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Who Gets the Girl? [12]

Title: Who Gets the Girl? [Chapter 12]

Players: Hyoyeon, Seohyun, Yuri, Yoona, Sooyoung, mention of others

Pairing(s): Yoonyul, Seori, Hyohyun?

Rating: pg-13, some language

Genre: AU, Rom-Com Drama-Llama.

Warning(s): Nothing for this chapter.

Disclaimer: I don't own Soshi. I don't own anyone, in fact. All Fiction.

Chap. Summary: Hyoyeon’s a little too heavy-handed for double dates.

Author's Notes: This chapter felt a little short, yes? Finally, more of the girls are inhabiting the same space! OT: SO THE #YOONYUL PIC AND TAENY IG VIDEO IN THE PLANE. Still flailing.

12- Hyoyeon

A few days later, Hyoyeon found herself at Yuri and Yoona’s quaint little home, rapping at the familiar front door. As she waited for it to open, she smoothed the front of her navy blue dress. I can’t believe I’m going through with this blind date. Yet, who can turn down a cute college student?


When Yoona called her the day before, she couldn’t help but be skeptical. Yoona’s voice lacked its usual hint of condescension. Instead, this friendly version of her enemy cheerfully invited her to dinner at their place on Thursday.

“What’s the catch?”

Yoona laughed. Something she barely heard. “No catch!”

Hyoyeon didn’t reply until Yoona--still laughing--continued.

“Okay, there is a catch.”

“Not a shocker. What do you want?”

“You know about Yuri’s study partner from school, right?”

Study partner? Since when? Well, I’m not gonna give her the pleasure of knowing that I have no idea what she’s talking about. “Yeah, duh.”

“Have you met her yet?”

Damnit, where is this going? “Er--maybe. Why?”

“I thought we’d introduce you two. Yuri speaks so highly of her and I get the impression that she’s a lesbian.”


“Oh, from poking around her Facebook. Not one mention of men anywhere.”

“That means nothing.”

“Trust me. I have great gaydar. Anyways, are you up for a little blind date?”

“You know I don’t do relationships.”

“That’s fine. She’s a few years younger than us. Apparently, this girl lives with her parents and spends most of her time in the books. I think you two could have a lot of fun together.”

Yoona’s trying me score? “Is she hot?”

“Absolutely gorgeous.”

Hmm. I can’t pass up a chance to bang a gorgeous chick. It’ll take my mind off these recurring daydreams of Sunny feeding me grapes in the nude. “I’ll think about it.”

“Great! Well, this is my number. Text me by tonight if you’re interested.”

Still bossy, yet tolerable. “Sure.”

“Oh, and wear heels. She’s a tall one!”


Hyoyeon clicked her bright yellow heels against the floor as Yuri let her in. She reflexively fell back onto their comfiest chair and checked her face in a shiny bowl on a side table. In her peripheral, a looming presence cast a dark shadow in her direction. The blonde peered up at Yuri unhappily sipping on a beer.

“Hey, Tiger. Pre-gaming for tonight?”

“Tonight?” Yuri echoed flatly, seating herself on the nearby sofa.

“Yeah. Some new indie group performing. Thought we could drop by after dinner.”

Yuri shrugged and took a long gulp.

“The hell’s wrong with you?”

Another shrug. “Nothing.”

“Woman, you’re lying.”

“I’m not. Everything’s peachy. Couldn’t be better.”

Hyoyeon opened her mouth to protest when two women emerged from the kitchen. One, of course, was Yoona. Next to her stood a slender, demure young lady that had Hyoyeon to her feet at once.

“Hi. I’m Seohyun.” The girl greeted softly, bowing a little as Yoona pushed her forward.

Hyoyeon stepped closer. “Hello. The name’s Hyoyeon.”

A heavy silence filled the room until Yoona clapped her hands together. “Hope we didn’t keep you waiting long. She was helping with dinner.”

“Oh, you cook?” Hyoyeon questioned, trying to stay on her best behavior, though her eyes kept traveling down the girl’s form-fitting dress.

“Yes I do. I prepare meals with my mother all the time.”

Cha-ching. Post-sex breakfast is my favorite. “Awesome.”

Yoona ushered them to their places in the living room, where the table was prettily set, wine already poured into glasses. This gave Hyoyeon a moment to tear her eyes from Seohyun’s legs and notice how miserable Yuri appeared. Leave it to Yoona to be so busy having a dinner party that she doesn’t notice her tipsy wife.

“What’s up?” Hyoyeon hissed to her as Yoona flitted off to the kitchen to grab the first course.

“Can you not look at her like that?”

“Who? Like what?”

“Seohyun. That...pervy fucking look. She’s not some random girl for you to grope.”

Hyoyeon recoiled in shock at the statement. She sat across from her grumpy friend and next to Seohyun who carefully placed a cloth napkin on her lap.

“Seohyun,” Hyoyeon started, mimicking her actions to look proper, “What do you do when you’re not in school?”

“Um...I go on the internet. Read. Hang out with my best friends. Spend time with my parents. Oh, and study...with Yuri.” She gave a little smile across the table.

Hyoyeon darted her eyes over to notice Yuri actually grinning back. “Oh, so you’re nice to the new guest, but not your best friend?”

“She’s not annoying me.”

“I just got here. How can I annoy you already?”

“Yuri, babe. Go grab the rest from the counter,” Yoona ordered once she returned to place the dish onto the table. “And use oven mitts. It’s still hot.”

“Yes, dear.” Yuri grunted as she lifted herself from the chair.

“I would have helped instead. I am a guest,” Seohyun stated, readying herself to get up.

“Don’t worry about it. She wasn’t doing anything,” Yoona chirped as she spooned out the food.

“I believe she was having a conversation.”

Hm? Was there some venom in her voice? The blonde girl finally saw the icy gaze Seohyun held as Yoona looked down at the plates.

Once Yuri returned, the rest of the evening proceeded at a very awkward pace. Yoona, clearly unaware of Seohyun’s glares, lead most of the conversation. Hyoyeon couldn’t help but notice how Seohyun tensed whenever Yoona lovingly caressed Yuri’s arm or tucked some of the raven hair behind her ear affectionately.

After a while, Yuri cheered up and animatedly spoke about the professor that hated her. Seohyun laughed at every other word uttered from Yuri’s mouth, but stayed dead silent when Yoona went into funny anecdotes of work shenanigans. For the first time ever, Hyoyeon felt compelled to laugh at Yoona’s jokes. It’s interesting how someone you hate suddenly becomes amusing once you find another person who hates them more.

For the umpteenth time that evening, Hyoyeon observed Seohyun’s face turning to stone whenever Yuri and Yoona exchanged any tiny intimate glance. That’s when it dawned on her. Of course. Seohyun’s developed a crush on Yuri. It makes sense. Yuri’s more mature--well, age-wise. She’s good-looking and funny. What impressionable student wouldn’t fall for that kind of charm? Meaning...

Hyoyeon threw Seohyun a sly smile as the other couple bantered about who cooked what meal. When Seohyun’s eyes met her own, she quietly slid her chair closer. This girl must be so pent up with frustration that she’ll be in my bed in no time. Yes, she’s a sweet thing, but that’s my new purpose to life: Stress relief for beautiful, uptight females.

“So,” Hyoyeon said lowly, trying not to interrupt the others’ conversation, “how often do you go on dates, Seohyun?”

She blushed and looked down at her plate. So shy. “I haven’t been on a date in a couple years. I think I forgot how.”

Hyoyeon sucked her teeth and mimicked a melancholy tone. “That’s a shame.”

“Not really.”

“Are you interested in going out?”

“With you?”

A grin. “In general.”

“Well, I--” Seohyun’s sentence cut short when Hyoyeon’s hand drifted to her knee.

“What was that?” Hyoyeon asked as she lightly drew circles on the goose-prickled skin. I hope those are good goosebumps. She’s not moving away, so that’s promising.

“I, um...” Seohyun straightened her throat as her grip tightened on her chopsticks.

Yuri and Yoona looked up, concerned faces forming.

Yoona spoke first, eyes on the now blushing young lady. “Are you okay, Seohyun?”

“I’m fine.”

Yuri’s eyes, however, were on Hyoyeon. Damnit, she knows all my tricks. She attempted to keep her face neutral, fighting back the urge to laugh out loud. She averted her gaze and lifted her wine glass with her left hand. “I was just asking Seohyun about her dating record.”

“Ahhh. Do tell.” Yoona waggled her eyebrows.

“There’s not much to tell.” Seohyun squirmed in her seat while Hyoyeon’s finger patterns slowly moved up her thigh.


Yuri’s head snapped out of it’s glaring position to look over at Yoona. “Yes?”

“Come help me with dessert.” She flashed a final cheeky smirk at Hyoyeon before getting up, dragging her pouting girlfriend behind her.

Hyoyeon rested an elbow onto the edge of the table and placed her temple against her palm. “Some alone time.”

Seohyun simply nodded and sipped her water in lieu of the wine available.

“What are you doing after dinner?”

“Going home. I have class in the morning.”

“Don’t you ever take a day off?”


“Seohyun,” she splayed her fingers so that her hand rested fully on her smooth leg, “I’m not good at playing coy.”

The taller girl tilted her head. “Clearly.”

“My job’s in club event planning. I’m going to one of my favorites later tonight. If that’s not your speed, you’re more than welcome to come back to my apartment instead.”

“Not interested.”

The hell? “In the club, or...”

“Either one.”

Hyoyeon’s jaw unhinged as she searched Seohyun’s face for an explanation. No, no it can’t be. She’s giving me the same cold stare that Yoona receives! Why the hell is she being so damn picky? Is her vagina made of gold? “For real?”

“Really.” She re-crossed her leg, effectively pushing Hyoyeon’s hand away.


By the time Hyoyeon and Yuri arrived at the crowded bar, all the subtleties of the rejection finally registered. Hyoyeon was pissed. Yuri, however found the situation hilarious.

“Just because you mount random girls on the regular doesn’t mean every chick is easily mountable.” She chuckled as Sooyoung placed two shots before Hyoyeon.

“Look at this dress. Look at me. I primped for hours.”

“And still no mounting.”

“Who are you trying to mount?” Sooyoung asked, sliding a beer before Yuri.

“Some overly virginal girl. She’s probably all weird and religious or some shit.” Hyoyeon gulped down the first shot. It was strong, but the burn at the back of her throat matched her mood.

“She’s none of those things.” Yuri turned to face Sooyoung. “My friend from class came over for dinner and met Hyo. And Hyo’s simply baffled because she didn’t instantly jump her bones.”

“Poor baby,” Sooyoung mock-cooed. The taller girls began to laugh.

“Shut up. You’re feeling all confident since said girl obviously wants to jump your bones.”

Sooyoung’s eyes widened. “Ooohhh. Is that right?”

“That’s not true.” Yuri put the beer to her lips.

“You should have seen how she looks at Yuri, Sooyoung. Girl’s crushing hard.”

“And Yoona didn’t claw her eyes out?”

“Per usual, Yoona has an ironclad grip on her woman.” Hyoyeon flicked her hand to imitate a whip. “Whipped as hell.”

Awwwww!” Sooyoung teased as she popped open a beer and directed it to a man’s extended hand.

Awesome lady, that Sooyoung. She never lets work get in the way of chatting it up. At least she let me get half-way in bed by the time she rejected me. “Spot any new hotties lately?”

When she nodded, Hyoyeon jumped for joy. Sooyoung finished mixing a bright blue concoction before continuing. “Two new faces. Really pretty. They showed up with...” She blinked over at Yuri who was too wrapped up in her thoughts to notice the lull. “your friend.”

Ah, Sunny. She has hot friends? I wonder if either of them is that Jessica girl...

“Are they hotter than Sunny?”

Sooyoung eyebrows crinkled. “That’s a rude question. I’m not answering that.”

“I’m not saying that she’s not hot. She’s smokin’. Maybe I want to try my chances on a new one.”

“Well, your chances are standing over there. Near the speakers.”

Hyoyeon swiveled around and narrowed her eyes at the crowd. They finally focused on two ladies talking to Sunny. Sunny’s wearing my favorite silver dress. The mega tight one that leaves little to the imagination. It’s our “easy access” dress. Relax, hormones. She’s a safe bet. What about her friends? She removed her gaze from Sunny’s body to view the two.

The first one had light brown hair pinned to the side in a curly ponytail. Cute, but she looks too reserved. Even in her dress, she comes off uncomfortable and awkward. The other one, however, had Hyoyeon snatch her second shot and knock it back. Sweet curves, a little black dress, and bright red lipstick. And that smile. What could be making her laugh so hard? I must find out.

Hyoyeon gave Sooyoung the “put it on my tab” signal and hopped off her seat. Yuri and Seohyun became a mere afterthought as she made her way through the crowd.

Next Chapter: Taeyeon!
Tags: au, fic, hyoyeon, pg-13, snsd, whogetsthegirl
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