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Who Gets the Girl? [08]

Title: Who Gets the Girl? [Chapter 08]

Players: Sunny, Taeyeon, Tiffany, Jessica

Pairing(s): Wishful Sunsica, Taeny

Rating: Pg-13

Genre: AU, Rom-Com.

Warning(s): Nothing for this chapter.

Disclaimer: I don't own Soshi. I don't own anyone, in fact. All Fiction.

Chap. Summary: Sunny takes Taeyeon and Tiffany out for lunch and reflects on a special someone.

Author's Notes: I totes picture Taeyeon's hippie gallery ex as BoA.

08- Sunny

Sunday sucked. Work all day. An old lady couldn’t make up her mind on framing. The intern bought the wrong case of cerulean paint six times. Such a sucky day took Sunny’s mind off the approaching excitement.

Sunny never thought she’d be eager about a Monday, of all weekdays. Yet, there she was, in her favorite yellow skinny jeans and black Converses, walking down the hall to room 5L. Once she saw Jessica’s name light up on her phone on Saturday, she knew interesting events would follow. She never calls. Unless she needs something.

Although, for Jessica, she wouldn’t mind.

It didn’t take long to hear a familiar voice yell, “It’s open” after knocking loudly. She checked the time on her phone. 11:30am. Normally, Taeyeon sleeps in until 2. She walked inside and shrank back at the view from the kitchen bar.

There sat Taeyeon, but not just any Taeyeon. A perfectly girlied-up Taeyeon. Her face, which normally had a bit of foundation and lipgloss, had been fully done with traces of pink blush on her cheeks. Very professionally done. Her lips were pinker than usual. Lipstick? Is that LIPSTICK she’s wearing?

Sunny slowly approached her--now glaring--friend like the Crocodile Hunter stalking some wild beast. “Taeyeon...your hair.” It was blown out with curls, trimmed bangs side-swept over her forehead. So shiny that it almost hurt her eyes.

“Yeahhh. We went to a salon yesterday.”

“You?! A salon?!” Sunny exclaimed, comically clasping both hands over her mouth.

Taeyeon lifted a huge mug and downed the rest of her coffee. “Shut up. Yes. A salon.”

Sunny’s eyes traveled downward. “You do know that you’re wearing a dress, right?”

Her friend sat on the stool, very unladylike, in a mint-colored sundress. Noticing the girl gawking at her, Taeyeon stubbornly crossed her legs. “Shut up.”

“Your eyes are done!!” Sunny accused, pointing at her face. Taeyeon attempted to spin around in the stool, but Sunny caught her and scrutinized her eyelids. “You’re not only wearing mascara. Your eyelashes are curled. Someone managed to curl your eyelashes?”

Up close, she could see the real Taeyeon pouting. “Do I look ridiculous?”

Sunny smiled softly. “Negative. It’s just...”


“One weekend at Jessica’s and you’re already made up like a princess.”

That earned a punch in the arm. “Shut up!”

Sunny snorted in amusement. “That’s not how a lady should act.”

Taeyeon swiped again, but Sunny darted out of the way.

She adjusted the baby blue fitted cap on her pink hair and crossed her arms defiantly to openly appraise her once more. “You know, I’m almost attracted to you right now.”

Taeyeon pursed her lips and straightened her posture. “Am I reminding you of Jessica?

“No. Shut up.”

“My, how the tables have turned,” Taeyeon mused, pulling at a loose curl.

“I don’t like Jessica.”

“Uh huh. Sure.” Taeyeon did her best Jessica impression as she rolled her eyes and flicked the hair off her shoulder.

“Someone’s getting a little too good at her imitations.”

“Don’t remind me.”

Sunny looked around the room as she crept closer to whisper, “Where’s her friend?”

“Tiffany’s in the bathroom getting ready.”

“You actually got up before her?!”

Taeyeon looked down at her empty cup, face reddening. “She...woke me early today to fix my hair and makeup first.”

“You,” Sunny backed away. “let her wake you up...early?”

“So what?”

“To do your makeup?!”

“Shut up.”

“And your hair. It’s combed.”

“I comb my hair everyday.”

“And yet it always looks like you just rolled out of bed. Did she dress you, too?”

Her friend sighed and leaned an elbow on the counter. “She bought me this dress yesterday.”

“Oh did she?” Sunny studied her face. “Jessica told me that I had to babysit you two.”

“Jessica’s a bitch.”

The bathroom door swung open. Out bounced a smiley chick with dark red hair, sporting a short white dress adorned with a simple flower pattern. Sunny side-eyed Taeyeon, whose eyes were fully on the Tiffany girl. Oh, this is definitely Taeyeon’s type.

“Watch your gaze, rapey eyes,” Sunny hissed in Taeyeon’s direction before stepping forward and holding a hand out. “Hi, I’m Sunny.”

Tiffany quickly grabbed the hand and used it to yank her into a hug. “I like hugs more!”

Sunny grunted at the impact.“Is this what they do in America?”

Tiffany laughed, squeezing her tighter. “This is what I do everywhere!”

She glanced over at her pervy friend who nodded and said, “It’s true.”

After Tiffany let her go, she made a B-line to Taeyeon. Sunny quietly observed their exchange.

“Lookin’ good, Taey,” Tiffany cooed, plucking at a light brown curl.

“Thanks to you.” Taeyeon replied coyly. Coy already? Goddamnit, Taeyeon.

“It didn’t take too much work. You’re like my life-sized doll.”

I think I’m gonna hurl.

Taeyeon, fully aware of Sunny’s judging gaze, tilted her head and began whispering into her ear. Tiffany’s smile grew wider and wider until the apartment filled with her laughter. Damn, that girl is loud as hell.

“Okay ladies,” Sunny clapped as she spoke. “I’m hungry. Let’s go get some lunch!”

“Yaaaayyy!!” Tiffany cheered as she ran into the bedroom to grab her purse.

Taeyeon looked at Sunny expectantly. “Hot, right?”

“Really hot. And just as annoying.”


In her American accent, Tiffany animatedly described her favorite hangout spots back in the States. Sunny popped another piece of sashimi in her mouth as she watched Taeyeon watch Tiffany. Her mouth agape, she nodded at all the right times and giggled--yes, giggled--along with her jokes. Taeyeon was far from a giggler, yet that day she heard that strange sound emanating from her mouth more than she had their entire friendship.

She had to admit that Tiffany was striking. Lovely figure, big smile, and nice hair. Taeyeon loves a girl with nice hair. More than once, she spotted her leaning over to smell Tiffany’s hair when she wasn’t looking. What a creeper.

“Where are your favorite clubs? Sunny?”

Sunny jerked her head up to the sound of her name. “Um...there’s this one bar. Good music. Live bands perform every Thursday night.”

“Sounds fun! I love dancing.” She turned to Taeyeon. “Do you like to dance, Taey?”

Taeyeon fidgeted in her seat. “Yeah, sure. I like to dance.”

Sunny’s mouth opened wide as she cackle. Taeyeon? A dancer? When she composed herself, she finally felt the piercing from Taeyeon’s glare.

“Aww, Taeyeonnie, do you not dance?” Tiffany giggled, poking her in the arm.

“I uh, well, I have before.”

“Good luck getting her out of the house at night. She goes into hermit mode.” Sunny gulped at her sake and bounced her head back and forth childishly.

“We can go out this Thursday and I’ll dance with you.” She turned back to Sunny. “Could we check out this club you’re talking about?”

Wait. Why would I bring them there? That’s where I meet up with Hyo. No need to reveal my relations. “Possibly.”

“And Jess could join us!”

At that, both Sunny and Taeyeon snickered. Tiffany looked back and forth, confused.

“Jessica hates the club,” Taeyeon explained, “It’s close contact with too many people.”

“And Jessica hates people,” Sunny added.

That was one of the many things that Sunny admired about Jessica--the fact that she didn’t pretend. If she didn’t like her food, she returned it. If she didn’t like the scene, she’d leave. And if she didn’t like someone, she spoke her mind. She learned that last one the hard way.


Back when Sunny heard that Taeyeon had a lapse in selfishness, she had to see if for herself. To think that she actually let a casual acquaintance move in with her! After a week of allowing the new girl to settle in and giving a grace period to pretend that she wasn’t crawling with nosiness, Sunny finally visited.

Once Taeyeon let her in, she gave her a warning. “Jessica’s a little...prissy.”

“How prissy?”

She stopped when she saw Taeyeon’s room. One half, chill Taeyeon-ish mode. Muted colors, gadgets, posters of girls. The other half consisted of frilliness and designer everything. A rack holding nothing but purses stood in the middle of the room like a leather Christmas tree.

A slim, sweet-smelling woman padded barefoot from the kitchen as Sunny prepared a snarky remark.

Taeyeon squeezed Sunny against her shoulder with an extended arm. “Jessica, this is my best friend, Sunny.”

Jessica’s beauty nearly knocked her off her feet. Also, she had no pants on. Just a long silk business shirt. And no pants.

Jessica eyed her suspiciously. “I thought that one girl I met was your best friend. The tall, quiet one.”

“This is my other best friend.”


A long pause stretched for what seemed like forever. Sunny couldn’t tell whether they were waiting for a proper “hello” or if she was just paralyzed with lust. No. Pants.

“Your friend stares too much.” Jessica sneered, taking a seat at her large desk.

Sunny shook her head. “I’m sorry. I was just...hi. I’m Sunny.” She held out a hand.

Jessica eyeballed the gesture, not moving. “What’s that all over your hand?

“Oh.” She retracted it, gazing at her palm. “It’s just paint.”

“Do you not wash your hands?”

“Sunny’s an artist, too,” Taeyeon mentioned, patting her friend on the back.

“That didn’t answer my question.”

“Certain paints are harder to wash off than others,” Sunny deadpanned, self-consciously wiping her hands onto her jacket, even though the paint was dry.


“If you want,” Sunny’s tone changed. “I’ll go wash my hands all night until they’re raw and spotless. Then, they may be more suited to touch thy holy hand of grace, Princess.”

The birth of Jessica's nickname.

She smirked with satisfaction at the outrage plain on Jessica’s face. Sunny turned on her heel and said, “Your roommate’s a bitch. See you later, Taeyeon.” before closing the front door behind her.

Such a hot, hot bitch.

That encounter didn’t stop her from visiting often. She started getting a perverse pleasure out of constantly going back and forth in their spats. Jessica must have liked it, too. Soon, they smiled when they acknowledged each other and the insults didn’t carry the same sting. What a relief for the third wheel who had to sit awkwardly in the middle of their exchanges. Taeyeon served as a better spectator than mediator.

For a long stretch of time, Taeyeon and Jessica spent most of their time together, to the jealousy of Sunny and Seohyun. Jessica even snagged the 'best friend' title. She always wondered why Taeyeon never had a thing with her. Personality match or not, Jessica felt comfortable enough to walk around the apartment pantless. Whenever she inquired about this, she got an automatic shrug and the response: “She's just there.” Regardless, the two shared an unspoken bond that Sunny envied.

Now that the roles were reversed where Taeyeon lived at Jessica’s, Sunny considered it a damn good excuse to run into her every now and then.

On the other hand, she hated this crush. It felt like a loss in every scenario she imagined. They didn’t care about the same things, didn’t hang out in the same circles save Taeyeon, the interest wasn’t mutual, and she obviously could have anyone she wanted.

She could have anyone she wants.


Sunny ran a hand through her short hair, ignoring the goofy pair across the table. What is Jessica’s type? To her knowledge, she’d never met any of her significant others. Taeyeon clarified that she kept her relationships very private, but she’d been single for a while.

Taeyeon theorized that Jessica must have her eye on someone. Apparently, a while back, she began buying crazy amounts of shoes and getting her hair professionally done more often. While Sunny couldn't tell how this deviated from her normal customs, she took her word for it. Jessica’s fallen for someone. And it’s not me.

Could it be Tiffany? She quietly observed the sprightly chick, squealing at anything that excited her. Which was everything. She’s beautiful enough for Jessica. May not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but how come Jessica’s been hiding her until recently? Either way, Taeyeon’s completely infatuated. I haven’t seen her this lovesick since Boa.

“Pik-a-chUuuu~~” Sunny’s phone chimed.

“Oh my god, that’s SO cute!!” Tiffany squeaked, bouncing in her seat. And Taeyeon the Perv watching her boobs as she bounces.

Sunny politely smiled at Tiffany’s derpy excitement and checked the phone.

A text from Jessica. More torture.

+Sunshine-y! How’s the babysitting? ;)

+Eh. It’s fine. You didn’t tell me that she was so obnoxious.
Sunny typed back, rolling her eyes at Tiffany attempting to mimic Pikachu’s voice.

+LOL. You don’t notice it as much after a while.

+Still, you owe me big time. ^_~

+Dinner, right?

Sunny’s heart skipped a beat. The dinner comment was a joke. Kinda. Not really. +As long as you’re paying, missy.

+Duh. Pick a date and I’ll see if I’m available. Ttyl

Longest text conversation with Jessica. Ever.

She sighed and re-read the conversation a dozen times before she heard Taeyeon call her name.


“Tiffany wants to go by some stores. She already paid for our meal.”

“Wait, what?!” She grabbed at her wallet pocket. “Tiffany, I can pay you back...”

Tiffany waved at her to stop. “No, no. You’ve been so nice to take us out like this. Let me treat you two.”

“We really appreciate it,” Taeyeon said, smiling ear-to-ear.

You more than me, McBrokester.

As she left, she scrolled through the calendar on her phone. I need to pick the best day for that dinner. I wonder if planning for this weekend looks too desperate. Where will she find another person to watch Tiffany?

She looked up at the two dummies walking with their arms pressed together. Between them, their hands kept brushing. They giggled every time it happened. Ugh. Maybe this is what I have to watch out for as a babysitter. Must be the ultimate blocker.

She slid the phone back into her pocket and hopped forward to land on both their shoulders to swing in the middle, ultimately popping the flirtation bubble. Tiffany laughed and played along. Taeyeon’s smile completely disappeared.

Sorry Taeyeon, but if keeping you out of Tiffany’s pants gets me dates with Jessica, you’ll have to deal with it.

Next Chapter: Yoona!
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