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21 July 2013 @ 11:24 pm
Who Gets the Girl? [18]  

Title: Who Gets the Girl? [Chapter 18]

Players: Sunny, Jessica, Tiffany, Taeyeon, Mention of Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Seohyun and Boa (wut)

Pairing(s): Sunsic, Hyosun, Taeny

Rating: R

Genre: AU, Rom-Com Drama-Llama.

Warning(s): Some sexy goes down.

Disclaimer: I don't own Soshi. I don't own anyone, in fact. All Fiction.

Chap. Summary: Sunny has a new stylist and a hot date--but is that enough to gain Jessica’s interest?

Author's Notes: Slightly longer chapter than usual. Jessica's luck with the ladies is picking up, eh?

Jessica-worthy.Collapse )
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(Anonymous) on July 24th, 2013 12:14 pm (UTC)

“Wanna do it in the bathroom?” oh Hyo you're really a deep person LOL

Hyo and Sunny have feelings for each other. The difference is that Hyo is aware of them,Sunny not completely.

"Seohyun’s too busy with homework and homewrecking" oohh rrreaaally??

Imagination ---> Seo is studying hard and doing homeworks

Reality ---> Seo is recapturing in her mind the memories of that HOOOOT night with Jessica. }:)

"Jessica became significantly less snippy ever since Thai dinner night"

I wonder why *evil/naughty laugh* it must have been an amaaaaazing night.

I see an upcoming Taeny's drama. Fany will work for olderbonobo's ex?? Oh my...Fany will probably discover something not so good about Tae's past and there will be problems. Never talk to EXs,nothing good will come out. (The wise has spoken) LOL

I kinda like SunFany's friendship,it's cute that they help each other,but there are conflicts with my shipper-self. So Fany stop acting like the cupid of the situation and go back to your bonobo to do what apparentely you're very goood at.

Naturally Fany didn't hear me and she helped Sunny to be flawless for my Sica. GOD DAMMIT WOMAN!!

While i was reading the dinner part,i was litterally grinding my teeth and i probably reminded an angry wolf LOL

The more i went on,the more my heart broke in tiny little pieces.

Once they arrived at Jessica's apartment,i was like a mummy : expressless.

Until: "When she came to, she had Jessica pressed against the counter, lips delivering heavy kisses to her jaw..."

And it began:



Then the providence came in my help...

A CALLLL,A CAAAALLL,THANK YOU MOTHER NATUREEEE!! (I shouted it and my mum shouted back "you're welcome" LOL so random)

Ok,seriously now. I'm the only fool who believed (and still believe) that the one on the phone was Seo??

Is not talking my shipper-self,i swear.

At first i thought that it was Yoona too: "She looked up to see Jessica staring at her iPhone, fluffing her hair with a jittery hand as if the person on the other line would see."

This is clearly a hint that makes you think to Yoona.

But this phrase: “No, babe. It’s not your fault. I’ll be with you in no time.”

Yoona would be so stupid to blame herself for her cheating gf?? naaaaa,i don't buy it. That's why i'm thinking about Seo.After the amazing sex they talked right??

My theory:

After the amaaazing sex,they talked (cuddling LOL) and Sica found out about Yuri,about what happened ecc.
Seo called her when she found out that Yoona knows.

It does make sense right??

Or maybe it was really Yoona,but i would disappointed tho. I expected another reaction from her.

We are pretty sure that Yoona found out it tho. Hyo and Yoona/Seo that call in the same time...yeah,definitely.

Yoona discovers it alone?
Hyo and Soo told her??
TraitorPuppy confessed??

Yuri is surely in deep shit since forever LOL,but now i think that Seo and Sica are in a worst position,if is even possible.

Yoona next chappy. This is actually another hint to conferm the famous caller,but i'm stubborn...this doesn't mean anything,it was Seo!!

Oh Yoongie...i preapared the tissues.


I can't denied tho that i'm absolutely ready for blood,guns,blades and ferocity. (I prepared the flags and the trombone) LOL

Oh my...another senseless long ass essay by me. i'm sorry :(

Will see each other again (if you want)


Thank you and BYEEE :)

checkinyourbra: jessica01checkinyourbra on July 25th, 2013 04:40 am (UTC)
YOU'RE BACK. I was wondering "why'd that cray commenter go" AND HERE YOU ARE. ♥

I first read your comment at work. SO AMUSED. But, alas, I felt that I could reply properly to this in the comfort of my home haha.

First of all: LOVEDDDD THE ESSAY. Very beautiful. Vivid. SPECTACULAR. *golf claps*

I went on the roller coaster with you through this comment. Such EPICNESS!!

Hahahah yeahhhh that Imagination/Reality is pretty accurate. No really. It's accurate. XD Glad of you to point out that Seolady sexytimes brought Sica out of that emo rut. YAY SEX. but was it only for one night? Hmmmm


LOL is Fany messing with your Seosic ship? SHE'S TRYING TO HELP HER FRAND. hahaha I can't tell if your heart was breaking for Sunny, Seohyun, or YOURSELF. Grinding your teeth? ahhh lawwwwd.

"Once they arrived at Jessica's apartment,i was like a mummy : expressless." DYINGGGGG. OMG.

Drama queen mode is FLAWLESS. Omg your mother answered you when you were screaming thanks to Mother Nature?!! HAHHAHAHAHA

Okay, so I'm reading your predictions--witnessing the heated battle between your wits and shipper feels. Oh, so dramatic. Hmmm. Should I tell you what state of mind had the best guesses? NOPE

I love reading theories/hypotheses so much. So many varying opinions. YOUR OPINION IS VERY CLEAR. I'M LITERALLY FEARING FOR MY LIFE IF I DON'T SATISFY YOUR WHIMS. Troopers are HARDCORE. XD

Yes!!! Please return! I love your ranting. :DDDD

sonyuhshigay: Tiffanysonyuhshigay on July 26th, 2013 02:04 am (UTC)
Where....do I....begin.

Is a marriage proposal too fast? How about I buy you dinner? All right, I'll settle for confessing my undying love.

So, my friend who's reading this at the same time as me took half as long as I did to finish because I kept having to pause to roll around in my bed in excitement. I've calmed down now, but my general reactions were "OMY GAAAAWWWWDDD" and "Ican'tdoitIcan'tdoitIcan'tdoit" accompanied by falling over, shocked/happy/excited face-grabbing, and rocking back and forth. Seriously, this face: T-T. Me. I can't get enough of all these crushes and encounters!!!!aodifa;sjejfsldksd It's like the rush and excitement of a new love interest times 992 because there are so many pairings, my multishipper heart failed and flew up into the sky on a rainbow. I literally cannot be unhappy because I ship everyone with everyone. They should just all give up and become and 9-some. Or an 8-some, minus sooyoung.

Okay, characterization. LOVE it. Definitely original compared to some other soshi fics, which is interesting and refreshing. I love the focus on each character every chapter because I really feel their emotions as things happen to them. Like I felt like I was personally cockblocked this past chapter >_> The dialogue is flawless. You are seriously so witty O_O You must have girls crawling all over you with those lines omfg. Don't even get me started on the sex scenes. I feel like I just got spoiled so hard these past few chapters. Everyone's consummating left and right. And it's so accurate and detailed and just ugh. Yes. 12/10 would recommend. In other news tho, in what universe does such a group of drop-dead gorgeous, horny lesbians exist and where can I find them?

AND the overall story line's been moving along nicely. I am soooooooo looking forward to the next chapter and I'm here for the entire ride!

Wow. That review seems a lot more calm than I felt.

Edit: omg ONE MORE THING. When I first started reading this, I could tell it was written by an internet human and I was like yyesssssss. My peeeopplleee. Online friends and Seo!fangirl. Yes. I feel you.

EditEdit: Reading this way past my bedtime was so worth it. I will gladly be tired when I get up at 3:45am for work tomorrow. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO SLEEP NOW THO WITH ALL THESE FEELS. Cry myself to sleep, that's how.

EditEditEdit: Looking at other comments and I remember TIFFANY CUT HER FUCKING NAILS LIKE A LESBO. I'm dead. I need to get out of here before I hurt myself.

Edited at 2013-07-26 02:15 am (UTC)
checkinyourbracheckinyourbra on July 26th, 2013 07:06 am (UTC)
Ohhhh. Oh my!! :0

This is so sudden. Does my hair look okay? I mean, hehehe I just...♥

HEY! I've seen your name around. :0000 Hahaha AHHH FLAILING STORIES. I love excitement! I feed off of it like a predator and it makes me soooo happy. You have a multishipper heart, too!! I SUPPORT YOU SO MUCH. AHHHH. A giant 9-some? Hehe, you know, you're not the first person to suggest such a thing...LOL awww look at your downsizing to 8-some. WGTG Sooyoung is a wonderful straightie.

Glad you love the characterization. I focus so much on it that I have to make sure the plot's going somewhere! Haha. Character-driven is the way for me~~ I'm literally loling at u feeling personally cockblocked.

Ahhhh. Thanks for considering me witty. >.< Do I have ladies crawling all over me? Uhhhhhh...... WHO KNOWS LOLOLOL

Yaaayyy. Glad you like all the sexytimes. Sometimes I worry that I put in too much, then I slap myself because SMUT, AMIRITE?!? Accurate and detailed? Why, thank you. B)

These edits are cracking me up so hard. Let's see...

YES. I spend much time on ze internets. Glad to relate. SEO!FANGURLING FISTPUMP. And WHO NEEDS SLEEP ANYWAYS ARRRRGGGHHH. Actually, I should be in bed right now...Awwww bb don't cry haha. Tiffany cutting her nails is srs bsns. INTERNAL SCRATCHING IS NOT FUN. She's not pro enough to wield long nails inside a human being. XD


Edited at 2013-07-26 07:07 am (UTC)
(Anonymous) on July 26th, 2013 08:29 am (UTC)
Sonyuhshigay is too lazy to log in on her phone
You've seen me around? Loool all I do is occasionally comment on fic and "beta" for boxxsaltz (aka preview flailing). Sonyuhshigay isn't the most original name, so maybe it's someone else!

Also the update fairy came while I was sleeping sochskskall I will for sure read it on my break!
checkinyourbracheckinyourbra on July 26th, 2013 02:43 pm (UTC)
Re: Sonyuhshigay is too lazy to log in on her phone
YES! You've beta'd for boxxsaltz. That's how I know!! I'm sure it's you. :3

*Sprinkles fairy dust all around* Enjooooyyyyyy~~
boxxsaltzboxxsaltz on July 26th, 2013 03:00 am (UTC)
So I finally caught up on this and well, well, well you are ticking my RomCom side quite well. Coming out of my world of angst, this is refreshing and I find myself smiling because it's funny and witty and not because I'm morbid and think crushing people is entertaining to watch in angst (I'm awful, I know hahaha).

Anyhow! The connections here are great and this pace is pretty great and the characters are just fun to watch fumble and move around in this world you've created. They're relatable and not too extreme in who they are. I like that.

I feel like I'm watching some TV Drama and every chapter makes me wonder who's going to be next and what the hell is going to happen now. As if the tangled web couldn't get more tangled, it did. And it's a wonderful tangle. We really don't know who is going to end up with who and I doubt we'll find out anytime soon. But that's okay. The mystery of it all is the best part.

This is fun and entertaining. Keep it up. I think I'll stick around for some more :D
checkinyourbra: jessica01checkinyourbra on July 26th, 2013 07:13 am (UTC)

*runs in circles*

I had no idea. :'') I'm so happy that you're enjoying it so far!! You're a master at angst. Fic in general. Omg I love your stuff. lolll I love to makes others smile. :D

They are kinda just fumbling around, right? Tis how life is sometimes. Relatable and not too extreme? That means a lot to me. Just wait until Seohyun starts attacking people with a chainsaw. THEN it'll be extreme.

Heheh a TV drama. Attractive Lesbians figuring life out~Soshi L Word, perhaps? XD

Tangling is so fun. Untangling is the hard part. Wish me luck! haha

Please stick around. AND THANK YOUUUU for taking the time to comment!