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Who Gets the Girl? [on-going]

Title: Who Gets the Girl? [Chapter 22]

Players: Tiffany, Taeyeon, Jessica, Yoona, Mention of Sunny, Seohyun, BoA

Pairing(s): Taeny, Past!Taengsic, Yoonsic

Rating: R, for language

Genre: AU, Rom-Com Drama-Llama.

Warning(s): I pulverize ships, apparently.

Disclaimer: I don't own Soshi. I don't own anyone, in fact. All Fiction.

Chap. Summary: On the other side of town, the rest of the gay ladies have their fair share of problems.

Author's Notes: Ugh. Re-reading and editing this one was painful. Hope it’s okay. I’m currently writing this from my secret bunker just in case. (I’mafraidofshipperslol)

22- Tiffany

“Damnit, I’m so hungry.” Taeyeon unlocked the front door to room 5L. “ We should have stayed at Sunny’s. There’s food there.”

“But my clothes are heeeere,” Tiffany whined, following her girlfriend into the apartment.

“How about we transfer all our stuff to Sunny’s place? She wouldn’t care.”

“That feels so...intrusive. She has her own life, too.”

“Yeah, yeah. The best option would know...” Taeyeon trailed off, idly opening a cabinet.

Living together. This isn’t the first time she’s alluded to it. As commitment-phobic Taeyeon’s been in the past, she’s managed to live with some of her past girlfriends. Is this common in Korea? Or common among lesbians?

“And how would you pay for a new place?”

“I don’t know. I’d find a way.”

"If you say so, babe." Tiffany unconsciously squeezed at her cell phone. Never thought that I’d be awaiting a call from one of Taeyeon’s many exes.

Upon learning her name, Tiffany went on a Google-spree researching the woman. To her disappointment, she was just as gorgeous as she feared. And successful. She began to wonder if working under such a person would be a good idea. Wouldn't want the green-eyed monster inside to rear its ugly head.

But that morning, she received a lengthy, meandering email detailing the importance of “balanced energy and camaraderie” from a Kwon Boa. After a long read accompanied by constant eye rolls, Tiffany got the gist of the email: She’d be needed soon--prior to the night shift. At what time? No clue. Apparently, Boa will contact me when she “feels right” about it. How frustrating.

I’m on standby for my first job.

Taeyeon yanked at the refrigerator door and loudly groaned. “Nothin'. Just wine and water. Should we be concerned about Jessica’s eating habits?”

“What’s in that bag?”

Taeyeon spun around to view a brown paper bag adorned with ornate French lettering abandoned on a stool.

“Sweet, croissants!” she cheered, peeping inside.

“Are those for us?”

The shorter girl already stuffed half a crescent into her mouth. She ripped off the other half and held it to Tiffany’s lips. “Who else could they be for?”

She grasped it in her teeth and marveled at the buttery flavor. “Mmmm. She’d never buy a whole bag for herself. Unless...”


Tiffany bolted across the room to hold her ear at the door. “Jessiii? Are you in there!?”

She heard movement preceding a very cold “Yes.”

I knew it. A wink summoned Taeyeon to join in on the fun.

“She’s with Sunny?” Taeyeon mouthed.

Tiffany shrugged, holding back a giggle. Who else could it be? Sunny hadn’t come home last night. What a success! Still, I would have appreciated a quick victory text.Jessiiii--Are you entertaining company?”

“Go away.”

“Oh, are we interrupting?”

“I hate you. Leave.”

“I will once I get my stuff from your room. I want to change.”

The annoyed voice switched to English. “Go buy a new outfit, rich bitch.”

Tiffany gasped. “How rude!”

“The croissants are great!” Taeyeon hummed cheerily, stuffing another into her face.

“Fuck you! Those are ours--mine.”

“Come out with Tiffany’s bag and I won’t finish them.”

Tiffany leaned over to peck her lady’s full, puffy cheek with gratitude. She’s the cutest little chipmunk. My chipmunk.

The couple recoiled when the door swished open just wide enough for Jessica to weasel out with a pink duffle. At first glance, she’d come off as someone chillin’ in their sweats and t-shirt. However, her face revealed all. The glassy eyes. Red, swollen lips. She’s totally been gettin’ busy.

Taeyeon laughed, offering the paper bag. “Dude, where’s your makeup? You look like a ghost.”

Jessica motioned for them to follow her to the kitchen.

“Soooo, you and Sunny had a great date!” Tiffany squealed, hopping up and down in place.

“Shut up. I hate both of you right now.”

Her face fell. “We were excited.”

“No.” She lowered her voice and held her hands out for the duo to do the same. “Sunny isn’t in there, okay?”

“But...” Taeyeon shook her head in disbelief. “Who is it?”

Jessica crossed her arms. “None of your business.”

“What happened to Sunny?” Tiffany’s heart hurt remembering all the hopeful words they exchanged. How she dismissed Sunny’s doubts.

A shrug. “I don’t know. I just came out here to ask you not ruin my chances.”

“Can you let up on the secrecy for a second? We’re concerned about her.”

“Like I said--I don’t know.”

Taeyeon pulled out her phone to, presumably, message her friend. Jessica didn’t wait for her to finish. She snatched the croissant bag, padded back to her bedroom, and shut the door with a loud snap.

“Where could she be?” Tiffany pictured Sunny at a bar in some remote location, drowning her sorrows. She needs a friend right now. Jessica is impossible sometimes. How could she have a date with Sunny last night, but by morning bed someone else? The timing’s way off.

“I’m waiting for her reply.”

The mood in the room would have remained tense if Taeyeon hadn't gazed up at Tiffany with a forlorn face covered in bread flakes. Her abrupt laughter had her girlfriend frowning until she pulled her by the chin to wipe the crumbs away.

It’s crazy. All these years, I’ve been swooning over the image of a rugged man taking charge and holding me close like in the movies. Now, look at me. I have a pouty, baby-faced woman by my side and I’m completely smitten.

When Taeyeon’s lips parted in one of her signature smirks, Tiffany’s felt an acute clench at her heart. She quickly backed away and headed to the bathroom.

“I gotta...I should grab my things. Can’t live another day without my flat iron.”

“Sounds like a first-world problem.”

She forced out a laugh and collected her belongings from the white cabinets jutting from the wall. Tiffany didn’t give herself a chance to process Taeyeon watching. No doubt her girlfriend picked up on the change of tone.

Everything’s working out so well.

Noticing Taeyeon moving to check on her pet, she retrieved the phone from her pocket. Her thumb swiped across the lock screen, revealing its newest background. A close-up shot of the slightly creepy, hyper realistic sketch of a mastodon. Since showing her “interest” in the t-rex on her shirt Thursday night, Taeyeon began drawing random dinosaur pictures for her. On Post-it notes. Corners of notebook paper. Napkins. Tiffany found the latest masterpiece stuck to her favorite sunglasses. These always bring me back to the first time we made love. The smallest gestures make me feel so special.

Tiffany never considered herself a pessimist, yet their bubble of perfection had to pop eventually. I’m not ready for it.

She nabbed a hairspray bottle from the squadron of hair products and blindly slid it onto the sink counter. The sound of something hard scattering to the floor caught her attention.

Oh my god...

Out the bathroom she flew, startling Taeyeon bent over baby-talking the snake.

“Taeyeon, look!” Tiffany breathed, an evil grin forming.

“What’s up?”

The dark-haired girl led her to their couch, struggling to contain her excitement.

Ooooh. Are you feeling frisky?” Taeyeon purred, landing onto her lap.

“Are you?” Tiffany snickered, placing an open-mouthed kiss against her jaw.

“I’m always game for sex, baby.”

“Good, because that’s not why I called you over.” She ignored Taeyeon’s whine as she held up her phone with her right hand. Taeyeon eyed her curiously until, with a flick of a thumb, she shifted it over to reveal another iPhone. The shocked reaction had Tiffany stifling her own laugh with a palm.

“I know her passcode. Do you wanna snoop through her stuff?”

“Um, YES.

They cackled like devious teenagers while she tapped in the numbers. “Look at that. Two new texts.”

“Open it! Who’re they from?” Taeyeon impatiently grasped for the phone. Tiffany held it from her reach, shielding the screen with her hand. They play-fought for a few more minutes, cheeks pink from giggles until they actually took the time to read the texts.


Down to smiling.

Straight faces.


“The FUCK?!

Tiffany’s eyes stretched. Uh oh. These were not the texts for Taey to see. “S-Seohyun? I didn’t know they talked.”

“She misses her? The fuck, man!?”

“And a winky don’t think...”

“Hell yeah, I think so! Why else would her clip be here?”

Tiffany turned, facing the door. “Do you think she came to pick it up today?”

Out of a bout of skill or plain intuition, Tiffany had the mind to wrap her arms around Taeyeon’s waist before the girl hopped up to confront them.

“Let go of me, woman.”

“I don’t want you to say something you’ll regret,” Tiffany hissed, wincing at the other girl’s squirming.

“I have every right to tell them to go fuck themselves rather than each other.”

“Why do you care?”

“Because it’s messed up.”

“How is it messed up that she slept with Jessica while you were okay with Sunny doing it?”

The struggle slowed down. “Sunny’s...liked her longer. So, Seohyun should respect that.”

“Then, let’s find Sunny and she can deal with it.”

Taeyeon threw her hands up, agitated. “It’s weird. First, Seohyun bangs my ex and now she’s with my--”

A pause.

Tiffany’s eyes narrowed. The grip tightened. “She’s with your...what?

The brown-haired girl throatily sighed, dropping her hands to her lap. “It’s not like that.

“What is it like, Taey?”

She watched her girlfriend’s mouth gape open a few times, attempting to explain. Whatever it is, I feel like it’s going to really piss me off.

As the seconds passed, Taeyeon’s quest for the correct words seemed more and more unfruitful. Eventually, her gaze settled on her phone. “Sunny replied. Said she’s out.”

Tiffany didn’t answer. Eyes still glued onto Taeyeon’s quivering lip.

“It’s really dumb, Tiffany. Not a big deal.”

“So, tell me what it is.”

“You’ll get mad. Why risk making you mad?”

“I think I’m pretty damn capable of deciding for myself, Taeyeon.”

“It’s just a dumb pact.”

“A pact?”

“S-something I came up with back when she was living at my old place.”

“Go on.”

A long sigh. “Okay, so...Jessica had just broken up with some doctor chick. And my relationships were inconsistent. We got really close over the span of her stay.”


No. Not sexually. She became more than a friend, but less of a lover, I suppose. We promised that if we’re both single by the time we’re thirty, then we’d get together. She’d focus on her career and I’d do whatever. Not a big deal.”

Tiffany sunk into the couch as she thought about the situation. Should I be mad? I mean, it seems like something close friends would do. Granted, I’ve never had a backup husband or wife.

Is this why Jessica’s so protective of her? So she wouldn’t be the lone single person in case Taeyeon found her match? Or, am I being unreasonable? This just seems so...intimate. “Do you have feelings for her?”

“What? Hell no.”

“Be honest with me, Taey. You can’t just turn attraction on and off. You have to feel something towards Jessica for this to occur.”

Taeyeon rolled her eyes and shrugged. “We see each other like a security blanket. If we’re both lonely...why not? It means so much to her.”

“And you?”

“If it means so much to her, it means a lot to me.”

Tiffany swallowed the jealousy-shaped lump in her throat. Should I ask? I’ll probably hate the answer to this, too. “And Sunny? If I hadn’t interfered--did you believe that she had a chance?”

The shorter girl’s mouth opened, but only a shortened, indecipherable syllable came out. Instead, she shook her head, averting her line of sight. Tiffany stared, blinking tears from the corners of her eyes. She hadn’t blinked since the feelings question.

How come she needs Jessica for security? Do I have to accept that she’ll always be a backup? MY backup? She pushed Taeyeon off her lap, getting to her feet to pace.

“Tiffany--babe. You're my number one. This didn’t come up in conversation ‘cause it wasn’t important. You’re important.”

“Does she love you?” Tiffany stopped mid-stride to look down at Taeyeon, waiting for an answer.

Jessica?! Oh god, no. Look around us. I’m with you. And she’s with...” Taeyeon stood up to make an advance to the bedroom door.

Two harsh bangs to the painted woodgrain. “Come out! I need to talk to you.”

“Damnit, Taeyeon. Can't you two go argue somewhere else?” Tiffany pictured the blonde thoroughly rolling her eyes on the other side.

Seohyun. Hon, I’m not mad at you anymore. Let’s make things right.”

Three approaching stomps and Jessica swung the door open. Her eyes were fashioned into pinched slits, face already red with anger. “Taeyeon. I’m warning you. Shut. Up.”

“I’m not mad anymore. I won’t bring up Yuri ever again. She can have her! Or you. I-I just want to talk to her.”

Tiffany’s heart sank at how soft Taeyeon’s words came out. Maybe she does want to fix this. Jessica should listen. “We know Seohyun’s in there, Jess. Let’s talk.”

“I think you should talk.”

All heads turned to the tall, pretty woman who materialized behind Jessica. And that tall, pretty woman is NOT Seohyun.


“Jessica. I should go. Please don’t follow me.”

The blonde’s scowl melted into a panicked expression. Desperate, even. “Please. Yoona, no. They’re stupid. They don’t know what they’re talking about. I really want--”

“I texted Sooyoung. She’s swinging by to pick me up in a few. Excuse me.” Yoona pivoted past the shorter women, heading for the exit.

Jessica hurried after her, frantically reaching to catch her hand. “Yoongie. Don’t go. I’ll kick them out so we can discuss this.”

“Please, don’t touch me.” Yoona snatched her hand away.

Jessica body crumbled. She held onto the counter to stay afloat.

“See you at work, Jessica.”

And then she was gone.

Tiffany and Taeyeon were frozen, witnessing their usually well-put together friend break apart before their eyes. She scratched restless fingers over the marble finish as she noisily coughed out a sob.

After what felt like an eternity, Taeyeon took the risk to speak.

“Oh, damn. Did I make things worse?”

In a blur, Jessica managed to spin around and lunge herself at Taeyeon head-first. The left-field action had Tiffany gasping rather than disengaging the grapple. Jessica’s fists held onto two large handfuls of Taeyeon’s light brown hair and literally threw her to the floor. The smaller girl yelped in pain, but evaded the next attack by pushing her to the couch. Jessica held onto a hefty portion the hair to take her down, too. Taeyeon landed on top and, to Tiffany’s fright, clawed at the fabric on her shoulders to slam her repeatedly against the cushion.

"Are-" Slam. "you-" Slam. "outta your mind!?" Slam.

Maybe I should...

Don’t get into this!” Taeyeon spat to Tiffany before she made a move to help.

Jessica’s face turned beet red with her nose wrinkled in rage. She kicked her legs furiously beneath Taeyeon’s weight. Then, the crisp clack of the blonde’s half-balled fist connecting to Taeyeon’s cheek sent her doubling over to the floor, clutching her face.

“S-stop!” Tiffany screamed in English, momentarily forgetting all Korean.

Jessica roughly jerked at Taeyeon' leg, dragging her across the flooring. “GET THE HELL OUT MY APARTMENT, YOU NO-GOOD BITCH!!!”

NO.” She took hold of the couch’s underside and clumsily lurched herself forward. Jessica went stumbling after her. As she regained her legging, Taeyeon shot up to her feet, adjusting the waistline of her pants. Jessica snatched her phone from the couch and sent it flying at her head. Taeyeon slapped it out the way--mistakenly into Tiffany’s direction--where she toppled backwards, bumping into Jessica.

The other Jessica.

The tank fell onto its side and the freaked reptile slithered free. Jessica and Tiffany filled the apartment with high-pitched screams and jumped onto the couch for refuge while Taeyeon chased her scaly friend--the injured eye squeezed shut. She cooed words of comfort to re-captured Jessica as she tangled around her arm. She used her other hand to reorder its living quarters.

Without another word, Jessica went straight to her room and slammed the door.

Babyyyy,” Tiffany wailed, bringing Taeyeon into a hug.

“I’m all right, babe.”

“Let’s go wash your face.”


“Sorry you had to see that,” Taeyeon murmured as Tiffany dabbed her face with a dry towel.

The slap sounded about the same as its damage. Half her girlfriend’s face was pink, an eye partially swollen, and the corner of her bottom lip seeped a dot of blood. Tiffany glided her fingers along the smooth skin of her cheek. The shorter girl’s gaze stayed locked to the floor.

“Do you forgive me?” she asked in her softest voice.

Tiffany waited until Taeyeon finally looked up to speak. “For which thing?”

Taeyeon pouted. “Everything.”

She folded the towel and neatly draped it onto a grab bar. Too many things happened in a flash. First I’m happy with Taeyeon, then angry, then sympathetic, scared, and now...I’m angry again. Angry at what? I’m not sure. I need to collect my thoughts.

“Babe? Do you forgive me?”


She gave one final glance at Taeyeon’s stunned face before closing the bathroom door behind her.

Jessica stood there waiting. Makeup. Dark sunglasses. A lacy top and jeans. Purse on her shoulder. “You’re coming with me. It's time to explain last night,” she stated, walking to the front door. “Grab an umbrella; it’s starting to rain.”

Wordlessly, Tiffany complied. She gathered her items and left.

Next Chapter: Hyoyeon!

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