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14 July 2013 @ 08:10 pm
Who Gets the Girl? [16]  

Title: Who Gets the Girl? [Chapter 16]

Players: Sooyoung, Jessica, Hyoyeon, Mentions of everyone else

Pairing(s): Mentioning Yoonyul, Yoonsic, Hyosun, and Taeny

Rating: pg-13 + some language

Genre: AU, Rom-Com Drama-Llama.

Warning(s): Nothing for this chapter.

Disclaimer: I don't own Soshi. I don't own anyone, in fact. All Fiction.

Chap. Summary: "Mystery woman" and Hyoyeon return to Sooyoung's bar to dish out their feelings.

Author's Notes: An update that didn't occur past midnight? Shocker! Also, I really appreciate the appearance of new readers! W00hoo!!

16- Sooyoung

Between serving afternoon customers, Sooyoung brought out her phone, mentally convincing herself to call Yoona. A dozen times, she typed out a text. She even hovered a thumb over 'send' in some instances. Much as she loved television (and real life) drama, fear of actually turning someone's life upside down made her kill the message.

Of all people. Yuri. I’d never guess. She’s as loyal as a puppy. Or, at least I thought so. Looks like this puppy wasn’t properly trained.

Sooyoung applied pressure to the shiny countertop she wiped in huge circles, replaying Yuri’s words in her head. Recalling how she slurred out this Seohyun lady’s name with so much affection, then laughed out loud about marrying Yoona. She clenched her jaw from the very thought of her boyfriend saying such a thing.

And apparently, they got to “second-and-a-half base”, whatever that means.

Yoona’s going to be devastated. Sooyoung pictured nineteen-year-old Im Yoona of yesteryear, still wielding her shoulder-length cut and starry eyes for a “dreamboat” she met in a college gaming club. Kwon Yuri. Yoona was painfully shy at the time, so the admission of a crush--let alone on a woman--caught the taller girl off guard.

Each night in their dorm, she’d hug her pillow and hash out details of Yuri’s daily outfit. That’s how Yoona described her. By clothing. I didn’t get it at first, but soon, it made sense.

“Yuri’s wearing a skirt today. She must be feeling confident.”

“Had sweats on during class. Poor thing didn’t get her rest.”

A faint smile spread across Sooyoung’s face. The day that Yuri blurted out that she liked her boobs, I got second-hand embarrassment from the story. Yoona said that it was so cute that she felt compelled to ask her out. Such a surprise from the quiet doe-eyed girl back then. Yuri brought out her assertive side. Encouraged her to break out of that shell.

She started a new text message for the thirteenth time, racking her mind for the most appropriate words. “We need to talk. It’s serious” would work.

Or maybe, “Kill Yuri now. You’ll thank me later.”

Completely invested in imaginary words on her screen, she didn’t hear the chiming of the front door nor the light squeak of someone claiming a stool at the bar.

“Text from your boyfriend, I presume,” a wry, soft voice uttered.

Sooyoung’s head bobbed up to find the frazzled blonde woman from earlier that week. “Hey. You’re back.”

“I have more bitching to do. First, a drink.”

“Two strong shots?”

She squeezed out a grin. “You got it, baby.”

In a matter of seconds, she prepared two full shot glasses and slid them in front of the openly moping woman. “What’s gotten you so down?”

“Remember the idiot friends I mentioned?”

The ones in love. “Yes I do.”

“They had...hold on.” She knocked back both shots, face scrunching at the bitterness. “They had...loud, moan-y sex late last night.”

Sooyoung pressed her lips together to hold back a laugh. “Really? While you were sleeping?”

“Correction. Trying to fall back asleep. Instead, I suffered through those whales bellowing until I gave up and put on my headphones.” She rubbed at the faint, foundation-covered bag under her eye.

Sooyoung finished mixing her a special new drink before answering. “That’s a shame. It was nice of you to let them have their fun, though.”

“Oh, I’m not nice.” She clutched the pink concoction before the glass touched the counter. “I would have murdered them if I went out there. No-one wants to see their personal possessions violated...I’ll have to burn that couch.”

The bartender gave a signal to a coworker. “So, what now?”

“The damage is done. She can have her.”

She watched the woman idly stir her drink with a skinny red straw.


Is there more? “Yes?”

“Something else happened. Which is why I’m here in the middle of a work day.”

“Come with me to a booth. I’m on break.”

They relocated to the farthest booth from the others. The one that occupied that horny couple. Sooyoung whipped out her chopsticks to begin her lunch as the woman continued in a hushed tone.

“The one woman from work...the beautiful one. She’s...uh...so, she’s usually the best at cheering me up, no matter what’s on my mind. I can count on her for very logical, practical advice.”

“Mmmhmm.” Sooyoung nodded, trying not to chew too noisily.

“Today, I was pissed off about not getting adequate sleep. The only thing that forced me out of bed was the thought of her greeting me with her smile. Then, I’d check out her tailor-made ensemble and we’d compliment each other’s clothes.”


“Afterwards, I fight the urge to kiss her while she talks about work or her stupid girlfriend.”

There’s a lot of stupid girlfriend going around.

“Now, get this. She was waiting for me when I got to work this morning. That never happens. Normally, I make my morning rounds around the office and spend the most time chatting at her desk. My heart raced at simply seeing her take the time to meet me...god, I feel so foolish.”

“What happened?”

She took a long drag from the straw and sighed. “She’s engaged.”


“She...” Her voice caught at the back of her throat. “met me for the first time at my desk...to tell me that her girlfriend proposed.”

Instinctively, Sooyoung reached a long arm out to rest on her shoulder. “I’m so sorry.”

“I know she didn’t do it to hurt me, but it felt so cruel.”

“I understand.”

“I heard about wedding plans, flowers.. It was so....ugh, I can’t.”

Right that moment, Sooyoung’s phone chirped. A text alert. She hastily grabbed it, politely excusing herself. It’s Yoona. I forgot all about telling her. She hit the message icon to read:

+Yuri proposed!!!! Tell you all the details tonight! Sorry for not texting you sooner; I’ve been on cloud nine all day.

This is too much to be a coincidence.

Sooyoung placed her phone in her lap and continued the conversation with a different tone. “Hey, could you show me a picture of the girl you like? You can say no if that’s too private.”

“Of course not. You and I've kissed, after all. That gives you some privilege.”

The taller girl struggled to keep her face panic-free as the blonde scrolled through her gallery.

“This is a good one. Not that she can take a bad picture.” She shimmied over to get closer. “I warn you: you may fall in love.”

Her jaw dropped. Sure enough, there sat her best friend in an office setting. Next to her was the blonde, with darker hair at the time, leaning her head against her shoulder. “She’s...she’s...”

“Beautiful, right? How will I function around this now that she’s engaged?”

“I’m sure you’ll find a way.” Just how Yuri found a way to bring marriage into this fiasco.

“Goddamnit, Sooyoung.”

Puzzled, she glanced at the blonde, who was already glaring at the intruder. There Hyoyeon stood, hands on her hips and already checking out the woman next to her.

“I’ve been looking for you and here you are, chatting it up with...” Hyoyeon raised her eyebrows expectantly.

“None of your business,” the woman deadpanned.

“Don’t break my heart, gorgeous.”

“What do you want?” Sooyoung cut in, brain still gripping around the current discoveries.

“Oh, right. I have important shit to tell you.”

“Can it wait?”

Hyoyeon checked her phone for the time. “Nope. I have a day event across town in an hour. Is your little date over?”

Bitchy after the slightest rejection. “You’re ridiculous, Hyo.”

“It’s fine.” The woman stood up from her half-finished drink and handed her money. “I’ll leave.”

“Please come back soon.”

“Sure.” She rolled her eyes at Hyoyeon’s arrogant grin.

Hyoyeon leered at the other blonde while she stepped around her and walked off.

“That’s a hot bitch,” she commented, pointing a finger.

“Like I said--what do you want? That was incredibly rude.”

She took a seat, eyeballing the leftover beverage. “Buddy, I have a big problem.”

Not as big as Yoona’s or that other girl’s. “Being?”

“I want a girlfriend.”

This IS news. “Really?! Why?”

“Why, indeed. Why would such a charmer as myself want to settle for only one fair maiden when there are so many possibilities out there?”

“I didn’t say all that.”

“I’ve been considering this for a couple days. Yoona’s ‘Omg marriage--I’m totally happy’ mass text sealed the deal. I realized that I’m tired of the hustle. Getting turned down by two ladies last night tapped into my deeply hidden yearning for a main squeeze. Maybe I’ll try it out again.”

“With Sunny?”

Hyoyeon brought the drink to her mouth. “Yeah.”

“Wow. Well, have you asked her?” Sooyoung knew for a fact that Sunny and Hyoyeon left together after the dancing died down. Hyo’s hand was practically up her dress before they vacated the building.

“We couldn’t wait to get to an apartment, so we fucked in my car. It was triumphant. Best sex I had since...ever. I think I came six or seven times.”

“Rookie,” Sooyoung teased, winking.

“Shut up. So, I thought to myself, ‘Why chase after random flighty chicks when I could have sex like this whenever I want?’. Sunny never disappoints in bed. And she gets me. She doesn’t become all needy or play things polite with me. I can appreciate those qualities.”

“Cute.” Sooyoung commenced to eating her lunch.

“I thought so, too. Anyways, following orgasm number five, I considered asking her out. For a date or something. Taking it to the next level. But then, I remembered all the times I’ve warned her about not falling for someone in a casual encounter-type relationship, so I said nothing. I couldn’t handle the thought of her calling me a hypocrite.”

“Wow, you’re actually thinking about another person’s feelings.”

Right!? Downright unnatural.”

“Does your shriveled little Hyoyeon heart skip a beat whenever she looks deep into your eyes?”

She rubbed at her reddening cheeks. “The hell, man? I’m glad I didn’t say any of that sappy shit.”


“Because while I was drilling into her like a well-oiled-machine...”

“Oh god.”

“...she called me another girl’s name.”

Sooyoung gasped, teeth attached to a piece of chicken.

“She whispered, ‘Oh, Jess’ into my ear. I pretended not to hear it.”


“Short for Jessica. I heard her talk to that ho on the phone before. They may have something going on.”

Sooyoung squinted up in thought, trying to recall the name. “I don’t know any Jessicas.”

“It’s crazy. Gives me the incentive to find this Jessica bitch and tell her to back up off my woman.”

“Sunny’s not your woman.”

“Not yet.”

A pause. Sooyoung gazed at the phone in her lap. “I need you to do me a favor, Hyo.”

“What’s up?”

“Keep an eye on Yuri.”

At that, Hyoyeon snapped her attention away from stuffing a sizeable ice cube into her mouth. “Yuri? Why?”

“I think she’s cheating on Yoona.”

Hyoyeon scoffed and shook her head, bemused. “Yeah right.”

“She admitted it to a friend of hers on Thursday.”

“While you were standing there?”

I even served their drinks and counted out Yuri’s crappy tip. “She was drunk. Besides, you know how oblivious she gets.”

Exactly. So, Yoona would catch on in a heartbeat.”

“Not necessarily. Yoona’s been viewing the world through wedding-shaped glasses for months. It wouldn’t be surprising for her to miss it.”

Hyoyeon sucked her teeth. “Right. And who would she find to have this alleged affair, hmm? She’s not the most resourceful human.”

“Somebody named Seohyun.”

Sooyoung raised her eyebrows when Hyoyeon nearly choked on the chunk of ice. She patted the shorter girl’s back as she composed herself.

“Do you know about Seohyun?”

Ugh. All I know is how frigid she is towards me.”

“You met her?”

“Unfortunately. At that stupid dinner. Explains all those dirty looks at Yoona.” She retrieved a phone from her pocket to start dialing, “I need to set this straight.”

“No!” A new course of action came to mind. Sooyoung grabbed at her wrist. “Give them a day.”

“Why the hell does she need a day?”

“Her friend advised for her to break it off with Seohyun or tell Yoona. Let’s give her the chance to do it before we meddle in their affairs.”

Hyoyeon didn’t seem convinced. She squeezed her arm.

“Please, Hyo. I have to hold back, too.”

One day.”

“That’s all I ask.”

The blonde stared down at her friend’s name on the screen. “Damnit, Yuri.”

Next Chapter: Jessica!


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rilakkuyoonarilakkuyoona on July 15th, 2013 09:59 am (UTC)
Why...my iPad's battery was running low but I checked and saw that YOU UPDATED. And I HAVE FEELINGS NOW, even though I planned to go to bed soon. I have to wake up early to walk my sister's boyfriend's dog, BUT THIS UPDATE. Somehow, the whole family (including the dog) is sleeping in my bedroom, but I don't even care anymore at this point that I stirred my nephew awake by hissing 'Jessicaaaaaa'. BECAUSE THIS UPDATE.

I lurve straight bartender Sooyoung, who is somehow involved in the drama of several remarkably attractive not-straight women.. First up, Yoona is so precious, but a bestie's gotta do what a bestie's gotta do. Snitches get stitches though, Sooyoung. Lol, just kidding. Really.

And poor poor Jessica, she found out about both. :( And it seems that she's giving up on Tiffany because Taeyeon got her stubby fingers into the woman first. AND she has to burn her couch. Tsk, Taeny. Maybe she'll throw them into the fire too. She took it better than I thought, especially since she heard them, loudly and clearly (whales LOL). And HOLD UP, Jessica kissed Yoona ?! *snaps fingers in a Z formation* Sica you ho, laying yo lips on all them womens. (What about me?)

And Hyo, oh Hyo, your shriveled up heart is still denying feelings for Sunny, huh? It's ok, you're getting there. AND OH, THE DRAMATIC IRONY, names are such important parts of people, aren't they?

One day, and THEN ALL HE'LL WILL BREAK LOOSE! I'm gonna brace myself for it. A pillow to mute the fangirling, or my sister is gonna wake up thinking that I'm being murdered next to her. Hopefully I don't accidentally suffocate myself or something. Because I will miss the next updates. :'(

AND JESSICA! JESSICAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~ She wrecked my bias list as of recent, finishing it off by stomping into it with her pair of perfect flawless legs. Looking forward to the next update, SHE NEEDS LOVE!

I have more to say but my nephew just flung himself against the side of my bed and startled my sister awake, and the woman is giving me looks now. I think the iPad is illuminating my 'Ermahgerd' face. Anyway, here's a hasty farewell~
checkinyourbra: jessica02checkinyourbra on July 16th, 2013 12:24 am (UTC)
OMG HAHAHHAHAH YOU AND THESE FAMILY STORIES. Keep it up~~I LOVE THEM. XDDDDD Look at you having all these FEELINGS in a room filled with people and the doggy!! hahah. That's so amazing.

Isn't Sooyoung such a presh straightie? Surrounded by lesbians, but she can keep the clear head. Go her. LOL that snitching comment. Well...

"Taeyeon got her stubby fingers into the woman first." LAWWWD. What an accurate way of putting it, bb! And yet ANOTHER suggestion to throw Taeny into the fire. Now, ya'll know you'd be freaking out if that came to pass! They're loud, whale-ish sex was rude, but so necessary. XD

Ummmm. Jess hasn't kissed Yoona yet. She just has urges. Give it time.

Hyo the ho. Irony all around. She's very sexually liberated, yes. :D

DON'T SUFFOCATE YOURSELF. They'll look at the last thing you were reading, track me down, and make me feel awful for indirectly killing you. :(((( Jessica's REALLY good at climbing bias lists. She did the same for me! She'll get love.....I hope.

Let your family rest, woman!!! I can only picture what your 'Ermahgerd' face looks like in the glow of your iPad. Priceless!!

Thanks for the HILARIOUS reply!
rilakkuyoonarilakkuyoona on July 16th, 2013 01:28 am (UTC)
You're very welcome! And I will probably continue to mention my family because they will always be here. ALWAYS.

And yeah, as horrible as Taeny was, in reality, I would be HORRIFIED (understatement) if Jessica threw them into a fire as an offering to the gods of romance.

Oh yes, Jessica didn't kiss Yoona, I confused that statement when she was actually referring to Sooyoung lol. Kissing Jessica gives you privileges but isn't kissing her already a privilege (another understatement) in itself?

I love Hyo in here, it's like she's perpetually depraved XD that is, until she gets with Sunny.

I'll fight to stay alive to the very end, author!
checkinyourbra: hyoyeoncheckinyourbra on July 16th, 2013 03:34 am (UTC)
Hahahaha omigosh I picture you and your family trapped in a bunker somewhere. XD I love those stories so much.

GODS OF ROMANCE. Tbh, Taeny would be a pretty sweet offering.

Ohhhhh I see. Hahahah I guess Jessica and Sooyoung have a special dynamic there. Closeness and anonymity mixed together. :3

Hehehe Hyo. Sunny is her ~sustenance~ since she's dropping the pimp ball over and over again. XDDDD