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26 July 2013 @ 02:32 am
Who Gets the Girl? [19]  

Title: Who Gets the Girl? [Chapter 19]

Players: Yoona, Jessica, Mention of Yuri, Taeyeon

Pairing(s): Yoonsic, Yoonyul

Rating: R

Genre: AU, Rom-Com Drama-Llama.

Warning(s): Some sexy. And feels.

Disclaimer: I don't own Soshi. I don't own anyone, in fact. All Fiction.

Chap. Summary: When Yoona’s feeling her worst, Jessica’s there for comfort.

Author's Notes: Another longer-than-usual chapter. Jessica’s luck with women continues...can good come from that? XD OAN: I realized that Troopers are some of the most adorable/intimidating shippers. I fear for my life.

19- Yoona


Some time ago...

Yoona followed Yuri into their new house, groping at the wall for a switch. She breathed in the “new paint” smell--the scent of a new beginning. A brand new chapter with my girlfriend.

“I have all these ideas on color schemes.” Excited fingers flicked at the toggle.

No light.

“Ah, shit,” Yuri groaned, pawing for Yoona’s hand. “I might have forgotten to pay the first electricity bill.”


“Gahh. I’m so sorry. That’s the only bill I have to worry about and I already blew it.”

Yoona squinted around the pitch-black living room. “We’ll sort this out in the morning.”

“Do you wanna drive back to your parents’? It’s not like we have a bed here yet.”

Nooooo,” Yoona whined, swinging their arms, “I want to spend our first night here. Light or no light.”

“You’re so adventurous.” Yuri leaned in to pressed a kiss onto the corner of her lips. The girl pulled her closer. Something’s so exciting about making out in the dead of night. In a new home. Our new home.

Yuri’s warm, moist mouth against hers egged on the excitement. A slender hand grasped behind the tan girl’s neck, then made way for her chest. She sighed at the the cushiony softness--thumb rubbing in circles, hunting for a hardened bud beneath the fabric.

“Should we christen the floor first?” She slid the messenger bag strap off her shoulder, freeing her hand to sample the skin exposed by Yoona’s short blouse.


“Awesome. I’ll make up for the forgetfulness.”

Yoona shook her head. “Shhhhh. Enough about that.” I don’t need light to know where to touch. Giving the breast a final squeeze, her fingertips inched down to lift the hem of Yuri’s t-shirt. Knowing that sun-kissed, toned abs waited for her already had her mouth watering. Yet, she didn’t expect the loud, rumbling growl that escaped the stomach once she made contact.

“Oops. I guess I’m hungry.”

What am I going to do with her? Yoona swallowed a bubble of hysterical omg-I’m-dying mirth, knowing that screaming in laughter would only further embarrass her girlfriend. “Let’s get some food into that tummy, goofy girl.”

Over the finest selection of homemade kimbap, M&M’s, and saewookkang, Yuri raised her can of seltzer water. “The perfect first meal for the perfect first home with my Im Yoona.”

Grinning, Yoona clinked their cans together. “By candlelight, too. We’re so fancy.”

“The fanciest.”

Naturally, Yuri got down to business, stuffing a couple rolls in her mouth and ripping the yellow candy bag open. Yoona clutched the girl’s arm before she got to the shrimp chips, too.

“And I want to toast my baby Yuri for getting into her Master’s program. I’m so proud of you.”

Yuri finished chewing and strained to quickly swallow her portion. “I’m more thankful for you. You’re the one who’s paying...”

“Stop blaming yourself. Only good can come from you going back to school.”

“Yeah. You’re right.”

A pause. She couldn’t help but swoon at that lopsided grin illuminated by the yellow, flickering fire.

I want to remember this moment forever.

“So....can we eat now?"

“Yes, babe. Let’s eat.”


At 11:58pm, a weeping young lady sat on a cold bench in the front of a tall, dark building. Her damp, ruddy face laid buried into her palms. How could I not have been more aware of something happening right under my nose?

She roughly dragged the sleeve of her hoodie across leaking nostrils. Of course she wanted to have “study parties” with her. It gave her the perfect excuse to sabotage our relationship. Never before has Yuri ever wanted to do schoolwork longer than required. I’m such a fool.

Her head rose to gaze into the unlit, empty parking lot of her job, save for her lone car. Under normal circumstances, she’d be afraid to leave herself so defenseless at night. Nonetheless, she walked a few laps around the concrete space once she realized that she left her work keys at home. Home, indeed. Home is what Yuri and I built over the years. What do I call that place now?

Im Yoona kept her eyes open, for letting them drift closed prompted her mind to picture Yuri and that skank Seohyun kissing, rolling around on their bed. Had they ever “study partied” in our house? She shook her head to rid her mind of the possibility.

She shielded her eyes as a single pair of bright headlines parked next to her car. Jessica.

After slamming the door to Yuri’s back and regaining her ability to breathe, she immediately called the co-worker. Yoona wondered what possessed her to contact the blonde before, say, her best friend Sooyoung. Yet, in times like that, she trusted her instincts. The ka-thunk of a car door and advancing clicks of high heels already gave her comfort. My first embrace since finding out...

Without missing a cue, arms wrapped firmly around her and she could sink her head onto a shoulder at last.

“It’s okay. I’m here,” the voice whispered into her ear.

The assurance only made Yoona cry harder. She clutched at the other woman, shoulders shaking on their own accord. The scent of her perfume is strong, but soothing. This is what I need right now. Someone who cares.

“Why aren’t you in your car? It’s safer.” Jessica’s mouth was so close to her face, she could pick up on the nervous inflections in her speech.

Yoona shrugged, securing the deathgrip on her waist.

“How long have you been out here?”

Another shrug.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

A weak nod. Honestly, letting a work colleague see me in such a state is so embarrassing. I should be put together and knowledgeable, not a weeping mess. I guess Jessica is more than a co-worker. That’s why she came to mind first.

Jessica, dressed in a taupe dress and curled hair a beautiful disarray, eased her off the bench. Yoona stared down at the shiny high heels as they headed to the car. She looks ready for a benefit. Or a movie set. Or...

“Were you on a date?” Yoona murmured as she fastened her seatbelt.

“Ummm..” Jessica gazed into the rear view mirror, glided a dab of balm over her lips, and started the car.

Yoona kept her wide eyes on the woman. This is the first time I’ve ever seen Jessica outside of work. Sort of...surreal.

“Kinda,” Jessica uttered once she pulled onto the road.

Yoona looked down at her trembling legs. “I’m sorry. I panicked. I said all kinds of crazy things on the phone...”

A pale hand formed onto her knee, giving it a squeeze. “Don’t ever hesitate to call me. I’m always here for you.”

“But, why?”

Jessica removed her hand to make a left turn. “You know why.”

That, she did. It wasn’t a mystery to anyone on their side of the office that Jessica had a thing for her. Jessica Jung, the woman everyone cowered from on a bad day, never gave her the sharp remarks or eye rolls. The icy glares or exasperated sighs. The accusations of incompetence. Instead, she was privileged with giggles, surprise lunches, and gossip. However, Yoona maintained a safe distance to avoid any compromising situation. She never wanted to give Jessica the impression of mutual attraction, even when she noticed herself developing a crush as well.

First of all, it was hard enough taking care of business with such a charming person always within eye shot. From Jessica's desk, she’d have to turn to look over at Yoona, but the view stayed open and convenient for the latter. Everyday, she’d sneak some glances at the tightness of a pencil skirt or how many buttons kept undone on a blouse. Unlike Yuri, I didn’t let these thoughts turn into anything inappropriate.

Physical assets didn’t fully create the lingering feelings. Yoona appreciated Jessica’s independence. Her innate ability to make decisions and speak out on office issues. Jessica exuded a cattiness and wit that she found endearing as well as impressive. The winks. The secret smiles they shared during useless company meetings. How she picked up on Yoona’s moods to know whether to leave her alone or buy chocolate to cheer her up.

Despite all these things, I still didn’t cheat. What the hell does Seohyun put on the table? Being a couple years younger than me? Sporting that bookish, polite act? Has Yuri forgotten that I was Seohyun when she met me? Hard-working, quiet, living with my parents. Yuri fell for the same fucking person and if they get together, she’ll get bored again and have an affair with another studious type.


She jerked out of her thoughts, realizing that the car had been parked in front of an apartment building. The brown-haired woman sighed, unconsciously releasing the seat cushion from her angry grasp.

“Do you mind spending the night?” Jessica asked, drumming the steering wheel with slender fingers. “Or, I could take you home.”

Yoona had to think this one through. I’m depressed. Vulnerable. Jessica looks like she stepped out my dreams and she just invited me to sleep over. “Would your roommates mind?”

“They’re not home tonight.”

Dare I go? Can I trust myself to keep a clear head? To not go for the revenge sex? Would it matter? Is Yuri still technically my girlfriend? All the screaming and shouting for her to “get out my fucking house” would say otherwise.

Jessica didn’t wait for a reply. “Come on.”

She vacated the car and ran around to the other side to pull the door open for Yoona.

Yoona blushed at the gesture, stepping out. “That was very sweet of you.”

“I’m being a gentlewoman,” Jessica purred, resembling her usual playful nature. “Let’s go.”


Yoona sat on the floor of Jessica’s girly bedroom, slumped against the side of her bed. Her eyes glossed over the framed Paris-themed photos and French expressionist prints decorating the walls. A hanging display held what appeared to be hundreds of designer purses. It matched her closet--filled with so many clothes and shoe boxes that the door no longer closed. Jessica rushed back in, holding their mugs of tea on a white tray.

“Sorry I took so long. Someone forget to clean out the teapot and I’m a thousand times positive it was Taeyeon.” She went on as she set the tray before Yoona. “Oh, you have time to sleep in, find stupid games, and nail my friend all day, but noooo. Cleaning out the damned teapot takes up too much time.”

Angry Jessica is amusing. Yoona hid her smile behind the mug.

Jessica landed next to her with a thud. She shuffled in her position, adjusting her dress by pulling it further up her thighs. Yoona held back tears of pain from gulping too hard at the steaming beverage.

“Careful, crazy lady.” Jessica snickered, blowing on her own cup.

Did she do that on purpose? She never fails to make me choke on one thing or another with her antics.

“So, are you ready to tell me?”

Yoona sighed heavily, replaying the day’s event in her head before speaking. “It happened so quickly. How could I have a happy day and by the end of the night, be miserable?”


“For the past couple days, Yuri hasn’t been studying after school with her classmate. I asked her about it and she brushed it off. I wanted to invite the girl over again to retry a double date with Yuri’s friend. They didn’t really hit it off at our dinner. Then, I thought to myself, ‘Why am I so eager to hook her up? Am I being insecure?’ I pushed the thought from my mind because Yuri finally proposed and that’s all that mattered.”

“Mmm.” Jessica lowered her eyes to her drink.

Yoona spotted this mood change, but continued. “Yuri used to go to bed with me every night. And we’d cuddle and I could fall asleep in her arms. We hadn’t had sex in a couple months. I figured we’d be back on track once my job didn’t exhaust me as much and she wasn’t so wrapped up in school. Turns out, she wasn’t wrapped up in school, she was wrapped around that...girl.

“For how long?”

“Unless things happened before my knowledge, about a week.”

“I see.”

“Anyway, my body’s so used to her warmth that I became an irregular sleeper without her close. Meaning, I’d knew that she’d stay on her phone for hours after she thought I drifted off. Sure, she could be looking at anything. For some reason, it felt strange. When she told me that she had been looking at engagement rings all along I--” Yoona rubbed a misting eye with her palm, “I feel so stupid. When she handed me that lie, I wanted so badly for it to be true. This is Yuri we’re talking about. I’d never seen her bat a lash at another woman.”

“How’d you find out?”

“That’s the easy part. I wasn’t even looking for it. I simply turned on our computer to send out an email. Yuri forgot to log out of her name, thus I started to sign off when I spotted something. A read email from herself labeled with a heart. Even now, I can’t remember whether I checked it out of excitement or suspicion. One half of me assumed it was where she kept her links to my ring choices. The other...I didn’t know yet. Nosiness took over and I clicked, only to see dozens of pictures. Not of rings, of course, but phone pictures of Seohyun.”

“I’m sorry--Seohyun?

Yoona raised her eyebrows. “Yes. Do you know her?”

“I’ve um, heard that name around.”

“Maybe she gets around.”

Jessica let out a single cough and commenced to sipping her drink.

“There were dozens of pictures. Most of them innocent, but intimate enough. The last one takes the cake. She’s lying on her bed with this face.” Yoona pounded a fist to a floor. “Clearly it was a post-sex picture, which is so fucking tacky.”

“Whoa. I’ve never heard you curse before. It’s hot.”

Jessica.” She bumped her shoulder-to-shoulder. “I was furious and already on the verge of tears. So, I dragged her into our room and demanded that she explain herself. And do you know what she said?”


‘I think I’m in love with her.’ IN LOVE. She proposed to me on Thursday and suddenly she’s declaring love for some lesser version of me?! God, I wanted to hit her.”


“All these years wasted. I got that job for her. I paid most of her tuition! I...I...got the house. And worked into the wee hours at work, garnering any opportunity for overtime just to get her more art supplies when her parents cut her off. I’ve been taking good fucking care of her this whole time and what do I get in the end?”

Yoona held up a quivering hand, eyes set on her bare ring finger. “Maybe I can be a bit over-bearing. And high-pressure. I get that. Maybe it had something to do with this. Did I push her into Seohyun’s arms?”

Instantly, Jessica’s arms circled her shoulders, a hand caressing her silken hair as she hummed, “There, there. It’s not your fault.”

I hate being this emotional. How can Jessica keep a straight face? I’m such a wreck. She squeezed her eyelids. I’ve cried so much that the tears no longer come. I’m empty.

Jessica got to her feet. Yoona stared from the floor, sore eyes adjusting to the angel holding her hand out. Jessica yanked her up so abruptly that they collided, bodies flushing together. The taller woman jerked at the impact, but the palms on the small of her back kept her in place.

“Yoona--” her voice cracked out, sounding fragile, even scared, “do you have any idea how much I want you?”

Yoona held her breath, searching Jessica’s eyes for the answer.

“It killed me when you told me that Yuri proposed. You broke my heart.”

“I didn’t mean to.”

“Yes you did.” Jessica pulled her closer, “You did mean to hurt me. Or else, you’d have to admit that you wanted me, too.”

“Aren’t we being a little presumptuous?”

A smirk. “You love it.”

Yoona's mouth refused to make any further words.

“Ever since you stepped onto the twentieth floor... At first, everybody warned me that I would hate you.” A light chuckle. “When I saw you, nothing but the opposite came to mind. Yuri ruining her chance at happiness baffles me. How could anyone let you go?”

The brunette fought off the urge to close her eyes when slender fingers glided through her hair. She feels nothing like Yuri. She’s so fragile, I may break her if I hold on too tightly.

“Let’s get these clothes off of you.”

Yoona didn’t speak; she simply raised her arms for Jessica to pull off her faded blue hoodie. The shirt followed. Fingertips tickled a path up and down her torso. Her touch feels like feathers. She watched the same hands tug at the button and zipper of her skinny jeans. Her socks were plucked off when the pants detached from her ankles. Then, Jessica stopped.

Her body tingled as Jessica stood there, appraising her like a work of art. Face coloring, she crossed her arms over her bra-clad chest.

Jessica hit her elbow. “Don’t. You have no reason to be awkward with that body.”

“I do yoga,” Yoona blurted, snorting at her dorky answer.

The blonde didn’t smirk long before turning around, tossing her hair to the side. “Could you get my zipper?”

A jittery hand pulled at the zip, leaving her pointer finger behind to slowly drag across alabaster skin in its descent. Jessica gasped at this, hastily shimmying out of the dress. She turned the main light off, leaving only the desk lamp as a looming light source.

“Get on the bed.”

Yoona complied, scooting onto the middle of the mattress to sit upright.

She’s mind-blowingly sexy. Her smooth, glowing skin. Tiny waist. And her breasts are bigger than I thought. Jessica leaned onto the end of the bed and approached her on all fours, like the most sensual tigress ever.

“Lie down.”

Yoona slinked down to lay her head onto a fluffy pillow. The view of Jessica's floating form made her hungry for more. Yoona nibbled on her own lip, reaching up to scratch a long trail from her neck down to the edge of lacy black panties. She stopped there to get approval. The blonde's cat-like eyes were already rolling back in bliss, mouth ajar. Yoona's fingers slipped in further when a hand seized her wrist.

“I...I can’t,” Jessica whispered, eyes closed.

Yoona licked her lips, sliding her other hand up a smooth leg. “But I want to.”

“I want you so badly. More than anything. I just...I can’t. Not tonight.”

Yoona pouted. “Why notttt?

“Because it’s not right.” Jessica collapsed onto her side, removing Yoona’s hand. “You mean way too much to me. I can’t...do it tonight. I feel like I’m taking advantage.”

“You’re not! I promise.”

“Not with good conscience. I should prove how much you mean to me.”

Those words clung in the air. Jessica reached for a folded blanket at the end of bed. After covering them, she leaned back over to drape an arm around the taller girl.


“I want you to have your first good night’s rest in a long time. You deserve it.” She melded Yoona’s back against her, placing warm lips onto the back of her neck.

Yoona didn’t know whether to feel insulted or exhausted. Soon, sleepiness won over. Her knees bent to comfortably twist their legs together. Feathery, luxurious kisses to her neck sent her into a peaceful rest.

I want to remember this moment forever.


The next morning, she woke up in a daze. It took her brain a few seconds to process the unfamiliar setting. She closed her eyes in relief when she remembered. I slept so soundly with Jessica holding me... At this thought, she rolled over to the empty side of the bed. She pouted and hugged a plush pillow.

So, this is how it feels to be single.

Yoona reached for the old-fashioned alarm clock on the nightstand and rolled her eyes at the time.

“So late.”

She crawled across the sheets to snag her pants from the floor. Retrieving her phone from its pocket, she settled against the pillows to send her job an email for her absence. Then, just because, she opened her camera app and took a few shots of Jessica’s bedroom. The picture of the retainer case on her nightstand became an easy favorite.

A toothy grin parted her face. I should take a picture of myself on her bed and send it to Yuri. You’re not the only one having women pine over you. Her smile dissolved when she realized that she hadn’t received any texts or missed calls.

Instead of taking scandalous photos, she set her phone on the stand and rolled out of bed. She devoted time to snooping around the other woman’s room--perusing magazine covers, checking sizes on cute shoes--before quietly opening the door.

“Jessica?” she called to no response.

Maybe she went to work? She has been taking more days off lately.

After splashing her face a few times in the bathroom sink, she looked up at her reflection in the round, antique mirror. I don’t look as bad as I thought I would. Her pupils averted downward, causing her to blush when she registered her state of undress.

Yoona flopped back onto the bed, smelling of the rose and lavender lotion that she sampled from the plethora of face care products. A quick trip to use some mouthwash turned into a giddy tour through pricey toiletries. I’m learning so much about Jessica. She’s as meticulous at home as she is at work. And so, so vain.

She giggled, surprising herself that she giggled. She outwardly sighed and dove face-first onto her pillow from that night. That’s when she heard something rustle. She leaned over to spot a note.

Grabbing us breakfast. Don’t leave yet!
♥ Jessica

Without thinking, she brought the square of paper to her nose and inhaled. It smells of perfume. Everything in Jessica’s world gives off a such a sweet scent. She planted her face back into the the pillow, enjoying the laziness she hadn’t experienced in months.


“Are you still sleeping?” Jessica teased, closing the door behind her.

Yoona jerked her head up, glancing back at the alarm clock. “I was awake. Then, I...fell back asleep?”

Jessica smiled and tossed her purse onto a dresser. Yoona admired the burgundy cardigan over her tank until she shed it onto the bed. Her hair was pulled into a messy bun and her face wasn’t as made up as usual. How is she still so stunning without all the fancy accessories? She’s not even wearing heels. Jessica followed her eyeline to her feet.

“Oh. Forgot to take these off.” She kicked a pair of black Adidas at the closet.

“I didn’t know you owned sneakers,” Yoona taunted, raising her eyebrows.

Jessica rolled her eyes and tumbled onto the bed. “Don’t tell anyone or they’ll never let it go.”

Yoona moved to hang her face over the blonde’s, tickling her with the ends of her hair. The other girl swatted at them, smiling all the while.

“What’d you bring me?”

“This.” Jessica clutched her by the ears with both hands and pulled her down for a kiss.

For a moment, Yoona panicked. Then, she remembered that this didn’t count as cheating. She pressed softly against puckered lips, licking her own lips afterwards to taste her lip gloss. Jessica’s eyes crinkled as she beamed up at her. She ran a thumb across her cheek, fingers still holding onto her ears.

The taller girl smashed their lips together once more before speaking against them. “Do you have an ear fetish?”

“Only for yours, Dumbo.”

Yoona fake-glared and proceeded to kiss down the length of her neck. “What else did you bring me?”

“Are you talking about food or something else?” Jessica breathed huskily.

Taking note of the change in tone, Yoona pushed away to clear her mind. Why did she have to come in here with a tank top and a bare face? I can’t believe I’ve been harboring these feelings for so long. “Food.”

“I bought croissants.”

“Mmm. Tasty.”

Jessica’s eyes scanned over her hovering body. “Right. Tasty.

“Right.” Yoona’s breath came out shorter as smooth palms journeyed from her shoulders to the small of her back, then fingers tickled her spine, lingering on the area around her bra clasp.

“So, when you said, ‘Not tonight,’ did you mean ‘Tomorrow morning,’ instead?’”

A giggle. “It’s a brand new day.” A knee lifted to rub against the crotch of her panties.

“S-so that’s a yes,” she stuttered, trying to maintain her composure.

“Is that bad?” The knee pressed harder.

The friction had Yoona biting her bottom lip to trap a moan. “I-augh-wouldn’t say that.”

“Ya know,” Jessica snatched the hair tie from her head, letting her golden locks to pool onto the duvet. “the croissants can wait.”

“The croissants can wait?”

“Yes.” She beckoned with a come hither motion. “I’m hungry for something else.”

Next Chapter:  Sexica..I mean Jessica!
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rilakkuyoonarilakkuyoona on July 26th, 2013 08:06 am (UTC)
I'm glad that I relocated to the living room when I saw your update. My little sister decided to crash on my tiny bed, so she would've experienced the tremors of my fangirling. And the devil spawn would've kicked me off. But my beloved father is out here, and he shook his head when he witnessed me standing up with arms outstretched, silently screaming at the iPad screen. Yes, that means my mouth was gaping open but no sound emerged. (thank goodness) It's okay, he's an understanding person. :) Congratulations to me, I have managed to somewhat contain my feels. So here we go.


Damn I just threw up my feels in the form of words ^ Okay, I guess this is better than expending life force into trying to maintain a front of calmness. My feelings though, MY FEELINGS. I'm going to stop now before I throw up another round of feels. See you later, author~
checkinyourbra: jessica02checkinyourbra on July 27th, 2013 04:47 am (UTC)
Haahahah omigosh you and that family of yours. I'm so amused by your dad seeing your silently screaming ermahgerd at your iPad. Sounds like a funny situation. XD I wonder if you're like this all the time.. XDDDD

OMG ALL THOSE FEELS YOU SLAPPED DOWN. SO MUCH YELLING. The analogy of the broken down ship, dancing around the fire, and you clawing at the sand like a freak is poetry. Pure poetry. Beautiful.

I kinda wish that you went on with spilling your feels. They're VERY entertaining. XD

Later, bb~~~