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Who Gets the Girl? [on-going]

Title: Who Gets the Girl? [Chapter 21]

Players: Seohyun, Yuri, Hyoyeon, Mentions of Jessica, Yoona

Pairing(s): Seori, Mention of Seosic

Rating: R, for language

Genre: AU, Rom-Com Drama-Llama.

Warning(s): I pulverize ships, apparently.

Disclaimer: I don't own Soshi. I don't own anyone, in fact. All Fiction.

Chap. Summary: Seohyun’s lazy day off is interrupted by the drama brigade.

Author's Notes: Hope y’all enjoyed the sex because NOW I CAN THROW DRAMZ AROUND LOL. I always love your input in the comments. No matter how much virtual side-eye I receive. XD Also, I may or may not have participated in the Yoonyul Fanfic Contest. Lol.

21- Seohyun

For the first time in her college life, Seohyun skipped a school day. Her grades were stellar and she got all her projects out of the way, leaving a Wednesday to slack off. She stared at the ceiling, lazily drawing circles on her own torso and grinning. Thank god I finished that pesky design project. Now I can daydream all afternoon. About Jessica.

Jessica Jung. How could I have been so blind this whole time? A sexy, stylish woman right under my nose. Sunny’s going to definitely have a problem with this...if she finds out. Seohyun’s grin faded. Sunny really likes her. But, doesn’t Jessica have a say? What if she likes me more--then what happens? Do I forgo a potential fling due to some jealousy?

The girl slapped herself on the forehead. So hard, in fact, that she recoiled at the impact. Good god, Seohyun. You’re being evil. Sunny’s your best friend.

Yet, Jessica’s body was so soft and fragrant. Like kissing a flower.

A larger, more sinister grin stretched her features. My lips went everywhere.

She lifted the doodling hand into the air. And my fingers. She shuddered. They were inside her. I had my fingers inside a girl. And not any girl. Jessica. She took me to her apartment and I lost my virginity to her.

Seohyun rolled onto her stomach and squeezed a unicorn plushie. Why am I so giddy? It was just sex. Sex with the most amazing woman ever. She was so gentle. How she whispered sweet words into my ear and her high-pitched moans made me lose all my inhibitions. Who knew a simple act could do such a thing? Actually...whatever her fingers did to me were far from simple, that’s for sure.

She took out her phone to look through Jessica’s pictures on Facebook for the fourth time. I want her so badly right now. I know she said only one time, but I want more. She stopped short of texting her. I don’t want to be that obsessed first-timer following her around after a great night. But, it’s been a couple days. Maybe it’ll look casual. I should ask her out.

+Hey Jessica~ Would you be up for coffee this week? I miss you.

Seohyun stared at the sent text before adding, +Btw I think I left my clip there. Maybe I can pick it up one of these days? ;)

Nice. I Cinderella’d her. Now she has to see me again. Even if it’s just a quickie. Oh god, I’m addicted after the first go.

Pleased with her achievement, she shimmied a little dance to the impromptu song playing through her head. Sex, sex, lady sex. Lady sex with Jessica. Sex, sex, sexy sex. Lady Jess with sex.

Her eyes closed, allowing her mind to replay her favorite night’s events. She mentally debated about masturbating when a knock at the front door got her to her feet.

“Who is it?” She called out, heading toward the door. My parents are both at work. Who could it be? Oh, it’d be amazing if it was--


She stopped in her tracks. Yuri? But...why?

Sure enough, a sheepish tan woman stood at her front door, hands behind her back and swaying side-to-side. Seohyun fought off a smile. Sometimes, I wonder which of us is the younger one.

“Seohyun, you’re resplendent,” she sighed, eyes shooting down when they matched gazes.

“Thank you, Yuri.”

“Here,” Yuri whipped out a pink rose and held it with a stiff arm, “It’s not much. I wanted to say...I’m sorry.”

Seohyun clutched at the edge of the door. “Sorry for choosing Yoona?”

“Yes. I...I didn’t mean to propose to her. It just happened.”

The day Yuri told her--hours before the awkward Thai dinner--it felt like someone shot her in the chest. She wanted to talk to her friends about it, but Taeyeon ripped her a new one upon arrival. Frustrated and butthurt, she kept the engagement information to herself.

Sure, she expected that day to come, but not so soon. Getting intimate with an engaged person felt riskier than “behind the back of a cognizant department store mannequin” scenarios. Plus, she had to admit that she wanted to win. To have Yuri all to herself. Competing with years of domesticity became too exhausting of a battle.

“Shouldn’t your future wife be receiving this? Or, are there eleven other roses for her?”

Yuri’s eyes widened. “Damn.”

“Yeah. Damn.” She shook her head mockingly. Bitchface mode: activated.

“Seohyun. Hear me out. For a few minutes? Please.”

Seohyun’s eyes went through her to the car in the driveway. “Who’s that?”

“Hyo. She drove me here.”

“Right. Her.

Pleeeease, Seohyun.” She bounced a petal against her pointy nose. “If you don’t like what I tell you, I’ll leave.”

The younger girl stepped aside to let her in. She shot one more cold glimpse to the car before closing the door.

“Okay, speak.” Seohyun crossed her arms.

“D-don’t you want your flower?”

That face. That silly, sappy face. She looks so broken up. I want to kiss her pouty lips and make it all better, but we have to get things straight. “Didn’t you have something to tell me?”

“Wow-zers. Now I know how Hyo feels.” She laughed to herself and set the rose onto a table. “Okay so...I’m sorry. I apologize for bringing you into...this the wrong way. Wasn’t my intention.”

A pause. “I’m listening.”

“Right. Ah--um. You have every right to be mad at me. I shouldn’t have started anything that I couldn’t handle. It wasn’t fair to you nor Yoona.”

Seohyun cringed at the name.

“I thought Yoona was the one for me. We--she...I....” Yuri trailed off, fingers combing through her hair, ruffling the top. I still love that so much. “I was a fool. And a cheat.”

“Aren’t you telling this to the wrong person?”

“No. Because I feel like I cheated on you, too. You became more than an affair to me. I like the way you...poke out your lips when you’re drawing. And--and how you never have to raise your hand because the professor can assume that you know the answers. You’re awesome.”

Seohyun eyed the rose. It should be put in water before it wilts.

“I had to be honest to myself. An old friend asked me who I worry about hurting most once the truth comes out. I still don't know the answer to that, but here I am.”


“I told Yoona that I’m in love with you.”

Seohyun took a step back as if the words would stick to her clothes.

Welp, you did it, Seo Juhyun. Signed up for sexy Yuri sessions and didn’t read the fine print: Hot piece of woman may be a serial monogamist. “You can’t be serious, Yuri.”

“More serious than anything. Yoona broke up with me.”

Seohyun opened her mouth, but no sound came out. Yuri took this opportunity to close in and fold her into warm, quivery arms. Now I’m conflicted. Wasn’t I just dancing to the Sexy Jess song a few minutes ago?

But Yuri’s right here, telling me that she loves me. I’m infatuated with her, but is it love? Now that she’s single, is it worth a try?

“Say something.” Yuri’s eyes were intense, boring into her face. Seohyun had to turn away in case she could see her thoughts. “Please. Say anything.”

“I slept with someone.”

A heartbeat later, those same eyes reflected fear. “W-when?”

“The night after you told me the news.”

“Oh. But...with who?”


Yuri squinted and shook her head as if that simple name meant everything in the world. “Jessica? Jess-i-ca...

“Yes. She’s a friend of a friend.”

“And two...”

“Yeah. She’s my first.”

A quiet swept over the house. Yuri’s grip slackened, but she didn’t let go. Seohyun watched a wave of conflicting emotions pour over the other girl’s face. Maybe this is the part when she short circuits and shuts down from a thought overload. Full, confused lips sputtered a few times until words came out coherently.

“C-can I be your second?”


“I have no right to be mad at you. You’re a gorgeous, uncommitted individual.”

“You’re not mad?”

“I’m more disappointed than anything. That should have been me.”

Sleeping with Jessica and not having study parties with Yuri for the last few days bought her time to reflect on her feelings. Yuri had cancelled on Monday and she cancelled on Tuesday. It gave the impression that they needed their space. Yuri especially needed it, being engaged and all.

“You two looked so happy on Friday.”


“At the Thai restaurant. I was there.”

Yuri nodded slowly, looking down in recollection. “Right. To be fair, we were drunk.”

“Drunk and happy.”

“Yoona’s started as a friend and it turned into a relationship. We have our fun. Doesn’t mean that we had no problems.”

“Still...I felt in over my head.”

Yuri pulled her back into a hug, running her hands through Seohyun’s long hair. The room remained silent while they held each other.

This conversation sucked all the oxygen from Seohyun’s lungs. She wondered if Yuri was holding her breath, too. Maybe deep down, I wanted things with Yuri to end. That’d make life so much easier. But now...what means the most to me?

“I missed seeing you last class,” Yuri hummed against her cheek. In addition to their lack of study dates, Yuri didn't attend their last class.

“You know we had a project due, right?”

She nodded. “Mmmhmm. I put my final version into Park's dropbox.”

“You’re so smart.”

Yuri’s grin against her face made her smile, too. I bet she doesn’t hear that one often. “So are you going to make up the in-class presentation part?”

“...the what?”

“It’s fifteen percent of the grade.”


Seohyun moved to face her goofy lover. “You’re really funny.”

“I don’t try to be half the time.”

“That’s what makes you so special.”

“So,” Yuri pressed a wet kiss against her lips. “when should I take you for a romantic getaway? We could get out of the city. Spend a day at the beach. Check into a hotel.”

“Will that make us girlfriends?”

“I don’t care about our title. I just want to hold your hand and parade you around out in the open. We shouldn’t hide whatever this is.”

A giggle. “You want to parade me around? Like a trophy?”

Yuri shrugged. “Why not? You have the look.”

“You’re pretty trophy-ish yourself.”

“Then, we can show each other off.”

Yuri detached herself from Seohyun’s grip to reach for the rose. She bent down on one knee and looked up, giving puppy dog eyes. “Seohyun,” she said in a sing-song voice, holding out the flower, “will you be trophy?”

Seohyun burst out laughing and accepted the offering. “Sure, just...” She tugged at the kneeling girl’s wrist. “get off your knee. None of that, please.”

“Gladly.” The tan girl went in for a deeper kiss, sliding both her hands along her neck.

The younger woman hungrily kissed back. For the first time, I have her all to myself. And I don’t have to share her with Im Yoona anymore. This realization had her clawing at the woman's back, mashing their bodies together.

Ow! Are you trying to mark me?” Yuri breathed, flinching at each pass.

“I don’t have to worry about scratching you anymore.”

“Mmm. You’re right.”

Screw all this worrying. Yuri’s here in my arms and it feels right. Seohyun relaxed her body, resting all her weight onto the other girl with her arms draped around her neck. Yuri took a firm hold of her backside and heaved it against her, adjusting to the shift.

Seohyun revelled in the strength. Jessica could never hold me like this. Yuri’s like my gallant prince. She brought her splayed fingers to Yuri’s forehead and pushed them through her hair. A long sigh escaped her mouth as she stroked the silky strands. The scent of tangy shampoo filled her nostrils. I could run my hands through her hair for hours.

“Am I forgiven?” Yuri purred.

Her palms gripped at the softness of her locks. This is seriously the best thing ever. It’s almost like sex. Almost.

“Seohyun, do you forgive me?”

The smallness of her voice brought her out of the hair trance. “Yes, Yuri. I do.”

“Great!” Yuri, with renewed vigor, eagerly reached to her pocket to retrieve her phone. “Can we take some pictures together now?”

Seohyun’s eyebrows wrinkled in bewilderment. “Um, sure?”

She watched a smiling Yuri unlock her phone and tap the camera icon. The woman held the phone in the air, detecting the best light quality for the photo.

“The artist at work,” she teased, picking up the forgotten rose from the floor.

“I want to make our pictures perfect.” Yuri wandered through the living room to find the best wall to serve as a backdrop. She held out an arm. “C’mon, cutie. Right over here.”

Seohyun held the rose to her face innocently as Yuri snapped away. She had to admit: they looked adorable together. Around the 4th picture, Yuri leaned over and placed a delicate peck on her cheek. She blushed and pushed her away.

“Whaaat?!” the older girl giggled, continually taking photos of a pink-faced Seohyun.

“These feel like couple pictures.”

A shrug. “Aren’t they?”

“You recently got out of a long-term relationship. Don’t you want to have fun before we...become an official item?”

“Being an official item is fun for me.”

“Are you sure you’re not going to get tired of me?”

That question sucked the smile right off her face. “You think that I’d cheat on you?”

Seohyun’s smile dulled as well. “I didn’t say that. I was joking around.”

“But you don’t think I would, right?”

“I really want you, Yuri. Still, you did tell me on our first study night that you’d want to date around. I shouldn’t hold you back if that what’s best for you.” What the hell? Why am I saying this? We should be making out, not arguing.

“I need you to trust me. I've been super confused lately.”

“You just broke up with...that person. I understand.”

“So, you trust me?”

“Yes.” I guess.

“I made Hyo drive around the whole campus looking for your car. When we didn’t see it, we came here. I really needed to surprise you in person.”

“Do I owe her gas money?”

Yuri snorted and slid her phone back into her jeans. “No, but I owe you something.”

Without another word, Yuri tugged the end of her shirt, pulling it over her head. Seohyun’s eyes stretched, drinking in the smooth curve of her upper body and the defined contours of her abs. Yuri rested her hands on her hips, more comfortable than she ever looked in class. The poor rose tumbled to the floor once more.

Seohyun prepared to pounce when the front door swiftly squeaked open and slammed.

Girls--” Hyoyeon barged in, stopping short when she saw Yuri in her bra. “So, you’re resolving your problems the old-fashioned way?”

Yuri rolled her eyes. “What do you want?”

“Oh right. Um...” Hyoyeon paused to listen. The others watched her expectantly. Sounds of a car door shut and approaching high heels had the three of them silently shooting alarmed glances to one another.

It’s Sunny.” Hyoyeon hissed, holding a finger to her mouth.

Shit shit shit!!” Yuri dashed for her thrown shirt on the couch, loudly slamming her leg into the coffee table. “Shiiiiiit. Gawwwd damnit! Ffffffuuu--”

Hyoyeon slapped a hand over her noisy friend’s mouth. “Bitch, you need to make yourself scarce.”

“But my shirt--”

“No time!” Seohyun pulled Yuri by the arm and practically threw her into the coat closet. The door closed with an audible click. Hyoyeon balled up the shirt and stuffed it into a vase.

“How do you know Sunny?!” Seohyun whispered, frantically smoothing her hair.

“Long story. The point is--she knows my car.”

“So, how will I explain you--”

The chime of the doorbell cut her off.

The two exchanged panicked faces as Seohyun chirped a pristine “Just a second!” and made her way to the front door.

Next Chapter: Tiffany!

Happy Soshiversary!! :3
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