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Who Gets the Girl? [09]

Title: Who Gets the Girl? [Chapter 09]

Players: Yoona, Jessica, Yuri Mentioned

Pairing(s): Yoonsic?, Yoonyul

Rating: Pg-13

Genre: AU, Rom-Com.

Warning(s): Nothing for this chapter.

Disclaimer: I don't own Soshi. I don't own anyone, in fact. All Fiction.

Chap. Summary: Yoona’s forced to deal with an indecisive girlfriend and a very flirty co-worker

Author's Notes: Temptation~~ A little Yoonsic, anyone? Idk, I think the fandom could use more. :)

09- Yoona

Im Yoona withered into her computer chair, rubbing her temples. Four straight hours of unscrambling a Jr. Accountant Planner’s nightmare of a file. The Senior AP didn’t have the time--so she said--to deal with it, so Yoona received her day’s assignment in her dropbox. Ever since, she’d been clicking and typing away, pupils constantly on-screen. When she closed her eyes, bright ghosts of all those tacky pie charts filled her vision.

Her head throbbed, but mostly because she pushed her lunchtime back to get this crap done. She sighed, thinking about the amazing dinner that Yuri would have waiting for her. She really lucked out to have such a good cook for a wife. Soon-to-be wife, hopefully. Yoona cracked an eye open to reach for the picture on her desk. Her thumb ran along the stubbly relief of the frame. From the photograph, Yuri gave that huge side smile she loved so much. Such a smarmy, goofy woman.

That’s one of the things she loved about Yuri. She had a silly, forgetful streak a mile long that balanced out Yoona's straightlaced ways. Yuri reminded her that everything didn’t have to be perfect all the time. That it was okay to make mistakes. She should know.


Yesterday, for instance, she was seething when Yuri didn’t make the slightest mention of the wedding magazines. Sure, she went about it sneakily, but the direct approach hadn’t worked, either. Yuri blushed and got all strange whenever she brought up marriage.

In punishment mode, she barked orders to her all day for Spring cleaning. She had to create something productive out of this anger. Her girlfriend complied to every order silently, apparently sensing the tension. After a few hours, a fully-frustrated Yoona collapsed onto their bed and stuffed her face into a pillow.

That day, Yoona found it hard to cry. All she could do was whine and groan obscenities while pounding her fists onto the mattress. Not long after, Yuri appeared and sat next to her.

“What are you doing, baby?” Yuri’s voice sounded shaky, almost scared.

Yoona navigated her face away from her girlfriend’s direction.

“Baby. Tell me what’s wrong. I’ll fix it.” She gently stroked her hair.

Yoona swatted her hand away.


“You know what’s wrong.”

A long silence followed. In her head, she timed about five full minutes before Yuri spoke. That’s one thing that drove her crazy; Yuri could take forever to collect her thoughts.

Finally, she whimpered, “Marriage is scary.”

“How?” Yoona replied curtly. There were so many things she wanted to scream at her, but that singular word would do.

“Like,” She knew by now that Yuri’s fingers were going through her hair. “marriage final, ya know? That finality makes people crazy.”

“Go on.”

“Like my parents. They pretty much hate each other.”

“And you think that marriage did that?”

“Not necessarily. But, what if they rushed into such a serious commitment too early? Maybe signing those papers made something click. Something bad and bitter.”

Yoona sighed. “You think that’ll happen to us?”

“No. Just. So many marriages are unhappy. It’s the difference between telling someone they can have something and telling them that they must have it. It feels forced. Antiquated.”

“You never told me that you didn’t believe in marriage.”

“Never crossed my mind.”

Yoona turned over and stared. “Really?! Marrying me never crossed your mind?”

Yuri jumped back at the question. “No--I mean yes. I mean, sure. Marriage. But...”

“You’re not making any sense.”

“Perhaps play marriage. You know, living together. Like we’re doing now. I’m completely content like this.”

“What about my feelings? It's been four whole years.”

Yuri’s frown and lack of an answer broke her heart.

“So you don’t want to marry me?” Her voice faltered. “Ever?”

A two-minute pause. “Does it mean that much to you?”

Yoona laughed aloud mockingly. “What do you think?”

“Sorry. That was a dumb question. I’m not good with words.”

Her eyes met Yuri’s and her voice lowered. “Well, what now?”

Yuri searched her face, looking back and forth between her eyes, down to her nose, her lips, up to her hairline, back to her eyes. “I love you. I can’t imagine looking into a more beautiful face fifty years from now.”

Yoona could feel her eyes watering up. Not now. I have to be strong.

“Yoona. Will you give me time to think about it? I know you’re the decision-maker around here for everything else. Can I ruminate on this one?”

Yoona fluttered her eyelids and started to turn her head away, but Yuri’s fingers swayed it back to face her.

Her girlfriend's eyes were glassy and her lip quivered. “Let it go, baby.”

And Yoona cried. Hard. At first, it made her feel feeble and small. When Yuri pressed her face against her neck in a warm embrace, she let the tears flow freely. The water works went on and on until it started feeling good. The stress of the day ran down her cheeks.

“That’s my girl,” Yuri said in a hushed tone. “Stop worrying.”

Still, she couldn't help but wonder: Am I the more committed half of the relationship?


“Hey, sleepyhead. I brought you lunch.”

Yoona’s eyes popped open and she sat up. She didn’t realize she’d fallen asleep.

The girl giggled and stepped behind her desk to glance at the computer screen. “Did you finish undoing the fifteenth floor’s mess?”

“Jessica, you always think the fifteenth floor messed up.”

“Because they always do.”


Being promoted from the fifteenth floor of their advertising firm to the twentieth marked one of the happiest day of her life. Finally, she got the acknowledgement that she worked three years to garner and the pay raise that made Yuri’s advance to get her Master’s possible.

Her new co-workers seemed nice enough, despite them all giving her the same ominous warning. “Jessica in the media department’s going to hate you.”

The first couple of times that Yoona heard it, she found it absurd. However, as she met more people, no matter how welcoming, they’d look her up and down and say, “Wooo. Jessica’s not gonna like you.

“Why?” she asked the fourth person with the cautionary message, a stocky older manager.

“Because you’re just as pretty as her. The last ultra pretty girl that worked here left two weeks later in tears.”

“M-maybe I can avoid her?”

“You’re an account planner right?”


“She’s the media planner. You’ll be sitting pretty close to one another.”

Worst first day jitters ever. Out of anxiousness, Yoona carefully organized her new desk. She couldn’t even enjoy the concept of having a desk to herself because she constantly looked up at any woman that passed by. Jessica’s one of them. Lastly, she placed her beloved’s framed photo on her desk. She tilted it a bit to fight off the glare from the ceiling light.

“She’s cute. Who’s she?” a female’s voice asked right next to her ear.

Yoona stood straight and pivoted on the ball of her foot to meet Jessica face-to-face. She automatically knew it was her from all the descriptions.

“That’s...” She backed up a bit. For such a short person, she excelled at getting into a taller person’s face. Her heels were very high.

“That’s...your sister? Cousin?”

Her voice is high, but softer than everyone described. Not cold and shrill. “My girlfriend.”

“You’re gay.”

Yoona didn’t know how to take the statement, so she nodded sheepishly.

Jessica glanced down at the frame and back at her. “Lucky, lucky girl.”

She straightened her throat and crossed her arms. The discomfort was palpable. “Thanks.”

Unlike what her co-workers warned, Jessica seemed to more than like her. She came by frequently to chat, ordered lunch with her, and laughed often. Her colleagues colored themselves stupefied, but encouraged Yoona to keep doing what she was doing. Jessica being in a good mood boosted twentieth floor morale. I just don’t know what I’m doing.


“You’re a lifesaver.” a full-mouthed Yoona purred after taking a huge bite of her sandwich.

“You’re a pig.” Jessica giggled, sitting on the edge of her desk. An everyday occurrence.

“I didn’t realize that I’d be so hungry.” She took another bite without finishing the last one.

Jessica covered her mouth to laugh as she fished out a napkin from the bag. “Chew, woman.”

“Is this what you had for lunch?”

“Mmhmm. I saw you working so hard that I thought to treat you.”

“You’re too good to me.”

Jessica reached over and dabbed the corner of Yoona’s full mouth. “More than you’ll ever know.”

She nodded and lightly plucked the napkin from her grasp. Another interesting thing about Jessica: She flirted. A lot. Even a couple co-workers joked that their bond kept Jessica from biting everyone’s head off.

Yoona couldn’t lie. The attention was nice. Especially with Yuri so busy with school. She even mentioned studying after class with a new friend. Yoona beamed with pride at the thought of her girlfriend taking extra time out for her studies, but she’d miss that time together.

Yoona looked up from her meal to notice Jessica staring at Yuri’s picture. Always staring. Like she’s sizing her up. Ever since the first day.

She stuffed the rest of the bread into her mouth. “Jesh-ka?”

Jessica looked down at her and burst out laughing. “Why are you rushing your food? It isn’t going anywhere!”

Yoona wanted to laugh; however, she’d choke if she did. She covered her face with her hands and swiveled around in her seat. When she finished, she rolled back to see Jessica already holding out another napkin.

“You’re way too adorable.”

Yoona politely smiled and took the napkin. “Jessica?” she asked again, wiping her mouth clean, “Why do you always stare at my girlfriend’s picture?”

Jessica pushed herself farther onto the desk to swing her legs. “Do I?”

“Yes, you do.”

“Can I ask you a question?”

“As long as you answer mine afterward.”

She paused, looking down at her painted nails. Her features softened. She almost looks...shy.

“Go on.”

“How do I compare to your girlfriend?”

Yoona felt something--a frog, perhaps--catch in the back of her throat. She brought a fist to her mouth as she began coughing uncontrollably.

Jessica hopped off the desk to kneel down and probe her mouth with her water bottle. Yoona took a long swig and scratched at her neck. Jessica looked worried. She could feel fingertips drifting across her back. “Are you okay?”

“Mmmhmm. Sorry.” She coughed once more and leaned against the chair to halt the rubbing. Jessica stayed in her position, looking deep into her eyes. “So, why do you ask this?”

A shrug. “Curious.”

Uh huh. “Let’s see. You two don’t have a ton in common.”

Jessica smirked. “Are you stuck on the tall, dark, and lovely types?”

Yoona shifted uncomfortably. “No. Yuri’s special.”

Jessica flicked her eyes downward for half a second. “How so?”

“She has a gentle soul and a great sense of humor.”

“And she’s beautiful.”

“Very much so.”

“I have the beautiful part down, right?”

Yoona gripped the arm rest of her chair. She always does this. Getting me flustered on purpose. “Yes.”

“Yes, what?” She quirked an eyebrow.

Yoona shot her a sly smile. “Yes, you’re very beautiful, Jessica.”

“And I love to joke around. I have a sense of humor.”

“That’s true, but Yuri’s so...goofy.”

“You like your women goofy?

“Like last week, she locked herself out of the house. She then realized, she only had on her robe.”

“What a special snowflake.”

That must be her code word for dumbass. “She keeps me on my toes.”

“Sounds exhausting.”

“She’s worth it.”

Jessica abruptly stood up, smoothing out her skirt. “When will you call me special?”

Yoona let out a breathy chuckle. “Are you being jealous?”

“I don’t get jealous.”

Yeah right. It’s no coincidence that your outfit’s accented with green today. “You’re very special to me, too.”

“How?” She crossed her arms stubbornly.

Yoona couldn’t wipe the grin off her face. She found this petulant attitude cute. “You’re the best dressed person in the entire building. Nice eye candy.”

That coaxed a smile out of her. “Yeah, but you look great in everything.”

“That’s not true.”

“Yes it is. We should combine our wardrobes one day.”

“Perhaps. I think your legs are a little short for half my outfits.”

Jessica waggled her eyebrows with a smirk. “So, you've noticed my legs?”

Before she could give a smart aleck reply, a manager showed up to get Jessica’s approval on a project.

“Okay. I’ll be there in a sec.”

She turned to walk off, throwing her an air kiss as she left.

Yoona stood up. “Wait, you didn’t even answer--” my question.

Didn’t matter. She could imagine the answer.

Next Chapter: Seohyun!

A/N: Remember, beautiful people. If the orgy of love/friendship circles gets your brain all tangled, please check out the character!maps post. It's always at the top of my journal. ^_^
Tags: au, fic, pg-13, snsd, whogetsthegirl, yoona
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