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21 July 2013 @ 11:24 pm
Who Gets the Girl? [18]  

Title: Who Gets the Girl? [Chapter 18]

Players: Sunny, Jessica, Tiffany, Taeyeon, Mention of Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Seohyun and Boa (wut)

Pairing(s): Sunsic, Hyosun, Taeny

Rating: R

Genre: AU, Rom-Com Drama-Llama.

Warning(s): Some sexy goes down.

Disclaimer: I don't own Soshi. I don't own anyone, in fact. All Fiction.

Chap. Summary: Sunny has a new stylist and a hot date--but is that enough to gain Jessica’s interest?

Author's Notes: Slightly longer chapter than usual. Jessica's luck with the ladies is picking up, eh?

18- Sunny

Frankly, Sunny didn’t like Taeyeon’s new lady lover at first meeting. She came off as another flakey broad with great hair and boobs. Taeyeon’s type. So, once they ran into Yuri at the club Thursday night, she made her best effort to not-so-subtly push her into the ex’s direction.

When they left to go to the bar, she considered it a success, watching avidly from the DJ’s booth. However, the body language and the way Taeyeon took off to do have some sort of wobbly seizure masquerading as dance proved the complete opposite. Her friend actually went into a crowd to dance. Not to mention swiping Tiffany from Hyoyeon’s sweaty grasp. Served her right. Trying to mack on people in my circle. The nerve.

Yet, when Hyoyeon, hot and dejected, found Sunny and looked at her with those large, sad eyes, her heart melted. It wasn’t a common occurrence to see the blonde in such a state. As if someone sucked out all her cockiness.

Kind of pleasant, actually.

She smoothed the sticky strands from her shiny forehead and applied a gentle kiss to her cheek. Such a tender moment deserved a classic Hyoyeon reply:

“Wanna do it in the bathroom?”

Sunny's lips twisted into the cheesiest of grins. Yes, you sexy fiend.

They hadn’t entered a stall before Hyoyeon’s hands pulled at dress straps, salty lips attached to her neck. Dismissed Hyoyeon had to be even hornier than regular, overconfident Hyoyeon. The intense blend of her unhappiness and sexuality kicked all of Sunny’s savagely poetic nerves on end. How her hands mercilessly roamed my skin. Her hard, tortured kisses. So much emotion.

The volume of the music escalated as someone pushed open the restroom door. Usually, the two would ignore any interruption, but something in the back of Sunny’s mind forced her to pull away from the bliss. She gasped at the sight of Tiffany standing there, mouth agape. Sunny prepared to detach herself from the other girl until Tiffany whirled around in a loud clacking clamor to effectively drive Taeyeon back out the door.

“The hell, Tiffany?!” she heard her friend’s voice shriek as the door slammed in her face.

Hyoyeon came back to reality from the sudden racket. Tiffany held the door and shot them a big, white smile. “I know you like your private life private.”

Sunny smiled back at her before taking Hyoyeon into a stall to hide from a cursing, grumpy Taeyeon, whining about her full bladder.

Tiffany knew that Taeyeon would freak out about Hyo, so she spared me the drama. Maybe there’s more to her than I assumed.

The night of the sucky Thai dinner, Sunny invited the couple to stay at her place rather than get a hotel room. It was the least she could do for being rescued from the scathing treatment that Seohyun received. Once they got to her apartment, Taeyeon fell asleep. This left the rest of the night for Tiffany and Sunny to bond, chatting about anything--from makeup to marriage to random hookups. It reminded her how much she missed girl talk with her youngest friend. Seohyun’s too busy with homework and homewrecking.

For the next few days, the banished lovers spent the night at Sunny’s place. Her "free love" mindset prevented any weirdness about sex on her bed--granted washing the linens afterwards was required. The space became somewhat cramped, but nothing they couldn’t handle. In the mornings, while Taeyeon slept, she and Tiffany went out for breakfast and chit-chatted. Their favorite subject: Jessica.

The smiley, dark-haired girl made it her mission to get them together. From her knowledge, Jessica became significantly less snippy ever since Thai dinner night. Sunny’s face fell when she heard about the same crush that Taeyeon previously mentioned, but Tiffany assured her that if she stepped up her game, maybe Jessica would view her differently. Impulsively, Tiffany snatched Sunny's phone and made the date for her long-awaited dinner. They squealed like teenage fangirls when Jessica accepted.

So there Sunny sat, fidgeting with her fingers, careful not to touch the freshly dried polish. Tiffany stared painstakingly at her face as she applied eye shadow.

“Do you think Jessica will find a Tuesday night lame?” Sunny asked, fluttering her eyelids nervously with every pass of the applicator.

“Stop squirming or you’ll make me mess up,” Tiffany barked pulling her steady hand away. “Besides, she’ll appreciate it. Taking her to an obscure little Italian restaurant on a non-busy day will keep her annoyance at a minimum.”

Sunny had scheduled an earlier shift at the gallery just to get home to Tiffany ordering her to shower. After that, she’d been plucked, prodded, and pampered by the eager new friend. She styled her fluffy pink hair into a cool retro look and gave her a manicure. A lengthy process, but she could see how Taeyeon would enjoy this attention.

“Any tips?”

“Don’t be so obvious when you check her out.”

Sunny grinned, picturing pantless Jessica behind her closed eyelids. “Am I that bad?”

“You’re terrible. If you were a guy, you’d be on a few lists by now.”

“What about Taeyeon? She nearly eye-raped you.”

“It's not eye-rape if it's consensual. I love the eye sex. Jessica--not so much.”

“So...don’t look at her?”

“Keep your eyes on her face.”

“Depends on what she’s wearing.”

She felt a swift smack on the shoulder. “Do you want a chance or not?”

Okay. I’ll behave.”

A sigh. “...do you have any tips for me?”


“Taeyeon.” She paused. Sunny could tell that she stopped to look over at her girlfriend on her laptop, blasting music into her headphones. “I really like her. I don’t want to mess anything up. She’s hard to gauge sometimes.”

“Well, you got her to dance. That’s a first.”

Tiffany giggled. “So silly.”

“I’m gonna tell you something that I haven’t told any of her previous girlfriends. Every lady that’s fallen for Taeyeon has felt compelled to take care of her. She’s a master of the ‘look how pitiful and tortured I am’ face. Do you know why? Because that’s her real face. It’s not an act. So, women spoil her endlessly until...”

“Until what?” Tiffany spoke in a hushed tone.

“Until she gets bored. Once she loses the passion, the relationship’s over. Then, she finds some lame excuse to break up.”

Sunny cracked open an eye when Tiffany’s hand stilled. Poor thing. I shouldn’t scare her away.

“Tiffany. Don’t worry too much. Just...make her take more initiative. Like at the club. Don’t hand her your heart on a silver platter all at once. Make her fight for it.”


“Keep up that diva attitude. And don’t cover your quirks. They keep her on her feet. She’s a strange little woman. You’d think security would make her happier. No--she needs some crazy to function. That’s why she became fast friends with Jessica. Jessica gives her nothing. You could learn from her.”

“Possibly.” Tiffany brought out a brush and flicked it against Sunny’s cheeks. “When you and Jessi are a couple, we can go on double dates.”

Sunny sighed and opened the other eye. “We’ll see how tonight goes.”

Tiffany stood up to retrieve a mirror. Sunny lightly touched her hair and face until the looking glass hovered before her.

“T-Tiffany. I look...” It's like staring at alternate universe Sunny. “...so different.”

Tiffany pouted. “Do you not like it?”

“I...I really like it. I can’t register that it’s me.”

With hair perfectly coiffed and her best features popping, she finally felt worthy. Jessica-worthy. Unlike my regular fitted caps, paint-splattered shirts, and colorful jeans. How am I gonna live up to this?!

“Let’s hope that Jess goes for other princesses, because you look hot.

"You're a wizard."

"Hardly. Anyways, I can't thank you enough for the internship."

That's right. I got Tiffany employed.


Convincing her easygoing--and most likely high--boss to replace the time/money-wasting young intern took next to no effort.

That night, she pulled Taeyeon aside and offered the position. The spark of excitement in her friend's eyes made her leap for joy. I haven't seen her smile about potentially working in forever.

However, the smile faltered.

"Give the job to Tiffany."

"Taeyeon. It's a paid internship. And you need money."

"Tiffany needs to impress her dad more. Maybe she'll find something she loves at the gallery."

"She's not the only one finding love."


Sunny patted her friend's shoulder, smirking. "Nothing, you spazz. Selfless you is funny."

"Tiffany's way better at the selfless thing than I am, so I know that she'll put up a fight. We'll have to find a good reason for me to turn down the job..."

"Oh, don't worry about that one."


"Do you think it'll be weird for me to work for her ex?"

To Taeyeon's surprise, her ex-girlfriend--gallery hippie chick, also known as Boa--didn't see her gallery owner career go down in flames. In fact, the woman did very well for herself, moving to a bigger and better building and bringing Sunny along as the loyal worker.

"Boa's very...spacey. She's good at what she does, but I highly doubt she'll make the connection. Don't be late for tomorrow's night shift."

"Yay! You're like my fairy jobmother!" She turned to her girlfriend who tapped away at the desk. “Taeyeonnie, come see Sunny.”

Taeyeon continued to hit at the keyboard, oblivious.


Still no response. Tiffany sauntered over and slid the headphones off her head. Taeyeon reacted with a jerk, but didn’t take her eyes off the screen. “What’s up, babe?”

“Look at what I did to Sunny.”

She clicked quickly at the mouse. “Can it wait? I’m almost at the next--”

Tiffany shut the laptop closed with a soft snap.


That a girl. Sunny snickered, watching Taeyeon’s expression go from horrified to pissed.

“The fuck, Tiffany!? Do you know how I'm gonna look to the other players?”

“Whatever. I finished making over Sunny.”

Her eyes grew when they settled on her best friend. “Sunny--you’re a girl?!”

Sunny flashed her middle finger as they laughed.

“Don’t you have something nice to say?”

“Yeah.” Taeyeon smirked. “I almost feel attracted to you.”

At that, Sunny burst out laughing. “Of course you’d use my words against me.”

Taeyeon wrapped her arm around her waist and beamed. "Your hands are magic, Tiffany.”

“Thanks, hon. Jessi’s going to be speechless.”

Sunny rose from her chair to inspect the dress hanging off the bookcase. “Let’s hope so.”


Sunny nervously tapped the front of her high heel against the round, two-seater table, waiting for her date to arrive. Is this a date? I’m certainly dressed for one.

She checked her phone to preoccupy her brain from creating a scenarios where they show up at two different restaurants or Jessica stands her up when she runs into a supermodel. To fight off the jitters, she re-read every Jessica text. She could recite them by now, but they provided comfort when anxiety reared its ugly head.

Once she spotted Jessica being directed to her seat by a waiter, she dropped the phone to wipe sweaty palms against the bottom of her dark violet dress. She stood up for the blonde approaching the table.

Jessica wore a thigh-length tan dress, her shiny curled tresses settled upon bare shoulders. A sparkly headband nestled atop her golden hair. A true princess. Sunny actively reminded herself not to check for cleavage.

The blonde stopped in her tracks, noticing Sunny standing at the table. Sunny could have cried tears of happiness when big brown eyes stretched and looked her up and down. JESSICA JUNG IS CHECKING ME OUT. OPENLY.

Sunshine-y. You look...” She glided over to ease her into a hug. “...beautiful.

Sunny nearly melted at the embrace. Jessica never greeted her with a hug. This is all such new territory. They took their seats and Sunny could barely read her menu knowing that her biggest crush was still watching.

“Where have you been hiding this look?” Jessica asked, not bothering to pick up her menu.

Sunny straightened her throat. “In Tiffany’s magic hands?”

Tiffany fixed you up? I should thank her.”

“We both should.”

“Please tell me this will be a regular thing. I like this style on you.”

Primping myself for hours everyday? I don’t think so. “Maybe.” She gave a wink.

At that, Jessica blushed and Sunny thanked every high entity that the waiter showed up. All these reactions took a toll on her senses.

After ordering and having the server open up a bottle of sparkling wine, they made light conversation about work and the weather. Fail. I should have thought of more topics. Luckily, bringing up Taeyeon and Tiffany supplied enough talking material for a hundred more dinners.

“Taeyeon’s so dumb. And so is Tiffany.” Jessica laughed as she finished her glass. Like clockwork, Sunny poured her more.

“Oh, a gentlewoman,” Jessica purred, nibbling at a breadstick.

Is it getting hot in here? “I try my best.”

“It’s so weird being nice to each other, isn’t it?”

Sunny snorted. “Totes.”

“It’s a good change of pace.”

“Yeah.” Sunny held her breath to look directly into Jessica’s cat-like eyes for the first time that night. So sultry and playful. I think I have a lady boner.

“You're drop-dead gorgeous, Jessica. I’m the luckiest girl in the city.”

Jessica’s wide smile made her heart skip a beat. “Say more sweet things about me.”

The server showed up and placed their hot dishes before them. The blonde waited for him to leave before saying, “I’m waiting.”

Sunny twirled her fork into the spaghetti, her face heating up. “Well, you’re smart. And always dressed nicely. You speak your mind. That’s sexy.”

She popped a ravioli into her mouth. “Oh is that? I recall you saying I’m a bitch for it.”

“A hot bitch,” she corrected.

“Oh, I see.” She pierced another piece of pasta and held it in front of Sunny’s lips. “Try this. It’s really good.”

Sunny’s mind went hazy as she opened her mouth to let Jessica feed her. In fact, the rest of the dinner felt like a dream. Tiffany’s coaching worked. Her date didn’t look the least bit annoyed. Is this what being with Jessica is like? Fancy dinners and dressing up. Expensive wine and coy glances. She’d be a decadent girlfriend, but I’d give it a shot.

While they shared a glass of ice cream for dessert, Sunny's phone vibrated about five times before she cared to check on it.

Hyoyeon. She and Sooyoung have been stressed out about Yuri's lack-of-progress for the last couple days. I’ll get back at her later. She slipped the phone into her purse and brought her eyes back to Jessica, who was appraising her again.

“Like what you see?” Sunny teased, scooping some vanilla bean into her mouth.

“Yes I do.”

Should I take it further? “So, what are you gonna do about it?”

Jessica shrugged and thought for a second, answering, “I’ll try to see more.”

Without a hitch, Sunny caught a passing server by the arm, requesting the check.

During the whole drive to Jessica’s place, Sunny pep-talked herself.

“Stay calm. It’s only sex. You’ve had sex a million times with plenty of girls. Why should this be different? Because it’s Jessica Fucking Jung, that’s why! I can’t mess up or she’ll judge me. Or worse, not take me up for a second date.”

Her phone buzzed again. She glanced at the name popping up. Hyo! I’ll get to you later, woman. Things are about to go down! Namely, me.

Since they both drove to the restaurant, she followed Jessica’s car. The alone time served her well. By the time she stepped out her car, Sunny had enough ovary power to grab her by the hand and run off to the fifth floor. While Jessica unlocked the door, Sunny fought off the need to ravish her right there in the hall. Dealing with Jessica isn’t like Hyo. One wrong move and I'll be on the couch dejected.

“Do you want anything?” Jessica asked evenly, tossing her jingling keys and purse onto the kitchen counter.

There are tons of things that I want. And they all require you being naked. “No, thank you.”

Jessica wielded a devilish smirk that made Sunny's knees weak. “Still in gentlewoman mode, huh?”

“It’s the only mode I know.”

“That’s not true.” She curled a pink piece of hair around her finger, smirk not fading.

How much longer can I hold back? She’s so close that her perfume is suffocating. “No, it's not.”

A giggle. “That’s what I thought.”

Then, Sunny momentarily blacked out.

When she came to, she had Jessica pressed against the counter, lips delivering heavy kisses to her jaw. Come on girl, restrain yourself. Don’t go crazy yet. She brought her mouth to Jessica’s, relishing in the slick tang of strawberry lip gloss. She began to guide her tongue inside her mouth and gasped in surprise when Jessica beat her to it. The nimble tongue danced around, curling onto the other wet muscle. Sunny growled some expletives, groping at her ass.

I can’t believe it. I’m here. In Jessica’s apartment. Kissing her. And her room’s only a few steps away. Fuck her room; I’ll do her anywhere.

Jessica gasped for air when their lips detached, eyes hazy with want. She brought a palm to Sunny’s neck and dug her fingernails into flesh, gaining some moans from the other woman. Sunny gripped Jessica tighter and hauled her onto the countertop. She pressed their lips together a few more times before sprinkling light pecks across her shoulders.

“Ooh, that tickles,” Jessica giggled into her ear.

“What I’m about to do may tickle at first, too.” She bent down to place warm kisses from her knee to her thigh.

“Be careful with this dress. It’s new.”

She paused to process the best way of hiking her dress up without tear when she heard a phone buzz. Damnit, Hyo--leave me alone. Sunny carefully shifted the taut fabric along creamy skin when the phone vibrated again. Jessica clawed at her purse. Sunny got a good view of lacy panties when a "Wait!" firmly halted her head’s descent. She looked up to see Jessica staring at her iPhone, fluffing her hair with a jittery hand as if the person on the other line would see.

“Hello?” she breathed into the receiver, continually messing with her mane.

Sunny stayed still, waiting for her to tell the person to call back when she’s not busy.

“Hey you. How's--wait what? Slow down. She what? She what? No, I’m not doing anything.”

Damn. Why does this feel so familiar?

She waved Sunny’s face away from her crotch so she could slide off the marble finish. “Sweetie, no. Stay on the line. Where--” She grabbed at a heel. “--are you? Uh huh. Yes, I’ll be there soon.” She yanked on her other heel and grabbed at her purse. “No, babe. It’s not your fault. I’ll be with you in no time.”

Jessica stopped short at the door to address her bewildered date. “You can let yourself out, right? The door will lock behind you. I’ll see you around. Thanks for dinner!”

And then she was gone.

Sunny stood there, stupefied.

What the hell just happened?

She scratched her head and fell backward onto the couch, only to quickly bounce out when she remembered what activities occurred on said furniture.

Jessica was in such a rush that she LEFT me here. Sunny pulled her dress back into place, pacing around the room. The confusion soon turned into anger. She stomped to the bedroom. Well, if she’s dumb enough to leave me hanging here alone, I might as well grab a souvenir. She made a direct path to the dresser--ready to search through her panty drawer--when she spotted a certain item sitting amongst several perfume bottles and jewelry. Between her thumb and pointer, she examined it, wheels in her mind slowly turning.

“No,” she gasped, dropping it onto the floor. There’s only one person with such an accessory. Her parents got it for her from their trip to the Middle East. But, that’d mean...

Sunny darted her eyes around the room with disgust.

“She’s so dead.”

The pink-haired girl collected Seohyun’s hair clip and a pair of striped briefs before rushing out the door.

Next Chapter: Yoona!
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(Anonymous) on July 23rd, 2013 04:53 am (UTC)
Oh shit
Seoh left her fucking underwear at Sica's?! DEAD MAN, DEAD.
Seems like Yuri called it off. Maybe she finally told Yoona about Seohyun? Or had to find out the hard way *SOB*
OMg, you're amazing at ot9
checkinyourbra: jessica02checkinyourbra on July 23rd, 2013 05:14 am (UTC)
Re: Oh shit
Whaaaa?!?! No, she just left her clip at Jessica's. I mean...she MAY have left underwear there, but we'll never know. Haha Sunny snatched some Sica panties. XD

UGH, isn't every way the hard way? D: Let's see if Yuri let the cat out the bag.

Thanksssss bb~~

Edit: Great. Now I'm thinking about Seolady underwear. Sigh. :P

Edited at 2013-07-23 05:20 am (UTC)