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20 June 2013 @ 12:28 am
Who Gets the Girl? [10]  

Title: Who Gets the Girl? [Chapter 10]

Players: Seohyun, Yuri, Yoona Mentioned

Pairing(s): Seori, Yoonyul

Rating: Pg-13

Genre: AU, Rom-Com Drama-Llama.

Warning(s): Nothing for this chapter.

Disclaimer: I don't own Soshi. I don't own anyone, in fact. All Fiction.

Chap. Summary: The first Seohyun-Yuri study date becomes a success in more ways than one.

Author's Notes: I was so pleased by the awesome feedback last post. Y’all are mad awesome. Also, where’d all the Anonymous commenters go? I missed you. :( OAN: I feel like the Yoonyul household has the worst table manners.

10- Seohyun

Oh my god. Oh my gawwwwd. She’s here. In my house. Must focus.

Unstable hands meticulously arranged the rattling teacups onto a silver serving tray. This will make me look so classy. And mature.

“Tea tiiime,” Seohyun sang as she placed the tray neatly in the center of the dining table.

“Wow!” Yuri examined the display. “It’s like a tea party! I feel 8 again.”

So much for the mature part. “This set came all the way from England. My parents bought it for my birthday a couple years ago.”

Yuri snatched a tea biscuit and shoved it into her mouth. “Mmmm. Good stuff.”

Seohyun blushed and gestured to the table. “We could have tea and study in here, if you want.”

Or my bedroom.

“This is fine.” Yuri claimed a seat in front of the snacks.


Seohyun soon had an internal battle to figure out where to sit. Right next to her? Is that okay? Or across the table? Maybe a seat away so I wouldn’t look so desperate. Damnit, why does this table have so many chairs?

“Hey, Seohyun. You okay?”

Her stress over seating disappeared when Yuri tapped the chair to her left. “I had a ton of questions during class today.”

The next hour and a half went swimmingly. Yuri loved the tea; Seohyun loved that her jittery hands didn’t spill anything. She finally relaxed enough to get down to business.

Brainstorming with another person actually provided fruitful results. The fact that Kwon Yuri was sitting next to her took the backburner in her mind as the room filled only with the scratchy sound of pencil on paper.

She held back a snicker when Yuri finished all the biscuits herself and apologized over and over. She certainly does get trapped in her mind.

“So,” Yuri sighed, eyes still on her sketchbook, “your parents are out.”

“Yes. They have a lot of date nights.”


“It keeps them sane.”

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

Seohyun’s pencil lead snapped against her page. Yuri looked up at the sound.

“Oh dear...” Seohyun giggled nervously as she wiped the remnants off the sheet.

“Here,” Yuri dug into her messenger bag. “take my sharpener.”

“Thanks!” Yuri’s cheap sharpener wasn't as powerful as the one in her room, but she stuck the poor pencil in like it was the best thing ever.

“I’m sorry. Do you get shy with questions like that?”

“N-no. I just pressed down too hard. As for the boyfriend thing: No. No boyfriend.”

“Really?!” Yuri turned in the chair to face her, intrigued.

The full-on eye contact made Seohyun dizzy. She looked down at her pencil. This sharpener totally stripped it. “Is that hard to believe?”

“Well, yeah. I’d assume you’d be a catch.”

Her face grew warm. “Why would you say that?”

“You’re really well-mannered. And smart.”

“Thank you.” I’m a polite nerd. Grrr-eat.

“I bet guys follow you around all the time.”

“If they do, I sure don’t notice.”

“Sorry, I just wanted some girl-to-girl dating advice.”

Fascinating. “I’m game.”

She clapped. “Great. I need to get this off my chest.”

A few dirty thoughts came to mind from that statement, but she closed her book and listened attentively.

“Yoona--my girlfriend. I think I mentioned her a few times?”

A few times too many. “You have.”

“She really, really wants to get married.”

Bombs dropping on heart in five, four, three... “How...wonderful!”

“I’m not sure. You see, I love her. She’s perfect. Yet, this whole marriage thing is...I don’t even know if I believe in organized marriage. I’d be satisfied cohabiting for the rest of my life. Yoona seems obsessed with the weddings, though. Last night, I witnessed her crying so much that it freaked me out.”

A crying robot. How novel.

“I told her I need some time to think it over. There’s so many conflicting thoughts; it’s driving me insane. I don’t want to disappoint her, but walking down the aisle--that’s terrifying. Marriage rarely looks happy to me. Your parents are happy, right?”

My parents are fine, but I’m not going to help Im Yoona’s case. “They have their on and off days.”

Yuri thrust out a hand to punctuate her claim. “Exactly! Why get into a committed relationship that’s chiseled in stone when you can just be happy the way things are right now?”

“You have a point. Is that all that’s keeping you from marrying her?”

Yuri opened her mouth, then hesitated. “I don’t know. I’m scared.”

“Of what?”

Yuri sighed, her head slightly dipping down. “Yoona was my first girlfriend. She’ll be my first and last girlfriend.”

Seohyun raised her eyebrows in shock. Im Yoona’s even luckier than I thought!

“My best friend always jokes about me needing to date other people before latching onto one person, but...”


“I don’t want to ruin what Yoona and I’ve built together. Our life.”

That’s too sweet to handle. “What kind of things would you do if, say, you and Yoona took a break?”

“A break? If I proposed a break, I’m sure she’d break my neck.” She laughed to herself, running a hand through her hair. “I kinda had a thing with a girl before Yoona, but I was a teenager and that never went anywhere. Geez, if I was single...I definitely would ask more girls out. ”


“Yes! I was so awkward back when I came out. Then, I met Yoona. She pretty much held my hand throughout the whole process. Now that I’m less awkward, I could snag a few dates if I really wanted.”

More than a few. “Anyone in particular?”

Yuri looked up, deep in thought. “Hmm. There’s this one bartender. She’s straight, unfortunately.”

That’s not what I was fishing for.

“I see some cute girls at the club sometimes.”


She snapped loudly, pointing in Seohyun’s direction. “And you! You’re cute.”


“Yeah! I thought you were cute when you first spoke to me the other day. You have a nice smile and really interesting eyes.”


“Yes. They’re shaped..differently. Very pretty.”

Seohyun’s face felt so flushed that she quickly stood up to get a water from the kitchen. “I-I’m glad you like my eyes. I used to think they looked odd.”

“No. Don’t ever think that again. You’re gorgeous, kid.”

I’m going to ignore the kid comment and relish in the fact that she called me gorgeous. Kwon Yuri’s attracted to me! She took a few sips from a bottle and held it in the air. “Do you want one?”

“Sure.” Yuri stood up. “My throat’s dry from all those crackers.”

Seohyun was too busy discreetly cooling her face off with her drink to notice Yuri standing behind her. She nearly gagged in surprise when a tan arm reached around her to tug the water from her grasp.

“I don’t need my own. I’ll just finish yours, if you’re done.”

“Mmhmm.” Seohyun’s paralyzed lips could barely get that out.

Yuri tilted her head back and guzzled the rest of the clear liquid. She swallowed the last mouthful and slowly dragged the back of her hand across her lips. Seohyun held her breath until she finished.

New sexiest thing ever.

“We should do this again.” Yuri showed off a huge crooked smile, completely oblivious to Seohyun’s catatonic state.


“Are you okay?” She placed both hands on Seohyun’s bony shoulders and gave her a shake. “You look like you saw a ghost.”

No response.

“Seohyunnnn.” Another shake. “Anybody home?”

“I don’t want a boyfriend,” she murmured under her breath.

“What was that?”

She cleared her throat. “I don’t want a boyfriend.”


“I’ve never wanted a boyfriend.” She finally returned to Earth in time to focus her eyes on Yuri’s. “I’m not attracted to men. At all.”


“S-so.” She gulped. Yuri has the sexiest almond-shaped eyes.


“So, if you and Yoona ever do take a break--or even if you don’t, I’m available.”

Yuri stretched her eyes in what looked like disbelief. “I...I...”

“Yes?” she answered, sounding more vulnerable than she wanted.

Seohyun lifted a shaky hand to rest on top of Yuri’s and gave it a squeeze. The uncovered hand left her shoulder to anxiously swipe through dark hair. Seohyun was slapped in the face with the sweet scent of her shampoo.

“I...uh, I...”

“We’re home!” her mother’s voice announced right as they heard the front door open with a jingle.

“I gotta go.” Yuri hastily removed her other hand and headed for her stuff on the table.

Seohyun followed. She wore her best I-didn’t-just-confess-to-a-girl face as her parents met them in the dining room.

“Oh, who’s this?” her father asked, shouldering off his blazer.

Yuri stopped in her tracks to bow a couple times. “Kwon Yuri, sir.”

“I’ve never met you before,” her mother chimed in, giving her a once-over. “Very lovely young lady. Are you a classmate?”

“Yes ma’am.” Yuri bowed again. Seohyun covered her smile.

“Are you staying for dinner?”

“Uh,” Yuri started.

“No, Mother. She was just leaving.” Seohyun lightly pushed Yuri forward.

“What a shame. You’re invited to stay next time.”

“Thank you! I will! You have a beautiful home!” she called back as Seohyun rushed her out the front door.

The taller girl audibly exhaled once the door closed.

Seohyun forced on a smile. “Awkward timing, huh?”

“No kidding.”

A pause.

“You can disregard all that stuff I said about being available. I don’t even know what--”

“I’ll think about it,” Yuri cut in, hands stuffed into her jacket pockets.

That...wasn’t a no. She didn’t reject me. She’ll think about it! And knowing her, that’s going to take a whole lot of time. She’s interested. I can hardly believe it.

Suck on that, Im Yoona!

Seohyun no longer had to force her smile. Yuri smirked back at her, knocking a heel against the concrete of the driveway.

“Do you know the way back?”

Yuri nodded. “Sure. Even if I get lost, I have this.” She lifted the fist in her pocket that, presumably, held her smartphone.

“Okay, great.”


Another pause.

What’s she waiting for? I need go to scream into my pillow for half an hour. “I don’t want to keep you. It’s already dark out.”

“You’re right.”

“Did you want me to give you a ride?”

A head shake. “There’s a bus stop a block away. I can manage.”


“Hug?” She parted her unzipped jacket and smiled.

Don’t panic. You’re doing great. Seohyun slowly approached her and slipped her arms around her waist. She felt just as slender and curvy as she’d imagined. And warm. Yuri removed her hands from her jacket to hold her tighter in the embrace. She swallowed a yelp when Yuri’s nose brushed against her cheek.

“I think...I think we should get to know each other,” she whispered, breath tickling her ear.

Seohyun openly shuddered. “I’d like that.”

Yuri pulled back and nodded before walking to the sidewalk. Seohyun stood at the end of the driveway, watching until she disappeared around a corner. She squealed to herself and drunkenly smiled up to the sky.

Next Chapter: Tiffany!

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checkinyourbracheckinyourbra on June 21st, 2013 02:02 am (UTC)
Let's see if her balls/ovaries grow over time. ;)

Yuri's pretty flighty and her dating history is pretty nonexistent. And Seohyun's horny at all times. Those things could definitely hold her back. XD She's going for her with bait-like tactics, that's for sure!

Hahah I support your love of the drama. I, too, don't condone cheating, but who can resist messing with these characters?

Really!?!? //blushes I'm so touched. :') I'm glad y'all love them like I do.

I should just throw them in one big love-pile.

hehehehe we shall see. ;) As always, loved your commentary.


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