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Who Gets the Girl? [05]

Title: Who Gets the Girl? [Chapter 05]

Players: Taeyeon, Tiffany, Jessica

Pairing(s): T-T-Taeny. A splash of Taengsic.

Rating: PG-13, if that.

Genre: AU, Rom-Com. Is this fluff? This chapter seemed a tad fluffy.

Warning(s): Things may get sexy in future chapters.

Disclaimer: I don't own Soshi. I don't own anyone, in fact. All Fiction.

Chap. Summary: Jessica would leave Taeyeon to starve if clingy Tiffany wasn’t around.

Author's Notes: Who else wants to be wrapped in a Tiffany spring roll? Sounds comfy.

05- Taeyeon

Jessica had nothing of substance in her kitchen. Only a half-empty box of hippie holistic cereal, water, and many bottles of wine. Not even rice. Rice.

She chuckled at the movie playing as she licked the last crumbs from her fingertips. Sure, Jessica was going to kill her for eating all her cereal, but that’s what she gets for leaving her supposed “best friend” in the apartment hungry and alone. She had contemplated going out somewhere, but the exhaustion from lugging her belongings across town sapped her limited energy. Fatigue always won over hunger. In the beginning, at least.

She checked the time on the screen. “Almost 3am,” Taeyeon grumbled to herself.

Hours of alone time in someone else’s apartment turned out to be creepier than she thought. Around 1 am, she heard ominous otherworldly sounds emanating from the walls. Nothing like rats or bugs. More like...whispering. Her solution was to fake laugh loudly at nothing in particular. No-one’s heard of ghosts attacking crazy ladies laughing alone, right?

The spirits stopped their whispering, but the silence was replaced by her rumbling tummy. That’s when she threw all caution to the wind, grabbed the box of cereal, and worked through it. Jessica would be seething when she found out, but she already seemed over her the second she brought her stuff into the living room. Taeyeon snapped her laptop shut and set it on the coffee table.

Being left behind at home like the family dog should have sufficed as adequate punishment. Along with the starvation that forced her to eat twigs and rocks masquerading as breakfast food. Her stomach growled all the same. Restless eyes closed on their own just as the front door unlocked with a jingly click. Gaining newfound energy, Taeyeon sprang up to snatch it open. Jessica and her cute friend Tiffany shrank back at her suddenness.

“Someone’s still awake.” Jessica sighed, passing by her to the kitchen. Her friend followed.

“Yes, I’m still awake. And still hungry.”

Perplexed, the two stared at her before looking at each other.

“D-don’t tell me you forgot about me. Please, please.”

Jessiii,” the Tiffany girl whimpered, “you said she’d be full by the time we got home.”

“Because I didn’t think she’d be dumb enough to sit around hungry all night.” Jessica turned to Taeyeon’s direction. “Why didn’t you order anything?”

Taeyeon placed her hands firmly onto her hips. “I thought you’d be home earlier, so by the time I realized you neglected me, it was too late.”

“You could have called.”

“I didn’t want to disturb you.”

Jessica’s shoulders lowered “I don’t have anything for you, Taeyeon.”

“I do,” Tiffany squeaked in, stepping forward.

Taeyeon swore she felt tears when Tiffany handed her a paper bag.

“It’s soup,” the girl said, enunciating all her syllables. “I got an extra because it was so good. I hope you like it.”

Taeyeon stole a glance at Jessica who actually looked relieved. That calm face won’t last long once she notices all her cereal gone.

“Thank you. You’re an angel.” Taeyeon felt a smirk stretch across her face. There’s something so infectious about her smile.

Tiffany swiped long, dark bangs from her face. She has great hair, too. “You’re welcome.”

“Your...” Taeyeon didn’t want the conversation to end yet. “, Korean is very good.”

“Really?” She perked up, but her eyes remained tired. “Jessica says I have a really American accent.”

“Accents are cute.”

She shrugged, cheeks coloring. “I still want to practice.”

“You’re in the best country to do it.”

“That’s true.”

Really great lips, too. When she pronounces her letters, they makes such interesting shapes. “I’m available. To, you know, practice your speech.”

She could feel Jessica’s eyes throwing daggers.

“That’d be awesome! You have a really good speaking voice.”

A giggle emanated from Taeyeon’s throat and it caught her off guard. Jessica, too.

“Hey Fany,” Jessica called. “You must be sleepy. Go ahead and take a shower first.”

“Okay.” Tiffany nodded, eyes still on the shorter girl’s cheesing face.

Taeyeon lifted her soup bag and brushed past her to the microwave. “I better get eating this.”

Tiffany collected her toiletries from a suitcase and excused herself to Jessica’s bathroom. The second the door shut, Jessica’s annoyed voice echoed through the kitchen.

“Are you seriously hitting on her?”

Taeyeon shrugged and set the time on the microwave before turning to face her. “What’s wrong? I’m not allowed to even talk to her?”

“You were clearly flirting.”

“She’s pretty.”

“Oh yeah? Well, she’s straight. So, there.” She crossed her arms and leaned against the counter.

“Doesn’t look straight from what I see. I think she likes me.”

“Can you do me a favor and try not to use your pitiful, derpy-eyed ways on her?”

Derpy-eyed?! “What the hell, Jessica? If you bring a cute friend around, why wouldn’t I want to get to know her? She’s really sweet.” She checked the time on the soup and returned to Jessica’s glare.

“Oh, Tiffany’s sweet all right. Excessively sweet.”

“I can handle excessively sweet.”

“No, you can’t. Because you’re Taeyeon.”

“I take offense to this.”

Her friend rubbed at her temples with polished fingertips, tired from the day and their argument. “It’s true, Taeyeon. Whenever something gets a little too difficult, you bail.”

Taeyeon opened her mouth to argue, but closed it over a spoon of broth instead. She could feel her neck getting hot with anger; although, some contemplation was in order. Is that true? I quit my last job after they forced me into the earlier shift. I’ve broken up with my last couple girlfriends after a span of a few weeks. What were the reasons again? Oh right, the last one had that weird chewing thing. And the other wore way too much neon. Are there rules on how and why to break up with someone?

Jessica straightening her throat halted the spinning gears in Taeyeon’s brain. She brought another spoonful to her mouth and leaned against the edge of the opposite counter. “Maybe.”

“Hey.” Jessica’s eyes softened to almost pitying levels. “You have a lot of cool qualities, too.”

“I don’t feel very cool right now.”

Before she knew it, she was wrapped up in a hug. A bony, warm embrace that filled her nostrils with some overly expensive perfume every time. A Jessica hug.

It lasted for a long time. Taeyeon felt paralyzed. Not because she hadn’t committed to a lover, nor because she’d been unemployed for a year. It freaked her out that even when her friends constantly told her that she’d “find that perfect job” or “the perfect girl,” it never sunk in because she didn’t want those things. She felt completely content when she spent the whole day playing games without any responsibility. If she could get paid to sit around, she would. And that freaked her out. A happy slacker.

As for the perfect girl thing, she convinced herself that it didn’t exist. Why search and long for nonexistent concepts? The world didn’t stop when a relationship didn’t work out, so stressing about it felt so...petty. That’s one reason she fled from a long-term thing with Yuri. Yuri was ready to jump head-first into something serious and Taeyeon wasn’t about that. So, she shut herself down and ended it before anything happened. They hadn’t spoken in years. She could only assume that Yuri found someone willing to get seriously involved.

“Um, Jess?”

The unfamiliar voice made them both jump and turn towards Tiffany, all showered and rosy-cheeked, emerging timidly from the bathroom.

Jessica let go of her and pointed. “You’re staying in my room tonight. Thanks to that girl over there.”

Tiffany nodded, warily eying the two before gathering her things and heading to the bedroom. Taeyeon couldn’t help noticing the tiny pink shorts she was sporting. She blinked over to Jessica who was taking in the exact same scenery. Great minds.

Taeyeon felt compelled to speak. “Uh, T-Tiffany...”

The girl stopped at the door. “Hm?”

Jessica looked back at her, too.

“The soup is good!”

A gentle smile. “I’m glad.”


A long pause.

“Er-uh...” I should say something in English. “Gudnight...p-preety lady.”

Immediately, the two Americans burst out laughing. Taeyeon could feel the skin on her face burning; she made herself laugh with them when she really wanted to crawl under the covers on the couch.

Tiffany collected herself enough to say something in English that made them laugh even harder. How rude. I’m already the butt of the joke. She pouted and jammed her fists into her pockets.

“You’re very cute, Kim Taeyeon,” Tiffany squealed, speaking more naturally than before.

“She’s very awkward.” Jessica snorted.

“That, too!”

Taeyeon pulled a hand out of a pocket to continue eating until Jessica and Tiffany disappeared into the bedroom, still giggling.

At least she thinks I’m cute.

I can’t feel my legs.

Taeyeon squeezed her closed eyes, feeling a tightness all around her.

Or my arms. Oh god, what’s happening?

Something had her wrapped up. Ropes? Am I kidnapped?

She attempted to will her eyelids apart with no success.

Am I still sleeping? I’m stuck in a dream. Why can’t I move? Am I dead?

In the distance, she could hear someone’s husky laugh.

Who’s that? Am I meeting my maker?

God’s a woman?

“Taeyeon,” a voice whispered, close to her ear.

Taeyeon tried to pry her arms from her sides to no avail. Not only did she feel trapped, she felt extremely warm.

“Taeyeon,” the voice repeated.

Feeling herself gaining better control of her eyes, she finally quit struggling and relaxed.

“What do you want from me?” Taeyeon murmured. My throat’s so dry.

“Awwww. You sound hoarse. Do you want some water, baby?”


Feeling a pressure lifting from the couch helped recall her location. Oh right, I’m at Jessica’s. I’m alive. How come I can’t move?

The dip on the side of the cushion returned and she felt the cold edge of a glass nudging her top lip.

“Take a drink, honey.”

Baby? Honey? Could it be... “Mommy?”

The loud laugh that followed tipped her off on her captor. “T-Tiffany?” she mumbled against the water touching her lips.

“Drink, silly.”

She slurped loudly, receiving more giggling. Her eyelids didn’t feel tight anymore, so she fluttered them open to view Tiffany’s huge grin above her glass.

“Good morning, sleepyhead,” she cooed, pulling the drink away.

“Morning. I couldn’t open my eyes.”

“You’re such a heavy sleeper. You talk a lot, too.”

“What what I saying?”

“I couldn’t really tell.” Tiffany leaned her face so close that their noses nearly touched. “but it was super cute.”

Taeyeon gulped. Is this the excessively sweet personality that Jessica mentioned? Seems a bit psycho.

She sat back up when Taeyeon started wiggling again. “Why am I wrapped so tightly in these blankets? I didn’t do this.”

“I did.” Tiffany giggled, patting her handiwork. “You looked chilly, so I bundled you up.”

Likely story. “Where’s Jessica?”


Is Jessica tied up somewhere? I’m not in the position to rescue her Super Mario-style. “Where?”

“To the store. She went out for coffee and cereal.”

Cereal?! “Oh. Did she seem mad when she left?”

“When doesn’t she seem mad?”

Taeyeon snorted. Tiffany’s smile grew at this. Cute.

Wait, Jessica left us alone? She glanced at the silver clock on the living room wall. Maybe she didn’t expect me to wake up this early.

“Hey, could you unwrap me? I gotta pee.”

“You’re like a little spring roll,” Tiffany giggled, poking her tummy through the blankets.

“D-don’t poke me there or I’ll piss myself.”

She faultily repeated the word. “Piss?”

“I’m going to use the bathroom on myself if I don’t get out.”

Ohhhhhh.” Tiffany still laughed as she pulled at the comforters near her ankles to loosen the trap.

Taeyeon swiftly shoved the covers off and got to her feet. “I don’t even want to know where you learned how to do that.”

Tiffany pulled her into a hug that knocked the wind out of her. “I’m so sorry, Taeyeon.”

This is a clingy one, here. “It’s okay, Tiffany.”

“You should take a shower while you’re in there. Jess is going to take us out.”

She smells like peaches. Taeyeon smiled against her hair. It’s been a while since I’ve done this sort of thing. “She’s taking both of us?”

“Mmmhmm. I asked her. I didn’t want a repeat of yesterday.”

“That’s sweet of you.”

“Thank you.” She settled her head against Taeyeon’s shoulder.

“Um, Tiffany?” She squirmed in place.


“Please let go of me. I really have to pee.”

Next Chapter: Seohyun!

Tags: au, fic, pg-13, snsd, taeyeon, whogetsthegirl
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