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27 May 2017 @ 12:04 am
Must Love Girls [Part Six]  

Title: Must Love Girls [Part Six]

Pairing(s): TaengSic

Rating/Genre: PG-13; Girl-Meets-Dog-And-Girl

Disclaimer: I don’t own Soshi. I don’t own anyone, in fact. All Fiction.

Chap. Summary: I don’t feel like writing this. Just read~

Warning(s): If you suddenly realize you’re homophobic, stop reading, fix that, then come back.

Author’s Notes: Chapter Six already! ;_____; Thank youuuuu for the motivation to keep this multishot chuggin’ along. I’m still here for Soshi writing, so chins up! I just like to be transparent of my thought process, since I do care. ^^

✽ ✽ ✽

Tonight, Jessica Jung feasted on a dog food delicacy.

Well, not dog food, exactly. It’d take more than pride-splintering heartache for her to resort to clumpy can-shaped gunk. These treats were modeled identically to human cookies—the sandwich kind with crème filling. In peanut butter and vanilla, coincidentally her favorite flavors, not counting coffee.

“Krystal, does this company bake coffee dog treats?”

“What for?” her younger sister asked over a whirring vacuum cleaner, steering it around stacked barstools. “To caffeinate those brainy pups cramming for midterm exams?”

“Yes! Where can I find that?!”

“That’s offensive to a breeder, unnie. You know I’m against animal testing.”

They shared a mutually dorky laugh. Jessica especially, who rolled to her stomach on the couch, pilfering another treat. “Why are these sweet? Won’t they give Lens diabetes?”

“As long as you don’t feed him cookies exclusively, his glucose levels shouldn’t be an issue. They’re made of—”


At this, Krystal silenced the vacuum with an audible click. “Who taught you that word?”

“Oh, hm.” Jessica distractedly twisted two vanilla halves apart. “Heard it in passing...”

Her tone supplied the culprit: Kim Taeyeon. The word ‘carob’, amongst many unsolicited dog lectures, probed its way into Jessica’s vocabulary.

Terminology worked fine. If only Taeyeon hadn’t laid waste to her pride, her feelings.

“Your apartment’s officially spotless, master,” Krystal kidded, curtsying like someone who’d never curtsied in their life. “Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room—spic and span.”

Assessing their home safe from monster vacuum’s rampage, Lennon bounded happily from whatever closet he’d ducked into. In an act of fake bravery, he got as close as nose-touching the inactive machine before scuttling over to his owner. And his treats.

Jessica snatched the bag to her chest. “Haven’t you taken enough from me?”

Lennon’s not culpable.” Krystal made space beneath her older sister’s outstretched legs. “You’re the one who has dumpster fire taste.”

“I so do not.”

“Really, now? Then, why isn’t Sinful Seo here?”

“She’s too forward.”

“Listen to yourself! Seohyun’s sexual appetite isn’t a character flaw.”

“Sit, Lens.” When Lennon dutifully followed directions, Jessica rewarded him with the crème-less half of cookie. She stuffed her mouth, whining, “Taeyeon’s not a dime-a-dozen type. She’s a rarity, an enigma.”

“I thought you were pissed at her.”

“I am.”

Krystal plucked out a treat of her own and spoke after two nibbles. “This isn’t my kickass sis. You don’t sulk over girls, nor do you exhaust this much energy on some rando nerd.”

Was Taeyeon a nerd? Jessica’s lips perked in a grin.

Nein!” A rolled magazine appeared in Krystal’s swift hand, smacking Jessica with the force of a sumo wrestler. “No succumbing to the Dork Side!”

Jessica clutched her welted arm. “That fucking hurt!”

“Don’t go there!”


“That dungeon in your head just now.” The paper contracted as if she’d wallop Jessica again at any given second. “When you’re there, your face goes all doughy and forlorn. It’s a disaster.”

Doughy!?” Jessica sneered. “Don’t you mean dopey?”

“No. Absolute dough. I could bake a pizza on it.”


They giggled, knowing their banter wouldn’t amount to a true-blue fight. Krystal’s face darkened beneath her beret. “This is...unfamiliar. I can’t recall ever wiping a speck of dust from your mantle and yet...” She pointed a heel to the vacuum that snagged Lennon’s watchful eye every few minutes. “I turned into Mother and tidied your whole apartment.”

In the half month since first compensating Taeyeon, she’d adjusted their meeting system to keep her distance. Jessica left Lennon with the downstairs doorman ten minutes before the set time. That way, she wouldn’t be swept into striking, pathetic eyes that’d convince her to listen to excuses. Upon Taeyeon’s return from the park, he’d have her payment sitting on his desk.

And when Jessica sneaked to get Lennon afterwards, the money would still be waiting. Untouched.

She’d sent Taeyeon’s calls to voicemail, deleted unread texts. Iced her out.

For those same weeks, Jessica went full sloth. Hence, the messy home.

She laced her and Krystal’s fingers together, lightly shaking them to a silent rhythm. “I’m being stupid, aren’t I?”

“Stupid’s not the term. I’m concerned. Jungs don’t carry the lovesick gene—it’s proven science.”

“Then, emo’s a virus and I caught it from Taeyeon.”

“She’s obsessed with your pet, unnie.” Krystal tried to fix the bend from the magazine, stressing, “Dumpster. Fire.

“It has to go deeper than that.”

“You’re hoping it does.”

“Thanks for visiting, Krystal.” Jessica’s eyes glazed over; she could sense it herself. “Don’t know where I’d be without you.”

“You’d be lying in a pile of takeout containers and discarded clothes. It looked like several days of you exploded in here.” She rose, balled up the empty dog treat bag, and busied her hands unplugging the vacuum cord. “How ‘bout you feed the help?”

“Are you asking me to cook in this state?”

“I don’t have a death wish, Satan. I love myself too much.”

“Well, Taeyeon nearly teared up when she tried my—”

“Eggplant parmesan. I remember.” Krystal’s lip twitched, possibly chewing on her thoughts before muttering, “This Taeyeon’s diet consists of boxed junk food, right? You’ve probably found the one person who considers your flavorless slop more than tolerable.”

“She called me an astounding cook.”

“That confirms her lunacy.”

“Don’t kick me while I’m down. I appreciated her opinion.”

“’Cus she recited that ‘more beautiful than a rose?’ line?”

Jessica’s neck warmed. “Isn’t she so romantic?”

“Oh, god.” Krystal mimicked a near faint, stumbling convincingly into a wall. “You’ve gone too far, so now I must get drunk. Have any of the Zinfandel left?”

“One bottle.”

“Let’s uncork that shit. Then, I’ll let you wax all night about—”

A weak knock sent them into acute stillness.

And Jessica scanned the perimeter for a mirror.

Because she knew.

From a natural inkling to the time (6:30pm) to Lennon bopping to the door and Krystal’s groan of disgust once she jammed her eye to the peephole.

“Lennon’s girlfriend’s here. Were you expecting the trash?”

“On a Wednesday?” Jessica had already jerked from the couch, emergency brushing her hair and correcting her inside-out t-shirt. “N-no. I’m as surprised you.”

“Then, what does she want?”

“I don’t—”

Swishing the door ajar, Krystal left enough space for her head to jut through. “Can I help you?”

“Oh, um...” Taeyeon’s voice echoed from the hallway. Obviously, she hadn’t prepared for some pissed off family member to fill in as bodyguard. “Is Jessica free?”

“Jessica who?”

“Jung. Jung Jessica?”

“Don’t you mean Jung Lennon?”

Jung Lennon. Jessica would cackle at the moniker if she wasn’t so damn anxious.

Lennon appeared to be having a conniption, blocked from his love by Krystal’s long, oppressive limbs. Taeyeon noticed, too, by the light coo, “Hey, little man.”

“I’m Jessica’s sister, if you haven’t gathered,” Krystal spat, drawing the focus to her anger once more. “Pretty much Lennon’s first mommy. And I hear you’re so neurotic, you make Emily Dickinson sound like Kylie Jenner.”

“Th-that’s why I’m here. To say sorry.”

“Krystal,” Jessica sighed. Patience crumbling, frustration peaking. “Let her in.”

Taeyeon, stilted by skinny legs soon to buckle from terror, kept her back on the door. In case Jessica sicced her sister on her, more than likely. She wore her hair down—clipped on one side to show a prominent ear—with a striped top over a chiffon mini skirt and silver brogues.

Brogues. Not the Keds.

Today, Jessica snacked on dog biscuits and Taeyeon left her grimy sneakers at home? Surely, hell had frozen over.

“I walked him, so your service won’t be needed.” Krystal shared while she tracked a lint roller through the Jessica-shaped crumb outline on the couch. At Taeyeon’s pout, she smirked. “A tad overdressed, are we? Lennon couldn’t give two shits about your ensemble.”

Taeyeon hauled in a self-deprecating laugh. “Can’t find the lie in there.”

“Make your case and kick rocks, ho.”

Ho? Jessica lipped ‘what are you?’ to her younger sister, receiving the Kanye shrug of a girl who watched too many rap videos. Fighting a grin, Jessica crossed her arms and stood her ground. Waiting until Taeyeon acknowledged her face-to-face.

“I’d like to talk,” Taeyeon finally mumbled in a slow breath. She girlishly pieced fair hair behind her ear. “Give me your evening?”

The entire evening? Jessica’s pulse spiked for dual reasons:

1. Taeyeon had some nerve, asking anything of her.
2. YES, please.

“You’re asking me to ditch my family? For you?” In her peripheral, Krystal waved an ‘amen’ with the lint/crumb roller.

A redder Taeyeon latched fingers onto her purse strap. “Yeah, I am. Basically.”

Oh. This was different.

“Though I’m thrilled to see Lenny,” she lowered a hand for the dog to eagerly lick, “your forgiveness is my priority. Have you eaten?”

Krystal stepped in to interject (about the dog treats, to unintentionally embarrass her), but Jessica impeded that with a, “Depends. Where will you take me?”

“There’s a neat restaurant a block or two away. Are you familiar with it?”

“It’s a gem.”

“How convenient, since I made reservations.”

Jessica glanced at her sister, whose impressed head bob copied her own. “Fine. Give me ten minutes to freshen up.”

A.k.a. make myself look like I haven’t been slumming it on the couch.

Relief washed over Taeyeon’s expression—nothing micro about it. She sank to Lennon’s side for a short reunion, avoiding Jessica and Krystal’s eye-based argument before the younger of the two conceded in a tantrum-like shimmy. Jessica foresaw a bitchfest about “being a shitty sister” in her near future and she didn’t mind.

Because Taeyeon asked her out. And she said yes.

✽ ✽ ✽

Taeyeon folded a triangle of cloth napkin across her lap, energy ninety-five percent spent.

Aware of her tendency to overthink, she’d kept her strategy simple: make a reservation, come clean with her intentions, and leave Jessica to decide their fate. Then, a lanky sister in jeans priced higher than college tuition answered the door with the primary objective to chew Taeyeon out.

She bit a frown from her lips. It made all the sense for an (irritably) effective support system to have Jessica’s back. Unlike Taeyeon, a loner status didn’t follow her like an internet troll.

Meanwhile, Jessica cuffed her linen sleeves to her elbow, as beautifully fresh and feminine as possible. It hinted effort, but in an endearing way. “What if I’d refused, Taeyeon? Would you still come here?”

“Probably,” she replied honestly. “I’m accustomed to eating alone.”

“I dine solo often, too.”

“Yet, when I say it, it sounds so sad, huh?”

Pity weighed on Jessica’s smile. “It does.”

“I apologize for not being upfront,” Taeyeon said, hardly hearing her words over her heart’s percussion. “No matter how I’d addressed it, we would’ve been subject to a very awkward conversation.”

“That conversation being?”

She switched gears with a shake of her head. “I’ve been thinking about us.”

“You have?” Jessica’s pretty lashes batted down to her own lap; her emotions were transparent, candid and Taeyeon admired her for this. “And?”

“We have communication problems.”

Ire comparable to Krystal’s shuttered over the coyness. “What?”

“Communication. Ours sucks.”

“I disagree. Our issue is that we want different things, er, species

Oof. Low blow. Taeyeon moistened her tongue with a sip of water. “I don’t mean it as an insult.”

“Then, how should I interpret that, Taeyeon? You’re critiquing what hasn’t even happened.”

“See? I can’t barely communicate with you about miscommunication. Every time I zig, you zag.”

“But, ultimately, those lines converge. And when they do, will you see me?”

At the least opportune moment, the woman who seated them appeared at their table, finger poised to her tablet. “Are you two ready or do you need another minute?”

Taeyeon sat up, startled, grabbing for her neglected menu. Jessica gently intercepted, stacked her own on top of Taeyeon’s and handed them to the server, saying, “We’ll both have dumpling soon tofu, thanks.”

“Anything to drink?”

“Sparkling water and lemon.”

The server made face with the gronde as she swiped in their orders. “And you?”

“I, uh,” Taeyeon fumbled through her bewilderment, mentally listing what beverages restaurants universally carried. “This water’s fine for me, thanks.”

She excused herself in time for Taeyeon to grit out, “Why would you do that?!”

“Efficiently speeding things along, you mean?” Jessica tossed long hair behind her shoulder, icy cold. “You’re welcome.”

This pinched a nerve that couldn’t be ignored. “I can make my own choices.”

“You hadn’t looked at your menu once. I relieved us of a hovering server.”

Taeyeon sucked in a deep breath, thwarting knee-jerk comparisons to her long-gone ex. If she and Jessica deserved a shred of successful connection, ground rules would need to be established. They relied on conjecture, presuming what the other thought, desired, could handle without a decent discussion. “You see no harm in that?”

Visibly unsettled, Jessica hastily thanked whoever dropped off her sparkling drink. “Women are normally amused when I order for them. It’s fun.”

Fun. That word again.

“The world doesn’t revolve in your favor, Jessica. Just because you’re beautiful and accomplished doesn’t invalidate my perspective since—as you can tell—I’m not normal.”

“God, I’m sorry,” Jessica glimpsed away, masking some sort of emotion.

“We’re perpetually on two different pages.”

“In two separate books,” she amended.

“Shelved in their own libraries.”

“Divided by two entire planets.”

People were so messy. Taeyeon offered a dull smile, pushing her indignation aside for the sake of conversation. “On my downtime, I’d dwell on Diglett and my loneliness. Then, you and Lennon alighted my life.”

“You’re partially correct. Lennon cheered you up on his own.”

“I thought so, too, at first.”

“Evidently communication” Jessica threw up rabbit ear quotes, “is the perpetrator here.”

“Can you tone down the sarcasm? It’s not helping matters.”

She flashed a smile at the neighboring couple before lowering her voice to sharpened glass. “Don’t lecture me.”

“I’ve been reevaluating our interactions, Jessica.” Taeyeon’s stomach growled as a platter of skirt steak wafted past their table. Hopefully, nobody else heard it because it’d kill the serious mood. “I apologize for using you, for not trying to be on the same wavelength, for not being a true friend. I’d convinced myself of a narrative that doesn’t suit you because I’m so out of your league.”


She waved her quiet. “My ex stayed by my side when family denied my sexuality, opened my eyes to fine arts and an improved wardrobe. Which I appreciated ‘til these good deeds changed into something insidious, dark, possessive. She’d begun manipulating me against what little friends I had. And I let her. Because…well, love.

“And then she broke up with you.”

“I’d fallen short of her expectations. Five years up in flames.”

Two bubbling bowls of tofu stew were set in front of each woman along with several banchan dishes. Taeyeon interrupted their flow to scoop a hot mouthful where it belonged. She hummed around the spoon, satisfied. “Damn, that’s divine.”

Jessica didn’t touch her food yet; she’d been watching Taeyeon. “You know, I…” She hesitated to lift her utensils, painted nails reflecting on the shiny finish. “didn’t get as much beef as you.”

Miffed, Taeyeon transferred several strands of her bulgogi into Jessica’s stew. “The spoils of a breakup are rarely 50-50. Being that her income doubled mine, she wiped out what made our home ours. Leaving me with an overpriced apartment, some furniture…”

“And Diglett.”

“Yes, Diglett.” Her lips curled on the right side, forever smitten about her No.1 companion back then. “My ex and I adopted him on the last leg of our relationship, which, obviously, didn’t amount to much. We quarreled over the puppy for weeks. It was so brutal, I feared legal action would be taken. Thankfully, she thought I needed him more, since she’d started dating again.”

Jessica even dined prettily, Taeyeon noticed. In those tiny bites she thought only existed in commercials. “Then, when Diglett died, you were abandoned with nothing to show for it.”

“Only material crap…my broken heart felt like shrapnel.”

“You come off as a creature of habit,” the brunette muttered, metal chopsticks swirling a bit of spice into her broth. “When I nudge you out of your comfort zone, it’s not some power play. I’m asking you to loosen up, to try new things. If I only followed your mindset, we’d never reach past a first-name basis.”

“True. I’m sorry.”

“The weekend after we met, I got a shower bar installed.”

Taeyeon smiled into her tofu, loving Jessica’s sheepish grin. “Safety first.”

“It was coverage. As well as Lennon. If the shower bar can’t save me from single lady injuries, as least I’d have a dog to find me and dash to the rescue like Lassie.”

“You’ve aged well for an elderly lady.”

“Taeyeon.” Her eyes softened. “I forgive you because if I don’t, how will I know if we’re compatible? I solemnly pledge not to mistreat you like your ex.”

Something in Taeyeon’s heart fluttered. As though it believed her before Taeyeon’s brain’s finished processing. “Thanks. That means a lot to me.”

“Good.” Jessica continued to eat, cheekily adding, “And to think, we communicated without Lennon as mediator.”

“I’m as surprised as you.”

✽ ✽ ✽

Handholding was a routine Jessica supported. She’d initiated it in a stroke of courage, loosely stringing their fingers the moment they departed the restaurant. A proper post-date activity.

Taeyeon, remarkably, detoured them to a grocery for ice cream.

A Melona bar for each. More satisfying than dog cookies by far. Maybe Lennon would enjoy homemade dog ice cream. Jessica would Pin a recipe tomorrow.

Public trash cans were sparse, so Taeyeon wrapped their sticks within the packages and stuffed them in her purse to toss later. Sadly, she had to break away to do this. Jessica snatched her hands up in quick succession, though. Being mushy.

The romance got to her, surely.

“May I confess something?” Jessica massaged Taeyeon’s soft skin with her thumbs. “It’s been on my mind.”

Taeyeon donned a conservative smile. Eyes narrowing marginally, broadcasting heightened anxiety. “Please do.”

“I should be truthful—I mostly objectified you early on. I convinced myself to have a girlfriend, like being alone was less than, which it isn’t.” A warm breeze danced around them, whisking Jessica’s hair into Taeyeon’s unruly gronde. That’s when she noticed the scant distance between them. “I should’ve pursued a relationship for actual companionship; you’re not my pet.” Jessica giggled. “And then, I saw you treat my literal pet better than I did some hookups. I’ve learned…to want you for the right reasons and I’m sorry I ever brought up bad memories. I have maturing to do.”

“So do I. Let’s tackle that together, if…” She flushed in the night air. “If that’s not too arrogant?”

“Are you kidding me?”

Taeyeon’s smile blossomed into a fullness Jessica hadn’t seen, even in Lennon’s presence. It embodied months—possibly years—of stress melting from her future. And it didn’t falter when Jessica’s phone vibrated.

Krystal. Jessica texted her on the sly at the store, recapping her dinner. The message consisted of thirty-some-odd vomit emojis, if she had to guess.

Not breaking eye contact, Taeyeon asked, “Wanna take that?”

“Absolutely not.”

“I like you, by the way,” she mumbled. “In case we zig and zag again.”

In unambiguous response, Jessica leaned forward, halting once Taeyeon mirrored her. And they kissed.

Their lips pillowed unevenly, a supple collision of flesh and timidity. Jessica grew chills from the extended caress, tasting cold, sugared breath and the twitch of micro-muscles always revealing the other woman’s weakness. Which happened to be Jessica at that moment. Gratified, she brought one hand to the slope of Taeyeon’s neck, wrenching free to collect herself. And, to her astonishment, a needy, inhabited sigh touched her skin.

“Thank you.”

Jessica should’ve been thanking her, really. Rather, she shivered as Taeyeon initiated a firmer kiss. Around her shoulders, Taeyeon draped her arms, enveloping them in an embrace rivaling all the shallow sexcapades of Jessica Jung’s past. Exuding hunger, skill, long-term promise.

She forgot to saturate herself with perfume and Taeyeon seemed completely unfazed. They’d lost themselves in what heated into soft dents of teeth, gradually uncoordinated brushes of skin, indecipherable whining for the unspeakable, and a talented introduction of tongue. Jessica’s hand trailed an intoxicated path to the end of Taeyeon’s skirt, gently adhering into warm, smooth skin underneath.

There, Taeyeon paused. Fearing herself too handsy, Jessica started to move. Until Taeyeon whimpered, interlocking her own fingers onto that hand, holding its suggestive place.

And Jessica confirmed, emphatically, that Lennon was no match for her womanly, human qualities.

“May I…can I come up?”

This question nearly knocked Jessica off the face of the earth. Did Taeyeon just request a nightcap? She sputtered between hotly discordant kisses, basically brainless, while Taeyeon toyed with the unbuttoned juncture of Jessica’s blouse.

She’d unleashed something from within this woman. And it wasn’t prudish.

“Krystal’s in my apartment,” she roughly lamented. Taeyeon groaned realization against her cheek, inflaming her more than extinguishing. “I’m free tomorrow, though.”

“Thursday. At 6:30.” Taeyeon bent backward to giggle. “Our old usual.”

“Our revived usual.”

They made space between themselves. For necessity.

“Guess I’ll…” Reluctantly, Taeyeon aimed a thumb to the street, still kiss-drunk. “head to that place that has my bed and my stuff.”

Mmm, bed. “6:30 sharp. Can’t have Lennon getting flabby.”

“It’s a date.”

This chapter made me miss Skandl!Soojung like crazy. Y’all knew I couldn’t mention her without making an appearance. Look at this goddess. Ugh, I'm a slut for Jungs.

Photographer source on image, stolen from mewsofia's tumblr.

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Wow Taengsic got past that huge fight so easily. Im pretty amazed the author didn't play with our fragile hearts even more.

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Re: Handsy

Sometimes, all people need to do is freaking TALK. It's something that drives me crazy for stories (in the good way, if done well). If they're open, they can move on. And also, and I was writing, I realized there's not really any more drama to throw at them at this point, lest it'd become hackneyed. xDD

I SEE THAT BYUN SIDE. Let's see how nice I'll be.

Skandl! loveeeeeee. Bb, at times, I'll swing by that fic and think, "omgggg, did I write all this!?!" I was on some JUICE. I miss those characters time to time, too. ^^

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Lenny conniptions bc Krystal is keeping him from Tae.

“Make your case and kick rocks, ho.” — OMG. I lost my shit. Dead. I LOVE THIS LINE. It’s amazing. Period. Ranked right up there with my other fave funny thigns from Bra-fic… The first time I read the name “Yulstallion”, when Jinnie returned and broke the lamp “that’s mine”, when TaCoNah threatened that Ecksoh group on a live show, when Yoona lovingly called Sunny “Ho” with that record scratch, and every time Mama Hwang wrangled her Things XD.

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Krystal cleaning is a pretty funny image to me, too. And omgggggg SO JELLY that you get to visit a corgi time to time. I always badger my gf about eventually getting me one. :33 Haaaaa awwww and he attacks the vacuum like a brave lil pup <333

Omggg you pointed out the conniption line! I didn't realize anyone else would enjoy that! xDD


It reminds me how much I've accomplished since I'd decided to start fic writing. :') I LOVE TO MAKE YOU LAAAAAUGHHH (and cry. heh.)

Man, when Jess ordered for Tae I was like “I don’t know if Tae’s gonna like that…”-- You're very wise. Bad move, Jung.

Communication really does wonders. May not work seamlessly, but if two people like each other and express themselves, who knows?

KISSING AND *possible* SEXYTIMES. YAAAAAA. CAN YOU IMAGINE IF I JUST LEFT Y'ALL HANGING AT A KISS. This is a pro-sex space and that'd be unacceptable after all that build up.

I'm still deciding what stories feel more like fic and what should be converted into original stuff. I won't stop writing, though--I really love it. Y'all still have me for now. :3333 Hmmm. For now, I just have my ask.fm. Did you have a mode of linking up in mind?? I welcome the stalking ^^

Thank youuuuuuu for being wonderful!
wondertae13: TY take a bowwondertae13 on May 27th, 2017 08:45 am (UTC)

My heart fluttered so many times while reading this omg I love :)))))

"She called me an outstanding cook." "That confirms her lunacy.” hahahahahahaha I knew Jessica couldn't just be a good cook, that wouldn't be Jessica right?

"Don’t you mean Jung Lennon?” COLD. I guess it runs in the family (but I so laughed hahahaha) That's such a fitting thing for Krystal to say

I LOVED seeing so much of Soojung in here because she's a gem omg I love her. And Jungsis interactions are always hilarious

And my new favorite lines ever: “See? I can’t barely communicate with you about miscommunication. Every time I zig, you zag.” "But, ultimately, those lines converge. And when they do, will you see me?” I just re-read that several times before continuing because it just sounds so poetic and I just loved that moment so much I swear

"I solemnly pledge not to mistreat you like your ex.” That was so heartwarming I melted. It is such a promise

The zig zag line again before the kiss omg THE FEELS <33 That was such a precious moment. I really hope everything gets even better now. I'm ready for some fluff~

"May I…can I come up?” I FREAKED OUT TAEYEON JUST BECAME STRAIGHTFORWARD?? But my mind was all about why can't Soojung just leave? That would've been too easy. Too soon.

(My inner angst-lover self just things that maybe all got fixed up too easily and too soon?)

You're giving us all Skandl feels? Maybe I'll even re-read when exams are over

Thank YOU for this sweet chapter bb ;;
checkinyourbra: krystal01checkinyourbra on June 2nd, 2017 03:24 am (UTC)
DID THEY KISS??!? //scrolls// WHERE??? :33

I write to make your heart flutter, Wondertae bb. :*

"hahahahahahaha I knew Jessica couldn't just be a good cook, that wouldn't be Jessica right?"--That was my theory that I ended up including in the story--that Taeyeon just has an unrefined palette, so whatever Jessica made was amazing to her taste buds. hahahha

Jungsis interactions are always a blast to write. I'm y'all didn't think her too over the top. ^^

Akfsjld;fdsfldff re-reading lines and your favorite picks. Didn't think they'd affect anyone so much, so thank youuuuu. Ughhhhh I want to be more poetic in the future; I'm making a start!

"I FREAKED OUT TAEYEON JUST BECAME STRAIGHTFORWARD??"-- They've been dancing around their attraction for the longest and, frankly, Jessica doesn't know how Taeyeon operated around women before Diglett's tragedy, so...surprise!

((That's a fair assessment. Though, imo, for the mood of this girl-girl-dog love triangle, more angst after laying their cards out of the table would feel sort of trite. I also didn't want to do the okay-let's-separate-then-see-each-other-again-then-kiss thing. I'd rather them just think, 'fuck it' and make out~~))

Skandl!!!! If you re-read, drop by and show me some feels. I miss you already. ;___;

THANK YOUUUUU for the sweet comment~~~ <333
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I la- la- la- love youregreted on May 27th, 2017 10:34 pm (UTC)
Yo, it the build up to this... My small heart can't handle you
checkinyourbra: taeyeon04checkinyourbra on June 2nd, 2017 02:41 am (UTC)
DAT BUILD UP. I feel like I made the readers work for this one, too.

Awwwwwwwwww ///hugsssssss/// I APPRECIATE YOUR WIDDLE HEART. <3333
(Anonymous) on May 28th, 2017 05:37 am (UTC)
This is such a cute fic thank you for writing it, I needed more taengsic in my life even if it highkey makes me sad because of their relationship in the real world. At least they can be together in this universe you created.
checkinyourbra: jessica04checkinyourbra on June 2nd, 2017 02:40 am (UTC)
Thanks so much for reading, Anon bb! Time goes by and TaengSic is STILL an amazing, mysterious (and hotttt) ship. I'm probably gonna talk about TaengSic to my future kids, for all I know.

"highkey makes me sad because of their relationship in the real world"-- ;A; booooooo. Maybe....one day...... //wishes on a star *//

Yes, indeed. They'll always have my fic universes. :333
ystnsh_kikyou: Ducky lipsystnsh_kikyou on May 29th, 2017 01:22 am (UTC)
Lovely, just lovely reconciliation. It was time the mediator take a vacation.
Love krystal being there it gives it some spice
checkinyourbra: jessica02checkinyourbra on June 2nd, 2017 02:38 am (UTC)
Awwwwww I'm happy to please with their reconciliation. It'd be rude to put y'all through much more tension.

"It was time the mediator take a vacation."-- Hehehe this is cute. Poor overworked Lenny.

Krystal's the spiciest!

Thanks for readinggggg <33
sataengsminion: .sataengsminion on May 29th, 2017 08:45 am (UTC)
They finally kissed and became all mushy and cute. BUT THIS CHAPTER WAS COMPLETELY HARD CARRIED BY JUNG SOOJUNG. MY QUEEEEN.

“Make your case and kick rocks, ho.”


I still standby my comments to you about a Skandl sequel or about it and the lack of smut. You know there wasn't much 🙄


checkinyourbra: krystal01checkinyourbra on June 2nd, 2017 02:36 am (UTC)
THE WHALES RETURNED. I was waiting for them to appear, tbh.


Hahahahhahahah you loved that kick rocks comment, too. xDDD

Guuuuuurrrrrrlllll A Skandl sequel would killz me. And-and what would it be about. >_> I wonder what you'd sexpect. (see what I did there? lol)

LACK OF SMUT. PLEASE. Any more smut and that story would be an erotica....which isn't necessarily bad.

(Anonymous) on June 1st, 2017 05:55 am (UTC)
YEEEEEAAAAHhhhhhhhhhh *confetti here there everywhere* Team Green thanks you!!!! Seriously, you have no idea. This anon's TaengSic feels can finally be neatly laid to rest, sealed with a kiss.

Hoping for a haaaawwwt finish tho :DDDDDDD Zigzig! Zagzag!
checkinyourbra: seohyun04checkinyourbra on June 2nd, 2017 02:33 am (UTC)
CONFETTI!!!!! *swats like a kitty cat*

Feels like it took forever, right?!?! FINALLY. I will gladly accept Team Green's approval!


Hahahah omggggg THE PRESSURE FOR SEX (ahem--you know what I mean).

See ya at seven. ;DD
carneliancookie: jungsiscarneliancookie on June 2nd, 2017 02:41 pm (UTC)
Hahaha! Omg! I just moved and it was a hectic week for me. But here I am, reading your update. Hello, Soojung! Finally! She's the intervention everyone needs. Lmao! I can't with Taeyeon's canine terminologies like Jessica 'sicced' her sis. Hahaha! Omg. But dang, I love Soojung going sister-bodyguard on Taeyeon. She is awesome. They are not so hopeless now and yeah, communication is key for this uber strange couple. Lol!

Gawd, I am so busy adulting that I barely have time for anything... 😂
Thanks for this awesome Krystal-filled update, Checks! Made my day!

Edited at 2017-06-02 02:42 pm (UTC)
checkinyourbracheckinyourbra on June 3rd, 2017 05:36 am (UTC)
Ooooo is it the move we talked about on Ask!?



Nice catch on noticing 'sicced', smart lady. ;DDD

Not hopeless! And I agree-- Soojung was the push they needed. Wish she could bodyguard me. *perv grin*

No problem! Go adult!

Thank youuuuuuuu for reading in your busy life <333
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(Anonymous) on June 2nd, 2017 04:26 pm (UTC)
omg this is so ffnndnfn late but YASSSSSSS!!!! Jessica and Taeyeon not sitting on a tree but K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!!

ot: anyways what do u mean bout "a book maybe"? sorry idgi Bra, are you going to be a writer writer? so that's why you're graduating from being a fanfic writer?

p.s. dont mark me absent 😛
checkinyourbra: yoona02checkinyourbra on June 3rd, 2017 05:32 am (UTC)
Didn't mark you absent! Heh...heh. //uses wite out on the roll//

KISSINGGGGGGG. Omg TaengSic in a tree reminded me of WGTG. hahaha I trolled those two so much.

OT: A book maaaaaybeeee. I don't think that little writing creature in me will die. I'll have to transfer this energy somewhereeeee. Omg writer writer *nervous* IDKKKK

Thankssss, bb <33
yuukistar22yuukistar22 on June 15th, 2017 12:28 am (UTC)
yuukistar22yuukistar22 on June 19th, 2017 12:38 am (UTC)
Wait, is Jessica eating dog treats? I've only ever done that for money

Nooo :( why Jessica gotta be like dis :( But gotta love Krystal's savagery, I need someone like that in my life, its exhausting to be the savage one all the time

*adds Brogues to google list* God, why am i so clueless?

Seriously, you've probably gathered already, but I love Krystal D: Why are you so good at writing savage characters?


Despite being the most alone person on the planet, ive yet to dine alone

Yessssss they kissed! If i had confetti, i would throw it into the air, but all i have on hand is my cat snoozing on the arm of the sofa...don't think that would end well

Omg I miss Skandl too! I need to re-read it...again...for probably the 8th time...

"Ugh, I'm a slut for Jungs." < Couldn't have put it better myself D: