word?”

“A girl in homeroom calls me ‘freak’. Freak Joonie.”

He actually volunteered information; Yoona tried to answer appropriately. “Is she bullying you?”

“No.” Joonie winked an eye open to stare. “She shares her cookies with me.”

Hm. “She’s not being nice.”

His eyelid fell back to rest; he really received makeup like a pro.

Empowered, Yoona’s courage prompted, “Growing up, I played a lot of fighting games.”

She absorbed his silence, continuing, “Tekken, Soul Calibur, even one titled, Bloody Roar. I grew an obsession to trading cards. I couldn’t walk in heels. If a family friend gave me a babydoll for a present, I’d break it to see how its eyes blinked. Then, I’d feed the wretched thing to our dog.”

“I like dolls.”

“And that’s okay,” she breathed, rubbing his eyebrow lengthwise. “There are no ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’ toys. It’s all marketing and politics and boring people who decide that mess. Enjoy whatever you want for as long as you want.”

He pooched his lips for Yoona to dab with gloss. Skepticism laced his expression.

“Joonie, I wore dresses and climbed trees. Collected bugs and adored princess movies. It’s no biggie.”

“Ew, bugs.”

“I’d let them crawl on my face.”

“Ew, ew, ewww!”

“You sound like your Mummy.” Yoona wore her sincerity openly, pouring care into a tender kiss to his cheek. “Don’t be afraid any more, Joonie. I’ll protect you from this day on.”

“You an’ Mummy?” he asked.


Joonie flapped his arm-wings once Yoona angled him to the vanity mirror. Careful not to smudge these brilliant, artful eyes, he pressed a pinky to the silver. When a light layer dotted there, his cheerful shriek was deafening. And Yoona endured it. Because a simple pampering session thrilled him to pieces.

“You’re lookin’ so Joonie!” Transforming to Im Shady, Yoona rhyme-rapped his name on the fly. Noonie-Sunni-Spoony-Maroony-George Clooney.

“Not fair!” Haeun exclaimed at the bathroom door, crashing their party. “You put makeup on Joonie!”

Yoona shrugged. “That I did.”

Jessica appeared in time for their daughter to tattle. “Mummy, you said we’re not old enough for that!”

“You’re not,” the woman agreed, elation plain in the shine in her eyes. “Yoomie and Joonie are bonding.”

“Bond with me, too,” Haeun whined. “Paint a purple sunrise on my eyes, please!”

Yoona stood and offered her seat. “You know exactly what you want, huh?”

“Can we wear it to school tomorrow?”

“No!” the mothers barked in unison. For some reason, that forged a blushful lull between them.

“Yoomie will do Haeun’s eyeshadow while I style Joonie’s hair.”

Yoona shivered at Jessica’s sly pat to her backside. “Hope I get compensated for this.”

“You will.” Her wife’s eyebrow arched. Patently suggestive. “I’ll pay you myself.”

Haeun and Joonie went to bed late. Worth it for cosmetic therapy, a thirty-minute photoshoot, and the struggle to clean children who insisted on sleeping with their ‘faces on’.

Blessed with a new favorite photo (all four of them, at last), Yoona punched Haeun’s birthday into her phone for the greatest lockscreen image in all of smartphone history.

The night also rectified after hours’ passion. Jessica’s legs snaked around Yoona, fanning the flames of their fiery make out session. Bite marks, throaty panting--guaranteed sex. Sex she’d been crazy for.

Although, Yoona stopped a hand’s journey into her shorts.

A day of progress should be finalized by only kisses, hearts beating as one. And since Yoona swung on a shabby thread of self-restraint for months, it’d be unwise to snap just yet. This heat-of-the-moment intimacy could provoke anger in the morning.

She’d wait until ‘purgatory lite’ ended.

“Rain check. Remember, Sica?”

Yoona flipped to her side. Proud of her decision.

Her dignity inflated tenfold as she eyed Jessica’s silhouette. Hair wrung, knees pinned, chest movements volatile. Downright radiating frustration.


Haaaaaaayyyy, lovely people. So, I got a double-project $$ extravaganza $$ coming up this week, so I doubt I'll have the lady juices to put out a chapter this upcoming weekend. That should be the last week-long break before this ongoing's final parts. ^^

YES, THE END IS NEAR. Please don't forget to drop a line~ //offers moderately seductive lap dance

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Hahhahahaha your face per usual~~

”Love me pls. ( ._.) 🔫”—Heh. :3333

A favorite chapter!?!? Ayyyyyyyyyy

”Can't imagine how Jess must have felt as she wasn't there.”—Very good thing to point out. Jessica was definitely powerless (beyond what she could direct). Bb wouldn’t know how to handle the situation if things went south while she just listened.


….you’re forever salty over rain checks. >.>

”Sith Lord sunbaenim”— <.<;; hehe

Thank youuuuuuuuu for readingggggg, babes~~

Oh, hush. I loved it. :DD
astro24: pic#125702404astro24 on January 16th, 2016 05:25 am (UTC)
Horayyy~~ *twirls around* I'm so sleepy. Be right back!


Warning: Excuse my limited English and excessive use of "adorable" lol

First of all..... SUCH ADORABLE KIDS. SUCH CUTIE PIES. I CAN'T BREATHE. CAN'T STOP SMILING. CAN'T STOP GIGGLING. Hahahaha Why are they so cute?! Can I keep them?! Can I have them?! Can I?! Please??? XD

This chapter made me, aaaawww-ed, giggled, grinned, smiled. Idk. What is life. Hahahahaha I think this chapter is heart warming. I love how Yoona interacted with the kids, especially with Joonie. >.< And I can see that he's finally starting to get more comfortable with Yoomie. *sobs* And I can see YoonSic's cute interactions too. *giggles*

Yoong mentally matching their kids' personalities with theirs.... It's so cute!!! Hahahaha I like this part too. Idk, I just do. Hahahaha

At first, I didn't get what happened to Joonie after eating that ice cream. Then finally, I got it. Lol What's wrong with my brain today. Hahahaha I'll be all panic-y if I saw Joonie with that intense allergic reaction. :((( Good thing Jessica was able to handle it well. Two panic-y mothers will do no good in this kind of situation. Hahahaha

The exchange of ILY's..... Gaaaahhhh it made me cringe!!! In a good way! Hahahahaha this made me happy~~~

"Haeun initiated it. She bossed her mothers into close contact, hiked onto Mummy’s lap, and directed both pairs of adult eyes to her (stealthily replaced) griffin popup book. One story led to another, trapping two women hostage, rotating ‘reading aloud duty’."-- I LOVE HAEUN EVEN MORE. HAHAHAHAHA seriously, this kid.... Hahahaha

Sica kissing Yoong?! First?! WHAT?! HAHAHAHAHAHA can I get happier than this?! Hahaahaha Am I over reacting? Because I feel like I am. I'm supposed to be low on sugar now, I wonder where all these energy come from... XD

"Haeun stuck the big, square book beneath her lips, looking way too ‘Jessica’."-- UGH SO CUTE. I CAN'T HANDLE TOO MUCH ADORABLENESS. *faints*

" “I like lookin’ at you, Yoomie.” And “Should I call you beautiful or handsome?”

He chewed his lip like Jessica. “Call me Joonie.” "-- JOONIE WHY ARE YOU SO CUTE??? XD YoonSic babies are the best. Lol

Ahh, Yoomie and Joonie's make up session is so adorable/heart warming/cute mother-son bonding. Hahaha And wow, Joonie picking 3 colors. XD If I were Yoongie, I'll be confused on how to put it on. Hahahaha I mean, how to "mix" it well to look presentable. Hahaha And Joonie picking the rose clip?! Too adorable!!! What's another word for adorable... I've been using it too much. Hahahaha

A happy Joonie is a beautiful Joonie. T_T I wanna cry. Hahahahaha I'm just glad Joonie is having fun. Hahahahaha

" “You’re lookin’ so Joonie!” Transforming to Im Shady, Yoona rhyme-rapped his name on the fly. Noonie-Sunni-Spoony-Maroony-George Clooney."-- Can I be a part of the Im family??? Please??? I wanna be a YoonSic baby too!! HAHAHAHAHA It sounds so wrong... Nevermind. Hahaha

" “Paint a purple sunrise on my eyes, please!” "-- wow Haeun has great taste. XD

DOUBLE-PROJECT EXTRAVAGANZA????!!!! HORAYYY TO YOU AUTHOR!!! Go get them $$$$$ hahahahahaha Nooo!! The end is near!!!! >.< Will there be prior notice? HAHAHAHA It sounds like I'm being evicted from my house. Lol I'm laughing out loud at the lap dance part. Hahahaha *covers eyes* hahahaha My innocent mind!!! XD Oh, who am I kidding. What innocent mind. Hahahaha Will be waiting for the next update~~~

Edited at 2016-01-16 07:14 am (UTC)
checkinyourbra: jessica05checkinyourbra on February 3rd, 2016 12:00 pm (UTC)

I’ll excuse your use of adorable. I thank you for the disclaimer. ;D

ARE YOU ASKING FOR KIDS JUST LIKE THEM OR THESE CHILDREN SPECIFICALLY. I don’t think Jessica or Yoona would let you have them without a bloody battle. :DD

Omggggg I can see the feelings everywhere already. I’m grinning now. afjdsldsfdf //composes self


And THIS is why you cannot adopt little Joonie. You’d shower him in bananas. D; Hahahhaa I’m kiddinggggg. I’m glad you caught on quickly. You’re right—two panicky mothers would’ve been no-good.


Haeun bossing her mothers into cute interactions. //slyly slides five dollars to her


omgomgomgomg thank goodness you have your fainting cushion. Haeun pouting like Jessica IS swoonworthy, though. asfjd;fdsldfdf babiesssss

Yeeeeeeyyy Joonie quotes. Something about ‘I like lookin’ at you’ part is so <333. Because he’s always scrutinizing Yoona and now when you think back on it—he was scared, but also admiring her. He wanted to be closer to his Yoomie. ;___;

”If I were Yoongie, I'll be confused on how to put it on. Hahahaha I mean, how to "mix" it well to look presentable.”—ASTRO. BB. Thank goodness you weren’t lumped into this situation. You’d have to tell that poor boy ‘no’. ;((( Orrrr he and Haeun would end up looking a mess.


”A happy Joonie is a beautiful Joonie.”—Truth.


$$$$$$ from the extravaganza (RIP MY SLEEP) in my account and I’m pumped to update for y’all this weekend. :DDD


Innocence. Suuuuuuuure. <.<

Thank youuuuuuu for your patience and your ~adorable comment. ;DDD
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(no subject) - checkinyourbra on February 4th, 2016 12:33 am (UTC) (Expand)
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(no subject) - astro24 on February 6th, 2016 01:00 pm (UTC) (Expand)
(Anonymous) on January 16th, 2016 06:04 am (UTC)
I don't understand... WHAT DO YOU MEAN THE END IS NEAR???
checkinyourbra: Seotae01checkinyourbra on February 3rd, 2016 10:06 am (UTC)

Um......uh, Greener Grass....will be coming to a close..........soon??

I la- la- la- love you: ytregreted on January 16th, 2016 07:21 am (UTC)
last last week felt like an eternity, this week felt like a blink!

excited to read your stuff now!

am, i dead, what did you do this time???????? i can't feel my heart, i think it just gave up and went someplace else when freaking jessica fucking walks in and says that line about bonding!!!!

i'm glad you're not having yoona still being a selfish twat. but!!!!!!!!! that mistake could have been so freaking costly she should have seeen that banana.

jessica wants yoong like bad... hihihihihihihi. i enjoy their teasing a bit more than i should.

The end is near.... but but i still need you to deliver a lot of quality yoonsic time!!

also fany's gripes over her orthodontist kill me.

she needs to give up and go find her own 90lb heiress, in your next spinoff

ohhh booo i miss krazy fany from skandl she was truly bat shit, this fucking soccer mom would make that fany flip.
and oooh yoona over there was such a fucking riot. dang i'm sorry what is this nostalgia.... maybe i should go visit themm again....

and what's with the interns why are they all so lame?

Edited at 2016-01-16 08:32 am (UTC)
checkinyourbra: taeyeon03checkinyourbra on February 3rd, 2016 10:15 am (UTC)
Ayyyyyyy let’s pop bottles to weeks that fly by quickly!!!

I don’t currently have champagne. So, I’ll pop this bottle of apple juice. GET KRUNK.

” i can't feel my heart, i think it just gave up and went someplace else when freaking jessica fucking walks in and says that line about bonding!!!!”—AWWWWW THIS SUMS YOUR COMMENT. LOOK AT YOUR MUSHINESS SHOWINGGGGG.

Real talk. Check for bananas. When the story started, Jessica looked anal about checking ingredients. Now, it doesn’t seem silly. ;D


Quality YoonSic time? Hm. Perhaps.

Fany’s everything kills me. She’s her own world of craziness. hahahah

”she needs to give up and go find her own 90lb heiress, in your next spinoff”—DON’T TEMPT ME.

OMG GG!Fany vs. Skandl!Fany. That mother of three would win. Not even a fair fight. I’ve been missing my Skandl character bbs, too. I started rereading parts, actually. :333 You should visit them, too!!!

HAHAHA I love picking on interns in general. Probably because I was one myself. xDD

THANK YOUUUUU. Can’t wait to come back to y’all~~
lisa: pic#123990527carottechan on January 16th, 2016 09:22 am (UTC)

I was a little intimidated by the use of "suffering" as the cut but this part puts the healing in healing romance and I'm super down for that kind of suffering 😏😏😏 So many aw moments in this one. I love how carefully you're writing this and how carefully Yoona is making progress.

They're such a cute family 😭 Having a family with my girlfriend has obviously crossed my mind but I never gave it much thought because we still have grad school. This fic tho is giving me all sorts of feelings ✨ #familygoals (post alter-Yoona)

Really rooting for things to continue on this path til the end but I'm shielding myself. I'm so in love with these characters, I know I'll be a mess if the void is like JK YOONA. CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS.

I hope they get to spend some.. ahem.. quality time with each other beforehand if it all turns out to be some bizarro dream. (But you wouldn't amount all this to something cruel like that, right? Lol.) All the teasing and Jessica's frustration are endlessly amusing. I feel you tho, Sica. (More than I'd like to admit.)

EXCITED FOR THINGS TO COME!!! Thanks for writing!! Have fun with your projects and make it rain 💸💸🙌💸💸!!!!!

p.s. jsyk I'm only commenting for the lap dance 🕵
p.p.s. thinking of what a certain box said about edit notifications but oh well lol #sorrynotsorry :D

Edited at 2016-01-16 09:48 am (UTC)
checkinyourbra: yoonsic01checkinyourbra on February 3rd, 2016 10:22 am (UTC)
That cut name was intentionally misleading. Do you love my slight deception?? :**

”this part puts the healing in healing romance”—My heart. Thank you for typing this. <333

As much as I’d love to drop all the problems and make everything perfect instantly, that makes for a crappy story. Careful—yet steady—pace for our dear Im Yoona.

AFjkLDFfsfjdsf a family with your gf. I wonder about that for me and gf, too. //fistbump

Get grad school out the way. Y’all have plenty of time. ^^ I’d love to achieve these #familygoals, too, though. Negl.

”I know I'll be a mess if the void is like JK YOONA. CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS.”—I giggled.

Is that your unsubtle request for something of the sexual nature? :33 Just how cruel could I be to do that to y’all? I suppose it depends on my mooooood~~ I’m amused by the teasing, too. ;DD


PS: Ayyyyyyyyyy get ove hurr, gorllllll
PPS: hahahahaha I won’t put you on blast like boxxyface. EDIT ALL YOU WANT.
Maria: pic#125482624AllTooMe on January 16th, 2016 09:57 am (UTC)

It felt like being in Heaven the whole time, withthe kids and the YoonSic relationship. Omg indeed. Wow. Definitely one of my favourite chapters:D

"Any pornish encounters coming up? I live for your sex life.” I love Fany so much lol

THE KIDS. The kids spending quality time with Yoomie is perfect in so many ways. It was all so cute, and so happy and it felt so right. And bonding with Joomie right there was soo beautiful and I'm so happy that happened. And Jessica walking in with Haeun and saying that "Yoomie and Joonie are bonding" was super nice.

Yoonsic why so cute? I'm starting to feel this bliss when they talk that it's the best feeling ever.
She dialed her immediately. Re-establishing Sooyeon’s angel status when she answered on the second ring ANGEL^^
"I love you so much, Sica" "You said it first." THIS. (And what came after). FEELS

And then Yoona gave up sex because BABY STEPS. *swoons* She'd wait until 'purgatory lite' ended. THIS. I hope it's soon. But the feelings and the situation going on right now is perfect in so many ways. I died of feels. Several times. Thank you so much. I'm just... it touched me how Sica asked again if it was really over with Hyelim, and how she said history can't be deleted... But they're cutely going forward. Baby steps. And that's wonderful.

For a moment there I worried that Jessica would be mad because of how irresponsible Yoona had been... But when Sica calmed her down through the phone I knew this was all going to work out FINALLY (unless you do something... something that may ruin their baby steps? I'm always scared). And the way Yoong says she's been flashing her newly-found ring around and working in other areas and THIS IS ALL SO GOOD FOR THEM. I'm soo happy^^

And no worries if there isn't an update soon! You've given us enough happy things this chapter for me to last days in cloud nine~ Perfect <3
checkinyourbra: yoonsic01checkinyourbra on February 3rd, 2016 10:32 am (UTC)
THIS CHAPTER. When I posted it, I thought about you and your health. hahahahaha

♪ I’m findin’ it hard to believe we’re in heaveeeennnnnnn~~ ♪

Hahahahah Fany’s perfect. Admit it. You have a crush.

JOOMIE BONDING. DID YOU COMBINE YOOMIE AND JOONIE?? //hyperventilates from cuteness//

But really. I needed to show more of her hanging out with the kids. Remember the beginning when Yoona was just going along with the motions? Now, she sees them as her own. :’) Bonding timeeeee <333

ANGEL. FEELS. I’m so happy you lived through this.

Going forward in baby steps. I COULD have tortured y’all further, but blah. Can’t belabor drama. That’s uncool. Jessica’s still not 100% confident following the Hyelim breakup (for obvious reason), though you can feel a bulk of the stress lifting from their household.

”I'm always scared.”—:**

When it comes to a moment where she could lose a child, Jessica can’t simply freak out like she did in Tiffany’s basement. This is serious business and the relief was astronomical.


Are you still on cloud nine? I gotta another chapter for ya for the end of the week. :333
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(no subject) - wondertae13 on February 6th, 2016 11:32 am (UTC) (Expand)
sonepink801 on January 16th, 2016 08:48 pm (UTC)

These updates are the highlight of my week and I'm partly sad that they are coming to an end. Anyways loved this update because of sweet moments and such^^ can't wait to read what you have in store for us!

checkinyourbra: yoona04checkinyourbra on February 3rd, 2016 10:35 am (UTC)
I feel you. There’s always a sadness that washes over me when I reach the end of an ongoing. It mixes with the relief of completion (this is sounding vaguely sexual) and idk…I get the sadness. Highlight of your week? B’awww you’re too kind.

There’s a bit more in store. Stay tuned and thank youuu for reading. <333
sicayourshit on January 18th, 2016 12:41 am (UTC)
I created an account just to comment on this fic! All I can really say is: Wow. I am a total newbie to the SNSD fandom (a few years too late, Sica my bias ;____;) and Yoonsic is my favorite ship. Landing onto your story was really a stroke of luck. I mean what more could I ask for from my first foray into Yoonsic? You've got great characterization, a compelling/attention grabbing plot, great pacing, and a fantastic supporting cast (Tiffany bless your heart you are an amazing suburbian mom). Reading Greener Grass has really spoiled me, I fear that I may not read another story that makes me giddy as this one! Half of me wants to find out what happens now but the other half of me doesn't want this to end. You have something special here and I am so happy/thankful to have read it.

Thank you so much for writing and for sharing this wonderful story with us! I do hope that you continue to write more Yoonsic fics in the future (or JeTi! Or TaengSic! Basically all the Sica!).
checkinyourbra: jessica02checkinyourbra on February 3rd, 2016 10:42 am (UTC)
Really!??! Ajflksfjs;f welcome, sicayourshit (hahahha NICE NAME)!!!

Ahhhh a newbie Sica-biased SONE. Do like I do, bb. Love them as much as you can because Jessica is such a brilliant heartbreaker. I’m one of those 8+1 lovers and it’s great to see new SNSD fans pop up. I’m honored you fell onto my page. :DD

YOONSIC. MY FAVORITE SHIP OF ALL TIME. <3333 I became a fan around the IGAB era which was FULL of YoonSic moments. I’m sure you’ve swam in many gifs of that time by now. hehehe

>.< Gaaaahhhh I’m so happy you’re into my story.

”Tiffany bless your heart you are an amazing suburbian mom”—Wish I could say this to irl Tiffany. She’d be so confused. hahahah

There’s a good number of stories out there! I want you giddy for a long time. :DDD

(Sica ships are my absolute favorite. I’m not done writing her~)

Edited at 2016-02-03 10:43 am (UTC)
(Anonymous) on January 18th, 2016 07:38 am (UTC)
hey there my fave author
send u many many coffee ☕️
( i love coffee)

omg omg omg hahaha i love this chapter so so much

the adventure between yoomie-haeun-joonie to the pier, fantastic
and when yoona mentally matched their characteristic, thats damn sweet :)))))

and when the banana accident happen, panic like yoona, i was like omg omg
come one do something , pray hard that nothing bad will happen to lil joonie and there angel sica come in:))) lucky all good

lucky sica stay cool and forgive yoona for this accident
bless this family 💕

finally, yoomie has a chance to bond with joonie
when joonie say thank you yoomie
the feeling is damn good

oh did i ever tell u that i really love the character name
yoomie is my no 1
joon bug
thing three
gosh super cuteeee

awwwwww hoorayyyy for ur double project mean double money as well yuhhuuuuuy
happy for u~~

WHATTTTT??? the end is near ?!?!
but but but .....
i feel its just starting and now ending soonnn
noooooooooi:((( my lil happinesss

but anw
this is one of the best yoonsic fic i ever read
and am going to read it again n again n again :)
am grateful that u are yoonsic shipper
hugsss n coffee

checkinyourbra: yoonsic02checkinyourbra on February 3rd, 2016 10:50 am (UTC)
Re: 😻😻😻💕

Fave Author……//makes shy squeaking noise. My heart says thank you.

Iced coffee? With lots of sugar and cream and soy? Pretty pleaseeee?

Love for my chapter! Success!!

The pier rendezvous with kiddies. :333 I really liked matching the kids’ characteristics, too. I could’ve gone on and on, but ya know….can’t overdo it.


”bless this family 💕”— :33333

Time for only Joonie and Yoomie. Seems like the readers needed this as much as those two, huh? They deserved pleasant time to learn about one another. I loved the ‘thank you’ part, too. :”)

Hahhahahaa those are your favorite names?? Lovely.

MONEY MONEY MONEYYYY. However, I miss posting for y’all. Time to wrap this up, yes??

DDDD: Noooooo, no sadnessssssss. ;_____;

Thank youuuuuu, fellow YoonSic Shipper. You know I had to put something out there for my OTP. I’m grateful y’all still follow this. <33

Edited at 2016-02-03 10:51 am (UTC)
(Anonymous) on January 18th, 2016 01:43 pm (UTC)
squishy squishy fam tym~!
Eyyy! Havent dropped by the last time dk if ya still remmber me ;)

Redemption for Yoong's fam yay! Or is it not yet?

Ugh kids, they're just a cutie fluffy (most of the time little pawns of Satan D:) ones. This chapter made me teared up a bit, family times is my weakness. Just wondering tho what will happen to the last chapter cuz aaaaaaah the end is near. Will Yoong confess that she's not the Yoona in that universe? Does this universe really exist or IT WAS ONLY JUST A DREAM~!~~~~? (see my Nelly reference)

ahhhh mollah ofc2, get that $$

ps: my previous comment didnt sent so I have to re-write again what I can still remmber OTL

also lap dance huh? hope your gf wont give you 9 circa star eyes for that lol
checkinyourbra: sunny02checkinyourbra on February 3rd, 2016 10:56 am (UTC)
Re: squishy squishy fam tym~!

Ayyyyyy I remember you, bb. Hiiiii.

Redemption?? Hmm. Maybe. Do I feel like being uncruel?? ^^

”Ugh kids…(most of the time little pawns of Satan D:)”—HAHAHHAHAHA //thumbs up

A tear or two shed?! Beautiful. Writing this….I found out family times are one of my weaknesses, too. >.>

Ah yes. That pesky last chapter. I was about to give teasing answers to your questions when you REFERENCED NELLY. A+++++

I’ve gotten that $$$$$. Fic times shall return. ;DD

Thank youuuuuuu. This comment was plenty lovely. No pressure.

”also lap dance huh? hope your gf wont give you 9 circa star eyes for that lol”—HAHAHAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAH YOU’RE HILARIOUS. Omggggggg. I think it’s fine if they’re hypothetical online lap dances.
anjikainanjikain on January 19th, 2016 01:46 am (UTC)
That first sentence got me so excited for a kidnapping but what was actually going on was far better ahhahaha. Haeun and Joonie getting so excited about feeding the seagulls was too cute. They are just so adorable. I could gush over them for years and years.

OMG Yoona and Fany’s phone conversation got me too good. I need a transcript of that engraved on my tombstone LOL

And can I just say how much I love the fact that such simple things makes Yoona wonder about her parents. Even though in the old timeline they weren’t so great, she still mourns them in this timeline and wishes she knew more about them. IDK I just really like that. It shows what type of person Yoona is.

Joon Bug! NO! Screw that ice cream man. He tryna catch these hands! And Jessica handled that situation so well. If I ever got a call like that I’d probably cry or pass out or something else completely not helpful.

And this nerd Haeun! I love her! <3 “May I choose a bigger book, then?” I lost it hahahaha

I don’t even know how to explain how happy Yoona putting makeup on Joonie made me. I read it an smiled like an idiot. I thought about it later that day and smiled like an idiot. I thought about it at work today and smiled, and I’m pretty sure my co-workers thought I was loopy LOL It was just such a beautiful moment between the two of them.

“I was there in the car.”

“Call me Joonie.”

Okay, I guess when Yoona drives off into the night with Haeun she can take Joonie as well. And, with that in mind, she might as well take Jessica too. And if Sica’s coming Tiffany should also come. And we all known Fany can’t survive without her kids so The Things should come too BUT no one else ahahaha

Ah, I little bit of Yoonsic romance and Yoona finally having the upper hand. Eeeeyyyyy! I loved this update. It was really fun to read <3
checkinyourbra: jessica04checkinyourbra on February 3rd, 2016 11:06 am (UTC)
Hahaha if your kidnapping suggestion was realized! That’d change this story’s entire tone, wouldn’t it!? Bahahaha


HAHHAHAHAHA a transcript of YoonFany silliness on your tombstone. Honestly, that’s a good use to gravestone space. It’d make viewers confused, but quite entertained.

”Even though in the old timeline they weren’t so great, she still mourns them in this timeline and wishes she knew more about them.”— :33333

HE TRYNA CATCH THESE HANDS. TELL’UM. BAHAHAHA I’M WEAK. Oh gawd let’s be glad you weren’t the first one on speed dial. xDDD You got me cackling. Can’t wait to return to your fic and experience more of your humor. <33

Haeun’s the best kinda nerd. At least her hobby involves her mothers sitting around~~


And Joon Bug’s clueless/cute widdle quotes. Babyyyyy

THEY CAN ALL RUN AWAY TOGETHER. Sounds good to me. //chair spinsss

Thank youuuuuuuuu for reading and making me laugh, love. ^^
(Anonymous) on January 19th, 2016 12:30 pm (UTC)
First and foremost, *gently and subtly rejects your lap dance*. Now that my safety is ensured, on to line dropping!

This chapter is gonna give me diabetes with all its Im family fluffiness >< Minus the near-death Joonie experience of course, but let's be Jessica and conveniently brush it aside. I wonder why she's still deflecting Yoong's attempts at lessening the mini me-s' schedules. Is it because she wants to prove to people (her dad) that kids raised by two super hot ladies are just as, if not more capable than their peers in the conventional mum-dad family? She's so strong-willed I love her ^^

OMG that reference to Bloody Roar!! Did you play the game and which installment?! It was my stress relief in my teenage years. This Yoong is officially the best character of your fanfics ever. YAY to bonding session between her and Joonie, such adorableness.

Your writing is a five-star Michelin restaurant; always consistent, satisfying and top-notch quality. Congratulations on snagging the $$$, have a great week ahead of you:D

Shy Anon
checkinyourbra: yoona03checkinyourbra on February 3rd, 2016 11:12 am (UTC)
;(( oh. Well….fine. Don’t accept my dance. eventhoughIpracticedalotbutwhatevshurtmyfeelings


Hahaha I wouldn’t say she brushed it off (we’ll see more of this addressed next chapter), but Yoona’s lucky that the episode was terrifying enough to freak a tirade from Jessica. I helped to have the kids around. She’s not one to scream while they’re around.

”Is it because she wants to prove to people (her dad) that kids raised by two super hot ladies are just as, if not more capable than their peers in the conventional mum-dad family? She's so strong-willed I love her ^^”—Another case of y’all hacking my account and reading my chapters.

A FELLOW BLOOD ROAR PLAYER?!?! :OOOOOO I played (imitates how it was narrated) ’Blood Roaaaaar—TWO!!!!!’ Which did you play?!?!!

”This Yoong is officially the best character of your fanfics ever.”—Whoa. Compliment accepted. :00

Ayyyyyyyy servin’ up the good stuff. THANK YOUUUUUU, SHY ANON BB. $$$$
(no subject) - (Anonymous) on February 5th, 2016 04:21 pm (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - checkinyourbra on February 6th, 2016 05:30 am (UTC) (Expand)
(Anonymous) on January 19th, 2016 09:55 pm (UTC)
YAAAS (07)!!
Aww this was so sweet and family and awwwwww :'). I'm really happy the Ims are taking baby steps towards rebuilding their family.

Seriously, Little Joon Bug is so precious. that makeup scene/pamper session bonding made me feel the feels. also, he is super presh for playing cops and robbers:American Idol style XD. I'm glad he didn't die from the bananas. (Btw, did Batman ever make it to the washer/dryer? Haha random thoughts)

Also, just wanted to say that image of Yoong working in the bedroom and listening to Sica and Haeun practicing English was really awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww <3.

Yay! They're making up and cuddling and brushing wedding rings and Yoong doesn't work in her study anymore and helps around the house-- it's getting better for them yayyyyyy! That "suffering" at the end was niiiiiice ;P. it was smart of Yoong not to rush it.
I'm happy they're making progress, but tbh,
if I were Sica I would still be a little pissed that Yoong ditched their activities again and let the banana detail slide. Like I wouldn't go "savage" but dang, Yoong almost killed their kid.

Mama Hwang
Aww, she's happy again bc her Terrors are home :)!! That convo about the orthodontist cracked me up. Discount braces -- yes! Mama Hwang always thinking about the big picture XD.

Thank you for the update. Looking forward to more Im family bonding, Mama Hwang + the Things, answers about The Void, and yoonsic healing.

Get that $$$$$, Bra! 😎
checkinyourbra: taeyeon05checkinyourbra on February 3rd, 2016 11:26 am (UTC)
Re: YAAAS (07)!!
THE HAPPY IMS. Who-da thunk we could say that a few chapters ago?? :33 Let’s rebuild this beautiful freaking family (unless I…hehe nvm)

Is he so freakin’ cute. Writing that scene. aksf;djfdsf Even in the editing process, I added more to their conversation. I didn’t want it to end. I love him and Yoomie’s one-on-one conversations. I actually have a clear picture of the cops and robbers/American Idol play. //wants an irl Joonie

”Btw, did Batman ever make it to the washer/dryer? Haha random thoughts”—You’re a sharp one!! This will be mentioned in future chapters. :33

Awwww you liked Yoona listening in on the English practice, too?? Yeeeeeyyyy

WEDDING RINGS AND STUDY-LESS WORK AND SUFFERING. So far, seems unanimous—everyone digs Yoona teasing Jessica for once. muahahaha

Ahhh yes. I address the banana thing in the upcoming chapter. Like I told someone else, Jessica has yet to blow up at Yoona in front of the children. So, even if she was feeling some kinda way, she’d rather put on her happy face for the time being. That’s a scary scenario.

All those things will come in the next updates. Ayyyyyyyyy

$$$$$$$ in my account. Time to launch these chapters again. //brushes shoulder
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cancel21cancel21 on January 19th, 2016 10:46 pm (UTC)
You are brilliant!

I'm very fond of the Yoona-Fany relationship and I find it funny that Fany's a confidant for both of them.

I'm glad of Yoona's progress. She was so confused then.

Kind of sad to be hearing it's reaching the final chapters. Still, I'm very happy that I'm able to read this great fic.


checkinyourbra: krystal01checkinyourbra on February 3rd, 2016 11:28 am (UTC)
Re: Progress
B-brilliant!? //checks behind me

Fany’s too nosy to be a confidant for only one half of the marriage. Girl has to be EVERYWHERE. bahahaha

;___; she was confused. Poor bb.

Yeah, ending this fic is certainly bittersweet. Please see it to the end. >.
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