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03 June 2017 @ 12:02 am
Must Love Girls [Part Seven] [Final]  

Title: Must Love Girls [Part Seven] [FINAL]

Pairing(s): TaengSic

Rating/Genre: R; Girl-Meets-Dog-And-Girl

Disclaimer: I don’t own Soshi. I don’t own anyone, in fact. All Fiction.

Warning(s): Fingers aren’t just for typing fanfic. :)

Chap. Summary: I don’t feel like writing this again. Just read~

Author’s Notes: LAST PART OMG. :OOO Another one completed, people! Now, I’ll rest my mind, play Tekken 7, reacclimate my sleep schedule, read some lesfic, and refresh. Per usual, you’re all the best. <333

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✽ ✽ ✽

Saturday afternoon, Kim Taeyeon flung her dusty tank top into her plastic hamper. The corners of her eyes glistened, an aftermath for the last two hours, when she—with great yet surmountable difficulty—dismantled her Diglett shrine. Its upkeep hadn’t been abysmal, though boxes of leftover supplies (collars, shampoos, spare dishes, various toys) collected a powdery film that tracked over her clothes as she allotted them into designated donation bins. She set aside the zebra plush and lavender bed for Lennon, since he took to them so well. The rest brought death and her ex to mind.

She’d purge her life of these weights. For a lighter, less burdensome future.

Last Thursday transpired on…mildly awesome terms.

Awesome: Jessica’s greeting as she welcomed Taeyeon at her doorstep—consisting of fingers fixing onto her nape and a kiss that’d smash a lesbian’s soul in the best way.
Also Awesome: Lennon in his handsome new bowtie collar.
Negative: Krystal still squatting at Jessica’s apartment. She tagged along for their walk, inciting twenty head-to-head combats over dog care facts.
Also Negative: The younger Jung excelled at athletics; thus, hogging Frisbee time with Lennon.

This sunny weekend would differ. On Friday, Krystal returned to the pits of hell or wherever she’d spawned from. Meaning, Taeyeon and Jessica arranged plans for the next day.

Taeyeon bathed, semi-styled her hair, dressed in a deliberately-flattering outfit, and put on the electric kettle in time for a melodic knock at her door to start this out. This being a fresh relationship.

Her cheeks flushed, recalling of how carried away she’d gotten on their first kiss. The vagblocking sister provided some good use—giving them time to cool off before things got too physical too soon.

“Special delivery.” Jessica smirked, crooking her index finger into the band of Taeyeon’s shorts. “You’re so—”

Lennon burst in between then, clowning off on his squattish hind legs.

That was painfully adorable. Taeyeon threw Jessica a sympathetic grin while she received him into her arms. His stubby paws propped on her knees. Perfect position to lave her face in kisses.

Taengoo!” Jessica shouted from above. “Are you making out with Lens before me!?”


Taeyeon sprung to full height, shaking her blouse of unseen specks. “Old habits die hard.”

“Gross. I can’t kiss you after him. It’s practically a threesome.”

“Oh, shit. Just—” She gestured her guests inside before charging to the bathroom to wash her face, moisturize, and reapply a bit of makeup.

Jessica scoffed when she came back, displeased. “Nope. That ship’s on the bottom of the Pacific. Where’s my coffee?”

“Nowhere yet.”

“I’m grumpy.” Amidst a perturbed mood, she dove into Taeyeon’s (and previously, Diglett’s) favorite chair. She tied in the inelegant movement by modestly crossing her slim ankles last second. Typifying the notion of ‘spoiled brat’.

Despite the theatrics, Taeyeon respected Jessica. Fearless, she’d call her, even. Jessica persevered through a mountain of personality differences and a thick-headed dog lover’s avoidance issues. Weren’t those the bravest people? The ones who risked rejection, whose brains granted their hearts carte blanche?

Jessica had stuck her neck out against her sister after one-too-many ‘should’ve dated Seohyun’ wisecracks on their trip to the park, too. Taeyeon admired this. Emotional bravery.

Taking a page from that book (from another planet), she crouched at the base of the chair. Jessica wore a white shift dress with intricate sewn details Taeyeon squinted to appreciate. She also (shyly) appreciated exposed legs, then feet that’d been adorned in the leopard tilt-heels lining the wall. Specifically, optimal wear for spectating, not horsing around in a field—that was Taeyeon’s job, anyways. Again, Jessica went through great lengths to turn heads. “Making yourself comfortable already, huh? You didn’t ask if you could sit.”

“Sit, stay, heel, roll over. Your dog lingo is so annoying.”

Taeyeon chuckled, evading Lennon trotting close-by for Take Two of their kiss-a-thon. “Not right now, little man.”

“Leave us alone, Lens.” Jessica flicked the zebra toy to the lavender bed. He clambered for the flying object, gnawing into the poor thing’s jugular with a vigor that gave Taeyeon pause.

Diglett had handled his stuffies with reserved care. They really weren’t the same dog.

“Your sister bred them savagely,” Taeyeon murmured, wincing.

“He’s my bloodthirsty guardian.”

“Nice.” She rested her elbows either side of Jessica’s hips. A slight stir in her breathing didn’t escape Taeyeon. “Thank you for honoring my humble apartment with a visit. How am I worthy of such a patient woman?”

Jessica defaulted to indignant, doing a shit job of hiding her smile. “I won’t kiss you. Lennon’s tongue is germ paradise.”

“I’m clean again, though.”

“It’s the thought. Now, make me coffee.”

“No-one’s brewing anything until I get some lip action.”

“Where is this coming from?” Beneath an offended tone lay wonder. It was clear.

“Ready to be myself again…” Taeyeon shut her eyes for a sec, collecting some peace. “If you don’t mind.”

Jessica’s voice sounded fragile, truthful. “I’d love that.”

Precisely the encouragement she needed. Time to reciprocate this fearlessness.

Her palms replaced where her elbows had been, sinking into the firm cushion as Taeyeon advanced, closing her mouth onto the skin below Jessica’s jawline. The ragged sigh in response urged her to treasure this, to alternate between grazing the curve of her lips and pressing in fully, embraced in rose. Cloaked, veiled, protected by the scent that reminded her of her humanity. Her innate privilege to leap without looking, to fall into the woman reeling fingers into her hair.

Those years at her ex’s whims struck Taeyeon hard. They, along with the months following the breakup and Diglett’s death, whipped her to this: the meek shell of someone who once invited intimate contact and was front in line for work-sponsored barhopping. It could all turn around.

Taeyeon dully scraped incisors down Jessica’s neck, breathing heavier. “Should I stop?”

“Don’t you dare.”

Compliant and getting a heady rush from Jessica relaying that ice-cold-sober reply, Taeyeon rubbed her cheek along Jessica’s gentle shoulder, snaking her tongue beneath a carmine bra strap. Then, she bathed a path to her ear, back to that lovely jaw, tripping over her knees to wedge between Jessica’s thighs. She’d intended to tease and now—a hand that wasn’t hers guided her own under the dress—only one thing could mollify this dizzying want.

These weeks led to this moment. Jessica and Taeyeon crossing paths in front of a hardware store, minutes shy of a Pet Mourner’s Anonymous meeting.

Walks, misunderstandings, handholding, tears, jokes.

Parrying and pulling.

Proceeding into Taeyeon slipping past a thin lace barrier. Delaying, simply for respect and comfort—an unspoken ‘is this okay?’. And a quivered, “Please” willed her to sink in a single digit.

This was sex. They were having sex.

Oh, god.

Taeyeon shallowed her breath, relocating an arm above them for leverage as Jessica writhed on her finger.

Their lips hadn’t touched today and she’d already built Jessica up to the precipice of something intense. “Kiss me, Jessica?”

Jessica drew them together for soft, surprisingly sweet kisses. A deep contrast to the rest of their bodies’ movements—frantic, hot, almost virginally clumsy in the awkward position. Taeyeon’s hips helped drive the thrust of her flimsy hand and she wondered how competent of a lover she appeared. All red-faced and whimpering and breathless.


That cropped syllable spoke volumes, sonnets, chapters. She worshipped it, felt it. Felt the saturated pulse of a job well done.

And the paws of Lennon hopping right in the middle, onto Jessica’s lap.

“Shit!” Taeyeon screamed, separating them, not knowing what the hell to do with her hands.

Jessica did. She shoved that dog off. “Fucking behave, Lens!”

And for a minute, they sat, staring at one other. Audible intakes muting to matching grins and then…


“Oh my god.” Jessica blew the hair from tickling her face, voice raspy from strain. “My dog’s a perv.”

Taeyeon held her sexy hand upright, still not knowing what to do. “I forgot he was there.”

“Was he watching us?!”

“He’s a voyeur.”

“Talk about threesomes.”

Their laughs died down to a safe, sated afterglow. Until Taeyeon spoke again. “Should I start that hot water again? I bought a French press especially for your fancy shmance coffee.”

“Yes, please.” Jessica slung one knee over the other, reestablishing her modesty. “Ugh, damn dog. He interrupted my orgasm.”

“Yeah…well…” Taeyeon wobbled to her feet. Her bravery had worn off.

“I brought melon pan from that bakery you like.”


“It’s in my bag. It’ll go well with our drinks, don’t you think?”

'I’m lucky.'—that’s what Taeyeon thought. Carbs trumped a bouquet, not that she didn’t relentlessly work to keep the wildflowers alive. “When did I mention liking that place?”

“You didn’t.” Jessica’s cheeks pinked a shier hue as her eyes danced around the cleaner, shrine-free room. Including a vase of the aforementioned flowers. “I saw it in your purse the day we met. Sometimes, I believe I had no say in my feelings for you; they were inevitable.”

Hiding tears that’d smudge her mascara, Taeyeon escaped to the kitchen. But, not before muttering a low, “Same.”

✽ ✽ ✽

Jessica sucked at throwing and she couldn’t give fewer damns. This upswing in life made fetch irrelevant; it’d stationed her in the center of Lennon’s hyper orbit as he corralled his humans on a park field. Tailless backside a-wiggle, tongue flapping gracelessly.

Taeyeon had made a woman of her.

She snorted at that old-fashioned saying. Neither of them had been sex newbies prior to their tryst on the chair—a damn chair! In the living room. At 1pm. In front of the dog. Could they have predicted a less ceremonious first time?

Their journey to this very moment wouldn’t be penned as sappy prose. Nor would it inspire holiday-based screenplays for an overpaid cast of actors.

But, it suited Jessica Jung, a once anti-monogamist tip-toeing around patches of dirt.

As well as Kim Taeyeon, an eccentric lesbian tug-of-warring an orange disc with Lennon.

To think she questioned Taeyeon’s seducibility when, a couple hours ago, the gronde deftly manipulated her by one upturned finger and neck kisses. Jessica, true to her nature, found an empty bench to spectate. And to appreciate those rare moments when everything pieced into a coherent, beautiful image.

“What in the hell did I get myself into?”

She loved how that question’s context changed everything.

✽ ✽ ✽

Taeyeon sensed Jessica staring as Lennon wrenched the Frisbee free and dashed off for a short victory lap. Her instincts steered her gaze downward, to pretend not to notice.

So, she functioned against that.

“Hey, Jessica,” she lipped, waving awkwardly.

The other woman, elbows propped onto her knees, smiled prettily within her hands. Three of her fingers danced in a lazy—albeit impactful—wave back. She was probably spent from all the moaning and whatnot.

“C’mon, buddy.” Taeyeon patted her side for Lennon to follow. “Let’s sit with our girl.”

No longer would she depend on Jessica to do all heavy lifting.

✽ ✽ ✽

“I have a question,” Jessica traced the curve of Taeyeon’s knee, enthralled even by her pores, her silkiness. “Did you and your ex live together?”

Taeyeon blinked a dash of sadness. “Until the breakup, yeah.”

They lounged on Jessica’s bed that evening, still dressed in their clothes from earlier. After a long walk around the city and a quick bite, they retired to the closest apartment. Wasn’t coincidental, of course. Nobody would assume they’d go their separate ways on a Saturday.

“I could feel her influence throughout your apartment. Is that weird?”

“No, it’s not.” Taeyeon shrugged, trying her damndest to seem nonchalant. “My ex dictated all the interior design and furnishings. When she left, I had to restore a bunch of stuff I’ve gotten used to. Like lamps, shelves, art books I’ve grown to love.” She licked her bottom lip. “I should move.”


“You and Lenny respect each other’s space, I see.” Taeyeon referred to Lennon asleep in the living room on a leo-print bed (that paralleled Jessica’s shoes). Nothing dog-related littered Jessica’s bedroom, save the bag of organic pretzels atop her desk. “Diglett hogged my bed every night.”

“Lens knows the deal.” Jessica blushed when Taeyeon collected her hand, kissing her knuckles. “I’ve…never been in love.”

The progress of the kisses stuttered. “Are you sure?”

“I’d know, right?”

“How do you think it’d feel?”

“Out of control. Like you’re hydroplaning on the melted remnants of your dignity.”

“No-one’s ever done that to you?”

As if it weren’t obvious. “Tell me about your Keds.”

Taeyeon grinned at the subject shift. “I ordered them the day my ex moved out, as a gift to myself. It was freeing. To like, to buy any article of clothing without being judged.”

“You escaped her Type A domineering.”

“She’d styled me in flashy colors, dress shoes or heels always, even if I threw on a flannel top.”

“Flannel, ew.

Shrugging, Taeyeon said, “I bent the rules occasionally to piss her off.”

“Everything’s a story for you,” Jessica purred. “I like it.”

“I purposefully bought white Keds, the kind that’d attract dirt the easiest. At first as my own little post-relationship rebellion. Then, I kept them because they were broken-in and comfortable. Part of my Diglett era.”

Jessica reached to cup Taeyeon’s cheek, to stroke along her comely bone structure. “You could destroy my soul; I can tell.”

The skin she touched blushed. “You’d survive—not that I plan on hurting you.”

“I’m practical, Taeyeon. Studied, got good grades, set an example for my impressionable sister, attended my parents’ choice of university, didn’t get distracted from my goals by drugs and partying and—”

“Relationships,” Taeyeon filled in.

“Mmhmm. I kept it sexual when women asked me out and even then, that snowballed into madness. So, I swore off them and focused on me.”

“At least you love yourself. That’s not common.”

“I do. I’m the best.” She tingled from head to toe, feeling Taeyeon’s hand clutch her waist. Loosely, as if Jessica would change her mind and cruelly banish her from her home. “I’m not as brave and detached as I let on.”

“It’s not important.”

Taeyeon wasn’t too endowed in the chest area, which didn’t deter Jessica from running flirty fingers along their slight curves, pleased by the breath hitched in response. If Taeyeon threw herself at Jessica like Seohyun had, would this be as satisfying?

Nah. Because she considered her crush a chore.

A worthwhile chore.

Taeyeon’s vulnerability translated to their lovemaking, Jessica posited while emerging from the depths of her bedsheets, ushered upward a weak tug at her hair. The brunette swore she could’ve consumed her for the night’s remainder. To induce a climax as acute as the one that’d just occurred against her lips, her tongue, her chin. But, Taeyeon trembled, murmured Jessica’s name in a desperation she’d never dismiss.

“I’m here,” Jessica affirmed, gliding her damp mouth across a fair collarbone.

Lately, she dreamed before she fell asleep, pondering how Taeyeon would doze in her bed. If she’d hog blankets or curl in a fetal ball or habitually maintain contact with a hand on Jessica’s thigh. Those thoughts would convert into sexy thoughts. Sometimes as illusions of paperback boudoir covers, wherein they whisked each other away in painterly strokes of skin and discarded clothes. Their posts of top and bottom would vary, depending on her level of arousal or longing.

“You’ve made a romantic out of me,” she confessed against the shell of Taeyeon’s studded ear. “It’s the worst.”

Taeyeon gathered her wits enough to giggle. She rolled to face Jessica, dark eyes roving. “What do you want me to say?”


“I have nothing to be sorry for, though.”

“You do.”

Coyly, she explored the plane of Jessica’s stomach with the back of hand. Settling on no specific skin, just doing what she’d surely dreamt about, too. “Illuminate me.”

Jessica smiled into a kiss to the bridge of Taeyeon’s nose, then her parted lips. “You should apologize …” She paused, changing lanes. “For taking so long to fuck me.”

That soft scowl demanded no decoding. “You don’t have to put on an act for me.”

“I swear I’ll tell you soon.” Jessica wished for Taeyeon’s micro-abilities; they’d help in conditions like these.

Conditions like now. When she, high off throaty mewls of pleasure and traces of Taeyeon on her fingers, could admit to ‘hydroplaning’. It’d be insensitive to push too many boundaries in a 24-hour period.

“I’ll hold you to that,” the gronde whispered, coursing her hand down to where she’d been stalling to claim again. Their simultaneous whines were lost in the humidity of the bedroom as her fingertips circled into glossy want. “And this…is how I’ve always pictured taking you.”

Jessica replied hoarsely. “Not on your chair while the kettle water cooled?”

“Hell no. Just us in your bed—naked, of course—and you being so affected that you take me, too. If…if that’s not tmi.”

Kim Taeyeon. Seeking a medium between coy and the shocking ‘Can I come up?’. No bells, whistles, or sharkishness.

The ideal partner.

“Not too much info.” Jessica, hung up on the irregular, lingering pressure on her center, curled two eager fingers into Taeyeon. Manipulating slick depths, gaining speed, knocking breasts blotched from hickies, inviting Taeyeon’s keenly firm entry. Their bodies stuck to cotton sheets, trapped on the tightrope of giving and riding it out.

And dreamily stared as their respective fingers, thumbs sought purchase on flesh that’d guarantee an erotically volatile finish. The force fields shielding the animal inside Taeyeon cracked just so, which ratcheted her appeal—more to unlock, extra levels to penetrate.

Eyes pinched closed, mouth ajar for an abrupt jerk of the hips, Taeyeon gasped, “Don’t stop. P-please, I’m—”

The plea drenched Jessica, fostered the talented motion between her legs. She’d skeptically listened friend’s tales of the coveted ‘coming together’ of lesbians. In her experiences, it was more of a ping pong tournament—one for you, one for me. Lick, rinse, and repeat.

Taeyeon proved that fable as the truth. With empirical evidence.

Jessica accompanied her lover into fantasies that weren’t too idealistic after all. She locked their lips in undivided connection, tongues mixing a cocktail of sensual, familiar flavors. Taking advantage of this moment. Falling headfirst into the romance.

Then, she slid back under the covers to bury headfirst into Taeyeon.

Darkness shrouded Jessica’s home by the time she padded out. Deliciously sore, wriggling into a pajama top despite the season’s overall warmth. She stifled a yawn behind her wrist and flipped a switch to the kitchen.

Summoned, Lennon sprung from his slumber with an animated ‘yip’.

“Fancy a snack?” she mumbled down at a pleading grey gaze. “Cookie?”

He sat obediently, hardly keeping himself at bay as Jessica unclamped a bag of the biscuits he—um, they—often devoured. She helped herself first, chewing thoughtfully. “I swear these are baked in crack. Is there a dog version of catnip?”

The Corgi-Aussie played up his cuteness in that dapper bowtie. Onto his back he flopped, stumpy legs shooting up for a little sideshow for noms.

“Fine, fine,” she fed him the unfinished end of her cookie.

They munched in a mutually friendly calm. Jessica and Lennon, her canine roommate.

Krystal, despite her disdain for Taeyeon (that’d run out with her short attention span) made a good call for this whole dog intervention. It taught Jessica how to share a life with someone. Stepping stones, preparing her for the woman dozing in her bed.

“Guess you are a herder. Or inadvertent bait.”

His butt wagged as he eagerly chomped the fresh biscuit tossed his way. Dogs were so simple. To aid the union of two lesbians, gaining a midnight snack as reparation. If only he knew folks doled out thousands of dollars for similar tasks.

“What do you think? We should keep her, shouldn’t we?”

Lennon shuffled nearer, licking her shin for their unanimous vote.

Hehe. She loved this little bugger. “Great.”

Jessica refreshed his water, slipped on a pair of rubber gloves, and washed the few dishes in the sink, glad she’d returned to her spotless roots. She overheard Lennon slurp at his cold dish, scraping it across the tile as if he’d been parched for centuries. “I hate being responsible for your dumb bladder.”

After shutting off the tap, Jessica routinely moisturized her hands, ruminating aloud if dogs could be trained to take themselves out for pee breaks. And as she stepped backward, a furry roadblock caught the back of her angle. Jessica flailed mid-trip, cursing feverishly until she steadied herself onto the side of the refrigerator.

“Jung Lennon, goddamnit!” she harped, further perturbed by Lennon spinning happily. “Really!? That’s funny to you, you flea bag?”

A slow clap from her bedroom doorway interrupted her rant. Taeyeon.

Awake. Witnessing her single-dead-lady fear almost realized.

“Excellent execution. Points off for not sticking your landing, sadly.” Taeyeon’s face contorted into a hearty laugh as she doubled over. She’d redressed into her own blouse and, cutely, Jessica’s cat shorts.

She’d buy the best a dog-print equivalent out there, for a gift.

Embarrassed, Jessica defended herself. “My life flashed before my eyes!”

“What’s up with your baby bird bones? Should you up your calcium intake or do you need a kitchen bar to match the bathroom one?”

In seconds, Jessica defiantly met the other woman toe-to-toe, unused to her life behind upended this way, but enjoying it nonetheless. “You’re a sassy bitch, Taengoo.”

“I don’t think you can say that in Lenny’s presence. It’s dog racist.”

Ribbing signified comfort. Taeyeon, lacking a bra and a comb’s rescue, was comfortable. Jessica laughed, twisting errant gronde hairs through her fingers. Happy looked lovely on Taeyeon. “Lens is antsy for a pee break, so I volunteer you as his escort.”

Taeyeon’s lip twitched upward. “For free?”

“Why would I charge you for attending to our dog?”

Jessica understood the implications, the significance of ‘our’. Too soon? Perhaps, but Lennon especially benefitted from Taeyeon in his life; she’d become a staple whether they’d overcame their differences or not.

And Jessica chose optimism. She and Lennon weren’t substitutes for a horrible ex and a gone-too-soon companion; they were players in this new chapter. One where Jessica discovered everything about the easygoing, sexy, complex, dog-empathetic person she now soothed in a caress to a wet cheek.

“Ok-okay,” Taeyeon muttered, pressing kisses to Jessica’s palm. “I’ll grab his leash.”

“Don’t take too long.”

“I won’t.” She slapped her side for Lennon, who’d already been dancing around them for attention, as she toed into Keds that didn’t seem so dirty anymore. “I’ll be back in ten, tops.”

From the kitchen window, Jessica spied on their short walk. Several floors down, as dark silhouettes, the joy of an unburdened peace shined hotter than the yellow ball they chased every Thursday. She pouted, questioning who truly won in this arrangement—Jessica or Lennon?


Threading fingers through her long hair, partially matted from rolling in the sheets, Jessica crowned herself.

✽ ✽ ✽

“Hey, everyone. I’m Taeyeon.”

“Hi, Taeyeon,” the fellow pet mourners droned in practiced accordance.

As she scoped the circle of after-hours coffee shop attendees, a realization sunk in: so caught up in the drama of her own loss, Past Taeyeon displayed minimal interest in PMA’s other members. Besides the old bird lady who sat at her side, beaming proudly, she’d struggle to point out regulars versus unreliable snowflakes such as herself.

She’d been snotty, rude. Devoid of compassion.

“I’d planned for my absence recap to not bleed into a speech territory...” Taeyeon unlocked her phone to a photo of Diglett (peeping from a hole of his own digging) and passed it around. Appropriate aww’s sounded accordingly. “I owe a debt to this group. I wouldn’t have started to recover without your warmth and openness. Plus, this location steered me to Lennon.”

She explained his identity, suddenly shy. “He’s my new dog beau. I can finally move on, besides—”

A round of applause drowned out her downplaying this accomplishment. Taeyeon had thought herself derelict, incapable of entering another pet store, letting a day pass without tears, or integrating into society again. In fact, just today, a few coworkers extended an invitation for barbecue tomorrow evening. She surprised the entire office (and herself) when she RSVP’d.

“Furthermore,” a motherly knee squeeze from the bird lover kept her going, “somewhere down the line, I fell in love. With a human, apparently.”

The room chuckled. Their delight in her improvements left a bittersweet taste in her mouth. Sweet for the positive reinforcement. Bitter because she hadn’t provided the same to them. They were heartbroken, too. Their journeys could reflect hers in angles unimaginable. “I miss Diggy—that won’t change. But, it becomes a little more bearable each passing day. I’ll keep you all posted.”

With a nod, she waived her turn to the man at her left. He broke down, almost intelligible about the vet diagnosing this chinchilla with a terminal illness. Taeyeon lent her ears to him as well as the whole room’s stories—allowing their sadness to affect her, to bring out cathartic emotions.

She’d needed this community. Still did.

An hour later, Taeyeon waved a farewell to a few people as PMA splintered off in all directions. Roughly fifteen adults, commonly bonded by grief and faith in each other.

Jessica stood wait at their meeting spot—in front of the hardware shop. She’d crossed her arms over a fur-less cami, equally beautiful and visibly agitated. “How was your meeting?”

“Amazing,” Taeyeon replied, relaying a single kiss. “What’s wrong?”

“Everything’s wrong with this menace” she grumbled, hastily bunching the leather leash loop into Taeyeon’s hands. “He’s defective.”


“Lens is on a chewing spree. Another ball, the plastic spatula, and my fucking Prada slip-ons! It’s unacceptable.”

Taeyeon restrained a grin, squishing Lennon’s guilty face within her palms. “Is that true? Do you have expensive taste, too, Lenny?”

“Him acting out is not funny!”

“Your freak out’s funnier.”

“I’m cancelling both of you in my head.”

“You don’t mean that.”

“I’d bought you flowers to commemorate your PMA return, too! He gnawed those into oblivion.”

Huge doggy ears slumped as Lennon whined for mercy. Taeyeon nodded. “He may be a bit jealous.”

“Good!” Jessica snarked, playfully thumping him with a bare shin. “Doesn’t feel so hot, does it!?”

He dug deeper into Taeyeon’s hug as if he understood.

“You can’t cancel us,” Taeyeon said, rising to cuff an arm around her girlfriend’s waist. Spreading hairs there that she’d lint roll to death. “Joint custody would push him to do worse. Heroin, maybe.”

“Funny. We’re sleeping over at yours tonight. Let’s see how chill you are when he converts your home into a giant chew toy.”

With that, Jessica stormed ahead, deserting them for the park.

“View’s nice from here,” Taeyeon called out before glancing down at her fuzzier companion. “She’ll forgive us.”

Lennon’s silver eyes reciprocated her smile, twinkling mischief. Maybe he was the best fucking dog in the universe.

As for the best—albeit pissed—fucking woman in the universe...

“Let’s catch up with her, Lenny. Jessica’s faster than she looks.”


And there we have it. Another TaengSic fic floating in the universe! I’m always around, always lurkingggg. So, hit me up if you ever wanna chat about fic or anything, really. If it’s about one of my stories, commenting here on LJ gives the most reliable alerts to me. For everything else, I have an Ask page! I’m open other kinds of communication, too. ^^

If it’s not already obvious, I myself am a gay lady. It’s a treat to express and celebrate sexuality in our beloved Soshi fandom. I’ll forever appreciate the love you’re shared.

As for retiring or whatever way you’d care to term it, I’m still undecided. I try to be transparent about my intentions in LJ posts. ^^ For now, I’m still active. Now, which pairing should I consider next….

….or those pdfs. ;____;

Continue to love each other (and yourselves) during these crazy times, y’all~~

♥ ♥ ♥, ♥ ♥ ♥, ♥ ♥ ♥

Here's a glorious TaengSic edit to sign out!

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(And it's 6.30am here so I'll be back later to read. I just thought that midnight for you was probably now so I for once wanted a spot 💕)


Okay. Read it. Done. Can't believe this is over 😭 (Please don't retire? Please)

Let's start with your Fingers aren’t just for typing fanfic. :) I SEE WHY YOUR CHARACTERS ARE SO WILD

All those threesome girl-dog-girl comments omg I laughed hahahah that's what it's all about tbh

Sometimes, I believe I had no say in my feelings for you; they were inevitable my heart~~~ They're so soft when they want.

Why is this chapter so sexy out of a sudden? I LIKE. It was also super cute in an adorable way with all their feelings out in the open and building a relationship of their own^^

That conversation about their past and future, personalities and Taeyeon's ex... I love those kind of scenes. For some reason I found it just like Greener Grass Jessica speaking.

Kim Taeyeon. Seeking a medium between coy and the shocking ‘Can I come up?’ My words exactly. I so freaked out when Taeyeon just showed her straightforwardness last chapter and this could only get better. Acting all mourning and puppy-like at the beginning, she's showed up to be so much more! I love.

“Why would I charge you for attending to our dog?” OUR. I died of feels, all fangirling out of a sudden yesssssss

And when I talk about you being a poet? Sometimes as illusions of paperback boudoir covers, wherein they whisked each other away in painterly strokes of skin and discarded clothes. This is exactly what I'm talking about. Simple yet gorgeous. Visual.

And I was thinking about how it should end with Taeyeon finally moving with one of her meetings when that's exactly what happened. Lovely. A complete circle.

I already miss you bb and the fic is just over... what am I supposed to look forward to now?

Now, which pairing should I consider next…. I wonder... (not that I'm saying Yoonsic but I'm saying Yoonsic). Tbh, I'd read anything. I'm a fan who'd be up for everything and anything. (And those pdfs...)

And here I was wondering what kinds of social communication you were open to... Ask, I see. I may lurk around. And write something serious of mine when my final exams are over

Thank you for another treasure <3 I can never thank you enough. Hope my love reaches you every time

Edited at 2017-06-03 06:22 am (UTC)
checkinyourbra: jessica05checkinyourbra on July 7th, 2017 03:50 am (UTC)
Hello you! I’m back after a month of LIFEEE //screams//

BUT I’M BACK AND YOU’D WOKEN UP AT 6:30 JUST TO SPOT. You’re the besttttt~

Yes, it’s over! ((omgomgomg retirement idkkkk))

”I SEE WHY YOUR CHARACTERS ARE SO WILD”— hahahahah because I make naughty jokes. I’ll take the ‘wild’ title! I guess I could extend this to the girl-dog-girl threesome parts. I love sharing this humor with y’all~

CUTE AND SEXY IS WHAT I WAS GOING FOR. Like, I’m sure you could tell, but I just liked messing around with pacing for this story. Subconsciously, writers can repeat the sequence of romance and I don’t need that happening. I’ll see what works and keep it moving~

Yeeeeyyyy for getting to your feelings. :33

Oooo Greener Grass feels. Introspective Jessica (a fave) does that. ^^

OUR DOG. A promise for moreeee. I like hinting towards the ~real Taeyeon. How our little moper acted before her ex sucked and Diglett died.

POET ME?!!? *hugs* I WILL TAKE THAT COMPLIMENT. I still have SO MUCH to growing, but I’ll accept it as motivation.

A complete circle for ya! I can’t resist that kinda stuff.

”Tbh, I'd read anything. I'm a fan who'd be up for everything and anything. (And those pdfs…)”— AWWWWWWWW don’t make me blushhh. (Oh gawdddd those pdfs asfljfldfd)

Yeah, Ask works time to time. When life gets to me and my projects pile up, I go ghost for a bit. If you message me here on LJ (or wherever), we could swap emails!

:)))))) You’re very welcome! It was short, but I’m glad you enjoyeddddd. I SENSE ALL YOUR LOVE. THANK YOUUUUUUUUU
(Anonymous) on June 3rd, 2017 04:48 am (UTC)
*Applauds* Wow great story. My heart was moved in every chapter :D

That was a rather mild sex scene although much appreciated you included one.

When we find out Lens is a perve, I could say he learned it from his mommy and now his adopted mommy will teach him the same. Taengsic the byun couple is another reason I love them as a pairing.

Don't wander too far off author. I only came on LJ for this story so if you do come out with new content, I hope you will do an AFF update or something.

If you get lonely and want to chat, I am always roaming the web too. I mean only if you want to as I am a mere peasant author to your greatness *bows to the Great Checkinyourbra*

Till next time ;)

XOXO Catsba
checkinyourbracheckinyourbra on June 3rd, 2017 05:14 am (UTC)
Thank youuuuu, thank youuuuu. I appreciate you migrating to LJ just to comment in my regular neck of the woods. ^^

Yeah, it didn't feel natural to have something cray cray. Hope it wasn't disappointing. I was all about feeeelinnnngggssss. At least there was more than one scene! haha

Oh gaaawwwwdddd. Lenny inheriting perviness. Idk how I'd feel about getting that from a parent. xDD

Indeed! Whenever i make big chances or post, I like to alert AFF, too. No worries!

Awwwwwww a fellow roamer! Welp, I'll know where to find you. Heyyy you're no peasant! I see none of my readers as peasants. <333

'Til next timeeee, Catsba~~
Re: PMA - (Anonymous) on June 3rd, 2017 05:19 am (UTC) (Expand)
Re: PMA - checkinyourbra on June 3rd, 2017 05:24 am (UTC) (Expand)
sataengsminion: .sataengsminion on June 3rd, 2017 05:09 am (UTC)
checkinyourbra: taeyeon03checkinyourbra on July 7th, 2017 03:23 am (UTC)
I should bother you on Skype again soon~~ ;D
(Anonymous) on June 4th, 2017 04:21 am (UTC)


Dios mío. I became a lump of puddin' when I read this:

The ragged sigh in response urged her to treasure this, to alternate between grazing the curve of her lips and pressing in fully, embraced in rose. Cloaked, veiled, protected by the scent that reminded her of her humanity. Her innate privilege to leap without looking, to fall into the woman reeling fingers into her hair.

I can smell it. Pungent, intoxicating, love itself. Worth the wait.

BUT THEN. We end up with 'female women.' I laughed. Oh Tae. It was really cute, very fitting :D And then the hand...lolol That whole scene was handled so very well.

I knew another scene was on the way, but I didn't expect THAT. A rich, emotional coming together (eheheheheheheehe) Really, it was perfect. Harmonic, compound waves. What TaengSic is, at its best.

Oh, and!!!! Like you’re hydroplaning on the melted remnants of your dignity. <--- Yes!!!! :DDDDDD

So. In lieu of my normal modus operandi, in celebration of the conclusion of this awesomely awesome fic, I have written a fanpoem(?), a little light something for your amusement and perhaps a small token of my gratitude as a reader for this experience. Btw, it's a great community you've built together here, and I respect that. This is just my way of expressing things, and I do so in peace, without trying to step on any toes. I'm always cray at some level XD

[TaengSic 4 Lyfe]

Hot Dog

A golden zig
She's pristine
The world spans, but she spicks
Wrapped in roses
She waits for someone
"Love, love me do"
She askes

A blue zag
She's gloom
The world pings, but she pangs
Wrapped in ghosts
She mournes for someone
"Can't buy me love"
She pines

-Zig zag-
Rays of gold
Waves of blue in
Silvery glints of
Translucent green

And now,
A golden ping,
She's listening
"Hey gronde," she says
"Don't make it bad"
As she blooms in
Rococo green

A blue pong,
She's sharing
"I'll take a sad song,"
She says
"And make it better"
As she licks up
The Melona sheen

-Ping pong-
Swells of gold
Sings along
Countours of blue in
Compound phases of
Harmonic crests

Who let the dogs ouuuuuT Wooooooof (you did dat)

Love words, and love love. You, supremely rule at both Checksie <33 You're officially an honorary member of Team Green :DDDDDD

A little late but I like you too :3

checkinyourbra: yoona04checkinyourbra on July 7th, 2017 04:35 am (UTC)

”Dios mío. I became a lump of puddin' — Hold on. Gotta giggle at this. So cute~~

WOW. Back to this beautiful, poetic talk. Plus, I haven’t read this is a month, so going through these responses helps me view it with new eyes.

”We end up with 'female women.' I laughed. Oh Tae. It was really cute, very fitting :D And then the hand...lolol That whole scene was handled so very well.”— heheheh thank you. That really calms my flighty little gay nerves.

Yaaaayyyyyyyy harmonic, compound waves of lovemaking.

TaengSic at its best. Ajsflafjdsfd too good to me.

You agree with the hydroplaning, too?!! Love just takes control, doesn’t it!?!






I have the best readers. :’) <3333333 You’re so awesome.
I la- la- la- love youregreted on June 5th, 2017 09:24 pm (UTC)
before anything else can i comment about how 2013 dream concert taeyeon wrecked me to my core, dear lord, i love your icon thing.
checkinyourbra: taeyeon02checkinyourbra on July 7th, 2017 03:25 am (UTC)
HNNNNNGGGGG RIGHT???? Mmmmmmm so so so SO hot. Bless that outfit, that hair, that talent--EVERYTHING. <333
하류cateyes330 on June 6th, 2017 12:02 am (UTC)
"Fingers aren’t just for typing fanfic."

LMAO I always love a good innuendo.

Honestly, there's a lot of feelings I'm experiencing right now after finishing the last words to this story. I always enjoy your writing so I'm sad to see it coming to an end. lol And I should apologize for the last two comments that I skipped over. Because I know the end was near, I put off reading them until now. I'm terrible, I know. But thank you so much for the drama and since I'm Team Jessica for this series, I'm going to say that Taeyeon deserves it (although the money dropping scene was very brutal, yet satisfying at the same time XD). MUhahahahaha I'm evil >:D But I love the wrap up. They're so cute when Taeyeon isn't emo and more daring with her fingers and all. Thank you for making my OTP alive!!! Love you ,Bra!

And of course thank you for being transparent about things as well. Not going to lie, I'm sad about it too, but I'm kinda on the same boat as you. I finished my last on going and I'm so tired hahahahaha Also life is hard. Anyway, enough about the sad stuff, I'm just glad you're open to messaging on LJ. I would be very sad if you completely disappear since I enjoy talking with you.

Now on to the happy stuff! Pride is coming up! Yay!!! It's time to celebrate (as we live in the dark age). LOL Any plans? I can't wait to see lots of rainbows on my street!!!

As always, THANK YOU, BRA!!! Now go rest up.
checkinyourbra: Seotae01checkinyourbra on July 7th, 2017 05:15 am (UTC)
Innuendos are great, huh?! ;DD

Again, I’m forever appreciative for you, a (THE) hardcore TaengSic shipper, experienced feelings from my work. Finishing stories is such a bittersweet thing. After taking a break for projects, etc, I can re-read all y’alls compliments and engage. Yaaaay

Hahahah I’m not blaming you. Reading until the end is a special kind of enjoyment, too!

Yessss you were staunchly Pro-Jessica with good reason. xDDD

(although the money dropping scene was very brutal, yet satisfying at the same time XD)— Hahhahahahaa oh, YOU. I like evil you. :**

YOUR OTP LIVESSS. Love you, toooooo~

Aww. Yeah, you get bitten by the writing bug at the most random times, which isn’t the most sustainable for fic. Either way, pleaseeee don’t stop writing, even if it’s not fanfic! I recall being mad tired after this one—many lost hours of sleep and it was all worth it! But I slept SO WELL when it was over. :333 And nope, I’m not disappearing that badly. Hit me up!

PRIDE!!!! I hung out with friends and went to the parade with my gf. :DD Did you do anything fun?? I LOVE ALL THE RAINBOWS!!!

Thank youuuuuuuuuuu for always being amazing. I’ll keep this “resting” thing in mind; I’m always busy. ;___;
(no subject) - (Anonymous) on July 11th, 2017 04:46 pm (UTC) (Expand)
carneliancookie: jungsiscarneliancookie on June 7th, 2017 01:14 pm (UTC)
Ahh! Wae you feed me to Lennon?! O_o
Now, I’ll rest my mind, play Tekken 7, reacclimate my sleep schedule, read some lesfic, and refresh. --> omg. You play Tekken 7?! I love playing Tekken in general but I haven't tried 7 yet. We should play someday. Who's your favorite character?

Negative: Krystal still squatting at Jessica’s apartment. She tagged along for their walk, inciting twenty head-to-head combats over dog care facts.
Also Negative: The younger Jung excelled at athletics; thus, hogging Frisbee time with Lennon.
Omg! Krystal ish AWESHUM! She excels at everything!!! I love how you state the awesomes and the negatives. Lmao! Diglett's name still makes me laugh. Gosh, Krystal's still rabid against Taeyeon and I can imagine her growling every time Taeyeon's nearby. If she's canine, she's probably a wolf, or a Husky, or a Malamute, or a Doberman...

This sunny weekend would differ. On Friday, Krystal returned to the pits of hell or wherever she’d spawned from. Meaning, Taeyeon and Jessica arranged plans for the next day. ---> lol! Krystal is the devil in Tae's eyes. But dang, more time for TaengSic... 😂

“Gross. I can’t kiss you after him. It’s practically a threesome.” hahaha! Help me, Jess ish hilarious!

“Sit, stay, heel, roll over. Your dog lingo is so annoying. Lmao!!!

“Your sister bred them savagely,” Taeyeon murmured, wincing.

“He’s my bloodthirsty guardian.”
---> haha! Well, Lens was meant to protect Jess and Krys did so well with breeding Lennon. But Lens is a perv...
"Was he watching us?!”

“He’s a voyeur.”

“Talk about threesomes.”
---> interrupting TaengSic's first time and sexy time. 😂

Summoned, Lennon sprung from his slumber with an animated ‘yip’.

“Fancy a snack?” she mumbled down at a pleading grey gaze. “Cookie?”

P.S. Have ya listened to the TaengSic mashup by MWN??? 11:11 and Because it's Spring mashup. :3

Edited at 2017-06-08 03:40 am (UTC)
checkinyourbra: jessica02checkinyourbra on July 7th, 2017 05:32 am (UTC)
Re: Ahh! Wae you feed me to Lennon?! O_o
Cooks! Yep, I play Tekken 7! I’m more of a Soul Calibur gal, but Tekken is next best thing until they decide to come out with a new SC (crosses fingers and eyes). Ahhh there’s so many to choose. Two characters that really entertain me are Eliza and Lucky Chloe! Eliza came with the preorder, but be sure to try her out when you play. <333

I KNEW YOU’D LOVE KRYSTAL. She’s there to make you laugh when you’re not giggling about Diglett! Hahahaha “rabid against Taeyeon” is well-put!

Hmm why does Wolf!Soojung sound hot?

Hahahhaahaha I laugh along with your recaps. My grin is Yoona-esque huge rn. xDD

It was just a matter of time before Lens revealed his secret: voyeurism. Wooo!


PS: I’m very sure I have, but it’s been a month. I should re-listen. :DDDD


(Anonymous) on June 8th, 2017 05:15 pm (UTC)
last chapter woop woop! (not weep weep cuz issa happy ending)

i'm an actual lamebot when it comes to ending, my comments will either be awww or wtf?!! this time it's awww (yeaaaahhhh!!!) /see how lame it was D:

Jessica's character here is somewhat relatable and or rather her conquest of love is; always self first, in for flings what is feelings? until this one perfect-imperfect woman came onto the picture. she then made ridiculous decisions and learns baby steps just fo ha woman. even though the road to forever (us) is rough, she still believe for what she wants and go for it because 'love is crazy man'.

as for Taeyeon its cool that she accepted her losses and admits some of her mistakes, also that shifting from silent insensitive old her to honest and forward is a nice development.

and Krystal! how could i forget her being sass and crass towards Taeyeon lol
she's like that one friend you asked for advice but you're a hard headed! b* so everthing's still down the drain 😗

Lenny a perv? like mother like son?

ahhh pairing ideas? the crazy dynamics of WGTG comes to mind, but any pairings will do tbh. (i like some of the giants with Jess tho *whispers* SooSica, YulSic, SeoSic & YoonSic /i felt like cheating to my main TaengSic omg)

thank you for this awesome finished angstcomedy fic Bra!

p.s i'll gonna be around too lurking from time to time~ checking for some poppin updates

p.p.s if you're gonna be a writer writer may i've a clue to your pen name pls?
C. Bra Rowling? Checkin Y. B. Martin? 😝💋💕
checkinyourbra: sooyoung02checkinyourbra on July 11th, 2017 06:52 am (UTC)
SHOOKY SHOOKETH, BB. HIIII! And I didn’t destroy any hearts with this one~


I’m sure whatever you say isn’t lambottish. :333

B’awwww I love when I read through someone’s summary of the story or a character and I just nod the whole time like, “My readers are the smartest and most clever.” Reading Jessica from your perspective gives me all these gay fuzzy feelings and it’s the best.

”shifting from silent insensitive old her to honest and forward is a nice development”— Yeeeeeyyy <333

Krystal!!!! All sass and crass and Jessica only picks and chooses what advice to use~~

”Lenny a perv? like mother like son?”— Pretty much!

OoooOOoooOooo WGTG comes to mind for couples. You’re much more open to other couples and that’s fun! Jessica pairings are some of the most wonderful, right!? Hmmm. Still not sure what to do there.

Angstcomedy! YOU’RE WELCOME. :DDD

PS: Please say hi every now and then! And thank youuuu for the lurkingggg, Shooketh bb. It’s nice to know I’m remembered!

PPS: OMG GREAT NAME SUGGESTIONS. I’ll take either one. No idea for a name just yet. I wonder if you’d recognize me style in the futureeeee??

THANK YOUUUUUU for your entertaining presence and just //whines// I MISS Y’ALL ALREADY. <333
Re: awwwwSHOOKETH - (Anonymous) on August 31st, 2017 04:20 pm (UTC) (Expand)
Re: awwwwSHOOKETH - checkinyourbra on September 5th, 2017 06:11 am (UTC) (Expand)
(Anonymous) on June 9th, 2017 06:51 am (UTC)
holy moly
long time lurker and first time commenter here! your fics always make me feel some real FEELS and this one's no different. it's the perfect mix of witty, funny and nail-biting along with a pleasant dash of sexy times; where do i even begin?

well, for one, your pacing is beautiful as always. the development of taeyeon, jessica and their relationship is done incredibly well and is oh so satisfying to witness. i love that their first time is on a CHAIR (why does this sum them up perfectly?) and how even after everything is said and done, the two still end up surprising each other constantly.

also this-
“You’re a sassy bitch, Taengoo.”

“I don’t think you can say that in Lenny’s presence. It’s dog racist.”

still makes me crack up. LOL.

well done on another completed ongoing, check (checksie? checkers... bra?). i'm a little sad since a lot of my favorite authors are retiring but i'll be cheering you on no matter what you do! take some time off and rest good.

checkinyourbra: taeyeon04checkinyourbra on July 11th, 2017 07:01 am (UTC)
Re: holy moly

I made you feel feels?!?! Asjalfsfdfdf thank youuuuuuu. Wish I could’ve answered this sooner, when it’d be easier to have back and forth convo, but I’m planning some exciting things and I just got sidetracked. But, I always come back!

”it's the perfect mix of witty, funny and nail-biting along with a pleasant dash of sexy times”— Please, write reviews for me. I love this.

The pacing works for you! Yessss. While this isn’t a revolutionary storyline, I did mess around with the pacing, so reading this gives me peace of mind!

”i love that their first time is on a CHAIR (why does this sum them up perfectly?)”— IT DOES, RIGHT!?!?! I feel validated!

Hahhahahahaa the dog racist comment! //high fives self for making you laugh//

Another completed ongoing, indeed! I try my hardest to keep stories wrapped up!

I’ll answer to any of those names, tbh. Sometimes I’m Checksie. Other times Bra. I’m also LA (for Lingerie Anon lol).

;_____; I feel you on the sadness. The tides are shifting for our fandom and the fanfic of it, ya know? Maturing and whatnot. It’s sad. I miss the old days for that. THANK YOUUUUU I’ll work hard for the next step in life! I’m still around for the time being, though! Idk if I’m resting enough, but I’m enjoying my girlfriend, friends, and exciting new endeavors~

And BIG HUG for coming out of the lurker shadows. I love off my readers (of course), but I love ‘seeing’ y’all, ya know?? :)))

(Anonymous) on June 9th, 2017 07:02 am (UTC)
oh jeez, i fatfingered the post comment button :( but i would just like to add that you've inspired me to buy some white keds of my own! now i just need a cute gf jessica and a diglett clone lennon to complete the set... 🐶
checkinyourbra: krystal01checkinyourbra on July 7th, 2017 03:29 am (UTC)
Cackling at 'fatfingered', but I feel you. It's all good!

Omggggg I bet you'd look so cute in keds! I chose them because they're just adorbs shoes in particular and fit Taeyeon's character so well. :33

A Jessica and Corgi-Aussie. THE DREAM. ♥♥♥
(Anonymous) on June 10th, 2017 09:35 pm (UTC)
YAAAS!! (07)
BRAAAAAAA! I LUV IT SO MUUUUUUCH! Thank you for taking the time to write this story and share it with us.

Omg, Tae spent time with Krystal and they argued about dog stuff and Lenny frisbee time. And OF COURSE Krys got all the sporty genes in the fam. Reminds me of that idol-sports vid from a while ago where Krys is doing flips and ish while Jess can't even clear a bar with a trampoline. Haha I have a feeling they're gonna have fun fam reunions together. And OMG, if Krys ever invited Tae to her kennel and Tae is surrounded by all the puppers XD!

I LOLed so hard when Taengsic were getting into it and Lenny jumped in and interrupts them! And it was so cute that they laughed about it together awwwwwwwww. Then, the later intimacy was really sweet and sexy. Very true to their characters.

Also LOL at that callback to "single-woman-death". Jess almost biffed it so hard because of Lenny.

It was also really cool how the story linked back to Tae at the Pet Mourners meeting... but this time Tae's ready to live and face the future with Jess and Lenny. Very nice!

Again, thank you very much for writing and sharing this with us. Your life-life sounds like it's been super busy, so it's really cool of you to write and talk with us every week for last couple of months :D! Please enjoy Tekken 7 and all the good things. (btw, who's your character? I haven't played since the Ps1 days, but I remember it was really fun and Paul Phoenix was my dude).

GET A TUMBLR so I can stalk you and Boxxie on the same site ;P! jkjk. Askfm is cool. I'll have to make an account and drop by :D. Thank you again, and whatever you decide on for fic writing days, it's cool. You do you. It's been really fun and I'm glad you're gonna continue writing in some way or another :D

checkinyourbra: yoona04checkinyourbra on July 11th, 2017 07:14 am (UTC)
Re: YAAAS!! (07)
YAAAS BB!!!!! YOUR LUV MEANS THE WUUUUUUUURRRRLLLLLDDDD TO ME. Thank yOuuuuuu for spending time with me every week for Must Love Girls! :DDD

Yesss sporty Krystal beating Taeyeon out. xDD ANd omgggg idol sports vids! Memoriessssss. Seeing irl Jessica with everyone, being slow and adorable and //gets emotional// MOVING ON. BACK TO THE STORY >>> I agree, MLG fam reunions are going to ridic and, unlike Skandl! KysTae, it’s going to take longer for Krystal to warm up. :P


Interrupted sex is so much cuter when a doggo is the culprit! Hahhaha.

”Then, the later intimacy was really sweet and sexy. Very true to their characters.”— Yeeeey. :33

Biffed it! HHAHAHAHAHA poor Jess. I love putting her characters through non-threatening pain. So funny.

Progress for Taeyeon! Woooo!

Ughhhh REAL LIFE IS ALWAYS TOO BUSY. I wanna go for big career changes that are adjacent to what I do but… //scratches chin// I’m not completely sure what all that entails yet. I have a lot of ideas that should congeal into something amazing, mehopes. Omg Paul Phoenix. I remember back in the day, hating to play against him. Ide remember why! For now, I’m loving Eliza and Lucky Chloe. I think they’re both new? I have a huge preference for women characters.

A tumblrrrrr. Idk what to do yet. To get a tumblr or a twitter?? Hmmmm. Please pop by Ask any time!

It’s been mad fun having you around, too, YAAAS Anon. DON’T EVER LEAVE ME. THE THOUGHT MAKES ME ANXIOUS. LOVE YOUUUU <333
yuukistar22yuukistar22 on June 15th, 2017 12:29 am (UTC)
*cries louder and more intensely*
yuukistar22yuukistar22 on June 19th, 2017 01:23 am (UTC)

Argh they're so smitten, so cute, so jealousy-inducing. Taengic 5 lyfe y'all. And ofc, a big perv salute to the sexy times, man its been so long since ive read some good ol' fic lovin'. Although I wish i couldn't sympathize with the whole doggy-interupto thing...*sweats nervously*

Oh Jesus, I hate it when pets just decide that in front of you is a great place for a nap. My cat just looks at me and flops right in my path. I keep reminding her that she'd starve without me, but she just stares, probably thinking of other ways to kill me


Is there a lonley, singleton anonymous group that I can be pathetic and pitiful to? Does such a thing exist? Oh right, that's called being alone at a bar, my bad

I don't know what I'd do without you and your fics D: Every time you release something new, I feel the need to re-read everything you've written and reminisce. This was great as always, I am forever in awe at your ability to write such great plots with the depth and complexity that only books could achieve. Although you retiring would be more upsetting than that time I accidentally knocked over a bottle of beer (devastating, i know), I'd support the decision nonetheless cuz damn, writing is exhausting sometimes, i gotchu gurl. Anyways, thank you for this as always <3
(no subject) - checkinyourbra on June 19th, 2017 02:06 am (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - checkinyourbra on July 11th, 2017 06:39 am (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - yuukistar22 on August 7th, 2017 09:36 pm (UTC) (Expand)
Barney01Kim_Barney1 on August 15th, 2017 01:00 pm (UTC)
This is soooooo awesome!!!
The twist, usually people use pets to get the hot girl, not the other way around LOL
checkinyourbra: taeyeon05checkinyourbra on August 19th, 2017 04:42 am (UTC)
Gahhhhshsjshja thank youuuu for dropping by! :))

And yeeey, I'm glad you were into that twist! It made the writing process so much more fun!
Raissa Manarisip on August 30th, 2017 05:56 pm (UTC)
Gaaaahh my favoriteee
oaaaaaaaahhhhhh. I gotta admit this is my favorite fanfic everrrr !!! And believe me that i read a lot. Your characters is so damn magnetic and complex. No cliché dialogues. Its scary that i could picture them exist in this world. I freaking love Jessica's character because her thoughts is so interesting to read. Hehehe. Thank you so muchhhhh dear author. Im a huge fan of you 💕💕
checkinyourbra: jessica05checkinyourbra on September 5th, 2017 06:06 am (UTC)
Re: Gaaaahh my favoriteee
Whaaaat everrrrr?!?! You're too good to me, Raissa and THANK YOUUUUU for spreading the love. And I'm really intrigued by how much you connected with the characters. To picture them so well....that's a giant compliment. It's what I go for! 😍

Awwwww I'm a puddle right now. You've warmed me too much!!!! <33333